Diamond Dallas Page

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 260 lbs

Real Name: Page Joseph Falkinburg

DOB: 4/05/1967

Hometown: Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Other Names: Diamond Dallas Page(WCW/WWE)

Wrestler Since: 1991

Finishing Maneuver: Diamond Cutter

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #19(2001), #17(2000), #6(1999), #4(1998), #4(1997), #54(1996), #111(1995), #270(1994)

Official Website: http://www.diamonddallaspage.com/

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History: (Last Updated: 5/23/2012)

The Beginning
AWA: 1988
FCW: 1989-1990
WWF: 1990 (First Appearance, Driver)
WCW: 1991 / 1992 / 1994 / 1995 / 1996 / 1997 / 1998 / 1999 / 2000 / 2001
WWF: 2001 / 2002
TNA: 2004 / 2005
After Wrestling

Diamond Dallas Page, sometimes better known as DDP, started in the business as a true wrestling fan. He then took a dream path into wrestling, going from a fan sitting in the crowd to a main eventing superstar in World Championship Wrestling.

The Beginning

Page Joseph Falkinburg had an interest in wrestling for a long time, watching it regularly while he was growing up. He was a star athlete in high school, spending time on varsity basketball squads, but he was still interested in a career in pro wrestling. A stint in Canada in 1979 didn't go well, however, leading to Page looking into other venues. He was a successful bar owner, having establishments in New Jersey and Florida, which led to him meeting many celebrities (and appearing occassionally on MTV when the parties were at his bars).

AWA: 1988

During this, though, Falkinburg's fascination with wrestling continued, leading to him looking for ways to get involved. He signed on with the American Wrestling Association in 1988, which became the first appearance of Dallas Page (Dallas due to his love of the Cowboys, Page from his first name). Page was a manager in the company, where he found success by managing Badd Company (Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka). In March '88, Badd Company won the AWA World Tag-Team Titles, with DDP in their corner. Due to the "Diamond" connection, Diamond Dallas Page took on the full name. He later formed The Diamond Exchange, featuring wrestlers like Curt Hennig and Madusa Miceli, among others.

FCW: 1989-1990

To continue his learning curve, Page went to Florida Championship Wrestling in the late '80s, where he took on the role of a color commentator. Page worked next to Hall of Fame announcer Gordon Solie, calling the matches for the famous franchise. But FCW was slowly getting wrapped up by that time, and closed its doors in 1990, leaving Page to go back to his bar businesses. Still, he had some new connections to the wrestling business.

WWF: 1990 (First Appearance, Driver)

One of these connections passed along word to Vince McMahon, the head of the World Wrestling Federation, about the young man who owned a pink Cadillac, the very car that Vince was looking for. He wanted the car for Wrestlemania VI, to be part of the entrance for Rhythm & Blues (The Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine). Page agreed to allow the use of the car, but there was one condition: Page got to be the driver, getting to be part of a Wrestlemania. Page watched as Rhythm & Blues performed their "Honka Honka Honky Love" song, then get interrupted by the Bushwhackers. Guitars were broken, but thankfully, the car was spared. This was Page's first real appearance on the national scene, and while nobody really paid attention to him then, DDP was more interested than ever in getting into the business as a wrestler.

WCW: 1991

At the end of 1990, Page was signed to World Championship Wrestling, once again bringing his managerial skills to bear. The Fabulous Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes) had destroyed their previous valet, Richard Marley, at Starrcade '90, and were looking for a new manager. They hired on Diamond Dallas Page, who got them on the right road to head towards a tag-team title opportunity at WrestleWar '91 in February. After helping them get the match, though, Page arranged at the event for the Freebirds to have a new manager (Oliver Humperdink), freeing himself to build the Diamond Mine stable (and tv show segment).

DDP would come to the ring with several ladies called the Diamond Dolls, and began to put together his stable. This included introducing The Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) at Superbrawl I. Page worked hard for his employee, taking a beating at The Great American Bash '91 from Tom Zenk in order to allow The Diamond Studd to suplex Zenk for the victory. But The Diamond Studd's success didn't translate into titles, and it soon became apparent that DDP wasn't interested in just being on the sidelines. He began attending the WCW Power Plant, training himself to be a professional wrestler.

With the Diamond Studd about done in WCW, Diamond Dallas Page entered the ring as a competitor himself in late '91. His big show debut was at Starrcade '91 in the BattleBowl tournament. Page was randomly paired with Mike Graham, and they took on Bill Kazmeier & Jushin Liger. Unfortunately, it wasn't a winning beginning for Page, as Kazmeier was able to press-slam Liger onto DDP for the pinfall, ending Page's chances of winning the BattleBowl, at least for now.

WCW: 1992

Page would next compete at Clash of the Champions XVIII, but he was still learning, leading to him getting squashed by PN News. DDP didn't even show up on the Superbrawl II card, although he wrestled (and lost) a dark match with Big Josh. Page's first significant win on a big show was at WrestleWar '92, where Page & Thomas Rich defeated Bob Cook & Firebreaker Chip, but again, it was a pre-show contest. Another dark match was at Beach Blast '92, with Page, Richard Morton, & Tracy Smothers fell to Tom Zenk, Big Josh, & The Junkyard Dog. Throughout this 'dark' period, Page continued to spend all his free time in the Power Plant, determined to improve his wrestling ability.

That doesn't mean, however, that Page had forsaken his managerial duties. With his Diamond Mine in full effect, Page had two stars to work with: Scotty Flamingo (later known as Raven) and Vinnie Vegas (Kevin Nash). The trio worked together over the next few months, with Page teaming with Vegas at Halloween Havoc '92 in a dark match. The two lost, though, to Erik Watts & Van Hammer. At Clash of the Champions 21, Page & Vegas were in Flamingo's corner when he had a boxing match with Johnny B. Badd. While Flamingo took a tremendous beating from Badd, Page's help (by soaking Flamingo's glove in water in-between rounds) allowed Flamingo to get the surprise KO, winning the contest. Of course, Flamingo was in bad shape afterwards, needing to be carried to the back by Page & Vegas.

It seemed that the Diamond Mine was going somewhere, but things took a bad turn for Page after this, as he tore his rotator cuff during a tag-team match (Page & Vegas vs. Shanghai Pierce & Tex Slazenger), putting him firmly on the shelf. Page would actually be released from WCW soon after, while Vegas would head for the WWF (becoming Diesel) and Flamingo would spend a short time in the USWA before also joining the WWF as a manager (Johnny Polo).

WCW: 1994

Throughout his recovery from the injury, Page continued to improve his skills, wanting to climb his way to the top of the industry. He also worked on his character, supposedly taking lessons from Jake "The Snake" Roberts on how to improve his character. When Dallas returned to WCW at the beginning of '94, he was still working himself into ring shape, but still competed, losing to Terry Taylor at Superbrawl IV via roll-up. Page wrestled again in the opening match at Spring Stampede '94, with Page taking on Johnny B. Badd, renewing their history. In a competitive match, DDP came up short again, falling to Badd's sunset flip after several minutes of wrestling. After this, Page faded into the background once again, working back in the Power Plant to continue improving himself. He wouldn't appear at another major WCW show until the next year.

WCW: 1995

When Page returned, he brought his #1 Diamond Doll (Kimberly Page, his wife) with him, as well as earning a bodyguard, Max Muscle. Page would hold arm-wrestling contests with the Diamond Doll on the line, and would usually find a way to cheat to win. Wrestling-wise, Page wasn't doing as well, although Kimberly's holding of the "10+" signs everytime DDP thought he had done a great move helped gain him some fan-recognition, if not fan-favoritism.

