The Official Rules of the GCWA

1) All wrestlers must be original creations:
This means that there will be no "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or John Cena in the GCWA. This ALSO means that I will not accept memberships for someone named "Stone Cold" Steve Johnson or something similar. I want creative, people! While I will allow for some similarities, if you try to base your wrestler solely on a real person, expect to get a letter of denial.

2) Maximum # of Wrestlers: I am going to keep the number of wrestlers allowed for one person to 3 wrestlers. This allows you to have a tag-team and a singles wrestler. Think of this not as a limitation, but as a blessing. The fewer wrestlers you have, the more you can concentrate on making those few successful.

3a) Roleplay Allowances: There is also going to be a limit (or blessing) on roleplays. If you have a match assigned, you will be able to post up to 3 roleplays for that match, with a limit of 150 lines each (as well as a minimum of 20 lines each). You also can only post 1 roleplay a day. Most of the time, you should have at least a 5-day period for these roleplays to be posted. This makes it a lot easier for me to read every roleplay, while also making sure that there isn't someone out there who wins just by posting a dozen roleplays before his match. Trust me, I know how that goes (I used to win a lot doing that), but that's not going to happen here. This fed will be based more on quality than on quantity to decide its champions.

3b) Roleplay Allowances (Addition): A rather new addition to the roleplaying rules. If someone goes over 150 lines, I will not penalize them until they reach 175. If they have over 175 lines, I will deduct one point from their quantity grade. If they reach over 200 lines, I will deduct another point. This rule will keep someone from having an unfair advantage in room for storylines.

4) Foul Language: This one's just a helpful tip: if you curse a lot in your roleplays, odds are I'm not going to grade it as favorably. Some people think it's cool to use a cussword every sentence, thinking that it adds to the roleplay. I'm not one of those people. I'm not against cussing, mind you, but I would rather you use your limited space for something other than full-out profanity.

5) Anger Leads To The Dark Side: If you happen to lose a close match, don't vent your anger at me. This could be costly to your future hopes here at the GCWA. If you believe you should not have lost, write me a 'calm' e-mail and explain your reasoning behind it. While the match ending will not be changed, I will take your comments under advisement for future matches. It will greatly benefit your wrestler to not put him in a negative light by complaining too bitterly to yours truly.

6) No 'Volunteerism': This is an obvious rule that always seems to slip past some people. You are NOT allowed to use another wrestler in your roleplays without permission. This goes everywhere from seeing your opponent on the street to hitting him with a chair outside a shopping mall. Using a wrestler in your roleplays without permission is grounds for an immediate defeat in the ring. If you have to do something like this, make it a fake or a look-alike.

7) Mentioning The Match: This is a new addition to the rules, but one that definitely needs to be in here. If you have a match against an opponent scheduled, you must mention your opponent in your roleplays. Some feds require a percentage (say, 30/70 or 40/60), but I'm not quite that strict. However, if you do not even mention your match in your roleplay, then I can't count it towards your match. After all, it's technically NOT part of your match, if nothing is mentioned about your opponent.

8) RELAX!!! One of the easiest things to forget in an e-federation is that it's only a game. These is no reason to let wins and losses get to you. Just relax and have fun, and let me do the hard work of writing everything up!