WWF World Light Heavyweight Title Holders
Perro Aguayo
March 26th, 1981
Aguayo defeated Gran Hamada in the tournament finals to become the first WWF World Light Heavyweight Champion.
The Fishman
September 25th, 1981
Perro Aguayo(2nd)
October 1st, 1981
Chris Adams
October 18th, 1981
Perro Aguayo(3rd)
December 13th, 1981
Gran Hamada
April 21st, 1982
Perro Aguayo(4th)
August 29th, 1982
Villano III
March 20th, 1983
Perro Aguayo(5th)
August 7th, 1983
Gran Hamada(2nd)
April 17th, 1984
Villano III(2nd)
May 20th, 1984
The Fishman(2nd)
August 24th, 1986
Perro Aguayo(6th)
December 24th, 1986
The championship was held up after a match between Aguayo and Villano III on 5/03/1987 ended in controversy.
Villano III(3rd)
June 17th, 1987
Villano III won the rematch between himself and Perro Aguayo to win the vacated title.
October 4th, 1987
Villano III(4th)
July 11th, 1988
Sangre Chicana
August 14th, 1989
Perro Aguayo(7th)
October 15th, 1989
Sangre Chicana(2nd)
December 3rd, 1989
Villano III(5th)
May 27th, 1990
Pegasus Kid
(Chris Benoit)
March 3rd, 1991
Villano III(6th)
September 13th, 1992
El Signo
January 1st, 1993
Villano III(7th)
July 18th, 1994
Villano III vacated the title when he left the UWA for the PROMELL promotion.
Aero Flash
June 16th, 1995
Aero Flash defeated Fighter in the tournament finals to win the vacated championship.
The Great Sasuke
March 24th, 1996
El Samurai
June 22nd, 1996
The Great Sasuki(2nd)
August 4th, 1996
Ultimo Dragon
October 11th, 1996
Jushin "Thunder" Liger
January 4th, 1997
El Samurai(2nd)
July 6th, 1997
Shinjiro Ohtani
August 10th, 1997
Title is vacated 11/05/1997, due to the title returning to the United States and being used again by the WWF.
TAKA Michinoku
December 7th, 1997
Michinoku defeated Brian Christopher in tournament final to win the vacated championship.
Christian Cage
October 18th, 1998
Duane "Gillberg" Gill
November 18th, 1998
Papi Chulo/Essa Rios
February 8th, 2000
Dean Malenko
March 13th, 2000
Scotty Too Hotty
April 17th, 2000
Dean Malenko(2nd)
April 25th, 2000
Crash Holly
March 13th, 2001
Jerry Lynn
April 29th, 2001
Jeff Hardy
June 5th, 2001
June 25th, 2001
August 6th, 2001
August 19th, 2001
X-Pac was the final champion. The title was later unified with the WCW/WWE World Cruiserweight Title and became inactive.

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