At The Great American Bash '95, Page held another arm-wrestling contest, this time against Dave Sullivan. Page put up a date with The Diamond Doll, while Sullivan's pete rabbit, Ralph, was also on the line. Despite Page's penchant for cheating, Sullivan somehow still won, earning a date with Kimberly. Sullivan became infatuated with Kimberly, bringing her gifts and trying to find a way to get her away from DDP. The two wrestled at Bash At The Beach '95, with Sullivan seemingly in control at times, only to get distracted by Kimberly and/or Max Muscle. In the end, this proved to be the decider, allowing DDP to get the Diamond Cutter for the victory.

Page had been struggling with money issues around this time, only to be given a great deal of money from an unknown party. DDP also was able to get Kimberly's bingo money, winning several million dollars by claiming her bingo card. He flaunted his new wealth, insulting his opponents with it. Page earned his first championship by defeating The Renegade for the WCW Television Title at Fall Brawl '95, thanks to Muscle's involvement and a Diamond Cutter. He then feuded with Johnny B. Badd for the championship, facing him at Halloween Havoc '95. At the time, Kimberly was still furious with DDP, and was more prone to give "10" cards to Badd than to her man. During the match, the heels tried to cheat, but Muscle's involvement backfired, allowing Badd to get the pinfall and the Television Title.

The feud continued into the next month, with DDP actually putting Kimberly on the line in order to get himself a rematch for the championship. Page and Badd met again at World War III '95, but things went badly for Page again, with Badd managing to get a slingshot leg-drop to win the match, taking away (or 'freeing', depending on your position) Kimberly from DDP. It was a bad end to the year for Diamond Dallas Page.

WCW: 1996

Page would face Johnny B. Badd again for the WCW Television Title at Superbrawl VI. This time, Page, desperate for the win, put the left-overs of Kimberly's bingo winnings (around 6.6 million dollars) on the line. Kimberly was in Badd's corner now, at one point 'stunning' Page by giving him a "0" card. The fight was intense, but Badd again won out, nailing DDP with a tombstone maneuver for the victory. Page had now lost everything: Kimberly, the money, the championship. Broke, he had to sell off some wrestling trunks to pay bills. He also lost his bodyguard, Muscle, whom he couldn't afford.

With nothing left to lose but his career, Page challenge Badd to one more match: a Loser Leaves Town contest. However, just before the PPV, Badd was fired from WCW (on purpose, so he could go to the WWF), leaving Page's angle unfinished. Kimberly, though, found someone else to fight for her, getting The Booty Man (Ed Leslie/Brutus Beefcake/Zodiac/many more) to join her. Page and The Booty Man went at it at Uncensored '96, with Kimberly coming out in a cheerleader uniform (as the Booty Babe). This distracted Page, especially at the end, when he went after her. Kimberly answered with a slap, leaving Page open for a high knee from The Booty Man and a pin. Although Page had lost, however, he returned a few months later and used a loophole, stating that since it wasn't Johnny B. Badd who beat him, he didn't have to leave WCW.

With Badd out of DDP's way, Page started to make noise, teaming with The Barbarian to make his way through the Battle Bowl at Slamboree '96. Page surprisingly went on to win the event, defeating such wrestlers as Scott Norton, Bobby Eaton, and Public Enemy. This earned him the Battle Bowl ring, also known as The Lord of the Ring Title, a prestigious title in its own right. Page would defend the ring at The Great American Bash '96, beating Marcus Bagwell, and then take down "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in a "Taped Fist" Match at Bash At The Beach '96. At that same event, the new World order was formed, a stable that would have a major effect on DDP's career.

For the next few months, however, while the nWo threat grew, Page stayed a heel, feuding with two members of the Guerrero family: Eddie and Chavo Jr. DDP and Eddie faced off at Clash of the Champions 33, with Guerrero managing to secure the victory. Page would get some revenge, however, at Fall Brawl '96, when Page got the Diamond Cutter on Chavo Jr for an easy pin. The feud with Eddie would continue, leading to a deciding match between the two at Halloween Havoc '96. Page put his Lord of the Ring title on the line, and defended it, managing to take down the popular Guerrero with the Diamond Cutter, keeping the ring.

Page would next focus on the 60-man Battle Royal at World War III '96. While Page was still a member of WCW, he was also a hated heel, leaving the fans torn whenever he went up against an nWo member. Page lasted for quite a while, making it to the final ring, only to accidentally charge William Regal and get thrown over the ropes, ending his chance to win. The Giant would later take the victory.

As the end of 1996 approached, Page competed in a tournament for the vacated WCW United States Heavyweight Title. Surprisingly, Page started getting help in his matches, as Scott Hall & Kevin Nash, two of the founders of the nWo (and Page's former allies in the Diamond Mine), were clearly interested in having Page join them. Page, though, didn't show any sign of joining, instead just being happy to win. At Starrcade '96, Page faced his old rival, Eddie Guerrero, in the finals of the tournament. Again, the nWo interfered, but this time they came in while Guerrero (and the ref) were both down and attacked Page, laying him out. This enabled Guerrero to get the frogsplash to win the title, with the nWo costing Page the belt.

WCW: 1997

Going into the new year, the new World order kept continuing to try to recruit Page, saying it would be in his best interests to join them. At one point, Hall & Nash gave him an nWo t-shirt, which Page decided to put on. He then followed it up by attacking the nWo members and tearing off the shirt, to the cheers of the crowd. At the nWo-controlled Souled Out '97, Page took on nWo member Scott Norton. After a short battle, DDP got control and was looking for the Diamond Cutter, when nWo members entered the ring. They once again tried to get Page to join, and Page once again accepted the shirt... and again attacked everyone, before running into the crowd and ripping off the shirt. Page would lose via countout, but came out with a moral victory. He was becoming a fan favorite.

Page's battles with the nWo continued to grow over the next month, with Page facing off against nWo member Buff Bagwell at Superbrawl VII. In a typical battle for Page, the Diamond Cutter put Bagwell down, only to lead to the nWo charging the ring and attacking, leading to the DQ. Page managed to fight them off, though, and escaped through the fans, who had embraced him by this point. Page's main nWo feud, though, was just beginning. DDP was attacked at one point on a Nitro by "Macho Man" Randy Savage & other nWo members, with Savage spray-painting DDP's back with the nWo logo. At Uncensored '97, DDP came out for an interview with Mean Gene Okerlund along with Kimberly, who had rejoined him. Savage & his wife, Elizabeth, interrupted, attacking Page and taking him & Kimberly down. Savage then revealed the reality that Page & Kimberly were married, before spray-painting both of them.

Savage laying his hands on Kimberly made things extremely personal, and it showed, as Page and Savage went to war over the next few months. At Stampede '97, Page and Savage main-evented the show with a "No Disqualification" Match that also involved Kimberly and Elizabeth. Throughout their battle, the referee got taken out, which kept Savage from winning with an elbow drop. Instead, DDP came back and got the Diamond Cutter, with the former nWo referee, Nick Patrick, turning on the nWo and making the count, giving the win to DDP. Afterwards, the nWo attacked again, with Savage wanting to go after Kimberly (but getting stopped by Eric Bischoff).

The nWo managed to injure DDP's leg, but he continued to fight against them, even coming out at Slamboree '97 to accept a challenge from Savage. It turned out to be another nWo ambush, but Page was saved by The Giant, keeping him from getting further injured. Page and Savage met again at The Great American Bash '97 in a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match. The two men battled it out, with Elizabeth interfering whenever possible. Several referees went down during the fight, which went backstage for a while before coming back to the ring. Late in the match, with another ref (Patrick) taken out, Scott Hall came out and attacked, helping Savage double-team DDP and putting him down with an Outsider's Edge / Flying Elbow combination. When a ref finally got back, DDP was easily pinned.

