Shane Douglas

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 240 lbs

Real Name: Troy Martin

DOB: 11/21/1964

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Other Names: Troy Orndorff, Dean Douglas (WWF), "The Franchise" Shane Douglas(ECW/WCW)

Wrestler Since: 1982

Finishing Maneuver: Pittsburgh Plunge, Franchiser

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #180(2004), #166(2003), #149(2002), #58(2000), #98(1999), #30(1998), #42(1997), #20(1996), #28(1995), #32(1994), #72(1993), #245(1992), #171(1991)

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History: Troy Martin knew he wanted to be a wrestler early on in life. When he was in seventh grade, he and his close friends started their own backyard wrestling federation. The organization was a success, which led to Martin getting a promoter's license a short while later. However, instead of journeying into professional wrestling, Martin instead became a teacher, tutoring students on a variety of subjects. This didn't last long, though, because Martin had a dream of being a wrestler, and he wasn't going to let anything stand in his way. In 1983, Douglas began training under Dominic DeNucci, working alongside many other aspiring wrestlers, including Mick Foley. Douglas debuted in November '83 as Troy Orndorff, wrestling in Georgia Championship Wrestling, among other organizations, slowly learning the craft that he had followed for most of his life.

In 1987, Shane Douglas finally started to make a name for himself. In the UWF, he defeated "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert in August to gain the UWF Television Title. The title reign was short-lived, but it was a step towards the big time for Douglas. In July '88, Douglas began tagging up with Lord Humongous (Sid Vicious) in Continental Wrestling, where they won the Tag-Team Titles for a short time. After Humongous moved on to the NWA, Douglas continued to jump from organization to organization, until finally venturing into the NWA on his own right in 1989. He was soon teamed up with one of his former partners from the GWF, Johnny Ace, forming the Dynamic Dudes. The Dudes had a long run in the NWA, wrestling in numerous tag-team title tournaments. In May '89, the NWA World Tag Title Tournament took place, with the Dudes beating Jack Victory & Rip Morgan in the first round before falling to the eventual winners, the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy).

The Dynamic Dudes later competed in the NWA United States Tag-Team Title Tournament at the beginning of 1990, winning over the MOD Squad, but once again the Dudes fell to the Freebirds (Hayes & Ronnie Garvin), ending their hopes for a title reign. Only a few months later, the duo broke up, and Douglas left the NWA for a time due to a shoulder injury, nearly leaving the wrestling business altogether. Douglas next appeared, briefly, in the WWF, wrestling at the '91 Royal Rumble, but not much came of his time there. In 1992, Douglas did some wrestling in Ohio, where he picked up the IWA Heavyweight Title in June, but he soon dropped the belt and headed back to the NWA, where he became paired with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. At Clash of the Champions XXI in November '92, they faced off against the NWA/WCW World Tag-Team Champions, Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham. Rhodes & Steamboat were long-time friends, adding emotion to the mix. When Rhodes accidentally hit a low blow on Steamboat, he refused to take advantage of it, then stopped Windham from making the easy cover. While the two champions argued, Steamboat recovered, and rolled Windham up for the victory, winning the unified belts for himself and Douglas.

Douglas and Steamboat held the tag-team titles until March '93, battling against Windham, Brian Pillman, and other members of the Dangerous Alliance. They finally lost the belts to Pillman & Steve Austin, then later went their separate ways. Douglas then headed over to another NWA branch: Eastern Championship Wrestling. In September '93, Douglas was declared the ECW Champion via forfeit, when Tito Santana failed to show up for the match. He spent the next few months feuding with members of the NWA/ECW contingent, mainly focusing on Sabu, Terry Funk, and others. He also had a manager in "Sensational" Sherri Martel. A month after winning the belt, Douglas was defeated by Sabu in his second match of the night (Douglas had beaten JT Smith via DQ earlier), taking his belt away. Douglas continued to be a major factor of the ECW, wrestling in some great matches, including fighting to a draw with Sabu & Terry Funk in a 60-minute Triangle match.

Douglas made his way back up the ECW brackets in March '94, when he competed in an 8-man War Games match at ECW Ultimate Jeopardy, teaming with Mr. Hughes & Public Enemy against Terry Funk (the champion), Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, & the Tazmaniac. Douglas came out on top, pinning Funk and regaining the ECW World Title. A week later, Douglas ventured into the United States Wrestling League, beating Axe (of Demolition fame) to gain the USWL Unified Title. Douglas only kept the belt a short time, though, prefering to defend the ECW Title instead. Douglas continued to ally himself with Mr. Hughes and the tag-team Public Enemy, who helped him retain the belt for the next few months, against such wrestlers as JT Smith, Hawk, Sabu, Funk, and others. But Douglas' biggest moment in his career was still to come.

In August '94, Douglas entered the vacant NWA World Title Tournament. He defeated the Tazmaniac and Dean Malenko to reach the finals, then took down Too Cold Scorpio to lay claim to the NWA World Title. He then delivered a spirited speech, talking about the tradition of the NWA. He mentioned such wrestlers as the Funks, Buddy Rogers, Harley Race, Barry Windham, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, and others. He then said that they could all kiss his ass, because he wasn't accepting a torch handed down by an organization that had died seven years before. He declared himself "the franchise" and proclaimed himself the new Extreme Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the World, beginning a new era of the sport of professional wrestling. He then vacated the NWA World Title, dropping it as he and the rest of the ECW left the NWA to form their own destiny.

