Scott Steiner

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 275 lbs

Real Name: Scott Rechsteiner

DOB: 7/29/1962

Hometown: Bay City, Michigan

Other Names: Scott Rechsteiner (WWA), "White Thunder" (nWo), "Big Poppa Pump" (nWo), "Superstar" (nWo), "Big Bad Booty Daddy", "The Genetic Freak"

Wrestler Since: 1986

Finishing Maneuver: Steiner Recliner, Frankensteiner

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #110(2011), #163(2010), #71(2009), #64(2008), #59(2007), #151(2006), #40(2003), #7(2001), #12(2000), #17(1999), #92(1998), #30(1997), #15(1996), #15(1995), #20(1994), #10(1993), #8(1992), #6(1991)

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History: A two-time All-American wrestler out of University of Michigan, Scott Steiner knew where his career was headed right from the beginning. Steiner's first major run in wrestling was in the World Wrestling Association in Indianapolis, where he wrestled under his real name (Rechsteiner). Steiner won the WWA World Title from Greg Wojokowski in August '86. He held the belt for nearly 9 months, before Wojokowski finally took him down. Scott wasn't done, teaming up with Jerry Graham Jr to win the Tag-Team Titles from Chris Carter & Mohammad Saad. This reign wasn't quite as long, as Carter (with new partner Don Kent) got the belts back two months later.

In 1988, Scott ventured over to the Championship Wrestling Association in Tennessee. He teamed up with Bill Travis, and in May '88, the duo defeated the Cuban Choir Boys to get the CWA Tag-Team Titles. A week later, they lost to Gary Young & Don Bass. This only made Steiner & Travis work harder, coming back less than a month later to win the belts back. Steiner & Travis would hold the gold for a few more months before falling to the RPM's. Soon after, Steiner & Travis split, and Steiner eventually got a new partner in Jeb Grundy. With Grundy, Scott again proved his tag-team skills, beating Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden in February '89 to get the tag belts for the third time. It was another short reign, though, as Fuller & Grundy quickly came back and got the belts. A short time later, Scott left the CWA and joined up with his brother Rick. The duo then went to WCW.

Scott & Rick, the Steiner Brothers, soon formed one of the greatest tag-teams in the history of wrestling. The Steiner Brothers first earned gold in WCW, in November 1989, defeating the Fabulous Freebirds for the WCW World Tag-Team Titles. They held the belts for about 6 months before losing to Doom. In February 1991, Scott and Rick came back to win the WCW Tag-Team belts a second time, again over the Freebirds. During this time, they also wrestled in Japan, and won the IWGP Tag-Team Titles over Hiroshi Hase and Kensuke Sasaki in March. The two unified the belts for 4 months, then Scott was injured in August. The WCW belts were vacated, while Scott Norton took the Steiner's place in IWGP alongside Rick. The two lost the belts to Hase and Keiji Mutah in November, while Scott recuperated.

When Scott made his return next to Rick, the two quickly went back to where they had left off. In May 1992, the Steiner Brothers won back the WCW Tag-Team belts over Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton. In June, the two then won back the IWGP Tag-Team Titles by beating Big Van Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow, reuniting the belts. This did not last long, however, as they lost the WCW belts to Terry Gordy and Steve Williams in July. Soon after, Rick left WCW, although he and Scott still wrestled together as the tag-team champs in Japan. This did not faze Scott, as he went on to win the WCW World Television Title from Ricky Steamboat in September '92. After Scott and Rick lost the IWGP Titles to Norton and Tony Holme in November, the two headed to the WWF, vacating Scott's TV Title.

The two quickly became stars in the WWF. In June '93, the Tag-Team titles changed hands 3 times in about a week. On June 14th, the Steiner Brothers beat Money Inc. to become the WWF Tag-Team Champions. Two days later, Money Inc. reclaimed their title. Three days after that, Scott and Rick won the titles for a second time, this time holding onto them for 3 months before losing to the Quebecers. Not long after losing the titles, the Steiners headed back to WCW.

In July 1996, the Steiners continued their title run by winning the WCW Tag-Team titles for the 4th time, this time beating Harlem Heat. Unfortunately, this title reign lasted about 3 days before Harlem Heat won back the belts. After this, the Steiner Brothers focused their attentions on the nWo. In January '97, they won a match over the Outsiders, who were currently the WCW/nWo Tag-Team Champs. The decision was reversed, however, by Eric Bischoff, who was later found out to be an nWo member himself. The Steiners continued to wrestle against the nWo, eventually getting an ex-nWo member for their manager, Ted DiBiase. In October '97, Rick and Scott claimed the Tag-Team titles over Scott Hall and Syxx, who was subbing for an injured Kevin Nash. The decision this time was upheld, despite Syxx's subbing. When Nash returned, however, they quickly won back the titles from the Steiners in January '98. This was when Scott's attitude began to change. He became less of a team player, and engaged in a "body" feud with "Buff" Bagwell over who could flex better. This did not stop the two brothers from becoming 6-time WCW Tag-Team Champs, as they beat the Outsiders in February. Although the Steiners seemed united again, it was not to last. On February 22nd, at Superbrawl VIII, Scott betrayed his brother to the nWo, practically giving the titles to the Outsiders. Scott had jumped to nWo.

