Height: 6'1"

Weight: 243 lbs

Real Name: Scott Levy

DOB: 9/08/1962

Hometown: Short Hills, New Jersey

Other Names: "Scotty the Body" (Pacific Northwest Wrestling, NWA, NJPW), Scotty Anthony (GWF), Scotty Flamingo (WCW), Johnny Polo (WWF), Raven(ECW/WCW/WWE/TNA)

Wrestler Since: 1988

Finishing Maneuver: Evenflow DDT/Raven Effect, Ankle Lock

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #230(2011), #247(2010), #248(2007), #233(2006), #45(2005), #35(2004), #22(2003), #62(2002), #53(2001), #62(2000), #75(1999), #61(1998), #39(1997), #37(1996), #114(1995), #116(1993), #66(1992), #162(1991)

Official Website: http://www.theraveneffect.com/

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History: (Last Updated: 6/04/2006)

NWA Pacific Northwest / GWF
WCW: 1992 / 1993
USWA: 1993
WWF: 1993 / 1994
ECW: 1995 / 1996 / 1997
WCW: 1997 / 1998 / 1999
ECW: 1999 / 2000
WWF: 2000 / 2001
The ECW/WCW Alliance: 2001
WWF/WWE Raw: 2002
NWA-TNA: 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006

NWA Pacific Northwest

Scott Levy, over most of the last two decades, has had a long and storied wrestling career, spending great amounts of time in almost every major wrestling organization over that time period. In fact, Levy can lay claim to multiple runs in ECW, WCW, and the WWF, holding major titles in all three organizations, as well as his most recent run in NWA-TNA. If nothing else, Levy's career is well-traveled.

Of course, it was a career that started out as a doubtful option, since one of Levy's legs is shorter than the other. But a special shoe allowed Levy to seek his dreams in the wrestling business. After training at the Monster Factory in 1988, Levy joined Pacific Northwest Championship Wrestling as "Scotty the Body". While there, under training from Jake "The Snake" Roberts (where he picked up his finisher), Scotty started on his trek up the ladder. He first tasted gold in July '89, joining with Top Gun to defeat the Southern Rockers (Steve Doll & Rex King). The reign only lasted a few weeks before problems between Scotty & Top Gun forced them to split up. At the ensuing match, Scotty won out, taking out his former partner to get the tag-team belts. He then chose the Grappler as his partner. A few weeks later, the Southern Rockers came back for their gold, giving Scotty the Body two short tag-team title reigns. He and the Grappler also quickly broke up.

Scotty next stepped into the singles ranks, competing in the NWA-PNW Heavyweight Title tournament. He beat Carl Styles to get the gold, and kept it for a month, before falling to Rex King. In the rematch between the two, Scotty won out, regaining his Heavyweight Championship. The title was his into 1990, until Curtis Thompson got the victory in February. Scotty the Body then took a step down, fighting and beating Ricky Santana for the NWA-PNW Television Title in March '90. However, Scotty only held the belt for a few weeks, before he was stripped of the belt due to cheating. Undaunted, Scotty moved back up into main event status, going after his former partner, the Grappler. In June '90, Scotty got the Heavyweight Title for a third and final time, defeating the Grappler. The feud with the Grappler would continue for a few months, with the belt being held up in July. The Grappler later won the rematch and the gold.

In December '90, Scotty the Body teamed up with former Southern Rocker nemesis Steve Doll. It was Scotty's third partner, yet there was no difference in the results, as Scotty & Steve won the NWA-PNW Tag-Team Titles over the Wrecking Crew. Only a few days later, though, the Wrecking Crew won the belts back, ending another team. Scotty the Body and Steve Doll later feuded over Scotty's valet, Ginger, with Scotty losing Ginger to Doll in a match. Scotty brought in a new valet, Veronica, to try to help him out, but he also eventually won back Ginger's services. After much pleading, as well as a marriage proposal, Scotty got Ginger to be happy to be with him. Scotty then turned on Ginger, refusing to marry her, in the course of his feud with Doll.

GWF: 1991

In 1991, Scotty the Body left NWA Pacific Northwest behind, joining up with the Global Wrestling Federation. He changed his name to Scotty Anthony, and joined up with Rip Rogers, Cactus Jack, and others as the Cartel, under the orders of a mysterious Boss (later revealed as GWF Commissioner Max Andrews). The Cartel didn't last, but Anthony continued to wrestle for the company for a while, feuding with several wrestlers there, including the Handsome Stranger (later known as Marcus "Buff" Bagwell). before leaving for another organization, at the beheast of an old friend, Diamond Dallas Page.

WCW: 1992

In 1992, Levy moved to World Championship Wrestling as Scotty Flamingo, competing against many of the light heavyweights in the company. Flamingo got his first challenge at WrestleWar '92, where he took on another young gun in Marcus Bagwell. Flamingo got the win by reversing a roll-up, earning some credit in the organization. This led to Flamingo challenging "Flyin'" Brian Pillman for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship at Beach Blast '92. The two had a very competitive match, with Flamingo nearly getting fooled at one point by Pillman faking an injury. In the end, though, Flamingo used Pillman's own risk-taking to his advantage, dodging a leaping suicide dive to the outside, with Pillman hitting the ramp. Flamingo quickly rolled Pillman back into the ring and covered him to win the Light Heavyweight Championship.

A few weeks later, Flamingo lost the gold to Brad Armstrong, ending his first major title reign. He would compete on and off for WCW for the next few months, eventually joining up with Diamond Dallas Page as part of his "Diamond Mine" stable, along with Vinnie Vegas (Kevin Nash) & the Diamond Studd (Scott Hall). Flamingo feuded with Johnny B. Badd (later known as Marc Mero) for a while, meeting him in a "Boxing" Match at Clash of the Champions XXI. Flamingo was obviously the underdog to Badd, who had a boxing background. Even with Vegas trying to distract Badd at ringside, Flamingo easily lost Round 1, getting knocked down near the end, only to get saved by the bell. But in Round 2, with Vegas once again distracting the ref, Scotty, barely able to stand, used a rigged glove to knock Badd out, somehow getting the win.


Flamingo had one more major appearance in WCW going into the new year, as he wrestled against newcomer Too Cold Scorpio in an exciting match at Clash of the Champions XXII. Scotty showed some of his high-flying skills, even landing a tope con hilo over the ropes to the outside. But Scorpio came back too strong, eventually winning with his 450 Splash. Flamingo then faded out of WCW, eventually opting to head elsewhere. He was signed by the World Wrestling Federation, but instead of moving right in, he went into an affiliate of the WWF: the United States Wrestling Association.

USWA: 1993

Levy continued to wrestle as Scotty Flamingo in the USWA, where he formed a team with Brian Christopher, the son of USWA legend Jerry "The King" Lawler. Christopher had been feuding with the current USWA Tag-Team Champs, the Moondogs (Spot & Splat), so Flamingo quickly joined him in the battle. The two teamed together to win the USWA Tag Titles from the Moondogs in March '93. It was a bitter-sweet victory, as they lost the belts the next week back to the Moondogs in the rematch. After the short apperance, Flamingo moved on, heading back to the "majors" of the World Wrestling Federation.

WWF: 1993

Levy came into the WWF as a manager by the name of Johnny Polo, becoming infamous for his tactics to help his men succeed. He first started out working with Adam Bomb (later known as Bryan Clark), then moved on to the Quebecers (Jacques Rougeau & Pierre Oulette). In September '93, Polo managed the Quebecers as they faced the WWF World Tag-Team Champions, the Steiner Brothers. It was announced before the match that the fight would be under Canadian Rules. This turned out to be a trick from Polo, who worked to get the Steiners DQ'ed. It was then announced that, under Canadian rules, the titles change hands on a DQ, making the Quebecers World Tag Champs!

Polo was set to manage the Quebecers again at the '93 Survivor Series, where Jacques & Pierre were teamed up with Ludvig Borga & the WWF World Champ, Yokozuna, to take on Lex Luger, Tatanka, & the Steiner Brothers. Before the PPV, though, Yokozuna & Borga injured Tatanka, 'eliminating' him. He was replaced by the Undertaker. Pierre was later injured by Luger and taken out of the match as well, but they quickly found a replacement in Crush. Polo's team was known as the Foreign Fanatics, due to the structure of the team. Although Polo joined Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji on the outside (a powerful managerial unit), their team still lost, with Luger finishing off Borga at the end to stay the 'sole survivor' in the match.


Only 10 days into the new year, the Quebecers remarkably were upset for the WWF Tag Titles by Marty Jannetty & the 1-2-3 Kid. It didn't take Polo long to start planning their team's comeback, working out the terms of the rematch. Polo was instrumental in the Quebecers regaining the titles a week later, using every cheating tactic he could come up with for his team to win. Polo continued managing the Quebecers for the next few months, including cheering as they retained the belts over Bret & Owen Hart at the '94 Royal Rumble (this was where the match had to be stopped due to Bret's "storyline" knee injury, causing Owen to turn on his brother).

The Quebecers next feuded with Men On A Mission, meeting them for the titles at Wrestlemania X. Although Polo's team lost, it was because of Pierre being unable to get back into the ring after a splash, which meant that the Quebecers were able to leave with the tag-team titles. This only lasted a little more than a week, though, as Men On A Mission defeated the Quebecers for the titles in London during an England tour at the end of March '94. Since it was a tour, though, the Quebecers got another shot in Sheffield, England, with Polo managing them to their 3rd WWF World Tag-Team Title reign a few days later. This run would only last another month, before the Quebecers lost the belts to the Headshinkers near the end of April '94. Polo soon faded away from the managerial scene, while doing some commentary for various shows, using his unique mic skills to entertain the fans. However, Polo was unhappy with just being a manager, and after a brief stint in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, he left the WWF, opting to go elsewhere to rebuild his wrestling image. Soon after, he signed a contract with Extreme Championship Wrestling. Here is where Raven was born.

ECW: 1995

Raven entered ECW in '95 and immediately became a force, beginning what would almost be a career-long feud with Tommy Dreamer. He also had success outside of ECW, winning the MEWF Heavyweight Title from the Ultimate Comet in April '95. Back in ECW, Raven was quickly forming up what he would call his "Nest", finding a teammate/lackey named Stevie Richards to work for him. The two had Johnny Hotbody & Tony Stetson join them in the Flock, but at Three Way Dance, Raven & Richards set them up, having them wrestle their other new allies, the Pitbulls, with Hotbody & Stetson's jobs on the line. The Pitbulls quickly won the match, taking their place next to Raven & Richards.

Shortly thereafter, Richards revealed another change to Raven, bringing out Beulah McGillicutty, who, according to the storyline, was the woman who caused Raven's "life-long" feud with Dreamer. At summer camp, Beulah had apparently been 'stolen' from Raven by Dreamer, causing Raven's hatred for him. Raven and Dreamer fought later that night, with Richards holding McGillicutty at ringside. But when Dreamer went to save Beulah late in the match, she turned on him, hitting him in the eyes with hairspray. Richards then Stevie-Kicked the blinded Dreamer, allowing Raven to get his Evenflow DDT on the concrete. Raven then rolled Dreamer back into the ring and got the victory, now with Richards, Beulah, & the Pitbulls at his side.

Raven faced Dreamer again at Hostile Takeover '95, in another brutal brawl between the adversaries. Near the end, Dreamer lost control, taking out Richards, Raven, the referee, and even hitting Beulah with a Piledriver. The match was thrown out, with Raven apparently getting the win via DQ. Raven teamed with Richards to go against Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck at Enter the Sandman, with Bill Alphonso surprisingly being added as the ref via Shane Douglas. Alphonso said that he would be cleaning up the violence of ECW, and he proved it, as he DQ'ed Dreamer after Dreamer used a closed fist! Raven, Richards, & Beulah continued to feud with Dreamer as the year went on, with Dreamer recruiting Luna Vachon to side with him against Raven's Nest.

Raven & his followers were there at Barbed Wire, Hoodies, & Chokeslams, as Beulah was set to wrestle Luna. The match was over quickly, though, as Richards hit Luna with a chair during her intro, allowing Beulah to get the quick pin. When Dreamer came down to make the save on Luna after the match, Raven was able to get control, actually holding Dreamer down and breaking three of his fingers! With Dreamer injured, Raven & the Pitbulls got a "Handicap" Match against Too Cold Scorpio & Taz. But during the match, Raven surprisingly walked out with Richards & Beulah, leaving the Pitbulls behind. Taz then got a Second-Rope Suplex on Pitbull #2 to win the match.

