Total Nonstop Action
Knockouts Title Holders
Gail Kim
October 14th, 2007
Kim became the first TNA Knockouts Champion by winning a "Knockouts Gauntlet" Match over Amazing Kong, Ms. Brooks, Christy Hemme, Roxxi Laveaux, Talia Madison, Shelly Martinez, Jackie Moore, ODB, and Angel Williams.
Awesome Kong
January 7th, 2008
The match between Awesome Kong and Gail Kim aired on tape delay on January 10th, 2008.
Taylor Wilde
June 24th, 2008
The match between Wilde and Awesome Kong was aired on tape delay on July 9th, 2009.
Awesome Kong(2nd)
October 23rd, 2008
Angelina Love
April 19th, 2009
Love became champion by winning a "Three-Way Six Sides of Steel" Match over Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde.
June 25th, 2009
The match between Tara and Angelina Love was aired on tape delay on July 9th, 2009.
Angelina Love(2nd)
July 19th, 2009
August 16th, 2009
ODB & Cody Deaner won a tag-team match over Angelina Love & Velvet Sky. Deaner pinned Sky to win the title for ODB. The title was held up on August 27th, 2009 by TNA Authority Figure Mick Foley, due to Deaner's contention that he should be the Knockouts Champion.
September 20th, 2009
ODB regained the championship by defeating Cody Deaner in a singles match.
December 20th, 2009
January 4th, 2010
January 17th, 2010
Tara became a three-time champion by winning a "Three Falls" Match over ODB.
Angelina Love(3rd)
April 5th, 2010
Love became the champion by winning the Knockout Championship in a "Lockbox Eight Knockout Elimination Tag-Team" Match.
Madison Rayne
April 18th, 2010
Rayne & Velvet Sky won a "Tag-Team Steel Cage" Match over Angelina Love & Tara. Rayne pinned Tara to win the title. The TNA Knockouts Tag-Team Titles were also on the line.
Angelina Love(4th)
July 11th, 2010
Love became champion by winning a "Title Vs. Career" Match, via Disqualification, over Madison Rayne.
Madison Rayne(2nd)
July 13th, 2010
Rayne threatened to sue TNA due to the controversial finish in the title match between her and Love. The title was awarded back to Rayne. This was aired on tape delay on July 22nd, 2010.
Angelina Love(5th)
August 9th, 2010
The match between Love and Madison Rayne was aired on tape delay on August 12th, 2010.
October 10th, 2010
Tara became champion by winning a "Fatal Fourway" Match over Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky. Mickie James was the special referee.
Madison Rayne(3rd)
October 11th, 2010
Rayne became the champion when Tara laid down for her in a match. This match was aired on tape delay on October 14th, 2010.
Mickie James
April 17th, 2011
August 7th, 2011
Mickie James(2nd)
August 25th, 2011
September 11th, 2011
Velvet Sky
October 16th, 2011
Velvet Sky became the champion by winning a "Four-Way" Match over Winter, Mickie James, and Madison Rayne.
Gail Kim(2nd)
November 13th, 2011
Miss Tessmacher
June 10th, 2012
October 14th, 2012
Velvet Sky(2nd)
January 26th, 2013
Velvet Sky became the champion by winning a "Four-Way" Match over Tara, Gail Kim, and Miss Tessmacher.

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