Chris Candido

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 226 lbs

Real Name: Chris Candito

DOB: 3/21/1972

DOD: 4/28/2005

Hometown: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Other Names: "Mr. Charisma"(WWA), Chris Power(WWF), Bodydonna Skip(WWF), "No Gimmick Needed" Chris Candido(ECW), "Hard Knox" Chris Candido(WCW)

Wrestler Since: 1986

Finishing Maneuver: Blonde Bombshell Powerbomb, Flying Headbutt

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #331(2004), #294(2003), #287(2002), #96(2001), #129(2000), #133(1999), #45(1998), #71(1997), #69(1996), #42(1995), #45(1994), #83(1993), #422(1992), #403(1991)

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History: (Last Updated: 1/26/2007)

The Beginning / ECW/SMW / NWA
WWF: 1995 / 1996
ECW: 1996 / 1997 / 1998 / 1999
XPW: 2000
WCW: 2000
Independents & Overseas: 2000-2002 / 2003-2004
NWA-TNA: 2005

Chris Candito possibly was one of the most underrated wrestlers in professional wrestling history. While not being known as one of the greats in the sport, you can't deny that Candito had some measure of success no matter where he went. In fact, Candito's one of only a select group of wrestlers to be able to claim having held major titles in ECW, WCW, NWA, and the WWF, among others, showing that he should always be remembered, first and foremost, as a star of the sport.

The Beginning

Candito was born to be a wrestler, as he was the grandson of "Popeye" Chuck Richards, who had wrestled for the WWWF. Candito didn't waste much time starting on the path to stardom. He began training for a career in professional wrestling in 1986 at the age of 14, under the tutelege of "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe. For a time, Candito wrestled whenever and whenever possible, working to hone his craft and become skilled inside the squared circle. Candido, known as "Mr. Charisma", joined up with Tom Brandi, Darren Wyse, & Flex Lavender in the IWCCW as the Heart Throb 4, a promising stable. He also spent a majority of time, of course, with Sharpe's World Wrestling Association, and after a few years' worth of experience, Candido (now spelling his name with a "d" instead of a "t") finally won some gold, taking the WWA Junior Heavyweight Title from Johnny Hot Body in June '90. Candido later lost the belt, but continued to wrestle in the WWA, gaining the respect of his peers. Candido also had the respect of the audience, due to his bringing out his high school sweetheart, Tammy Lynn Sytch, with him to ringside. Candido regained the Junior Heavyweight Title in March '92, beating Chris Evans. A year later, Candido partnered up with Evans and beat the Lords of Darkness for the WWA Tag-Team Titles.

ECW/SMW: 1993-1994

In 1993, things began to heat up for Candido. Soon after Candido & Evans became WWA Tag-Team Champs, the WWA began to transform into Smokey Mountain Wrestling. In a show of respect, Candido was made the first (and only) WWA/SMW Heavyweight Champion, with Candido claiming to be the Real World Champion in SMW. While this was a great honor for Candido, he didn't spend all his time in SMW, as he had success elsewhere, most specifically in Eastern Championship Wrestling. On April 3, '93, Candido & Johnny Hot Body teamed up as the Suicide Blondes to win the ECW World Tag-Team Titles from Tony Stetson and Larry Winters, a great win for Candido. The two wrestlers were also joined by Chris Michaels, forming a trio that could defend the belts in different combinations. This turned out to be a detriment to Candido, though, as Hot Body & Michaels lost the belts to the Super Destroyers in May '93. On the same night, however, Hot Body & Michaels redeemed themselves, returning the gold. This would only last for a few more months, though, before Candido opted to jump fully to SMW, vacating the belts and leaving ECW behind for the time being.

Candido next struck gold in October '93, winning away the SMW United States Junior Heavyweight Title from Bobby Blaze. Candido and Blaze would trade the strap back and forth several times over the next couple of months, with Candido ending up with the belt in the end. Unfortunately, the United States Junior Heavyweight Title was abandoned soon afterwards. Candido shrugged off the loss of the gold, though, and focused on the still-existing titles. In December '93, after Tracey Smothers won the vacated SMW Television Title, Candido challenged and defeated the already-tired wrestler, winning the belt for himself. Candido celebrated with his manager, Tammy, who had helped him to victory. Unfortunately, neither she nor Candido were able to stop Robbie Eagle from taking the TV Title away in January '94.

In April '94, Candido earned another title, as he and "Prime Time" Brian Lee took down the Rock 'n' Roll Express for the SMW Tag-Team straps. This led to a drawn-out feud between Candido & Lee and the Rock 'n' Roll Express for the next few months. During this time, Candido also kept up his singles competition, beating Sabu to become the first California Creative Wrestling Champion in June, and becoming a 2-time SMW Television Champ in July by getting the vacated title (Candido would lose the belt to Lance Storm a few weeks later). The Express finally won the tag-team belts back from Candido & Lee at The Night of Legends in August '94. The next day, though, at Fire On The Mountain '94, Candido & Lee got a special rematch, with Tammy Fytch's hair put on the line against Ricky Morton's. With their cheating ways, Candido & Lee regained the tag-team belts, and got to shave Morton's head. Their celebration was short-lived, as RnR won the belts back two days later, getting some revenge.

NWA: 1994-1995

While Candido was making waves in SMW, tremors were being felt in the National Wrestling Alliance. The NWA had held a tournament in August '94 to decide a new NWA World Champion. However, the winner of the tournament, Shane Douglas, turned on the NWA and threw down the belt, leading to the creation of Extreme (changed from Eastern) Championship Wrestling. After a few months of confusion, a new tournament was formed to decide the NWA Champ. Candido became one of the few chosen to compete, and made the most of it, gaining victories over Al Snow and the Dirty White Boy to make it to the finals, where he faced an old nemesis in Tracey Smothers. Candido overcame the challenge, though, and earned his biggest gold to date, the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Candido held the strap until February '95, when he was usurped by Dan Severn. It wasn't long after that when Candido heard from the World Wrestling Federation.

WWF: 1995

In June '95, Candido debuted in the WWF, with a brand-new name: Skip. He was joined by Tammy Fytch, now known as Sunny, with the duo becoming known as the Bodydonnas. Skip portrayed himself as a health-care guru, showing off his physique and basically insulting people wherever he went. Soon, Skip & Sunny were involved in several feuds. In a dark match at In Your House 2, Skip got his first WWF pay-per-view victory (in a way), beating Aldo Montoya. Skip next entered into a long feud with Barry Horowitz. At Summerslam '95, Skip and Horowitz went at it. Despite Sunny's interference, Horowitz managed to get the win, surprising many, as Horowitz, until then, had been known as a jobber. This hurt Skip's momentum, but didn't kill it completely.

