Join the continuing revolution of the Global Championship Wrestling Association! . . . . . . . Things are heating up as we head towards Capital Punishment 2010! With The Big Bifford already signed to defend his World Heavyweight Title against Derek Mobley at the event, it's guaranteed to be a blow-out event! . . . . . . . Tensions continue to increase between the three most powerful men in the GCWA. The President of the company, the Accelerator, has always been used to doing things his own way. But now, with the newly-appointed Commissioner, Lurrr, blocking him at every turn, Ace had a power struggle. Now, things have grown worse, as The Great One has shockingly become the Majority Stakeholder in the company!! So far, TGO has only expressed interest in taking care of Lurrr, as his work behind the scenes continues. Will Lurrr be able to persevere as the Commissioner, the only sign of good in the company? Will TGO's corporate takeover of the GCWA continue? Or will the Accelerator find a way to get back into the driver's seat of his long-running organization? . . . . . . . This past week on Friday Night Inferno, The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) were slated to defend their GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. Mobley had made a move the week before, denying The Big Bifford a rematch and instead granting a title shot to Bifford's hated adversaries, The Danger Boiz. In retaliation, though, Bifford & Arachne attacked Mobley & Hill before the match, badly injuring them, with the Accelerator then claiming that if they didn't show up for the match, they'd forfeit the titles! To their credit, The House of Pain made it out, but they were in no shape to be able to fight off the Danger Boiz, who became the first tag-team in GCWA history to win the World Tag-Team Titles for a third time! . . . . . . . In a stunning main event for Inferno, Jaiden Rishel & Chris Cortez took on El Linchador & Ataxia in an unbelievable contest. Cortez & Rishel soon proved that they couldn't work well together, as each was trying to show up the other throughout the match. Ataxia & El Linchador, in contrast, proved to be a great team, acting as if they've known each other for a long time (and, with Ataxia's identity still unknown, it's certainly possible). Unfortunately, though, Rishel was able to find a way at the end to sneak out the win, getting a low blow on Ataxia, followed by the Hero's Welcome and the pinfall. For now, Rishel gets the glory, although Cortez and El Linchador will surely have more to say when these three meet again at Capital Punishment for Cortez' Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. . . . . . . . The ending of Inferno proved to be a major shocker, as the Accelerator was interrupted in his match announcements by the Commissioner, Lurrr. The two men both had some huge surprises, with Ace announcing that Liam Shayde and GCWA Unified X Division Champion Crazy Chris will face off at the PPV, while Lurrr surprisingly placed the Big Bifford/Derek Mobley World Title match into a steel cage! Tempers boiled over, with Ace attacking Lurrr! But Lurrr proved to be stronger on this occasion, knocking out Ace with the Wake Up Call! However, shortly thereafter, the lights went out. When they came back up, Lurrr was down, bloodied, with no indication of who attacked him! Was it revenge for Ace? Or was something more sinister at play? . . . . . . . Unfortunately for the Danger Boiz, the celebration of the World Tag-Team Titles win didn't get to last, as Liam Shayde interrupted the festivities. In a more shocking moment, though, a man repelled down from the ceiling and grabbed Dangerous Dan, taking him out of the ring and allowing Shayde to attack the distracted Crazy Chris, putting him into the Cat's Cradle!! Shayde's scored the first real shot on the Unified X Division Champion. Can he be the one to finally end Chris' amazing reign with the belt, or will the crazy one find a way to get revenge? . . . . . . . Despite their many battles, things still seem unsettled between Lorenzo Demarco and Ataxia, especially after Demarco & Liam Shayde pulled a major swerve on Ataxia the week before to deny him a #1 Contenders shot. Ataxia and Demarco have clearly become hated adversaries in the GCWA, with blood raging (and sometimes flowing) between them. How much more can things build before someone is badly injured? . . . . . . . This week on Inferno, Bucky Johnson's Hardcore Title #1 Contender will be decided, as Robert "The Sensei" Santana will be taking on Xtreme. While Xtreme seems to have been perfectly built for the Hardcore realm, problems have existed between Santana and Johnson since Ultimate Survival. Will Santana be able to take a step back towards gold? Or will Xtreme earn his opportunity to fight for the belt in his favorite division? . . . . . . . Also coming this week, many of the great wrestlers in the GCWA will be in competition, including men like Warrick Hill, Arachne, the Danger Boiz, Liam Shayde, Jaiden Rishel, Ryan Rage, the Johnsons, El Linchador, and Ataxia. Don't miss out, remember to watch on Friday night! . . . . . . . Be sure and read up on the history of the GCWA, including match results, recorded Pay-Per-Views, and tournaments. Also, check out the members of the GCWA Hall of Fame! Could you be the next inductee? . . . . . . . If you're new to the roleplaying world, take some time and read through the Training section. I've added as many tips as I could come up with to help out the 'newbies' of the GCWA.

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