Height: 5'10"

Weight: 260 lbs

Real Name: Carlos Ashenoff

DOB: 6/06/1964

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Other Names: El Centuri? (Tijuana), Konnan el Barbaro (CMLL), El Rel?pago (WWF), K-Dawg (WCW)

Wrestler Since: 1988

Finishing Maneuvers: Tequila Sunrise, 187

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #295(2010), #147(2009), #169(2006), #106(2005), #164(2004), #114(2003), #88(1999), #99(1998), #100(1997), #25(1996), #38(1995), #34(1994), #125(1993), #143(1992), #49(1991)

Official Website: http://www.konnan.com/wcw/

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History: Konnan may have really made his mark in the US when he joined the nWo, but he was famous in Mexico long before that. Konnan first earned his fame as a wrestler in the Mexican AAA organization, becoming known for his fluid movements and submission moves. He teamed with Eddy Guerrero, the late Art Barr, Madonna's Boyfriend (the late Louie Spicolli) and others to form Los Gringos Locos, an infamous grouping of wrestlers. Konnan's most famous feud was with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, whom he battled on and off throughout 1993-94. Konnan then moved on to the MWA, and was twice the MWA Heavyweight Champion. Soon after, Konnan appeared as a masked wrestler in WCW.

The mask did not last long, as Konnan came in as the AAA Heavyweight Champion. He soon joined the Dungeon of Doom, and teamed sometimes with Hugh Morris. In January of 1996, Konnan defeated the One Man Gang to earn his first gold in WCW, the United States Heavyweight Title. He held the title for nearly 6 months before losing it to Ric Flair.

When Konnan joined the nWo in July 1997, he became a face in the crowd behind Hollywood Hogan, continually joining the crowd in beating one WCW wrestler after another. He was rarely given a title shot. When Kevin Nash created nWo Wolfpac, a separate branch of the nWo, Konnan went with him, and became one of the fan favorites with the Red and Black Attack. Konnan joined in numerous battles against nWo Hollywood, helping out his teammates with his almost-Luchador style of fighting. Konnan then started a minor feud with the LWO, whom he compared to the Flock. Because of that feud, Konnan also began fighting with Saturn. Always foremost on Konnan's mind, however, is the nWo. He proved this by losing, via DQ, to Stevie Ray at World War III, after attacking Ray after he was out cold.

On a Monday Nitro at the end of November, Konnan got a TV title shot against Chris Jericho. With a facebuster-onto-the-title, Konnan managed the upset, becoming the WCW Television Champion. Konan then continued to feud with Jericho, and held the title for almost a month before losing it to Scott Steiner.

In January '99, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Lex Luger joined with Hollywood Hogan, Scott Steiner, and Buff Bagwell, forming the new nWo. This left Konnan on his own and out of the Wolfpac. The new nWo then attacked Konnan and spraypainted him with the nWo colors, after he tried to talk Luger out of attacking Rey Mysterio Jr. Because of this, Konnan found a new group to wage war against: the new nWo Wolfpac. Konnan feuded with Luger for a while, meeting at the next PPV. During the match, Konnan locked on the Tequila Sunrise. However, Miss Elizabeth came down and shot paint into Konnan's eyes, breaking the hold and allowing Luger to rack him for the victory.

Konnan then started teaming with Rey Mysterio Jr against the Wolfpac. This ended at Superbrawl IX, when Konnan was knocked out by the 'injured' Lex Luger during a tag bout with the Outsiders. This allowed Hall to land the Outsiders' Edge to get the win, and subsequently Rey's mask. Konnan laid low for a few weeks, lessening the attack and working on his music videos. This led to the feud with the Disco Inferno, who was envious of Konnan's success and edited on of Konnan's videos, putting himself as the singer. Disco also acted like a Mexican Luchador, La Cookooracha, much to Konnan's dismay. At Spring Stampede, Konnan took Disco out by using Disco's own move, the Last Dance Chartbuster.