Soon, Skip & Sunny began to form a team with the Doctor of Desire, Tom Pritchard (who later became known as Zip). Skip & Pritchard would form the Bodydonnas, a strong tag-team in the WWF. They were also joined, in a way, by Rad Radford, who wanted to be a Bodydonna. At the '95 Survivor Series, Skip, Pritchard, & Radford were joined by the 1-2-3 Kid in a match against the Underdogs, which included Horowitz, Marty Jannetty, Bob Holly, & Hakushi. The Underdogs struck first, with Holly eliminating Pritchard. But the quick-thinking Skip caught Holly during the celebration and pinned him, quickly evening the odds again. A few minutes later, Radford was able to take out Hakushi. Horowitz later got another surprising upset, taking out Radford, but the 1-2-3 Kid was able to dispatch Holly soon afterwards, making it 2-on-1. Jannetty fought back hard enough, though, to eliminate Skip, before finally (after being attacked from Sid Vicious) falling to the 1-2-3 Kid.

WWF: 1996

The Bodydonnas continued to work together going into the new year, becoming tag-team title contenders in the process. Skip & Zip, with Sunny in their corner, got their first major opportunity at the gold at the '96 Royal Rumble, where they faced off against the WWF Tag-Team Champions, The Smoking Gunns. The action was fast and furious between the two tag-teams, with the Bodydonnas looking for any way to get the victory. Near the end, Skip & Zip double-teamed Bart Gunn, setting him up for a huge suplex. But Billy Gunn intervened at the last second, taking Skip out of the equation. This allowed Bart to roll up Zip for the quick pinfall, keeping the belts away from the Bodydonnas.

Although they had been temporarily stopped, the Bodydonnas weren't done in their pursuit of the gold. When Billy Gunn's neck injury only a month later forced the Smoking Gunns to vacate the titles, the Bodydonnas quickly realized their opportunity, and got themselves entered into the tag-team title tournament. Skip & Zip were able to get through the first two rounds, taking down the Bushwhackers and Razor Ramon & Savio Vega, which enabled them to face off against a team they considered inferior, the Godwinns, at Wrestlemania XII. In a slightly shorter match than usual, the Bodydonnas and the Godwinns fought hard, with the Godwinns' strength advantage appearing unbeatable. But luck (and Sunny) was on the side of the Bodydonnas, with Skip taking out a distracted Phineas to earn the belts for himself & Zip.

The Bodydonnas and the Godwinns continued to feud over the WWF Tag-Team Titles over the next month, as they signed to face off again at In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies. Once again, the Bodydonnas seemed to be unable to counter the power of the Godwinns. With Skip down, though, Henry Godwinn got distracted by the referee, allowing Zip to quickly enter and make a switch with his partner. When Henry leaned down to grab "Skip", he was rolled up and pinned, as the Bodydonnas survived again. Unfortunately, the Bodydonnas' luck couldn't hold out forever, as the Godwinns finally won out in May '96, taking away the World Tag straps.

Over the next few months, the Bodydonnas worked to try to get their titles back. But when the belts went back around the waists of the Smoking Gunns, all odds seemed to be against Skip & Zip. Things only grew worse for the tag-team when Sunny left the Bodydonnas behind, instead joining with the Smoking Gunns as a Cowgirl. The Bodydonnas tried to find a replacement, as they brought in a "woman" named Cloudy to join with them. But a transvestite just wasn't the same as Sunny, as the Bodydonnas struggled in the rankings. They did get a big non-title victory at International Incident over the Gunns, but with the belts on the line in a "Four Corners Elimination" Match at Summerslam '96, Skip never even saw any action, as he watched from the corner as Zip was pinned in only 4 minutes by Billy Gunn. At the time, Skip was suffering from a broken neck, after feeling the effects of the Smoking Gunns' finisher. When the WWF wanted him to consider retirement, Skip left the WWF and was signed on once again with Extreme Championship Wrestling.

ECW: 1996

Candido immediately began to make an impact in ECW, as he dropped the "Skip" surname and went back to his roots. At High Incident in October '96, Candido made his first appearance, and took out one of the Dudleyz, Spike, showcasing his ability to work hard with lightweights. Candido also showed off his mic skills, performing some great bits for the ECW faithful. Candido continued to shine at November To Remember '96, where he took down Mikey Whipwreck with a top-rope powerbomb. It was around this time that Candido had become noticed by one of the best-known ECW wrestlers at the time, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas. Candido soon joined with Douglas and Brian Lee, forming one of the most powerful stables in ECW history, the Triple Threat. It was actually the second incarnation of the Threat (the first being Douglas, Chris Benoit, & Dean Malenko). For the rest of '96, Candido joined his partners in a long-running feud with Tommy Dreamer & the Pitbulls.

ECW: 1997

Candido entered '97 with a feud with former Bodydonnas wannabe Louie Spicolli (formerly known as Rad Radford in the WWF). The two went at it at House Party '97, with Candido walking away with the cheap victory. Candido also continued to work side-by-side with his Triple Threat breathren, with the trio taking on Dreamer & the Pitbulls at Crossing The Line Again. Unfortunately, the face team came out on top, with Douglas being the one pinned. Candido next focused on another well-known ECW wrestler in Sabu, mocking him by pointing to the sky (one of Sabu's trademarks). Sabu got his revenge at Cyberslam '97, though, beating Candido in the main event of the card with the Triple Jump Moonsault, despite Candido's best efforts to land the Blond Bombshell powerbomb.

Candido's problems also continued with Louie Spicolli, as the grudge between the two men from back in their WWF days wouldn't go away. At Hostile City Showdown '97, the two agreed to a "Three Falls" Match. Spicolli scored first, pinning Candido to the mat and putting him heavily on the defensive. But the crafty Candido came back to pin Spicolli, then later forced him to submit, getting the victory. In the meantime, the Triple Threat seemed to be dealing with a newcomer, as a masked man continually appeared to taunt Shane Douglas, making insults about him, his partners, and his wife. It was roundly suspected that the taunter was actually "Ravishing" Rick Rude. At Barely Legal '97, Candido was supposed to face off against Lance Storm, but came out and said that he was too injured to wrestle (Storm faced Rob Van Dam instead). Later that night, Candido helped Douglas defeat Pitbull #2 and stay the Television Champion. As part of the deal regarding the match, the masked man again appeared, and this time unmasked, revealing not Rude, but Brian Lee! Rude then appeared out of the riot squad that Douglas had hired to protect him, and the two beat down Douglas.

