GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*As the last program airs, a re-run of a medical drama that doesn’t interest anyone, you sit back in your recliner or on your couch. The anticipation is building. After all, it’s been weeks since you’ve had your fix! The picture goes black for a few seconds, and then begins to come in, showing a banner fluttering in the breeze. It displays four letters proudly in the center of the banner: GCWA. As it flaps back and forth, the Voice of the GCWA can be heard.*

Voice: It had been nearly a decade since the Global Championship Wrestling Association had closed its doors. In many people’s minds, it had been closed for good, never again to bring the high level of entertainment to its many fans. But in one man’s eyes, a re-birth was inevitable.

*A shot of the Accelerator flashes across the screen, showing him dressed nicely in one of his custom-tailored grey suits. He’s soon covered up by a dark mist, covering the screen.*

Voice: When it was announced that the GCWA was returning in 2009, there was a great deal of skepticism and doubt. Would the company be able to make a return to its glory days of before, or would this become known as Ace’s folly? Predictions ranged everywhere from six weeks to five days, to the show never even getting off the ground. But now, as we begin the dawn of a new decade, the GCWA has thrived, surprising everyone with the tremendous amount of competition and talent that it has brought to the table.

*A hard rock tune begins to play, even as the mist begins to disperse, showing us more details of the action going on behind it.*

Voice: It was a year of returning veterans, seizing what could be their last opportunity to make a mark on the wrestling business.

*Shots begin to glide by the screen, showing wrestling in mid-action. Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill are seen attacking in tandem. Lurrr’s Wake Up Call lands on an unsuspecting foe. The Lost Soul leaps into the Souled Out. The Big Bifford splashes an unfortunate soul in the corner. Harvey Danger flies into frame with a flying forearm. Draco climbs onto the corner and brings a man off with the Hellacious.*

Voice: It was a year of unknowns climbing the ladder and rising to the top of the wrestling world.

*We see the Danger Boiz both diving over the ropes, spinning down onto their opposition. Marcus Ka’Derrion locks a foe into the PainKiller. Shane Donovan, smiling, belts a poor fool with a handcuffs shot to the side of the head. Scott Caine and Penance are shown walking towards the ring. Robert Santana lashes out with a violent kick to the head. Arachne appears, laughing insanely. Bucky Johnson and Grimm are seen, going at it. The last shot is of Mr. Excellent, evilly grinning as he holds up the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title.*

Voice: It was a year of triumph over adversity, of success and of failure, of glorious victory and tragic falls from glory.

*Some of the more famous (and infamous) moments of the year soar past the screen. Derek Mobley winning the Warriors of the Ring ’09 Tournament to become the first new GCWA World Champion. The surprise appearances of men like The Lost Soul, Dynamic Dynamite, and Draco, among others. The power of the Roman Empire, going against men like Marcus Ka’Derrion and D & D. The Summer of Lurrr. The rise of Draco to the top position in the company.*

Voice: It was a year that will be talked about in wrestling history… as only the beginning…

*The mist that’s still hovering around the edges of the screen suddenly ignites, sending a ring of fire completely around the screen. Inside the window, still visible, we see shots of almost every superstar in the GCWA go by, showing how much is still left to accomplish for the young company. As the rock music hits its high point, jamming away, the fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, the familiar hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, taking us to the GCWA Studios! The music slowly fades into the background, as the cameras focus on the sole individual sitting at the ‘news’ desk.*

Anthony Logan: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thanks for tuning in! I’m Anthony “Lightning” Logan, and I’m your host tonight for this special Friday Night Inferno look back at the year that was! You may be wondering, where, exactly, is my broadcast colleague from the past year, Edward Jones?

*A pop-up box appears next to Anthony, showing Jones with a weird look on his face, clearly taken from a bad picture. It’s definitely not the most flattering shot ever seen of the announcer.*

Anthony Logan: Well, I’m afraid you Jones-a-holics out there are going to have to wait to get your buzz until next week. For Christmas, Jones and his wife decided to go travelling, heading up into a high-priced mountain retreat. I hear that Jonesy is going to be paying it off with his 2010 salary. Anyhow, as most of you know, some torrential snowstorms hit the United States over the past few weeks, and, unfortunately, the Joneses have been unable to get away from the retreat. Of course, I hear they’re doing well, and Jones even talked about how the kitchen has been kind enough to deliver free room service from time to time, as long as Mrs. Jones helps with the cooking.

*A pop-up appears of Mrs. Jones, wearing a hot dress and smiling seductively towards the camera. You can almost hear various fan-boys running to their computers to look up more pictures.*

Anthony Logan: Good ol’ Jonesy. Clueless as ever. So with my broadcast partner unavoidably detained, and with the Accelerator being too lazy to get off his rear and get over here to help out, I decided to find myself a different sort of broadcast colleague. Some of you might remember him from the ICWF, and some of you might just remember him because of his similarities to yours truly… here’s my brother, Andrew “Laser” Logan!

*Anthony turns to his right, as the much-larger brother walks out onto the set. Andrew has on a similar cutaway tux as Anthony, with the only difference being that Andrew’s suit looks like it was last worn by the Incredible Hulk, shredded around the edges. Anthony tries for a high five, but Andrew gives him a short glare, and then takes a seat next to him.*

Anthony Logan: You going to leave me hanging, little bro?

Andrew Logan: I can’t believe you used the “Laser” nickname. That one was all your fault…

Anthony Logan: Hey, bro, can I help it if the ICWF wanted us to have a clever tag-team nickname? I mean, Electricity was cool!

Andrew Logan: Yeah, but Laser?

Anthony Logan: Alright, alright, that’s ancient history, bro. You’re on the GCWA now!

Andrew Logan: Yeah, I keep hearing about this place. I heard about a job opening on the security staff, actually. Might have to keep that in mind.

Anthony Logan: Good luck with that. Security’s been a dangerous place all year, what with Titan 3’s reign at the top, followed by the short run of The Lost Soul, and now with Reed M. Shin in charge.

Andrew Logan: For now…

Anthony Logan: Anyway, we’re getting way off track, bro! We’ve got a lot to cover tonight, with a bunch of awards to send out to the Best of ’09!

Anthony Logan: Tonight, we’ll be honoring the best and brightest in the GCWA! These awards are to be cherished, as only a few will earn these honors in their lifetimes!

Andrew Logan: Do I get one?

Anthony Logan: Andrew, you weren’t even in the GCWA in ’09. Why would you think you’d get one?

Andrew Logan: Then why the hell am I here? I’m getting paid for this *bleeping* job, at least, right?

Anthony Logan: Damn, bro! Chill out! Geez, you’d think you spent Christmas and New Years back in that haunted house or something…

*An involuntary shudder rushes through Andrew’s body, as he remembers some awful memories from his ICWF past.*

Anthony Logan: Ok, well, I’ll go ahead and get us started with our first award: The Angle of the Year! There were some great stories from 2009 that everyone was talking about and that everyone will remember. Many were complete surprises, such as The Lost Soul being unmasked as the Stranger. Or how about when Derek “Thriller” Mobley turned on the fans and joined the Roman Empire?

Andrew Logan: Too bad Mobley couldn’t stay with them. I still think he and Lurrr made a hell of a team. They could be ruling the GCWA right now.

Anthony Logan: Yes, well, there was a lot of competition for this one, but ultimately, it came down to two storylines. First, here is the runner-up Angle of the Year… the Investigation of Steve Wilson’s Assault!

*The video runs, showing us a shot of “PIC” Steve Wilson, the former GCWA X Division Champion. We see him partnering up with The Lost Soul, as he talks about reclaiming his gold. Minutes later, however, we see the shot that shook up the GCWA universe: Wilson, laid out in the back in a bloody heap, desperately needing medical attention. The events of the next few weeks are shown, as The Lost Soul began an investigation to discover the mystery attacker. Wrestlers like Tommy Crimson, Lurrr, and Scott Caine are interrogated by TLS. As the investigation continued, however, it seemed like all signs were pointing towards TLS actually being the attacker. The GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, is seen talking with the President, the Accelerator, showing him the evidence (a hair sample gathered from the crime scene) that appeared to show the veteran’s guilt and leading to TLS being suspended. However, TLS did not go away, working to prove his innocence. At Adrenaline Rush ’09, TLS revealed his findings, showing that Titan 3 was the actual attacker, and leading to T3 being removed as Head of Security.*

Andrew Logan: I can’t believe no one suspected Titan 3. He was always a sadistic SOB.