With Page's targets increased, he focused on both Savage & Hall, arranging for a tag-team match against them at Bash At The Beach '97. DDP's surprise teammate proved to be Curt Hennig (fresh from being Mr. Perfect in the WWF). But after Page took a lot of abuse, his attempt to tag Hennig failed, as Hennig betrayed him. The two heels beat on Page and put him away, giving Page another loss. This started another, separate feud, which culminated at Road Wild '97, where DDP and Hennig put on a wrestling clinic in front of the motorcycles. Unfortunately, the match didn't end well for DDP, as, after a ref bump, Ric Flair came out and attacked Page, allowing Hennig to win. Flair was bringing Hennig into the Four Horsemen to replace Arn Anderson, hence the attack.

Page went back to fighting the nWo after the loss, teaming up with Lex Luger against Scott Hall & Randy Savage for the WCW World Tag-Team Titles at Clash of the Champions 35. Page & Luger seemed to be a good team, but miscommunication got them at the end, as a blinded Page Diamond Cut Luger accidentally, allowing the nWo heels to retain the belts. The two teams met again in a "No Disqualification" Match at Fall Brawl '97, with one WCW ref after another getting taken out during the action. This caused Larry Zbyszko (former wrestler & current announcer) to get involved, attacking Hall and then doing a 3-count on Hall when Luger pinned him. Unfortunately, the titles were not on the line, since the pinfall was 'unofficial'.

Page's war with the nWo continued going into October. At one point, DDP defeated Hennig for the WCW United States Title, but had it revoked and given back to Hennig, erasing the reign. DDP still came back to Savage, though, facing him again at Halloween Havoc '97 in an unbelievable Las Vegas Sudden Death match that included a separate brawl between the returning Kimberly and the lovely Elizabeth. The ending was marred, though, when Hulk Hogan, dressed up as Sting, knocked out DDP with a bat, allowing Savage to get the victory. This sent DDP going after the World Champion for a brief time, but nWo interference made many matches end in disqualifcation.

Page got another crack at Hogan and the nWo at World War III '97, when he was part of the 60-Man Three-Ring Battle Royal. DDP eliminated several wrestlers during the match, making it to the very end, when it was DDP & The Giant vs. the nWo members Hogan & Hall. That was as close as Page got, though, with Hogan managing to crotch him and throw him out. Due to nWo shenanigans, Hall eventually won the battle royal, giving another win to the nWo. Near the end of '97, Page's war with the nWo involved gold, as he faced off against the WCW US Champion, Hennig, at Starrcade '97. Page was able to surprise Hennig with the Diamond Cutter at one point and get the win, earning his first WCW gold since 1995.

WCW: 1998

Page went on to offer Chris Benoit the first shot at it, since he believed that Benoit deserved it. Their matches were marred, though, by interference from Raven and his Flock. Page and Benoit, with The Flock looking on, wrestled at Superbrawl VIII for the belt, with DDP winning with a Diamond Cutter. Page & Benoit later teamed briefly against Raven's followers, but miscues and accidental hits ignited their own personal feelings for each other, and the three men met in a Hardcore fight at Uncensored '98. Page won out in the end, getting a Diamond Cutter through a table on Raven. Although Benoit and Page managed to bury the hatchet afterwards, Raven wasn't done, and the feud between them quickly intensified after a brutal attack on DDP during an MTV interview. After knocking DDP out, Raven stole the US Title and departed from the show.

In the next few weeks, Page chased after Raven, trying to get his US strap back. The two finally met up again at Spring Stampede '98, where they had another great match. The entire Flock interfered, but the major turning point was when newcomer Horace (Hogan) attacked, knocking out Page with a sign and helping Raven win the United States Title legally. Page came back for revenge soon after, attacking Raven every chance he had. The two met for a final time at Slamboree '98 in a Bowery Death Match, where Page managed to keep the rest of the Flock at bay long enough to get the victory. He did not get the US Title, however, since Raven had lost that to Goldberg earlier in the month.

Soon after, Diamond Dallas Page renewed his major feud with the nWo, specifically Hollywood Hogan. First off, Page, teaming with Luger, defeated the Giant and his new partner Brian Adams, seemingly earning the Tag-Team Titles. Unfortunately, since the Giant's legal partner was actually Sting, the belts were not on the line. Page then sought out Hogan, who currently held the World Title. Since Hogan's main ally at the time was Dennis Rodman, a famous basketball player with the Chicago Bulls, Page looked for help in the same area, recruiting Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz. DDP taught Malone how to wrestle, including how to use the Diamond Cutter. The two men helped Goldberg win the World Title from Hogan on a Monday Nitro, then faced Hogan & Rodman at Bash at the Beach '98. Unfortunately, they lost the match, due to the Disciple's interference.

Page continued his feud with Hogan into the next month, which eventually involved talk show host Jay Leno from the Tonight Show. After Hogan, with Eric Bischoff, took over the Tonight Show for a short time, Diamond Dallas Page came out with Leno and helped oust them from the stage. Page also destroyed Bischoff's "late night" show that he had on Nitro, tearing apart the set with his bare hands. Page & Leno met up with Bischoff & Hogan at Road Wild '98, where Page's team won out, thanks in part to Kevin Eubanks (Leno's band leader on the Tonight Show). Eubanks delivered a Diamond Cutter to Bischoff, which enabled Leno to get the pin.

Page, fresh with victory, then moved up in his feud with the nWo. He became the leader of the WCW team (along with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and the Warrior), which was headed towards the War Games match at the next PPV. A new development also arose for the wrestler, when he was offered a position in the Wolfpac along with Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, and others. Page was asked many times by Nash, who wanted an answer from him. Page finally told him that he took the 'offer' as a threat. He didn't trust Nash because of his nWo ties. This later earned him a Jackknife Powerbomb from Nash. At Fall Brawl '98, DDP led the WCW team into the War Games Match against the nWo and Wolfpac teams. He managed to survive, Diamond-Cutting Stevie Ray to be the big winner. This earned him the shot that he really wanted: a shot against the World Champion, Bill Goldberg.

The two wrestlers went nose-to-nose in the coming weeks many times. Both showed mutual respect to the other, helping each defeat the attacks of Raven's Flock, but both also promised to come out victorious at Halloween Havoc '98. When the match began, we saw all sorts of moves, including the Diamond Cutter, the Spear, and the Jackhammer. In the end, Goldberg came out on top in one of his closest matches ever at the time. After the bell sounded, the two hugged, showing that the good sportsmanship was still there. This was DDP's biggest title shot to date, but it would not be his last.

On the next Nitro, Page defeated Bret "The Hitman" Hart to win the WCW United States Title. He then took a beating from Hart, who used a chair to injure the new champion. The beating continued until Goldberg came to DDP's aid. Page returned a few weeks later to attack Hart, appearing at both Nitros and Thunders to stop Hart's brutal attacks on other wrestlers. The two met up for the US Title at World War III '98. Hart tried to use nWo tactics, having the nWo referee declare him the winner after he applied the Sharpshooter. Another referee declared the victory void, however, and Page was able to get the roll-up pin, staying the US Champion. Unfortunately, at a late November Nitro, Page accepted a challenge from a supposedly injured Hart for a No-DQ Match. Subsequently, the Giant came out and Super-Chokeslammed DDP, making it easy for Hart to get the US Title back.

