Titles List

All credit given to these websites, which helped greatly in the creation of these title histories:
- The Professional Wrestling Online Museum
- Wrestling-Titles.Com
- The Wrestling Information Archive

CHIKARA Grand Championship
CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parajas Titles
CHIKARA Young Lions Cup

CZW Heavyweight Title
CZW Tag-Team Titles
CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title
CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title
CZW Wired Television Title
CZW Iron Man Title(Retired)
CZW Hardcore Title(Retired)

DSW Heavyweight Title(Retired)
DSW Tag-Team Titles(Retired)

ECW World Heavyweight Title(Retired)
ECW World Tag-Team Titles(Retired)
ECW World Television Title(Retired)
ECW FTW World Heavyweight Title(Retired)

FCW Florida Heavyweight Title
FCW Florida Tag-Team Titles
FCW Divas Title
FCW Southern Heavyweight Title(Retired)

FIP Heavyweight Title
FIP Tag-Team Titles

HWA Heavyweight Title
HWA American Luchadore Title
HWA Tag-Team Titles

IWC World Heavyweight Title
IWC Tag-Team Titles
IWC Super Indy Title
IWC International Title

JAPW Heavyweight Title
JAPW Light Heavyweight Title
JAPW New Jersey State Heavyweight Title
JAPW Women's Title
JAPW Tag-Team Titles
JAPW Suicidal Title (Retired)
JAPW Student Title (Retired)
JAPW Television Title (Retired)

MCW Heavyweight Title
MCW Television Title
MCW Tag-Team Titles
MCW Light Heavyweight Title(Retired)
MCW Cruiserweight Title(Retired)

NJPW IWGP World Heavyweight Title
NJPW IWGP World Tag-Team Titles
NJPW IWGP World Junior Heavyweight Title
NJPW IWGP World Junior Heavyweight Tag-Team Titles
NJPW IWGP Intercontinental Title
NJPW IWGP U-30 Open-Weight Title(Retired)

NWA World Heavyweight Title
NWA World Tag-Team Titles

OVW Heavyweight Title
OVW Southern Tag-Team Titles
OVW Television Title
OVW Women's Title
OVW Light Heavyweight Title(Retired)
OVW Hardcore Title(Retired)

3PW Heavyweight Title(Retired)
3PW Tag-Team Titles(Retired)

PWG Heavyweight Title
PWG Tag-Team Titles

PWU Heavyweight Title (Retired)
PWU Tag-Team Titles (Retired)
PWU Junior Heavyweight/Hardcore Title (Retired)
PWU Unified Women's Title (Retired)
PWU Power Surge Television Title (Retired)
PWU Tri-State Tag-Team Titles (Retired)

RoH World Heavyweight Title
RoH Pure Wrestling Title (Retired)
RoH World Tag-Team Titles
RoH World Television Title

SHIMMER Championship
SHIMMER Tag-Team Titles

TNA World Heavyweight Title
TNA World Tag-Team Titles
TNA X Division Title
TNA Knockouts Title
TNA Knockouts Tag-Team Titles
TNA Television Title

NWA/WCW World Heavyweight Title(Retired)
WCW World Tag-Team Titles(Retired)
WCW/WWE United States Heavyweight Title
WCW/WWF/WWE Cruiserweight Title(Retired)
WCW Cruiserweight Tag-Team Titles(Retired)
WCW Hardcore Title (Retired)
WCW Television Title (Retired)
WCW World Light Heavyweight Title (Retired)
WCW World Six-Man Tag-Team Titles (Retired)
WCW Women's World Heavyweight Title (Retired)
WCW Women's Cruiserweight Title (Retired)

WSX Heavyweight Title(Retired)

(WWE Smackdown) World Heavyweight Title
WWWF/WWF/WWE Tag-Team Titles
WWE Unified Diva's Title
WWF/WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Title
WCW/WWE United States Heavyweight Title
WWE "Smackdown" World Tag-Team Titles(Retired)
WWF/WWE World Women's Title(Retired)
WWF/WWE World Light Heavyweight Title(Retired)
WWF/WWE European Heavyweight Title(Retired)
WWF/WWE Hardcore Title(Retired)
WCW/WWF/WWE Cruiserweight Title(Retired)
WWWF/WWF World Junior Heavyweight Title(Retired)

XPW World Heavyweight Title(Retired)
XPW King Of The Death Match Title(Retired)
XPW World Tag-Team Titles(Retired)
XPW Television Title(Retired)