Extreme Championship Wrestling
World Television Title Holders
Johnny Hotbody
August 12th, 1992
Hotbody defeated Larry Winters for the belt. The title was vacated September 12th, 1992, after Hotbody broke his ankle.
Glenn Osbourne
September 30th, 1992
Osbourne beat the Sandman in the tournament final. The title was vacated in February 1993.
Jimmy Snuka
March 12th, 1993
Snuka won the vacated championship, defeating Glenn Osbourne in the tournament final.
Terry Funk
October 1st, 1993
November 13th, 1993
Sabu & Road Warrior Hawk defeated Terry Funk & King Kong Bundy in a tag-team match. Since Sabu got the pin on Funk, he won the belt.
The Tazmaniac
March 6th, 1994
J.T. Smith
March 6th, 1994
Pitbull #1
April 16th, 1994
Mikey Whipwreck
May 13th, 1994
Jason Knight
August 13th, 1994
2 Cold Scorpio
November 4th, 1994
Dean Malenko
November 4th, 1994
2 Cold Scorpio(2nd)
March 18th, 1995
Eddie Guerrero
April 8th, 1995
Dean Malenko(2nd)
July 21st, 1995
Eddie Guerrero(2nd)
July 28th, 1995
2 Cold Scorpio(3rd)
August 25th, 1995
Mikey Whipwreck(2nd)
December 29th, 1995
2 Cold Scorpio(4th)
January 5th, 1996
Shane Douglas
May 11th, 1996
Pitbull #2
June 1st, 1996
Chris Jericho
June 22nd, 1996
Shane Douglas(2nd)
July 13th, 1996
Douglas won a "Four-Way Elimination" Match over Chris Jericho, 2 Cold Scorpio, & Pitbull #2.
June 7th, 1997
Bam Bam Bigelow
March 1st, 1998
Rob Van Dam
April 4th, 1998
The title was vacated on March 11th, 2000, due to Van Dam getting injured.
Super Crazy
March 12th, 2000
Super Crazy became the champion by beating Rhino in the tournament final.
Yoshihiro Tajiri
April 8th, 2000
Tajiri became champion by winning a "Three Way" Match over Super Crazy and Little Guido.
April 22nd, 2000
Kid Kash
August 26th, 2000
September 9th, 2000
Rhino turned out to be the final ECW World Television Champion, The promotion closed in 2001.

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