Soon after, in June '95, Raven & Richards won the ECW World Tag-Team Titles, beating the Public Enemy for the belts. At Hardcore Heaven '95, Raven & Richards continued to have 'issues' with the Pitbulls. Due to Richards becoming distracted from a female at ringside, Francine, he & Raven walked out on the Pitbulls, causing them to be distracted and lose to Snot & Dudley Dudley. Later that night, Raven & Richards defended the ECW Tag Titles against Dreamer & Luna, with Raven taking some hard shots during the match from Dreamer. But Richards ended up pinning Luna after throwing powder in her face, keeping the belts in the Nest. Later that night, Raven & Richards brawled again with Dreamer & Luna, with the Pitbulls apparently coming out to help out the Nest. But the Pitbulls turned on Raven & Richards, tired of distractions. Snot & Dudley Dudley came out as well to help out Raven's group, as an all-out brawl broke out.

Going into August '95, Raven & Richards began feuding with their former allies, the Pitbulls, with the Tag Titles featuring prominently in the feud. The two teams were signed for a "Double Dog Collar Three Falls" Match at Gangsta's Paradise, with the belts on the line. Richards was bloodied backstage before the match, with Raven starting things off in a "Handicap" bout (Richards was later found by Pitbull #1 and brought to the ring). Raven got the first fall, Piledriving Pitbull #2 through a table for the pin. Richards later got Powerbombed through another table, though, evening things up. The match continued to get more and more brutal, with the Dudleyz coming to the aid of Raven & Richards. Raven later put Pitbull #2 through two tables, causing the EMTs to come out and work on #2. Meanwhile, Francine (who was now an enemy of Raven's) and Beulah got in a catfight, with Raven coming over to DDT Francine, taking her out. Dreamer then came down and attacked Raven, supposedly taking Pitbull #2's place in the match. But when Dreamer made the pin, referee Bill Alphonso overruled it, saying that Dreamer wasn't cleared to be in the match. Alphonso later got taken out by 911, though, as Pitbull #2 returned, joining his partner in getting 2 Superbombs on Raven & Richards. The pin was then made, with the Pitbulls taking away the ECW World Tag Titles after what is generally considered one of the greatest tag matches in ECW history.

At an arena show in October '95, Raven & Richards surprisingly managed to beat the Pitbulls to regain the ECW World Tag-Team Titles. However, later that night, Raven & Richards were forced to put the gold up again in a "Triple Threat" Match against the Pitbulls and the Public Enemy, with the Public Enemy winning them away, making Raven & Richards one-night champions. Raven soon began allying with another hardcore fan, Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack's mentor, Terry Funk, meanwhile, sided with Dreamer, leading to a tag match at November To Remember '95. After a violent match, Raven was taken out by Dreamer's DDT. Dreamer was then distracted by Cactus Jack, with Funk slipping in to make the pin on Raven. Although Raven's team had lost, Raven could still say that Dreamer had never pinned him. The two faced off again at December To Dismember '95, with Raven, with help from Richards, getting the pin on Dreamer. Later on, Raven joined with Richards, the Eliminators, & the Heavenly Bodies in an "Ultimate Jeopardy" Match against Dreamer, Public Enemy, & the Pitbulls. Dreamer's team won, when Dreamer got the pin on Richards.

Raven and Dreamer were set to face off one more time before the end of the year at Holiday Hell '95. However, Richards & the Blue Meanie came out instead, announcing that Raven had apparently broken his leg and couldn't compete. A furious Dreamer attacked both men, pinning first Meanie and then Richards. Dreamer then threatened Beulah, causing Raven, obviously not injured, to come out for the match. The two rivals fought to the parking lot and back, trying to take out the other. In the end, with the ref down, Raven managed to survive, DDT'ing Dreamer onto a chair and pinning him for the win, earning an ECW World Heavyweight Title shot later in the night against the Sandman. During the match, Dreamer came out, attacking both men with a signapore cane. Later on, Cactus Jack tried to help Raven win, but the Sandman eventually retained the title after a Bulldog.


At the beginning of '96, Raven continued his feud with the Sandman. It was a bitter feud, with Raven even stealing away the Sandman's wife and son! Raven also continued to have problems with Tommy Dreamer. Things took a wild twist at House Party '96, when Beulah, during an interview by Richards, mentioned that she was pregnant! Raven came out to berate her, but she then told him that the baby wasn't his! A furious Raven attacked Richards, thinking that he was the father, but Beulah then announced that it wasn't Raven's or Richards; it was Dreamer's! Before Raven could attack Beulah, Dreamer came out for the save, with Beulah & Dreamer laying out Raven, Richards, & the Blue Meanie, before leaving as a couple. Raven had lost his valet.

Things got more interesting in the Raven/Dreamer feud only a short time later, as Raven defeated the Sandman at an arena show to win the ECW World Heavyweight Title! At Cyberslam '96, Raven interrupted a Dreamer/Beulah interview, coming towards them in the ring. The Bruise Brothers (later known as the Harris Brothers) then came out, apparently to stop Raven. Instead, they joined the Nest, helping Raven beat Dreamer down. Later that night, Raven survived a wild brawl with the Sandman, retaining the ECW Title thanks to the intervention of the Nest.

At the Big Ass Extreme Bash in March '96, Raven had to prepare for two title defenses in two nights. He defeated the Sandman in a rematch on the first night, again thanks to timely Nest intervention. The next night, Raven, with his new valet, Kimona Wanalaya, took on Shane Douglas, although Raven tried to get out of it by claiming to be sick. Douglas didn't buy it, attacking Raven to start the match. It was another wild ECW-style brawl, with Richards, the Blue Meanie, Kimona, & the Bruise Brothers all interfering for Raven. It was too much for Douglas in the end, as Raven DDT'ed him on a chair for the victory. At Hostile City Showdown '96, Raven learned from Douglas about his new valet, Kimona, having gotten with his former valet, Beulah! A weird twist, to say the least. While Dreamer was willing to take both, since he was "hardcore", Raven concentrated on Douglas, fighting him in another bloody match-up. During the match, the ref got distracted by a brawl between Dreamer and Brian Lee, causing Douglas to attack Dreamer, starting their own brawl which had to be pulled apart. The match continued, with Raven using Richards, the Blue Meanie, & the Bruise Brothers to all help him get the win, with Raven knocking out Douglas with his boot at the end.

Raven continued to feud with the Sandman, as well as his old ally-turned-adversary Pitbull #2, for the next few months. At A Matter of Respect '96, Raven faced both men in a "Triple Threat" Match. Once again, Raven had aid, having Richards, the Blue Meanie, and another new valet, Miss Patricia, at ringside. However, the Sandman brought Too Cold Scorpio & Missy Hyatt, while Pitbull #2 had his tag partner, Pitbull #1, & Francine, causing it to be very crowded around ringside. Not surprisingly, everyone was soon brawling, with the match continuing in the ring, with lots of interference. Near the end, Pitbull #2 caught the Sandman with a huge Superbomb, but Raven then used his boot to nail Pitbull #2 to get the pin, retaining the title. He faced Pitbull #2 again at Fight The Power, with the Nest, as always, there to help Raven get the victory. Raven would also face an old veteran in Terry Gordy at Hardcore Heaven '96, but once again, the Nest proved to be all that Raven needed to come out victorious.

Raven had another ECW Heavyweight Title defense against the Sandman scheduled for The Doctor Is In, but Raven surprisingly came out beforehand, showing that he had a cast on his foot. Instead of Raven being unable to compete, though, Richards was put in his spot, forced to defend Raven's title! An upset Raven DDT'ed Richards before the match, but then stayed to help him fight the Sandman, along with the Blue Meanie and Super Nova. There were a lot of miscues from the Nest members, with the Sandman nearly capitalizing to get the World Title away from Raven. But Raven had his ace up his sleeve, using the Sandman's son, Tyler Fullington, as almost a shield. With the Sandman distracted, Richards caught him with a loaded boot, knocking him out. Strangely, Raven then got the pin, despite not 'officially' being the man in the match. Either way, though, Raven had once again retained the gold.

In fact, none of Raven's opponents seemed to be able to get the title away from him. Only Raven could do that. When he failed to appear at Ultimate Jeopardy '96 in October, it was shockingly arranged that the belt was forfeited! That night, Richards & Brian Lee tried to keep the belt in the Nest, but lost to Tommy Dreamer & the Sandman. Since the Sandman made the pin on Richards, he became the ECW World Champion, taking away Raven's title without even a fight. Raven came back soon enough, blaming Richards for the loss of his title. The two briefly feuded, before Raven fixed his attention back on 'his' ECW Title, around the waist of his long-time rival.

One of the most controversial angles in Raven's career occurred in October '96, at High Incident. The Sandman had just defended the ECW World Title in a tough match against Too Cold Scorpio. His son, Tyler Fullington, came out to hug his father, apparently showing the union between the two. But it was a set-up, as Raven then came out of the crowd and hit the Sandman with a Signapore Cane, doing some damage to the champion. With the help of Richards, Nova, the Blue Meanie, Tyler, and even the Sandman's former wife, Lori, Raven tied the Sandman to a wooden cross, crucifying him! Raven even put a barbed wire crowd around the Sandman's head, adding to the religious implications. The event was so controversial that Raven had to come out to apologize to the ECW crowd later that night, with the footage not being shown on the later ECW video release.

Raven continued to go after the Sandman, challenging him again for the ECW World Title at November To Remember '96. But, even with the Nest to help him, Raven couldn't regain the title, getting pinned by the ECW Champion. It seemed that Raven's run at the top might finally be over. However in December '96, at an Arena show, Raven got another crack at the Sandman and his gold, this time in a "Barbed Wire" match. With both men bloodied, Raven managed to come out on top, reclaiming the Heavyweight Title before the end of the year.


Raven continued to defend the ECW World Title into the new year, while also continuing his feud with Tommy Dreamer & Beulah. The feud between the two men got even hotter, especially when Dreamer gave up his spot in a #1 Contenders bout to his mentor, Terry Funk. Funk defeated Richards & the Sandman in a "Triple Threat" Match, then went into the main event at Barely Legal, winning, with some help from Dreamer, over Raven and taking Raven's World Title. Raven tried to regain the gold at Chapter 2 in a "Four Way Dance", taking on Funk, Richards, and the Sandman. The match was almost a tag match, as Raven & Richards worked together against Funk & the Sandman. Surprisingly, Raven was the first eliminated, getting pinned by the Sandman. He could only watch as Funk later retained the title, pinning Richards at the end.

The feud with Dreamer reached an all-time high in the next few months, leading to a "Loser Leaves Town" match at Wrestlepalooza '97. During the uncontrollable brawl the two had, Raven tried to patch things up with Beulah, who wouldn't have him back. Despite interference from Louie Spicolli, who tried to help Raven, Dreamer was able to take Raven down with a massive DDT and get the pinfall victory, thus ending Raven's successful run in ECW. This was fine with Raven, who had already opted to go with a larger wrestling company, returning to World Championship Wrestling.

WCW: 1997

As a gimmick, Raven began showing up at WCW functions in June '97 along with Richards. The truth was that he had already signed with WCW. But, to give his name a bigger appeal, Raven would show up in the audience at some events, with the reporters trying to interview him. Richards himself tried multiple times to get Raven to 'sign a WCW contract', but usually got decked for his troubles. In a matter of weeks, Raven made his presense felt in the company. He & Richards eventually feuded again, with Raven soundly defeating his former lackey. Raven then announced the forming of a new Nest, which would soon become large enough to be a Flock. With Van Hammer and Perry Saturn coming to his side, Raven began his recruiting ways. After brutally defeating Scotty Riggs with 3 DDT's at World War III '97, Riggs joined the Flock with a bad eye. Later on, Raven recruited young star Billy Kidman, added Lodi, and began to terrorize WCW wrestlers. Big Reese would come along later.


Raven became famous for his "Raven's Rules", in which he always wrestled No-DQ Matches. Feuds with Chris Benoit, Diamond Dallas Page, and other wrestlers helped make the Flock a major heel group, who became famous for sitting in the front row of wrestling events and interfering periodically. It also seemed to gather attention from others, as, at one point, the masked wrestler Mortis asked Raven if he could join the Flock. After Mortis was destroyed by another wrestler, Raven gave his answer, DDT'ing Mortis on the metal stage. Raven then continued his brutal feud with DDP, eventually meeting him at Spring Stampede '98. With the aid of a new Flock member, Horace Boulder (later Horace Hogan), Raven was able to get the pin and win the United States Title. However, the title reign would only last for one night, as Raven was forced to fight Bill Goldberg at the next Nitro. The Flock tried to interfere during the match, but Goldberg stomped through them all, including giving Reese his Jackhammer Suplex. Goldberg then went after Raven, who was trying to escape through the crowd. The audience, though, wouldn't let him go, throwing him back into Goldberg's arms. Goldberg then knocked Raven out and pinned him, taking the US strap.

