Eric Bischoff

Height: 5'10 1/2"

Weight: 180 lbs

Real Name: Eric Aaron Bischoff

DOB: 5/27/1957

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Other Names: "Easy E" Eric Bischoff (WCW/WWE/TNA)

Involved With Wrestling Since: 1980s

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History: (Last Updated 3/04/2005)

The Beginning

Eric Bischoff is one of those people who got to live their dreams. Bischoff first began to grow interested in television at the University of Minnesota, where he earned a degree in Sciences of Television, Radio, & Cinema. He also conditioned his body as well as his mind, becoming a black belt in several disciplines. This mixture of athletics and television inexorably led to professional wrestling, as Bischoff became an announcer with Verne Gagne's American Wrestling Association in the late 1980's. It was said that Bischoff did all of Gagne's errands, including mowing his lawn, to work his way up through the company to the announcer's position. In 1990, Bischoff took over the AWA's controls, but the federation was in bad shape. When AWA Champion Larry Zbyszko jumped to World Championship Wrestling in 1991, the company folded, leaving Bischoff searching for work.


After trying to audition for the World Wrestling Federation without any success, Bischoff followed Zbyszko to WCW, signing on as one of the announcers for them. In 1993, when Bill Watts left WCW (stories range from him quitting to being fired), Bischoff managed to get his spot in the organization, controlling funds and other jobs. It was Bischoff (along with Ric Flair and others) who was behind the signing of Hulk Hogan in 1994, a move that started WCW's challenge of the WWF. Bischoff was rewarded by being named the Vice President of WCW, and used his new power to create a 2-hour Monday night wrestling show, Nitro, to compete with the WWF's Monday Night Raw. Bischoff was also one of the main announcers for Monday Nitro when it started in September '95.

In 1996, Bischoff took his next shot at the WWF, working to sign away two of their biggest names at the time, Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) and Diesel (Kevin Nash). Hall & Nash, as the Outsiders, first challenged Bischoff upon their appearance in WCW, telling him to give them a match against WCW stars. When Bischoff initially refused, Nash powerbombed him through the stage, taking him out. The Outsiders later joined up with Hulk Hogan as the new World order, or the nWo, an idea credited to Bischoff (although NJPW had something similar). By this time Bischoff was working his way into the Presidency position of the federation.


In late 1996, Bischoff joined the nWo, surprising many. After joining up, Bischoff became instrumental in the nWo Hollywood's success. Bischoff became basically the official spokesman for the group, routinely coming to the ring alongside "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. He even wrestled Larry Zbyszko at Starrcade '97, for control of Monday Nitro. Bret Hart was the referee, and was expected to join the nWo. But Hart stayed true to WCW (for a while), disqualifying Bischoff and giving the win to WCW. In the summer of '98, Bischoff began hosting a "talkshow" within Monday Nitro, called "WCW Later", taunting Jay Leno. This prompted the match at Road Wild '98, which ended in Leno pinning Bischoff. The talkshow hasn't been seen since.

Bischoff, for the rest of '98 and into '99, mainly feuded with Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen. There were many altercations between the two, including the controversial "heart attack/poisoning" of Flair. The two met at Starrcade '98, where, thanks to Curt Hennig's interference, Bischoff got the win. However, Flair and Bischoff met a few days later at a Monday Nitro, where Flair cleanly beat Bischoff to become the WCW Commisioner for 90 days. Flair then began giving Bischoff odd jobs, from being a commentator, to sitting in a dunktank outside in cold weather, allowing others to try to throw the ball and knock him in!


On the January 18th edition of Monday Nitro, Bischoff had the chance to get his company back, if he could defeat David Flair. Unofrtunately, he lost the match when Randy Anderson, the referee whom Bischoff fired and Flair rehired, handed David Flair a roll of quarters to use. After being knocked out and pinned, Bischoff's hair was shaved, showing how far he's willing to go for the good of the company. Bischoff, after losing his hair, began taking a more-subtle role in WCW, running the company from the back while Ric Flair was the "face" president for the fans. However, in September 1999, Bischoff left WCW, losing his control as the President when the ratings dropped and wrestlers complained.