Anthony Logan: Suspect is one thing, Andrew, but proving it took a lot more work. It will be interesting to see if Steve Wilson is ever able to recover from his injuries and return to the GCWA. With that said, though, there was one more story that captivated the viewing public even more. Here is the winner of the Angle Of The Year… The Mystery of Blake Ka’Derrion!

*The clip rolls, showing the emergence of Marcus Ka’Derrion into the GCWA. The young wrestler was shown talking to his dying father, who, with his last breath, locked Ka’Derrion into a promise to attempt to become a wrestler. Marcus competed hard in the GCWA, earning the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title and running up an undefeated streak. Signs are shown around him as he enters events, stating: “Who is the father?” The speculation mounted with word that Ka’Derrion’s father was a former GCWA champion. Guesses went all over, from Blade to Titan 3 to others. Finally, Ka’Derrion promised to reveal the name at Darkness Falls. Although Marcus originally seemed to have a change of heart, at the end of the night, he came out after the main event, saving Derek Mobley from an double assault from Jobe Severity & Twiztid, dressed as his father: The Punisher. The fans are heard, chanting “Punisher!”, as Ka’Derrion stands in the ring, confirming his legacy. We fade away from the shot, going back to the studio.*

Anthony Logan: It was one of those moments that just stands out in your memory, bro. I mean, for a moment, I thought it was Punisher returning to the business. Instead, it was his son, who has done a fine job of living up to his father’s legacy.

Andrew Logan: He’s done alright, but in my mind, he’s got a long way to go before you can mention him in the same breath as Punisher. I mean, he’s only had, what, one World Title reign?

Anthony Logan: And how many have you had, if I may ask?

Andrew Logan: That’s not the point and you know it!

Anthony Logan: Well, it’s a new year, which means that we might once again see Marcus Ka’Derrion at the top of the GCWA. After all, he’s got a lot of years to go before his career fades out.

Andrew Logan: So what’s the next award? I want to keep things moving, so that I’m here as short a time as possible.

Anthony Logan: I always love how you lighten up a room when you enter, bro. Alright, then, let’s keep moving, with the Prime Time Award! This award is given to the wrestler who has the most diverse wrestling talents. He can wrestle in any number of matches and walk out the victor. There have been several worthy candidates, among them Draco, Shane Donovan, and Robert Santana. Two men managed more title reigns, however, in different branches, putting them in front of the pack! First, our runner-up has become a true hero of the people, joining with his own brother to make a sizable statement on the GCWA!

Andrew Logan: A brother tandem… joy…

Anthony Logan: Here is your runner-up for the Prime Time Award… Dangerous Dan!

*The picture cuts to a video clip of Dangerous Dan, making his first appearance in the GCWA on the very first Inferno. We see shots of Dan wrestling both in high-flying singles matches and in the tag-team division, being competitive wherever he went. We see Dan winning the GCWA Television Title on two occasions, making him one of the most dominant champions in that division for 2009. Dan is also shown with his brother, Crazy Chris, earning the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles twice as well. Whether with the Danger Boiz or on his own, Dangerous Dan has made a sizable impact on the GCWA.*

Anthony Logan: Dangerous Dan had an incredible year in 2009, and has to be considered one of the break-out stars in the division. It wouldn’t shock me to eventually see him at the top of the GCWA in 2010.

Andrew Logan: For him to do that, Anthony, he needs to do one thing: ditch his brother. The guy’s weighing him down!

Anthony Logan: Oh, c’mon, Andrew, the guys can still work together and be successful in singles brackets!

Andrew Logan: And how quick did you dump me when you went up into main eventing for the ICWF?

Anthony Logan: That was different… you went insane…

Andrew Logan: Well… maybe a little…

Anthony Logan: Now, let’s get to the top award winner… the man who is taking home the award of the Prime Time Player of the GCWA… aw, hell… it’s Lurrr…

Andrew Logan: Hah!

*The video starts up again, this time showing one of the most hated men in the wrestling world, Lurrr. He’s shown becoming the first ‘star’ of the GCWA X Division, holding the belt for many months over two reigns and competing in some of the most hardcore matches over the year. Lurrr then segued from that into the Intercontinental Title division, wrestling more standard matches, before vacating that belt and going up to the big time, taking over the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. Lurrr has proven that he can do it all, and basically HAS done it all throughout his career. The camera focuses on Lurrr during one shot, showing him saying that he will take on anyone in any type of match, because he’s just that damn good. We head back to the studio.*

Andrew Logan: Great to see that the President isn’t letting his own personal bias get in the way of good decisions. Lurrr deserved this one, Anthony.

Anthony Logan: There’s a lot I could say here, but I think I’ll keep my mouth shut for now… damnit…

Andrew Logan: Good decision. After all, you don’t want Lurrr to come after you and kick your ass… again.

Anthony Logan: ….

Andrew Logan: Since my ‘dear’ brother is feeling a little pissed right now, I’ll go ahead with this one. Tonight, we’re going to have four nominees for the biggest award that the GCWA has to offer: The Wrestler of the Year. It takes a lot to even be considered for this award. You have to have been named Wrestler of the Month at least once. You have to have held a major championship. You have to be thought of as one of the greatest in the business. All of these statements fit with our first nominee, a man who was one of the only wrestlers to return to action full-time after previously competing in the old GCWA. Our first nominee for Wrestler of the Year…. Derek Mobley!

Wrestler Of The Year Nominee: Derek Mobley

*The video opens quickly, with “Shipping Up To Boston” beginning to play in the background. We hear the voice of Minos echoing throughout an arena.*

Minos: Standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*We see footage of Derek Mobley walking out of the back, grinning from ear to ear, with Warrick Hill walking out behind him. You can hear the announcers talking about Mobley being one of the original GCWA veterans, and how he’s joining up to help create the new face of the company. Video starts to run, showing Mobley in competition against different wrestlers, landing some sensational maneuvers, including a Razor’s Edge and some impressive backbreakers. We see clips from Warriors of the Ring ’09, picking up on a shot of Mobley coming down to face the other tournament finalist, Shane Donovan. With a baseball bat in hand, Mobley charged the ring, starting the match off in a violent way.*

Logan: Oh man, Mobley’s got a lot of hate in those eyes! I haven’t seen him like this in a long time!

Jones: It isn’t going to take long to get this action going!

*We see the brawl between Mobley and Donovan, and then follow with a series of clips as the men fight into the crowd and to the back, with referees falling all over until finally, Titan 3 took over the duties. We see some of the most dramatic moments, including Mobley flipping Donovan to the outside and through a table (while handcuffed) and the ending, with Mobley delivering the Thriller on the exposed concrete!! Mobley made the pin, winning the match and getting his hand raised as the first GCWA World Heavyweight Champion of the re-birth!*

Jones Derek “The Thriller” Mobley, after so many years since his last attempt, has finally done it! He’s the Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Logan: It took everything he had and then some, but Derek managed to get the job done here tonight! Incredible!

*The video shows Derek celebrating his victory, holding up the newly-created championship belt with one arm. The cheers can be heard, echoing throughout, of the fans cheering for “Derek, Derek!” However, the video suddenly runs in slow-motion, then fades out, the cheers still echoing, but fading as well. We then see the darker turn that took place for Mobley, as we see clips of Warrick Hill turning on him, as well as Dean, with Derek fighting against the power of the Roman Empire, then, shockingly, joining up with them. “Tear Away” by Drowning Pool begins to play, showing the more sadistic side of the wrestler, in his battles against men like Marcus Ka’Derrion and the rest of the GCWA. We switch to GCWA Ultimate Survival ’09, where we see Mobley in the final match against men like Tommy Crimson, Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, and Draco. It all came down to Mobley and Draco, in a furious battle that had the fans on the edge of their seats. In the end, though, Mobley was able to nail a flying Draco with a huge punch (possibly with something hidden in his hand). Mobley then nailed Draco with the Thriller to win the match, becoming the 2009 Ultimate Survivor!*

Jones: Derek Mobley has done it!! He’s the #1 Contender again, winning the Ultimate Survival series!!