Konnan then began a short feud with the nWo "B" Team, particularly Stevie Ray. Konnan fought many battles with the numbers against him, but was actually saved once by his old partner in the Wolfpac, Kevin Nash. The alligiance between the two is unknown. At Slamboree '99, Konnan, aided by Rey Mysterio Jr, defeated Stevie Ray. Konnan continued to team with Mysterio afterwards, feuding with Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncum Jr, who hated rap and liked country music. The two teams met at the Great American Bash, with both Barry Windham and Master P becoming involved. Thanks to one of Master P's bodyguards nailing Duncum, Konnan and Mysterio got the win. Konnan and Mysterio later joined for a time with the No Limit Soldiers against Hennig and the rest of his Redneck squad, battling them for more than a month.

At Bash at the Beach '99, Konnan, Mysterio, Swoll (one of the bodyguards) and BA Brad Armstrong fought an Elimination match against Hennig, Duncum Jr, Barry and Kendall Windham. Although Konnan and Barry were both counted out while fighting, Mysterio got the win by pinning Hennig at the end. Soon after, though, the No Limit Soldiers separated, mainly because of the departing of Master P from WCW. Konnan and Mysterio stayed as allies, though. In late July '99, Konnan fought against Vampiro in a good match, which ended with the Insane Clown Posse making their appearance. During their attack on Konnan, they injured him, putting him on the shelf for a short time. Konnan soon joined Mysterio, Billy Kidman, and Eddie Guerrero, forming the Filthy Animals. While Konnan languished on the inactive list, he still was a part of the team, as the rest of the Filthy Animals defeated Vampiro and the ICP at successive PPVs.

Konnan made his return to the ring in October, teaming again with Rey Mysterio Jr. During a Nitro, the duo surprised many by upseting Harlem Heat to win the Tag-Team Titles. Unfortunately, Mysterio was injured during the match, and they were forced to vacate the titles. Konnan, teaming with Kidman, tried to reclaim them at Halloween Havoc, fighting against Harlem Heat and Brian Knobs & Hugh Morrus in a Triple Threat match. But Harlem Heat won the vacated titles, leaving the Filthy Animals without gold again. Soon after, Konnan would again leave the active list with a variety of problems, some injuries, some with the WCW management.

In April '00, when Russo & Bischoff formed the New Blood, Konnan reappeared in WCW, again forming the Filthy Animals, this time with Rey Mysterio Jr, Juventud Guerrera, and the Disco Inferno. They aided Billy Kidman, their former teammate, in his battles against various members, and generally stayed in the background. When Kidman broke off from the New Blood after the Great American Bash, however, the Filthy Animals turned on him during a Nitro, staying a partial unit of the New Blood. The Filthy Animals then continued their feud with Misfits in Action, or M.I.A. The two groups battled on and off for months, being the two side stables in WCW. During this feud, however, Konnan was badly injured, after Major Stash (Van Hammer) tossed Guerrera at him during a melee. Konnan tore a muscle, putting him on the shelf for a long period of time. He continued to appear as part of the Filthy Animals, however, trying to aid Disco & Guerrera in successive PPVs, when they faced Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero Jr) for the Cruiserweight Title. Neither wrestler succeeded, as the MIA came out on top.

At Fall Brawl '00, Konnan and the rest of the Filthy Animals were made "enforcers" by Ernest "The Cat" Miller in the four-way Tag-Team Title match between Kronic(c), Jindrak & O'Haire, General Rection & Corporal Cajun, and the Perfect Event. While Disco was the special referee, the rest stayed on the outside, interfering every so often, while Disco kept doing a slow count. Eventually, Chavo Guerrero Jr came down during the melee and took Disco's shirt, making the count and giving the win to Kronik. Things continued to worsen between Disco & the rest of the Filthy Animals, as he later lost the tag-team titles that Guerrera & Mysterio had won, putting them up against Ernest "The Cat" Miller's Commissionership and losing. Meanwhile, the Filthy Animals feuded with the Natural Born Thrillers, with Konnan returning to wrestling action.

Eventually, an Elimination match was set up at Fall Brawl '00. The Filthy Animals team consisted of Konnan, Mysterio, Guerrera, Disco, Big Vito, Tygress (the Filthy Animals' valet) and "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, the man who had trained the Natural Born Thrillers, only to have them betray him. They faced off against Jindrak & O'Haire, Mike Sanders, Reno, Johnny the Bull, and the Perfect Event. Konnan surprisingly was the first to go, after Disco accidentally hit him with his Last Dance finisher, making it easy for O'Haire to roll him up for the pin. The match was later ended as a No-Contest when Orndorff injured himself after a piledriver attempt.