Scott's next appearance showed him as a bleached blonde, with various nicknames (the White Thunder one was dropped due to possible racial suggestions). He offered an nWo membership to Rick as well, but Rick refused. Scott then had feuds with his brother Rick, Lex Luger, and others. Scottie joined "Buff" Bagwell as the two became a team, since Bagwell couldn't wrestle due to his injury. The Steiner vs. Steiner feud then continued for months, with Rick winning the tag belts from his brother and the Giant.

In November '98, "Hollywood" Hogan announced his "retirement", and appointed Scott Steiner as the new leader of the nWo Black 'n' White. Steiner then led his squad against various members of WCW. Steiner also won the WCW Television Title from Konnan, showing his own wrestling skills. Then, on the first Nitro of '99, Hogan reappeared and won the WCW World Title, with help from Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Lex Luger, and Steiner. Those 5, along with "Buff" Bagwell, became the new nWo Wolfpac, with Hogan retaking the leadership position.

Steiner then had a long feud with Diamond Dallas Page, circling around Page's wife, Kimberly. One of the biggest moments of the feud was when Steiner threw Kimberly out of a moving car. Steiner went on to defeat Page at Superbrawl IX, retaining his TV Title by making Page pass out in the Steiner Recliner. Steiner then went on to feud with Booker T, who, after Bagwell accidentally hit Steiner with a chair, defeated Big Poppa Pump and won the TV Title. Steiner then broke off ties with Bagwell, attacking him.

In March '99, Steiner got involved in the US Title Tournament, set up after Scott Hall had to vacate it due to injury. Steiner went all the way to the Finals of the tournament, defeating Booker T, with a foreign object's help, to win the US Title. Steiner then renewed the feud with "Buff" Bagwell, with the two former partners meeting at Slamboree '99. But greater things for the Steiner clan were set up for Slamboree. First, Scott came out and aided his brother, Rick, helping him defeat Booker T to win the TV Title. Later in the night, Rick used a chair to return the favor, helping Scott retain the US Title over Buff. Then later in the night, the Steiner Brothers, reunited, joined with Bret Hart to attack Sting and Goldberg during their match. Unfortunately, the reunion would not last long, as Steiner once again fell victim to injuries, this time having shoulder and lower back problems. He stayed on the bench for a long while, eventually having the US Title stripped from him.

A few months later, Scott Steiner appeared on an edition of Monday Nitro. The buzz around the wrestling community believed that Steiner would announce his retirement from the sport. However, Steiner's 'retirement speech' turned into a farce, as he rejoined the New World Order, tricking the fans once again. He then continued to be one of the main heels in World Championship Wrestling, going into the year 2000, although he rarely wrestled at the pay-per-views due to his still-healing injuries.

In April '00, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo returned to WCW in force, completely restarting the company by vacating every title. They then set up the New Blood regime, which Scott Steiner quickly joined. Steiner's efforts for the group were soon rewarded, as he was placed in the US Title Tournament at Spring Stampede '00. Steiner worked his way up the brackets, defeating Sargeant A-Wall (via DQ), Mike Awesome, and finally Sting in the Finals to become the WCW United States Heavyweight Champion for the second time. Steiner defended the belt against many challengers for the next few months, including a tough contest against General Rection (Hugh Morrus). With some help from his hoes, Steiner defeated Rection with the Steiner Recliner at Slamboree '00. After the match, Steiner kept the Recliner on until Booker T (as G.I. Bro) came for the save.

After Steiner's win over Rection, he became even more arrogant, and less controllable, wanting the World Title. This eventually led to the New Blood breaking with Steiner, due to his extreme nature. Because of this, a feud was built between Scott and Tank Abbott, who was known as a fighter/bruiser. A match was set up between them at the Great American Bash, which was later termed an "Asylum" match, due to it being inside a round cage. However, complications set in when Scott's brother Rick returned, joining with Abbott on a Monday Nitro (Abbott helped Rick beat Sting). After repeated double-teams, Rick was added by Vince Russo to the Aslyum match, making it a handicap fight for Scott. It looked like Scott would have to battle the odds, fighting both Tank and Rick during the cage match. But Tank 'accidentally' knocked out Rick, allowing Scott to get his submission hold and escape with his title. Scott next started a feud on the side with the "New Blood Commissioner" Ernest "The Cat" Miller, who claimed that the Steiner Recliner was too dangerous a maneuver to be sanctioned by WCW. Steiner also had a short feud with "That 70s Guy" Mike Awesome, due to Awesome's antics towards Steiner's manager, Midajah. They fought at Bash at the Beach '00, with the US Title on the line. At the end of the match, Steiner ignored repeated warnings from Miller and applied the Steiner Recliner, immediately earning the DQ. For good measure, Miller stripped Big Poppa Pump of the United States title, vacating it. Steiner, though, seemed to show little interest in the US strap being taken from him. He was looking towards bigger things. Later that night, Steiner turned on his long-time nWo friend Kevin Nash, helping Goldberg defeat him.