In late March '00, it was announced that Bischoff was coming back into power (at least on-screen) at WCW, being allied with Vince Russo. The duo came back with a bang, vacating all titles and forming the New Blood, an organization of the younger wrestlers who fought against the Millionaire's Club, the older, more established wrestlers. Bischoff took center stage, along with Russo, directing the charge of the younger troops. Bischoff personally took a personal step towards fighting his former ally, Hulk Hogan. His feud with Hogan continued for a few months, with Bischoff promoting Billy Kidman as the new star of WCW. Bischoff also began feuding with other wrestlers, including Terry Funk, who was the Hardcore Champ at the time. Bischoff sent opponent after opponent at Funk to get the belt back into New Blood hands, but Funk stubbornly held on, fighting off more than one attempt to take him out. So Bischoff took the fight into his own hands, signing a Hardcore match against Funk. With help from the Cat Ernest Miller and the Mamalukes, Bischoff got the dirty victory, becoming the Hardcore Champion.

Bischoff's Hardcore Title reign only lasted one day, as he awarded the belts to the Mamalukes, Big Vito & Johnny the Bull. He then, along with Vince Russo, began talking about the 'big surprise' that would shock the wrestling world at the Great American Bash. During the event, however, Bischoff & Russo changed their positions, saying that there would be no surprise. This turned into a swerve, as Goldberg came out during the main event match between Kevin Nash and World Champion Jeff Jarrett and turned heel, joining with Bischoff, Russo, and the New Blood. However, Bischoff's time in WCW was soon over, as Russo betrayed him. Bischoff then disappeared off the wrestling radar for a time.


WCW was having a lot of problems with ratings and profits as 2001 began. In March '01, Bischoff, leading a group of investors (Fusient), was rumored to be in talks to buy WCW from Time-Warner. He called into the Nitro before the Season Finale, saying that the Finale show would consist of all the titles being defended, setting up the unification match between Booker T & Scott Steiner. He also invited all former WCW Champions to show up. It was later announced, however, that the deal between Bischoff's group and Ted Turner had fallen through, and WCW was quickly bought up by WWFE. Vince McMahon quickly closed down WCW (although it stayed around for a while due to the WWE Invasion angle), keeping Bischoff from taking back control. Over the next year, Bischoff appeared at different shows as a personality, staying in the business.


In July '02, Vince McMahon defeated Ric Flair to regain full control of both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown. McMahon then announced that general managers would be appointed to both shows, to control them in his absence. On Raw, McMahon shockingly brought out his long-time rival, Bischoff, who took control of the show that he used to attack. Bischoff quickly went into a signing-war with Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon, with the two always looking for a way to beat out the other. Bischoff also brought in the tag-team 3 Minute Warning (formally the Island Boys) to be his official brawlers. Regularly, Bischoff would tell someone that their three minutes were up, and 3 Minute Warning would beat him or her down.

On Smackdown in September '02, Billy & Chuck were scheduled to have a Commencement ceremony, joining the two supposedly-gay members together. Rico, their 'hairstylist', set up the whole thing, with Stephanie McMahon in attendance. However, as the minister talked about the union, Billy & Chuck broke up the ceremony, saying that it was only supposed to be a publicity stunt, and that they weren't gay. The minister responded by talking about how love is love, even if it only lasts three minutes. Eric Bischoff then took off his extensive make-up job, even as Three Minute Warning attacked Billy & Chuck. McMahon later got revenge by sneaking into Raw with a committee of protesting women, who were angry about Bischoff's recent exploitation of women by having Hot Lesbian Action (HLA) on the show. McMahon kicked Bischoff low, then left with Billy & Chuck.

The two teams faced off at Unforgiven '02, with Bischoff and Stephanie making their own bets based on the results of the match. Surprisingly, Three Minute Warning upset Billy & Chuck, which forced Stephanie to have to be involved in HLA herself. However, Stephanie was ready for this situation, as she had Rikishi come out dressed as a woman. Rikishi kissed Stephanie, then took Bischoff down and gave him the Stinkface, embarrassing the general manager. The feud with Stephanie continued throughout the rest of 2002, but took some strange twists, as Bischoff showed up to Smackdown in a Vince McMahon match on Halloween. Bischoff, when 'unmasked', then gave a big kiss to Stephanie, who seemed to enjoy it.


Near the beginning of January '03, Vince McMahon made an appearance on Raw. He told Bischoff that he wasn't happy with the program, and that Bischoff had 30 days to shape things up. If he didn't, he'd be fired. Bischoff, to save his job, came up with a grand plan: he would bring back "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to Raw. Unfortunately, talking about it was easier than getting it done, as Bischoff had a terrible time trying to try the Rattlesnake down, even going so far as going to Texas to look for him. When Jim Ross, Austin's friend, couldn't get Austin there, Bischoff fired him, only, in turn, to be fired by McMahon. However, JR announced later in the night that he had talked to Austin, and that "Stone Cold" would be returning at the next pay-per-view. A pleased McMahon rehired both men, but then announced that Austin's first opponent back would be Bischoff.

