World (Wide) Wrestling Federation
World Junior Heavyweight Title Holders(Retired)
Paul DeGalles
September 1965
This championship was primarily defended overseas, as part of the partnership between the World Wrestling Federation and New Japan Pro Wrestling.
Johnny DeFazio
October 15th, 1965
According to Wrestling Titles, an article in the Weekly Puroresu stated that DeFazio and Jackie Nicholas exchanged the title four titles, but this is not confirmed. The title was vacant in 1972, and may have been inactive after 1966.
Carlos Jose Estrada
January 20th, 1978
Estrada became the new champion by defeating Tony Garea in a singles match.
Tatsumi Fujinami
January 23rd, 1978
Ryuma Go
October 2nd, 1979
Tatsumi Fujinami(2nd)
October 4th, 1979
Fujinami vacated the championship in December 1981, when he moved up to the Heavyweight Division.
Tiger Mask
(Satoru Sayama)
January 1st, 1982
Tiger Mask became the new champion by defeating The Dynamite Kid. He vacated the championship in April 1982, due to injuries.
Black Tiger
(Mark Rocco)
May 6th, 1982
Black Tiger became the new champion by defeating Gran Hamada in a singles match.
Tiger Mask(2nd)
May 26th, 1982
Tiger Mask was forced to vacate the championship on April 3rd, 1983, due to injuries. A title match between Kuniaki Kobayashi and The Dynamite Kid on April 4th, 1983, ends without a winner.
Tiger Mask(3rd)
June 12th, 1983
Tiger Mask regained the championship by defeating Fishman. He vacated the title on August 12th, 1983, when he retired.
The Dynamite Kid
February 7th, 1984
The Dynamite Kid became the new champion by defeating Davey Boy Smith on February 3rd, 1984, and The Cobra on February 7th, 1984. The title was vacated in November 1984, when the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & The Dynamite Kid) jumped to All Japan Pro Wrestling.
The Cobra
December 28th, 1984
The Cobra became the new champion by defeating Black Tiger in a singles match.
Hiro Saito
May 20th, 1985
The Cobra(2nd)
July 28th, 1985
The Cobra vacated the championship on October 31st, 1985, when New Japan Pro Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation ceased their partnership. The title was retired.