Shawn Daivari

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 203 lbs

Real Name: Shawn Daivari (Currently being researched)

DOB: 4/30/1984

Hometown: Tehran, Iran (resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Other Names: "Sheik" Shawn Daivari, Mohammad Daivari, Khosrow Daivari, Daivari(WWE/TNA), Sheik Abdul Bashir(TNA)

Wrestler Since: 1999

Finishing Maneuver: Magic Carpet Ride, Death Valley Driver

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #170(2010), #85(2009), #224(2008), #227(2007), #125(2005), #238(2004)

Official Website:

History: (Last Updated: 6/04/06)

The Beginning /NWA-TNA/ECWA / RoH / OVW
WWE Raw: 2004 / 2005
WWE Smackdown: 2005
WWE Raw: 2005 / 2006
WWE Smackdown: 2006

In only a few years, Shawn Daivari has carved out a successful indy career in the world of professional wrestling, thanks to a single gimmick. Now, he's testing out that gimmick, along with his great skills & talents, in World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Beginning

Daivari began his professional wrestling career in a very impressive way, working with two well-known trainers at the early age of 15. First, he trained with "Sheik" Adanan Al Kaisey, who helped Daivari begin to develop a Middle-Eastern character for various wrestling events, as well as apparently donating his nickname to Daivari (who became known as "Sheik" Daivari for a time). Daivari also trained with Eddie Sharkey, who has had great success with his pupils, among them the Road Warriors and Jesse Ventura. In 1999, Daivari began criss-crossing the country, honing his skills at various independent wrestling events.

At one of these events, Daivari was involved in a tag-team match, and decided to pull a little joke for the fans in attendance (as well as his fellow wrestlers). When the tag was made to him, Daivari, instead of entering the ring, headed to the outside and pulled a rug out from underneath the ring. Daivari then took the rug to the top of the turnbuckle and jumped off with a frog splash variation, with the rug underneath him. The move was instantly successful, and went from being a one-joke wonder to a trademarked maneuver called "The Magic Carpet Ride". Daivari began using it routinely in his matches, and seemed to quickly be noticed by his peers as a growing star in the business.


Eventually, Daivari began to get mentioned in talks by some of the bigger organizations in the United States. In 2003, Daivari appeared occassionally in dark matches for NWA - Total Nonstop Action, facing off against well-known wrestlers like Glen Gilberti (Disco Inferno), Christoper Daniels, and others. Daivari's big break came, though, in April 2004, at the ECWA Super Eight Tournament. When Tyson Dux, originally one of the eight, was scratched due to a blown knee, Daivari was called to compete in the most prestigious indy tournament in America. Daivari made the most of the opportunity, putting on a fantastic match with Austin Aries. But he went for the magic carpet a little too soon, and Aries got the victory, taking Daivari out of the running. Christopher Daniels went on to win the tournament.


To be chosen as one of the top indepedent wrestlers in the country earned Daivari a lot of respect, and he soon appeared in Ring of Honor, one of the biggest independents in the country. Daivari teamed up with a bizzare independent wrestler, Delirious, to take on the Carnage Crew (Justin Credible & Masada) at RoH Reborn: Stage 2. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for the best for Daivari, as his team was defeated. Daivari made several more appearances for RoH in July '04, wrestling highly-impressive matches against several up-and-comers, coming up short in every match. Still, his profile continued to increase in the eyes of the wrestling fans, who continued to cheer for the Magic Carpet Ride.


With so much major attention by some of the biggest independent organizations in the country, Daivari soon got the attention of Vince McMahon. In August '04, Daivari had one of his dreams come true, as he signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. He was quickly sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling to get in a little training, although plans were already in the works to use him quickly. Still, Daivari got some seasoning under OVW owner Danny Davis.