Raven and the Flock declared war on Goldberg for a while, then started to worry about sneak-attacks on the group. It was eventually learned that the sneak-attacks were perpetrated by an unmasked Mortis, now going by the name of Kanyon. Raven got himself a riot squad escort for a while to help protect himself, but Kanyon usually found a way through, with varied disguises (including that of one of the riot squad members). During this time, Raven's best friend, Saturn, began to question the Flock's methods, and wanted to leave, claiming that he hadn't joined the Flock, he had joined his friend. Raven tried to pacify Saturn, firing the Flock, but he later rehired them after Saturn had signed to fight Kanyon at the next PPV. When Saturn lost, Raven DDT'ed him, ending the friendship.

This started a wild 3-Way feud between Raven, Saturn, and Kanyon, with the Flock always around to interfere. The three men met at Road Wild '98 in a Triangle match. After Horace accidentally hit Raven with his stop sign, Saturn made the pin and got the win. This caused Raven to blame the Flock for his loss, attacking them. Saturn came out on their behalf, though, and challenged Raven to a match at Fall Brawl for the rights to the Flock. If Saturn won, the Flock would be set free. If Raven won, Saturn would rejoin. During the month, thanks to Kanyon (who had joined up with the Flock suddenly), Saturn lost to Lodi, forcing him to become Lodi's personal servant. Saturn was forced to carry Lodi's signs and do whatever Lodi told him, which usually came straight from the mouth of Raven. At one point, however, Saturn managed to dump Lodi off before they reached the arena, and came out with a sign that read "Lodi isn't here". This meant that he was free of the control for one night, and he savagely attacked Raven & Kanyon.

At Fall Brawl '98, the two men fought in what could be considered one of the best matches of Raven's career. After an epic duel that had both men kicking out from masterful maneuvers, Raven was turned on by Kidman, helping Saturn to get the victory and free the Flock. Although Raven appeared the next night with Kanyon and asked the Flock to come back to him, only Lodi showed interest in returning. The Flock dissolved, leaving Raven more troubled than ever before.


Raven started losing match after match at the end of '98, many of them by forfeit. Despite Kanyon (the only 'Flock' member to stay by Raven) trying to help him, Raven dropped lower and lower on the contender's list, finally leaving the organization for a while. Clips were shown on various Nitros of him at his family's home. He seemed despondent a lot, but slowly came around. He and Kanyon got back together and returned to WCW, with Raven using his "What about me? What about Raven?" line more and more. Raven and Kanyon then set about taking down many wrestlers right and left, until Kanyon took a leave of absense (helping with the Jesse Ventura movie).

When Raven made his return, he had his sister, Chastity, at his side. She helped Raven on a couple of occasions, as Raven appeared a front-runner in the slowly growing Hardcore division of WCW. But at Uncensored '99, in a Three Way Hardcore match against Bam-Bam Bigelow and Hardcore Hak, Chastity turned on Raven, helping Hak to get the victory. Raven seemed to take this in stride, though, not declaring revenge on Chastity or Hak.

In March '99, Raven was forced by Ric Flair to fight the tag-team champions, Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko, by himself. Raven was decimated during the match, but refused to give up. Halfway through the match, Perry Saturn suddenly ran out, becoming Raven's tag-team partner for the match. Although the two lost, via DQ, Saturn and Raven worked well together. With the problems between them apparently forgotten, Saturn & Raven continued to team up against the IV Horsemen, causing Benoit & Malenko to lose the Tag belts to Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman during a Monday Nitro. The two tag-teams fought at Spring Stampede '99, with the IV Horsemen coming out on top thanks to Arn Anderson. The feud continued during the next month, also involving Misterio & Kidman. At Slamboree '99, Raven & Saturn took on the other two teams for the tag-team belts. During the match, Kanyon came out, wearing a Sting mask, and helped Raven win the match, getting the tag-team belts for his team.

On the last Nitro of May '99, Raven was attacked and injured by Diamond Dallas Page and Bam-Bam Bigelow. This made Saturn have to defend the titles on his own. Although he put up a good fight, he was betrayed by Kanyon, who tagged him, then dropped with one punch to lose the belts. Kanyon later revealed that he had been allied with Bigelow and DDP the whole time. Raven then sat out for a while, recuperating from various injuries. It was apparent that Raven's time in WCW was coming to an end. He did appear for a time with Vampiro & the Insane Clown Posse as part of the Dead Pool, but this was simply a temporary alliance. It was announced in August '99 that Raven had been given a release from his contract by Eric Bischoff, the man in charge of WCW. Only a few days later, Raven returned to his greatest home.

ECW: 1999

In August '99, at an ECW show, Raven stormed back onto the scene, helping his old nemesis, Tommy Dreamer, win the ECW World Tag-Team Titles from the Dudley Boys, who were leaving the promotion (for the WWF). Raven and Dreamer seemed to strike a small truce, although the tension between the two men was clearly obvious. At Anarchy Rulz '99, Dreamer came out with Francine to do an interview, only to get attacked by Steve Corino & Rhino. Raven later came out to make the save, with both champs DDT'ing their opponents for the victory. The two men would hold the tag titles together for the rest of '99, with short feuds against various tag-teams. There was some problems, though, as Raven seemed to be falling for Dreamer's girl, Francine. At November to Remember '99, Raven, Dreamer, & the Sandman took on Rhino & the Impact Players (Justin Credible & Lance Storm), with Raven's actions being key towards the face team losing. First, he tricked Dreamer, setting up a chair for him to run towards to springboard outside on, only to remove the chair. Later on, Raven 'accidentally' hit the Sandman with a cane, allowing Credible to take the Sandman out for the victory. There were definite problems in the Raven/Dreamer camp.


The duo finally met their match when they fought the Impact Players again at Guilty As Charged '00. Late in the match, Raven saved Francine from a singapore cane shot from Credible, leaving himself open to a Tombstone Piledriver and getting pinned, losing the belts. Raven and Dreamer then soon split up and began battling each other again. Raven found a new ally, teaming with Mike Awesome, and the two came together to defeat the Impact Players in March, getting Raven his fourth tag-team title run in the ECW, with three different partners. Raven & Awesome met Dreamer and his partner, Masato Tanaka, and the Impact Players at Living Dangerously '00, where the Impact Players regained the titles. Awesome left for WCW shortly thereafter, leaving Raven partnerless once again.

Raven then renewed his major feud with Justin Credible, when Credible turned Francine against Raven & Dreamer. Raven claimed that Credible had stolen his girl, his look, and his title (Credible was the ECW World Champ). Their feud went on for a few months, with no major meetings between the two. Raven also had minor feuds with Scott Anton, Cyrus, & Rhino. But Raven once again found himself looking elsewhere, mainly due to monetary problems occuring in ECW. Raven came on a July show and thanked the fans for their support, but then was gored (speared) through a table by Rhino. This was the end of Raven's run through ECW, as he would later sign a contract to return to the World Wrestling Federation.

WWF: 2000

Raven's first re-appearence in the WWF was at Unforgiven '00, where he helped former ECW wrestler Tazz defeat Jerry "The King" Lawler in a "Strap" match. Raven & Tazz continued to team up for the next few weeks, allying against Lawler and his partners. But after a big opening push, Raven's run quickly slowed down. He & Tazz seemed to rarely get the big victories as weeks turned into months. At No Mercy '00, Raven & Tazz entered the Tables Elimination Match. They were the third team to enter the ring, after Too Cool had eliminated D'Lo Brown & Chaz. Raven & Tazz managed to get rid of Too Cool, but then were beaten by the Dudley Boyz, who went on to win the match by defeating the Goodfather & Bull Bucannan.

Raven & Tazz soon split up, after Raven DDT'ed Tazz during a match. They had a short feud, with Raven winning their singles match. Raven then battled with Al Snow for a time, getting himself into the Hardcore Title race. This brought Raven into his element in the WWF, finally bringing him to the forefront. In December '00, Raven defeated Hardcore Holly and champion Steve Blackman to become the new Hardcore Champion, Raven's first title in the WWF. Raven would hold the belt for the next two months, battling against all comers, as the "24/7" Rule was still in effect. This meant that at any time, Raven could be pinned and lose the title.


In January, Raven competed in the '01 Royal Rumble, but was easily thrown out by Kane. As the year went on, Raven did whatever he could to escape the mass attacks of hardcore wrestlers, usually getting the quick pin, followed by an escape into a car with a mysterious female driver. Soon, though, things began to get really wild. On January 22nd, Raven was finally taken out by Al Snow, who then celebrated with the title. However, after the driver hit Snow with a foreign object, Raven got him down for the pin, winning the title back. This pattern would continue at almost every show in February. On February 3rd, Raven lost the belt to K-Kwik. K-Kwik was then pinned by Crash Holly, who was then taken down by Raven, getting the Hardcore Title back. The next night, the same pattern occured, with the same result: K-Kwik, Holly, Raven. On February 6th, Raven lost the belt to Hardcore Holly, then again immediately got it back. This made 5 title reigns, and Raven wasn't near done.

Hardcore Holly would reclaim the belt on the 10th of February, but Raven took him back down that same night. On the 11th, Raven fell to Hardcore, who fell to Al Snow, who then fell to Raven. Raven then held the belt for an 'astonishing' 6 days before losing to Steve Blackman, then, you guessed it, getting the belt back. Blackman got the belt on the 18th, but Raven was ready, taking him back down for his 9th Hardcore Title reign in a very short period. Raven then had to face the challenge of the Big Show, who wanted the Hardcore Title for himself. Raven fought the Big Show at No Way Out '01, but had many distractions during the fight, including getting pinned by "The One" Billy Gunn. Raven managed to catch up with Gunn and pin him, getting the belt back, but his match was still going with the Big Show, who squashed him to take the title.

Raven, along with many other hardcore wrestlers, attacked the Big Show en masse at many shows, looking to get the strap off of him. Finally, Raven succeeded, taking down the Big Show in March '01. It was then scheduled for Raven to face the Big Show and Kane, another monster, in a Three Way Dance for the belt at Wrestlemania XVII. The three man had an epic clash, that featured many huge shots by Raven, including getting thrown through a glass window and being run over by a golf cart. At the end, it was too much, and Raven lost the Hardcore Title for the 11th time to Kane.

After the PPV, Raven seemed to be a little bit unsure of where to go next. He was seen being talked to by Steven Richards and the rest of Right to Censor, who wanted him to join up. Raven refused, saying that he didn't want their beliefs. Right To Censor warned him that if he's not with them, he's against them. Later that night, Raven took on Val Venis, and was winning the match, hitting the Evenflow. But the rest of Right to Censor interfered, and after an axe kick from Bull Bucannan, Venis got the Money Shot and the pin. At the next Smackdown, Right To Censor tried to recruit another wrestler, Test, and again failed, so Venis faced the man in another match. Right To Censor was interfering again when Raven came out for revenge, Evenflow DDT'ing Richards. Test then got the win with a Boot to the face of Venis.

Raven continued to team with Test the next week, when the two men & "The One" Billy Gunn faced off against the Radicalz. Raven's motives for joining with the two men were unknown, although he did give a poetic, confusing speech that left Test & Gunn wondering exactly what he had just said. In the match, Raven proved his worth, hitting the European Champion, Eddie Guerrero, with the Evenflow and getting the victory. It seemed that Raven was on the verge of a European Title shot, but when Matt Hardy defeated Guerrero the week before Backlash to win the belt, Christian demanded to be put in the European Title match instead. When Commissioner William Regal pointed out Raven's contention, Christian, with his partner, Edge, convinced him to put Raven against Rhyno for the Hardcore Title, since Raven "likes those kinds of matches".

At Backlash '01, Raven took his shot at Rhyno, in a brutal Hardcore match between the two ex-ECW wrestlers. A shopping cart of weapons that Raven brought out were used by both men, including the shopping cart itself. At one point, Raven dodged Rhyno's Gore, who then slammed straight through the back of the cart. But Rhyno proved too strong, getting his Gore later on to retain the Hardcore Title. Raven then faded into the mid-card scene, wrestling at most shows with little sign of a push. He did not wrestle at either the England PPV, Insurrextion, nor Judgment Day '01, leaving the way clear for other wrestlers to go at it. In June '01, when the WCW Invasion of the WWF began, Raven joined up with other midcarders to form a vigilante group, led by the APA, to battle against their new opposition. Raven was involved in multiple brawls as the group tried to catch various WCW wrestlers before they could escape into the crowd. However, this would soon change.