Logan: Yeah, but did he have something in his hand there at the end to do it?? I thought I saw something…

*Shots are shown after the match of Derek celebrating with the rest of the Roman Empire, oblivious to the hate coming down upon them from the crowd. We see Mobley’s attempted rise back to the top of the GCWA, only to lose the Hell In A Cell match to Marcus Ka’Derrion at Capital Punishment. Shots are then shown of Derek and Warrick leaving the GCWA, apparently on a long trip to Amsterdam. The efforts of the investigator searching for them are shown, with them finally being discovered as they return to the GCWA as the House of Pain! As “Miseria Cantare” by AFI begins, we see footage of the House of Pain working together as a team, having renewed their bonds through their travels. Mobley & Hill’s biggest moment together comes at Adrenaline Rush, where we see them fighting against D & D and the Danger Boiz. We see the final moments, as Shane Donovan locks Dangerous Dan into the Clincher, not realizing that Mobley has come back in and taken out Harvey Danger with the Thriller! Mobley got the pin, winning the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles for his team, their first reign in the GCWA!*

Jones: It’s a monumental night for the House of Pain, as they’ve retrieved the belts that they’ve pursued for quite some time!

Logan: What a match!

*The video finishes up with a series of clips from throughout the year, showcasing Mobley’s run through the federation. The last picture is a still shot of Mobley on the turnbuckle, smiling with the thrill of victory. We fade back out.*

Anthony Logan: Derek Mobley truly kick-started the GCWA into overdrive in its first few months, then was part of some of the most controversial storylines of the year. Will it be enough for him to earn the coveted award for the best the GCWA had to offer in 2009? We’ll find out later on tonight, as the GCWA End of Year Awards show continues!

*Andrew Logan can be seen, lounging back in his chair, barely paying attention. He’s just there for the quick paycheck. Anthony shoots a glare over at him, even as the camera zooms out, then begins to fade, taking us to our first commercial break.*

*We return from the commercials to the GCWA Studios, where the Logan brothers are once again waiting to begin. Appparently, Anthony and Andrew had words during the break, as Andrew appears to be a little more attentive, albeit also a little more annoyed.*

Anthony Logan: Welcome back, folks, to the annual GCWA End of Year Ace Awards! We’ve got a long way to go tonight…

Andrew Logan: Well, we could clear that all up by just reading all the winners and then calling it a night…

Anthony Logan: We’ve got a lot of time to fill, bro, so, unfortunately, that won’t work.

Andrew Logan: Damn. Ok, ok, so what’s the next award, then?

Anthony Logan: Well, we’ve got a pair of awards now to give out. They’re interconnected, as both emphasize a wrestler’s abilities on the biggest stages: the pay-per-views! Let’s start out on one end of the spectrum, as we have what is known as the Hard Luck Award. This award goes to the wrestler who has had a good career in the GCWA, and yet hasn’t managed to find the success on pay-per-view events. First off, our runner-up is a wrestler who hasn’t been shy about his views of the world, and has been all over the GCWA. Unfortunately, the PPV scene hasn’t always been his friend. The runner-up of the Hard Luck Award is… “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*As the video starts up, we see Donovan as he looked when he first appeared in the GCWA, competing in the Warriors of the Ring Tournament. At first, it seemed that Donovan was going to be extremely successful, making it all the way to the finals before falling to Derek Mobley in the main event of the PPV. Donovan then struck at Blood On The Battlefield, winning the GCWA World Title in an exciting “Fatal Fourway” contest. Donovan’s run, though, ended at the next PPV, Ultimate Survival, as he fell to Marcus Ka’Derrion in an Iron Man match. At Capital Punishment ’09, Donovan again lost a championship, dropping the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title in another “Fatal Fourway”, this time to The Lost Soul. Donovan got one more PPV victory at Crescendo ’09, thanks in large part to his partner, Draco, pushing them to victory for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles over Harvey Danger & Peter Vaughn. But the rest of Donovan’s PPV run would not be as successful, losing an ‘unsanctioned’ contest to The Big Bifford at Heat Wave ’09, losing the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles to the House of Pain at Adrenaline Rush ’09, and being unable to win the Righteous Rumble, ending his PPV record at 3-6.*

Anthony Logan: I don’t think there are too many wrestlers who can say that they’ve lost three championships during pay-per-views in one year.

Andrew Logan: That just shows the amount of competition the dude faced, Anthony. Give Donovan credit for never backing down from a challenge!

Anthony Logan: No he never did, and hopefully, he’ll be back from his injuries, sustained at the hands of Scott Caine & Penance, soon. That being said, it’s time for the true award winner, the man who, for some reason, never could get a lucky break at a pay-per-view. In fact, despite several close calls, this wrestler hasn’t had a PPV night yet that didn’t end in defeat! The ‘winner’ of the GCWA Hard Luck Award is… Dangerous Dan!

*The picture shoots over to a shot of Dangerous Dan, a wrestler who has put up some tremendous victories in the GCWA. But Pay-Per-Views have become his nemesis. We start out with Warriors of the Ring III, where Dan made it to the end of the “Fatal Fourway Elimination” Match for the vacated GCWA Intercontinental Title, only to fall at the end to Marcus Ka’Derrion. The two met again in a rematch at Darkness Falls, but again Ka’Derrion managed to slip away despite a furious fight from the young contender. At Blood On The Battlefield, Dan joined with Crazy Chris, but could not defend the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, falling to the surprise team of Stranger Danger. At Ultimate Survival, Dan and Chris both made it to the finals, but again, things just didn’t work out, as Derek Mobley won the Ultimate Survival Championship. The Danger Boiz then focused on the tag-team division again, but Stranger Danger again managed a successful defense at Capital Punishment. At Crescendo ’09, Dangerous Dan lost a “Fatal Fourway Elimination” Match to Scott Caine, dropping the GCWA Television Title. At Heat Wave ’09, the woes continued, with Dangerous Dan losing a “Ladder” Match for the vacated IC Title to Draco, due to outside interference. The troubles continued at Adrenaline Rush, as the Danger Boiz didn’t figure into the final decision, as the House of Pain won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. At the Righteous Rumble, Dangerous Dan put on his best PPV match to date, setting a record for longest-lasting competitor in the Rumble, but he couldn’t earn the final win. Finally, at Wreck The Halls, the Danger Boiz again lost the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, falling to another strange team, Biffarachnephobia. Dangerous Dan’s look of anguish after one of the losses is shown, displaying how close he’s come, again and again, without the sweet taste of victory.*

Andrew Logan: That’s definitely what you call “Hard Luck”. I mean, the kid’s got like 25 victories, right? Rough times, man.

Anthony Logan: Still, many people see Dangerous Dan as the future of the business. He very well could still find himself main-eventing a pay-per-view in the near future, and might have the opportunity to go for the alternative award in 2010.

Andrew Logan: Maybe so, but like I said, he’s got to drop that dead weight holding him down.

Anthony Logan: … Moving on… the companion to the Hard Luck Award showcases the wrestler who has been the most successful in the PPV arena. There have been several with surprising numbers, but a few have risen above the pack. First off, our runner-up for the Mr. PPV Award. He is a wrestler who has made a major impact on the GCWA since making his first appearance back in January, and although he’s slowed down in recent months, he’s still worthy of consideration. Here is the runner-up… Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The video starts up on by showing Ka’Derrion making his way to the ring, set for competition. We first see him at Warriors of the Ring III, where he stunned the world by winning his debut match and becoming the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. Ka’Derrion would go on to defend the belt against Dangerous Dan at Darkness Falls, and retain it in a “Flaming Tables” Match over Tommy Dreamer at Blood On The Battlefield III. At Ultimate Survival ’09, Ka’Derrion got his biggest victory to date, winning the GCWA World Heavyweight Title from Shane Donovan in an “Iron Man” Match. Ka’Derrion would continue in the main event scene for the next few PPV’s, winning a “Hell In A Cell” Match over Derek Mobley to stay the champion at Capital Punishment, then winning back the World Title from Tommy Crimson in a “Ladder” Match at Crescendo. This, surprisingly, would be Ka’Derrion’s last PPV victory of the year, as he lost the World Heavyweight Title to Lurrr at Heat Wave ’09, then only appeared at one PPV over the next 4 months, in a dark match against Scott Caine that led to a Double Countout.*

Anthony Logan: You have to think that, if Ka’Derrion had been competitive the last few months, he would have wrapped up this award. But he left just enough room for someone else to squeeze in.