Konnan and the rest of the Animals feuded with Disco for a time, who got back his old ally, Alex Wright. Konnan also started going at it with Shane Douglas, who, with his girlfriend Torrie, had been in a couple of epic brawls with Billy Kidman. When Kidman rejoined the Filthy Animals, Konnan took over his fight for him, having Tygress on his side to counter-balance Torrie's influence. This all led up to Halloween Havoc '00. First, with Konnan on the sidelines, commentating with the other announcers, Kidman & Mysterio faced Jindrak & O'Haire (still the tag champs) and the Boogie Knights (Disco & Wright) in a Three-Way match. Jindrak & O'Haire won out in the end with O'Haire's Seanton Bomb. After the match, the champions beat on Kidman & Mysterio. Konnan tried to make the save, but was beaten himself. Sgt. AWOL of the MIA surprisingly came to the rescue, clearing the ring. Konnan, although hurt from the attacks, opted to come out for his signed battle with Douglas & Wilson anyway. With Tygress as his partner, Konnan came through despite the odds, managing to pin Douglas and get the victory.

Konnan would fade out of the scene for the next month, allowing his allies Kidman & Mysterio to stay in the spotlight. The Filthy Animals continued to feud with Disco Inferno & Alex Wright, who paid off Kronik to aid them against the cruiserweights. This later backfired on the Boogie Knights, when Kronik left them at WCW Mayhem '00, saying that Disco did not pay for enough minutes. Kidman & Mysterio then easily defeated Wright. The Filthy Animals next turned their attention to Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Brothers, and had a shifting feud with them for the next few weeks, with Konnan reentering the action. The two teams decided to have a Street Fight at Starrcade to decide what's what. At the event, though, Jarrett wanted a change of plans, telling the Commissioner (Mike Sanders) that he wanted a Bunkhouse Brawl instead. They compromised, and the two teams fought in a Bunkhouse Brawl Street Fight. The match was very violent, with weapons being scattered all over the ring. At one point, Jarrett picked up Mysterio and powerbombed him into a dumpster on the floor. The match then settled down, becoming a more typical 6-man battle with tags and all. This lasted for a few minutes, before the brawl broke out once again. Mysterio again took a huge bump, being H-Bombed through a table by the Harris Brothers. In the end, one of the Harris brothers hit Kidman with a liquor bottle, knocking him out enough so that Jarrett could apply his Stroke finisher and get the win.

Far from being discouraged, the Filthy Animals headed into their next feud, battling against Team Canada (Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, & Elix Skipper). They came to the aid of "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who had been part of Team Canada for a time before they turned on him. This all led up to a "Penalty Box" match at WCW Sin at the start of 2001. Konnan, Mysterio, & Kidman faced Storm, Awesome, & Skipper, with Duggan as the special guest referee, calling "penalties" on the wrestlers that would end up putting the wrestler in a box for a certain amount of time. During the match, 3-on-1 encounters happened numerous times. In the end, after a major brawl, Konnan, Kidman, Awesome, & Skipper were all sent to the box, while Mysterio and Storm fought it out. Awesome got out of the box first, though, making it a double-team, which allowed Awesome to powerbomb Mysterio, followed by Storm's Canadian Mapleleaf submission hold, making Mysterio give up before Kidman & Konnan could return.

After a month off out of the limelight, Konnan returned to the big angles in March '00, lending his aid to Hugh Morrus in his battles against Team Canada. The two men's mutual hate of Team Canada made them a strong team, and they rescued each other from double-teams more than once over the weeks leading up to WCW Greed, where Konnan & Morrus faced Lance Storm & Mike Awesome. During the match-up, Konnan did the majority of the work for his team, being double-teamed frequently before finally making the hot tag to Morrus. After various twists and turns, Awesome got his Running Powerbomb on Morrus and pinned him.