WWE Raw: 2004

At the beginning of November '04, Khosrov Daivari appeared as the manager of Muhammad Hassan (formerly known as Mark Magnus in OVW). The two cut a series of promos detailing how they were Americans, but how their lives had become so bad since 9/11. While Hassan would speak in English, Daivari would 'translate' everything into Arabic. After more than a month of promos, Daivari & Hussan made their first live appearance on the December 13th Raw, interrupting Mick Foley, who was in the ring talking about how he would be going to the Smackdown In Iraq show. Hassan and Foley exchanged heated words, with Daivari contributing some Arabic to the mix. While Hassan & Daivari were angry about the way they were treated in America, Foley talked about how they had the right to complain as loudly as they wanted. Foley then tried to get the two men to come to the ring for a fight, but Hassan refused, saying that he wouldn't fight a man he didn't respect. The duo then left, leaving Foley in the ring.

On the next Raw, Daivari & Hassan had another confrontation, this time with the announcers, Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler. Daivari & Hassan talked about how the announcers spread lies and misinformation about them, which eventually led to them nailing both announcers and knocking them down. The two heels then went to Eric Bischoff and asked for a tag-team match against the announcers, but were refused, instead having a debate set up. The two teams met on the next Raw in the debate, with Daivari & Hassan making strong arguments which were countered by chants of U.S.A. When JR told them to "Love it or Leave it", the debate 'ended', with Daivari & Hassan again attacking the two announcers, choking out JR and bloodying Lawler.


Hassan met up with Lawler in a singles match at the New Year's Revolution pay-per-view, with Daivari on the outside for Hassan, while JR rooted for Lawler. It was a strange match, in that there were no announcers speaking about the various moves. Hassan started off strong, with several bodyslams on the legend. But Lawler came back, sending Hassan to the outside to recuperate. He got in a verbal battle with JR, though, which allowed Lawler to blindside him and get him back in the ring, with Daivari watching from the other side. After some more back-and-forth action, Lawler got a big DDT on Hassan and made the cover, but Daivari saved the match by putting Hassan's foot on the rope. Lawler then proceeded to chase Daivari around the ring, but the distraction worked, as Hassan was able to catch Lawler on the way back in with a Flatliner maneuver for the victory.

On the next Raw, Daivari joined Hassan in their celebration, then watched as Hassan took on the Hurricane. Daivari again proved to be a good asset to have, as he distracted the Hurricane, helping Hassan get the victory. The duo next appeared on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel a week later, on a Raw held in Toronto, Canada. Hassan talked about how, like Arabs, Canadians were thought of as second-class citizens, with the difference being that he believed that Canadians deserved the name-tag. Daivari then gave a speech in Arabic, with Jericho 'translating' that Daivari wanted to get a signed autograph of one of Jericho's band's CDs. The three men eventually came to blows, with the double-team being too much for Jericho. As Daivari taunted him in Arabic, Hassan locked on the Camel Clutch. Chris Benoit made the save. A week later, Daivari watched as Hussan beat down Val Venis, winning his Qualifying Match for the Rumble.

At the '05 Royal Rumble, Daivari came down along with Hassan, leading his man into the Rumble match. However, the hatred for Hassan was universal, as Daivari watched all of the other contenders beat down Hassan and throw him out. Daivari & Hassan bitterly complained the next week about the unfairness of the other wrestlers. A few weeks later, Daivari & Hassan interrupted another Jericho Highlight Reel to complain about their treatment in the company. Jericho came back with some insults, leading to a match between himself and Hassan. Thanks to Daivari (painfully) distracting Jericho, Hassan picked up the victory, his biggest yet in the company. Daivari next helped Hassan in a growing feud with Chris Benoit, joining with Hassan in a double-team beat-down of the Crippler. A week later, Hassan & Benoit had a match with a strange ending, as Daivari tossed a downed Hassan the ring bell, but Hassan failed to turn around in time to hit Benoit with it during the Flying Headbutt. The match ended in a DQ, as Hassan got the low blow to land.

For the next few weeks, Daivari & Hassan continued to come out in protest of the fact that they weren't booked on the biggest PPV of the year, Wrestlemania. Hassan thought he should be in the "Money In The Bank" Match, but couldn't convince GM Bischoff, causing him to even call Bischoff a rascist. His continued protests attracted the attention of Shawn Michaels, who told Hassan that he just hadn't earned the right yet. This set up a match between the two at the end of March '05, with Hassan trying for his biggest win yet. However, Michaels was in control near the end, despite Daivari's interference, and had Hassan set up for some Sweet Chin Music. But Michaels was then attacked by Kurt Angle (whom he was feuding with at the time), causing the DQ, Hassan's second DQ loss in a row. Hassan was interested in joining Angle in beating down Michaels after the match, but Angle just saw Hassan as another target, hitting him, then going back to Michaels, as Hassan rolled out of the ring with Daivari.

