Ohio Valley Wrestling
Heavyweight Title Holders (Revived Version)
Trailer Park Trash
August 17th, 1997
It is unclear on who Trailer Park Trash defeated, if any, to become the first NWA-OVW Heavyweight Champion. The title was vacated in 1997.
Bill Dundee
November 16th, 1997
Dundee became the new OVW Heavyweight Champion by winning a Battle Royal Match.
Rip Rogers
November 23rd, 1997
Nick Dinsmore
June 3rd, 1998
David C
June 10th, 1998
David C won the championship from Nick Dinsmore via forfeit, due to Dinsmore being unable to compete.
Doug Basham
July 5th, 1998
Rip Rogers(2nd)
September 13th, 1998
Doug Basham(2nd)
December 29th, 1998
Rip Rogers(3rd)
January 3rd, 1999
Rod Steele
February 2nd, 1999
Steele lost the championship to Nick Dinsmore on February 7th, 1999 due to outside interference. When Dinsmore learned of the interference, he returned the championship to Steele.
Nick Dinsmore(2nd)
April 18th, 1999
Rob Conway
April 28th, 1999
Nick Dinsmore(3rd)
May 7th, 1999
June 8th, 1999
Rob Conway(2nd)
August 17th, 1999
Rico Constantino
November 10th, 1999
Flash Flanagan
December 26th, 1999
Rico Constantino(2nd)
February 16th, 2000
Flash Flanagan(2nd)
February 17th, 2000
April 4th, 2000
Nick Dinsmore(4th)
May 24th, 2000
Flash Flanagan(3rd)
July 8th, 2000
Nick Dinsmore(5th)
August 4th, 2000
Rob Conway(3rd)
September 6th, 2000
Nick Dinsmore(6th)
October 25th, 2000
Rico Constantino(3rd)
February 27th, 2001
Flash Flanagan(4th)
April 4th, 2001
Doug Basham(3rd)
July 25th, 2001
OVW split off from the NWA in October 2001. The title was renamed the OVW Heavyweight Championship.
November 28th, 2001
The Prototype
February 20th, 2002
May 15th, 2002
November 6th, 2002
Nick Dinsmore(7th)
February 19th, 2003
Doug Basham(4th)
April 9th, 2003
July 30th, 2003
Rob Conway(4th)
August 13th, 2003
Johnny Jeter
August 13th, 2003
Mark Magnus
October 15th, 2003
Magnus was forced to vacate the championship on December 10th, 2003, after being pinned by both Nick Dinsmore and Johnny Jeter during a "Three-Way" Match.
Nick Dinsmore(8th)
January 7th, 2004
Dinsmore became the new champion by defeating Johnny Jeter in a singles match.
Matt Morgan
April 14th, 2004
Chris Cage
October 13th, 2004
Chad Toland
December 1st, 2004
Elijah Burke
December 8th, 2004
"The Blueprint" Matt Morgan
April 13th, 2005
Brent Albright
April 27th, 2005
Johnny Jeter(2nd)
August 3rd, 2005
Matt Cappotelli
November 9th, 2005
Cappotelli vacated the championship on February 11th, 2006, due to Capotelli's health issues.
Brent Albright(2nd)
March 1st, 2005
Albright became the champion by defeating CM Punk in the tournament finals.
CM Punk
May 3rd, 2006
Chet Jablonski
August 30th, 2006
Jacob Duncan
October 25th, 2006
Chet Jablonski(2nd)
December 13th, 2006
Paul Burchall
December 13th, 2006
Cody Runnels
February 17th, 2007
Paul Burchall(2nd)
February 18th, 2007
Idol Stevens
March 14th, 2007
Paul Burchall(3rd)
May 9th, 2007
The championship was vacated on May 23rd, 2007, after Burchall and Idol Stevens fought to a double pinfall finish.
Jay Bradley
June 1st, 2007
Bradley became the champion by winning a "Three Way" Match over Paul Burchall and Idol Stevens.
Paul Burchall(4th)
June 27th, 2007
Vladimir Kozlov
July 28th, 2007
Michael Kruel
July 28th, 2007
Kruel won the championship over Vladimir Kozlov when Kozlov laid down and let Kruel pin him.
Matt Sydal
December 5th, 2007
Jay Bradley(2nd)
February 13th, 2008
Nick Dinsmore(9th)
February 20th, 2008
Anthony Bravado
June 25th, 2008
October 15th, 2008
Anthony Bravado(2nd)
October 29th, 2008
Idol Stevens(2nd)
November 26th, 2008
Vaughn Lilas
January 17th, 2009
February 4th, 2009
Vaughn Lilas(2nd)
April 22nd, 2009
May 13th, 2009
July 15th, 2009
"Moose" James Thomas
January 6th, 2010
Thomas was stripped of the championship on February 2010, after he attacked OVW officials.
Beef Wellington
February 28th, 2010
Wellington became the new champion by winning a Twenty-Man Battle Royal Match.
Mike Mondo
May 29th, 2010
James "Moose" Thomas(2nd)
June 16th, 2010
Thomas became the champion by winning a "Triple Threat" Match over Mike Mondo and Beef Wellington.
July 31st, 2010
Lowrider became the champion by winning a "Hardcore" Match over James "Moose" Thomas.
Cliff Compton
January 8th, 2011
Compton became the new champion by winning a "Three-Way" Match over Lowrider and Mike Mondo.
Mike Mondo(2nd)
March 5th, 2011
Mondo became the new champion by winning a "Three-Way Ladder" Match over Cliff Compton and Lowrider. Mondo was forced to vacate the title on May 4th, 2011, after attacking OVW President Danny Davis.
Cliff Compton(2nd)
May 14th, 2011
Compton won the vacated championship by winning a "Brass Knuckles On A Pole" Match over Mike Mondo. OVW President Danny Davis was the special referee.
Elvis Pridemoore
May 25th, 2011
Pridemoore won the championship in part due to interference by Mike Mondo. Due to this interference, Pridemoore vacated the title on June 1st, 2011.
Jason Wayne
July 2nd, 2011
Wayne became the new champion by defeating Mike Mondo in the tournament finals.
Nick Dinsmore(10th)
October 26th, 2011
Rudy Switchblade
November 2nd, 2011
Switchblade became the new champion by winning an "Eight Man Melee" Match over Nick Dinsmore, Rocco Bellagio, Ted McNaler, Mike Mondo, Adam Revolver, James Thomas, and Jason Wayne.