Konnan did not appear during the Season Finale of WCW, having no angles to finish up. Where Konnan will go from here is completely unknown. He has appeared in other federations, wrestling for the WWC in Puerto Rico. At their "Primaverazo" show on April 14th, Konnan was beaten by Fidel Sierra, due to interference by Fantasy, a valet. Konnan put Fantasy in the Tequila Sunrise afterwards. Konnan was next scheduled to appear on XCW's "At The Scene Of The Crime" on April 21st. However, contract problems forced Konnan to leave the circuit, not appearing at the PPV. In late 2001, Konnan joined up with the WWAS, a federation consisting of many ex-WCW wrestlers. He wrestled in the October PPV's WWAS Heavyweight Title tournament, but lost in the first round to the Road Dogg Jesse James in a "Dog Collar" match.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (92 - 62, 2 NCs)
- UWA 14th Anniversary Show (January 29, '89) = Konnan fell to the UWA Heavyweight Champion, El Canek.
- EMLL 57th Anniversary Show (October '90) = Konnan, Perro Aguayo, & Febuloso Blondie were beaten by El Hijo del Santo, Rey Mendoza, & Lizmark.
- WCW Starrcade '90 = Konnan and Rey Mysterio (Team Mexico) defeated Chris Adams and Norman Smiley (Team UK), but lost to the Steiners (Team USA) in the Pat O'Conner Memorial International Tag Tournament.
- CMLL Heavyweight Title Tournament (May/June '91) = Konnan survived two Battle Royals, then beat Rayo de Jalisco Jr and Cien Caras to win the tournament.
- CMLL 58th Anniversary Show (September '91) = Konnan, Octagon, El Vampiro, Atlantis, & Rey de Jalisco Jr defeated Cien Caras, Masacara Ano 2000, Javier Cruz, Pierroth Jr., & Perro Aguayo. Later that night, Konnan won a "Triangle Hair vs. Hair" match over Caras & Aguayo.
- CMLL Trios Title Tournament (October/November '91) = Konnan, Octagon, & El Dandy defeated Vulcano, Tony Arce & Jerry Estrada, and Ringo Mendoza, Cacharro Mendoza & Perro Aguayo, before losing to El Satanico, MS 1 & Pirata Morgan, who went on to win the tournament.
- AAA Triplemania I (April '93) = Konnan lost a "3 Falls Retirement" Match to Cien Casas.
- AAA La Revencha (August '93) = Konnan won a Triangle match over Jake Roberts & Cien Caras.
- AAA La Lucha del Honor (November '93) = Konnan, Perro Aguayo, & the Blue Panther lost a "Three Falls" match to Jake Roberts, Eddie Guerrero, & the Love Machine.
- AAA in Los Angeles (March '94) = Konnan defeated Jake Roberts in a Steel Cage Match.
- AAA Triplemania II-A (April '94) = Konnan, Tiger Mask and Mascara Sagrada defeated La Parka, the Blue Panther and the Fishman.
- AAA Triplemania II-B (May 15, '94) = Konnan, Cien Caras and Perro Aguayo won a "3 Falls" Match, defeating Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Miguel Perez and the Love Machine.
- AAA Triplemania II-C (May 27, '94) = Konnan beat Jake "The Snake" Roberts in a "Hair vs. Hair" Match.
- AAA When Worlds Collide (November '94) = Konnan lost a "Steel Cage" match to Perro Aguayo.
- AAA Triplemania III-A (June 10, '95) = Konnan, La Parka, Octagon and Perro Aguayo defeated Cien Caras, Pentagon, Jerry Estrada and Mascara Ano 2000.
- AAA Triplemania III-B (June 18, '95) = Konnan and Perro Aguayo lost a "3 Falls Titles" Match to Cien Caras (UWA HW Champ) and Mascara Ano 2000 (IWC HW Champ).
- AAA Triplemania III-C (June 30, '95) = Konnan, Perro Aguaya, Mascara Sagrada and the Latin Lover lost an "Elimination" Match to Cien Caras, Jerry Estrada, Mascara Anos 2000 and the Fishman.
- ECW Arena (October 28, '95) = Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr won over La Parka & Psicosis.
- ECW November To Remember III ('95) = Konnan defeated Jason Knight. The Tazmaniac was the specical referee.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXII (January '96) = Konnan, as the "Mexican Champion", defeated Psychosis.
- WCW Superbrawl VI ('96) = Konnan held on to his WCW US Belt by defeating the One Man Gang.
- WCW Uncensored '96 = Konnan retained his WCW US Title after pinning Eddy Guerrero.
- AAA Triplemania IV-A (May 11, '96) = Konnan and Perro Aguayo won a "Lumberjack" Match over Cien Caras and Pierroth Jr.
- WCW Slamboree '96 = Konnan again retained his US Belt by defeating Justin Liger.
- World Wrestling Peace Festival '96 (June '96) = Konnan defeated Chris Jericho and Bam Bam Bigelow in a Triangle Match.
- AAA Triplemania IV-B (June 15, '96) = Konnan competed in a "Battle Royal Elimination" Match, which was won by Pierroth, Jr.
- WCW Great American Bash '96 = Konnan defeated El Gato in another successful defense of his US Title.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '96 = Konnan lost the WCW US Title to Ric Flair.
- AAA Triplemania IV-C (July 15, '96) = Konnan lost a "Dog Collar" Match to Pierroth, Jr.