The Big Booty Daddy then went into the next month battling against Goldberg & Nash, each saying that they're the worthy #1 Contender. Steiner fought the two men in a Triangle match at New Blood Rising, but was pinned by Nash in the melee, after Goldberg walked out on the fight. Undaunted, Steiner returned the next month and did what few have done before him: he defeated Goldberg one-on-one, albeit thanks to help from others. With Goldberg eliminated, Steiner moved on towards the World Title, entering a protracted feud with Booker T, the current champion. At Halloween Havoc '00, Steiner was disqualified by the referee, allowing Booker T to escape. Steiner continued his assault, though, and at Mayhem, defeated Booker T in a "Straight Jacket Steel Cage" match to finally gain the prize that he sought. Steiner was now the WCW World Heavyweight Champion for the first time.

With Booker T out of wrestling for a time, Steiner began eliminating the competition to his title one by one. First, he entered a two-month feud with Sid Vicious, which quickly became violent, as is Steiner's way. At Starrcade, Steiner and Vicious met in a hard-fought contest for the World Title. Despite assaults from Midajah and Jeff Jarrett backfiring, Steiner still managed to get the Steiner Recliner applied, winning the match.

The next month was a wild one for the champion, as he would continue the battles with Vicious. Steiner was also being threatened by Ric Flair, who had under his employ a "mystery man" who would attack Steiner every so often. For the January Pay-Per-View, Sin, a Four-Way match was signed for the World Title: Steiner, his buddy Jeff Jarrett, Vicious, and the mystery man. The match turned into another swerve, as the mystery man turned out to be Road Warrior Animal, who became Ric Flair's bodyguard. Flair and company then joined with Steiner and Jarrett to form the Magnificent Seven. The match also ended badly, as Sid Vicious suffered a compound fracture after jumping off the turnbuckle. Steiner took credit for the break, saying that he had now put Sting, Goldberg, Booker T, and Vicious out of the business.

On January 23rd, 2001, Steiner interfered in a match between newcomers Mike Modest and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, seeming to injure both wrestlers with the use of a lead pipe. Afterwards, a paramedic tried to enter the ring to aid the fallen wrestlers, but was kicked repeatedly by Big Poppa Pump. Unfortunately, this wasn't part of the act, as the paramedic was not prepared to become a wrestler. As Steiner prepared to leave the city, he was served an arrest warrant for assault. Steiner later claimed to have believed the man was actually an actor playing a part.

Back in the wrestling world, Steiner continued to brag about the men he has eliminated, and claimed that he no longer had any competition. He tried to make Alex Wright the next #1 Contender, but this was shot down when Kevin Nash reappeared and powerbombed Wright off the stage. Nash and Steiner then fought back and forth, each trying to get the upper hand on the other. They met at Superbrawl Revenge with the World Title on the line. At the event, Flair announced that the loser of the match would be forced to retire. Nash came out in a wheelchair with a cast, making it look like it was over. This was a swerve, though, that allowed Nash to knock out Steiner with the belt and pin him within seconds of the bell, apparently getting the win. But Flair immediately declared that the match was 2 out of 3 falls, keeping the fight going. Steiner then took out Nash on the floor with his lead pipe, with help from Midajah, and when Flair made it a "Falls Count Anywhere" match, Steiner evened up the series at one apiece. After another 10 minutes of fighting, Nash looked to have won it with his Jackknife Powerbomb, but Midajah broke up the count, and was slammed for her troubles. Flair then knocked out the referee, keeping the match alive. When Nash went after Flair, Steiner came back and knocked out Big Sexy with a chair to the head. A second referee came down as the Steiner Recliner was applied, and thanks to Flair and Midajah, Big Poppa Pump got the victory, staying the World Champ while Nash's career apparently ended.

At the next Nitro, Steiner again began bragging about his elimination ratio, having taken out so many stars during his reign at the top. Again he was interrupted, this time by Diamond Dallas Page, who claimed to be the Last Man Standing. Page and Steiner soon engaged in psychological warfare, with Page initializing various attacks, then making his way through the crowd where Steiner couldn't reach him. Page also announced to the world on one Nitro that one of Steiner's "executed" wrestlers would be returning. That night, Steiner, Lex Luger, and Buff Bagwell fought in a three-way against DDP, Ernest "The Cat" Miller, and the returning Booker T! After a wild series of moves, Booker T got the axe kick and pinned the World Champion. Fortunately for Steiner, the title was not on the line. At WCW Greed, Steiner and Page finally found themselves face-to-face, one on one. With aid from his brother Rik and Midajah, Scottie knocked out Page with the World Title and pinned him, once again surviving.

