Xtreme Pro Wrestling
World Heavyweight Title Holders
Damien Steele
November 26th, 1999
Steele became the first champion by winning a "Battle Royal" Match, last eliminating John Kronus.
Big Dick Dudley
December 18th, 1999
Dudley was stripped of the championship on January 29th, 2000, when his parole officer refused to let him compete.
Jake Lawless
January 29th, 2000
Lawless became the new champion by defeating Michael Modest, getting helped by Damien Steele.
Damien Steele(2nd)
January 29th, 2000
Lawless immediately sold the XPW World Heavyweight Title to Steele after the match.
Chris Candido
February 26th, 2000
Candido became the champion by winning a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over Steele. Candido was stripped of the title on April 29th, 2000, when he signed with World Championship Wrestling.
April 29th, 2000
Sabu became the new champion by defeating the Messiah in the tournament finals.
The Messiah
May 26th, 2001
The Messiah became the new champion by defeating New Jack, who was appointed by Josh Lazie to substitute for Sabu. The Messiah was stripped of the title on August 25th, 2001, after being fired by XPW.
Johnny Webb
August 25th, 2001
Webb became the new champion by teaming with Rob Black against Josh Lazie & Sabu. Webb won the title per match stipulations.
The Sandman
November 25th, 2001
Shane Douglas
July 20th, 2002
Douglas was the last XPW World Heavyweight Champion. The final XPW event was on March 8th, 2003.