Andrew Logan: The guy had injury issues, Anthony, and personally, I think he was screwed. These awards are a rip-off, man, designed to sell the current wrestlers and not the greats from the past! We oughta strike!

Anthony Logan: Damn, Andrew, do you ever think before you say stuff?

Andrew Logan: Nah, that just slows me down…

Anthony Logan: That’s what I thought. Let’s get to the winner of the award. He’s been on a tremendous roll as of late, including at the pay-per-views, and will hopefully continue his run into the new year… the winner of the Mr. PPV Award for 2009… Draco!

*The shot changes to a video clip of Draco, apparently in mid-Cheshire-grin, as he looks towards the camera. We cut to a shot of Draco first competing at Ultimate Survival, where, despite a disagreement with his ‘forced ally’, Tommy Crimson, carried their team into the finals and got to the final step before falling to Mobley. At Capital Punishment, Draco and Crimson settled their differences, with Draco getting the decisive win before moving on to the Fatal Fourway Match for the IC Title, with Draco coming within a second of winning the match. Draco’s roll would start out at the next PPV, as D & D won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, taking down Harvey Danger & Peter Vaughn. Draco’s next PPV also featured winning a championship, as he won a “Ladder” Match for the vacated IC Title over Harvey Danger and Dangerous Dan. The string of championship wins stretched to three at Adrenaline Rush, as Draco won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a “TLC” Match over Lurrr to reach the top of the federation. Draco’s run wouldn’t stop there, as he defended the World Title twice more, beating The Lost Soul in a “Steel Asylum” Match at the Righteous Rumble, and stopping Lurrr from reclaiming the gold in a “Hell In A Cell” Match at Wreck The Halls. The shot switches to a clip of Draco seemingly looking off into the distance, possibly looking for the next challenger to his championship. We fade back to the studio.*

Anthony Logan: You’ve gotta love a fighting champion, and Draco’s definitely done that. If not for a couple of last-second maneuvers, Draco very well could have been undefeated in the pay-per-view scene in 2009!

Andrew Logan: Yep, but *bleep* happens.

Anthony Logan: Uh, yeah, yeah it does. Man, I can’t believe I actually wish Jonesy was here.

Andrew Logan: Hey, if you want to do the rest of the show by yourself, then by all means…

Anthony Logan: No, no bro, it’s cool. Relax, alright? Folks, earlier, we showed you the first candidate for Wrestler of the Year, Derek Mobley. Well, while Mobley ruled the roost for the first few months of 2009, there was always one man standing close behind him, who would eventually take a step out of the shadows and take over the top position in the company. He’s a legacy wrestler, a man who has strived to prove himself worthy of his last name. Introducing the second candidate for Wrestler of the Year… Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Wrestler of the Year Nominee: Marcus Ka’Derrion

*The video starts up, showing a shot of a young wrestler staring in the bright lights around him, as if considering where he’s been and where he’s going. Marcus Ka’Derrion finally makes eye contact with the camera, his intense eyes almost seeming to focus on the viewer. As “Whatever” by Godsmack begins, we once again hear Minos’ voice.*

Minos: Coming from Miami, Florida, standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*We see early footage from Ka’Derrion’s run in the GCWA, starting with his competition at Warriors of the Ring ’09, where he took on Scott Caine, Dangerous Dan, and Mr. Excellent for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. Ka’Derrion appears inexperienced and nervous in his first big match, making mistakes along the way, but leaning on his mysterious legacy to allow him to continue to fight. We skip to the end of the match, as Ka’Derrion and Dangerous Dan are the last men standing. Ka’Derrion manages to block a Dan DDT, then takes his foe down with a snap cradle brainbuster, which allows Ka’Derrion to get the improbable victory and the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title!*

Logan: The rookie did it! In his first match, Marcus Ka’Derrion is a champion!

Jones: I wonder how his father feels about that!

*With that one comment, we start to head into the mystery of Marcus’ father, Blake Ka’Derrion. Speculation runs far and wide about the man’s identity, which Marcus keeps from revealing for many weeks. We switch to GCWA Darkness Falls ’09, after Derek Mobley has successfully defended the GCWA World Heavyweight Title against Twiztid, only to get attacked by both Twiztid and Jobe Severity after the match. Suddenly, help came in the form of a man running down to a GCWA Hall of Famer’s music: Punisher! The man attacked the two men with Punisher’s move set, including applying the PainKiller to Twiztid. With the fans roaring, the wrestler went over to Derek Mobley, revealing himself.*

Jones: Wait a damn minute!! That’s not Punisher!!!

Logan: It’s… it’s… it’s Marcus Ka’Derrion!!!!!!

Jones: Wait… He came down to Punisher’s music…. HE CAME DOWN TO PUNISHER’S MUSIC!!!

Logan: So, that means… Marcus is Punisher’s son??

Jones: My god!! My god!! The mystery is over!! Blake Ka’Derrion was the Punisher!!

*The memorable shot of Ka’Derrion, wearing his late father’s legendary gear, is followed by shots from Ka’Derrion’s undefeated streak, as he continued to build himself up in victories. “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park hits the speakers, changing the tone to a more confident one, as Ka’Derrion himself appears to grow as a wrestler. His defenses of the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title are shown, as he fended off all comers to his title. We then head to Ultimate Survival ’09, where Ka’Derrion is shown coming down for his match with the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shane Donovan. Clips from their Iron Man match are shown, an intense affair that went down to the wire, with Ka’Derrion tying things up with only 2:30 left in the contest. Both men tried desperation pins near the end, but, with only seconds left, Ka’Derrion scored the last maneuver, getting the Punisher and making the cover for the victory, taking his undefeated streak all the way to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title!*

Jones: The clock is out!!! He did it!!! Marcus did it!!!!

Logan: Unbelievable!!!

Jones: After an epic come-from-behind victory, Marcus Ka’Derrion has reached the same plateau as his father, becoming the second Ka’Derrion to win the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!

*Ka’Derrion is shown holding onto both championships, as the confetti falls around him. The grin on his face, even with the busted lip, showing how far he had come in his career. We see a few more shots of his time in the GCWA, from his infamous “Buried Alive” match with Twiztid to his recent actions in the federation, including his brawl at Wreck The Halls with Scott Caine. After all those shots finish, though, we end with one signifying shot: that of Marcus Ka’Derrion standing in front of a portrait of his late father during his own championship run in the GCWA. Marcus has his own belt around his waist, as he looks back over his shoulder, then comes back forward, his own place in GCWA history secured. We fade out, heading to a commercial.*

*We come back to the GCWA Studios, where the Logans are once again sitting at their respective desks. Andrew, thankfully, has been given a chair that keeps him from towering over his much-smaller brother.*

Anthony Logan: It’s still incredible to me, thinking about the fact that the GCWA has lasted an entire year. Nobody predicted we would make it this far. I mean, the fact is that…

Andrew Logan: Hey!

Anthony Logan: What??

Andrew Logan: Less talking and more awards giving, man!

Anthony Logan: What’s the rush, man? Got a hot date?

Andrew Logan: No, but if we want to get this card posted on time, we need to hurry up!

Anthony Logan: “Card posted”?

Andrew Logan: It’s just a figure of speech. Y’know, like, we don’t want the show to run wrong, do we?