Candido joined Douglas in the feud against their former ally, Lee, and Rude, with Rude actually turning on Lee at one point and joining the Triple Threat. But the feud stalled, as Lee later left for the WWF and Rude became a co-commentator. Candido & Douglas soon found another replacement for the Triple Threat, though, getting Bam Bam Bigelow to join with them. Candido also formed another alligiance, of sorts, when he started allying with Taz against his foes in Rob Van Dam & Sabu. At Chapter 2 in May '97, Candido first helped Douglas & Bigelow defeat the Pitbulls, then teamed up with Taz to take down Van Dam & Sabu in a tag-team match, with Candido getting the pinfall on RVD.

At Wrestlepalooza '97, Terry Funk was set to defend the ECW Heavyweight Title against Stevie Richards. However, a neck injury to Richards kept him from wrestling, and it was announced that Chris Candido would take Richards' title shot. In a show of respect (at least in real life), Candido dressed in a similar outfit to Funk and gave him a hard fight, wanting to get the big belt in ECW. Candido nearly won with several piledrivers, including one through a table. But Funk came back with a cradle pin and won the match, keeping the gold from the Triple Threat. Candido next went into a short feud with another former Bodydonna in Tom Pritchard (formerly known as Zip). The two faced off at Orgy of Violence, with Candido getting a big win over his former tag-team partner.

The Triple Threat continued to roll along for the next few months, with Candido & Bigelow forming a strong tag-team in the process. At Heat Wave '97, Candido & Bigelow took down Chris Chetti & Balls Mahoney in a big win for the duo. Candido would continue to feud with Chetti over the next few weeks, leading to a singles match at Born To Be Wired. Once again, Candido came out on top, continuing his winning ways in ECW. Candido quickly used his record to his advantage, and got a Television Title shot against Taz at Hardcore Heaven '97. Candido showed his disrespect to Taz at the beginning of the bout, slapping Taz in the face. The brawl quickly escalated from there, with Candido fighting hard against the champion. In the end, though, Candido's overconfidence cost him, as he showboated after a powerslam, which allowed Taz to recover and get the Tazmission locked in, forcing Candido to tap out.

Going into September '97, Candido began to have issues with another great technical wrestler in Lance Storm. The two decided to have a bout at As Good As It Gets. It was a great bout between the two evenly-matched wrestlers. At one point, Candido showcased his arial skills, diving from the top rope into the crowd, where Storm was located. Near the end, Candido again took the advantage, scoring first with a piledriver, then ending the match with the Blond Bombshell powerbomb. The match was such a success that it ended in a standing ovation from the crowd. This caused more respect to form between Candido & Storm, although the mutual admiration was still joined by harsh feelings. This didn't stop Candido & Storm to start teaming up together, though, as they began to form a powerful tag-team.

Meanwhile, the Triple Threat began to have some serious problems, as Rick Rude used his Commissioner power to place Shane Douglas in several matches, with Douglas' newly-won ECW World Title on the line. When Rude placed Douglas against Bam-Bam Bigelow, it was assumed that the Triple Threat would find a way out of the predicament. But Bigelow instead turned on Douglas and used the opportunity to get the victory, taking away the World Title. This left Candido in a jam, as he became the middle man between Douglas and Bigelow. But Candido soon showed where his loyalties lied, as he helped Douglas regain the gold. At the same time, Candido & Storm continued to form a reluctant tag-team, winning consecutive matches against Tommy Rogers & Jerry Lynn at Ultimate Jeopardy '97 and November to Remember '97. The victories led to Candido & Storm to be given a Tag-Team Title shot, facing off against Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten and Phil LaFon & Doug Furnas at Better Than Ever. Mahoney's team struck first, wtih Mahoney pinning Furnas to eliminate the champs (LaFon & Furnas had won the titles the day before). But Candido & Storm were able to hang with the tough duo, as they pinned Mahoney and became the ECW World Tag-Team Champions.

ECW: 1998

Candido & Storm continued to defend the Tag-Team Titles into the new year, but problems were in store for Candido, as he began having arm troubles. This was showcased in Candido's match against Jerry Lynn at House Party '98. Although Candido put on a good showing (despite some stalling) against Lynn, he was beaten when Lynn locked on a cross-arm bar, forcing a hurting Candido to quickly tap out. Candido did come back later in the night, though, with Douglas, to help cost Bigelow a loss against Rob Van Dam. As the feud continued with Bigelow, it seemed that Candido & Douglas were grooming Storm to become the newest member of the Triple Threat. A match was set up near the end of January at Hostile City Showdown '98, with Candido, Douglas, & Storm facing Bigelow and his new partner, Taz. But this was a complete swerve, as Candido & Douglas beat down Storm, while Bigelow turned on Taz, reuniting the Triple Threat.

Although they still held the tag-team titles together, Candido and Storm feuded bitterly for the next few weeks. The two wrestlers faced off at Cyberslam '98, with another great battle between the two skilled technicians. In the end, when Candido went for a superplex, Storm was able to get the reversal, turning it into a monstrous super-powerbomb from the turnbuckle to get the victory. The feud continued a few weeks later at Living Dangerously '98, as Candido teamed with Douglas, while Storm had a mystery partner. Storm first brought out Sunny, Candido's ex from the Bodydonnas, but Sunny quickly turned on Storm, rejoining Candido. As Candido & Douglas knocked around Storm, though, Al Snow came out and joined the match, taking out Douglas with the Snow Plow and getting the pinfall victory.

Amazingly enough, despite their major differences, Candido & Storm continued to defend the ECW World Tag-Team Titles together over the coming months. At Wrestlepalooza '98, Candido & Storm faced off against Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney. Candido & Storm had several personality clashes during the match, but still managed to continue working as a team, albeit a disfunctional one. At the end, Storm looked to have the pinfall victory on Mahoney, but Candido surprisingly broke up the pin, then made it himself, getting the victory for the team. Despite the stryfe, the two were still champs together.