Page then had a minor feud with the Giant, which included the Giant chokeslamming Page through the stage at one point. Page ultimately defeated The Giant at Starrcade '98, despite interference from Hart, as Page used a Super Diamond Cutter from the top turnbuckle to put The Giant away. DDP never got back to Bret Hart, though, leaving the US Title behind as he went into the new year.

WCW: 1999

Near the end of January '99, Page and Scott Steiner started up a feud which mainly involved Page's wife, Kimberly (who was one of the Nitro Girls dancers). Steiner came on to Kimberly repeatedly, 'accidentally' knocking her down at one point. At another point, Steiner and DDP fought in the parking lot, which ended with Steiner getting into the car where Kimberly was and driving away, only to turn around, come back, and throw Kimberly from the car! At Superbrawl IX, Page and Steiner met for the WCW Television Title, but Steiner had help in Buff Bagwell. The double-team was too much, as Steiner made Page pass out in the Steiner Recliner. Page would then disappear from WCW for a month or so.

After missing one PPV, Page returned to WCW still angry at Steiner, challenging him repeatedly. However, Page was slowly revealing his dark side, insulting fans at a few shows. DDP then got himself involved in the Four-Way World Title match at Spring Stampede '99, along with the champ, Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, and the returning Sting. During the match, Page locked a Figure Four around the ringpost, causing Hogan to have to leave the match due to the knee injury. Page then shocked everyone, as, after the special referee, Randy Savage, attacked Flair, Page got the Diamond Cutter and the pin, becoming the WCW World Champion for the first time in his career. Page was becoming a heel rapidly, though, taking on Goldberg, Sting, and others. At the 4/26/1999 Monday Nitro, Page, being booed by the fans, lost the WCW World Title to Sting. But Kevin Nash came out and challenged Page, Sting, and Goldberg to a Four-Way match for the title later that night, which Sting accepted. Thanks to interference once again from "Macho Man" Randy Savage, DDP regained his World Title the night he had lost it.

Page held the title for a few more weeks, defending the title at almost every card. He fought guys like Bam-Bam Bigelow and Ric Flair, always getting assistance from Savage to maintain the championship. Page then faced Kevin Nash at Slamboree '99. During the match Page Diamond Cut Nash. Unfortunately, they were outside the ring, so Page couldn't get the pinfall. Nash later got his Jackknife Powerbomb, but Savage reappeared, attacking Nash to cause the Disqualification. Unfortunately for Page, Eric Bischoff then came out, restarting the match and ordering Savage away from ringside. Nash then landed his Jackknife Powerbomb again and became the World Champ. DDP's ride at the top had ended. At least for now.

Page then began tagging with Bam-Bam Bigelow, while joining up with Ric Flair's faction. The duo of Page & Bigelow attacked many stars, including Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko, when they left Flair and the Horsemen. Page & Bigelow also worked well together against Raven, Saturn, and Kanyon, who had the tag belts at the time. After injuring Raven by throwing him into a garbage dumpster, and apparently injuring Kanyon as well, Page & Bigelow faced Saturn, who was alone, for the tag belts. Page and Bigelow dominated, but Saturn still had his moments. Kanyon then appeared, running to the ring and becoming Saturn's partner. But when tagged in, Kanyon fell from one punch, getting pinned and giving DDP & Bam-Bam the tag-team titles. The two would retain the belts for a few weeks, until Chris Benoit joined with Saturn against the duo, who were later joined by Kanyon, proving that he took a dive to give DDP and Bigelow the titles.

The Thunder before the June PPV, Page & Bam-Bam lost the tag-team titles to Benoit & Saturn. However, at The Great American Bash '99, Page teamed with Kanyon to win the gold back, with Bam-Bam playing a major role in the win. This truly formed the Triad, making them one of the strongest tag-teams around, since they were allowed to switch in and out with the belts. They continued to feud with the Youth Movement, defeating Saturn & Benoit again at Bash at the Beach '99. DDP & Bigelow perfected their combination Diamond Cutter-Greetings From Ashbury Park to devestating effect. A few weeks later, though, a new menace arose, in the form of Harlem Heat, reformed and ready for another run at the gold. DDP also continued a singles feud with Benoit, starting up some great matches between them. The two were slated to face at the next PPV, a match that became greater when Benoit defeated David Flair for the US Title.

At Road Wild '99, despite DDP's best efforts, Harlem Heat defeated Bam-Bam & Kanyon to win the tag-team gold from the Triad. Page later went in against Benoit and was defeated by the Diving Headbutt. It was a bad night for the Triad. A few nights later, DDP came out after Billy Kidman, a 'friend' of his, refered to Kimberly Page as the most beautiful Nitro girl. DDP attacked Kidman, then started a match. Surprisingly, Kidman won the match with a roll-up, which only infuriated Page more. He hung Kidman from the turnbuckle and whipped and choked him with a belt, until Kimberly stopped him. Soon after, DDP feuded again with Goldberg, with, unfortunately, the same results: Goldberg defeated Page at Fall Brawl '99. However, in the same night, DDP went after Hogan, giving Sting a hand in winning the World Title. Page allied himself with Sting & Luger, forming a strong base of 'heels' against Goldberg, Sting, & Ric Flair.

DDP soon focused on Flair, going after him at every opportunity. Flair and DDP met at Halloween Havoc '99 in a Strap match, where DDP managed to come out with the victory after knocking Ric out with David Flair's crowbar. This did not stop the feud, though, as David, Ric's son, became involved in the battle against the heels. David fought against Kimberly at WCW Mayhem, with interference from Page and Ric. The next week on Nitro, Page claimed that 'someone close to him' hadn't been loyal. Coincidentally, Kimberly stopped coming out to the ring with him for a while. DDP then had a mini-feud with Lex Luger, while continuing his battles with the younger Flair, facing him in a Crowbar on a Pole match at Starrcade '99. Although Flair actually acquited himself well in the match, Page won out in the end with the Diamond Cutter. This, surprisingly, soon became the end of the Flair-Page feud, as Page went on a different track.

WCW: 2000

Showing his jealousy running rampant, Page began going after Buff Bagwell, who supposedly had a 'crush' on Kimberly. The two men, formerly friends now torn apart by a lady, met at Souled Out '00, in a No Rules, No Referee, Last Man Standing match. It had everything, as the two men fought all over the arena. Although Page had the last move with the Diamond Cutter, he was too exhausted to do more, and thus did not get up from the 10 count. Bagwell got the victory on a Knock Out. But DDP had the last laugh, when, after the returning Kimberly distracted Buff, DDP attacked him. The two men fought once more at the next Nitro, with Kimberly as the referee. After Kimberly was accidentally hit by Bagwell, DDP got the Diamond Cutter and the victory. After a couple more one-night feuds with guys like the Disco Inferno and Kanyon, Page reportedly ruptured a disc in his back. He was out of wrestling for the next few months, during which he recorded some of the scenes for his movie debut, "Ready To Rumble".

When Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff returned to WCW, forming the New Blood and declaring a "level playing field", Diamond Dallas Page became one of the focal points for the Millionaire's Club, the group of more experienced wrestlers in WCW. Forced to fight his fellow "Millionaires", Page defeated Lex Luger and Sting to go to the finals for the vacated World Title at Spring Stampede against Jeff Jarrett. Things quickly intesified between Page and Jarrett, when an errant guitar swing knocked out Kimberly. Bischoff also stayed involved, booking Kimberly in matches with some of the other female stars. Page usually made the save. At Spring Stampede '00, Page gave it all he had and more to try and take down Jarrett. At the end, he got the Diamond Cutter on Jarrett, but the ref was distracted by Bischoff. During this, Kimberly suddenly came in and shockingly turned on Page, hitting him with the guitar. This allowed Jarrett to get the victory with his finisher, the Stroke. DDP was badly shaken up by the betrayal of his 'better half'. This became a major distraction with his battle against the New Blood, as his wife began taking cracks at him whenever possible. Page just couldn't seem to attack his wife, even as she demanded a divorce.