At Wrestlemania 21, Eugene came out, celebrating being at the historic event. But his enthusiasm was cut down some, as Daivari & Hassan came out, still upset that Hassan wasn't wrestling at the event. Daivari & Hassan soon attacked Eugene, putting him in the Camel Clutch. This led to Hulk Hogan, who had been inducted into the '05 Hall of Fame the night before, coming out to make the save and taking out both Daivari & Hassan. The bitter duo interrupted a Shawn Michaels interview the next night on Raw, complaining about Hogan's return, as well as insulting Michaels for tapping out to Angle. Hassan and Michaels then brawled, with a cheap shot from Daivari allowing him and Hassan to beat down Michaels and leave him laid out in the ring. A week later, Michaels wanted a match with Hassan, but Hassan, who was still getting himself announced as having never been pinned or forced to submit, told Michaels that he wasn't worthy, and instead put Michaels against Daivari. This seemed like a major mismatch, but after Hassan hit Michaels with a low blow, Daivari got the pin, scoring the upset.

Hassan took on Michaels on the next Raw, with Daivari again being a distraction at ringside. But when Michaels took control, Daivari became too involved, causing the DQ. This didn't stop Daivari & Hassan from both attacking Michaels after the match. But, surprisingly, Hulk Hogan again came out (having been called by Michaels), clearing the ring and standing tall with Michaels. Hogan agreed to be Michaels' tag-team partner against Daivari & Hassan at the next PPV. Meanwhile, the next week on Raw (which was in Britain), Daivari & Hassan continued to anger the locker room, as they insulted William Regal and his fans. This led to a Non-Title Match between Regal & Tajiri and Daivari & Hassan, with Daivari surprisingly getting the win after a flying elbow drop off the top rope. Afterwards, Daivari & Hassan beat down Regal as well, double-teaming him.

At Backlash '05, Daivari & Hassan took on Michaels & Hogan, with the fans rabid at seeing the legendary Hulkster in "one more match". Daivari & Hassan worked to use every dirty tactic that they could come up with, but in the end, it proved not to be enough, as Daivari tasted some Sweet Chin Music, followed by Hogan's Big Leg Drop, getting pinned. A disgusted Hassan came out on the next Raw and blasted GM Bischoff for leaving him out of the Gold Rush Tournament that had been scheduled to begin that night. He also blamed his loyal follower, Daivari, for the loss at Backlash, saying that Daivari cost him the match. He brutally attacked Daivari, then left the ring, with Daivari surprisingly following him down the aisle, staying loyal. To prove himself to Hassan, Daivari issued an open challenge on the next Raw, taking on Chris Jericho. Unfortunately for Daivari, he couldn't come through, being forced to tap out to the Walls of Jericho. However, Hassan did come out afterwards, attacking Jericho and beating him down, until Shelton Benjamin made the save. Later that night, Daivari & Hassan ambushed Shelton after his match, getting another double-team beatdown in, with no one making the save this time.

Daivari & Hassan took on Benjamin & Jericho in a tag-team match the next week. Problems between Benjamin & Jericho showed through during the match, as Jericho seemed a little more distracted than usual. This allowed Hassan to pick up the win, hammering down Jericho and pinning him. A rematch between the two teams was scheduled a week later, but Jericho no-showed, making it a "Handicap" Match. This gave Daivari & Hassan all the advantage they needed, as, while Daivari distracted the referee, Hassan attacked Benjamin from behind, taking him out for Daivari to get the pin, their second win over Benjamin in two weeks. Jericho later showed up, saying that he was late because he had been touring with his band.

