Shannon Moore

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 175 lbs

Real Name: Shannon Moore

DOB: 7/27/1979

Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina

Other Names: Kid Dynamo, "The Reject" Shannon Moore(ECW)

Wrestler Since: 1995

Finishing Maneuver: Bottoms Up

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #91(2011), #124(2010), #188(2009), #159(2008), #268(2007), #343(2006), #139(2005), #129(2004), #91(2003), #67(2002), #92(2001), #140(2000), #238(1999)

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History: For a wrestler of his age, Shannon Moore has a great future ahead of him. Moore started the same way as many wrestlers, earning his keep while wrestling in various independant wrestling organizations. He first made an impact in the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA). Moore wrestled alongside other future stars, including Shane Helms, the Hardy Boyz, and others. He won multiple belts in the defunct league, including twice grabbing the Light Heavyweight Title. When you consider the amount of competition he faced, that's no small feat. Moore later joined Shane Helms and his long-time partner, Mike Maverick (Bo Dupp), in the SCW, where he once again earned a Lightweight Championship. Moore would grab gold in the NCW as well, growing in his skills as a professional wrestler. Moore's claim to fame, though, started in NWA Worldwide, where he joined Helms, Christian York, & Joey Mathews as the Bad Street Boys, a group infamous for singing before matches. The stable was highly respected, but did not earn any gold for Moore. In May '99, all four wrestlers applied to World Championship Wrestling, with both Moore & Helms receiving contracts. Neither wrestler debuted for some time, however, with Helms busy on other duties, while Moore waited for their chance.

In November '99, Moore came out with Evan Karagias (already an established WCW cruiserweight) and Helms to form 3 Count, the boy band of WCW. They immediately claimed to have a musical hit, coming out before their matches and lip-synching to "Can't Get You Out Of My Heart" while dancing on green circles. Usually, they were interrupted by their opposition. They started out with a great feud with the Jung Dragons (Jaime-sun, Yun Yang, & Kaz Hayashi), flying all over the ring in 6-man tag-team action. The guys also participated in the Cruiserweight Title tournament, where Helms & Moore were forced to face off in the first round. After a high-flying bout, Moore won out in the end, taking out his tag-team partner. Moore would then fall in the next round to Lash LeRoux. The Artist formerly known as Prince Iaukea won the tournament.

3 Count soon focused their attention on Norman Smiley, who showed his dislike for their music. Their first PPV match was at Superbrawl X, where Smiley, due to his injured ribs, was unmercifully beaten in a handicap match. 3 Count eventually took the win after a series of splashes, followed by a submission hold, making Smiley give up. The 3 Count team then declared that they were hardcore, leading to numerous fights with the Hardcore Champion, "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs. At the end of February '00, they managed an upset, taking out the champion and getting the Hardcore Title for themselves. Sharing it as a team, they went into Uncensored '00 to battle Knobbs once again, this time in a Gauntlet match. After both Helms & Karagias had been eliminated, Moore came out. Despite giving Knobbs a good fight, he, too, was taken out, as Knobbs got his Hardcore strap back.

In April '00, Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo took control of WCW, forming two groups, the New Blood (younger wrestlers) and the Millionaire's Club (experienced wrestlers). Unfortunately, 3 Count did not figure into the plans, partially because of Helms being out of action due to a broken nose. Moore & Karagias continued to wrestle together, but never with much of an angle. In late summer '00, the boy band finally returned to television, singing a new song, "Dance With 3 Count". This earned them the favor of Tank Abbott, who loved listening to them sing, and would attack anyone who tried to stop them. Abbott soon became 3 Count's manager/security guard/back-up dancer, sometimes bringing out a green "square" for himself to dance on.

Abbott & 3 Count soon began a running feud with the trio's old adversaries, the Jung Dragons. Their repeated encounters led to a Ladder match at New Blood Rising, with a recording contract & a gold record hanging from the ceiling. There were many hair-raising spots throughout the match, many of them using the metal ladder to add to the impact. Moore did whatever he could to help his team win, sacrificing his body on more than one occassion. At the end, both Moore and Kaz Hayashi climbed the ladder and fought up top for the final item, the recording contract. Surprisingly, Abbott pushed the ladder over, taking out both wrestlers. Abbott then righted the ladder to allow Karagias to go up and get the contract, getting the win for 3 Count, as well as a potential record deal. After the match, Abbott took the contract & the gold record and left. Later on, Abbott announced that he should be the lead singer, with 3 Count as his back-up band. This proved to be too much for 3 Count, who told Abbott that they were through. A minor feud with Tank soon erupted, which basically went nowhere, as Tank soon after left WCW.