Page continued to fight, however, enlisting the help of his former ally, Kanyon, and his movie star friend, David Arquette, whom he had starred with in "Ready To Rumble". On a Nitro, DDP faced Jeff Jarrett in a cage match for the World Title. While Kanyon stopped Mike Awesome from interfering, DDP won the match, becoming the 3-time World Champion. The reign was short-lived. At the next Thunder (taped the next day), Page and Arquette had a tag-team match against Jarrett and Eric Bischoff, with the World Title on the line. Shockingly, while Jarrett and Page were busy fighting, Arquette speared and pinned Bischoff, winning the World Title from Page! DDP took it in good stead, staying friends with Arquette, as Bischoff signed a major match: Arquette, Page, and Jarrett inside a three-tier steel cage, with the World Title hung from the top. It was pulled from the set of "Ready to Rumble".

At Slamboree '00, the main battle inside the steel cages belonged to Page and Jarrett. The two fought an epic war, with Arquette mostly watching and cheering Page on. Kanyon, on the outside, again fought with Awesome. In the end, the main factor turned out to be Arquette, who, like Kimberly before him, betrayed Page, helping Jarrett get the title at the top, while Kanyon was thrown from the roof of the cage by Awesome, leaving him in the hospital.

Page vowed vengence against Awesome for severely injuring his best friend, beginning a violent feud between the two. At one point, Awesome put DDP through a table, allowing Kimberly to come down and make his unconscious hand sign the divorce papers. Kimberly later instituted a "restraining order" against her husband, after he spanked her on national television. Page, though, worked through it, getting her to sign away the restraining order with some help from Miss Hancock. Awesome continued to threaten Page through Kanyon, showing up in his hospital room at one point. Awesome and Page met at The Great American Bash '00 in an Ambulance match, with Kanyon watching nearby from a wheelchair. Just as it seemed DDP had the victory, Kanyon suddenly rose and attacked him, landing Page's own Diamond Cutter on him, followed by a Flatliner through some tables. Kanyon then revived Awesome, and the two men threw Page into the ambulance, costing DDP the match.

This last betrayal, on top of Kimberly and Arquette, proved too much for Page, who came out on the next Nitro and announced that, since the wrestling business had cost him his friends, his health, and his wife, it just wasn't worth it anymore. Page then walked out, not appearing again for a few months. While he was gone, Kanyon overtook his persona, wrestling with a blond wig, carrying a "book" designed to be like DDP's "Positively Page" novel, and even using a Kanyon Cutter. This went on for a long period of time, as Page recuperated away from the ring.

Page eventually returned near the end of '00, both to get some revenge on Kanyon and to help out his ally, Kevin Nash, against the scourge of the Natural Born Thrillers, a group that seemed to have formed out of the wreckage of the New Blood. Page and Nash began teaming up, calling themselves the Insiders, paying tribute to Nash's old Outsider partner Scott Hall. The duo immediately began going after the Tag-Team Championships, which were currently held by Sean Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo, otherwise known as the Perfect Event. The teams went at it at Mayhem '00, where the Insiders seemed to get the victory and the belts. But the Perfect Event, with "Commissioner" Mike Sanders on their side, showed the world that Nash had pinned the wrong man, Stasiak. Palumbo was, in fact, the legal man. Ric Flair, the CEO of WCW at the time, reluctantly agreed with the Natural Born Thrillers. Therefore, the titles went back to the Perfect Event, something that displeased the Insiders greatly. However, Flair quickly signed a rematch for Starrcade '00.

After renewing their war with the Natural Born Thrillers, Page and Nash found themselves battling the odds, as they had both the numbers and the Commissioner against them. Fortunately for them, the CEO, Flair, stepped in, helping the more experienced wrestlers counter-balance the powerplay. At Starrcade '00, the two teams once again met, with the Insiders dominating the competition. When the Natural Born Thrillers tried to rush the ring, Page fought them off with Diamond Cutters, while Nash finished off the Perfect Event to get the two men the Tag-Team Titles, the third time DDP had held them.

WCW: 2001

The duo continued their little war with the Natural Born Thrillers into 2001, as Palumbo, determined to get the belts back, changed partners, getting Sean O'Haire on his side. The InSiders faced off against the new team at WCW Sin, and again seemed to have everything under control, until Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell, who had already earned a title shot at the next PPV, came out and interfered, helping the Natural Born Thrillers take away the belts. Luger & Buff then joined with Flair, Scott Steiner, Animal, Kanyon, & Jeff Jarrett to form the new powerhouse stable in WCW. Page, Nash, and Ernest "The Cat" Miller, who won the Commissionership from Sanders at Sin, soon became the front lines in this new battle. While Nash went after the World Title, Page renewed 2000 feuds with both Kanyon and Jeff Jarrett, as well as the rest of Flair's stable.

At Superbrawl: Revenge, Page was scheduled to face Jeff Jarrett. However, Jarrett had a surprise for him. After airing footage of Page saying that he'd face Kanyon anytime, anywhere, Jarrett announced that Page would have to fight Kanyon first, followed by Jarrett. Kanyon then came from beneath the ring and sneak-attacked DDP, starting a bloody war between the two. Page, though cut open, fought hard against Kanyon, eventually getting the upper hand. But during the melee, the ref was knocked down, allowing Jarrett to enter and hit the Stroke. Kanyon followed it up with the Flatliner to get the victory. After the match ended, Jarrett immediately started his, taking advantage of DDP's weakened condition. The two fought all over the building, with Kanyon staying in the area to add the double-team effect. However, the move backfired, as Jarrett accidentally knocked out Kanyon with a guitar shot. Page then hit the Diamond Cutter on Jarrett and got a surprising victory to finish 'even' for the night.

After Superbrawl, Page became the "Last Man Standing", since his friend Nash was eliminated from WCW by the World Champion, Scott Steiner. Page began a psychological war on Big Poppa Pump, pulling sneak-attacks, then disappearing into the crowd, where Steiner couldn't follow. Page also brought back a major thorn in Steiner's side, teaming with a returning Booker T to cause havoc in the World Champ's life. This helped Page avoid the numbers battle he was involved in. Page and Steiner finally met at WCW Greed, where DDP was offered another shot at the World Championship. Despite interference from Midajah, Steiner's personal valet, Page took control late in the match, hitting the Diamond Cutter. However, Rick Steiner, Scott's brother, pulled the ref out before he could count. As Rick kept the ref occupied, Midajah threw the title to Scott, who knocked out Page and got the pinfall. Page did not return in the last few weeks of WCW's Turner Broadcasting run, although he did do a heartfelt interview for the Season Finale. He talked about how he appreciated the fan's dedication to him, and thanked them, as well as his wife, Kimberly, for their years of support. He also told them that he was ready to step up to the next level.