- WCW Hogg Wild '96 = In a dark match, Konnan pinned Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIII (August '96) = Konnan defeated the Ultimo Dragon.
- WCW Fall Brawl '96 As the Mexican Champ, Konnan defeated Juvy Guerrera.
- WCW World War III '96 = Konnan competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by the Giant.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIV (January '97) = Konnan, La Parka and Mr. JL lost to Chris Jericho, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Super Calo.
- WCW Superbrawl VII ('97) = Konnan, La Parka, and Villano IV defeated Super Calo, Juventud Guerrera, and Ciclope.
- WCW Slamboree '97 = Konnan and Hugh Morris lost to the Steiner Brothers.
- WCW Great American Bash '97 = Konnan forced Hugh Morris to submit.
- WCW Road Wild '97 = Konnan made Rey Misterio, Jr., submit.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXV (August '97) = Konnan and Syxx lost to Ric Flair and Curt Hennig.
- WCW Fall Brawl '97 = Konnan, teaming with Kevin Nash, Syxx, and "Buff" Bagwell, defeated Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Steve "Mongo" McMichael and Curt Hennig in a War Games Match.
- WCW/nWo Souled Out '98 = Konnan, "Buff" Bagwell, and Scott Norton lost to Ray Traylor and the Steiner Brothers in a 6-Man Tag Match.
- WCW Uncensored '98 = Konnan was pinned by Juventud Guerrera.
- WCW Great American Bash '98 = Konnan quickly lost to Bill Goldberg, who defended his US Title.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '98 = Konnan forced the Disco Inferno to submit.
- WCW Road Wild '98 = Konnan was involved in a Battle Royal with Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, The Giant, Scott Hall, Curt Henning, Scott Norton, and Goldberg. Goldberg won.
- WCW Fall Brawl '98 (September 13) = Konnan defeated Scott Hall.
- WCW World War III '98 = Konnan lost, via DQ, to Stevie Ray. Later in the night, Konnan competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Kevin Nash.
- WCW Starrcade '98 = Konnan defended the WCW Television Title, defeating Chris Jericho.
- WCW Souled Out '99 = Konnan, due to interference from Miss Elizabeth, was Torture Racked by Lex Luger.
- WCW Superbrawl IX ('99) = Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr lost to the Outsiders, causing Mysterio to lose his mask.
- WCW Spring Stampede '99 = Konnan defeated the Disco Inferno, using his own move, the Last Dance Chartbuster.
- 2nd Annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show (May '99) = Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit.
- WCW Slamboree '99 = Konnan beat Stevie Ray via pinfall, thanks to Rey Mysterio Jr.
- WCW Great American Bash '99 = Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr, with help from Master P, defeated Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncum Jr.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '99 = Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr, Swoll, and BA Brad Armstrong fought an elimination match against Curt Hennig, Bobby Duncum Jr, Barry and Kendall Windham. Konnan and Barry Windham were both counted out. Mysterio was the only survivor, pinning Hennig.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '99 = Konnan & Billy Kidman (subbing for Rey Mysterio Jr) lost to Harlem Heat, who got the Tag-Team Titles. The other competitors were Brian Knobs & Hugh Morrus.
- WCW Fall Brawl '00 = Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr, Juventud Guerrera, Big Vito, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, Disco Inferno, & Tygress fought in an Elimination match with Mark Jindrak, Sean O'Haire, Reno, Mike Sanders, Chuck Palumbo, Sean Stasiak, & Johnny the Bull. Konnan was eliminated by O'Haire. The match went to a No-Contest due to Orndorff's injury.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '00 = Konnan & Tygress defeated Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson.
- WCW Millenium Final (November '00) = Konnan competed in a Battle Royal, which was won by Mike Awesome.
- WCW Starrcade '00 = Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr, & Billy Kidman lost a "Bunkhouse Brawl Street Fight" to Jeff Jarrett & The Harris Brothers.
- WCW Sin (January '01) = Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr, & Billy Kidman were beaten in a "Penalty Box" match by Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, & Elix Skipper. Jim Duggan was the special referee.
- WCW Greed (March '01) = Konnan & Hugh Morrus lost to Lance Storm & Mike Awesome.
- XPW Television Title Tournament (August 25, '01) = Konnan defeated Johnny Webb and Vic Grimes, before falling in the finals to Kid Kaos.