Douglas continued to be the power of the new Extreme Championship wrestling, forming the Triple Threat along with Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit. He had month-long feuds with wrestlers like Too Cold Scorpio, Ron Simmons, Tully Blanchard, and others, always coming out on top with the title in hand. He then entered into a protracted feud with the Sandman and his valet, Woman. The feud lasted for a few months, with Woman apparently turning on the Sandman to help Douglas win a match. But at the Hostile City Showdown in April '95, Woman proved it was a swerve, attacking Douglas with Sandman's cane when he had the Sandman in a submission hold. This allowed the Sandman to turn things around, and he managed to pin Douglas, finally taking the ECW World Title away from him. Douglas spent the next few months battling against the Sandman, but he was unable to get the belt back. In an infamous moment in ECW history, Douglas yanked a "Monday Night Raw" t-shirt off of a fan at ringside and put it on, becoming an anti-ECW wrestler. He was later 'fired' on the air by Commissioner Tod Gordon. Douglas responded by putting Gordon through a table at Heat Wave '95, then headed on to the World Wrestling Federation.

"Dean" Douglas debuted in the WWF in July '95 as a teacher-turned-wrestler (not altogether a falsehood). He soon found himself struggling to make an impact in the new federation, not having anywhere near the fame that he did in the ECW. Douglas soon found himself feuding on and off with Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), which later involved the WWF Intercontinental Title. At In Your House IV in October '95, Douglas was set up to face Shawn Michaels for the belt. Surprisingly, Michaels did not show due to being taken out in a bar fight, which allowed Douglas to win the belt via forfeit. That same night, though, Razor Ramon beat Douglas, taking the gold right back and making Douglas' one WWF reign a short one. Douglas would later ally himself with Ramon near the end of '95, and wrestled on his team at the Survivor Series, but had little to no push in the WWF. Douglas abruptly left the federation at the beginning of '96, to go back to where he was more appreciated as a wrestler, ECW.

At the January PPV, House Party '96, Shane Douglas made his reappearance in the federation which had made him a Franchise. He immediately badmouthed the WWF, quickly becoming a face in the eyes of the "extreme" fans. Douglas joined up with fan-favorite Tommy Dreamer, helping to protect the supposedly-pregnant Beulah against the attacks by Raven and others. He went after the ECW World Title for a time, but had little success against Raven and his Nest. He also wrestled briefly for the NEW, where he defeated Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart for the NEW Northeast Title in March '96. Douglas continued to focus on ECW, however, and began to head after the Television Title. At A Matter of Respect in May '96, Douglas reached his goal, beating Too Cold Scorpio to get the gold, the first time he had held the 'lesser' belt of ECW. A month later, when Too Cold Scorpio was too injured to compete, Douglas rashly challenged anyone from the back, and got exactly what he wanted, as wrestler after wrestler came out for their shot. Douglas defeated El Puerto Ricano, Don E. Allen, Devon Storm (Crowbar), & Mikey Whipwreck, then finally fell to Pitbull #2, who took away the TV Title.

After beating Mikey Whipwreck at Hardcore Heaven '96, Douglas went back for his TV Title, facing Pitbull #2, Chris Jericho, and Too Cold Scorpio in a Four-Way Dance for the belt. Jericho had beaten Pitbull #2 for the belt earlier in the month, making him the champion going in. Douglas managed to survive, getting past the other three to regain the ECW Television Title, thanks in part to Francine, Pitbull #2's valet. Francine turned on the Pitbull during the match and aligned herself with Douglas. Douglas & Francine continued to feud with the Pitbulls, especially after Douglas broke Pitbull #1's neck. It was an accident, but Douglas took full credit for it, starting a major war between him and Pitbull #2, as well as Tommy Dreamer, who was angered by Douglas' treatment of the Pitbulls. Douglas had his own allies, though, in Brian Lee and Chris Candido, who joined him in the new Triple Threat. For the rest of '96 and on, the Triple Threat warred with Dreamer & the Pitbulls.

In 1997, while Douglas and the rest of the Triple Threat was fighting their battles, Douglas began to be stalked by a masked figure, who attacked anyone in his way, including Mike Awesome, who Douglas had hired to protect him. Douglas became convinced that it was "Ravishing" Rick Rude, and called him out repeatedly, with little success. Douglas finally made a deal with the Pitbulls, putting the Television Title on the line in a match against Pitbull #2. If Douglas won, the masked man would show himself. Before the match, Douglas was escorted to the ring by a riot squad, keeping him safe from the masked man. Douglas won the match, taking out Pitbull #2, and earning the right to learn the identity of the masked man. The man came out to the ring and took off his mask, only to reveal Brian Lee, Douglas' ally! Before Douglas could react, however, one of the riot squad entered the ring and pulled off his helmet, showing Rude, who then attacked Douglas, starting a short feud between Douglas and Lee & Rude. Rude later turned and joined the Threat for a short time, but soon left for the WWF.

To replace Lee in the Triple Threat, Douglas enlisted the aid of a massive veteran in Bam-Bam Bigelow. With Bigelow & Candido by his side, Douglas looked even stronger than before. In June, during Wrestlepalooza '97, Douglas defeated Chris Chetti. Later in the night, he came out again, to face Tazz, and all but laid down for him, dropping the Television Title so that he could move up the brackets. A few months later, at Hardcore Heaven '97, he got his wish, facing Sabu & Terry Funk in a Three-Way World Title match. After a furious match, Douglas came out on top, winning the ECW Title for the third time. For the next few months, Douglas defended the belt against various, lesser opponents, with Rick Rude hand-picking his foes. Unfortunately for Douglas, Rude picked Bigelow, who promptly turned on Douglas and the Threat and beat him for the belt. This started a war between Douglas & Bigelow, with Candido as the man in the middle. At November to Remember '97, Douglas managed to overcome his former ally, regaining the ECW Championship for the fourth time.

Soon after, Douglas seemed to be recruiting Lance Storm to be the new member of the Triple Threat. But at Hostile City Showdown '98, Douglas & Candido turned on Storm, while Bigelow betrayed his partner, Taz, rejoining the Threat and making it strong once again. Douglas continued to defend the World Title for the rest of the year, against foes like Al Snow, Taz, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Storm, and other contenders, keeping the Triple Threat strong. But Douglas also had to deal with an arm injury, which kept him from wrestling as much as he might have liked. When Douglas finally returned fully to action, he joined Candido & Bigelow in confronting what had become the "New" Triple Threat, Taz, Sabu, & Rob Van Dam. Unfortunately, the "New" Triple Threat won out, beating Douglas' team at November To Remember '98. During this time, though, Douglas managed to add another short title reign to his resume, beating John Diamond to win the vacated NEW Northwest Heavyweight Title.