3 Count next feuded with the MIA, signing a match for them at Fall Brawl '00. It was Helms, Moore, & Karagias vs. Corporal Cajun (Lash Leroux), Lieutenant Loco (Chavo Guerrero Jr), and AWOL (the Wall). 3 Count did well against Cajun and Loco, but had a lot of trouble with the massive AWOL, the only heavyweight in the match. They did manage to put AWOL through a table, but that was the sole bright spot, as they lost the match due to Corporal Cajun getting his snow-plow finisher. The core of 3 Count began crumbling after that. Karagias became more egotistical, taking over the center circle during 3 Count matches. In November '00, it all came to a head, when 3 Count was once again wrestling the Jung Dragons. After Karagias took the pinfall away from Moore & Helms, the duo turned on him, taking out their former leader. Three major tag-teams soon formed: Moore & Helms, still calling themselves 3 Count; Yang & Kaz Hayashi of the Jung Dragons; and Karagias & Jamie Knoble, who had been unmasked and kicked out of the Jung Dragons by Leia Meow, their manager. The three tag-team's wars with each other soon culminated in a Triangle Tag-Team match signed for Mayhem '00. The match was incredible, with spots coming from all angles, including a splash by Meow into all of the wrestlers. In the end, 3 Count emerged victorious, taking out Jang with their double-team neckbreaker.

The three groups continued to feud into the next month, when it was announced that there was going to be a Cruiserweight Contendership Ladder match at Starrcade '00. It involved all three tag-teams, which led to more insane action from all 6 wrestlers throughout the match, as they tried to reach the Cruiserweight Title contract hanging above the ring. Early on in the match, while the other two teams fought towards where the ladder was located, Moore & Helms broke off, getting a hidden ladder and sneaking into the ring with it. But they were seen by the Jung Dragons, who knocked them down. There were a lot of massive spots from all wrestlers, including the ladders being set up like scaffolding at one point. On top of the ladders, the two members of 3 Count tossed Knoble & Yang off, then worked as a team, with both men grabbing the contract. They announced that they were going to have the Cruiserweight Title shot together. However, the people in charge disallowed it, saying that Moore & Helms had to have a match to decide who would get the shot. The two partners had a high-flying match, which ended up with Helms getting the victory. After the match, both men were attacked by the Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr, but 3 Count fought him off. Helms would later lose to Guerrero at WCW Sin at the beginning of '01.

After the PPV, Moore & Helms took a (very) short sabbatical, as the two went to their old home, NWA Wildside in Georgia. They defeated Suicidal Tendencies (John Phoenix & Adam Jacobs) for the NWA Wildside Tag-Team Titles on January 19th, 2001. Unfortunately, a day later, 3 Count lost to the Boogaloo Crew (Scotty Wrenn & J.C. Dazz) in a Triangle Tag match, with Suicidal Tendencies being the other competitors. Helms & Moore then came back into WCW, wrestling as if they had never left, but staying mainly in the cruiserweight division. Moore's next big chance at the Cruiserweight Title came at Superbrawl '01. The three tag-teams that had fought so much were brought together once again, as a "Four Corners Elimination" match was formed between Moore, Helms, Karagias, Knoble, Yang, & Hayashi. All three teams worked together at the beginning of the match, with 3 Count being the stronger unit once again, eliminating Karagias first after Helms hit the Vertebreaker. Next to go was Yang, being tombstoned by Knoble. Knoble then concentrated on 3 Count, but after knocking down Helms, he was eliminated by Moore's "Bottoms Up". This left 3 Count against Hayashi, putting the Jung Dragon at a distinct advantage. But after double-teaming the man, Moore suddenly turned on Helms, attacking him and breaking down the match into a Three-Way contest. After Moore & Hayashi battled for a time, Helms suddenly came back, knocking out Moore with the Vertebreaker and eliminating him. Helms later took out Hayashi to become the #1 Contender once again.