After Greed, with DDP added to his list of eliminations, Steiner set his sights on finishing off the man who had embarrassed him a few weeks before: Booker T. The two were signed for a Title-for-Title match at the Season Finale of Nitro, with Steiner's World strap and Booker T's US Title on the line. The two men did everything they could to win, fighting in the first match of the night. Steiner tried to use the weapons available to him, but Booker T was too energized, backflipping out of a Powerbomb attempt to land and hit the Bookend, finally ending Scott Steiner's reign of terror atop WCW.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (82 - 71, 2 Draws, 3 NCs, 1 DCO)
- AWA Renegade Rampage Tournament (January - June '88) = Scott won the 'phantom' tournament.
- CWA Tag-Team Title Tournament (October 23, '88) = Steiner & Brian Lee lost in the first round to the eventual winners, Cactus Jack & Gary Young.
- WCW Clash of the Champions VII (June '89) = The Steiner Brothers (Scott and Rick) lost to Mike Rotunda and Kevin Sullivan.
- WCW Great American Bash '89 = Scott was involved in the "Two-Ring King of the Hill Battle Royal", which was eventually won by Dan Spivey and Sid Vicious. Later in the night, Scott and Rick defeated Mike Rotunda and Kevin Sullivan in a Texas Tornado Match.
- WCW Clash of the Champions VIII (September '89) = The Steiner Brothers were defeated by the Freebirds, who retained the NWA Tag Belts.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '89 = The Steiners lost to Doom.
- WCW Clash of the Champions IX (November '89) = The Steiners won, via DQ, over the Skyscrapers.
- WCW Starrcade '89 = The Steiners won via countout over Doom, then defeated the Road Warriors, but lost to Samoan Savage and Fatu via DQ.
- WCW Clash of the Champions X (February '90) = The Steiners retained the NWA Tag Belts after winning a "Titles vs. Masks" Match over Doom.
- WCW WrestleWar '90 = The Steiner Brothers stayed the NWA Tag Champs by defeating Ole & Arn Anderson.
- WCW Capital Combat (May '90) = The Steiners lost the NWA Tag Titles to Doom.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XI (June '90) = The Steiners lost to the NWA Tag Champs, Doom.
- WCW Great American Bash '90 = The Steiner Brothers defeated the Freebirds.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XII (September '90) = The Steiner Brothers defeated Tim Hunt and Jeff Warner.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '90 = The Steiners defended the NWA United States Tag Belts by defeating the Nasty Boys.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XIII (November '90) = The Steiners stayed the NWA US Tag Champs after beating Magnum Force.
- WCW Starrcade '90 = The Steiners (Team USA) defeated Col DeKlerk and Sgt Krueger (Team Africa), Konnan and Rey Misterio (Team Mexico), and The Great Muta and Mr. Saito (Team Japan) to win the Pat O'Conner Memorial International Tag Tournament.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XIV (January '91) = Scott fought to a Draw with Ric Flair, who retained the WCW World Title.
- WCW WrestleWar '91 = The Steiners, Sting and Flyin' Brian Pillman lost a "WarGames" Match to Ric Flair, Larry Zbysko, Sid Vicious and Barry Windham.
- NJPW Tokyo Dome '91 (Starrcade in Egg Dome) = The Steiners won the IWGP Tag Titles from Hiro Hase and Kensuke Sasaki.
- WCW Superbrawl I ('91) = Scott and Rick beat Sting and Lex Luger to retain their WCW World Tag-Team belts.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XV (June '91) = The Steiners retained the IWGP Tag-Team Belts, defeating Masa Chono and Hiro Hase.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '91 = Scott, with Rick, Sting, and El Gigante, won a Chamber of Horrors Match over Big Van Vader, the Diamond Studd, Abdullah the Butcher, and Cactus Jack.
- WCW Starrcade '91 = Scott and Firebreaker Chip defeated Johnny B Badd and the Arachnaman. Later, Scott competed in the "Battle Bowl", which was won by Sting.
- NJPW Tokyo Dome '92 (Starrcade in Egg Dome) = The Steiners lost to Sting and Keiji Mutoh.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XVIII (January '92) = The Steiners defeated Big Van Vader and Mr. Hughes.
- WCW Superbrawl II ('92) = Scott and Rick lose via DQ to the WCW Tag-Team Champions Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton.
- WCW WrestleWar '92 = The Steiners retained the WCW Tag Belts, defeating Tatsumi Fujinami and Takayuki Iizuka.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XIX (June 16, '92) = The Steiners won, via forfeit, over Miguel Perez Jr. and Ricky Santana. Later in the night, the two lost to Terry Gordy and Steve Williams.
- WCW Beach Brawl '92 (June 20, '92) = The Steiners wrestled to a draw with Terry Gordy and Steve Williams. The brothers retained the WCW Tag Belts.