Anthony Logan: Hmmm, no, I guess not. Alrighty then, moving on, per my brother’s ‘heartfelt’ request… the next two awards signify the polar opposites of the wrestling business. Our industry is here for one simple reason: to entertain the fans. After all, without the ticket buyers, without the fans that purchase our merchandise, there’s no reason for us to even be around. Most fans are entertained by the fan favorites, those wrestlers that you can’t help to root for. But for those guys to be successful, they need a foil to play off of, which is where our heels come in. It’s the battle of good vs. evil, fought every week in and out of the squared circle. So who rates as the best and the worst? First off, we’re going to talk about the faces.

Andrew Logan: Ah, yes, the little do-gooders who will do anything to please the dorky fans.

Anthony Logan: This award is special, as it bears the name of one of the greatest faces to come through the GCWA. Garrett Jax, aka Blade, spent his entire career with the GCWA as a man who worked with the fans both at the arenas and away, doing some great charity work on the side. So we’re proud to announce that this one is the Garrett Jax Role Model Award!

Andrew Logan: Blade gets an award named after him? *Bleep*.

Anthony Logan: Don’t worry, Andrew, I’ll talk to them about creating a douchebag award named after you, if you want. Anyhow, this year, we’ve had some great role models, although not all of them have been that way the entire year. It was decided to make that a stipulation, which has removed a few names, most notably Draco, who started out a little on the dark side with Shane Donovan before his recent popularity. That left a few strong names, men like Dangerous Dan and The Big Bifford, among others, but two names really struck out. First up, the runner-up for the Role Model award, a man who has fought for law and order in the GCWA in his own unique fashion, The Lost Soul!

*The video rolls, showing us some clips of The Lost Soul, and showing the fans cheering behind him. Shots display The Lost Soul fan club, a group of wrestling fans who show up to almost every GCWA event wearing the well-known face paint of the long-time veteran of the sport. We see some shots of The Lost Soul in action, coupled with shots of him making saves to keep wrestlers from being injured. His inquiry and investigation into the assault of Steve Wilson is covered, as is his run as the GCWA Head of Security. The cheering for “TLS” echoes on, as we leave the clip behind.*

Andrew Logan: I remember that guy. Pain in the ass, he was.

Anthony Logan: He’s certainly not your ‘every day’ wrestler, but he’s always seemed to come down on the right side. He’s also an investigator in the outside world, known for helping police solve crimes when he’s not busy in the wrestling ring.

Andrew Logan: Does he get paid for that? Like a consulting fee, or something? Maybe I need to consider something like that…

Anthony Logan: Well, anyway, as good as The Lost Soul has been this year, there’s been one wrestler who consistently has gotten the loudest cheers from our audiences. He’s also been one of the hardest working men in the business, taking time out to meet with dying children and making the world a better place.

Andrew Logan: I think I may throw up…

Anthony Logan: Introducing the 2009 Garrett Jax Award winner… Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The video spins once again, taking us to shots of Marcus Ka’Derrion as he comes down the aisle, giving high fives to the excited fans stretching out towards him. Pictures display fans with various signs written specifically for Marcus, cheering him on as he wrestles in the GCWA. We see shots from a tour that Marcus did through a medical facility, spending some time in the Intensive Care ward with a youngster who had lost all of her hair from chemo-therapy. We then return to the ring, where the crowd can be heard roaring every time Ka’Derrion takes an advantage in a bout. The “Marcus” chant soars throughout the arena, showing the love that the fans have for him. We fade out.*

Andrew Logan: Yeesh…

Anthony Logan: Ok, bro, I know you’re not big on ‘good’ guys. How about you take the next award, named after one of the worst heels in wrestling history?

Andrew Logan: Gladly. These are the men that the fans should really respect, but are too stupid to realize a winner when they see it. These guys will do anything and everything to get the victory, since winning is all that matters. Sure, they might bloody a guy with illegal brass knuckles. They might use someone on the outside to help them out. What the hell is wrong with that? They get the job done, and that’s what counts. That’s why they created this award for them: The Shannon Shag-Nasty Villainy Award!

Anthony Logan: Shag-Nasty, now THERE was a tool…

Andrew Logan: It takes a lot to be thought of for an award like this. Some guys just didn’t have it in them to be ‘evil’ long enough, like Derek Mobley, the *bleeper*. Scott Caine has figured it out, but he was a goody-two-shoes first, so maybe next year for him. Mr. Excellent is really coming along, and I have high expectations for him. But, really, when you talk about this award, it comes down to two men. The first of which, our runner-up, hasn’t changed his methods no matter what the fans think of him. His name? Shane Donovan.

*The music begins, but this time, instead of cheers leading us in, we get a chorus of boos. Shane Donovan is shown walking out and waving it off, not caring what the crowd thinks of him as he makes his way down. We see Shane in various matches early on in his GCWA career, when he was mainly known for his use of handcuffs to steal away victories. Donovan was not above the most despicable acts, especially when he beat down Annie Alvarez during the semi-finals of the Warriors of the Ring Tournament in ’09. We see clips of Donovan’s ‘slight’ transformation when he joined up with D & D, although the fans still didn’t care for him nearly as much as Draco or Harvey Danger. Donovan’s methods never changed, as he’s always looking for the shortcut, and isn’t ashamed of turning on people, like when he eliminated Harvey from the Righteous Rumble. Donovan’s evil smirk is shown, after who knows what deed, as the video fades out.*

Andrew Logan: I know the fans want to make him a saint now, but Donovan does whatever Donovan wants, and that makes him a good candidate for this one. Hell, I hope when he comes back, he breaks a chair over Caine’s head, then takes out Draco and Danger as well. He doesn’t need them, after all!

Anthony Logan: Somehow, that wouldn’t surprise me, although we’ll see. Donovan’s always been a sneaky cuss. That’s how he got to be GCWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Andrew Logan: Of course, throughout the entirety of the year, there was one man that even Donovan couldn’t hold a candle to. There’s another guy who earns the honor of the “Most Hated Man” in the GCWA, and he earned it proudly. He’s never stepped away from who he really is, and he’s always gone the extra distance to make sure that he’s a star.

Anthony Logan: Yeah, including calling his lawyers.

Andrew Logan: Hell, that’s what he pays them for, so why not use them? The interesting part here is, love him or hate him, he’s been one of the best in the world for a long time, and he had a great 2009. So much so, that he’s also our third nominee for Wrestler of the Year!

Anthony Logan: … Damn… wonder if his lawyers got him that, too…

Andrew Logan: Let’s start the video for him… here’s the 2009 Shannon Shag-Nasty Award winner, and our third nominee for GCWA Wrestler of the Year… Lurrr!

Wrestler of the Year Nominee: Lurrr

*This video starts out slightly differently, as it begins by focusing on the crowd. We see some with furious expressions, as if wanting to jump the railing. They’re chanting, saying things like “Asshole!” and other choice words that just get bleeped by the censors. Suddenly, we switch to a shot of a man standing in the ring, turning himself around as if egging on the negativity that’s coming his way. The smirk on his face tells it all, as Lurrr turns towards the camera, breaking into an evil laugh. “Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to play, with footage of the veteran wrestling in the GCWA being shown. The voice of Minos once again echoes in your speakers.*

Minos: Here is the legendary veteran, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr!

*We see shots of Lurrr talking with his friend, Rick Mathis, forming the core of the Roman Empire and beginning their reign of terror early on in the year. We see clips from Warriors of the Ring 2009, where Lurrr takes on the recently-unmasked El Phantasmo, revealed as The Lost Soul! The battle was intense, with Lurrr getting some aid from the outside from Mathis to help distract TLS from battle. Lurrr then was able to take out TLS with the Wake Up Call, then make the pin, becoming the first-ever GCWA X Division Champion!!*

Jones: Just like that, this one is over! All it took was a quick distraction from Mathis to allow Lurrr, the veteran, to steal this one!