At A Matter of Respect '98, Candido and Storm decided to go at it again, this time getting themselves some dream partners. Candido joined up with Sabu, while Storm got Rob Van Dam. However, after a furious match, Sabu & Van Dam came back together as a team, taking out both Candido & Storm. This led to a multi-month feud between Candido & Storm and Sabu & Van Dam, which unfortunately didn't work out the best for Candido & Storm, as they finally dropped the ECW World Tag Titles and were unable to reclaim them, due to their inability to work well together. This led to another match between Candido and Storm, this time at Heat Wave '98, with Candido getting the victory after the Blond Bombshell powerbomb.

While Candido continued to feud with Storm in a series of matches, the Triple Threat was facing its own "threat" in Van Dam, Sabu, & Taz. The trio had become the "new" Triple Threat, causing a war to break out between the two factions. At November To Remember '98, the two stables went at it in a 6-man tag-team match. The match started out in the original Triple Threat's favor, as the Dudley Boyz attacked Van Dam & Sabu as they came down the aisle (with Taz making the save). Candido did his part, including putting Taz through a table at one point. But the original trio couldn't finish the faces off. In the end, the Tazmission was locked on Douglas, but both men were taken down by a Arabian Facebuster from Sabu. Sabu then pinned Douglas for the victory.

ECW: 1999

Things fell apart quickly for the Triple Threat in '99, mainly due to Bam-Bam Bigelow opting to go to WCW. This left just Candido & Douglas, with the two guys having problems due to their respective women, Tammy Lynn Sytch (formerly Sunny) and Francine. At Guilty As Charged '99, Douglas defended the ECW World Title against Taz in the main event. During the match, Douglas called for the Triple Threat, but was only answered by Tammy. When she reached out to Douglas, Francine shoved her, leading to a cat fight. This brought down Candido, who surprisingly slugged Douglas in the mouth and threw down his Triple Threat t-shirt, signifying the end of the infamous stable. Candido then left, as Taz forced Douglas to submit.

Only a week later, Candido faced off against Taz at House Party '99, with Taz's World Title on the line. Unfortunately for Candido, the match ended in a No-Contest due to Shane Douglas (who quickly faced Taz and lost to him later on that night). Candido continued to be a major force in ECW, however, and continued to challenge Taz for the gold. At Cyberslam '99, Candido gave it another try, this time without the interference of Douglas. But Candido couldn't finish Taz off, and was eventually made to tap out. Candido wasn't done, though, as he got another shot in May at Hardcore Heaven '99. This time, Candido had some back-up, as he brought the Dudley Boyz with him to the ring. But even with the Dudleys, Candido couldn't stop Taz's momentum, as he once again tapped out to the Tazmission. The only satisfaction for Candido was that the Dudleys reentered the ring after the match and took out Taz with the 3-D.

Candido & Tammy soon after faded from view over the summer, resting up while other superstars competed heavily in ECW. There were also rumors of drug problems occurring with the duo. Candido made a return to ECW going into the fall, and he competed on his last ECW pay-per-view at November To Remember '99 against Sabu. Unfortunately for Candido, Sabu was motivated from the recent death of his best friend, and even with Tammy trying to run interference (and nearly being put through a table), Candido was forced to submit to the Camel Clutch. Only a few weeks later, Candido & Tammy left ECW behind, with reports of missed bookings announced as the possible reason.

XPW: 2000

Even without ECW, Candido was still a strong star on the independent circuit. In February '00, Candido gained some more gold, this time becoming the NWA New Jersey Heavyweight Champion. Only a few weeks later, Candido did even better, as he upset Damien Steele at the XPW show My Bloody Valentine '00, winning away the XPW Heavyweight Championship. Candido held onto both belts at the same time for the next month, before losing the New Jersey gold in March. He continued to reign as the XPW Champion, though, which caught the notice of the final member of the Big 3 at the time: World Championship Wrestling.

WCW: 2000

In March '00, Candido appeared in WCW as a competitor in the cruiserweight division. He announced himself as "Hard Knox" Chris Candido, and quickly pushed that he would be wearing gold soon. He showed up at Uncensored '00 as a special guest commentator during the match between Psicosis and the Cruiserweight Champion, the Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea, mainly saying that he would soon be the champion. Candido's overconfidence later cost him a match, though, as the Artist came down during a Thursday Thunder match between Candido and Chavo Guerrero Jr, pushing Candido off the top rope to allow Chavo the easy pinfall victory. A furious Candido beat down Chavo after the match. Problems continued between Candido and the Artist leading into the next month, including when they were placed as a tag-team together. After repeated disagreements, the Artist took out Candido with a Jumping DDT and left, leaving Candido to get beat down and pinned by Crowbar.

It was in April '00 when everything changed in WCW, as it was announced that Vince Russo & Eric Bischoff were now in charge of the organization. The duo vacated every belt, including the Cruiserweight Title, and set up a series of matches to determine champions at Spring Stampede '00. For the Cruiserweight strap, there was a Suicide Six-Man Match set up, featuring Candido, the Artist, Juventud Guerrera, Shannon Moore, Lash LeRoux, and Crowbar. The battle was a wild one, with several outside individuals getting involved as well, including Daffney (for Crowbar) and Paisley (for the Artist). But the woman who had the biggest impact was Tammy Lynn Sytch, who came down for Candido and knocked the Artist off the turnbuckle, allowing Candido to get the victory and become the new WCW Cruiserweight Champion.

Candido and the Artist continued to feud over the next month, while their respective valets, Tammy and Paisley, went at it as well whenever they had the chance. At Slamboree '00, the two wrestlers met up again, this time with Candido coming in as the champion. He also had Tammy with him, a nice distraction for the fans. She also worked well against the Artist, nearly getting Candido the victory at one point when she caught the Artist with a chair shot, immediately starting another brawl between her and Paisley. In the end, Candido was able to hit a flying headbutt of the top rope to win the match, retaining the title. That was as far as the celebrating went, however, as Candido got racked from behind by Paisley, then Tammy had her dress ripped off by the Artist, leaving both in pain and embarrassment.

In the middle of May '00, on Monday Nitro, Candido & Tammy came out and challenged any mixed tag-team to face them. Candido even said he would put the Cruiserweight Title on the line. The challenge was answered by Crowbar & Daffney, and a wild match took place, with Miss Hancock watching from ringside. In the end, Daffney was able to get the pin on Tammy, which took away Candido's Cruiserweight Title (although Crowbar and Daffney couldn't decide who should be the new champ). A week later, Candido & Tammy interfered during the match to decide the champ, and, in a way, helped Daffney win it by knocking out Crowbar. Candido also continued to work for the New Blood, joining in a beatdown later that night of Terry Funk.