At No Way Out '03, Bischoff came fearfully to the ring, hoping that his black belts would help him in his match. It didn't work at all, as a massively-popular Steve Austin destroyed Bischoff with multiple Stone Cold Stunners, easily winning the match. Bischoff continued to have problems with Austin over the next few weeks, with several Stunners to his credit. Bischoff, meanwhile, backed the Rock, who wanted a piece of Austin at Wrestlemania X-9. At the pay-per-view, the Rock defeated Austin, getting a major victory. The night after, on Raw, Bischoff announced that Austin had been hiding his medical history, and should not be wrestling. Bischoff then fired Austin, sending him out of WWE as quickly as he had brought him in. Later on, Bischoff's problems with Austin led to Jim Ross quitting, sending another person away from Raw.

In late April '03, Bischoff began to seem power-mad. The breaking point was when he put himself into a No Disqualification Match against Trish Stratus. When Bischoff won, after interference from Jazz, he 'earned' a hotel night with Trish. However, Linda McMahon intervened, saying that Bischoff's power had gotten the better of him. McMahon then appointed a co-general manager in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! Bischoff and Austin had many problems sharing the power over the next few months, even facing off in a "Redneck Triathlon" Match at Bad Blood '03. Austin won a burping contest, then Bischoff 'won' a pie-eating contest when he was jumped on by the Fabulous Moolah (Austin refused to participate, losing via forfeit). The last event was scheduled as a singing contest, but when Bischoff was caught lip-synching, Austin turned the event into a "Pig Pen Fun" match, beating up and pinning Bischoff in a mud pit.

Bischoff continued to have problems with co-GM Austin as 2003 went by, but he also had to deal with other problems, including the rage of Kane (who chokeslammed Bischoff off the stage at one point). Bischoff also began feuding with Shane McMahon, the son of Vince. Kane, who had problems with Shane also, became involved as well, helping Bischoff win a "No Holds Barred" Match over Shane. Bischoff was then booked to face Kane in a match, but Kane refused to participate, giving Bischoff the win via countout. Bischoff next stung Shane by paying a visit to Shane's mother, Linda, at her house. At Summerslam '03, Bischoff and McMahon went at it. Bischoff got the upper hand after surprising interference from one of the announcers, the Coach (who turned heel). But Austin evened things up, and Shane-o-Mac got the victory.

The problems between Bischoff and Austin came to a head the next month, as the two men formed teams to face off at the '03 Survivor Series. Bischoff got Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, & Christian. Austin countered with Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, & the Dudley Boyz. If Austin's team won, Austin would be allowed to attack any wrestler he saw fit. If Bischoff's team won, Austin would no longer be co-General Manager. The match was a fierce one, with Booker T striking first, eliminating Steiner with the Bookend. Before the celebrating could get going, however, Henry rushed in and pinned Booker T, evening the teams back out. A triple-team from Van Dam & the Dudleyz helped get rid of Henry, taking out the World's Strongest Man. But things got better for Bischoff's team, as Orton took out Van Dam with the RKO, followed by Jericho defeating D-Von Dudley. Christian then hit Bubba Ray Dudley with the Unprettier, making it 3-on-1. Michaels fought back hard, beating both Christian and Jericho, then surviving against Orton. Bischoff tried to interfere, only to be taken away by Austin. However, this created an opening for Orton's teammate, Batista, who came to the ring and powerbombed Michaels. Orton then made the cover for the victory, taking Austin off Raw.

Bischoff celebrated on Raw by giving each wrestler of Team Bischoff a 'favor', to use whenever they wanted. For the next few weeks, Bischoff ruled as the sole man on top of Raw. But it didn't last long, as Mick Foley appeared and became, for a short time, the new co-general manager! Foley worked hard on a petition to bring back "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to Raw, eventually taking it to the board of directors. Despite Vince McMahon's involvement in the meeting, Austin was reinstated, becoming the "Sheriff" of Raw. This meant that, while Bischoff made the big decisions on Raw, Austin had the power to 'make things right'.