WWF: 2001

In May '01 in the WWF, the Undertaker was shown threatening Austin and his wife, Debra, after Austin tried to bring the Undertaker's wife into the picture. The Undertaker told him to leave his family out of it, or else "he'd make him famous". Soon after, though, someone began stalking the Undertaker's wife, Sara, talking with an artificial voice while videotaping Sara at their home. The Undertaker went on a rampage, attacking several WWF wrestlers while trying to figure out who was following his wife. The stalker managed to follow Sara through her journeys to different hotels, despite efforts to hide her away. The stalker later claimed that it was time to pull off the mask, and came out during the Raw before King of the Ring '01, riding a motorcycle and entering to the Undertaker's music. When he entered the ring, he pulled off his mask to reveal DDP, Diamond Dallas Page! Page got on the mic and talked about why he had been stalking Sara, saying that he had heard the Undertaker's threat to Austin, and wanted to be made 'famous', so he started the stalking. He then said that he would be at the King of the Ring no matter what security was there to stop him, and hoped that the Undertaker would be there. He then left through the crowd, as was his way in WCW, avoiding the security. On Smackdown, the Undertaker 'insisted' to Vince McMahon that DDP be allowed to enter the arena. However, DDP had other plans, venturing to the Undertaker's house and rummaging through his stuff, taking a tour of the place.

At King of the Ring '01, DDP showed up as promised, having bought a front row ticket to the show. During the night, images of DDP began appearing on the Titon Tron, shots of him eating dinner, and arriving at the arena. An angry DDP finally entered the ring, demanding that the Undertaker come out and make him famous. The next image on the Titon Tron was of the Undertaker putting on his gloves, as he was being taped by Sara. The Undertaker then came to the ring, starting a brutal brawl with Page. Although DDP got in some offense, the night mostly belonged to the Undertaker, who dominated the unsanctioned fight. Finally, DDP left the ring and entered the audience, escaping into the crowd and ending the brawl. The next night on Raw, the Undertaker competed in a tag-team match with his brother Kane against the Dudley Boyz. After the match, Kane ran to the back to catch Prince Albert, who had interfered in the fight. The Undertaker then followed, with Sara at his side. DDP then reappeared, knocking the Undertaker down with a steel chair. Sara then squared off, trying to box Page, only to have Page grab her by the hair and yank some of it out, keeping it for a souvenir and departing before the Undertaker could recover.

On the next Smackdown, DDP showed that any member of the Undertaker's family was a target, when he helped Prince Albert win the Intercontinental Title off of Kane. He succeeded mainly because the Undertaker was not at the arena that day. On Raw, DDP again ran in, this time during a match between the Undertaker and the IC Champ, Prince Albert. Page attacked the Undertaker with a chair, then hit the Diamond Cutter, taking him out and ending his shot at getting the gold. DDP then started to walk away, only to have Sara come after him. Page scoffed at Sara, but ultimately made the mistake of focusing on her, which allowed big Kane to come from behind and maul him. Sara also got in a shot, getting a low blow, before Kane threw DDP into the ring, where the Undertaker was waiting. Before he could destroy Page, though, Prince Albert attacked, allowing Page to escape. It was later announced that Page would face Booker T for the WCW World Title on the first Smackdown of July '01. During the match, Page showed how violent he had become, utilizing a chair and risking a DQ to take down Booker. However, when the Undertaker came down the aisle, a distracted DDP was quickly rolled up and pinned, allowing Booker T to keep the belt.

Shortly thereafter, DDP ran, apparently trying to escape from the Undertaker, who taunted him along the way. But when they got outside the arena, DDP sprang a trap, bringing in many members of WCW to overwhelm his adversary. During the beatdown, Shane McMahon, the owner of WCW, came out to try and stop the violence. Surprisingly, however, DDP attacked his new boss, knocking him out. When Booker T tried to come to Shane's aid, DDP and the rest attacked the champion as well, leaving three bodies on the ground outside the arena. The 'attacks' were later shown to be a swerve, though, as on the next Raw, Shane attacked the Undertaker from behind while he was wrestling DDP. When Sara tried to come to her husband's aid, DDP Diamond-Cut her, putting her in the hospital. Page then became one of the key leaders of the WCW faction, although still showing cowardice when it came to the Undertaker. He also showed that it wasn't just a single woman he was after, when, on the Smackdown before the PPV, he kidnapped Debra, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's wife, driving away with her in the trunk while Austin chased after in a limo. This led to Austin's tag-team partner that night, Kurt Angle, taking a beating.

At Invasion, Page joined Booker T, Rhyno & the Dudley Boys in the main event, the Inaugural Brawl, to take on Austin, the Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho & Kane. It was a wild melee, with the Undertaker going after Page more than once during the course of the match, leading up to a brawl breaking out between the 10 wrestlers. During the fight, Page did get the Diamond Cutter on Angle, which added to the team's momentum. Angle later recovered, though, and got the Angle Lock on Booker T, only to have Austin shockingly turn on the WWF and Stun Angle, allowing Booker T to get the pin and getting Team ECWCW the win. This showed that Page's 'kidnapping' of Debra was actually a smokescreen, as Austin was actually allied with them. With the WWF World Champion on Team ECWCW's side, things looked good for DDP and his Alliance.

Page continued to work for the good of the Alliance over the next month, as he & Kanyon teamed up again, this time to win the WWF World Tag-Team Titles from The Acolyte Protection Agency (Bradshaw & Faarooq). But DDP & Kanyon were still being hunted by The Brothers of Destruction, Kane & The Undertaker, who had won the WCW World Tag-Team Titles. The two teams faced off for the unification of the belts at Summerslam '01 in a "Steel Cage" Match. It was a disaster for Page & Kanyon, who were dominated by the Brothers. At one point, Page & Kanyon got control and tried to escape, only to have Undertaker stop DDP, while allowing Kanyon to leave. Two-on-one made things even worse, with DDP getting destroyed by the Brothers before finally being given the Chokeslam and The Last Ride to be put away, losing the belts.

Page was out for several months after the match, to rest his injuries (and his old frame, being 45 at this point in his career). DDP began his return videos in October '01, when he started talking about being a motivational speaker. His catchphrase, "That's not a bad thing, that's a good thing", was delivered regularly. It didn't translate into immediate success, as Page was beaten at Rebellion '01 by The Big Show. Page continued to develop his character for the next few weeks leading up to Survivor Series '01, where DDP competed in the "Immunity Batle Royal". Page got eliminated by Chuck Palumbo early in the match, showing how far he had fallen. Later that night, the ECWCW contingent lost their 'Survivor Series' match, ending the Alliance and apparently putting Page and the rest of the wrestlers out of a job.

WWF: 2002

Page would return to the WWF a few months later, after campaigning along with others for opportunities to get their jobs back. Page defeated The Big Boss Man on a January Smackdown, earning his employment. This allowed DDP to participate in the big match at Royal Rumble '02, coming in as the 14th entrant. DDP landed the Diamond Cutter on Christian and tossed out Scotty Too Hotty, but that was about the extent of his impact, getting eliminated a few minutes later. DDP's attack on Christian, though, helped fuel an angle between the two, where DDP was trying to 'motivate' Christian, only to have Christian break away from his 'teachings'.

The two faced off on the last Smackdown of January '02, with Page once again putting Christian down with the Diamond Cutter and winning the WWF European Title. Christian threw a tantrum after the match, the very thing DDP was trying to help him with. The two wrestlers met again at Wrestlemania 18, with Christian fighting the 'tantrum' urge throughout their contest. He managed it during the match, but DDP still won out, getting the Dimaond Cutter and retaining the title. Christian, of course, threw another tantrum afterwards, with DDP smiling at him from outside the ring.