- Puerto Rico 28th Anniversary Show (September 8, '01) = Konnan retained the AAA Title, beating the Barbarian.
- XPW Halloween In Hell II (October 13, '01) = Konnan lost to Damien Steele.
- WWAS Sydney Superdome (October 26, '01) = Konnan fell to the Road Dogg in a "Dog Collar" match. It was the 1st round of the WWAS Title Tournament.
- XPW Los Angeles Show (November 24, '01) = Konnan took down Damien Steele.
- XPW Los Angeles Show (January 11, '02) = Konnan and the Sandman fought to a No-Contest.
- EWF Houston Show (February 9, '02) = Konnan defeated Terry Fortune.
- ICW Sierra Vista Show (April 20, '02) = Konnan beat Disco Inferno.
- NEPW Cleveland Show (May 10, '02) = Konnan took down Chi Chi Cruz.
- NEPW Painesville Show (May 11, '02) = Konnan & Sheik Hassan won over Prince Juggalo & Gutter.
- GLPW Bay City Show (June 14, '02) = Konnan beat Pete Christie.
- NWA-TNA Huntsville PPV (Show #1, June 19, '02) = Konnan competed in the Gauntlet For The Gold match, which was won by Ken Shamrock.
- WWC 29th Anniversary Show (September 14, '02) = Konnan lost, via DQ, to the WWC Universal Champion, Carly Colon.
- NWA 54th Anniversary Show (October 26, '02) = Konnan pinned Danny Dominion.
- WWA Retribution (December 6, '02) = Konnan defeated Nate Webb.
- RoH Revenge on the Prophecy (January 11, '03) = Konnan & Divine Storm took down Ghost Shadow & the SAT.
- Jimmy Hart's All-Star Wrestling (February 10, '03) = Konnan beat Norman Smiley.
- FMLL Los Angeles Show (February 16, '03) = Konnan, La Parka & Piloto Suicida won over Juventud Guerrera, Acero Dorado & Maldad.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #36, March 19, '03) = Konnan & Juventud Guerrera won over Jerry Lynn & Jason Cross.
- AWS City of Industry Show (March 22, '03) = Konnan beat Black Metal.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #37, March 26, '03) = Konnan fell to Jerry Lynn.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #39, April 9, '03) = In a dark match, Konnan defeated Salvatore Rinauro.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #41, April 23, '03) = In a dark match, Konnan beat Bobby Rude.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #43, May 7, '03) = Konnan competed in the "Anarchy in the Asylum" Battle Royal, which was won by Glen Gilbertti.
- WWA "The Reckoning" (May 25, '03) = Konnan lost a "Hardcore" Match to Devon Storm.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #46, May 28, '03) = Konnan & BG James beat Sonny Siaki & the Sandman in the NWA Asylum Tag-Team Tournament.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #47, June 4, '03) = Konnan & BG James fell to America's Most Wanted in the NWA Asylum Tag-Team Tournament.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #48, June 11, '03) = Konnan & Ron Killings defeated the Harris Brothers.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #49, June 18, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru (Konnan, BG James & Ron Killings) won over Sal Rinauro & the Vandals.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #50, June 25, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru beat Todd Sexton, CB Cane & Delirious.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #51, July 2, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru defeated Nate Webb, Kid USA & Delirious.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #52, July 9, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru took down David Young, Kid USA & Abyss.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #53, July 16, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru won over Nate Webb, Dirk Ciglar & Mad Man Pondo.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #54, July 23, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru beat Breyer Wellington, Chris Hero & the Soul Assassin.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #56, August 6, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru defeated Nate Webb & Chris Hero.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #57, August 13, '03) = 3 Live Kru won over Devon Storm, Vampire Warrior & Sinn.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #58, August 20, '03) = Konnan competed in the "#1 Contender Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Raven.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #59, August 27, '03) = 3 Live Kru fought to a No-Contest with Shane Douglas & the New Church (Slash & Sinn).
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #62, September 24, '03) = 3 Live Kru lost to Simon Diamond, David Young & Glen Gilbertti. Diamond kept the NWA Tag Titles (with Johnny Swinger).