The year 1999 started out poorly for Douglas, on many levels. Bigelow had left to join up with World Championship Wrestling, breaking up the Triple Threat. Douglas also lost the World Title at the first PPV of the year, Guilty As Charged, when Taz took out Sabu and took his place in the main event match-up, winning the interference-plagued bout. Douglas tried to regain the belt, but was unsuccessful. Without the gold or the Threat, Douglas began to consider retirement, and came out one night on ECW television to announce who would take over the mantle of "the Franchise" of the federation. Both Lance Storm and Justin Credible wanted it, but Douglas gave it to long-time ECW wrestler Tommy Dreamer, causing an uproar and forming a new tag-team between the two called the Impact Players, who challenged for the tag-team titles for the next couple of months. Douglas also had a major feud with Credible, which was only increased after their battle at Cyberslam '99, when, after the match, Douglas was horribly caned by Credible. Before Douglas could get revenge, though, his contract with ECW ran out. After a breakdown in communications between Douglas and Paul Heyman, the Franchise left ECW once again.

For the next couple of months, Douglas ventured around the independent sectors. He won the NAWA Heavyweight Title in May '99, winning a Battle Royal while wearing a mask. He then appeared in Pro Wrestling eXpress, where he beat Big Poppa Gator for the PWX Heavyweight Title in June. He would hold the belt for a month before dropping it to Bubba the Bulldog, then went on to greener pastures in World Championship Wrestling. Douglas first arrived in WCW in July '99, bringing together other former ECW wrestlers Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, & Perry Saturn to form the Youth Revolution, a unit fighting against the power of the older veteran wrestlers, including Ric Flair, whom Douglas had called out many times in ECW. They feuded briefly with the West Texas Rednecks, and defeated Curt Hennig's crew at Road Wild '99, Douglas' first WCW PPV match. The Revolution then battled against other wrestlers, like Sid Vicious, Rick Steiner, the First Family, etc. At Fall Brawl '99, in a surprising upset, Douglas & Malenko were beaten in tag-team competition by Hugh Morrus & Brian Knobbs, only the start of the problems with the slowly-turning-heel Revolution.

In October '99, Benoit wrestled in an Owen Hart tribute match with Bret Hart, and subsequently became more allied with the Hitman. When the Revolution questioned his alligiances, Benoit threw away his Revolution shirt and walked away from the stable, causing a small war between Benoit & Hart and the Revolution members. The Revolution soon turned fully heel, bashing America and turning on their country. They feuded with Billy Kidman, and through him, the Filthy Animals, which led to an Elimination match at Mayhem '00. However, with Douglas suffering from a serious bicep injury which needed surgery, he was not part of the match, instead watching as Malenko, Saturn, and the Revolution 'valet', a rather large woman named Asya, took on Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, and Kidman's girl, Torrie Wilson. Saturn was the sole survivor.

The Revolution soon grew more and more political, and, at one point, tried to burn the American flag, only to be attacked by "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Things really erupted between Duggan, who was a WCW 'janitor' at the time, and the Revolution, which finally set up a match at Starrcade between the group and the wrestler. If Duggan won, the Revolution would take over his janitorial duties. If the Revolution won, Duggan would have to turn on America. At Starrcade '99, Duggan showed up with the Varsity Club (Rick Steiner, Mike Rotunda, & Kevin Sullivan). Douglas, though, was so confident that he sat at the announce table instead of joining his team (still nursing the injured arm). The Varsity Club quickly took advantage of the match, tossing out the Revolution. They then turned on Duggan, leaving him in a four-on-one situation. The numbers were too much for Hacksaw, as the Revolution beat him down, with Douglas only entering at the end to make the pinfall victory.

At the next Nitro, Duggan refused to badmouth America, earning him another beating from the Revolution. This brought out the Filthy Animals, returning from where they had gone, and bringing back the feud between the two groups. The Revolution quickly went after Kidman, seeing him as the leader of the group. At Souled Out '00, Kidman was signed in multiple matches by Douglas. His first one was against Malenko, in a "Catch as Catch Can" match. The first to hit the outside lost. This was a quick match, as Malenko rolled outside to apparently catch a breather, forgetting the stipulations of the bout. Kidman, thus, got the win in only a few minutes. Kidman next had to face Saturn in a Bunkhouse Brawl, and again came out with the victory. In the final match, Douglas had a surprise opponent for Kidman, making him face the Wall in a Cage match. This was too much, as Kidman was destroyed by the Wall, allowing Douglas to claim that the Revolution won out the night. But this was basically the last hurrah for the Revolution.

At the beginning of '00, Vince Russo was fired from WCW and replaced by Kevin Sullivan. Angered at the change, Douglas and the rest of the Revolution, along with Eddie Guerrero, demanded their releases. Vice President Bill Busch granted the release for all five, and four of them signed away. The only one who didn't sign was Douglas. While Benoit, Malenko, and the rest went into the WWF, Douglas tried to work things out between himself and WCW, believing that he had a better future with that federation. Unfortunately, WCW didn't see it that way, and Douglas was fired soon after due to his insubordination. Douglas spent the next few months working in independent organizations, apparently having burned all of his bridges back to the Big 3. It seemed like Douglas' major wrestling career might be over. Then, in April '00, Vince Russo returned to WCW along with Eric Bischoff, bringing together the younger wrestlers of the fed and forming the New Blood. With Russo back, Douglas also returned, signing a 2-year deal with WCW and renewing his feud with "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, running in and attacking him during a Monday Nitro.