Despite staying the European Champion, Page's impact on the WWF continued to drop following Wrestlemania. He didn't even wrestle on the main card of the next PPV, No Way Out '02, instead fighting in the dark match, where he won, via DQ, over The Big Boss Man. A few weeks later, Page lost the European Title on Smackdown to William Regal and began fading from view. It didn't help that Bob Holly injured Page's neck during a match in April '02, putting him on the shelf. Quietly, the WWF let DDP's contract expire, ending his run with the company.

TNA: 2004

After spending a few years healing up and concentrating on his other interests (mainly his DDP Yoga), Page announced his return to wrestling in 2004. He wrestled in some independent matches throughout the year, in effect 'testing' himself in the ring successfully. In November '04, Page debuted in Total Nonstop Action, renewing his earlier wars with Raven. Page and Raven fought at Turning Point '04 in a brutal match that quickly went into the crowd after the referee was taken out. At one point, a hooded henchman, supposedly working for Raven, came after DDP, but Erik Watts stopped him... only for Watts to then show he was the henchman, attacking DDP. But Page took him out with a low blow, then got another Diamond Cutter on Raven, winning the match despite Watts' involvement.

TNA: 2005

Going into the new year, Page began to move into main event territory again, challenging for the TNA World Title that was held by Jeff Jarrett. At Final Resolution '05, Page faced off against Kevin Nash and Monty Brown in a "Three-Way Dance #1 Contenders" Match, with the winner to get a shot at Jarrett later in the night. Nash talked to Page early in the night about their past history, and how they should work together against Brown to eliminate him first. Of course, Nash was just trying to better his own position. The rules of the match allowed for pins, submission, and over-the-top eliminations. The latter was used by Page to eliminate Nash from the match, catching him on a charge and throwing him out. Nash attacked Page afterwards, preventing Page from winning with his Diamond Cutter. Brown later reversed another Diamond Cutter into the Pounce, putting DDP down and out. Brown would later lose to Jarrett, due to interference.

DDP and Brown's mutual hatred of Jarrett led to them teaming up in the weeks after the show, especially focusing on the interfering parties in Team Canada. Page & Brown faced Team Canada (Robert Roode & Eric Young) at Against All Odds '05. Although Team Canada tried to cheat to win, hitting Brown with a hockey stick at one point, the fan favorites persevered, with Brown giving Roode the Pounce and Page getting the Diamond Cutter on Young for the victory. Page & Brown stayed allied against Jarrett's forces in the next month, with DDP getting a TNA World Title shot against Jarrett at Destination X '05. It was a "Ringside Revenge" match filled with interference, although the referees weren't inclined to stop it. Instead, DDP got the Diamond Cutter on Jarrett, but then found himself ambushed by his former ally, Brown, who turned heel and landed The Pounce on DDP to cost him the title.

With one of his allies turning on him (a common theme throughout Page's wrestling career), DDP found some other wrestlers to join him, including Sean Waltman (X-Pac in WWE and Syxx in WCW) and Kevin Nash. The trio were set to face Jarrett, Brown, & The New Age Outlaw (Billy Gunn in WWE) at the next PPV, but Nash's injury put him out, causing DDP to bring in another ally, BG James (Roaddogg in WWE). The six men fought it out at Lockdown '05 in a Lethal Lockdown match, in a match that featured a lot of violence inside the cage. Near the end, DDP reversed a Stroke attempt into the Diamond Cutter, but was stopped by the pin by the Outlaw, and got nailed by The Pounce from Brown. However, Waltman then got the victory (after first blowing the spot) by rolling up Brown. Page and his allies celebrated afterwards, getting a major victory over Jarrett.

This was about the extent of DDP's victories, though, as he began fading away from the top of the card once again. At the next show, Hard Justice '05, Page was set to team with BG James against Monty Brown & The Outlaw. Unfortunately, James texted that he couldn't make it, leaving Page to find another teammate: Ron Killings. Just as Page seemed to be taking control, he was attacked by Phi Delta Slam. Page got Diamond Cutters on several men, but then got nailed by The Pounce from Brown, putting him down for the pin. This was about the end of Page's TNA career, as he disappeared from TNA television soon afterwards.

After Wrestling

Page stayed busy after his main wrestling career came to an end, writing books, running charities (Bang It Out For Books), and becoming a top-notch Yoga instructor. Page also was part of the movie scene again, getting a part in "The Devil's Rejects", among other films and tv roles. He appears to have mainly left the ring behind him, but is still well remembered by fans of WCW for all the times he made his opponents "feel the BANG!!"

