The GCWA Training Facilities

To be one of the elite e-fed wrestlers in the world, you need practice, skill, and dedication. But to get to that level, you have to know where to start. This training facility was created to help younger, less experienced roleplayers learn the key points of being a successful e-fed wrestler in the GCWA. The various ideas mentioned do not ensure great success, but they will give you the foundation that you can build on to become a very gifted wrestler.

Character Development
The first step of any journey into a federation is to have a character that suits your way of writing. The history and background of your wrestler can allow many personality traits to come forth. This, in turn, improves your roleplaying abilities. This section gives many pointers on how to create a well-rounded wrestler capable of moving up the ladder towards the top titles.
Roleplaying Basics
Sometimes the basics are the most important facets of your training. This section gives a brief outline of the most essential parts of a roleplay. Many of the items mentioned in this section are used by the successful e-fed wrestlers in the GCWA, which means it can be hard to win without harnessing these skills.
Writing Skills
There are many steps in writing a roleplay that will gain you a championship. This section will go over some ways of bettering your writing with creativity and originality, so that you can take a shorter path towards the top of the division.
HTML Basics
A well-written roleplay can still not be enough. A touch of color, an added picture, or a different font can truly improve a roleplay's worth. This section will give a few basic tips on how to use HTML to improve your writing.
Roleplay Examples
Sometimes it's just easier to show a person right and wrong. This section contains examples of various e-fed roleplays, which will hopefully show you what a president looks for. (Under Construction)
The Test
Once you have practiced the other items on the list above, you may wish to test your skills, while not having to concern yourself with winning or losing a match. This section gives you the opportunity to get the opinion of a president before you venture into the world of roleplaying.
Have you fully prepared yourself for the life of a professional e-fed wrestler? Then return to the main page of the Global Championship Wrestling Association, and find out if you are truly ready for the challenge.

* Credit is given to the AWF Handbook, which helped immensely in the creation of this page.