*We see shots of Lurrr celebrating with the title, segueing into shots of him building up the Roman Empire, including the shocking turns of Warrick Hill, Dean, and Derek Mobley. They’re soon joined by Tommy Crimson, forming potentially the most powerful stable to ever grace the GCWA. Lurrr, of course, stayed at the helm, as we see him continue to defend the X Division Title, losing it at one point only to come back and reclaim it, gaining an incredible 8 title defenses throughout his run in the division. We next see Lurrr winning away the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, once again getting a victory over The Lost Soul to gain another championship. Lurrr, though, would memorably vacate the belt, intent on reaching the summit: the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. We see shots from Heat Wave ’09, where Lurrr went up against the champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, in a “Three Stages of Hell” Match. We see the opening portion inside the boiler room, where Lurrr ambushed Ka’Derrion from behind to start things. After some heavy fighting, Lurrr pulled out some more dirty tricks, handcuffing Ka’Derrion in order to allow him to escape the room first, winning the first fall. Lurrr and Ka’Derrion fight for a while throughout the arena, with Ka’Derrion managing to surprise Lurrr with a roll-up to get the second fall, tying things up. The “Last Man Standing” portion decided things, with Lurrr landing his second Wake Up Call of the match to send Ka’Derrion flying off the stage and through some tables!! Ka’Derrion was counted out, with Lurrr celebrating his first GCWA World Heavyweight Title reign, having destroyed his opponent.*

Jones: The reign of Marcus Ka’Derrion is over! Lurrr has earned himself his first GCWA World Championship!

Titan 3: The Roman Empire just gained some serious ground, and I, for one, don’t like it!

*We see signs from rebel fans proclaiming it “The Summer of Lurrr”, with the leader of the Roman Empire fully in charge. We see clips of some of his best battles while the champion, including taking down a fierce challenge in Dangerous Dan. Although Lurrr would later lose the gold in a frantic “TLC” Match with Draco at Adrenaline Rush, the wrestler did not go away, continuing to plague the GCWA faithful. It all came to a head at the 2009 Righteous Rumble, where Lurrr entered as one of the favorites. He proved that the prediction was warranted, as he plowed through several wrestlers, men like Rick Mathis, Derek Mobley, Dangerous Dan, and others. In the end, thanks in part to a steel chair Wake Up Call kick to the face, Lurrr was able to eliminate the Big Bifford and stand tall as the last survivor of the 20 wrestlers who had entered the contest. He became the 2009 Righteous Rumble champ!*

Jones: Lurrr manages a huge victory, coming in at #16 and lasting the rest of the way!! It took some lucky breaks, but Lurrr’s now the man going after Draco!

Logan: Damnit, well, I’ll give him his props, as he managed to do what 19 other guys couldn’t! What a match!

*Lurrr’s shown in the ring, once again smiling despite the boos that are focused on him. He soaks them in, enjoying it even more because of their hatred. We switch to a rapid series of shots of the veteran in mid-action, attacking with all his favorite moves, finally ending up at the end with a still of Lurrr with the World Heavyweight Title in hand, as if daring the person taking the shot to try and take it away from him. We fade back to the studios.*

Andrew Logan: I tell you, that’s a real man, brother! If anyone deserves this, it’s him!

Anthony Logan: Yeah, yeah, whatever. He’ll always be a loser in my book, but oh well. We’ve had three of our four nominees for Wrestler of the Year. Who will be the fourth nominee, and who will take down the prize at the end of the night? Also, we’ve got several more awards still to go out, so don’t go away!

*Andrew and Anthony start into an in-depth argument about the greatness/awfulness of Lurrr, as the camera pans backwards, focusing on a nearby poster, which displays the upcoming GCWA Warriors of the Ring IV, coming in February of 2010. We fade to commercial.*

*As we return, we find ourselves… back in the GCWA Studios (Hey, we’ll have the big backstage segments and the like next week, ok?), where we rejoin Andrew and Anthony Logan, finishing up their argument about the use of heels in wrestling.*

Andrew Logan: Hey, I’m just saying, without guys like us, guys like you would never exist. If all wrestlers were nice guys, who the hell would care?

Anthony Logan: Whatever, that’s what guys like you always say… what? Oh, uh, ok, sorry, folks, didn’t realize that we were back...

*Anthony turns towards the camera, working to look more professional. It’s probably something he picked up from Jonesy. Andrew, for his part, doesn’t appear to care at all, but he shrugs and looks at the camera as well.*

Anthony Logan: We’re getting down to the last awards in the book for the 2009 year, and they’re all pretty big ones, so let’s keep moving! Next up on our list, we have the GCWA Feud of the Year! Sometimes, a grudge between two wrestlers gets so great that it takes on a life of its own.

Andrew Logan: You mean like between two brothers, one of whom got all the glory and left his other brother in the cold?

Anthony Logan: *sigh* Anyway, we had some great feuds in 2009, and to be a candidate for this one, the feud had to win a Feud of the Month award. Well, after much discussion, two have been chosen. First, our runner-up features a veteran with a decade of experience, and a second-generation wrestler in his first year of competition. It turned into one of the most memorable bouts of 2009, one that’s still talked about today. Our runner-up for Feud of the Year… Marcus Ka’Derrion vs. Twiztid!

*The tape rolls, taking us to Darkness Falls, where Marcus Ka’Derrion and Twiztid first butted heads. The two men grew in hatred with the other, with Twiztid hating everything that Ka’Derrion stood for, and vice versa. The two men had some brutal moments together, none more brutal than the historic “Buried Alive” Match that took place on a Friday Night Inferno. The two men painfully settled their issues, each trying to put the other man in the ground. On this night, a bloody and battered Ka’Derrion emerged the victor, with Titan 3 seen putting the final touches on the burial of Twiztid (who would return later in the year as Arryk Rage). It’s still unclear if the feud between these two men is completed, or simply dormant, waiting for another spark to set them off.*

Andrew Logan: That was a great one. I thought they had really killed the *bleep*.

Anthony Logan: Somehow, Arryk Rage survived, although it was definitely a scary moment to see him covered with so much dirt. I remember, though, when Twiztid broke Blake Ka’Derrion’s tombstone. That, alone, earned him what he got.

Andrew Logan: Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, that wasn’t cool. You don’t mess with dead relatives, no matter the provocation.

Anthony Logan: As harsh as that feud was, it burned bright and it burned out quickly, thanks to Twiztid’s burial. Some feuds, though, were longer lasting, and one feud, in particular, stands out as one of the greatest in GCWA history. It’s the only feud to win Feud of the Month THREE times! I’m talking, of course, about two men who have hated each other ever since they laid eyes on each other, and have fought in some of the great bouts of 2009. The winner of the Feud of the Year… Draco vs. Lurrr!

*The video cuts over to showing a shot of Draco and Lurrr facing off during their contract signing for their first World Heavyweight Title match against each other at Adrenaline Rush. We get a series of clips of the two men going at it, including D & D jumping the Roman Empire during the contract signing, and the Roman Empire later returning the favor. The two men fought in an epic “TLC” Match at Adrenaline Rush, with Lurrr almost winning, with only the interference of Harvey Danger saving the match for Draco, who made the comeback and became the World Champion. The heat would remain between the two men for the next few months, with Lurrr using it to power himself through the Righteous Rumble in order to earn another crack at the man. They faced once more at the end of the year, fighting in a “Hell In A Cell” at Wreck The Halls, ending with the incredible fall through the cage. We end on that note, although there’s clearly more room afterwards for more in the future, if possible.*

Anthony Logan: No doubt about it, those two guys truly hate each other!

Andrew Logan: That’s what makes a great match, brother. You’ve gotta have some anger in there to make it memorable. Like I said, you need the heat, or else the fans will walk!

Anthony Logan: Yeah, well, I’ve had some great matches with guys I respect.

Andrew Logan: Respect’s a different animal entirely. I’m talking about pure hate channeled into energy. It doesn’t get more intense!

Anthony Logan: Well, hate has inspired several of the bouts we’re about to talk about, as we go into the GCWA Match of the Year!

Andrew Logan: Nice segue way.

Anthony Logan: I try.

Andrew Logan: So I assume, to be considered Match of the Year, the bout has to have been named Match of the Month?

Anthony Logan: Exactly. That left 12 strong candidates, any of which could have been named the best. It must have been VERY tough to make the decision, but we have what’s been sent down to us, and they’re both pretty good bouts. Our Runner-Up is a match that really came out of nowhere to steal a show, namely, Capital Punishment. It was a contest that’s remembered for one move in particular, but sometimes, that’s enough to carry a match all the way. The runner-up for Match of the Year, Shane Donovan© vs. The Lost Soul vs. The Big Bifford vs. Draco for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship at Capital Punishment!