- NJPW Budokan Hall (June 26, '92) = The Steiners defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow & Big Van Vader.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (August 10, '92) = The Steiners beat Riki Choshu & Masa Saito.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (August 11, '92) = The Steiners defeated Tatsumi Fujinami & Takayuki Iizuka.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (August 12, '92) = The Steiners took down Keiji Mutoh & Kensuke Sasaki.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XX (September '92) = The Steiners, Sting and Nikita Koloff fought in an "Elimination" Match against "Ravishing" Rick Rude, Big Van Vader, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and the Super Invader. Scott was DQ'ed. Roberts and Rude were the "survivors".
- NJPW Sumo Hall (November 22, '92) = The Steiners lost the IWGP Tag-Team Titles to Scott Norton & Tony Halme.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (November 23, '92) = Steiner was beaten by the NWA World Champ, Masa Chono.
- NJPW Tokyo Dome '93 (Fantastic Story) = The Steiners and the IWGP Tag Champs the Hellraisers fought to a Double Count Out.
- WWF Royal Rumble '93 = The Steiners defeated the Beverly Brothers.
- WWF Wrestlemania IX ('93) = The Steiner Brothers defeated the Headshrinkers.
- WWF King of the Ring '93 = The Steiners and the Smoking Gunns beat the Headshrinkers and Money, Inc.
- WWF "Yokozuna's Wrestling Challenge" (July '93) = Scott failed to bodyslam Yokozuna.
- WWF Summerslam '93 = The Steiners retained the WWF Tag Belts by defeating the Heavenly Bodies.
- WWF Survivor Series '93 = The Steiner Brothers, Lex Luger and the Undertaker fought in an "Elimination" Match against Yokozuna, Ludwig Borga, Crush and the Mountie. Scott was eliminated by Yokozuna. Luger was the "surviver".
- NJPW Tokyo Dome '94 (Battlefield) = The Steiners defeated Hiro Hase and Keiji Mutoh.
- WWF Royal Rumble '94 = Scott competed in the "Royal Rumble", which was won by Bret Hart and Lex Luger.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (February '94) = The Steiners beat Jushin Liger & the Power Warrior.
- NJPW Wrestling Dontaku '94 = The Steiner Brothers lost to the IWGP Tag Champs the Hellraisers.
- NJPW Budokan Hall (June '94) = The Steiners defeated Hiroshi Hase & Power Warrior.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (August 4, '94) = The Steiners defeated Scott Norton & Hercules Hernandez.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (October '94) = The Steiner Brothers won over Scott Norton & Ron Simmons.
- NJPW Tokyo Dome '95 (Battle Seven) = The Steiners were beaten by the IWGP Tag Champs Hiro Hase and Keiji Mutoh.
- NJPW Pyongyang Sports Festival (April 29, '95) = The Steiners defeated Kensuke Sasaki and Hiro Hase.
- NJPW Wrestling Dontaku '95 (May 3) = The Steiners beat Scott Norton and Hawk.
- ECW Wrestlepalooza '95 (August 5) = The Steiners & Eddie Guerrero fell to Dean Malenko, Cactus Jack, & Too Cold Scorpio.
- ECW Gangstas Paradise (September 16, '95) = The Steiners & Taz were beaten by Jason Knight & the Eliminators.
- WCW Uncensored '96 = The Steiner Brothers wrestled to a No-Contest with the Nasty Boys in a dark match.
- NJPW Tokyo Dome '96 (Battle Formation '96) = The Steiners and Scott Norton lost to the Power Warrior and the Road Warriors.
- WCW Slamboree '96 = Scott Steiner and Craig Pittman lost to Rick Steiner and The Booty Man.
- WCW Great American Bash '96 = The Steiner Brothers beat Scott Norton and Ice Train.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '96 = In a dark match, the Steiner Brothers won, via DQ, over Harlem Heat, who retained their Tag-Team Titles.
- WCW Hogg Wild '96 = The Steiners were defeated by Harlem Heat, the Tag-Team Champions.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIII (August '96) = The Steiners fought to a No-Contest with Sting and Lex Luger, and the WCW Tag Champions, Harlem Heat, in a "Triangle Tag" Mach.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIV (January '97) = The Steiners won over Jacques Rougeau and Pierre Oulette.
- WCW/nWo Souled Out '97 = Scott, with Rick, defeated the Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) for the WCW World Tag-Team Belts (later reversed by Eric Bischoff).
- WCW Uncensored '97 = Scott joined with Lex Luger and the Giant to form Team WCW, who faced Team nWo (Hollywood Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall) and Team Piper ("Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael, and Jeff Jarrett) in a Triangle Elimination Match. Scott was the 4th to be eliminated (by Nash over the top rope).
- NJPW Strong Style Evolution (May '97) = The Steiners and Keiji Mutoh were beaten by Masa Chono and the Outsiders.
- WCW Slamboree '97 = The Steiner Brothers defeated Konnan and Hugh Morris.
- WCW Great American Bash '97 = The Steiner Brothers were disqualified, giving the win to Harlem Heat.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '97 = The Steiners defeated Masa Chono and the Great Muta.
- WCW Road Wild '97 = The Steiners won, via DQ, over then-Tag champions the Outsiders.
- WCW Fall Brawl '97 = The Steiners defeated Harlem Heat.
- WCW World War III '97 = The Steiners retained the WCW Tag Belts by defeating Steve Regal and Dave Taylor. Later in the night, Scott competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Scott Hall.