At Spring Stampede '00, the first event under R & B's rule, Douglas teamed up with Marcus "Buff" Bagwell to compete in the vacant WCW Tag-Team Title tournament. Douglas & Bagwell easily beat the New Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray & Bit T), then went to the finals to face Team Package (Flair & "Total Package" Lex Luger). With some help from the New Blood, Douglas & Bagwell came out on top, winning the Tag-Team Titles, Douglas' first gold in WCW. The duo proved to be hard to beat for the next month, using dirty tactics to keep the gold around their waists. The two also continued their separate feuds with Flair & Luger, which led up to a match being signed for Slamboree '00 between Douglas and Flair. The match was a wild one, as many fans had been waiting for Douglas and Flair to get it on. Vince Russo also stayed near, helping Douglas keep in the match. The true factor, though, proved to be Flair's son, David, who betrayed his father and helped Douglas get the win.

Soon after Slamboree, Bagwell was arrested for assault, after attacking a WCW crew member. This, plus allegations of racial slurs from the wrestler, got Bagwell suspended for 30 days. Without a partner, Douglas had to find a replacement for the tag-team titles. He picked up his old ally, the Wall, but the duo were beaten by Kronik (Bryan Adams & Bryan Clark). Douglas blamed his partner for the loss, and things broke down between the two, causing a feud. During this time, Douglas also did some dirty work for Eric Bischoff, beating Terry Funk for the Hardcore Title. This lasted one day (the Thunder was taped), as Funk reclaimed his belt. Douglas then went back to concentrating on the Wall, which led to a match being signed at the Great American Bash '00. It was scheduled to be a Tables match, but Douglas changed the rules before the bout started, making it a "Best of 5" Tables match. The Wall jumped to a quick advantage, putting Douglas through multiple tables. But Douglas showed his brains, tricking the Wall to come back near the stage, where he had already set up three tables on top of each other. He managed to get the Wall through those tables in a major spot, winning the match.

With the Wall taken care of, Douglas went for the true source of his losing the belts, Buff Bagwell. The two former partners feuded for a few weeks, with Bagwell's new valet, Torrie Wilson, causing problems for Douglas. But Douglas found himself his own allies, temporarily reuniting the Triple Threat with Bam-Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido. The reunion was short, though, since a slow-healing injury of Candido's got him released from WCW, and Bigelow was soon after badly burned while rescuing children in a fire. This left Douglas against Bagwell, and the two faced off at Bash at the Beach '00, fighting both in and out of the ring. During the match, Torrie came to the ringside area, seemingly to distract Douglas. However, she turned on Bagwell, allowing Douglas to get his Pittsburgh Plunge. Bagwell managed to kick out, though, and nearly got the Buff Blockbuster, but Torrie once again interfered, allowing Douglas to slam Buff down with an Inverted Stunner and get the victory. Torrie then became Douglas' valet, bringing with her a feud with Billy Kidman, who had been betrayed by Torrie, his former girlfriend.

In July '00, during the WCW One-Night US Title Tournament, Douglas defeated Kidman, with help from Torrie, then lost to the eventual winner, his old nemesis Lance Storm. Things became even worse between Douglas and Kidman, as Douglas bragged about "Franchising" Torrie, while Kidman couldn't keep her interest. The two wrestlers met up at New Blood Rising in a "Strap" match, although pinfalls were counted. During the brawl, Torrie tried to hit Kidman with her shoe, but missed, hitting Douglas instead. Although Douglas did hit his Pittsburgh Plunge, Kidman later got the victory with the Shooting Star Press. After the match, though, Douglas got revenge, hanging Kidman over the top rope until Big Vito came to his aid. The two wrestlers continued to battle for the next month, with Kidman gaining his own ally in Medusa. This eventually led to Kidman & Madusa facing off against Douglas & Torrie in a Scaffold match at Fall Brawl '00. Early on in the fight, Torrie went down the ladder, and Medusa started to follow, but was kicked off by Douglas, falling all the way to the ground 18 feet below. This left Kidman & Douglas, with Douglas using his superior size and strength to his advantage. Despite Kidman's best efforts, Douglas threw Kidman off the top all the way to the stage, winning the match.

Douglas & Torrie next started feuding with Konnan, who was Kidman's ally in the Filthy Animals. Konnan brought in the Filthy Animals' valet, Tygress, to ally with him against Douglas & Torrie, and the two intergender teams signed a match at Halloween Havoc '00. Despite Konnan being injured earlier in the night during the tag-team title match, he opted to come out for the match. Needless to say, Douglas took advantage of the injuries, dominating a good portion of the match. But Konnan was later able to overcome the odds with Tygress' help, and eventually pinned Douglas, taking a win away from the Franchise. That same night, however, Douglas had an impact in another area, pulling WCW Commissioner Ernest "The Cat" Miller from the ring during his kickboxing match with Mike Sanders. Miller got away from Douglas, but not quickly enough, as he was counted out (after the bell). Sanders, thus, became the Commissioner. Due to this, an angry Miller began calling Douglas out, leading to a match between the two at Mayhem. While Miss Jones (Miller's valet) and Torrie fought on the outside, Miller used his arsenal of kicks to his advantage. Douglas, meanwhile, kept using his technical expertise. What really won the match, though, was when Miss Jones gave Miller his red dancing shoe, long known to be loaded. He kicked Douglas with the Feliner, then made the pin, winning the match and getting some revenge.