*The video rolls, giving us a view of the four top contenders coming towards the ring. We see clips from the match, with Donovan & Draco (D & D) working together for the majority, basically forcing The Lost Soul & The Big Bifford to do the same. As the match continued, some great maneuvers went down, with some equally great saves to keep from pinfalls being made. Near the end, Draco took TLS to the corner for the Hellacious, only to be stopped by The Big Bifford. Shockingly, Bifford decided to go up the turnbuckle as well, joining the other two in a fight. The three men fought, with Donovan coming over to join in the fight. With all four men on the ‘buckle, the fans were going wild, knowing something huge was about to happen. Donovan tried the Falling Star on Bifford, but Bifford hung on, sending Donovan collapsing to the mat. However, Draco then attacked Bifford and landing the Hellacious, dropping Bifford on top of Donovan!!! In the chaos, The Lost Soul managed to hang onto the ‘buckle, then climbed up, leaping high into the air and dropping with the Souled Out onto the flattened Donovan! Both Draco and TLS ended up making pinfalls on their respective foes, but Bifford managed to get an arm on the ropes, stopping that one. Donovan, however, couldn’t respond, getting TLS the victory.*

Anthony Logan: I’m still amazed that the ring didn’t collapse with that Hellacious. That might have been the greatest move I’ve ever seen.

Andrew Logan: It was pretty bad, alright, but it also shows why someone like Bifford should NEVER go to the top rope.

Anthony Logan: You say that now, but wait until he pulls out that moonsault of his.

Andrew Logan: Dear God, he has a moonsault???

Anthony Logan: Nah, but wouldn’t that be cool?

Andrew Logan: Geez…

Anthony Logan: As good as this match was, though, it didn’t feature nearly as much action as our winner did. It was a match that featured 20 men, all fighting for one, single victory. Is it any wonder that it managed to win this award? Here it is, the winner of the GCWA Match of the Year for 2009, the Righteous Rumble!

*We switch to clips from just a few months ago, as we see twenty men making their way to the ring. Giants like Aaron Styles and Penance met up with cruiserweights like Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger, all trying to be the last man standing. We see some of the big moments of the night, including Arachne taking out Robert Pattinson, Dangerous Dan’s incredible run, Shane Donovan eliminating Harvey (accidentally or on purpose), the massive team-up on Penance, and more, ending with the final three: Dangerous Dan, The Big Bifford, and the eventual winner, Lurrr. We see the final moments, with Lurrr using the chair to take down Bifford (wearing the Big Canadian mask) and winning the contest, earning another title opportunity. We then go back to the studio.*

Anthony Logan: That was a great match, no question, and it’s certainly one of the longest of 2009.

Andrew Logan: True, but there were some other good ones, like how about the Donovan/Ka’Derrion Iron Man Match? Or what about the Draco/Lurrr “TLC” Match?

Anthony Logan: Hey, the vote has been made, Andrew. No takebacks!

Andrew Logan: We need to give out multiple awards… oh well…

Anthony Logan: There are only a few left now, anyways, Andrew. First, though, we need to look at our final nominee for the Wrestler of the Year! This man arrived at the party a little late, making his debut in April ’09, but he’s certainly made the most of his time in the company. With numerous title reigns, including currently sitting at the top of the federation, he definitely should be in consideration for this one! Introducing our final nominee for GCWA Wrestler of the Year… Draco!

Wrestler of the Year Nominee: Draco

*The video opens up on a shot of Marcus Ka’Derrion walking down a hallway, only to get attacked. This was the first appearance of the man they call Draco. We see him starting a walk towards the ring, with the voice of Minos heard one more time.*

Minos: Coming to us from Whitesboro, New York, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, representing D & D, here is Draco!

*We see shots of Draco as he lands a numerous assortment of wrestling maneuvers, from the Momentum Shift to Light’s Out, from the Beginning of the End to the Inner Rage. He is shown in mid-flight several times, showcasing his aerial abilities. As “Indestructible” by Disturbed plays, Draco’s battles continue to shoot across the screen, only suddenly stopping with a slow-motion shot of Draco facing another man: Shane Donovan. The two, forming D & D, are focused on, with them working brilliantly as a tag-team, almost seeming as if they can read the other’s mind. They move fluidly, united as a team. We see footage from Crescendo 2009, where D & D took on Harvey Danger for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. Danger, who had been abandoned by the Stranger (aka The Lost Soul) weeks before, had tried to get the Accelerator as his partner, with no success, as he instead was stuck with “The Janitor” Peter Vaughn. We see some of the action, with D & D obviously looking better in sync throughout the contest. In the end, with Donovan having gotten rid of Danger, Draco was able to hit a distracted Vaughn with the Momentum Shift! Donovan then immediately came in with the Phoenix Stomp, ensuring that Vaughn would stay down for the cover by Draco, making them GCWA World Tag-Team Champions!*

Jones: Just like that, it’s over!

Logan: We have new tag-team champions!

*Draco & Donovan celebrate together, even as Danger is seen sadly leaving the arena. This only lasted a short time, though, as Draco & Donovan surprisingly signed Danger as their third partner, increasing the size of D &D! The trio became known for their antics together, with Danger usually oblivious to whatever Draco or Donovan arranged for them. We switch to shots from Heat Wave ’09, where Draco went up against Danger and Dangerous Dan for the vacated GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship, with Dynamic Dynamite as the special guest referee. Of course, Dynamite then changed the bout, making it a “Ladder” Match and raising the stakes. Some of the most exciting moves out of the match are shown, including a devastating plunge to the outside for a screaming Harvey. In the end, Draco landed the Momentum Shift on Dan, taking him down. Dan was then attacked by the Malvados, even as Draco made the climb, gaining his first singles championship!*

Logan: Thanks in part to the involvement of the Malvados, Draco is the new champ!

Dynamic Dynamite: You say that, Anthony, but you know there’s no guarantee that Dangerous Dan, in his condition, would have been able to stop Draco’s assent. In any case, he’s the worthy champion, and my job here is completed.

*Draco’s later shown holding two titles: the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship and one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Championship. He soon set his sights on a third, even as one of his most famous segments, the Complaint Department, began to broadcast on GCWA television. Draco would go on to earn a title opportunity against the World Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr, setting himself up for a great match at Adrenaline Rush: a “Tables, Ladders, & Chairs” Match! We’re shown some great clips from that contest, including the outside war between D & D and the Roman Empire, Harvey Danger’s race around the ladder to keep Lurrr occupied, and, in the end, Draco’s Hellacious off the ladder on Lurrr to put him down long enough for Draco to make the climb, taking his spot at the top of the GCWA!*

Logan: Incredible!! The Summer of Lurrr is over!!

Jones: We have a new Heavyweight Champion!

Logan: What a stunning ending to Adrenaline Rush!!! It was turn after turn, with both guys having some great chances to win, but in the end, it was a Hellacious off the ladder that decided it!!

Jones: Talk about a wild night for Draco, as he loses the Tag-Team Titles, but gains the biggest belt in the land!

*Draco is shown once more, celebrating with Donovan as the confetti comes down (Danger was still down and in no condition to join in). We see a few more clips, showing Draco fighting off a stiff challenge from The Lost Soul at the ’09 Righteous Rumble, then taking down Lurrr in the much-anticipated rematch, winning the epic Hell In A Cell match by sending Lurrr through the roof of the cell with the Light’s Out, then getting the submission victory. The fans can be heard chanting the once-reviled wrestler’s name, even as he holds the World Heavyweight Title aloft for all to see. The video fades out.*

Anthony Logan: So we have Derek Mobley, Marcus Ka’Derrion, Lurrr, and Draco… which one will be named Wrestler of the Year?

Andrew Logan: We’ll find out… after the break! Yes! I’ve always wanted to do that!

*Andrew is grinning for the first time, as Anthony ruefully shakes his head towards his brother. The camera zooms out once more before taking us to the break.*

*As the last commercial ends (and yes, that commercial is from the first show of ’09. I decided to do some repeats for history’s sake, heh), we return to the studio for the final award winners of the year. Andrew and Anthony Logan are still there, looking ready to wrap things up.*

Anthony Logan: It’s been a good show, with lots of awards handed out, but we’ve still got a few more to wrap up before we can declare 2009 in the books!