A few weeks later, on a June episode of Thunder, Kronik came out to the ring and were upset about having lost the tag-team titles via disqualification. They tried to call out the champs, but instead got Candido, who said that he and an old Jersey friend wanted to try their luck. Candido then came out with Bam-Bam Bigelow. The duo worked well together, but couldn't stop Kronik from getting the win, although Bigelow did get a beat down in afterwards. Later on that night, Shane Douglas called out Buff Bagwell, a man he had teamed with and sucker-punched the Nitro before. When Bagwell came down, Candido & Bigelow came after him, joining in Douglas to knock him out. Candido, Bigelow, & Douglas then stood together, reforming the Triple Threat in WCW.

The Triple Threat feuded with Bagwell for a few weeks, with Douglas helping Candido & Bigelow on one Thunder to win a "Handicap" Match over Buff, knocking him out with a lead pipe.But just as it seemed that the Triple Threat was going to take off in WCW, a unexpected "triple threat" took place to stop it. First, Bam-Bam Bigelow, after rescuing 3 children from a brush fire, suffered 2nd-degree burns, putting himself heroically on the shelf. Around the same time, Candido broke his arm at a house show, forcing him to wear a cast. It was later reported by Candido on the Internet that he had been approached by the WCW general manager, Eric Bischoff, the next week and told to cut off the cast so that he could wrestle, which Candido did, despite the pain. A week later, drug issues came up, as items were found in the trash can in Candido's & Tammy's dressing room. Reports of a drug test also came up, although no confirming report on this could be found. Candido & Tammy both were released from the company, ending their run with WCW.

Independents & Overseas: 2000-2002

Over the rest of 2000 and going into 2001, Candido and Tammy concentrated on various areas, including getting themselves both cleaned up and straightening out their lives. Candido wrestled some in the independent circuit, while Tammy was mentioned as running a tanning salon in New Jersey. In 2001, Candido made the first major maneuver in his wrestling return, as he traveled overseas to compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling. In May '01, Candido competed in the Best of the Super Juniors for NJPW, against international superstars like Jushin "Thunder" Liger (who won the league), Dr. Wagner Jr, Silver King, and others. Candido had other successful bouts in NJPW, earning some recognition that his wrestling career was on the rebound.

In September '01, Candido earned his first gold in over a year, becoming the Jersey Championship Wrestling Television Champion by beating Don Montoya. It was a huge victory for Candido, winning in front of the New Jersey fans. Candido also continued to tour for New Japan Pro Wrestling, going overseas over the next year. Candido began making appearances in several wrestling organizations in 2002, from USA Pro Wrestling to Xtreme Pro Wrestling, where he had several memorable confrontations with the XPW Heavyweight Champion, Shane Douglas. Candido had more success in USPW, where he defeated Red in August '02 to become the USPW United States Heavyweight Champion. Candido would reign for 2 months before falling to his old ECW nemesis, the Sandman. Candido finished out the year by winning the Legacy Wrestling Enterprises World Title, ironically beating the Sandman in the final match after a battle royal for the vacated belt.

Independents & Overseas: 2003-2004

Candido spent the early months of 2003 wrestling primarily with XPW, but took a rough hit in March when Tammy betrayed him during a match with Justice Pain. Still, Candido continued to work hard, and had some more success out of the country, as he won the WWC Television Title in June '03 by beating Fidel Sierra. The reign lasted over a month, with Vengador Boricua beating Candido in July. Another great moment for Candido took place in November '03, when, during a USPW show, Candido reunited with Douglas & Bam-Bam Bigelow to reform the Triple Threat. The trio worked well together, as always, keeping the other USPW wrestlers on their toes.

Going into 2004, Candido was able to make a huge impact while staying close to home. On the debut show for the Universal Wrestling Association (based in New Jersey) in March '04, Candido became the first holder of the UWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Four Corners" Match over Balls Mahoney, Kuvatro, & the Tower of Torture. Mahoney was able to take the title from Candido in April '04, but Candido was able to come back in May to reclaim the gold, winning a "Triple Threat" Match over Mahoney and Billy Reil. The feud between Candido and Mahoney continued to be the focal point of the UWA, but it was a third wrestler in their next "Triple Threat" Match, Crazy Ivan, who walked away with the UWA Title. Candido had other options open to him after the loss, as he returned to USPW and reclaimed the United States Title there, beating Mike Tobin. The belt was later vacated due to Candido having other commitments.

Candido then returned to full-time duty in the UWA (now known as NWA New Jersey) and got the World Title for a third time, beating Crazy Ivan in October '04 for the vacated title. Candido would then hold the gold going into the new year. It wasn't the only gold Candido held, either, as he beat "Kamikaze" Ken Anderson in November '04 for the NWA Mid-West Heavyweight Championship. It definitely seemed that Candido was on his way back up to the big leagues, as no one could stop him from winning the gold in the independents.

NWA-TNA: 2005

As the new year began, Candido was invited to NWA-Total Nonstop Action by booker Dusty Rhodes, giving Candido a chance to show how he had cleaned up his image. Candido's first match was against one of the best in AJ Styles at the beginning of January '05, and the two tore the house down in a great bout, with Styles getting the victory. Wrestling fans were buzzing at the return of the veteran to the big leagues, as Candido seemed to be throwing his heart and soul into every match he was a part of. At Final Resolution, Candido was given his first PPV match in years, albeit a pre-show match against Cassidy Reilly. Candido still made the most of the match, defeating Reilly with a flying headbutt off the top turnbuckle.

Candido soon began tutoring a young tag-team in the Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens). The trio worked together on various Impacts, with Candido usually on the outside when the Naturals had a match. Surprisingly, for Against All Odds, both Candido & the Naturals were left off the card, causing Candido to complain about how their talent was being used. Candido did have some luck, though, outside of NWA-TNA, as he gained the USPW United States Title for the third time in February '05 by beating Jay Lethal and Mike Kruel in a "Triple Threat" Match for the vacated belt (Trent Steel had been stripped due to a No-Show). This gave Candido three belts outside of NWA-TNA to wear, but this did not last, as Candido lost the NWA North Jersey Title to Warpath in March '05.