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (41 - 44)
- WCW Starrcade '91 (December 29) = Diamond Dallas Page & Mike Graham lost to Bill Kazmeier & Jushin Liger in the "Battle Bowl" tournament, which was won by Sting.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XVIII (January 21, '92) = DDP was defeated by PN News.
- WCW Superbrawl II (February 29, '92) = In a dark match, Page lost to Big Josh.
- WCW WrestleWar '92 (May 7) = In a dark match, Page & Thomas Rich defeated Bob Cook & Firebreaker Chip.
- WCW Beach Blast '92 (June 20) = In a dark match, DDP, Richard Morton, & Terry Smothers lost to Tom Zenk, Big Josh, & The Junkyard Dog.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '92 (October 25) = In a dark match, DDP & Vinnie Vegas fell to Van Hammer & Erik Watts.
- WCW Superbrawl IV (February 20, '94) = Diamond Dallas Page lost to Terry Taylor.
- WCW Spring Stampede '94 (April 17) = DDP was pinned by Johnny B. Badd.
- WCW Great American Bash '95 (June 18) = Page lost an "Arm Wrestling" Contest to Dave Sullivan.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '95 (July 16) = Page pinned Dave Sullivan.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXI (August 4, '95) = DDP took down Alex Wright.
- WCW Fall Brawk '95 (September 17) = DDP won the WCW Television Title, beating The Renegade.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '95 (October 29) = Page lost the WCW TV Title to Johnny B. Badd.
- WCW World War III '95 (November 26) = Page again lost to Johnny B. Badd, who retained the WCW TV Title. Page's wife, Kimberly (The Diamond Doll) was also on the line. Later in the night, DDP competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Starrcade '95 (December 27) = In a dark match, Page defeated Dave Sullivan.
- WCW Superbrawl VI (February 11, '96) = DDP again lost to the WCW Television Champion, Johnny B. Badd.
- WCW Uncensored '96 (March 24) = Page fell to The Booty Man.
- WCW Slamboree '96 (May 19) = Page & The Barbarian defeated Hugh Morris & Meng. Later in the night, Page & The Barbarian beat Rick Steiner & The Booty Man, which got both men into the Battle Bowl. DDP went on to win the Battle Bowl match.
- WCW Great American Bash '96 (June 16) = Diamond Dallas Page pinned Marcus Bagwell.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '96 (July 7) = DDP defeated "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in a "Taped Fist" Match.
- WCW Hogg Wild '96 (August 10) = In a dark match, Page won over the Renegade.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIII (August 15, '96) = DDP was beaten by Eddie Guerrero.
- WCW Fall Brawl '96 (September 15) = DDP defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '96 (October 27) = Diamond Dallas Page defeated Eddie Guerrero.
- WCW World War III '96 (November 24) = DDP was involved in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by the Giant.
- WCW Starrcade '96 (December 29) = Page lost to Eddie Guerrero, who won the vacated WCW US Title.
- WCW/nWo Souled Out '97 (January 25) = DDP was counted out, losing to Scott Norton.
- WCW Superbrawl VII (February 23, '97) = Diamond Dallas Page won, via DQ, over Buff Bagwell.
- WCW Spring Stampede '97 (April 6) = DDP won a "No Disqualification" Match over "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Great American Bash '97 (June 15) = Page lost a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match to "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '97 (July 13) = Page & Curt Hennig fell to Scott Hall & "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Road Wild '97 (August 9) = DDP was beaten by Curt Hennig.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXV (August 21, '97) = DDP & Lex Luger lost to the WCW Tag-Team Champs, Scott Hall & "Macho Man" Randy Savage (subbing for Kevin Nash).
- WCW Fall Brawl '97 (September 14) = DDP & Lex Luger won a "No Disqualification" Match over Scott Hall & "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '97 (October 26) = Page lost a "Sudden Death" Match to "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW World War III '97 (November 23) = Page was involved in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Scott Hall.
- WCW Starrcade '97 (December 28) = Page won the WCW United States Heavyweight Title, beating Curt Hennig.
- WCW Boston Brawl (January '98) = Page, Lex Luger & Larry Zbysko defeated the nWo (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, & "Macho Man" Randy Savage).
- WCW Superbrawl VIII (February 22, '98) = DDP held onto the WCW United States Title by defeating Chris Benoit.
- WCW Uncensored '98 (March 15) = DDP retained the WCW US Title by defeating Raven and Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match.
- WCW Spring Stampede '98 (April 19) = Page, due to interference from the Flock, lost his WCW US Title to Raven.
- WCW Slamboree '98 (May 17) = In a "Bowery Death" Match, Page defeated Raven.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '98 (July 12) = DDP & Karl Malone lost to Hollywood Hogan & Dennis Rodman.
- WCW Road Wild '98 (August 8) = DDP & Jay Leno defeated Hollywood Hogan & Eric Bischoff.
- WCW Fall Brawl '98 (September 13) = Page won the War Games Match, which involved "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, the Warrior, Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, Hollywood Hogan, Stevie Ray, and Bret Hart.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '98 (October 25) = Page lost to the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Goldberg.
- WCW World War III '98 (November 22) = DDP retained the WCW United States Title by defeating Bret Hart.
- WCW Starrcade '98 (December 27) = Page took down The Giant.
- WCW Superbrawl IX (February 21, '99) = Page lost to the WCW Television Champion, Scott Steiner.
- Spring Stampede '99 (April 11) = DDP won the WCW World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Four Corners" Match over Hollywood Hogan, Sting, and Ric Flair.
- WCW Slamboree '99 (May 9) = DDP lost the World Heavyweight Title to Kevin Nash.
- WCW Great American Bash '99 (June 13) = Page & Kanyon won the WCW World Tag-Team Titles, beating Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '99 (July 11) = The Triad (Page, Bam Bam Bigelow, & Kanyon) retained the WCW World Tag-Team Titles, defeating Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn.
- WCW Road Wild '99 (August 14) = DDP lost to the WCW United States Champion, Chris Benoit. Also that night, Bam-Bam and Kanyon lost the tag belts to Harlem Heat (DDP wasn't officially involved in that match).
- WCW Fall Brawl '99 (September 12) = Page was pinned by Bill Goldberg.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '99 (October 24) = DDP won a "Strap" Match over Ric Flair.
- WCW Starrcade '99 (December 19) = DDP got the quick pin on David Flair.
- WCW Souled Out '00 (January 16) = Page fell to Buff Bagwell.
- WCW Spring Stampede '00 (April 16) = Page lost to Jeff Jarrett, who won the vacated World Title.
- WCW Slamboree '00 (May 7) = In a "Ready To Rumble" Cage bout, Page and David Arquette lost to Jeff Jarrett, who reclaimed the WCW World Title.
- 3rd Annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show (May '00) = Page defeated Shane Douglas.
- WCW Great American Bash '00 (June 11) = Page lost an "Ambulance" Match to Mike Awesome.
- WCW Mayhem '00 (November 26) = The Insiders (Page & Kevin Nash) defeated the Perfect Event for the Tag-Team Titles (belts later returned).
- WCW Starrcade '00 (December 17) = The Insiders won the WCW World Tag-Team Titles from the Perfect Event.
- WCW Sin (January 14, '01) = The Insiders lost the WCW World Tag-Team Titles to Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire.
- WCW Superbrawl Revenge (February 19, '01) = Page was beaten by Kanyon. In the next match, however, Page defeated Jeff Jarrett.
- WCW Greed (March 18, '01) = Page lost to the World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Steiner.
- OVW "The Last Dance" (June 27, '01) = DDP & Leviathon lost, via DQ, to Kane & the Undertaker.
- WWF Invasion (July 22, '01) = The ECW/WCW Alliance (Page, Booker T, Rhyno, & The Dudley Boyz) defeated the WWF team of Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Kane & the Undertaker.
- WWF Summerslam '01 (August 19) = DDP & Kanyon lost the WWF Tag-Team Titles to Kane & the Undertaker in a Cage Match. The WCW Tag-Team Titles were also on the line.
- WWF Rebellion (November 3, '01) = Page was beaten by the Big Show.
- WWF Survivor Series '01 (November 18) = DDP competed in an "Immunity Battle Royal", which was won by Test.
- WWF Royal Rumble '02 (January 20) = Page competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWF No Way Out '02 (February 27) = In a dark match, Page won, via DQ, over the Big Boss Man.
- WWF Wrestlemania X-8 (March 17, '02) = DDP retained the European Title, defeating Christian.
- NWA-TNA Turning Point (December 5, '04) = Page pinned Raven.
- NWA-TNA Final Resolution (January 16, '05) = DDP lost a "#1 Contenders Triple Threat Elimination" Match to Monty Brown. Kevin Nash was the other participant.
- NWA-TNA Against All Odds (February 13, '05) = Page & Monty Brown defeated Bobby Roode & Eric Young.
- NWA-TNA Destination X (March 13, '05) = DDP lost a "Lumberjack" Match to the NWA World Champion, Jeff Jarrett.
- NWA-TNA Lockdown (April 24, '05) = Diamond Dallas Page, BG James, & Sean Waltman won a "Steel Cage Bunkhouse 6-Man Tag Team" Match over Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown, & the Outlaw.
- NWA-TNA Hard Justice (May 15, '05) = Page & Ron Killings fell to Monty Brown & the Outlaw.
- Wrestle Reunion #2 (August 27, '05) = DDP was pinned by Larry Zbyszko.
- World Wrestling Legends PPV (March 5, '06) = Page defeated Chris Kanyon.

Title Summary:
- WCW World Television Champion (9/17/1995 - 10/29/1995)
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (12/28/1997 - 4/19/1998)
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/26/1998 - 11/30/1998)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion (4/11/1999 - 4/26/1999)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion(2) (4/26/1999 - 5/09/1999)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Bam-Bam Bigelow (5/31/1999 - 6/10/1999)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Kanyon & Bam-Bam Bigelow (The Triad) (6/13/1999 - 8/14/1999)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion(3) (4/24/2000 - 4/25/2000)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Kevin Nash (12/17/2000 - 1/14/2001)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion w/ Kanyon (8/07/2001 - 8/19/2001)
- WWF European Heavyweight Champion (1/29/2002 - 3/19/2002)

PWI Achievement Awards: (3 wins, 1 1st RUs, 2 2nd RUs, 3 3rd RUs)
- 1992 Rookie of the Year, 1st Runner-Up
- 1995 Most Improved Wrestler
- 1997 Most Popular Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up
- 1997 Feud of the Year (Page vs. Randy Savage)
- 1997 Wrestler of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up
- 1998 Most Popular Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up
- 1998 Wrestler of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up
- 1999 Most Hated Wrestler