Combat Zone Wrestling
World Tag-Team Title Holders
Jon Dahmer & Jose Rivera Jr
February 13th, 1999
The Brothers of East L.A.
February 13th, 1999
Extreme Fahrenheit
(Mr. Motion & Heartbreaker)
May 22nd, 1999
Belts held up June 19th after after match against Jon Dahmer & Midknight.
The King Pinz
(Jim Price & Bill Schaffer)
July 17th, 1999
The King Pinz won a "Three-Way" Match over Extreme Fahrenheit and Jon Damher & Midknight for vacated titles; belts vacated again in July '99.
Nick Gage & John Zandig
July 24th, 1999
Gage & Zandig became champions by winning the vacated titles over Jon Dahmer & Lobo.
Lobo & T.C.K.
October 9th, 1999
The belts were vacated in November 1999 by Lobo & T.C.K. Unsure why they were vacated.
Justice Pain
November 20th, 1999
Pain won a "Handicap" Match over the Thrill Kill Kult to become the sole holder of the belts.
The Thrill Kill Kult
(Diablos Macabre & Midknight)
January 8th, 2000
The Kashmirenos
(Johnny Kashmere & Robbie Mireno)
February 5th, 2000
The Haas Brothers
(Charlie Haas & Russ Haas)
February 12th, 2000
The Backseat Boyz
(Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere)
June 12th, 2000
Ric Blade & Nick Mondo
August 12th, 2000
The H8 Club
(Justice Pain & Wifebeater)
October 7th, 2000
The H8 Club
(Nick Gage & Nate Hatred)
April 4th, 2001
The Briscoes
(Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)
July 14th, 2001
The Backseat Boyz(2nd)
July 28th, 2001
Jun Kasai & Mens Teioh
August 17th, 2001
The Backseat Boyz(3rd)
August 19th, 2001
(Eddie Valentine & Jon Dahmer)
March 9th, 2002
The H8 Club
(Nick Gage & Nate Hatred)(2nd)
May 11th, 2002
The Backseat Boyz(4th)
February 8th, 2003
The Rebel's Army
(Derek Frazier, Greg Matthews, & Rockin Rebel)
January 17th, 2004
The Rebel's Army won a "Six-Man" Match over Justin Credible & the Backseat Boyz.
The H8 Club
(Nick Gage & Nate Hatred)(3rd)
April 3rd, 2004
Blk Out
(Ruckus & Sabian)
June 12th, 2004
Team Ca$h
(Chri$ Ca$h, JC Bailey, SeXXXy Eddy, & Nate Webb)
December 11th, 2004
Team Ca$h won a "War Games" Match over Blk Out, and shared the belts.
The H8 Club
(Nick Gage & Justice Pain)
February 5th, 2005
Tough Crazy Bastards
(Toby Klein & Necro Butcher)
July 9th, 2005
The Kings of Wrestling
(Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero)
September 10th, 2005
Blk Out
(Eddie Kingston & Joker)
February 11th, 2006
Blk Out was stripped September 9th, 2006, due to their interference in a match between Ricky Reyes and Justice Pain.
The Kings of Wrestling
(Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero)(2nd)
October 14th, 2006
The Kings of Wrestling won a "Last Team Standing" Tournament, beating Justice Pain & the Human Tornado (subbing for Nick Gage) in the Finals
Blk Out
(Robbie Mireno & Sabian)
November 11th, 2006
The Original Blackout
(Onyx & Rainman)
December 9th, 2006
Blk Out
(Ruckus & Sabian)(2nd)
January 13th, 2007
Team AnDrew
(Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner)
September 8th, 2007
Team AnDrew won a "Three-Way" Match over Blk Out and Derek Frazier & Niles Young
Derek Frazier & Niles Young
October 13th, 2007
Double D
(Danny Demanto & Jon Dahmer)
December 8th, 2007
The Naptown Dragons
(Dustin Lee & Scotty Vortekz)
February 9th, 2008
Team AnDrew(2nd)
July 12th, 2008
2 Girls, 1 Cup
(Greg Excellent & Beef Wellington)
October 11th, 2008
(Ruckus & Sabian)(2nd)
October 11th, 2008
2 Girls, 1 Cup(2nd)
November 8th, 2008
The Best Around
(TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell)
March 14th, 2009
The Suicide Kings
(Eddie Kingston & Drake Younger)
April 10th, 2010
The Suicide Kings were stripped of the belts on July 10th, 2010, by DJ Hyde, due to Kingston leaving the company.
Philly's Most Wanted
(Joker & Sabian)
December 11th, 2010
Philly's Most Wanted won the vacated titles by defeating the Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) in the finals of the CZW Tag-Team Titles Tournament.
The Briscoes(2nd)
February 12th, 2011
Philly's Most Wanted(2nd)
May 14th, 2011
(Azrieal & Bandido Jr)
November 12th, 2011
Nation of Intoxication
(Devon Moore & Lucky 13)
August 11th, 2012
October 13th, 2012
Nation of Intoxication(2nd)
Danny Havoc, Devon Moore, & Lucky 13)
December 8th, 2012
(Dustin Rayz & Eric Ryan)
February 9th, 2013
BLK Jeez & Ruckus
April 5th, 2013

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