Meanwhile, in NWA-TNA, Candido continued to work with the Naturals against their various opposition. Candido seemed content, in a way, to work as the mentor for the tag-team, helping them whenever possible. At Destination X, Candido joined with Andy Douglas in the Pre-Show to defeat Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermain, with Candido's flying headbutt again getting the win. Later on that night, Candido & Douglas tried to help Stevens in his match against Chris Sabin, only to have Sabin win with a roll-up. Angry over the defeat, all 3 wrestlers attacked Sabin, with a masked star (later revealed as Shocker) making the save. Over the next month, Candido joined with the Naturals in their feud with the NWA World Tag-Team Champions, America's Most Wanted. Candido also joined up some with Lance Hoyt, liking his size & strength.

At Lockdown, Candido teamed with Hoyt against Sonny Siaki & Apolo in a "Tag-Team Cage" Match. It was Candido's first major PPV match in quite some time. Tragically, it was also the worst thing that could have happened for Candido. Early in the match, Siaki scored a dropkick on Candido, but then landed on Candido's leg, breaking it. Candido was carried out of the ring, leaving Hoyt on his own, where he eventually lost the match (with the Naturals attacking him afterwards in retaliation for Candido's injury). Candido needed surgery, and had several pins placed into his leg. While a tremendous setback, Candido took the injury in stride, even appearing as a manager for the Naturals' Tag-Team Title victory over America's Most Wanted on a taped show on April 26th (the show aired on April 29th).

Only a few days later, it was announced that Chris Candito had passed away due to complications from his surgery. Most reports described it as a blood clot, although a few also mentioned a staph infection. Whatever the cause, it was a tragic and shocking loss to the wrestling community, as organizations around the globe mourned the loss of a great man. NWA-TNA, WWE, NJPW, IWC, and others all expressed their condolences to Tammy Lynn Sytch and the rest of Candito's family, with the Naturals even doing a tribute to Candito during Hard Justice by placing an empty chair and a towel in their corner. There's no doubt that Candito had a sensational career in professional wrestling, and one can only imagine how far he would have climbed in his comeback had he not been injured. Candito was 33.