The ECW/WCW Alliance: 2001

On July 9th at Raw, Chris Jericho & Kane of the WWF were facing off against Mike Awesome & Lance Storm of WCW. During the match, Tommy Dreamer & Rob Van Dam ran out of the crowd, attacking the two WWF wrestlers. Raven then came out along with many other WWF fighters, apparently to aid Jericho & Kane. However, they turned on the WWF, beating the two wrestlers mercilessly. Paul Heyman then entered the ring and announced that the Invasion had been taken to the Extreme! Shockingly, Raven had rejoined ECW along with other long-known names like Taz, Mike Awesome, Rhyno, and others. Later that night, the 10 ECW wrestlers faced off against 5 WWF wrestlers and 5 WCW men. This, too, turned out to be a swerve, as WCW joined with ECW in brutally destroying the WWF team. Not long afterwards, Raven challenged a boasting Kurt Angle to an ECW Rules match. It was hardcore, with many weapons used. Surprisingly, though, Angle dominated, getting his Angle Lock and making Raven submit.

During the Sunday Night Heat before WWF Invasion, it was announced that Raven had challenged Commissioner William Regal to a match at the PPV, which was quickly accepted. The match had heat, due to the fact that Regal's aide, Tajiri, was in the midst of a feud with Raven's ally, Tazz. During the match, Raven tried to use his Extreme skills, while Regal stuck to his mat wrestling, making for an interesting blend of a match. When Raven was thrown to the outside, though, Tazz appeared and suplexed Regal, leaving him open for Raven's Evenflow DDT and the pinfall victory. Raven continued to work for the WCW/ECW Alliance for the next few months, helping his allies wage war on the WWF.

Raven's next extended feud would be with Perry Saturn, who had taken many bumps to the head during this time period and, thus, had become slightly unstable. Saturn had basically refused to join up with the Alliance, which led to Raven going against him. Raven added to Saturn's mental stryfe by getting his woman, Terri, to betray him and join with Raven instead. At Unforgiven '01, the two former allies/foes went at it in a singles match, with Saturn coming out on top with his unique finisher. Raven would stay with the Alliance until the end at the '01 Survivor Series, where Raven competed in the "Immunity Battle Royal" (which was won by Test). When the Alliance members lost the "Survivor" Main Event Match, Raven joined the rest of the Alliance wrestlers in exile.

WWF/WWE Raw: 2002

Raven made his return to the WWF in March '02 just before the separation of the brands, as Raven was drafted to Ric Flair's Raw. Raven immediately struck paydirt upon his return, defeating Bubba Ray Dudley for the WWF Hardcore Title, officially Raven's 12th reign. Raven would hold the belt for a week before losing it to Bubba Ray Dudley. Over the next month, Raven would add 5 one-day Hardcore Title reigns to his resume, with 10 more reigns over the next 4 months, bringing his total to 27 Hardcore Title reigns, setting the record. During this time, Raven had to deal with some new situations, as in June '02, Raven lost a "Loser Leaves Raw" Match to Tommy Dreamer, which meant that Raven's only television time was on Sunday Night Heat. Raven continued to work hard on that program, and eventually returned to Raw, but with no stories or possibilities in sight, Raven left the WWF (by then known as WWE) to try other fields.

NWA-TNA: 2003

In January '03, Raven made his first appearance in the National Wrestling Alliance - Total Nonstop Action organization, brutally attacking Jeff Jarrett after his title defense. Raven then stole the NWA World Heavyweight Title, later revealing that he had been brought in by Vince Russo, the leader of S.E.X., to take out Jarrett and claim the belt. Raven immediately had a resurgence in his career, as the followers of NWA-TNA definitely saw him as a true threat to winning the NWA World Title. Raven also had other feuds growing as well, as he was challenged by AJ Styles, who also believed he was worthy of becoming champion, and the Sandman, continuing their feud from their ECW days in February '03, with Raven winning a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over the Sandman thanks in part to interference from Low Ki.

Raven continued to split his focus for the next few weeks, as he & Low Ki teamed up to defeat the Sandman & Steve Corino on the next PPV show, while arguing with Styles about who deserved the World Title shot more. Going into March '03, Raven used his own creation, the "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match, to defeat the Sandman once again. A week later, Raven and Styles were put in a match against each other to decide the #1 Contender, but the match ended in a Double Pin, keeping either from being declared the challenger to Jeff Jarrett's World Title. This led to a "#1 Contender Ladder" Match being set up between the two men, with a horribly bloodied Raven getting the contract, thanks to Glen Gilbertti taking out Styles for him at the end of the match.

As Raven began preparing for his match-up with Jarrett, he also formed himself a "Gathering", similar to his Nest in ECW and his Flock in WCW. Raven was joined by Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero, giving him some allies in his fight against the champion. Raven also brought together many former ECW wrestlers, who disliked Jarrett so much that they were willing to help Raven go for the gold. Raven and Jarrett met in a chaotic match at the end of April for the gold, which featured a ton of run-ins and brawls, including a surprise appearance from Sabu, who attacked Raven. In the end, Jarrett won the match with the Stroke, leaving Raven without the gold. Raven refused to give up, however, and after AJ Styles won a "#1 Contenders" Match over D-Lo Brown, Raven attacked Styles, getting himself back in the title hunt.

In June '03, Raven, Styles, and Jarrett had a "Triple Threat" Match for the NWA World Title. It was a great battle between the 3 men, as they blended together their diverse skills for a terrific match. At one point, Raven appeared to have the win, hitting the Raven Effect DDT on Jarrett. But Shane Douglas surprisingly interfered, brawling with Raven on the outside. This allowed Styles, with help from Vince Russo, to defeat Jarrett with the Styles Clash and win the World Title. Raven, with his Gathering (now including C.M. Punk), feuded with Douglas (and his allies, the New Church) for the next month, with Father Mitchell using Raven's feelings for the Gathering against him (including holding them hostage at one point and luring Raven into an ambush). In the middle of August '03, Raven & Douglas went at it, and despite Father Mitchell supposedly having Laree in a bodybag, Raven got the win with a small package. When Raven went to save Laree, though, he found someone else in the bag. The lights went out, and when they came back up, Raven was laid out.

The next week, Raven called out the Mystery Man, and was immediately attacked in the dark, being bloodied, with the Gathering coming out to help him. It seemed that Raven would be unable to compete in the "#1 Contender Gauntlet" Match later that evening, but despite his injuries, Raven still made his way out when his time came. Raven eliminated Abyss and Christopher Daniels, then faced Shane Douglas in the final match, defeating Douglas with the Raven Effect DDT to become the new #1 Contender. Raven faced AJ Styles for the NWA World Title on the next PPV show, but interference from Douglas & the New Church kept Raven, once again, from winning the strap.

On the next week's show, Father Mitchell & the New Church talked about clipping Raven's hair, to damage his self-image. Later that night, Raven, Jeff Jarrett, D-Lo Brown, & America's Most Wanted fought in a "War Games" Match against Douglas, Styles, Christopher Daniels, Simon Diamond, & Johnny Swinger. Although Raven got the Raven Effect on Douglas during the match, and Jarrett got the pin on Styles, a massive brawl erupted after the match, ending with Raven trapped inside the steel cage with the New Church, who took him down, then started cutting parts of his hair, before he could get some help. This led to a "Hair Vs. Hair" Match between Raven and Douglas on the next show, which had both blood and vomit (blood from Raven, vomit from Douglas). After a furious match involving both the New Church and the Gathering, Raven worked to get control at the end, only to be attacked again by the mystery man, who was revealed to be Vampiro. With Vampiro's help, Douglas won the match, allowing Father Mitchell and the New Church to basically scalp Raven in ugly fashion.

(An interesting side-note to Raven's loss of his hair came to pass in Ring of Honor, where Raven had been having a long-term feud with a TNA ally, C.M. Punk. The two had battled several times in RoH, leading up to what was expected to be a Hair vs. Hair match. However, that match was switched to TNA between Raven & Douglas, while Raven had a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match against Punk in RoH's "Beating The Odds" show. Raven would continue feuding with Punk in RoH, while still teaming with him in TNA.)

Raven, with a new short cut, & the Gathering got some revenge on Douglas & the New Church the next week, winning a "Six-Man Dog Collar" Match. However, Vampiro again interceded himself after the match, with the heels beating down the faces. Raven then declared war on the New Church, saying that he would go through every one of them to get to Father Mitchell. He first destroyed Sinn in a match, badly bloodying him, although Raven was attacked and hung by the rest of the New Church afterwards. Raven attacked Father Mitchell the last week, giving him the same hanging treatment, but once again the New Church got the upper hand until the Gathering could make the save. It seemed that Raven didn't mind putting himself in harm's way, if it meant being able to get his hands on Mitchell and the rest.

Raven continued his war with the New Church on the next week's PPV show, winning a "Dog Collar" Match with Slash. Raven then hung Slash, before brawling with Vampiro, who spit green mist into his face. Raven issued a challenge later in the night to Vampiro, for a "Dream Blood Gallows of Retribution" Match. The bout, consisting of four chains, with dog collars on the end, on every turnbuckle, with the goal being to hang your opponent from the chain/collar until they were unconscious. Raven won out by DDT'ing Vampiro from the top rope through a table, then used the chain to choke him out over the ropes. Father Mitchell, now without allies, came down to try to throw a fireball at Raven, but missed. When CM Punk came to try to aid Raven, though, Raven wanted no part of it, telling Punk to leave. He then challenged Mitchell for the next week.

Going into November '03, Raven finally got his match, a "Last Man Standing" bout with Father Mitchell. Finally, Raven got his satisfaction, basically ending the feud with the New Church by beating down Mitchell and getting the win, leaving Mitchell bloodied and battered, but still vowing revenge down the road. After the win, Raven released CM Punk & Julio Dinero from the Gathering, thanking them for their help. Although Punk & Dinero weren't happy about the release, Raven was moving on, wanting to once again concentrate on the NWA World Title. Later on in the night, as Jeff Jarrett(c) & Sting were having an NWA World Title match, Red Shirt Security (Kevin Northcutt & Ryan Wilson) got involved, only to be taken out by Raven. A week later, Raven came out to challenge Jarrett, only to be busted open by Red Shirt Security, leading to a tag match later that night, with Raven having a mystery tag-team partner. While both Punk & Dinero thought it would be one of them, Raven instead chose his old enemy, the Sandman! During the match, while Raven was busy on the outside with Wilson, the Sandman was attacked by Joe Legend, who had joined with Jarrett's crew. Northcutt then pinned the Sandman, getting the win. After the match, the Gathering came down to help out Raven, but then wanted to know why they had hadn't been chosen. This allowed Legend & the Red Shirt Security to get the upper hand again, with Erik Watts making the save.

Raven, Watts, & the Sandman teamed up the next week to win a "Six Man" Match over Legend & Red Shirt Security, with Raven actually breaking Ryan Wilson's arm during the match, putting him out. Raven then faced the rest of Red Shirt Security in a Handicap Match on the next show, with the Gathering watching from the entry ramp, their intentions unknown. Raven used the Raven Effect to take out Legend and get the pin, but the match then was said to be an "Elimination" Match, leaving Raven to go against Northcutt. Despite Legend's continued interference, Raven used a chair on both men, taking control of the match. However, Abyss then entered the ring and attacked Raven, hitting the Black Hole Slam and ending the match as a No-Contest. As the three men attacked Raven, the Gathering surprisingly made the save, sticking with Raven and clotheslining the huge Abyss out of the ring.

During the final month of 2003, Raven & the Gathering stayed together to battle against Abyss & Red Shirt Security, but lost to them as December started. Raven then had a singles match with Abyss, but lost, via DQ, due to Red Shirt Security's interference, with the Gathering, once again, making the save. On the final TNA show of the year, the six men met inside a Steel Cage, in another brutal contest. It was announced that, if Raven's team won, he would get another NWA World Title shot against Jeff Jarrett. But if his team lost, Raven would be denied any shot at the championship. In a match that involved many TNA wrestlers on the outside (including Jarrett & Sting), Raven & the Gathering had control near the end, with both Red Shirt Security members hand-cuffed to the ropes, allowing a 3-on-1 fight with Abyss. But as Raven with for the Raven Effect, the Gathering turned on him, finally breaking away from him by hitting a Conchairto to knock him out, costing him the match. The Gathering then posed over the bloody Raven as the show ended.