At the end of May '05, Daivari & Hassan confronted the World Champion, Batista, and Eric Bischoff when it was announced that Triple H would be challenging the champion for his belt at the next PPV. Hassan correctly brought up that Triple H had lost at the last two PPV's, and that Hassan was a more worthy candidate. Batista quickly told Hassan that he'd be taking his rage towards Triple H out on Hassan that night. The match itself was a slaughter, with Batista busting open both Daivari & Hassan. It was so brutal that the ref DQ'ed an out-of-control Batista, technically giving Hassan a win over the champ. But both Daivari & Hassan were left in bloody heaps in the ring, having been Batista Bombed. Hassan threatened to sue Raw for the assault, which caused GM Bischoff to set up a "Handicap" Match, with Daivari & Hassan taking on the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Even if Daivari won the match, Hassan would become the champ. Late in the match, Hassan got a cheap shot in on Benjamin, then made the pin, with the ref counting to 3. But as Hassan celebrated, the ref saw that Benjamin had put a foot on the ropes, and restarted the match. Later on, Daivari fell to Benjamin's T-Bone Suplex and was pinned, with Hassan once again announcing that he'd been screwed by the rascist system of WWE.

A furious Hassan talked to Bischoff after the match, who told him that a representative from WWE would talk to him the next week: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Austin heard out Daivari & Hassan's complaints the next Raw, watching a video that Hassan had put together. While Austin didn't like Hassan, he also said that he thought Hassan had been wrong, leading to Austin giving Hassan an IC Title rematch against Benjamin! Austin was the special enforcer outside the ring, to keep things fair. As the match went on, Daivari got involved, causing Benjamin to throw him out. This allowed Hassan to get a low blow, then lock on the Camel Clutch, apparently about to win the title. Austin then entered the ring and attacked Hassan, causing the DQ! Austin then gave Daivari the Stone Cold Stunner, before declaring Hassan still undefeated (via pin or submission) and having a beer bash with Benjamin.

A week later on Raw, WWE Champion John Cena came out to challenge Chris Jericho and Christian to a fight. Instead, Daivari & Hassan both came out, again protesting how they'd been treated, while Cena, who was complaining, had been welcomed by the fans to Raw. Bischoff soon booked Hassan against Cena for Cena's WWE Championship. However, the match was terrible for Hassan, as Cena was easily able to take out Daivari from the equation, then beat Hassan with the FU in only a few minutes, ending Hassan's run of not being pinned on Raw. It was soon seen that it was another milestone for Hassan, as it was his last match on the show.

WWE Smackdown: 2005

During the month of June '05, a Draft Lottery had been taking place between Raw and Smackdown. On the final night of the draft, GM Theodore Long announced that 5 wrestlers would be competing to decide the new Smackdown Champion the next week (since Cena had been drafted to Raw): John Bradshaw Layfield, Chris Benoit, Booker T, the Undertaker, and the Big Show. He was interrupted, though, by the first appearance of Daivari & Hassan on the show, as Hassan had been drafted to Smackdown! Hassan demanded equal treatment, since he hadn't received it on Raw, and was given it by Long, who put Hassan in the Title Match! However, the other wrestler then beat down both Daivari & Hassan, with Long quickly capitalizing by putting Hassan in a match against the Big Show. Things seemed bad for Hassan, but he still had Daivari working as a distraction, and with the ref's back turned, Hassan struck the Big Show with a chair, then made the cover, winning his debut match on his new show.

When the Big Show was drafted to Raw the following week, Christian (who had just come over from Raw) was put in his place in the big match. Before the match, Hassan talked in the ring about how he would win. When the Undertaker came out to interrupt, Hassan challenged the Dead Man, saying that he had never beaten Hassan. Daivari then tried a sneak attack with a chair, but the Undertaker shrugged it off and Chokeslammed Daivari, as Hassan bailed out of the ring. Later on, in the match, the Undertaker went straight after Hassan, hitting Hassan with a chair shot of his own! The Undertaker was DQ'ed for the shot, but he kept going after Hassan, who was eventually counted out as he ran from the Dead Man. JBL eventually won the match (but not the title, as World Champion Batista was the final draft pick).

