ECWA (Super Eight) Show Information

Since 1997, one of the most popular tournaments held outside of the Big Three (WWE, WCW, & ECW) has been the East Coast Wrestling Association's Super Eight Tournament. If you're a wrestling fan, you should recognize at least half a dozen wrestlers here who owe a debt of thanks to having gotten a jump-start in their careers from the Super Eight. Wrestlers currently in WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, and other organizations have competed in the tournament, showing its nation-wide appeal.

For more information on the tournament, be sure to check out Wikipedia's article on the subject.

ECWA 1st Annual Super Eight Tournament
February 22nd, 1997

First Round:

- Billy Kidman defeated Reckless Youth

- Cheetah Master defeated Devon Storm

- Ace Darling defeated the Inferno Kid

- Lance Diamond defeated Ronny Roberts


- Cheetah Master defeated Billy Kidman

- Ace Darling defeated Lance Diamond


- Ace Darling won the ECWA Television Title, defeating Cheetah Master

ECWA 2nd Annual Super Eight Tournament
March 21st, 1998

First Round:

- Ace Darling defeated Mike Quackenbush

- The Inferno Kid defeated Devon Storm

- Lance Diamond defeated Mark Schrader

- Scott Taylor defeated Reckless Youth


- The Inferno Kid defeated Ace Darling

- Lance Diamond defeated Scott Taylor


- Lance Diamond defeated the Inferno Kid

ECWA 3rd Annual Super Eight Tournament
February 27th, 1999

First Round:

- Steve Bradley defeated Ace Darling

- Devon Storm defeated Jeff Hardy

- Matt Hardy defeated Christian York

- Christopher Daniels defeated Jeff Peterson


- Steve Bradley defeated Devon Storm

- Christopher Daniels defeated Matt Hardy


- Steve Bradley defeated Christopher Daniels

ECWA 4th Annual Super Eight Tournament
February 26th, 2000

First Round:

- Scoot Andrews defeated Trent Acid

- Chad Collyer defeated Shark Boy

- Jet Jaguar defeated Jeff Peterson. Jaguar was injured after the match, though, and was replaced by Ace Darling in the tournament.

- Christopher Daniels defeated Vic Capri


- Scoot Andrews defeated Chad Collyer

- Christopher Daniels defeated Ace Darling


- Christopher Daniels defeated Scoot Andrews

ECWA 5th Annual Super Eight Tournament
February 24th, 2001

First Round:

- Low-Ki defeated Billy Fives

- Jayson Reign defeated Tony Kozina

- Reckless Youth defeated Mike Sullivan

- American Dragon defeated Spanky


- Low-Ki defeated Jayson Reign

- American Dragon defeated Reckless Youth


- Low-Ki defeated American Dragon

ECWA 6th Annual Super Eight Tournament
March 2nd, 2002

First Round:

- Donovan Morgan defeated Pepper Parks

- Jamie Noble defeated Matt Stryker

- The Amazing Red defeated Bobby Rude

- AJ Styles defeated Xavier


- Donovan Morgan defeated Jamie Noble

- AJ Styles defeated the Amazing Red


- Donovan Morgan defeated AJ Styles

ECWA 7th Annual Super Eight Tournament
April 5th, 2003

First Round:

- Paul London defeated Alex Arion

- Frankie Kazarian defeated Chris Sabin

- Brian Kendrick defeated Chris Cage

- Chance Beckett defeated Sedrick Strong


- Paul London defeated Frankie Kazarian

- Chance Beckett defeated Brian Kendrick


- Paul London defeated Chance Beckett

ECWA 8th Annual Super Eight Tournament
April 3rd, 2004

First Round:

- Christopher Daniels defeated Rocky Romero

- Mike Kruel defeated Ricky Reyes

- Austin Aries defeated Shawn Daivari

- John Walters defeated Nicho el Millionaro


- Christopher Daniels defeated Mike Kruel. Although the ECWA Heavyweight Title was not on the line in this match, Kruel awarded the title to Daniels afterwards.

- Austin Aries defeated John Walters


- Christopher Daniels defeated Austin Aries to become the only 2-time winner of the tournament

ECWA 9th Annual Super Eight Tournament
April 9th, 2005

First Round:

- Petey Williams defeated Rory Fox

- Alex Shelley defeated Andrew Ryker

- Puma defeated Eric Matlock

- JJ Perez defeated Tyson Dux


- Petey Williams defeated Alex Shelley

- Puma defeated JJ Perez


- Petey Williams defeated Puma

ECWA 10th Annual Super Eight Tournament
April 8th, 2006

First Round:

- Davey Richards defeated Scott Lost

- Milano Collection AT defeated Bryan Logan

- Charlie Haas defeated Xavier

- Josh Daniels defeated Andre Lyonz


- Davey Richards defeated Milano Collection AT

- Charlie Haas defeated Josh Daniels


- Davey Richards defeated Charlie Haas

ECWA 11th Annual Super Eight Tournament
November 10th, 2007

First Round:

- Jerry Lynn defeated Brian Fury

- Matt Logan defeated Rob Conway

- Rob Eckos defeated Billy Bax

- Sonjay Dutt defeated the Human Tornado


- Jerry Lynn defeated Matt Logan

- Sonjay Dutt defeated Rob Eckos


- Jerry Lynn defeated Sonjay Dutt

ECWA 12th Annual Super Eight Tournament
October 25th, 2008

First Round:

- Aden Chambers defeated Frankie Arion

- Maverick defeated Loca Vida

- Chase Del Monte defeated Scott Reed

- Alex Koslov defeated Shannon Moore


- Aden Chambers defeated Maverick

- Alex Koslov defeated Chase Del Monte


- Aden Chambers defeated Alex Koslov

ECWA 13th Annual Super Eight Tournament
October 10th, 2009

First Round:

- Quiet Storm defeated Mikaze

- Dan Eckos defeated The Metal Master

- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Mike Tobin

- Nick Logan defeated Prince Nana


- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Dan Eckos

- Nick Logan defeated Quiet Storm


- Nick Logan defeated Tommaso Ciampa

14th Annual Super Eight Tournament
July 10th, 2010

First Round:

- U-Gene defeated Scott Wright

- Chris Wylde defeated Alex Reynolds

- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Chase del Monte

- Austin Creed defeated Brian Milonas


- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Chris Wylde

- Austin Creed defeated U-Gene


- Austin Creed defeated Tommaso Ciampa

ECWA 15th Annual Super Eight Tournament
April 30th, 2011

First Round:

- Adam Cole defeated Sami Callihan

- Austin Aries defeated Bobby Shields

- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Rich Swann

- Shiima Xion defeated Shockwave The Robot


- Adam Cole defeated Austin Aries

- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Shiima Xion


- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Adam Cole

ECWA 16th Annual Super Eight Tournament
April 7th, 2012

First Round:

- Bandido Jr defeated Azrieal

- Gregory Iron defeated Kyle Matthews

- Bobby Fish won a "Non Title" Match over the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion, Kekoa The Flyin' Hawaiian

- ECWA Heavyweight Champion Papadon defeated Anthony Nese


- Bandido Jr defeated Gregory Iron

- ECWA Heavyweight Champion Papadon defeated Bobby Fish


- ECWA Heavyweight Champion Papadon defeated Bandido Jr

Other Matches:

- The Midnight Sensations (Christopher Rockwell & Sam Shields) retained the ECWA Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Triple Threat" Match over The Flatliners (Matt Burns & Asylum) and Fusion-DS (Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon)

- Mr. Ooh La La won a Battle Royal