Ohio Valley Wrestling
Light Heavyweight Title Holders
Jason Lee
February 9th, 1999
Lee became the first champion by defeating American Eagle and Chris Alexander.
Johnny Spade
March 17th, 1999
American Eagle
March 23rd, 1999
Johnny Spade(2nd)
March 30th, 1999
Jason Lee(2nd)
April 20th, 1999
American Eagle(2nd)
May 4th, 1999
Jason Lee(3rd)
May 5th, 1999
Johnny Spade(3rd)
July 7th, 1999
Sean Casey
August 17th, 1999
Scott Sabre
September 16th, 1999
Sean Casey(2nd)
December 8th, 1999
Chris Michaels
January 20th, 2000
Sean Casey(3rd)
March 15th, 2000
Chris Michaels(2nd)
April 12th, 2000
Michaels was the last champion. On March 1st, 2001, the title was abandoned by OVW.