Extreme Championship Wrestling
FTW World Heavyweight Title Holders
May 15th, 1998
Taz created the title in retaliation to Shane Douglas refusing to give Taz an ECW World Title shot. Taz billed himself as the "real" World Champion.
May 15th, 1998
Taz pulled an unconscious Sabu on top of him for the pin, since Taz was confident he would beat Shane Douglas for the ECW World Title at a later date.
March 21st, 1999
Taz unified the FTW Title with the ECW World Heavyweight Title after beating Sabu. The FTW Title was retired in ECW due to the unification. ECW Promotion closed in 2001.
Chris Chetti
November 23rd, 2002
Chetti reactivated the title in the NWA Mid-West, defending the belt in Maryland Championship Wrestling.
Danny Doring
July 16th, 2003
Doring unified the FTW Title and the MEWF Heavyweight Title with his MCW Heavyweight Title, winning a "Three Way" Match over Chris Chetti and Romeo Valentino. The FTW Title was retired due to the unification.

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