Heartland Wrestling Association
Tag-Team Title Holders
The Headbangers
(Mosh & Thrasher)
January 5th, 1996
The Headbangers were the first HWA Tag-Team Champions. They later vacated the belts when they moved on to the World Wrestling Federation.
Brian Taylor & The Bounty Hunter
August 22nd, 1997
Taylor & The Bounty Hunter became the champions by defeating Bobo Brazil Jr & Andy Chene in the tournament finals.
Chip Fairway & Cody Hawk
September 23rd, 1998
Brian Taylor & Sean Casey
January 23rd, 1999
Chip Fairway & Cody Hawk(2nd)
February 27th, 1999
Alexis Machine & Brian Fury
August 25th, 1999
Cody Hawk & Mad Anthony McMurphy
February 19th, 2000
Brian Fury & Bobby Casanova
June 17th, 2000
The A Squad
(Chet Jablonski & Dean Jablonski)
October 7th, 2000
Cody Hawk & Anthony McMurphy(2nd)
January 26th, 2001
The Jablonski Brothers
(Chet Jablonski & Dean Jablonski)(2nd)
March 16th, 2001
The AAA Squad
(Time Bomb & Nigel McGuinness)
July 10th, 2001
McGuinness won the belts for his team by winning a singles match over Dean Jablonski.
The A Squad(3rd)
August 7th, 2001
Evan Karagias & Shannon Moore
October 13th, 2001
The Island Boys
(O.G. Ekmo & Kimo)
November 14th, 2001
Val Venis & Steve Bradley
December 8th, 2001
Natural Born Attitudes
(Mike Sanders & Lance Cade)
February 13th, 2002
Lance Cade & Steve Bradley
February 20th, 2002
Raven & Hugh Morrus
March 12th, 2002
Lance Cade & Steve Bradley(2nd)
March 15th, 2002
Cody Hawk & "The Ice Cream Man" Tony B
April 10th, 2002
Nigel McGuinness & Human Time Bomb(2nd)
July 23rd, 2002
Southern Breeze
(Matt Dillinger & Brother Clay)
Southern Breeze was stripped of the titles on 11/29/2002, due to Jaxon Breeze interfering in a match between Southern Breeze and Psycho Sarge & Private Joseph Castle.
Rory Fox & Matt Stryker
December 7th, 2002
Fox & Stryker became the champions by defeating Cody Hawk & Race Steele in the tournament finals.
Cody Hawk & Chet Jablonski
March 25th, 2003
D-Lo Brown & Matt Stryker
May 23rd, 2003
Cody Hawk & Chet Jablonski(2nd)
May 26th, 2003
TJ Dalton & JT Stahr
July 26th, 2003
Cody Hawk & Chet Jablonski(3rd)
Hawk & Jablonski were forced to vacate the titles when Jablonski left the HWA to go to Puerto Rico, and Hawk was injured.
The Riggs Brothers
(Jason Riggs & Johnny Riggs)
November 26th, 2003
The Riggs Brothers became the new champions when they won an HWA Tag-Team Titles Tournament.
TJ Dalton & JT Stahr(2nd)
December 16th, 2003
Crazy J & Lotus
February 6th, 2004
TJ Dalton & JT Stahr(3rd)
February 10th, 2004
Cody Hawk & Matt Stryker
April 2nd, 2004
Benjamin Kimera & Shawn Osborne
June 15th, 2004
Crazy J & Lotus(2nd)
August 17th, 2004
Foreign Intelligence
(Quinten Lee & Ala Hussein)
October 5th, 2004
HWA Icons
(Cody Hawk & Matt Stryker)(2nd)
October 26th, 2004
The HWA Icons were stripped of the tag titles on December 17th, 2004.
Mike Desire & Tack
December 17th, 2004
Mike Desire & Tack became the new tag-team champions by winning the "Luck of the Draw" Tournament.
Necessary Roughness
(Jon Moxley & Jimmy Turner)
March 11th, 2005
Foreign Intelligence(2nd)
May 13th, 2005
Matt Stryker & Tack
October 25th, 2005
4BJ(Brian Jennings) & BK1(Benjamin Kimera)
December 13th, 2005
4BJ & BK1 became the tag champions by winning a "Handicap" Match over Matt Stryker.
Foreign Intelligence(3rd)
February 21st, 2006
The Mavericks
(Alan Wasylychyn & Aaron Williams)
July 11th, 2006
Foreign Intelligence(4th)
August 29th, 2006
Irish Airborne
(Dave Crist & Jake Crist)
(Formerly known as Lotus & Crazy J)(3rd)
October 20th, 2006
Tarek the Great & Tack
March 10th, 2007
Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley
June 12th, 2007
Hawk & Moxley became champions by winning a "Three-Way Tag-Team" Match over Tack & Terik The Great and Irish Airborne.
GP Code
(Andre Heart & Richard Phillips)
June 16th, 2007
GP Code became champions by winning a "Handicap" Match over Cody Hawk, Jon Moxley, & Kimo.
The Entourage
(JT Stahr & The Madness)
September 24th, 2008
Stahr & The Madness are joined in the Entourage by V-Rad, who may or may not be counted as a title holder.
Benjamin Kimera & Deja Vu
November 19th, 2008
The Entourage(2nd)
November 22nd, 2008
G.P. Code(2nd)
December 19th, 2008
G.P. Code & Benjamin Kimera won a "Six-Man Tag-Team" Match over the Entourage (JT Stahr, The Madness, and V-Rad).
The Hybrids
(Donovan Cain & Jason Lyte)
February 11th, 2009
G.P. Code(3rd)
April 11th, 2009
The Hybrids(2nd)
April 18th, 2009
The Kosher Klub
(Joseph Schwartz & Sean Tylerstein)
September 26th, 2009
Royal Violence
(Jon Moxley & King Vu)
October 14th, 2009
Irish Airborne(4th)
December 2nd, 2009
Royal Violence(2nd)
December 19th, 2009
Irish Airborn(5th)
January 13th, 2010
Noble Bloods
(Lord Matthew Taylor & Sir Chadwick Cruise)
February 24th, 2010
The Flying Mendoza Brothers
(Loco Mendoza & Loto Mendoza)
May 29th, 2010
The Flying Mendoza Brothers were forced to vacate the titles on 7/07/2010, when they were deported over work visa issues.
Noble Bloods(2nd)
August 20th, 2010
The Noble Bloods became two-time tag-team champions by winning a "Four-Team Elimination" Match over the Heatseekers, the Hybrid, & Irish Airborne.
The Heatseekers
(Kaden Assad & Jeremy Maddox)
December 18th, 2010
The Heatseekers became the new champions by winning a Triple Threat Match over The Noble Bloods and the Hybrids. The OCW World Tag-Team Titles were also on the line.
(Doug Charlez & Aaron Xtreme)
July 16th, 2011
DNA became the new champions by winning a Tag-Team Gauntlet Match. DNA vacated the titles in August 2011 when Xtreme was injured.
The Heatseekers(2nd)
August 27th, 2011
The Heatseekers were awarded the vacated championships, making them two-time champions.
The Noble Bloods(3rd)
October 29th, 2011