Undeterred by a string of defeats, Douglas next started targeting the United States Title, which was held by General Rection (Hugh Morrus). At Starrcade '00, the two wrestlers faced off, with both wrestlers getting in some impressive moves. Rection managed to send Douglas into the post at one point, opening him up. Douglas started to come back, though, dodging the No Laughing Matter, then using dirty tactics, pulling out a chain. Rection managed to dodge, though, knocking it out of Douglas' hands. Chavo Guerrero Jr then came to the ring. Chavo, at the time, had broken off from Rection's MIA stable. He attempted to give the chain back to Douglas, but the ref saw it, disqualifying Douglas and allowing Rection to continue to hang onto the title. Douglas wasn't done with Rection, though, continuing to fight him for the next month going into 2001. At WCW Sin in January, they battled it out in a match loaded with stipulations, including a Chain on a Pole, a Ladder, and First Blood rules. After a furious battle, Rection managed to climb the ladder and get the chain first. But since the ref was down, Douglas got his own chain and bloodied Rection to get the win, walking off with the US Heavyweight Title.

Douglas would hold the US Championship for the next month, but injuries to his arm once again were slowing him down. Douglas dropped the gold to Rick Steiner during a televised match, and later showed up wearing a cast, blaming Steiner for the injury. Douglas later helped Booker T win the belt from Steiner at WCW Greed in March, hitting Steiner with his cast, and the two wrestlers continued to feud up to the end of the Turner-ran WCW in March '00. They were scheduled to have a final match during the Season Finale, but the match was cut due to time problems from Vince McMahon's simulcast speech.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (106 - 65, 5 NCs, 3 Draws)
- WCW Wrestlewar '89 (May) = The Dynamic Dudes (Douglas & Johnny Ace) beat the Samoan Swat Team.
- WCW Clash of the Champions VII (June '89) = The Dynamic Dudes fell to the Fabulous Freebirds (Garvin & Hayes).
- WCW Great American Bash '89 = The Dynamic Dudes lost to the Skyscrapers (Vicious & Spivey).
- AJPW Budokan Hall (September 2, '89) = Douglas & Todd Champion fell to Shunji Tanako & Shinichi Nakano.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '89 = The Dynamic Dudes were beaten by the NWA World Tag-Team Champions, the Fabulous Freebirds.
- WCW Clash of the Champions IX (November '89) = The Dynamic Dudes lost to the Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane).
- WCW Wrestlewar '90 (February) = The Dynamic Dudes fell to Kevin Sullivan & Buzz Sawyer.
- WWF Royal Rumble '91 (January 19) = Douglas competed in the Royal Rumble Match, which was won by Hulk Hogan.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '92 = Douglas, Tom Zenk, and Johnny Gunn defeated Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, & Michael Hayes.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXI (November '92) = Douglas & Ricky Steamboat defeated Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes to win the NWA/WCW World Tag-Team Titles.
- WCW Starrcade '92 = Douglas & Ricky Steamboat retained the NWA/WCW World Tag-Team Titles, beating Barry Windham & Brian Pillman.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXII (January '93) = Douglas & Ricky Steamboat won, via DQ, over Brian Pillman & Steve Austin. Douglas & Steamboat stayed the NWA/WCW Tag Champs.
- ECW Arena (August 7, '93) = Douglas won a "Handicap" Match over Don E. Allen & Herve Renesto.
- ECW Arena (August 8, '93) = Douglas & Don Muraco lost, via DQ, to Tito Santana & Stan Hansen. Later that night, Douglas, Muraco & Jimmy Snuka defeated Don E. Allen, Herve Renesto & the Metal Maniac.
- ECW Ultraclash (September '93) = Douglas retained the ECW Heavyweight Title, beating the Sandman.
- NWA Bloodfest, Pt 2 (October '93) = Douglas won, via DQ, over JT Smith, staying the ECW HW Champ. Later that night, Douglas lost the belt to Sabu.
- ECW Arena (December 4, '93) = Douglas, substituting for Johnny Gunn, and Tommy Dreamer lost the ECW Tag Titles to Kevin Sullivan & the Tazzmaniac. Later that night, Douglas won, via DQ, over Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW Holiday Hell '93 (December) = Douglas defeated Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW Arena (January '94) = Douglas fought to a Draw with ECW Champion Terry Funk.
- ECW "The Night The Line Was Crossed" (February '94) = Douglas, Sabu, & ECW Champ Terry Funk fought to a Draw.
- ECW Arena (March 5, '94) = Douglas lost a "Taped Fist" match to ECW Champ Terry Funk.
- ECW Arena (March 6, '94) = Douglas & Public Enemy were beaten by Terry Funk, Kevin Sullivan, & Crash the Terminator. Later that night, Douglas defeated Pat Tanaka.
- ECW Ultimate Jeopardy '94 (March 26) = Douglas, Mr. Hughes, & Public Enemy won a Wargames match over Terry Funk, Road Warrior Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, & the Tazmaniac. Douglas won the ECW World Title.
- ECW Arena (April '94) = Douglas lost, via DQ, to Road Warrior Hawk. Douglas retained the ECW Title.
- ECW Arena (May 13, '94) = Douglas stayed the ECW Heavyweight Champ, beating Chad Austin. Later that night, Douglas, Mr. Hughes, & Public Enemy defeated Tommy Dreamer, JT Smith, & the Harris Brothers.
- ECW "When Worlds Collide" (May 14, '94) = Douglas, Mr. Hughes, & Public Enemy fought in an "Elimination" Match with JT Smith & the Bruise Brothers. Douglas was counted out. Smith was the sole 'survivor'.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '94 (June) = Douglas & Mr. Hughes lost to the Bruise Brothers.
- ECW Arena (July 15, '94) = Douglas stayed the ECW Champion, beating Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW Heat Wave '94 = Douglas retained the ECW Title, winning, via Countout, over Sabu.
- NWA World Title Tournament (August '94) = Douglas beat the Tazmaniac, Dean Malenko, & Too Cold Scorpio to win the tournament and the NWA World Title. Douglas vacated the belt after winning it, becoming the ECW World Champion instead.
- ECW Arena (October '94) = Douglas retained the ECW World Title, defeating Too Cold Scorpio.
- ECW November To Remember '94 = Douglas stayed the ECW Heavyweight Champion, pinning Ron Simmons.
- ECW Arena (November '94) = Douglas & Brian Pillman lost to Ron Simmons & Too Cold Scorpio.
- ECW Holiday Hell '94 (December) = Douglas retained the ECW Heavyweight strap by beating Ron Simmons.
- ECW Arena (January '95) = Douglas fought to a Draw with Tully Blanchard, staying the ECW Heavyweight Champion.
- ECW "Double Tables" (February 4, '95) = Douglas kept the ECW HW Title, beating Tully Blancard.
- ECW "Return of the Funker" (February 25, '95) = Douglas retained the ECW strap, defeating Marty Jannetty.
- ECW Arena (March '95) = Douglas & Cactus Jack were beaten by Terry Funk & the Sandman.
- ECW "Three Way Dance" (April 8, '95) = Douglas pinned the Sandman to stay the ECW World Champion.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '95 (April) = Douglas lost the ECW Title to the Sandman.
- ECW "Enter the Sandman" (May '95) = Douglas was defeated by the ECW Champion, the Sandman.
- WWF In Your House III (September '95) = Dean Douglas defeated Razor Ramon.