The dissention between the two members of 3 Count proved to be too much, as, at a later event, Moore again turned on Helms and rejoined Evan Karagias, changing the fabric of 3 Count once again. Moore & Karagias would remain a high-flying, egotistical tag-team for the last months of the Turner-run WCW. They competed in the first Cruiserweight Tag-Team Title Tournament, taking out Jason Jett & Scotty O in the first round. They were then bested by the veterans, Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman, and thus did not appear at WCW Greed, watching instead from the sidelines. They did make an appearance on the Season Finale show in March, wrestling for a shot at the Cruiserweight Tag-Team Champions, Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper. But they were bested, once again, by Mysterio & Kidman (with Yang & Hayashi also involved in the match), and watched as the Filthy Animals went on to defeat Romeo & Skipper for the belts. Moore most likely will be appearing in either Shane McMahon's WCW or Vince's WWF, just because of his natural skills.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (23 - 38, 1 NC)
- WCW World Cruiserweight Title Tournament (January '00) = Moore beat Shane Helms, then fell to Lash LeRoux. The Artist won the tournament.
- WCW Superbrawl X ('00) = 3 Count (Moore, Shane Helms, & Evan Karagias) defeated Norman Smiley in a Handicap match.
- WCW Uncensored '00 = 3 Count was beaten by Brian Knobbs in a Handicap Match. Knobbs took away the WCW Hardcore Title.
- WCW New Blood Rising '00 (August) = 3 Count defeated Jamie Noble, Yun Yang, & Kaz Hayashi in a Ladder Match.
- WCW Fall Brawl '00 = 3 Count was defeated by Corporal Cajun, Lieutenant Loco, & AWOL.
- WCW Mayhem '00 = 3 Count (Moore & Shane Helms) beat Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias and Kaz Hayashi & Yun Yang in a Triangle Match.
- WCW Starrcade '00 = 3 Count pulled out a victory in a "Triangle Ladder Match" over Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias and Kaz Hayashi & Yun Yang.
- WCW Superbrawl: Revenge ('01) = Shannon Moore was beaten by Shane Helms in a Cruiserweight Elimination match, which also featured Yun Yang, Kaz Hayashi, Jamie Noble, & Evan Karagias.
- WCW Cruiserweight Tag-Team Title Tournament (February - March '01) = Moore & Evan Karagias defeated Jason Jett & Scotty O, but then lost to Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman. Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo won the tournament.
- SCW Raleigh Show (June 28, '01) = Moore & Gotti fell to Cham Pain & Mike Maverick in a "Loser Leaves Town" Match.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (August 14, '01) = Moore & Evan Karagias lost, via DQ, to Ash Parker & Time Bomb.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (August 21, '01) = Moore fought to a No-Contest with Evan Karagias.
- HWA Batavia Show (August 25, '01) = Moore & Evan Karagias fell to Shark Boy & Time Bomb.
- HWA Covington Show (August 30, '01) = Moore & Jason Jett beat Chad Collyer & Tony B.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (September 4, '01) = Moore, Evan Karagias, Lash Leroux, Kwee Wee, Jason Jett & Jamie Knoble won a "HWA vs. WCW" Match over Lance Cade, Cody Hawk, Pepper Parks, Matt Stryker & the Jablonskis.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (October 9, '01) = Moore, Evan Karagias & Jimmy Yang won over Pepper Parks & the Jablonskis.
- HWA Dayton Show (November 14, '01) = Moore & Evan Karagias lost to the Island Boys, who won the HWA Tag-Team Titles.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (December 4, '01) = Moore defeated Hustla.
- HWA Dayton Show (December 8, '01) = Moore won a "Three Way" Match over Lash LeRoux & Pepper Parks.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (January 8, '02) = Moore took down Medic #8.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (January 15, '02) Moore & D-Lo Brown beat Matt Stryker & Steve Bradley.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (January 29, '02) = Moore won, via DQ, over Matt Dillinger, keeping Moore the HWA Cruiserweight Champion.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (February 5, '02) = Moore retained the HWA Cruiserweight Title, beating B.J. Whitmer.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (February 12, '02) = Moore lost, via DQ, to X-Pac.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (March 5, '02) = Moore fell to the HWA Cruiserweight Champ, Chad Collyer.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (March 26, '02) = Moore lost, via DQ, to Dean Baldwin.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (April 8, '02) = Moore was beaten by Jamie Knoble.