- WCW Starrcade '97 = The Steiners, with Ray Traylor, lost to "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Scott Norton, and Vincent.
- WCW/nWo Souled Out '98 = Scott, with Rick Steiner and Ray Traylor, defeated "Buff" Bagwell, Scott Norton, and Konnan.
- WCW Boston Brawl (January '98) = The Steiners defeated Saturn and Raven.
- WCW Superbrawl VIII ('98) = The Steiners lost the WCW World Tag-Team Belts to the Outsiders, after Scott betrayed his brother and joined the nWo.
- WCW Uncensored '98 = Scott was defeated by Lex Luger.
- WCW Spring Stampede '98 = Scott and "Buff" Bagwell lost to Rick Steiner and Lex Luger.
- WCW Fall Brawl '98 = The match between Scott and Rick Steiner was stopped when "Buff" Bagwell was apparently injured. It turned out to be a hoax.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '98 = Scott and the Giant lost the WCW Tag Belts to Rick Steiner, despite "Buff" Bagwell's betrayal. In the next match, Scott again was beaten by Rick.
- WCW World War III '98 = Scott and Rick Steiner fought to a No-Contest, after "Buff", the nWo referee, Goldberg, and others became involved. Later in the night, Scott competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Kevin Nash.
- WCW Superbrawl IX ('99) = Steiner, as the TV Champion, defeated Diamond Dallas Page with the Steiner Recliner.
- WCW Uncensored '99 = After an errant chair shot by "Buff" Bagwell, Steiner lost the TV Title to Booker T.
- WCW Spring Stampede '99 = In the Finals of the US Title Tournament, Scott Steiner defeated Booker T to become the champ.
- WCW Slamboree '99 = Scott, after help from Rick Steiner, defeated Buff Bagwell to retain the US Title.
- WCW Spring Stampede '00 = Big Poppa Pump defeated the Wall via DQ. He then beat Mike Awesome in the semi-finals and Sting in the Finals to become the new United States Champion.
- WCW Slamboree '00 = Steiner defeated General Rection via submission to stay the US Champion.
- WCW Great American Bash '00 = Scott beat Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott in an handicap asylum match. He retained the United States Title.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '00 = Scott lost to Mike Awesome via DQ. The US Title was stripped from him.
- WCW New Blood Rising (August '00) = Steiner was pinned by Kevin Nash in a Triangle Match, with Bill Goldberg the other participant.
- WCW Fall Brawl '00 = Steiner TKO'ed Bill Goldberg.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '00 = Steiner fell, via DQ, to the World Champion Booker T.
- WCW Millenium Final (November '00) = Steiner was beaten by the World Champion Booker T.
- WCW Mayhem '00 = Steiner TKO'ed Booker T in a "Steel Cage Straight Jacket" match to win the World Title.
- WCW Starrcade '00 = Steiner TKO'ed Sid Vicious to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.
- WCW Sin (January '01) = Steiner won a Four Corners match over Sid Vicious, Jeff Jarrett, and "the Mystery Man" Animal.
- WCW Superbrawl Revenge ('01) = Scott defeated Kevin Nash in a Three Falls Loser Retires Falls Count Anywhere Match. Steiner retained the World Title.
- WCW Greed (March '01) = Steiner pinned Diamond Dallas Page to stay the World Champion.
- WWA "Revolution" (February 24, '02) = Steiner forced Disco Inferno to submit.
- WWA "The Eruption" (April 13, '02) = Steiner won the WWA Heavyweight Title, defeating Nathan Jones.
- NJPW Tokyo Dome (May 2, '02) = The Steiner Brothers won over Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kensuke Sasaki. Joanie Lauer was the special referee.
- WWE Royal Rumble '03 = Steiner won, via DQ, over the "Raw" World Champ, Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWE No Way Out '03 = Steiner was beaten by the WWE Raw World Heavyweight Champion, Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWE Backlash '03 = In a dark match, Steiner pinned Rico.
- WWE Judgment Day '03 = Steiner & Test fell to La Resistance.
- WWE Insurrextion '03 (June 7) = Steiner defeated Test. Val Venis was the special referee.
- WWE Bad Blood (June 15, '03) = Steiner won over Test, winning Stacy Keibler's managerial services.
- WWE Unforgiven '03 (September 21) = Steiner was beaten by Test. Due to prematch stipulations, Test earned Steiner's "managerial services".
- WWE Survivor Series '03 = Steiner, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Randy Orton & Christian fought in an "Elimination" Match against Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Rob Van Dam & the Dudley Boyz. Steiner was eliminated by Booker T. Orton was the sole 'survivor'.
- WWE Armageddon '03 = Steiner & Test competed in the "Tag-Team Turmoil" Match, which was won by Ric Flair & Batista, who won the Raw Tag-Team Titles.
- WWE Royal Rumble '04 (January 25) = Steiner competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Chris Benoit.
- World Wrestling Legends PPV (March 5, '06) = Steiner defeated Buff Bagwell.
- TNA Lockdown '06 (April 23) = Team Jarrett (Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, & America's Most Wanted) lost a "Lethal Lockdown" Match to Team Sting (Sting, Ron Killings, AJ Styles, & Rhino).