Going into July '05, Hassan pleaded his case to GM Long about being the next #1 Contender, since he had not been pinned. Long instead set up Hassan to face the Undertaker at the next PPV, with the winner getting a title shot. Meanwhile, that night on Smackdown, Hassan surprisingly put Daivari in a match with the Dead Man, getting him to be a 'sacrifice'. It definitely ended up that way, as Daivari was Chokeslammed and Tombstoned before being pinned. However, afterwards, a group of masked men ran out and attacked the Undertaker, choking him out with a wire! Hassan then came out and put the Undertaker in the Camel Clutch, before the group carried Daivari out like a martyr. Unfortunately for Hassan, on the same day that Smackdown aired, a terrorist attack took place in London, England, causing a massive protest against WWE and UPN, who condemned the act and ruled that Hassan was banned from being seen on their network for a time.

For the next few weeks, Hassan & Daivari did not appear on television, although Hassan's lawyer did (he was Chokeslammed & Tombstoned by the Undertaker). Hassan & Daivari did appear at the '05 Great American Bash, with Hassan still facing the Undertaker for the #1 Contender spot. Hassan also said that, if he didn't beat the Undertaker, he would never show his face on Smackdown again. It wasn't much of a match, as, even with his masked allies with him, Hassan was still beaten by the Undertaker's Chokeslam. The Undertaker didn't stop there, taking out all of the masked men and Daivari, then grabbing Hassan and Powerbombing him through the stage! A bloody Hassan was eventually taken out of the hole and taken to the hospital, a victim of the Undertaker's rage. It was also Hassan's last time on Smackdown, as he was banned from the show by UPN. A few months later, Hassan was released, even as Daivari kept a low profile, not appearing on either show for months. He wrestled a few times for the developmental projects of WWE (OVW and Deep South Wrestling), while waiting for the heat on his character to die down.

WWE Raw: 2005

On the first Raw of November '05, Kurt Angle was scheduled to team with Chris Masters against WWE Champion John Cena & Shawn Michaels. However, when Angle first came out, he rebelled against the chants of "You Suck" from the crowd, eventually telling them that they didn't deserve to see him. GM Bischoff had to quickly convince Angle that he would fix the problem, as well as allowing Angle to choose the referee for that night, keeping Angle from leaving the building. The "You Suck" chants to Angle's music were bleeped out when he returned. Angle then announced his chosen referee: Khosrov Daivari! Not surprisingly, Daivari was biased, working for Angle's team. At the end, after Michaels intercepted a chair from Chris Masters, Daivari turned, saw the chair, and DQ'ed Michaels, giving the win to Angle & Masters. When Cena protested, Daivari hit him with a chair shot, then left with Angle, celebrating his return to WWE programming.

Daivari's storyline with Angle was put on hold for a week, due to Eddie Guerrero's passing. Things returned to normal a week later, with Daivari again being Angle's referee, helping him win over Shelton Benjamin by reversing a roll-up, then making a quick count. After the match, Angle announced that Daivari was now his full-time referee, which meant that Daivari would be working for him in his rematch against Cena at the next PPV! Cena replied in a funny segment, 'interviewing' several wrestlers in the back before coming out and getting the fans to tell Angle he sucks. The three wrestlers brawled, with Cena coming out on top, sending Daivari & Angle from the ring. At the '05 Survivor Series, Daivari did everything in his power to help Angle get the win. However, Daivari was accidentally knocked out, making things even again. When two more Raw refs ran to the ring, Angle made sure to 'accidentally' take them out, only wanting Daivari as the ref. However, when Cena got Angle with the FU, a Smackdown referee ran out, making the count and keeping the title from Angle and Daivari!

Angle complained bitterly on the next Raw about the "screwjob" he had suffered. Bischoff used Angle's unhappiness to his advantage, sending Angle to the ring at one point to face Maria Kanellis in a match (Maria had asked Bischoff about his possibly getting fired). Daivari was also the referee, even though he had to take out Raw referee Chad Patton beforehand, who hadn't been happy about the treatment of Maria. At first, Angle acted as if he didn't want to wrestle Maria, and just wanted a hug. But when Maria fell for it, Angle grabbed her and gave her an Angle Slam, taking her out! Cena came down to make the save, but Chris Masters followed, leading to Daivari, Angle, & Masters beating down the champ. Bischoff then made another announcement, saying that it would be Angle vs. Cena vs. Masters that night in a "Submission" Match, seemingly putting Cena in a deep hole. But Angle and Masters proved that they couldn't co-exist, as Masters made sure that Daivari wouldn't be the referee for the match, getting the approval from Vince McMahon. Daivari then had to watch from the outside as Cena made Masters tap to the STFU, again keeping the belt from Angle & Daivari.