- HWA Batavia Show (April 11, '02) = Moore stayed the HWA Cruiserweight Champ, winning a "Fatal Fourway" over Jamie Knoble, Matt Stryker & Dean Baldwin.
- HWA Batavia Show (April 27, '02) = Moore won, via DQ, over Matt Stryker to keep the HWA Cruiserweight Title.
- HWA Cincinnati Show (April 30, '02) = Moore, Matt Stryker & Spanky won over Jamie Knoble, B.J. Whitmer & Chad Collyer.
- WWE Rebellion '02 (October 26) = In a dark match, Moore was beaten by Bill DeMott.
- WWE Vengeance '03 = Moore competed in the "APA Invitational Barroom Brawl", which was won by Bradshaw.
- WWE Summerslam '03 = In a dark match, Moore fell to Rey Mysterio.
- WWE No Mercy '03 = In a dark match, Moore was beaten by Billy Kidman.
- WWE Wrestlemania XX (March 14, '04) = Moore competed in the "Cruiserweight Open" Gauntlet Match, which was won by the WWE Cruiserweight Champ, Chavo Guerrero Jr.
- WWE No Way Out '05 (February 20) = Moore lost in a "Cruiserweight Title Gauntlet" Match to Chavo Guerrero. Funaki, Paul London, Spike Dudley, & Akio were the other participants.
- IWC Revengence II (October 29, '05) = Moore lost to the ICW Super Indy Champion, John McChesney.
- IWC Winter Bash '05 (December 3) = Moore & Chris Hamrick fell to Tommy Dreamer & John McChesney.
- TNA Against All Odds '06 (February 12) = In a dark match, Moore & the Diamonds In The Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young) were beaten by Lance Hoyt, Cassidy Riley, & Shark Boy.
- TNA Destination X '06 (March 12) = In a dark match, Moore defeated Cassidy Riley.
- WWE No Way Out '07 (February 18) = Moore competed in a "Cruiserweight Title Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Chavo Guerrero. The other competitors were Daivari, Funaki, Gregory Helms, Scotty Too Hotty, Jamie Noble, and Jimmy Wang Yang.
- WWE Great American Bash '07 (July 22) = Moore lost a "Cruiserweight Open" Match to Hornswoggle, who won the WWE World Cruiserweight Title. Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Jimmy Wang Yang, and Funaki were the other participants.
- WWE Royal Rumble '08 (January 27) = In a dark match, Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Deuce & Domino.
- WWE Wrestlemania 24 (March 30, '08) = In a dark match, Moore competed in an "ECW World Title #1 Contenders Battle Royal" Match, which was won by Kane.
- WWE Backlash '08 (April 27) = In a dark match, Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang lost to the WWE Smackdown Tag-Team Champs, John Morrison & the Miz.
- ECWA 12th Annual Super Eight Tournament (October 25, '08) = Moore lost in the first round to Alex Koslov. Aden Chambers won the tournament.
- TNA Destination-X '10 (March 21) = Moore lost to the TNA X Division Champion, Doug Williams.
- TNA Lockdown '10 (April 19) = Moore lost a "Three Way Steel Cage" Match to Kazarian, who won the vacated TNA X Division Title. Homicide was the other participant.
- TNA Sacrifice '10 (May 16) = Ink Inc (Moore & Jesse Neal) lost to the TNA World Tag-Team Champions, The Band (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall).
- TNA Bound For Glory '10 (October 10) = Ink Inc defeated Orlando Jordan & Eric Young.
- TNA Final Resolution '10 (December 5) = Ink Inc lost a "#1 Contenders" Match to Beer Money.
- TNA Victory Road 11 (March 13) = Ink Inc lost to the TNA World Tag-Team Champs, Beer Money.
- TNA Lockdown 11 (April 17) = Ink Inc won a "Four-Way Tornado Steel Cage" Match over The British Invasion, Scott Steiner & Crimson, and Orlando Jordan & Eric Young.
- TNA Sacrifice 11 (May 15) = Ink Inc fell to Mexican America (Anarquia & Hernandez).
- TNA Xplosion Championship Challenge Tournament 11 (May/August) = Moore defeated Jeremy Buck, then lost to the eventual winner, Magnus.
- TNA Destination X 11 (July 10) = Moore lost an "Ultimate X" Match to Alex Shelley. Robbie E and The Amazing Red were the other participants.
- TNA Bound For Glory 11 (October 16) = In a dark match, Ink Inc lost to the TNA World Tag-Team Champions, Mexican America (Anarquia & Hernandez).
- TNA Turning Point 11 (November 13) = Ink Inc & Toxine lost to the TNA World Tag-Team Champs, Mexican America (Anarquia, Hernandez, & Sarita).
- TNA Against All Odds '12 (February 12, '12) = Moore lost to the TNA Television Champion, Robbie E.

Title Summary:
- OMEGA New Frontier Champion (??/??/??)
- OMEGA Light Heavyweight Champion (??/??/??)
- OMEGA Light Heavyweight Champion(2) (??/??/??)
- SCW Light Heavyweight Champion (??/??/??)
- NCW Light Heavyweight Champion (??/??/??)
- WCW World Hardcore Champion w/ Shane Helms & Evan Karagias (2/28/2000 - 3/19/00)
- NWA Wildside Tag-Team Champion w/ Shane Helms (1/19/2001 - 1/20/2001)
- HWA Tag-Team Champion w/ Evan Karagias (10/13/2001 - 10/14/2001)
- HWA Cruiserweight Champion (1/09/2002 - 2/13/2002)
- HWA Cruiserweight Champion(2) (2/2002 - 5/07/2002)