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #63, October 1, '03) = 3 Live Kru won, via DQ, over Vampiro, Slash & Sinn.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #64, October 8, '03) = 3 Live Kru fought in an "Elimination" Match against Glen Gilbertti, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger. Konnan was eliminated by Swinger. Gilbertti was the sole 'survivor'.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #66, October 22, '03) = 3 Live Kru defeated Sonny Siaki, Joe Legend & Ekmo.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #69, November 12, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru beat Nate Webb, Jared Steele & Johnny Curtis.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #71, November 26, '03) = 3 Live Kru won the vacated NWA Tag Titles, taking down Glen Gilbertti, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #72, December 3, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru won over Frankie Kapone, Nate Webb & Adam Roberts.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #74, December 17, '03) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru took down Patrick Schultz, Nate Webb & Delirious.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #76, January 14, '04) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru beat Dylan Kage, Delirious & Vordell Walker.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #77, January 21, '04) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru won over Jared Steele, Delirious & Masada.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #79, February 4, '04) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru defeated Ryan Boz & his team.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #82, February 25, '04) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & Killings) were beaten by the New Franchise.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #83, March 3, '04) = Konnan, D-Lo Brown, Simon Diamond, Ron Killings & Sonny Siaki won over Glenn Gilberti, David Young, Johnny Swinger, Kid Kash & Michael Shane.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #85, March 17, '04) = Konnan competed in the "10 Man Elimination #1 Contenders" Match, which was won by Ron Killings.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #86, March 24, '04) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & James) fell in the 1st Round of the NWA World Tag-Team Title Tournament to the Naturals.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #89, April 14, '04) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru defeated Scotty Matthews, Ryan Boz & Chance Prophet.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #97, June 9, '04) = Konnan lost a "Barrio Strap" Match to Jeff Jarrett.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #98, June 16, '04) = 3 Live Kru beat Hotstuff Hernandez, Chad Collyer, & Onyx.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #101, July 7, '04) = Konnan lost a "Gauntlet" Match to Jeff Jarrett. Ron Killings, BG James, Ken Shamrock, Chad Collyer, Hotstuff Hernandez, & Onyx were the other participants.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #102, July 14, '04) = 3 Live Kru, Dusty Rhodes, & Larry Zbysko won a "Guitar On A Pole" Match over Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, Chad Collyer, Hotstuff Hernandez, & Onyx.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #104, July 28, '04) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru defeated Big Bully Douglas, Nick Berk, & one other.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #105, August 4, '04) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BG James) won a tag-team match.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #106, August 11, '04) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BG James) won a "#1 Contenders" Match over Eric Young & Johnny Devine.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #107, August 18, '04) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BG James) lost, via DQ, to the NWA World Tag Champs, the Naturals.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #108, August 25, '04) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BG James) lost a "Handicap" Match, via DQ, to Eric Young, Johnny Devine, & Scott D'Amore.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #109, September 1, '04) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BG James) & the Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes) defeated Eric Young, Johnny Devine, & Bobby Roode.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #110, September 8, '04) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru beat JR Escalade, Nate Webb, & Sebastian.