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (51 - 53, 6 NCs, 4 DCOs, 1 DDQ)
- ECW Cabrini College Show (April 2, '93) = Candido & Johnny Hot Body defeated JT Smith & Tommy Cairo.
- ECW Cabrini College Show (April 3, '93) = Candido & Johnny Hot Body fell to Tony Stetson & Larry Winters. Later on, Candido & Hot Body won the ECW Tag-Team Titles from Stetson & Winters.
- NWA Grand Slam (April 19, '93) = Candido pinned Jerry Lynn.
- ECW Arena (May 14, '93) = Candido & Johnny Hot Body retained the ECW Tag straps, beating Tommy Cairo & Glen Osbourne. Later on, Candido, Hot Body, & Richard Michaels fought to a No-Contest with Sal Bellomo & the Super Destroyers.
- NWA Grand Slam II (July 10, '93) = Candido fought to a Double Disqualification with Brian Christopher.
- ECW Tag-Team Title Tournament (August 7-8, '93) = Candido & Johnny Hot Body lost in the first round to the Super Destroyers. Eddie Gilbert & the Dark Patriot won the tournament.
- SMW Fire On The Mountain '93 (August 14) = Candido won, via DQ, over Tim Horner in a "Loser Must Suck On A Bottle" Match.
- SMW K-Town Showdown (August '93) = Candido lost a "Loser Must Wear A Diaper" Match, via DQ, to Tim Horner.
- SMW Thanksgiving Thunder '93 (November 25) = Candido fought to a "No-Contest" in a "Loser Gets Tarred & Feathered" Match with Bobby Blaze.
- SMW Thanksgiving Thunder '93 (November 26) = Candido lost a "Loser Gets Tarred & Feathered" Match to Bobby Blaze.
- SMW Thanksgiving Thunder '93 (November 27) = Candido again lost a "Loser Gets Tarred & Feathered" Match to Bobby Blaze.
- SMW Thanksgiving Thunder '93 (November 28) = Candido lost, via DQ, to Bobby Blaze in a "Loser Gets Tarred & Feathered" Match.
- SMW Christmas Chaos '93 (December 25) = Candido took down Brian Armstrong.
- SMW Christmas Chaos '93 (December 26) = Candido again beat Brian Armstrong.
- SMW Christmas Chaos '93 (December 27) = Candido defeated Brian Armstrong for the 3rd time.
- SMW Sunday Bloody Sunday (February 13, '94) = Candido pinned Tracey Smothers.
- SMW Marietta Debut (March 10, '94) = Candido fell to Tracey Smothers.
- SMW Bluegrass Brawl II (April 1, '94) = Candido lost a "Ladder" Match to Tracey Smothers.
- SMW Volunteer Slam III (May 20, '94) = Candido & Brian Lee stayed the SMW Tag Champions, beating the Rock-n-Roll Express.
- SMW Night of Legends (August 5, '94) = Candido & Brian Lee lost the SMW Tag-Team Titles to the Rock-n-Roll Express.
- SMW Fire On The Mountain '94 (August 6, '94) = Candido & Brian Lee regained the SMW Tag-Team Titles in a "Morton's Hair vs. Tammy Sytch's Hair" Match over the Rock-n-Roll Express.
- AJPW 22nd Anniversary Show (October 22, '94) = Candido & the Falcon were beaten by Satoru Asako & Kentaro Shiga.
- SMW/NWA Show (November 17, '94) = Candido lost a "Ladder" Match to Tracey Smothers.
- SMW/NWA Show (November 18, '94) = Candido was beaten by Tracey Smothers.
- SMW/NWA Show (November 19, '94) = Candido defeated Al Snow, the Dirty White Boy, and Tracey Smothers to win the vacated NWA World Heavyweight Title.
- SMW Thanksgiving Thunder '94 (November 24) = Candido & Boo Bradley fought to a Double Countout with Brian Lee & Cactus Jack.
- SMW Thanksgiving Thunder '94 (November 25) = Candido & Boo Bradley fought to a Double Countout with Brian Lee & Cactus Jack.
- SMW Thanksgiving Thunder '94 (November 26) = Candido & Boo Bradley again fought to a Double Countout with Brian Lee & Cactus Jack.
- SMW Thanksgiving Thunder '94 (November 27) = Candido & Boo Bradley once more fought to a Double Countout with Brian Lee & Cactus Jack.
- SMW Christmas Chaos '94 (December 25) = Candido & Boo Bradley lost a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match to Tracey Smothers & Cactus Jack.
- SMW Christmas Chaos '94 (December 26) = Candido lost a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match to Cactus Jack.
- SMW Christmas Chaos '94 (December 27) = Candido again lost a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match to Cactus Jack.
- SMW Super Saturday Night Fever (January 28, '95) = Candido was pinned by Boo Bradley.
- SMW Brawl in the Hall (February 25, '95) = Candido lost a "Loser Eats Dog Food" Match to Boo Bradley.
- SMW Sunday Bloody Sunday II (February 26, '95) = Candido lost a "Loser Leaves Town Dog Collar Chain" Match to Boo Bradley.
- WWF In Your House #2 (July 23, '95) = In a dark match, Skip took down Aldo Montoya.
- WWF Summerslam '95 (August 27) = Skip was pinned by Barry Horowitz.
- WWF In Your House #3 (September 24, '95) = In a dark match, Skip fell to Ahmed Williams.
- WWF Survivor Series '95 (November 19) = Skip, Tom Pritchard, Rad Radford, & the 1-2-3 Kid fought in an "Elimination" Match against Marty Jannetty, Barry Horowitz, Bob Holly, and Hakuski. Skip was eliminated by Jannetty. The Kid was the sole 'survivor'.
- WWF In Your House #5 (December 17, '95) = In a dark match, the Bodydonnas (Skip & Zip), Isaac Yankem, & Yokozuna were beaten by Barry Horowitz, Hakushi, & the Smoking Gunns.
- WWF Royal Rumble '96 (January 21) = The Bodydonnas lost to the WWF World Tag-Team Champions, the Smoking Gunns.
- WWF In Your House #6 (February 18, '96) = In a dark match, the Bodydonnas were beaten by the Godwinns.
- WWF World Tag-Team Title Tournament (February/March '96) = The Bodydonnas defeated the Bushwhackers and Razor Ramon & Savio Vega to reach the finals of the tournament.
- WWF Wrestlemania XII (March 31, '96) = In a dark match, the Bodydonnas won the vacated WWF Tag-Team Titles in the finals of the WWF Tag Title Tournament, beating the Godwinns.
- WWF Good Friends, Better Enemies (April 28, '96) = The Bodydonnas retained the WWF World Tag Titles, taking down the Godwinns.
- WWF King of the Ring Tournament '96 (May/June) = Skip lost in the first round to Marc Mero. Steve Austin won the tournament.
- WWF King of the Ring '96 (June 23) = In a dark match, the Bodydonnas defeated the New Rockers.
- WWF International Incident (July 21, '96) = The Bodydonnas won over the Smoking Gunns.
- WWF Summerslam '96 (August 18) = The Bodydonnas lost a "Four Corners" Match to the WWF Tag-Team Champs, the Smoking Gunns. The Godwinns and the New Rockers were the other participants.
- ECW High Incident (October 26, '96) = Candido took down Spike Dudley.
- ECW November To Remember '96 (November 16) = Candido pinned Mikey Whipwreck.
- ECW House Party '97 (January 11) = Candido beat Louie Spicolli.
- ECW Crossing The Line Again (February 1, '97) = Candido, Shane Douglas, & Brian Lee fell to Tommy Dreamer & the Pitbulls.
- ECW Cyberslam '97 (February 22) = Candido lost to Sabu.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '97 (March 15) = Candido won a "Three Falls" Match over Louie Spicolli.
- ECW Chapter 2 (May 10, '97) = Candido & Taz defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu.
- ECW Wrestlepalooza '97 (June 6) = Candido lost to the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk.
- ECW Orgy of Violence (June 28, '97) = Candido beat Tom Pritchard.
- ECW Heat Wave '97 (July 19) = Candido & Bam Bam Bigelow took down Chris Chetti & Balls Mahoney.
- ECW Born To Be Wired (August 9, '97) = Candido won over Chris Chetti.
- ECW Hardcore Heaven '97 (August 17) = Candido lost to the ECW Television Champ, Taz.
- Amarillo 50 Years of Funk (September 11, '97) = Candido was forced to submit to the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Taz.
- ECW As Good As It Gets (September 20, '97) = Candido defeated Lance Storm.
- Michinoku Pro 4th Anniversary Show (October 10, '97) = Candido & the Convict fell to El Gran Hamada & Tiger Mask IV.
- ECW Arena (October 18, '97) = Candido & Lance Storm beat Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon.
- ECW Ultimate Jeopardy '97 (November 8) = Candido & Lance Storm took down Tommy Rogers & Jerry Lynn.
- ECW November To Remember '97 (November 30) = Candido & Lance Storm defeated Tommy Rogers & Jerry Lynn.
- ECW Better Than Ever (December 6, '97) = Candido & Lance Storm won the ECW Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Three-Way" Match over Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon and Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney.
- ECW House Party '98 (January 10) = Candido was forced to submit to Jerry Lynn.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '98 (January 31) = Candido, Shane Douglas, & Lance Storm fought to a No-Contest in a "Handicap" Match with Bam Bam Bigelow & Taz.
- ECW Cyberslam '98 (February 21) = Candido was pinned by Lance Storm.
- ECW Living Dangerously '98 (March 1) = Candido & Shane Douglas fell to Lance Storm & Al Snow.
- ECW Arena (March 21, '98) = Candido & Lance Storm stayed the ECW World Tag Champs, beating Chris Chetti & Jerry Lynn.
- ECW Arena (April 18, '98) = Candido fell to Axl Rotten.
- ECW Wrestlepalooza '98 (May 3) = Candido & Lance Storm kept the ECW World Tag-Team Titles, winning over Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney.
- ECW A Matter of Respect '98 (May 16) = Candido & Sabu fought to a No-Contest with Lance Storm & Rob Van Dam.
- ECW Arena (June 6, '98) = Candido & Shane Douglas were beaten by Rob Van Dam & Sabu.
- ECW Arena (June 27, '98) = Candido & Lance Storm lost the ECW World Tag Titles to Rob Van Dam & Sabu.
- ECW Arena (July 18, '98) = Candido & Lance Storm lost to the ECW World Tag Champions, Rob Van Dam & Sabu.
- ECW Heat Wave '98 (August 2) = Candido pinned Lance Storm.
- ECW Arena (August 8, '98) = Candido fell to Lance Storm.
- ECW Arena (August 29, '98) = Candido defeated Lance Storm.
- ECW Arena (September 19, '98) = Candido took down Lance Storm. Later that night, the Triple Threat (Candido, Shane Douglas, & Bam Bam Bigelow) fought to a No-Contest with Masato Tanaka, Rob Van Dam, & Sabu.
- ECW Arena (October 10, '98) = Candido beat Jerry Lynn.
- ECW November To Remember '98 (November 1) = The Triple Threat lost to Rob Van Dam, Sabu, & Taz.
- ECW House Party '99 (January 16) = Candido fought to a No-Contest with the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Taz.
- ECW Cyberslam '99 (April 3) = Candido was forced to submit to the ECW Heavyweight Champ, Taz.
- ECW Arena (May 8, '99) = Candido took down Chris Chetti.
- ECW Hardcore Heaven '99 (May 16) = Candido once again lost to the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Taz.
- ECW Arena (October 23, '99) = Candido fell to Nova.
- ECW November To Remember '99 (November 7) = Candido was beaten by Sabu.
- ECW Arena (November 27, '99) = Candido & Rhino defeated Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill.
- XPW My Bloody Valentine (February 26, '00) = Candido won the XPW World Heavyweight Title in a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over Damien Steele.
- WCW Spring Stampede '00 (April 16) = Candido won a "Four Corners" Match over Juventud Guerrera, Lash LeRoux, Shannon Moore, Crowbar, and the Artist to become the WCW World Cruiserweight Champion.
- WCW Slamboree '00 (May 7) = Candido retained the WCW Cruiserweight Title, beating the Artist.
- NJPW Best of the Super Juniors '01 (May/June) = Candido competed in the league, which was won by Jushin Liger.
- NJPW International Center (October 28, '01) = Candido, Gokudo, & Jado were beaten by Jushin Liger, Masayuki Naruse, & El Samurai.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (February 16, '02) = Candido, Danny Devine, & Yutaka Yoshie fell in a "Handicap" Match to Giant Silva & Giant Singh.
- XPW New Year's Resolution (January 17, '03) = Candido was beaten by Julio Dinero.
- XPW Aftermath (January 18, '03) = Candido took down Julio Dinero.
- XPW My Bloody Valentine '03 (February 14) = Candido & Chris Chetti lost to the XPW Tag-Team Champions, Youthanazia.
- XPW Battle of the Burgh (March 8, '03) = Candido fell to Justice Pain.
- WWC 30th Anniversary Show (July 19, '03) = Candido lost the WWC Television Title to Vengador Boricua.
- IWC The Road To Super Indy 3 (February 28, '04) = Candido & Shane Douglas fell to Jimmy Vegas & Bubba the Bulldog.
- IWC Super Indy Showdown (March 20, '04) = Candido & New Jack won a "Handicap Street Fight" Match over Dennis Gregory, Jimmy Vegas, & Bubba the Bulldog.
- IWC Caged Fury (June 5, '04) = Candido, CM Punk, & Michael Shane won a "War Games" Match over Dennis Gregory, Jimmy Vegas, & Bubba the Bulldog.
- IWC Big Butler Fair '04 (July 2) = Candido lost a "Three Way" Match to CM Punk. Tracy Smothers was the other participant.
- NWA-TNA Final Resolution (January 16, '05) = In a dark match, Candido defeated Cassidy Reilly.
- NWA-TNA Destination X (March 13, '05) = In a dark match, Candido & Andy Douglas beat Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermain.
- NWA-TNA Lockdown (April 24, '05) = Candido teamed with Lance Hoyt against Sonny Siaki & Apollo. Early in the match, Candido had to be taken out after a serious leg injury (with Hoyt later losing the match). Four days later, Candido died of complications (reportedly a blood clot) after surgery to correct the injury.