Things only got worse for Angle & Daivari the next week, as GM Bischoff was fired from Raw after a "trial" performed by Vince McMahon. Daivari tried to testify on Bischoff's behalf during the trial, but McMahon didn't hear a word he said, as he was listening to music on his iPod. Daivari continued managing Angle, though, cheering him on as Angle beat Ric Flair the next week to get into the Elimination Chamber match. After the match, Angle talked about how he was not going to the Christmas in Afghanistan show, since the troops hadn't managed to catch Osama Bin Laden. Daivari was then shown in the back, about to spit on statues of various Boston sports heroes. But Cena broke it up, sending Daivari out of there, then defended the troops, while telling Angle, once again, that he sucks. On the final Raw of the year, Angle & Daivari again bashed the troops, then Angle competed in a "Beat The Clock" Match, where he had to win in a certain amount of time to earn the last entry in the Elimination Chamber. By sheer luck, Angle had to face Daivari, making it seem that he would win easily. But referee Mike Chioda refused to count the easy pin, then counted Angle out after Angle chased him outside the ring. Shockingly, Angle had lost to Daivari via Countout, losing his chance to come in last in the Chamber.


On the first show of '06, Daivari & Angle complained to Vince McMahon for Mike Chioda's biased officiating, but got little sympathy. Later that night, Angle faced Cena in a "First Blood Non-Title" Match. Thanks to Daivari's interference, Angle got the win, but not in the way he wanted. Although Cena was bleeding, he also had Angle in the STFU, making Angle tap out. However, the ref correctly ruled that Angle was the winner, since Cena was bleeding. After the match, Chris Masters & Carlito attacked Cena, apparently working with Daivari & Angle to take him out. However, Masters & Carlito then also attacked Daivari & Angle, wanting only to take out opponents in the Elimination Chamber! Kane ran out to attack Masters, but then got Superkicked by Michaels. A bloody Cena then gave Michaels the FU, leaving everyone laying around the ring.

The Elimination Chamber match took place at New Year's Revolutions '06. Unfortunately for Daivari, there was not much he could do to help Angle, since he was locked out of the cage. Daivari could only watch as Angle was eliminated due to a shot of Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels, keeping Angle from the gold. A week later, Mr. McMahon opted to team Angle & Michaels up against Masters & Carlito, with both teams having problems with each other. Angle & Michaels seemed to be worse, though, as Angle continuously was 'distracted' by Daivari's conversations, failing to be there for Michaels to be tagged in. A furious Michaels soon attacked Angle, tagging him in and giving him some Sweet Chin Music before leaving. When Daivari tried to challenge Michaels, ordering him back, Michaels took him out as well. A hurting Angle was double-teamed and beaten by Masters & Carlito, a humiliating loss. A mad Vince McMahon (who was having his own problems with Michaels) told Michaels in the back that it would be Angle vs. Michaels the next week on Raw.

WWE Smackdown: 2006

A few days later on WWE Smackdown, it was announced that Batista, due to injury, had to forfeit the Smackdown Heavyweight Title. A Battle Royal was set up that night to decide the new champion, with several major favorites involved in the bout. There was one surprise entrant, however: Kurt Angle! Angle came down with Daivari and immediately had an impact, tossing out several wrestlers, including Mark Henry at the end, to win the WWE Smackdown Heavyweight Title! Daivari quickly took credit for the win, saying that he had found the loophole that allowed Angle, whose contract had run out, to be able to jump to Smackdown to compete for the gold.