- WWF In Your House IV (October '95) = Dean Douglas won, via forfeit, over Shawn Michaels, winning the IC Title. Later that night, Douglas lost the belt to Razor Ramon.
- WWF Survivor Series '95 = Dean Douglas, Yokozuna, Owen Hart, & Razor Ramon fought in an "Elimination" match against Shawn Michaels, Psycho Sid, Davey Boy Smith, & Ahmed Johnson. Douglas was pinned by Michaels, who "survived" along with Smith & Johnson.
- ECW Arena (January '96) = Douglas & Tommy Dreamer were defeated by the ECW Tag-Team Champions, Mikey Whipwreck & Cactus Jack.
- ECW Cyberslam '96 (February) = Douglas beat Cactus Jack.
- ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash (March 9, '96) = Douglas was defeated by Raven, who stayed the ECW World Champion.
- ECW Arena (March 30, '96) = Douglas, Tommy Dreamer, & the Sandman beat Raven & the Bruise Brothers.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '96 (April) = Douglas lost to the ECW World Champ, Raven.
- ECW "A Matter of Respect" (May '96) = Douglas beat Too Cold Scorpio to become the ECW Television Champion.
- ECW "Fight The Power" (June '96) = Douglas defended the ECW TV Title by winning over El Puerto Ricano, Don E. Allen, Devon Storm, & Mikey Whipwreck, but finally lost to Pitbull #2, who took the belt.
- ECW Hardcore Heaven '96 = Douglas defeated Mikey Whipwreck.
- ECW Heat Wave '96 = Douglas won the ECW Television Title, beating Chris Jericho, Pitbull #2, & Too Cold Scorpio.
- ECW "The Doctor Is In" (August 3, '96) = Douglas retained the TV Title, beating Pitbull #2.
- ECW "Natural Born Killaz" (August 24, '96) = Douglas & Raven lost a "Double Dog Collar" match to Pitbull #2 & the Sandman.
- ECW Arena (September '96) = Douglas stayed the ECW Television Champ by beating Louie Spicolli.
- ECW Ultimate Jeopardy '96 (October 5) = Douglas fought to a No-Contest with Pitbull #2. Douglas retained the TV Title.
- ECW "High Incident" (October 26, '96) = Douglas beat Cody Michaels to keep the TV strap.
- ECW November To Remember '96 = Douglas & Brian Lee were defeated by Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW Holiday Hell '96 (December) = Douglas & Francine beat Tommy Dreamer & Beulah.
- ECW House Party '97 (January) = Douglas lost, via Countout, to Pitbull #1. Douglas kept the ECW TV Title.
- ECW "Crossing The Line Again" (February '97) = Douglas, Chris Candido, & Brian Lee were beaten by Tommy Dreamer & the Pitbulls.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '97 (March) = Douglas won an "I Quit" match over Pitbull #1, retaining the ECW TV Title.
- ECW Barely Legal (April '97) = Douglas pinned Pitbull #2 to retain the TV Title.
- ECW Chapter 2 (May '97) = Douglas & Bam-Bam Bigelow beat the Pitbulls.
- ECW Wrestlepalooza '97 (June) = Douglas stayed the ECW Television Champion, pinning Chris Chetti. Later that night, Douglas lost the TV Title to Taz.
- ECW Heat Wave '97 = Douglas lost, via DQ, to the ECW Champion, Terry Funk.
- ECW "Born To Be Wired" (August 9, '97) = Douglas defeated Lance Storm.
- ECW Hardcore Heaven '97 = Douglas won a "Three-Way" match over Terry Funk & Sabu to become the ECW Heavyweight Champion.
- Amarillo Fifty Years Of Funk (September 11, '97) = Shane Douglas defended the ECW Title, pinning Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW As Good As It Gets (September '97) = Douglas retained the ECW World Heavyweight Title, defeating Phil LaFon.
- ECW Arena (October '97) = Douglas lost to Sabu in a "Three Way Dance", with Tommy Dreamer the other participant.
- ECW Ultimate Jeopardy '97 (November) = Douglas was beaten by the ECW World Champion, Bam-Bam Bigelow.
- ECW November To Remember '97 = Douglas defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow to regain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '98 (January) = Douglas, Chris Candido, & Lance Storm fought to a No-Contest with Taz & Bam-Bam Bigelow.
- ECW Cyberslam '98 (February) = Douglas & Bam-Bam Bigelow won over Rob Van Dam & Sabu.
- ECW Living Dangerously '98 = Douglas & Chris Candido were beaten by Al Snow & Lance Storm.
- ECW Wrestlepalooza '98 (May) = Douglas pinned Al Snow, retaining the ECW World Title.
- ECW Arena (June '98) = Douglas & Chris Candido lost to Rob Van Dam & Sabu.
- ECW Arena (September '98) = The Triple Threat (Douglas, Chris Candido, & Bam-Bam Bigelow) fought to a No-Contest with Rob Van Dam, Masato Tanaka, & Sabu.
- ECW November To Remember '98 = The Triple Threat were defeated by Taz, Sabu, & Rob Van Dam.
- ECW Arena (December '98) = Douglas retained the ECW Heavyweight strap, beating Lance Storm.
- ECW Guilty As Charged '99 = Douglas lost the ECW World Title to Taz.
- ECW House Party '99 (January) = Douglas was beaten by the ECW World Champ, Taz.
- ECW Arena (March 13, '99) = The Impact Players (Douglas & Tommy Dreamer) lost a Three Way Elimination match to the ECW Tag Champs, Rob Van Dam & Sabu. Buh Buh Ray & D'Von Dudley were the other participants.
- ECW Living Dangerously '99 = The Impact Players defeated the Impact Players (Credible & Storm).
- ECW Cyberslam '99 (April) = Douglas won over Justin Credible.
- Curtis Comes Home (July '99) = Douglas, Dean Malenko, & Chris Benoit defeated Tim Horner, Tracey Smothers, & Chris Candido.
- WCW Road Wild '99 = Douglas, Dean Malenko, & Perry Saturn beat Curt Hennig, Barry Windham, & Bobby Duncum Jr.
- WCW Fall Brawl '99 = Douglas & Dean Malenko were defeated by Hugh Morrus & Brian Knobbs.
- WCW Starrcade '99 = Douglas, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, & Asya won over Jim Duggan, Rick Steiner, Mike Rotunda, & Kevin Sullivan.
- XPW Los Angeles Show (April 16, '00) = Douglas was pinned by the XPW Champ, Chris Candido.
- WCW Spring Stampede '00 = Douglas & Buff Bagwell defeated Stevie Ray & Big T and Ric Flair & Lex Luger to gain the vacant WCW Tag-Team Titles.
- WCW Slamboree '00 = Douglas pinned Ric Flair.
- 3rd Annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show = Douglas was beaten by Diamond Dallas Page.
- WCW Great American Bash '00 = Douglas won a "Best of 5 Tables Match" over the Wall.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '00 = Douglas defeated Buff Bagwell.
- WCW New Blood Rising (August '00) = Douglas was beaten in a "Strap" match by Billy Kidman.
- WCW Fall Brawl '00 = Douglas & Torrie Wilson won a "Scaffold" match over Billy Kidman & Madusa.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '00 = Douglas & Torrie Wilson were beaten by Konnan & Tygress.
- WCW Mayhem '00 = Douglas was defeated by Ernest Miller.
- WCW Starrcade '00 = Douglas lost, via DQ, to the US Champ, General Rection.
- WCW Sin (January '01) = Douglas won a "First Blood" match over General Rection to become the WCW US Champion.
- NHB ECW Reunion Show (April 28, '02) = Douglas lost a "Triple Threat" Match to Sabu. Jerry Lynn was the other participant.
- SSW 3rd Annual Brian Hildebrand Memorial Show (May 11, '02) = Douglas won, via DQ, over Tim Horner.
- MCW (Maryland) Glen Burnie Show (May 22, '02) = Douglas fought to a No-Contest with Bruiser. Ricky Steamboat was the special referee.
- MLW Genesis (June 16, '02) = Douglas defeated Steve Corino and Jerry Lynn to reach the finals of the MLW World Heavyweight Title Tournament. Later on, Douglas won a "Three-Way" over Taiyo Kea and Vampiro to win the title.