- TNA Sacrifice '06 (May 14) = Steiner & Jeff Jarrett fell to Sting & Samoa Joe.
- TNA Slammiversary '06 (June 18) = Steiner lost a "Non-Title" Match to the X Division Champion, Samoa Joe.
- TNA Victory Road '06 (July 16) = Steiner lost a "Four-Way #1 Contenders" Match to Sting. Christian Cage and Samoa Joe were the other participants.
- TNA Destination X '07 (March 11) = Steiner was taken down by Kurt Angle.
- AAA Rey de Reyes '07 (March 18) = Steiner, Kenzo Suzuki, & Mesias fell to Charley Manson, Chessman, & Cibernetico.
- TNA Lockdown '07 (April 15) = Team Cage (Steiner, Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Tyson Tomko, & Abyss) lost a "Lethal Lockdown" Match to Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Rhino, & Sting). Since Sting got the pinfall, he became #1 Contender to Cage's NWA World Title.
- TNA Sacrifice '07 (May 13) = Steiner & Tomko lost a "Triple Threat" Match to the NWA World Tag-Team Champs, Team 3-D. The Latin American Xchange were the other participants.
- TNA Hard Justice '07 (August 12) = The Steiner Brothers defeated Team 3-D.
- AJPW Pro Wrestling Love in Ryogoku Vol. 3 (August 26, '07) = Steiner & Suwama fell to Yoshihiro Tajiri & the Great Muta.
- TNA Bound For Glory '07 (October 14) = The Steiner Brothers won a "Three Falls Tables" Match over Team 3-D.
- TNA Genesis '07 (November 11) = The Steiner Brothers lost to the TNA World Tag-Team Champions, AJ Styles & Tomko.
- TNA Turning Point '07 (December 2) = Steiner was one of the winners in the "Feast or Fired" Match, along with BG James, Petey Williams, and Senshi.
- NJPW Wrestle Kingdom in Tokyo Dome II (January 4, '08) = The Steiner Brothers lost to the NJPW IWGP Tag-Team Champs, Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko.
- TNA Against All Odds '08 (February 10) = Steiner won a "Case vs. Case" Match over Petey Williams. By winning the match, Steiner won both the TNA World Title shot & the TNA X Division Title shot.
- AAA Rey de Reyes '08 (March 16) = Steiner, Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki, & Sabu defeated Chavo Guerrero, Charly Manson, Laredo Kid, & Alebrije.
- TNA Lockdown '08 (April 13) = Steiner & Petey Williams competed in the "Cuffed In The Cage" Match, which was won by Frankie Kazarian & Eric Young. The Latin American Xchange, the Motor City Machine Guns, the Rock 'n' Rave Infection, and Black Reign & Rellik were the other participants.
- TNA Sacrifice '08 (May 11) = Steiner lost a "Three Way" Match to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Samoa Joe. Frankie Kazarian was the other participant.
- TNA Final Resolution '08 (#2) (December 7, '08) = The Main Event Mafia (Steiner, Booker T, Kevin Nash, & Sting) won over the Front Line (Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, & Team 3D). Sting's TNA World Title was on the line in the match.
- TNA Genesis '09 (January 11) = The Main Event Mafia (Steiner, Booker T, & Cute Kip [subbing for an injured Kevin Nash]) lost a "Hardcore" Match to Mick Foley, AJ Styles, & Brother Devon.
- TNA Against All Odds '09 (February 8) = Steiner defeated Petey Williams.
- TNA Destination X '09 (March 15) = Steiner won, via DQ, over Samoa Joe.
- TNA Lockdown '09 (April 19) = Team Angle (Steiner, Kurt Angle, Booker T, & Kevin Nash) lost a "Lethal Lockdown" Match to Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, & Samoa Joe).
- TNA Victory Road '09 (July 19) = The Main Event Mafia (Steiner & Booker T) won the TNA World Tag-Team Titles, defeating Beer Money.
- TNA Hard Justice '09 (August 16) = The Main Event Mafia (Steiner & Booker T) retained the TNA World Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over Team 3-D.
- TNA No Surrender '09 (September 20) = The Main Event Mafia (Steiner & Booker T) & the British Invasion lost a "Lethal Lockdown" Match to Beer Money & Team 3-D.
- TNA Bound For Glory '09 (October 18) = The Main Event Mafia (Steiner & Booker T) competed in a "Four-Way Metal Mayhem Double Ladder" Match, where Team 3-D won the NJPW IWGP World Tag-Team Titles, and the British Invasion won the TNA World Tag-Team Titles. Beer Money was the other team participating.
- TNA Turning Point '09 (November 15) = Steiner won a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over Bobby Lashley.
- TNA Final Resolution '09 (December 20) = Steiner lost a "Last Man Standing" Match to Bobby Lashley.
- TNA Against All Odds 11 (February 13) = Steiner & Beer Money defeated Rob Terry, Gunner, & Murphy.
- TNA Lockdown 11 (April 17) = Steiner & Crimson lost a "Four-Way Tornado Steel Cage" Match to Ink Inc. The British Invasion and Orlando Jordan & Eric Young were the other participants.
- TNA Slammiversary IX (June 12, 11) = Steiner fell to Matt Morgan.
- TNA Bound For Glory Series Tournament 11 (June/September) = Steiner competed in the league, which was won by Bobby Roode.
- TNA Hardcore Justice 11 (August 7) = Immortal (Steiner, Abyss, & Gunner) were beaten by Fortune (Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, & Kazarian).
- TNA Turning Point 11 (November 13) = Immortal (Steiner & Bully Ray) lost to Mr. Anderson & Abyss.