- NWA-TNA Victory Road '04 (November 7) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BG James) won the NWA World Tag-Team Titles from Bobby Roode & Eric Young.
- AAA Guerra de Titanes '04 (December 5) = Konnan & Rikishi lost, via DQ, to Cibernetico & La Parka Jr.
- NWA-TNA Final Resolution '05 (January 16) = 3 Live Kru defeated Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian, & Christopher Daniels.
- AAA Rey de Reyes '05 (March 11) = Konnan & Jeff Jarrett lost an "Elimination" Match to Latin Lover & La Parka Jr. Abismo Negro & Chessman was the other team involved.
- NWA-TNA Destination X '05 (March 13) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BJ James) & America's Most Wanted fell to Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & Alex Jerrell.
- NWA-TNA Lockdown (April 24, '05) = In a dark match, 3 Live Kru (Konnan & Ron Killings) won a "Three-Way" Match over David Young & Lex Lovett and the Naturals.
- AAA TripleMania XIII (May 15, '05) = Konnan defeated Vampiro.
- TNA Slammiversary (June 19, '05) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BG James) were beaten by America's Most Wanted.
- TNA No Surrender (July 17, '05) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & Ron Killings) lost a "No DQ" Match to Monty Brown & Kip James.
- TNA Sacrifice (August 14, '05) = 3 Live Kru (Konnan & Ron Killings) defeated Monty Brown & Kip James. BG James was the special referee.
- TNA Chris Candido Memorial Cup Tag-Team Tournament (August '05) = Konnan & Lance Hoyt beat Kip James & Petey Williams, then fell to the eventual winners, Alex Shelley & Sean Waltman.
- TNA Unbreakable (September 11, '05) = 3 Live Kru won a "Six Man" Match over the Diamonds In The Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper, & David Young).
- TNA Bound For Glory (October 23rd, '05) = 3 Live Kru lost a "Six Man" Match to Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & A1).
- TNA Genesis (November 13, '05) = 3 Live Kru won a "Six-Man Hockey Stick On A Pole" Match over Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & A1). Kip James was the special referee.
- TNA Turning Point '05 (December 11) = 4 Live Kru (Konnan, Ron Killings, BG James, & Kip James) fell to Team Canada (Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & A1).
- TNA Final Resolution '06 (January 15) = In a dark match, the Latin American Xchange (Konnan & Homicide) defeated the Naturals.
- AAA Rey de Reyes '06 (March 10) = Konnan, Ron Killings, & Samoa Joe lost a "Team Elimination" Match to Vampiro, Octagon, & La Parka Jr. Chessman, Cibernetico, & Muerte Cibernetica and Shocker, Zumbido, & Scorpio Jr were the other participating teams.
- TNA Destination X '06 (March 12) = The Latin American Xchange (Konnan, Homicide, & Machete) were beaten by the James Gang & Bob Armstrong.
- TNA Lockdown '06 (April 23) = Konnan lost a "Steel Cage Arm Wrestling" Match to Bob Armstrong. Due to prematch stipulations, the LAX were hit 10 times by straps by the James Gang.
- AAA Verano de Escandalo '06 (September 17) = Konnan, Abyss, & Jeff Jarrett lost, via DQ, to Gronda II, Octagon, & La Parka Jr.
- AAA Antonio Pena Memorial Show '08 (October 24) = Konnan, Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki, & Rellik won a "Steel Cage Elimination" Match over Latin Lover, Octagon, La Parka II, & Super Fly. Konnan won the ownership of AAA due to the win.
- AAA Guerra de Titanes '08 (December 6) = Konnan was pinned by Latin Lover.

Title Summary:
- AAA World Tag-Team Champion w/ Rey Mysterio Jr. (??)
- CW-USA Northwest Tag Team Champion w/ Art Barr (??)
- CMLL World Heavyweight Champion (6/09/1991 - 8/18/1991)
- LAWA (Mexico) Heavyweight Champion (??)
- IWC (AAA) World Heavyweight Champion (4/02/1994 - 11/13/1994)
- IWAS (AAA) World Heavyweight Champion (1/26/1996 - ??)
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (1/29/1996 - 7/07/1996)
- AAA World Heavyweight Champion (2/02/1996 - 10/1996)
- WCW Television Champion (11/30/1998 - 12/28/1998)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/Rey Mysterio Jr. (10/18/1999 - 10/20/1999)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/Billy Kidman (10/25/1999 - 11/22/1999)
- WWC Tag-Team Champion w/ Carly Colon (5/26/2002 - ??)
- WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion (11/02/2002 - 11/23/2002)
- NWA World Tag-Team Champion w/ BG James & Ron Killings (11/26/2003 - 1/28/2004)
- NWA World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ BG James (11/07/2004 - 12/05/2004)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 1 1st RU, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)
- 1998 Feud of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (nWo Wolfpac vs. nWo Hollywood)