National Wrestling Alliance /
World Championship Wrestling
World Television Title Holders(Retired)
Dusty Rhodes
March 16th, 1985
Rhodes became the NWA (Mid-Atlantic) Television Champion by defeating Tully Blanchard. Rhodes was then recognized as the NWA World Television Champion.
Tully Blanchard
April 28th, 1985
Dusty Rhodes(2nd)
July 6th, 1985
Rhodes was stripped of the championship on October 19th, 1985, due to a broken leg given to him from The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, & Ric Flair).
Arn Anderson
January 4th, 1986
Anderson became the new champion by defeating Wahoo McDaniel in the tournament finals.
Dusty Rhodes(3rd)
September 9th, 1986
Tully Blanchard(2nd)
November 27th, 1986
Nikita Koloff
August 17th, 1987
Koloff unified the NWA World Television Title with the UWF Television Title on November 26th, 1987, by defeating Terry Taylor.
Mike Rotunda
January 26th, 1988
Rick Steiner
December 26th, 1988
Mike Rotunda(2nd)
February 20th, 1989
March 31st, 1989
The championship was held up on July 23rd, 1989, following a match between Sting and The Great Muta.
The Great Muta
September 4th, 1989
The Great Muta became the new champion after defeating Sting in the rematch.
Arn Anderson(2nd)
January 20th, 1990
Tom Zenk
December 4th, 1990
Arn Anderson(3rd)
January 7th, 1991
The title became known as the World Championship Wrestling World Television Title during Anderson's reign.
Bobby Eaton
May 19th, 1991
Steve Austin
June 3rd, 1991
Barry Windham
April 27th, 1992
Steve Austin(2nd)
May 23rd, 1992
Ricky Steamboat
September 2nd, 1992
Scott Steiner
September 29th, 1992
Steiner was stripped of the championship in November 1992, when the Steiner Brothers jumped to the World Wrestling Federation.
Paul Orndorff
March 2nd, 1993
Orndorff became the new champion by defeating Erik Watts in the tournament final.
Ricky Steamboat(2nd)
August 18th, 1993
Lord Steven Regal
September 19th, 1993
Larry Zbyszko
May 2nd, 1994
Lord Steven Regal(2nd)
June 23rd, 1994
Johnny B. Badd
September 18th, 1994
Arn Anderson(4th)
January 9th, 1995
The Renegade
June 18th, 1995
Diamond Dallas Page
September 17th, 1995
Johnny B. Badd(2nd)
October 29th, 1995
Lex Luger
February 17th, 1996
Johnny B. Badd(3rd)
February 18th, 1996
Lex Luger(2nd)
March 6th, 1996
Lord Steven Regal(3rd)
August 20th, 1996
Prince Iaukea
February 17th, 1997
Ultimo Dragon
April 7th, 1997
Lord Steven Regal(4th)
May 18th, 1997
Ultimo Dragon(2nd)
July 22nd, 1997
Alex Wright
August 21st, 1997
Disco Inferno
September 22nd, 1997
November 3rd, 1997
Disco Inferno(2nd)
December 8th, 1997
Booker T
December 29th, 1997
Rick Martel
February 16th, 1998
Booker T(2nd)
February 22nd, 1998
Chris Benoit
April 30th, 1998
Booker T(3rd)
May 1st, 1998
Chris Benoit(2nd)
May 2nd, 1998
Booker T(4th)
May 3rd, 1998
Fit Finlay
May 4th, 1998
Booker T(5th)
June 14th, 1998
Stevie Ray, Booker T's brother, took over the title when Booker T was injured in July 1998. He claimed that Booker T had given the belt to him.
Chris Jericho
August 10th, 1998
Jericho became the champion by defeating Stevie Ray and claiming that, since Booker T had not defended the title in 30 days, he was the new champion.
November 30th, 1998
Scott Steiner(2nd)
December 28th, 1998
Booker T(6th)
March 13th, 1999
Rick Steiner(2nd)
May 9th, 1999
Chris Benoit(3rd)
September 13th, 1999
Rick Steiner(3rd)
October 24th, 1999
Steiner was stripped of the championship on November 21st, 1999, due to injury.
Scott Hall
November 21st, 1999
Hall was awarded the championship via forfeit, since he was supposed to face Steiner for the title at WCW Mayhem 1999. Hall abandoned the title on November 29th, 1999, by throwing it in a trash can.
Jim Duggan
February 16th, 2000
Duggan found the WCW World Television Title in the garbage and proclaimed himself the new champion. The title was vacated on April 10th, 2000, by Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo. The championship was then retired.

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