Angle & Daivari still made their scheduled appearance on Raw against Shawn Michaels, but Vince McMahon made sure that the Smackdown Title was not on the line. During the match, Daivari tried to get involved, going after Michaels when Angle seemed to be in control. The ref had to restrain Daivari, causing Angle to come over and get involved. Michaels was able to use the distraction to roll up Angle, getting the victory. Angle got in Daivari's face afterwards, but Daivari surprisingly yelled back, saying that Angle was only the champion because of him. Daivari then slapped Angle, a very bad move, as Angle attacked Daivari and Angle Slammed him over the top rope, ending Daivari's time as his manager. An upset Daivari talked to GM Theodore Long on the next Smackdown, but was shocked when Long put him in a match against Angle, saying that it was screwed up. Daivari was soundly beaten by Angle, but when Angle put him in the Ankle Lock, Melina (Mark Henry's manager) entered the ring and jumped on Angle's back. Angle quickly put the Ankle Lock on Melina as well, only to be beaten down by Henry. Afterwards, Daivari announced that Henry, the #1 Contender to Angle's title, was now managed by him!

Daivari worked with Henry over the next few weeks, preparing him to take on Angle at the '06 Royal Rumble. Daivari was there at ringside for the match, watching as Henry continued to forcefully escape the Ankle Lock. But when Daivari tried to take advantage of a downed ref, it turned out to be a disasterous move, with Angle intercepting Daivari's chair, clocking Daivari with it instead. Angle then nailed Henry twice with the chair and slingshotted Henry into an exposed turnbuckle before pinning him, keeping Daivari from getting his ultimate revenge. It was announced on the next Smackdown that the Undertaker was the new #1 Contender for Angle's Smackdown Championship, which didn't sit well with Daivari or Henry. Daivari claimed that Angle hadn't beaten Henry; a steel chair had. That night, Henry teamed up with Randy Orton against Angle & Rey Mysterio. During the match, Daivari became involved, causing Angle to chase him to the back, with Henry following. None of the three were involved in the decision, as Orton pinned Mysterio.

A week later, Daivari pumped up Henry for his match against the Undertaker, saying that if they took out the #1 Contender, Henry could take his spot. However, with the Undertaker in control of Henry late in the match, Daivari and M-N-M entered the ring and attacked, causing the DQ. Angle made the save, with the faces eventually clearing the ring. A week later, Henry & M-N-M took on Angle & the Undertaker in a "Handicap" Match. It wasn't a pretty match for Daivari to watch, as the faces defeated the heels cleanly, with Angle making Johnny Nitro tap out to the Ankle Lock, while the Undertaker shockingly took out Henry afterwards with the Tombstone Piledriver. Neither Daivari nor Henry appeared at No Way Out '06, nor on the next Raw, although Henry was featured in a promo showcasing his sheer power in the ring.

A week later, the Undertaker took on Kurt Angle in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Title. During the match, the Dead Man caught Angle with the Tombstone Piledriver, then started to go for the pin. However, Daivari & Henry then showed up, surprisingly attacking the Undertaker to cause the DQ. Daivari cheered Henry on as he took the Undertaker outside the ring, splashing him through the announce table! A week later, Daivari joined Henry in bragging about their injuring the Undertaker. Henry then brawled with Angle, with Randy Orton coming out to join in. Rey Mysterio attempted to make the save, but Henry took him out, squashing Mysterio until Angle came back with a chair to clear out the heels. GM Teddy Long then made a match that night between Henry & Orton and Angle & Mysterio. It was a hard-fought bout, with each man going for the win. In the end, though, Henry lost it, attacking the referee to cause the DQ. Daivari then cheered Henry on as he set up a table, planning to put Mysterio through it with another splash! Angle interrupted the splash, though, saving Mysterio, then prepared to put Henry through the table instead. But Orton returned to RKO Angle, with Henry then splashing the World Champ through the table! Daivari celebrated over Angle's body with Henry, until the Undertaker's music hit, with the Undertaker challenging Henry to a "Casket" Match at Wrestlemania!