On the first show of January '04, Raven was determined to get a piece of his former proteges, setting up a tag match, with Raven having a mystery partner. This partner turned out, once again, to be Raven's old adversary, the Sandman. The former ECW stand-outs fought hard against the Gathering, but near the end of the match, Raven was attacked by a cloaked figure, who held a rag to his face. This allowed Punk to get a DDT on Raven for the victory. The masked man was then revealed as Father James Mitchell, Raven's long-time nemesis in TNA. For the next few weeks, the Sandman led the charge against the Gathering while Raven recuperated, teaming with other ECW stars like Balls Mahoney, Terry Funk, and Mikey Whipwreck. Unfortunately, the Sandman couldn't get any wins over the Gathering, now that they had the evil mastermind, Father Mitchell, guiding them.

Raven returned to the ring in February '04, teaming with Terry Funk, who had asked Raven to come back to help with the fight against the Gathering. Unfortunately for Raven's team, as he made his entrance, Julio Dinero clocked Funk in the head with a chair, taking him out of a lot of the match. Despite this, Raven & Funk were able to come back, with Raven winning the match with the Raven Effect on Dinero. After the match, though, Punk attacked Raven, as Father Mitchell came down with a stun gun. But as Mitchell fired at Raven, Funk dived in front, taking the shot instead. As Funk laid, unconscious & hurt, on the ground, Raven chased the Gathering to the back. Raven later announced that he was returning to the old ruthless Raven, and that he was bringing in another old ECW partner: Sabu. With Sabu's help, Raven defeated the Gathering the next week, getting another much-needed win over his former allies.

Going into March '04, Raven again began concentrating on the NWA World Title. After a Frankie Kazarian/Jerry Lynn match, Raven came down to the ring and DDT'ed Kazarian, before talking about his lack of patience for an NWA Title shot. However, Raven was then attacked by the Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas), who, with Kazarian, beat him down, until Sabu showed up again to help Raven fight them off. Pushing this aside, Raven concentrated on the title. But Raven wasn't the only major contender, as AJ Styles, Chris Harris, Ron Killings, and Abyss all thought they deserved a shot at NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett as well. This led to several brawls between the different men, as they tried to earn the title shot, under the watchful eye of the NWA Director, Vince Russo.

Russo soon announced that he had chosen Harris as the new #1 Contender to Jarrett's title, which didn't sit well with Raven or the rest. Russo, meanwhile, tried to get Raven to enter a tag-team tournament with Sabu, but Raven refused. Russo offered some other suggestions, which Raven again turned down, still demanding that he, not Harris, should be the #1 Contender. Later that night, during the Harris/Jarrett match, Raven interfered, pulling the referee out. This allowed Jarrett to use his guitar and win the match, staying the champion. A furious Russo suspended Raven the next week without pay (although Raven still showed up at the event). Russo also gave Harris another shot, keeping him the #1 Contender.

Due to Raven's actions, as well as the other contenders, a "#1 Contender Shot Fatal Fourway" Match was set up, with Russo calling it "The Road To The Steel Cage". Raven went against Styles, Killings, & Abyss, with the winner to get a chance to take the #1 Contendership away from Harris. Sting was the special enforcer for the match. In a surprising turn of events, Jeff Jarrett helped choose the winner of the match, as he came down to the ring and, while confronted by Sting & Russo, grabbed Russo's towel and threw it in. Styles, seeing the towel, thought that Russo had double-crossed him again, and was distracted enough to let Raven roll him up, giving Raven the shot at Harris.

During the night of the "#1 Contenders" Match, Raven attacked Harris, injuring his arm, when Harris had come to the aid of his tag-team partner, James Storm (who had been wrestling Jarrett). This gave Raven an edge going into the match, and he used it early on, despite the distractions of Jarrett & Storm at ringside. At one point, when Storm refused to leave the ring area after interfering for Harris, Sabu appeared again and brawled with Storm to the back. Meanwhile, in the ring, the ref got accidentally knocked down, which enabled Raven to get a low blow in on Harris. However, when Raven went for the Raven Effect, Harris instead rolled him up, getting the surprise pinfall and keeping Raven from getting the title shot that he believed he deserved.

On the next card, Raven was scheduled to team with Sabu against Monty Brown & Abyss. However, when Raven's music was played, he didn't come out, leading to Sabu having to fight a Handicap Match against the two men. Although Sabu fought hard, he couldn't win, as Abyss eventually ended things with a sit-down Torture Rack. Meanwhile, Raven was shown in the back, badly injuring Harris' arm during an assault, until James Storm made the save. Harris was supposed to get his World Title shot that night in a Steel Cage against Jarrett, but with his injury, Raven hoped to make himself the #1 Contender instead. Russo refused, however, and instead quickly gave AJ Styles the shot, who made the most of it, winning the World Title.

Raven faced off against Harris' partner, Storm, on the next show, winning the match after interference from Kid Kash & Dallas. Later that night, Raven attacked Styles, who had announced that he would give Raven a World Title shot. Going into May '04, Raven interrupted a La Parka interview, beating the Mexican star down since he didn't understand English. Raven then got his shot against Styles, but it seemed that La Parka cost him the match, DDT'ing him to allow the champ to get the Styles Clash on Raven for the pin. However, "La Parka" unmasked after the match to show that it was actually Chris Harris returning to action, as he and James Storm beat down Raven, leading to an ugly brawl, with the locker room emptying.

A week later, Harris was given a title shot against Styles, with Raven & Ron Killings handcuffed to the ring to keep them from interfering. However, Raven was later able to get the keys from the downed referee and unlocked himself, before attacking Harris. Raven was then, in turn, attacked by Sabu, who was still mad about being left alone a few weeks before. The two brawled out of the arena, as Styles went on to defeat Harris. After the match, Raven returned, getting into a massive brawl with Styles, Harris, and Killings. This caused a frustrated Russo to set up a "King of the Mountain" Match for the next week, involving all four men. The match was decided by a returning Jeff Jarrett, who clocked Styles with a guitar shot, enabling Killings to get the win and become the World Champion.

Another "King of the Mountain" Match was set up at the beginning of June '04, between Raven, Killings, Jarrett, Styles, and Harris. In the innovative match, with the title hanging above the ring, Raven had his best opportunity yet to gain the gold. But Raven couldn't do it, as Jarrett eventually clocked Killings with his guitar, then was able to reclaim his title. After this loss, Raven opted to focus again on the man who had attacked him earlier, Sabu. Raven challenged Sabu to a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match on one PPV, but Sabu, through Sonjay Dutt, declined, stating a promise that had to be kept. Raven then beat down Dutt instead and left, still calling out Sabu. It was soon revealed that Sabu had made a promise to his mentor (and uncle), the Sheik, that he would not fight Raven. Raven seemed to be contrite about the matter, even planning a ceremony for the Sheik. But it turned out to be a farce, as Raven hung a skeleton in the Sheik's clothes instead, further infuriating the situation.

Raven disappeared from TNA for a few weeks, leading to a lot of speculation from the TNA broadcasters about when he would strike next. Raven's calling card reappeared after a Sabu/Dutt tag match with Alex Shelley & Abyss, with Raven still wanting Sabu to fight him. The next week, Raven attacked Sabu during a match with Abyss, hanging him by a rope and diving onto him from a balcony. Raven kept telling Sabu to "Fight or Flight". Sabu finally accepted Raven's challenges at the end of July, attacking Raven at one point when Raven was planning to burn Dutt alive with gasoline. The two met on the first August TNA PPV, in a brutal & bloody Hardcore Match. In the end, despite massive blood-loss, Raven won by getting the Raven Effect on Sabu through the remains of a broken table, getting the victory he had been seeking for months. Both men were taken to the hospital after the match.

The feud stayed hot between Raven & Sabu for the next few cards, leading to a "Hangman's Horror" match being set up between the two. For some reason, however, Sabu did not show up, leading Raven to call him a coward, then call out Sonjay Dutt instead. The two had a wild brawl, each trying to hang the other over the ropes. During the match, Raven became distracted by a series of hooded figures watching from ringside. This, plus a fireball in the face from Dutt, cost Raven the match, as he was hung over the ropes. Raven faded from view after the loss, upset at being unable to put away Sabu, as well as losing to Dutt. He would appear for matches on TNA Impact in a straight jacket, and rarely wrestled.

In October '04, Raven returned for a shot at the World Title. He was placed in a tournament to decide a #1 Contender, facing off against Monty Brown. Unfortunately for Raven, he couldn't beat Brown, losing to the Alpha Male on Impact. Raven got revenge during Brown's final tournament match with Jeff Hardy. After Abyss had already interfered, Raven came down from the rafters and hit the Raven Effect on Brown, helping Hardy get the win. This led to a feud between Raven, Brown, & Abyss, setting up a match between the three at the first TNA-named PPV, Victory Road. Before the match, Raven starved himself for 24 hours, in order to make himself that much more vicious. The three men fought in a "Monster's Ball" Match, a violent match that featured Raven knocking Abyss into a large pile of thumbtacks. At the end, though, Raven forgot about Brown, who hit the Pounce on Raven, slamming him through a table in the corner to get the win.

A week later, on Impact, Raven demanded another match with Brown, which Larry Zbyszko granted. During the match, Abyss became involved, attacking Brown. Raven then got the Raven Effect on Brown, seeming to have the win. However, out of the crowd, Raven's old WCW rival, Diamond Dallas Page, suddenly appeared, Diamond Cutting Raven! Brown made the pin, as Abyss (and his hooded ally) watched from the ramp. DDP would later cost Raven another match, this time causing him to lose to Johnny B. Badd. It all came out that the reason DDP was attacking Raven was because of Raven backstabbing him when Page retired, talking behind his back. The feud also seemed to involved Erik Watts. The two soon signed to face off at Turning Point. During the match, 2 hooded assailants of Raven's appeared at ringside, only to be taken out by Watts. But Watts then turned on Page, clotheslining him. However, DDP then reversed a Watts Chokeslam into a Diamond Cutter, then got the same move on Raven to get the victory.

Raven finished out the year as a confidante for Erik Watts, always whispering in his ear about how Diamond Dallas Page had disrespected him. Apparently Page and Watts had been friends long ago, but they had had a falling out. Raven & Watts continued to feud with DDP for the rest of the month of December '04, even as DDP earned a World Title shot against Jeff Jarrett. In a different arena, Raven participated in the Sabu Benefit show, which had been arranged to earn some money for the ailing Sabu. Raven fought against Shane Douglas, with Mick Foley as the special referee. Raven was easily the heel, due to his comments about Sabu before the match. As the match went on, Raven fought Foley as well as Douglas. In a surprise move near the end of the match, Sabu came into the ring and used Foley's Socko to put the Mandible Claw on Raven. Foley & Douglas then threw Raven through a table, basically ending the match right there.


The year started badly for Raven, as he was goaded into talking to DDP on the first Impact of '05. Raven mentioned how he had Watts wrapped around his finger, only to find Watts standing behind him. Watts beat Raven all the way to the ring, Chokeslamming him, before standing with DDP. Raven got some revenge the next week, hitting Watts with a trash can and proclaiming that Watts is still wrapped around his finger. This led to a match being signed between Raven and Watts at Final Resolution. The two men fought hard, frequently using a steel chair to their advantage, but in the end, Watts' size was too much, as he Chokeslammed Raven for the victory. After the match, Raven asked for Watts' forgiveness, saying that his hatred for Page had blinded him. However, Raven then attacked Watts with a trash can, then beat on him until security broke them up. It was later announced that Watts got a separated shoulder from his fight with Raven.

Raven's next violent act was with Cassidy Reilly, as Raven, after winning a match over Reilly, broke two of Reilly's fingers. Dustin Rhodes came down and helped Reilly away, while glaring at Raven. A week later, Raven cost Rhodes & Reilly a victory, when he distracted Rhodes by attacking the still-injured Watts, leaving Reilly in the ring to get double-teamed by the Naturals. Raven and Rhodes continued to confront each other over the next few weeks, as they signed to face off at Against All Odds. The two had a regular match at the PPV, which normally isn't Raven's specialty. He still came through, though, pinning Rhodes by using the ropes. After the match, Raven continued attacking Rhodes, eventually putting him in a straightjacket and hitting him with a strap. Cassidy Reilly tried to make the save, only to be DDT'ed. Security eventually broke things up, freeing Rhodes.

Raven and Rhodes kept feuding after their match, going into March '05, where they signed again to wrestle at the PPV, this time in a "Bullrope" Match, one of Rhodes' specialties. Raven & Rhodes faced off at Destination X, with Rhodes being the early favorite. Raven, though, evened things up by introducing a steel chair to the mix, one of his favorite weapons. However, Rhodes' experience in the style of match was too much for Raven to handle, as Rhodes was able to hit a Bulldog onto the steel chair, enabling him to pin Raven and end their feud. Raven didn't waste any time after the loss, however, instead moving himself into a feud with Jeff Hardy, stemming, apparently, from the fact that Raven had approached Hardy about forming a team, but gotten rebuffed.