Title Summary:
- WWA Heavyweight Champion (8/14/1986 - 5/03/1987)
- WWA Tag-Team Champion w/ Jerry Graham Jr (10/04/1987 - 12/06/1987)
- CWA Tag-Team Champion w/ Bill Travis (5/29/1988 - 6/06/1988)
- CWA Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Bill Travis (6/27/1988 - 8/15/1988)
- CWA Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Jed Grundy (2/18/1989 - 2/25/1989)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Rick Steiner (11/1/1989 - 5/19/1990)
- NWA United States Tag-Team Champion w/ Rick Steiner (8/24/1990 - 2/20/1991)
- PWA Tag-Team Champion w/ Rick Steiner (9/17/1990 - 10/1/1990)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Rick Steiner (2/18/1991 - 7/18/1991)
- IWGP Tag-Team Champion w/ Rick Steiner (3/21/1991 - 11/5/1991)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Rick Steiner (5/3/1992 - 7/5/1992)
- IWGP Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Rick Steiner (6/26/1992 - 11/22/1992)
- WCW World Television Champion (9/29/1992 - 11/1992)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion w/ Rick Steiner (6/14/1993 - 6/16/1993)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Rick Steiner (6/19/1993 - 9/13/1993)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(4) w/ Rick Steiner (7/24/1996 - 7/27/1996)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(5) w/ Rick Steiner (10/13/1997 - 1/12/1998)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(6) w/ Rick Steiner (2/9/1998 - 2/22/1998)
- WCW World Television Champion (2) (12/28/1998 - 3/14/1999)
- WCW United States Champion (4/11/1999 - 7/5/1999)
- WCW United States Champion (2) (4/16/2000 - 7/9/2000)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion (11/26/2000 - 3/26/2001)
- WWA Heavyweight Champion (4/13/2002 - 2003)
- SSCW Heavyweight Champion (10/29/2002 - 11/18/2002)
- NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion (9/24/2005 - 2006)
- NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champion w/ Rick Steiner (12/09/2006 - 2007)
- TNA World Tag-Team Champion w/ Booker T (7/19/2009 - 10/18/2009)
- WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion (4/24/2010 - 5/29/2010)

PWI Achievement Awards: (4 wins, 3 1st RUs, 4 2nd RUs, 4 3rd RUs)
- 1988 Rookie of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up
- 1989 Most Improved Wrestler
- 1990 Tag-Team of the Year (Steiners)
- 1991 Most Popular Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up (Steiners)
- 1991 Match of the Year (Steiners vs. Sting & Lex Luger)
- 1991 Tag-Team of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Steiners)
- 1992 Tag-Team of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Steiners)
- 1993 Match of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (Steiners vs. Heavenly Bodies)
- 1993 Tag-Team of the Year (Steiner Brothers)
- 1995 Tag-Team of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up (Steiners)
- 1996 Tag-Team of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Steiners)
- 1997 Tag-Team of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (Steiners)
- 1998 Feud of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (nWo Hollywood vs. nWo Wolfpac)
- 2007 Comeback of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up (Steiners)
- 2009 Feud of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (The Main Event Mafia vs. The Front Line)