Title Summary:
- WWA Junior Heavyweight Champion (6/03/1990 - 5/25/1991)
- WWA Junior Heavyweight Champion(2) (3/06/1992 - 11/28/1992)
- WWA Tag-Team Champion w/ Chris Evans (3/06/1993 - 5/15/1993)
- SMW WWA Heavyweight Champion (4/1993 - 1993)
- ECW Tag-Team Champion w/ Johnny Hot Body & Chris Michaels (4/03/1993 - 5/15/1993)
- ECW Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Johnny Hot Body & Chris Michaels (5/15/1993 - 7/1993)
- SMW United States Heavyweight Champion (10/04/1993 - 10/08/1993)
- SMW United States Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/09/1993 - 10/10/1993)
- SMW United States Heavyweight Champion(3) (11/13/1993 - 1993)
- SMW Television Champion (12/06/1993 - 1/10/1994)
- SMW Tag-Team Champion w/ Brian Lee (4/23/1994 - 8/05/1994)
- CCW Heavyweight Champion (6/19/1994 - 1994)
- SMW Television Champion(2) (7/05/1994 - 8/1994)
- SMW Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Brian Lee (8/06/1994 - 8/08/1994)
- NWA World Heavyweight Champion (11/19/1994 - 2/24/1995)
- PCW United States Heavyweight Champion (12/01/1995 - 3/29/1996)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion w/ Zip (3/31/1996 - 5/19/1996)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Lance Storm (12/06/1997 - 6/27/1998)
- ISPW Heavyweight Champion (7/22/1999 - 8/05/1999)
- NWA New Jersey Heavyweight Champion (2/19/2000 - 3/10/2000)
- XPW World Heavyweight Champion (2/26/2000 - 4/29/2000)
- WCW World Cruiserweight Champion (4/16/2000 - 5/15/2000)
- JCW Television Champion (9/08/2001 - 2001)
- USPW United States Heavyweight Champion (8/19/2002 - 10/19/2002)
- LWE World Heavyweight Champion (12/05/2002 - ??) - WWC Television Champion (6/07/2003 - 7/19/2003)
- UWA Heavyweight Champion (3/26/2004 - 4/16/2004)
- UWA Heavyweight Champion(2) (5/23/2004 - 2004)
- USPW United States Heavyweight Champion(2) (6/19/2004 - 11/19/2004)
- NWA North Jersey Heavyweight Champion(formerly UWA)(3) (10/24/2004 - 3/20/2005)
- NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion (11/12/2004 - 4/28/2005)
- USPW United States Heavyweight Champion(3) (2/26/2005 - 4/28/2005)

PWI Achievement Awards: (1 win, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)
- 2005 Most Inspirational Wrestler