Raven and Hardy continued their violent feud on Impact for the next few weeks, going into April '05. On the Impact before the PPV, Raven & Abyss teamed up to face their respective opponents, Hardy & AJ Styles. The match turned into a brutal affair, with the ref eventually throwing the match out to the lack of control involved. Raven, meanwhile, threw Hardy over into a table, injuring him, while Abyss took out Styles with a chain around the throat. At Lockdown, Raven and Hardy followed the rules of the night, fighting in a "Steel Cage" Match. The steel wasn't the only weapon used, as chairs, tables, and other dangerous items were used. Raven bled early and often in the match, wearing a crimson mask as he fought against Hardy. Near the end, Raven set up 4 tables, then went to put Hardy off the top of the cage through them. The two fought at the top, with Hardy getting the upper hand, knocking Raven onto the table. Hardy then followed up with a dive onto Raven, putting them both through the 4 tables! Hardy landed on top, getting the 3 count.

Raven, despite losing to Hardy, couldn't let the feud go, as he still wanted a piece of the Enigma. The battles between the two continued, with Raven coercing Hardy into facing him in a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match at the May '05 PPV, Hard Justice. However, due to missing a plane flight, Hardy didn't make the pay-per-view, leading to Raven proclaiming him a coward. Instead, Sean Waltman (better known to WWE fans as X-Pac) was put in as a substitute. Raven seemed to be fine with it, as he wanted to prove that he still deserved to be the big star of TNA. The match turned out to be one of the biggest surprises of the night, as Raven and Waltman tore the house down, both trying for more and more violent maneuvers. At one point, Raven had Waltman's arm handcuffed to the ring post, as he hit him with a kendo stick. All the while, Waltman was calling for more. Later on, after Dusty Rhodes had ordered Waltman freed from the cuffs, Waltman took the advantage with a staple gun, nailing Raven in the head. The end came when Raven backdropped Waltman into the cage, tearing it down. Raven then made the pin, getting himself a much-needed victory.

On the next Impact, it was announced that AJ Styles, who had won the NWA World Title from Jarrett at Hard Justice, would be defending the title at the next PPV in a "King of the Mountain" Match, against Jarrett, Abyss, Monty Brown, and one other wrestler. During the night, Raven threatened Larry Zbyszko, wanting that final spot. When Zbyszko didn't give it to him right away, Raven attacked Zbyszko, eventually giving the legend the Raven Effect in the ring. Raven then had to deal with security, as Dusty Rhodes came out & told Raven that he had been suspended. Raven later said that everyone would pay, since he's now on a mission. That mission was interrupted briefly, however, in June, as Raven appeared for Hardcore Homecoming, an event put together to celebrate ECW. Raven came out with the Blue Meanie & the Musketeer to face the Sandman. Thanks to his allies, as well as both Don E. Allen and Mikey Whipwreck, Raven got the victory over his long-time nemesis.

At Slammiversary, it was announced that Sean Waltman would be the "wild card" in the "King of the Mountain" Match. However, before the match, Raven got in a brawl with Jeff Jarrett, with security breaking them up. Jarrett then, however, attacked a Jeff Hardy fan at ringside, which caused security to have to drag him off. It was later announced that, since Jarrett was in handcuffs and being taken away, Raven would take his place in the "King of the Mountain" Match! Things didn't start well for Raven in the match, as he was quickly hit by a diving Waltman, then given the Pounce by Monty Brown, which led to Raven getting pinned and spending 2 minutes in the Penalty Box. When Raven got out, though, he got his own pinfall, pinning AJ Styles. Soon, all wrestlers had gotten a pinfall, which meant that all had a chance to win the match. In the end, Abyss made the climb to hang the World Title, but was nailed by a Pounce from Brown. However, Raven then got the Raven Effect on Brown, then climbed the ladder and, getting free of Abyss, hung the belt to finally win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!

Raven struck some more gold on June 25th, as he defeated Derek Stone for the NWA Central States Championship, giving Raven two big belts to carry on his shoulders. Raven's first challenger for the NWA World Title soon became apparent on the next Impact (now being shown on the Internet). As Raven gave an interview about his fulfilling his destiny, Father James Mitchell suddenly appeared, talking about how Raven's destiny was going to come back to haunt him. Abyss then attacked Raven, scoring with the Black Hole Slam and choking Raven out with a chain. Raven and Abyss continued to have violent confrontations going into July '05, with Father Mitchell again proving to be one of Raven's worst enemies, leading Abyss to several beatdowns of the champion.

At No Surrender, Raven & Abyss fought over the NWA World Title in a "Steel Chain Dog Collar" Match, with weapons like steel chairs, staple guns, tables, thumbtacks, and more coming into play. At one point, Cassidy Reilly (who had been saved from Abyss by Raven) came out to help, only to be put through a table. However, Raven was able to use this to his advantage, Powerbombing Abyss from the turnbuckle onto the tacks, then getting the Raven Effect on the tacks to get the victory and retain the World Title. After the match, Jeff Jarrett came out to again challenge for the belt, but he also had another surprise, as Raven turned around only to get Gored by a debuting Rhino! Raven laid on the mat in a bloody heap, even as Rhino celebrated with Jarrett.

For a time, it seemed that Raven did not have a chance against the union of Jarrett & Rhino, as he had no allies to help him out. But on one Impact show, when Raven came out after Jarrett & Rhino had beaten down Cassidy Reilly & Mikey Batts, the lights went out, signaling the return of Sabu to TNA. The two ECW wrestlers sent Jarrett & Rhino out of the ring, once again becoming a team in spite of their past. A match was set up between the two teams at Sacrifice, with stipulations being arranged by Larry Zbyszko beforehand that, if Jarrett pinned Raven, he'd become the #1 Contender, but that if Raven pinned Jarrett, Double J wouldn't get a title shot for a year. The match quickly got brutal with Raven using a pizza cutter on Jarrett's head. Other weapons were brought into play from the hardcore wrestlers, making things more violent. At one point, the referee was taken out by a mistaken Gore from Rhino, leading to more chaos and giving Abyss & Father Mitchell the chance to come to ringside and attack Sabu, only to have Jeff Hardy reappear & attack Abyss. In the end, Raven took out Jarrett, only to then be Gored through a table by Rhino, who made the pin and got the victory over the NWA Champion.

There was some dissention in Jarrett's camp after the victory, due to Rhino refusing to give the title shot he had earned to Jarrett. Instead, Rhino and Raven continued to feud, with the belt being put on the line for Unbreakable, with Raven setting the match as "Raven's Rules", bringing out the old stand-by of anything goes. Both wrestlers were soon bleeding badly from the weapons being used, as Raven's shopping cart of violence was emptied out. Near the end, Jarrett tried to interfere, only to be distracted by Jeff Hardy. This allowed Raven to get the Raven Effect on Jarrett, taking him out. When Rhino grabbed Raven from behind after the DDT, Raven was able to get a reversal, then scored another Raven Effect, putting Rhino down and getting the pinfall. Raven had again retained the World Title, making it seem that he would be the champion going into the first Impact on Spike TV.

However, events conspired to keep Raven from making that date. On a Border City Wrestling card in the middle of September '05, Raven put the NWA World Title on the line against the major contender, Jeff Jarrett. After a competitive and painful match between the two stars, Raven seemed to be on the verge og taking over the bout. However, interference from America's Most Wanted, a team that had been the stand-out tag-team of TNA, helped Jarrett win the match and take away the NWA World Title! With AMW's betrayal, Raven had lost the belt that meant so much to him, leaving Raven nothing to think about but revenge on the men that had stopped him.

Surprisingly enough, Raven began having major problems with Larry Zbyszko after the defeat, as Zbyszko wouldn't give Raven a rematch against Jarrett for the World Title. As Impact began on Spike TV, Raven was seen on multiple shows, getting thrown out by security due to Zbyszko. Raven seemed crazed, wanting to get his hands around Zbyszko's throat. Meanwhile, Cassidy Riley, Raven's sole ally, told Raven that he was soft for letting a girl go to his head; the announcers had no idea who the girl actually was. Going into November '05, Zbyszko gave Raven a release form, telling him to sign it and get out of TNA. Raven refused, leading Zbyszko to threaten to put Raven through hell. At Genesis '05, Raven had his first unknown match, with Zbyszko bringing in PJ Polaco (formerly known as Justin Credible) to face him. Raven was able to turn things around on Zbyszko, though, defeating Polaco with the Raven Effect.

Zbyszko's second attempt to take care of Raven occurred a few weeks later on the first December '05 Impact, as he put Raven in a "House of Fun" Match against three opponents: the Diamonds In The Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper, & David Young)! Despite aid from Riley, Raven fell to the triple-team, getting busted open and pinned by all three men. At Turning Point '05, Raven took on another of Zbyszko's hand-picked foes, Chris K (Kanyon). Raven came out on top over his former WCW ally, winning with his DDT, causing a furious Zbyszko to again demand Raven to sign his release form. Raven again refused, nearly coming to blows with Zbyszko. Finally, Zbyszko made an ultimatum, saying that Raven would compete in one more hand-picked match. If Raven won, he'd get the NWA World Title shot against Jeff Jarrett that he wanted. If he lost, he had to leave NWA-TNA behind.


The match went down at Final Resolution '06, with Raven finding out he was going against Sean Waltman. The other surprise, though, was, when the ref was knocked out, Zbyszko himself came down to take over the referee duties! Obviously, Zbyszko was biased, giving Raven as much trouble as he possibly could. Near the end, Waltman took Raven down, then made the cover. Raven managed to get his foot on the ropes, where Zbyszko could plainly see it. However, Zbyszko kept counting, pounding the mat 3 times to cost Raven his TNA career! Zbyszko had Raven escorted from the building via security, with Riley trying to come to his aid, only to be told to back off by his mentor. Raven later ran into Jackie Gayda on his way out, who told him that she had a proposition for him, since they had both been screwed by TNA.

For months, there was no word on Raven in TNA, as it seemed his time there was done. In April '06, Zbyszko began hearing rumors from referee Slick Johnson about a "change" in power. At Lockdown '06, Christy Hemme made a surprising appearance, giving Tenay an announcement to read. It spoke about TNA undergoing a restructuring of all office personnel. It also placed Zbyszko on probation. When Zbyszko came out to protest, Tenay read the final lines, saying that one of Larry's recent decisions was overturned, and that Raven was back in TNA! Seconds later, Raven came out, making his first appearance in months, and immediately went after Zbyszko! Security separated the two, starting Raven's return to TNA with a bang.

Raven again went after Zbyszko on the next Impact, when Zbyszko had come to the ring to present the X Division Title match between Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal. Raven chased Zbyszko around the ring, then stopped at the ramp, as Zbyszko hid behind a wall of security. Raven just smiled, apparently enjoying being back in TNA. A week later, while Zbyszko was announcing an NWA Tag-Team Title match scheduled for the next PPV, Raven again came out, but once again couldn't catch the speed, enhanced by fright, of Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko later made a deal with Scott D'Amore, scheduling his man, A1, to take out Raven at the next PPV. The two wrestlers met at TNA Sacrifice, with Raven making his first in-ring wrestling appearance since January. Zbyszko was also at ringside, helping to distract Raven early on, so A1 could get a chair shot in, allowing him to dominate a good part of the match. As Raven finally started fighting back, gaining momentum, Zbyszko distracted the referee, allowing A1 to get a low blow in. But when Zbyszko tried to get physically involved, grabbing Raven, Raven dodged an A1 attack, causing him to hit Zbyszko instead! Raven then DDT'ed A1 and got the victory. Afterwards, a fighting-mad Zbyszko wanted to go at it right there, as he kicked away at a tired Raven until security broke them apart.

Raven came out on the next Impact to answer the challenge of Christian Cage, who wanted to see his opponents for the King of the Mountain Match at the next PPV. Raven was joined by 7 other wrestlers, which Larry Zbyszko (from the big screen) announced would be fighting in Qualifying Matches to decide the 4 who would face Cage for the NWA World Title. Raven wasn't involved in the first match that night, as Abyss earned the first spot by beating Rhino. Raven was ready to go again the next week on Impact, waiting in the back. Again, though, Raven wasn't chosen, as Ron Killings defeated Monte Brown for the second spot.