Bischoff stayed in control of Raw going into the new year, despite Austin's presence in the federation. At the Royal Rumble '04, Bischoff had a confrontation with the Smackdown General Manager, Paul Heyman, after Bischoff insulted the Philadelphia crowd. Heyman, who was famous in Phily for controlling the defunct-ECW, got in Bischoff's face, and the two fought, with "Sheriff" Austin coming out to break them up. Austin stunned both men, effectively ending any problems between them for the night. In February '03, it was announced that WWE was releasing a new DVD, entitled the Monday Night Wars. The DVD chronicled the battles between Vince McMahon's WWF and Bischoff's WCW. To commemorate the DVD, McMahon called Bischoff out for a fight, with Austin as the referee. The match ended in a No-Contest, though, as Brock Lesnar surprisingly came to the ring and F-5'ed Austin (the two were involved in a building feud for Wrestlemania).

After Wrestlemania XX was completed, a draft lottery was arranged between the two WWE shows. Bischoff and Paul Heyman took turns drawing names, effectively 'trading' away talent. Bischoff was hurt badly when one of the names drawn by Heyman was Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He laughed, though, when Heyman drew the name of Spike Dudley. Bischoff then had the last laugh, drawing Paul Heyman's name out of the container! Bischoff quickly said that, when they said that anyone was vulnerable, it was true. Heyman, enraged at the thought of working under Bischoff, quit on the spot, rather than joining Raw. Bischoff later worked out a trade that brought Triple H back to Raw, in exchange for Booker T & the Dudley Boyz, effectively 'winning' the draft.

Bischoff, by this point, had another problem building for him. He was coerced by his family to bring his nephew, Eugene Dinsmore, into WWE. Eugene was 'special', being slightly mentally retarded. But Eugene was also an idiot savante, wrestling with flair inside the squared circle. Bischoff placed William Regal in charge of keeping track of Eugene, and although Regal hated the duty at first, he eventually became Eugene's friend and 'father figure'. Bischoff, seeing Eugene having some success as a WWE wrestler, appeared embarrassed by his blood relative, and worked to try and cause Eugene to lose. At one point, Bischoff put Johnny Spade into a match against Eugene, to try and end Eugene's winning streak. But Johnny Spade lost, losing his job at WWE. Bischoff next pit Eugene against the Coach at Bad Blood '04. Eugene won out, though, foiling Bischoff's plans.

Bischoff eventually was involved in Triple H's set-up of Eugene, helping trick the special young man into basically joining Evolution. When Eugene accidentally cost Triple H the World Title in a match against Chris Benoit, Bischoff stepped in on the next Raw, apparently rewarding Eugene with a chance to beat Benoit. But it was all a set-up, as Evolution beat down both Eugene and Benoit. Eugene disappeared for a while, with Bischoff applauding Evolution for getting rid of his nephew. But Eugene would return later on, costing Triple H his "Iron Man" Match against Raw World Champ, Chris Benoit. Bischoff went right back to work on his nephew, though, placing Eugene in matches with Helmsley, including a violent Steel Cage match.

The problems between Bischoff and his nephew began to come to a head when Vince McMahon came on Raw near the end of September and called out the GM of Raw. Bischoff came out with a cane (he had had a sledgehammer dropped on his foot the week before by Randy Orton). McMahon then made a big announcement, stating that the fans would control who would face who on a special PPV, Taboo Tuesday. Bischoff seemed to disagree with the idea, thinking that he should make the matches, but McMahon wouldn't be swayed, mentioning that Bischoff himself would be in a match! When Bischoff claimed that he was too injured to fight, McMahon responded that he had found another injured wrestler for Bischoff to go at it with: Eugene! Their match would have a voted-upon stipulation: either Loser Wears A Dress, Hair Vs. Hair, or Loser Is The Other's Slave. Bischoff tried to refuse, hugging Eugene and saying that he couldn't fight his nephew. Eugene responded by knocking Bischoff out and hugging McMahon instead.

Bischoff tried several different ways of getting out of his match with Eugene over the next few weeks, even having one of the newest WWE divas, Carmella, come out and tell Eugene how much she loved a man with no hair. Eugene asked for a kiss, which Carmella wouldn't give him, showing that it was a ruse by Bischoff to get Eugene to throw the match. Bischoff also tried to soften Eugene up, by putting him in a match with Gene Snitsky. At Taboo Tuesday, Bischoff & Eugene went at it, with Bischoff getting in the early licks after attacking Eugene from behind. Bischoff also used psychology in the match, tricking Eugene by feigning a knee injury at one point, to be able to get in a kick. But Eugene couldn't be stopped, eventually landing a Leg Drop on Bischoff to get the victory. After the match, the Coach tried to make the stipulation that Bischoff had to be Eugene's slave for 5 minutes. But Vince McMahon stopped that, coming out & announcing that Bischoff had to have his head shaved, or he would be fired. Bischoff almost walked out, but decided to lose his hair instead, getting shaved down to the white locks underneath.