Andrew Logan: Man, how long does it take to finish something like this up? Geez…

Anthony Logan: Well, before we get to the main one, we have one more award to take care of… The GCWA Tag-Team of the Year award!

*Andrew sits up in his chair, interested. After all, for much of his career, he was a tag-team specialist. Anthony notices this and smiles.*

Anthony Logan: Grabbed your attention with that one, huh? Well, there were some pretty strong tag-teams in the GCWA in 2009, each warranting some consideration for this honor. Teams like The House of Pain and D & D were definitely in the running, but in the end, it came down to two teams that really did a lot with their time in the division. Our runner-up was a mis-matched team from the start, especially since one of the teammates didn’t know the identity of the other! Our runner-up for 2009 GCWA Tag-Team of the Year… Harvey Danger & The Lost Soul, Stranger Danger!

*We switch to the video clip, showing the events that led to this surprising tag-team. First, we see The Lost Soul after he collapsed in the ring during a Derek Mobley match, leaving the President no choice but to suspend him due to medical reasons. This was when, unknown to all, TLS donned the mask of the Stranger. At Blood On The Battlefield ’09, Harvey Danger was facing the World Tag-Team Champions, the Danger Boiz. Danger, though, got a surprising ally in the Stranger, helping him to win and become the new champs. Despite their differences (and the confusion of who was under the mask), the team proved to be pretty strong together, defending the belt on multiple occasions. But the team soon broke up under the strain, as Harvey’s mother proved to be the catalyst of TLS unmasking himself and walking away at Capital Punishment, leaving the belts behind.*

Anthony Logan: Stranger Danger had a long reign in the tag-team division, and definitely deserve a place on this list.

Andrew Logan: Eh, we would have kicked their asses. I could crush Harvey in one hand.

Anthony Logan: Yeah, well, underestimating The Lost Soul is also known as career suicide, bro, and Harvey’s done pretty well for himself, with numerous tag-team title reigns in 2009.

Andrew Logan: He ought to get his butt back in there, find himself another partner. How about Biffarachnephobia vs. Lightning Danger?

Anthony Logan: It has a good ring to it, but I’m retired. Danger will have to find himself another partner. Now, onto our winner. Throughout the year, there was only one team that was continuously together, and continuously going for the titles. They were also the only team to hold the belts twice, a major occurrence that has NEVER happened before, and who knows when it will happen again. Here are the 2009 GCWA Tag-Team of the Year winners… Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*Cheers are heard, coming from the video, as we see a shot of the two brothers standing side-by-side, gold in hand. Both have huge grins on their faces. We switch to a medley of Danger Boiz double-team maneuvers, showing their abilities inside the ring. Clips run of their first World Tag-Team Titles win in March ’09, when they took down the Payne Killers to take the gold. Their wars with Stranger Danger and D & D are showcased, as well as their incredible victory in the “Trick or Treat Hazardous Ladders” Match over the House of Pain in October ’09 to earn their second title reign. Their victory celebration is the last item on the video, as we head back to the studio.*

Andrew Logan: Seriously, you and I need to team up again. We’d dominate this place.

Anthony Logan: Talk to someone else, bro. I’m happy being an announcer.

Andrew Logan: You say that now, but we’ll see…

Anthony Logan: Huh?

Andrew Logan: Nothing, bro. Just go on. We’ve still got the big one left, right?

Anthony Logan: Well, yes… ok, well, let’s get to it, then. We’ve already named our four nominees for the most prestigious award the GCWA has to offer, the GCWA Wrestler of the Year.

Andrew Logan: Yeah, first off, we’ve got Derek “Thriller” Mobley, who held the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, and is the current Ultimate Survivor and the winner of Warriors of the Ring III. Pretty damn nice credentials.

Anthony Logan: Next up, there’s Marcus Ka’Derrion, the son of a Hall of Famer, Punisher. Ka’Derrion had a great year, winning the GCWA World Heavyweight Title twice, as well as wearing the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship.

Andrew Logan: Good numbers, too, but what about the man everyone hates, Lurrr? You’ve got a GCWA World Heavyweight Title reign, twice holding the GCWA X Division Title, a run as the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, not to mention being the 2009 Righteous Rumble winner! You may hate him, but you have to respect those numbers!

Anthony Logan: And finally, we have Draco, the current GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, who also has held the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship and the GCWA World Tag-Team Championship. This one had to be a hard decision, as every man had at least two Wrestler of the Month awards, and all have similar credentials.

Andrew Logan: Yeah, man, they’re all worthy, I have to admit. But who gets it?

Anthony Logan: Let’s find out!

*Anthony reaches to his side, grabbing a special envelope that was delivered from the Presidential office earlier today. It’s stamped with the Ace seal of approval.*

Anthony Logan: Alright, here it is… the big moment… feel the anticipation… after 365 days, it’s all come down to this… this envelope is…

Andrew Logan: Would you just *bleeping* open the thing? The suspense is great enough already, stop dragging it out!

*Anthony glances with shock over at Andrew, who just showed that he’s really interested in who won. Anthony shrugs, then rips up the side of the envelope, pulling out the card placed inside.*

Anthony Logan: And now… the 2009 GCWA Wrestler of the Year… is…

*Anthony stares at the card, then stares at it some more. Andrew appears to be in agony.*

Andrew Logan: Damnit, Anthony… say it!

Anthony Logan: … I don’t believe it…

*Angrily, Andrew grabs the card from Anthony, staring at it himself. His anger quickly fades, to be replaced with a wide grin.*

Andrew Logan: Well, what do you know… the 2009 GCWA Wrestler of the Year… Lurrr!!!

*Andrew lifts the card up, showing that it is, indeed, Lurrr’s name written on the card. Anthony’s only response is to put his head on the desk, covering up as if in tremendous pain.*

Andrew Logan: Ace must be coming around, because he made the right decision this time! With all his accomplishments, Lurrr earned this one! Incredible!

*Anthony has no response, but then, none is expected.*

Andrew Logan: My brother is speechless. Not surprising, given the circumstances. But I want to be the first one to send my congratulations to Lurrr. Great year, my man! So, who’s going to win these awards in 2010? It’s a wide open field now, and with the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament right around the corner, anyone can take it! I guess the road to those awards starts next week! For now, and for my brother, who’s not in a talkative mood anymore, this is Andrew Logan, wishing you and yours a great week. See you next time!

*Andrew, laughing to himself, turns to Anthony, wanting to talk more about Lurrr winning the award for the best wrestler in the GCWA. Anthony doesn’t want to look up, although he’s more than willing to bang his head against the desk repeatedly. Andrew shrugs, then starts talking to a producer, apparently wanting money from him for some bets that were made early on. As the talking continues, we switch to a quick video promo, touting the GCWA coming to your town in 2010. Don’t forget to buy your tickets now! And have a good night!*

OOC: Welcome to 2010!

I know this wasn't a standard card, and it probably wasn't the most riveting read, but I definitely had fun reliving some of the great moments of 2009. It was a good year, but here's hoping that 2010 will be even better! Here's our first official wrestling card of the year, kicking off the Warriors of the Ring Brackets. After much consideration, I've decided to make a personal sacrifice (hopefully, it won't seriously backfire on me), and have the PPV on Sunday, February 14th (which is in the midst of my show rehearsals, but I'll work on the card during the week *knocks on wood*). That'll give us four weeks to get through the tournament brackets for the PPV finish.

Sixteen wrestlers are now entered in the tournament. Which one will make it all the way to the end, to proclaim themselves the 2010 Warrior of the Ring??

Non-Tournament Matches:

- Draco(c) vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, Non-Title Match

Warriors of the Ring IV, Qualifying Round:

- Dangerous Dan vs. Grimm

- Aaron Styles vs. Arachne

- Scott Caine vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion, Grudge Match

- Mr. Excellent(c) vs. The Lost Soul, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match (and qualifier)

Roleplaying will be from Friday, January 8th to Wednesday, January 13th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!