The next week, Jarrett & Steiner started things off by attacking Don West, wanting to know who the opponents would be that night. Sting came out for the save, attacking Steiner as Jarrett fled the ring. But Jarrett didn't get far, as he ran into Raven, who joined the brawl. The faces took out the heels, sending them from the ring. Later on that night, it was revealed that Raven would be taking on Jarrett that night in the tournament. Raven and Jarrett met each other in the crowd to begin the match, leading to a wild hardcore brawl between the two long-time foes. Many weapons were used, from trash can lids to chairs to even condiments! Near the end of the match, Jarrett got some unexpected help from Zbyszko, who kept Raven from using Jarrett's own guitar against him. As Raven was distracted with Zbyszko, Jarrett got a low blow on Raven to come back into control. Jarrett then tried to get the guitar from Zbyszko, leading to an argument between the two. Raven, meanwhile, recovered and came after Jarrett with the guitar, only to knock out Zbyszko instead! Jarrett took advantage, though, landing the Stroke and getting the victory to eliminate Raven from the King of the Mountain match.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (96 - 88, 2 NCs, 1 Draw)
- PNCW Northwest Tag Title Tournament (April '89) = Scotty the Body & CW Bergstrom defeated Top Gun & Buddy Rose, then fell to Steve Doll & Scott Peterson, who went on to win the tournament.
- PNCW Northwest Title Tournament (September '89) = Scott the Body defeated Jonathon Boyd, Rex King, and Karl Styles to win the tournament.
- NJPW Budokan Hall (September '90) = Scotty the Body & Eric Embry lost to Kenta Kobashi & Toshiaki Kawada.
- GWF Tag-Team Title Tournament (July '91) = Scotty Anthony and Rip Rogers defeated Steve Dane and the Handsome Stranger, Joel Deaton and Chaz, and the Youngbloods, but lost to Steve Simpson and Chris Walker in the Finals.
- (UNSURE) Tri-State Autumn Armageddon (September '91) = Mr. Anthony competed in a "Last Blood Battle Royal", which was won by the Sandman.
- WCW WrestleWar '92 = Scotty Flamingo defeated Marcus Bagwell.
- WCW Beach Blast '92 (June '92) = Flamingo won the WWF Light-Heavyweight Title from Flyin' Brian Pillman.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXI (November '92) = Scotty Flamingo KO'ed Johnny B. Badd in a Boxing Match.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXII (January '93) = Scotty Flamingo lost to Too Cold Scorpio.
- ECW Arena (March '95) = Raven took out Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW "Three Way Dance" (April '95) = Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '95 (April) = Raven won, via DQ, over Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW "Enter The Sandman" (May '95) = Raven & Stevie Richards won, via DQ, over Tommy Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck.
- ECW "Barbed Wire, Hoodies, & Chokeslams" (June '95) = Raven & the Pitbulls lost to Too Cold Scorpio & Tazz in a Handicap match.
- ECW Hardcore Heaven '95 (July) = Raven and Stevie Richards retained the ECW Tag-Team Titles by defeating Tommy Dreamer and Luna Vachon.
- ECW Arena (August '95) = Raven & Stevie Richards beat the Pitbulls to keep the ECW Tag Titles.
- ECW "Gangstas Paradise" (September '95) = Raven & Stevie Richards lost the Tag-Team Titles to the Pitbulls in a "3 Falls Double Dog Collar" match.
- ECW Arena (October '95) = Raven & Stevie Richards won over the Pitbulls to reclaim the ECW Tag-Team straps. Later in that night, in a Three-Way Dance, Raven & Richards lost the belts to Public Enemy, with the Pitbulls being the other participants.
- ECW November To Remember III ('95) = Raven and Cactus Jack were defeated by Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk.
- ECW December to Dismember '95 = Raven pinned Tommy Dreamer. Later that night, Raven, Steven Richards, the Eliminators & the Heavenly Bodies lost an "Ultimate Jeopardy Steel Cage" match to Dreamer, Public Enemy, & the Pitbulls.
- ECW Holiday Hell '95 (December) = Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer. Later on, Raven lost to the ECW Heavyweight Champion, the Sandman.
- ECW Arena (January '96) = Raven beat the Sandman to win the ECW World Title.
- ECW Cyberslam '96 (February) = Raven retained the ECW World Championship, taking down the Sandman.
- ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash (March '96) = Raven won over Shane Douglas, staying the ECW World Champion.
- ECW Arena (March '96) = Raven & the Bruise Brothers were beaten by Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer, & the Sandman.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '96 (April) = Raven retained the ECW World Belt by defeating Shane Douglas.
- ECW "A Matter of Respect" (May '96) = Raven won a Three Way Dance over Pitbull #2 and the Sandman, keeping the ECW World Title.
- ECW "Fight The Power" (June '96) = Raven retained the ECW World Title by winning over Pitbull #2.
- ECW Hardcore Heaven '96 (June) = Raven stayed the ECW World Champ by beating Terry Gordy.
- ECW "Natural Born Killaz" (August '96) = Raven & Shane Douglas were beaten in a "Double Dog-Collar" match by Pitbull #2 & the Sandman.
- ECW Arena (September '96) = Raven retained the ECW World Title by defeating Pitbull #2.
- ECW November To Remember IV ('96) = Raven lost to then-ECW World Champ the Sandman.
- ECW "Crossing The Line Again" (February '97) = Raven kept the ECW World belt, defeating Steve Williams.
- ECW "Barely Legal" (April '97) = Raven lost the ECW World Title to Terry Funk.
- ECW "Chapter 2" (May '97) = Raven lost to ECW World Champ Terry Funk in a Four Corners match. Stevie Richards & the Sandman were the other participants.
- ECW Wrestlepalooza '97 = Raven was beaten by Tommy Dreamer in a "Loser Leaves Town" match.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXV (August '97) = Raven defeated Stevie Richards in a "No DQ" Match.
- WCW World War III '97 = Raven won a "No DQ" Match over Scotty Riggs.
- WCW/nWo Souled Out '98 = Raven lost to Chris Benoit in a No-DQ Match.
- WCW Boston Brawl (January '98) = Raven and Saturn were beaten by the Steiner Brothers.
- WCW Uncensored '98 = Raven lost to Diamond Dallas Page in a Triple Threat Match (Chris Benoit was the other participant).
- WCW Spring Stampede '98 = Raven defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the WCW United States Title.
- WCW Slamboree '98 = Raven, in a "Bowery Death" Match, was KO'ed by Diamond Dallas Page.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '98 = Raven defeated Saturn in a "No Disqualification" Match.
- WCW Road Wild '98 = Raven lost to Saturn in a Triple Threat Match, with Kanyon as the other competitor.
- WCW Fall Brawl '98 = Raven was again defeated by Saturn, thus losing the Flock.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '98 = Raven was beaten by Chris Jericho, who retained the WCW Television Title.
- WCW World War III '98 = Raven competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Kevin Nash.
- WCW Uncensored '99 = Raven was defeated in a 3-Way Hardcore Match by Hardcore Hak (Bam-Bam Bigelow was the other competitor), after Chastity turned on him.
- WCW Spring Stampede '99 = Raven & Saturn, after interference from Arn Anderson, lost to Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko.
- WCW Slamboree '99 = Raven & Saturn, with help from Kanyon, defeated Rey Misterio Jr & Kidman (the former champs) and Benoit & Malenko to win the Tag-Team Titles.
- ECW Arena (August '99) = Raven & Tommy Dreamer retained the ECW Tag-Team Titles, defeating Jack Victory & Rhino.
- ECW Anarchy Rules '99 (September) = Raven & Tommy Dreamer defended the ECW Tag Titles by beating Steve Corino & Rhino.
- ECW Arena (October '99) = Raven & Tommy Dreamer fought to a No-Contest with Justin Credible & Lance Storm. Raven & Dreamer kept the Tag-Team Titles.
- ECW November to Remember '99 = Raven, Tommy Dreamer, & the Sandman were beaten by Justin Credible, Lance Storm, & Rhino.
- ECW Arena (November '99) = Raven was beaten by the Sandman. Tommy Dreamer was the Special Referee.
- ECW Guilty As Charged '00 (January) = Raven & Tommy Dreamer lost the ECW Tag belts to Justin Credible & Lance Storm.
- ECW Arena (January 15th, '00) = Raven & Tommy Dreamer were beaten by Danny Doring and Roadkill.
- ECW Arena (March '00) = Raven & Mike Awesome defeated Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka to win the ECW Tag-Team Titles.
- ECW Living Dangerously '00 = Raven & Mike Awesome were beaten in a Tag-Team Title Triangle match by Lance Storm & Justin Credible. The other participants were Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka.
- 3rd Annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show (May '00) = Raven lost to the ECW World Champion Justin Credible.
- WWF No Mercy '00 = Raven & Tazz competed in an Elimation Tag-Team Tables match, which was won by the Dudley Boyz.
- WWF Royal Rumble '01 = Raven competed in the Rumble, which was won by Steve Austin.
- WWF No Way Out '01 = Raven lost the Hardcore Title to the Big Show.
- WWF Wrestlemania XVII ('01) = Raven lost the Hardcore Title to Kane. The Big Show was the other participant.
- WWF Backlash '01 = Raven was defeated by the Hardcore Champion, Rhyno.
- MCW/WWF Slammin' Summer Showdown (June '01) = Raven was pinned by Joey Abs.
- WWF Invasion (July '01) = Raven took down William Regal.
- WWF Unforgiven '01 = Raven was beaten by Perry Saturn.
- WWF Survivor Series '01 = In a dark match, Raven, Lance Storm & Justin Credible defeated Scotty Too Hotty, Spike Dudley & Albert. Later that night, Raven competed in an "Immunity Battle Royal", which was won by Test.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (February 12, '02) = Raven, Justin Credible & R.C. Haas won over Matt Stryker, Lance Cade & Mike Sanders.
- WWE King of the Ring '02 = In a dark match, Raven & Stevie Richards were beaten by the Hardy Boyz.
- WWA Lynn Show (February 7, '03) = Raven beat Aron Stevens (subbing for Sabu).
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #31, February 12, '03) = Raven won a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over the Sandman.
- 3PW 1st Anniversary Show (February 15, '03) = Raven quickly beat the Blue Meanie. Later on, Raven lost a "Three Way" Match to the 3PW Champ, Gary Wolfe. Xavier was the other participant.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #32, February 19, '03) = Raven & Low-Ki defeated Steve Corino & the Sandman.
- IWC Butler Show (February 22, '03) = Raven took down Steve Corino.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #33, February 26, '03) = Raven beat Julio Dinero.
- RCW (Revolution) LaSalle Show (March 1, '03) = Raven pinned Vic Capri.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #34, March 5, '03) = Raven won a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match over the Sandman.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #35, March 12, '03) = Raven fought to a Draw with AJ Styles.
- RoH Expect the Unexpected (March 13, '03) = Raven lost a "Raven's Rules" Match to CM Punk.
- IWC Penn Hills PD Fundraiser (March 14, '03) = Raven defeated CM Punk.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #36, March 19, '03) = Raven won an "NWA World Title Contendership Ladder" Match over AJ Styles.
- RoH Night of the Champions (March 22, '03) = Raven & Colt Cabana beat CM Punk & Ace Steel.
- IWA Clarksville Show (March 28, '03) = Raven lost to the IWA Champ, Chris Hero.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #39, April 9, '03) = Raven pinned Kid Kash.
- IWC Steel Valley High School Show (April 12, '03) = Raven lost a "Raven's Rules" Match to the IWC Heavyweight Champion, Jimmy Vegas.
- IWC Uniontown Show (April 13, '03) = Raven beat the Disco Inferno.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #40, April 16, '03) = Raven defeated D-Lo Brown.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #42, April 30, '03) = Raven fell to the NWA World Heavyweight Champ, Jeff Jarrett.
- MLW Revolutions (May 9, '03) = Raven pinned C.M. Punk.
- IWC Super Indy Tournament II (May 10, '03) = Raven lost in the first round to Christopher Daniels. Colt Cabana won the tournament.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #48, June 11, '03) = Raven lost a "Triple Threat" Match to AJ Styles, who won the NWA World Title. Jeff Jarrett was the other participant.
- RoH Night of the Grudges (June 14, '03) = Raven & BJ Whitmer lost an "Anything Goes" Match to the Second City Saints.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #50, June 25, '03) = Raven & Jeff Jarrett won, via DQ, over Shane Douglas & Glen Gilbertti.
- RoH WrestleRave '03 (June 28) = Raven & Christopher Daniels were beaten by the Second City Saints.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor (July 19, '03) = Raven lost a "Dog Collar" Match to CM Punk.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #54, July 23, '03) = Raven & the Gathering fell to Shane Douglas, Brian Lee & Slash.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #55, July 30, '03) = Raven, Julio Dinero & Alexis Laree lost a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match to Shane Douglas, Brian Lee & Slash.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #57, August 13, '03) = Raven pinned Shane Douglas.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #58, August 20, '03) = Raven won the "#1 Contender Gauntlet" Match.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #59, August 27, '03) = Raven lost to the NWA World Champ, AJ Styles.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #60, September 3, '03) = Raven, Jeff Jarrett, D-Lo Brown & America's Most Wanted won a "Wargames" Match over Shane Douglas, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger.
- RoH Beating the Odds (September 6, '03) = Raven won a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match over CM Punk.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #61, September 17, '03) = Raven lost a "Hair vs. Hair" Match to Shane Douglas.
- RoH Glory By Honor II (September 20, '03) = Raven lost an "Opponent's Choice" Match to Steve Corino (CM Punk chose Corino to face Raven).
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #62, September 24, '03) = Raven & the Gathering won a "Six-Man Dog Collar" Match over Shane Douglas & the New Church.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #64, October 8, '03) = Raven took down Sinn.
- RoH The Tradition Continues (October 16, '03) = Raven defeated Justin Credible.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #66, October 22, '03) = Raven won a "Dog Collar" Match over Slash.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #67, October 29, '03) = Raven won a "Hanging" Match over Vampiro.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #68, November 5, '03) = Raven won a "Last Man Standing" Match over Jim Mitchell.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #69, November 12, '03) = Raven & the Sandman fell to Kevin Northcutt & Ryan Wilson.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #70, November 19, '03) = Raven, Erik Watts & the Sandman beat Kevin Northcutt, Ryan Wilson & Joe Legend.
- 3PW Raven's Rules (November 22, '03) = Raven won the vacated 3PW Heavyweight Title, winning a "Three Way Dance" over Sabu and the Sandman.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #71, November 26, '03) = Raven defeated Joe Legend. Later on, Raven fought to a No-Contest with Kevin Northcutt.
- RoH The Conclusion (November 28, '03) = Raven lost a "Steel Cage" Match to CM Punk.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #72, December 3, '03) = Raven & the Gathering fell to Joe Legend, Kevin Northcutt & Abyss.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #73, December 10, '03) = Raven won, via DQ, over Abyss.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #74, December 17, '03) = Raven & the Gathering lost a "Steel Cage" Match to Kevin Northcutt, Legend & Abyss.
- IWC A Call To Arms I (December 22, '03) = Raven lost a "Johnstown Street Fight" Match to Shane Douglas.
- 3PW Su-Su-Superfly (December 27, '03) = Raven & the Sandman were beaten by John Zandig & Wifebeater.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #75, January 7, '04) = Raven & the Sandman fell to the Gathering.
- 3PW Got Head? (January 24, '04) = Raven retained the 3PW Heavyweight Title, winning a "TLC" Match over the Sandman.
- IWC Hopewell Havoc (January 31, '04) = Raven beat CM Punk.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #81, February 18, '04) = Raven & Terry Funk took down the Gathering.
- 3PW 2nd Anniversary Show (February 21, '04) = Raven stayed the 3PW Heavyweight Champion, winning a "Dog Collar" Match over Gary Wolfe.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #82, February 25, '04) = Raven & Sabu defeated the Gathering.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #87, March 31, '04) = Raven won a "Four Corners #1 Contenders" Match over Ron Killings, AJ Styles and Abyss.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #89, April 14, '04) = Raven lost a "#1 Contenders" Match to Chris Harris.
- 3PW The Future Is Now (April 17, '04) = Raven lost the 3PW Heavyweight Title to Joey Matthews.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #90, April 21, '04) = Raven & Sabu were beaten by Monty Brown & Abyss. Raven no-showed the match, instead brawling with Chris Harris in the back.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #91, April 28, '04) = Raven pinned James Storm.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #92, May 5, '04) = Raven lost to the NWA World Champion, AJ Styles.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #94, May 19, '04) = Raven competed in a "Fatal Fourway World Title" Match, which was won by Ron Killings. AJ Styles and Chris Haris were the other participants.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #96, June 2, '04) = Raven lost a "King of the Mountain" Match to Jeff Jarrett, who won the NWA World Title. Ron Killings, AJ Styles, & Chris Harris were the other participants.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #97, June 9, '04) = In a dark match, Raven beat Dagon Briggs.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #98, June 16, '04) = Raven pinned Sonjay Dutt.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #105, August 4, '04) = Raven won a "Hardcore" Match over Sabu.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #107, August 18, '04) = Raven lost a "Hangman's Horror" Match to Sonjay Dutt.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #110, September 8, '04) = In a dark match, Raven pinned Scott Fowler.
- NWA-TNA Victory Road '04 (November 7, '04) = Raven lost a "Monster's Ball" Match to Monty Brown. Abyss was the other participant.
- NWA-TNA Turning Point '04 (December 5) = Raven was beaten by Diamond Dallas Page.
- BCW Night Of Appreciation For Sabu (December 12, '04) = Raven fell to Shane Douglas. Mick Foley was the special referee.
- NWA-TNA Final Resolution '05 (January 16) = Raven was pinned by Erik Watts.
- NWA-TNA Against All Odds '05 (February 13) = Raven defeated Dustin Rhodes.
- NWA-TNA Destination X '05 (March 13) = Raven lost a "Bullrope" Match to Dustin Rhodes.
- NWA-TNA Lockdown (April 24, '05) = Raven lost a "Tables & Chairs Steel Cage" Match to Jeff Hardy.
- NWA-TNA Hard Justice (May 15, '05) = Raven won a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match over Sean Waltman (who was a substitute for Jeff Hardy).
- Hardcore Homecoming (June 10, '05) = Raven defeated the Sandman.
- TNA Slammiversary (June 19, '05) = Raven won the NWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "King of the Mountain" Match over AJ Styles, Monty Brown, Sean Waltman, and Abyss.
- HWA Independence Day Tour, Day One (July 1, '05) = Raven, BG James, Cory Hawk, & Nigel McGuinness defeated Jeff Jarrett, Matt Stryker, Rory Fox, & Shawn Osborne.
- TNA No Surrender (July 17, '05) = Raven retained the NWA World Title, winning a "No Surrender Dog Collar" Match over Abyss.
- TNA Sacrifice (August 14, '05) = Raven & Sabu fell to Jeff Jarrett & Rhino.
- TNA Unbreakable (September 11, '05) = Raven stayed the NWA World Champion, winning a "Raven's Rules" Match over Rhino.
- Hardcore Homecoming II (September 16, '05) = Raven defeated Rhino.
- TNA Genesis (November 13, '05) = Raven beat PJ Polacco (formerly known as Justin Credible).
- TNA Turning Point '05 (December 11) = Raven won over Kanyon.
- TNA Final Resolution '06 (January 15) = Raven fell to Sean Waltman, which meant that Raven was out of TNA. If Raven would have won, he would have earned an NWA World Title shot.
- TNA Sacrifice '06 (May 14) = Raven defeated A1.
- TNA Victory Road '06 (July 16) = Raven won a "Hair vs. Hair" Match over Larry Zbyszko.
- TNA No Surrender '06 (September 24) = Raven lost a "No Disqualification Triple Threat" Match to Abyss. Brother Runt was the other participant.
- TNA Bound For Glory '06 (October 22) = Raven lost the "Monster's Ball" Match to Samoa Joe. Abyss and Runt were the other participants.
- TNA Fight For Your Right Tournament (October/November '06) = Raven competed in the "Three Stages Qualifying" Match, but was not one of the wrestlers who earned a seed in the tournament.
- TNA Hard Justice '07 (August 12) = Raven was beaten by Frankie Kazarian.
- TNA No Surrender '07 (September 9) = Serotonin (Raven & Havoc) competed in a "#1 Contenders Tag-Team Gauntlet" Match, which was won by AJ Styles & Tomko.
- TNA Bound For Glory '07 (October 14) = Raven lost a "Monster's Ball" Match to Abyss. Black Reign and Rhino were the other participants.
- TNA Turning Point '07 (December 2) = Raven & Abyss won a "Thumbtacks" Match over Black Reign & Rellik.
- IWC Accept No Limitations 4 (February 16, '08) = Raven & the Sandman defeated Dennis Gregory & Daivari.
- TNA Slammiversary '09 (June 21) = Raven & Daffney lost a "Monster's Ball" Match to Abyss & Taylor Wilde.
- TNA Final Resolution '09 (December 20) = Raven & Stevie Richards lost a "Foley's House of Fun" Match to Mick Foley & Abyss.
- IWC Night of Legends '10 (April 10) = Raven fell to Shane Douglas.
- TNA Hardcore Justice (August 8, '10) = Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer. Mick Foley was the special referee.
- TNA Bound For Glory '10 (October 10) = EV2.0 (Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, Stevie Richards, & Sabu) won a "Lethal Lockdown" Match over Fourtune (Ric Flair, Kazarian, AJ Styles, & Beer Money).
- TNA Turning Point '10 (November 7) = EV2.0 (Raven, Brian Kendrick, Rhino, Stevie Richards, & Sabu) fell to Fourtune (Kazarian, AJ Styles, Doug Williams, & Beer Money).