- XPW Night of Champions (July 20, '02) = Douglas won the XPW World Title from Johnny Webb.
- XPW Philadelphia Show (August 31, '02) = Douglas retained the XPW Heavyweight Title, beating Terry Funk.
- XPW Philadelphia Show (October 5, '02) = Douglas stayed the XPW Heavyweight Champ, winning over Chris Candido.
- XPW Philadelphia Show (November 16, '02) = Douglas kept the XPW World Title, winning a "Triple Threat" Match over Chris Candido and Vic Grimes.
- XPW Merry F'n Christmas (December 21, '02) = Douglas defended the XPW Heavyweight Strap, beating Vic Grimes.
- XPW New Year's Resolution (January 17, '03) = Douglas & Lizzy Borden fell to Vic Grimes & Lucy.
- XPW Aftermath (January 18, '03) = Douglas stayed the XPW Heavyweight Champion, winning a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over Vic Grimes.
- XPW Battle of the Burgh (March 8, '03) = Douglas retained the XPW Heavyweight Title, beating Justin Credible.
- No Holds Barred Wrestling Thunder Bay Show (April 25, '03) = Douglas lost a Cage Match to Cyrus.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #50, June 25, '03) = Douglas & Glen Gilbertti lost, via DQ, to Raven & Jeff Jarrett.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #51, July 2, '03) = Douglas pinned CM Punk.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #52, July 9, '03) = Douglas took down Julio Dinero.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #54, July 23, '03) = Douglas, Brian Lee & Slash defeated Julio Dinero, CM Punk & Raven.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #55, July 30, '03) = Douglas, Brian Lee & Slash won a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match over Julio Dinero, Alexis Laree & Raven.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #57, August 13, '03) = Douglas was beaten by Raven.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #58, August 20, '03) = Douglas competed in the "#1 Contender Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Raven.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #59, August 27, '03) = Douglas & The New Church (Slash & Sinn) fought to a No-Contest with Three Live Crew.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #60, September 3, '03) = Douglas, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger lost a "Wargames" Match to Jeff Jarrett, D-Lo Brown, Raven & America's Most Wanted.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #61, September 17, '03) = Douglas won a "Hair vs. Hair" Match over Raven.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #62, September 24, '03) = Douglas & the New Church lost a "Six-Man Dog Collar" Match to Raven, Julio Dinero & CM Punk.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #63, October 1, '03) = In a dark match, Douglas defeated Johnny Harts.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #64, October 8, '03) = In a dark match, Douglas beat Willie Richardson.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #65, October 15, '03) = In a dark match, Douglas won over Tony.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #66, October 22, '03) = In a dark match, Douglas took down Brian Gamble.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #67, October 29, '03) = In a dark match, Douglas defeated Henry Hoss.
- IWC November Pain (November 1, '03) = Douglas beat Bubba the Bulldog.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #68, November 5, '03) = Douglas pinned the Sandman.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #70, November 19, '03) = In a dark match, Douglas beat Hot Stuff Hernandez.
- IWC Rebirth of Extreme (November 22, '03) = Douglas & Mike Preston took down Jimmy Vegas & Bubba the Bulldog.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #71, November 26, '03) = In a dark match, Douglas won over Ty Smiley.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #72, December 3, '03) = The New Franchise (Douglas & Michael Shane) defeated Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #73, December 10, '03) = Douglas was pinned by Chris Sabin.
- IWC A Call To Arms I (December 22, '03) = Douglas won a "Johnstown Street Fight" Match over Raven.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #76, January 14, '04) = Douglas forced Elix Skipper to submit.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #77, January 21, '04) = The New Franchise took down Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels.
- IWC Hopewell Havoc (January 31, '04) = Douglas defeated Bubba the Bulldog.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #79, February 4, '04) = In a dark match, the New Franchise won over Bart Sawyer & Big Bully Douglas.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #81, February 18, '04) = In a dark match, Douglas took down Ken Phoenix.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #82, February 25, '04) = The New Franchise defeated 3 Live Cru (Konnan & Killings).
- IWC The Road To Super Indy 3 (February 28, '04) = Douglas & Chris Candido were beaten by Jimmy Vegas & Bubba the Bulldog.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #83, March 3, '04) = Douglas fell to Chris Harris.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #85, March 17, '04) = Douglas was beaten by James Storm.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #86, March 24, '04) = The New Franchise lost in the first round of the NWA-TNA Tag-Team Title Tournament to Christopher Daniels & Low-Ki.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #87, March 31, '04) = The New Franchise lost a "Four Corners Tag-Team #1 Contenders" Match to D-Lo Brown & El Leon. Glen Gilberti & David Young and Simon Diamond & Sonny Siaki were the other participants.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #92, May 5, '04) = Douglas pinned Michael Shane.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #93, May 12, '04) = Douglas won a "Corporal Punishment" Match over Michael Shane.
- BCW Night Of Appreciation For Sabu (December 12, '04) = Douglas defeated Raven. Mick Foley was the special referee.
- Wrestle Reunion #1 (January 29, '05) = Douglas competed in the "IWA Heavyweight Title Battle Royal", which was won by Greg Valentine.
- Hardcore Homecoming (June 10, '05) = Douglas lost a "Triple Threat Barbed Wire Elimination" Match to Sabu. Terry Funk was the other participant.
- Hardcore Homecoming II (September 16, '05) = Douglas won a "Three Way Dance" Match over Jerry Lynn and Sabu.
- Hardcore Homecoming III (September 17, '05) = Douglas won a "Dog Collar" Match over Pitbull #1.
- Hardcore Homecoming IV (November 5, '05) = Douglas lost a "Dog Collar" Match to Pitbull #1.
- TNA Slammiversary '09 (June 21) = Douglas was beaten by Christopher Daniels.
- IWC Kickoff '10 (January 30) = Douglas was the special referee for the "Extreme Rules" Match between IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco and Shiima Xion.
- IWC Night of Legends '10 (April 10) = Douglas defeated Raven.
- PWG Kurt Russellreunion 2: The Reunioning (January 29, '11) = Douglas competed in the "Legends Wrestle-Royale" Match, which was won by Roddy Piper.
- IWC Night of Legends '11 (April 16) = Douglas, Marshall Gambino, & The Patriot took down Logan Shulo & The Founding Fathers (Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vega$).