A different Bischoff showed up on the next Raw, at least for a few minutes, as he decided to take the night off and let "the inmates run the asylum". This led to Evolution briefly holding control, until the face wrestlers of Raw overwhelmed them. A week later, Bischoff came out to confront Ric Flair & Batista of Evolution, announcing that the main event of the '04 Survivor Series would be Triple H, Batista, Gene Snitsky, & Edge in an "Elimination" Match against Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, & Maven. The winner would get power on Raw for a month, as Bischoff went on vacation! Evolution seemed angry at this, but Bischoff was mad, too, passing on some of the blame for his new haircut on Evolution not backing him up. A few weeks later, Orton's team won at Survivor Series, giving Bischoff a month off from active duty.

On the December 13th Raw, Bischoff made his return, and immediately had a problem to deal with. The Raw World Title had been vacated the week before by Vince McMahon, and it was Bischoff's decision on what happened to the belt. After hearing various opinions from Helmsley, Benoit, and Edge, Bischoff announced that his favorite creation, the Elimination Chamber, would be utilized at the next PPV, with six wrestlers involved for the vacated title: Triple H, Benoit, Edge, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Batista. Bischoff also later set up a "Beat The Clock" series of matches to decide who would get the last entry into the Chamber (it was won by Batista, who defeated Rhyno). Finally, Bischoff added one more bombshell to the match, appointing Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee.


Bischoff's Elimination Chamber came into play at New Year's Revolution. After a wildly contested affair, Triple H went on to win the match, regaining the Raw Heavyweight Championship. On the next Raw, after a confrontation involving Helmsley, Orton, and Batista, Bischoff came out and announced that a #1 Contenders Match would be set up between Orton and Batista. Due in part to a mistake by Helmsley, Orton won the match, earning the title shot. Bischoff showed the potential to return to his heel days on the next Raw, as he talked to Shawn Michaels about how the fans in attendance (the show was held in Canada) still hated him. Bischoff then set up Michaels to face against Canada's own, Christian, making Michaels the heel for the night. Michaels still won the match.

Bischoff later showed he still held a grudge with William Regal, refusing to allow the man into the Royal Rumble match. He also set up Tajiri, putting him in an "Over The Top Rope" Qualifying Match against the 500-pound Viscera, which was an easy squash for the big man. Bischoff soon returned to his neutral GM ways, though, as he concentrated on keeping Batista, the winner of the '05 Royal Rumble, on Raw, competing with Smackdown GM Theodore Long. In this, he was successful, as Batista turned on Triple H and signed the Raw Wrestlemania contract to face Helmsley for the Raw World Title, instead of leaving the show. It was a big coup for Bischoff, showing that he was still the most powerful GM in the company.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (1 - 8)
- WCW Starrcade '97 = Bischoff lost via DQ to Larry Zbyzsko in a "Monday Nitro Control" Match. Bret Hart was the special referee.
- WCW Road Wild '98 = Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan lost to Jay Leno and Diamond Dallas Page.
- WCW Starrcade '98 = Bischoff, with assistance from Curt Hennig, defeated Ric Flair.
- WWE No Way Out '03 = Bischoff was easily beaten by Steve Austin.
- WWE Bad Blood (June 15, '03) = Bischoff lost a "Redneck Triathlon" to Steve Austin.
- WWE Summerslam '03 = Bischoff fell to Shane McMahon.
- WWE Taboo Tuesday (October 19, '04) = Bischoff lost a "Hair vs. Hair" Match to Eugene.
- WWE Survivor Series '05 (November 27) = Bischoff lost a "General Managers" Match to Theodore Long.
- TNA Lockdown '12 (April 15) = Team Eric Bischoff (Eric Bischoff, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Gunner, & Kazarian) lost a "Lethal Lockdown" Match to Team Garett (Garett Bischoff, Mr. Anderson, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, & Rob Van Dam). Bischoff lost his job due to the loss.

Title History
- WCW Hardcore Champion (6/05/2000 - 6/06/2000)

PWI Achievement Awards: (2 wins, 0 1st RUs, 3 2nd RUs, 1 3rd RU)
- 1996 Feud of the Year (Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon)
- 1998 Most Hated Wrestler, 2nd Runner-Up
- 1998 Feud of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Bischoff vs. Ric Flair)
- 2002 Feud of the Year (Bischoff vs. Stephanie McMahon)
- 2003 Feud of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Bischoff vs. Steve Austin)
- 2010 Most Hated Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up (Bischoff & Hulk Hogan)