Title Summary:
- NWA Pacific-Northwest Tag-Team Champion w/ Top Gun (7/08/1989 - 7/22/1989)
- NWA Pacific-Northwest Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ The Grappler (8/05/1989 - 8/26/1989)
- NWA Pacific-Northwest Heavyweight Champion (9/02/1989 - 10/07/1989)
- NWA Pacific-Northwest Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/14/1989 - 2/03/1990)
- NWA Pacific-Northwest Television Champion (3/17/1990 - 3/30/1990)
- NWA Pacific-Northwest Heavyweight Champion(3) (6/02/1990 - 7/28/1990)
- NWA Pacific-Northwest Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Steve Doll (12/03/1990 - 12/05/1990)
- WCW World Light Heavyweight Champion (6/20/1992 - 7/05/1992)
- USWA World Tag-Team Champion w/ Brian Christopher (3/22/1993 - 3/29/1993)
- MEWF Mid-Atlantic Champion (4/23/1995 - 10/01/1995)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Steve Richards (6/30/1995 - 9/16/1995)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Steve Richards (10/07/1995)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion (1/27/1996 - 10/5/1996)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion(2) (12/07/1996 - 4/13/1997)
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (4/19/1998 - 4/20/1998)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Perry Saturn (5/09/1999 - 5/30/1999)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Tommy Dreamer (8/26/1999 - 1/09/2000)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion(4) w/ Mike Awesome (3/04/2000 - 3/12/2000)
- WWF Hardcore Champion (12/22/2000 - 1/22/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(2) (1/22/2001 - 2/03/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(3) (2/03/2001 - 2/04/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(4) (2/04/2001 - 2/06/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(5) (2/06/2001 - 2/10/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(6) (2/10/2001 - 2/11/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(7) (2/11/2001 - 2/17/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(8) (2/17/2001 - 2/18/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(9) (2/18/2001 - 2/25/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(10) (2/25/2001)
- HWA Tag-Team Champion w/ Hugh Morrus (3/12/2002 - 3/15/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(11) (3/19/2001 - 4/01/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(12) (3/26/2002 - 4/01/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(13) (4/06/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(14) (4/07/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(15) (4/15/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(16) (4/19/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(17) (4/20/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(18) (5/06/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(19) (5/25/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(20) (5/26/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(21) (6/02/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(22) (6/22/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(23) (6/30/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(24) (7/26/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(25) (7/27/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(26) (7/28/2002)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(27) (8/17/2002)
- USPW Heavyweight Champion (5/31/2003 - 2/14/2004)
- 3PW Heavyweight Champion (11/22/2003 - 4/17/2004)
- USPW Heavyweight Champion(2) (5/14/2004 - 6/19/2004)
- NWA World Heavyweight Champion (6/19/2005 - 9/15/2005)
- NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion (6/25/2005 - 6/02/2006)
- UXW (formerly USPW) Heavyweight Champion(3) (3/25/2006 - 5/20/2006)
- UXW Heavyweight Champion(4) (9/23/2006 - 6/16/2007)
- GCW Heavyweight Champion (3/28/2007 - 4/18/2007)
- UXW Heavyweight Champion(5) (1/26/2008 - 2/2008)
- AWF Australasian Champion (4/11/2008 - 4/18/2008)
- JCW Tag-Team Champion w/ Sexy Slim Goody (8/14/2011 - 12/31/2011)
- USWO Heavyweight Champion (9/16/2011 - 11/11/2011)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 3 2nd RUs, 1 3rd RU)
- 1989 Rookie of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up
- 2003 Feud of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up (Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett)
- 2003 Comeback of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up
- 2005 Comeback of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up