Title Summary:
- UWF World Television Champion (8/03/1987 - 9/02/1987)
- Continental Tag-Team Champion w/ Lord Humongous (7/18/1988 - 1988)
- IWA (Ohio) Heavyweight Champion (6/28/1992 - 1992)
- NWA/WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Ricky Steamboat (11/18/1992 - 3/02/1993)
- NWA ECW Heavyweight Champion (9/09/1993 - 10/02/1993)
- (NWA) ECW World Heavyweight Champion(2) (3/26/1994 - 4/15/1995)
- USWL Unified Heavyweight Champion (4/04/1994 - 1994)
- NWA World Heavyweight Champion (8/27/1994)
- WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion (10/22/1995)
- NEW Northeast Heavyweight Champion (3/16/1996 - 1996)
- ECW Television Champion (5/11/1996 - 6/01/1996)
- ECW Television Champion(2) (7/13/1996 - 6/07/1997)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion(3) (8/17/1997 - 10/16/1997)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion(4) (11/30/1997 - 1/10/1999)
- NEW Northwest Heavyweight Champion (10/04/1998 - 1998)
- NAWA Heavyweight Champion (5/20/1999 - 1999)
- PWX Heavyweight Champion (6/17/1999 - 7/02/1999)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Buff Bagwell (4/16/2000 - 5/15/2000)
- WCW Hardcore Champion (5/22/2000 - 5/23/2000)
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (1/14/2001 - 2/05/2001)
- MLW World Heavyweight Champion (7/15/2002 - 9/13/2002)
- XPW Heavyweight Champion (7/20/2002 - 3/08/2003)
- BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Champion (9/14/2003 - 2004)
- USPW Heavyweight Champion (2/13/2004 - 5/14/2004)
- BTW Heavyweight Champion (8/14/2010 - 9/22/2011)
- BTW Heavyweight Champion(2) (9/25/2011 - Current)
- APWA World Heavyweight Champion (10/29/2011)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 1 2nd RU, 1 3rd RU)
- 1987 Rookie of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up
- 1998 Most Inspirational Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up