On the next Smackdown, Daivari watched as Henry & M-N-M took on Angle, Mysterio, & Orton in a "Six-Man" Match. There was dissention on Angle's team, thanks to Orton, but they also were able to work together at the end, as Henry took an Angleslam, while Joey Mercury got nailed by Mysterio's 619 (with Orton tagging himself in to make the pin). At Saturday Night's Main Event #32, Henry & Daivari came out to call out the Undertaker, with Henry saying that he had no fear of caskets. A casket was soon wheeled out, followed by the Undertaker. Henry and the Undertaker brawled around the ring, with Daivari trying to help out his man. This just left Daivari vulnerable, though, as he was first Chokeslammed, then Tombstoned on top of the casket! Daivari, unconscious, laid on the ground, as the Undertaker stood above him. Daivari failed to appear on the next Smackdown, as Henry talked about the Dead Man having taken away his manager. Daivari didn't return by Wrestlemania 22, as Henry, forced to work on his own, lost the "Casket" Match to the Undertaker.

Henry and the Undertaker faced off in a rematch on the next Smackdown, with Henry once again in trouble against the Dead Man. But the match soon came to a No-Contest, as Daivari reappeared, bringing a massive unknown (Dalip Singh) to the ring with him! The giant destroyed the Undertaker, laying him out, as Daivari cheered his newest prospect. Daivari appeared on the next Smackdown to celebrate the beat-down of the Undertaker, introducing his new man as the Great Khali, the new phenomenon of the wrestling world. Daivari managed the Great Khali the next week, as he easily dispatched Funaki in his first WWE match. Daivari continued to talk down to the Undertaker as well, saying in an interview a week later that the Dead Man was scared of the Great Khali. Daivari also led Khali down on the first Smackdown of May '06 to interrupted a "Three-Way Cruiserweight #1 Contenders" Match, having the big man destroy Kid Kash, Nunzio, and Super Crazy.

Daivari was in the corner of the Great Khali when he took on the Undertaker at Judgment Day '06. It was a shocking match, as the Great Khali dominated the Phenom of WWE, eventually putting away the Undertaker with his great chop. Daivari celebrated with Khali, having finally found someone who could dominate the Dead Man. The two celebrated on the next Smackdown, with Daivari & Khali later appearing on Piper's Pit to be interviewed by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper about the destruction of the Undertaker. At one point, Piper climbed up the turnbuckle to look eye-to-eye with Khali, only to have Khali grab him by the throat. Daivari stopped him from beating down Piper, though, opting to argue with Piper instead about the Great Khali being the new Phenom. Piper slapped Daivari, causing Khali to once again grab Piper. This time Daivari gave his blessing, as Khali took out Piper with another chop, continuing his reign of destruction, with Daivari proudly at his side.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (7 - 27)
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #33, February 26, '03) = In a dark match, Shawn Daivari & Ken Anderson fell to the Hot Shots.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #43, May 7, '03) = In a dark match, Daivari was beaten by Mike Sanders.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #57, August 13, '03) = In a dark match, Daivari & Sean Casey lost to Christopher Daniels & Legend.
- ECWA 8th Annual Super Eight Tournament (April 3, '04) = Daivari lost in the first round to Austin Aries. Christopher Daniels won the tournament.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #90, April 21, '04) = In a dark match, Daivari was taken down by the Amazing Red.
- RoH Reborn: Stage 2 (April 24, '04) = Daivari & Delirious were beaten by Justin Credible & Masada.
- RoH Do or Die III (July 17, '04) = Daivari fell to Rainman.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor, Part 1 (July 23, '04) = Daivari was defeated by the Great Kazushi.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor, Part 2 (July 24, '04) = Daivari lost a "Six-Man Mayhem" Match to Trent Acid. Matt Sydal, Danny Daniels, Delirious, and the Great Kazushi were the other participants.
- WWE Backlash '05 (May 1) = Daivari & Muhammad Hassan fell to Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels.
- ECW December To Dismember '06 (December 3) = Daivari defeated Tommy Dreamer.
- WWE No Way Out '07 (February 18) = Daivari competed in a "Cruiserweight Title Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Chavo Guerrero. The other competitors were Funaki, Gregory Helms, Scotty Too Hotty, Shannon Moore, Jamie Noble, and Jimmy Wang Yang.
- IWC A New Beginning '08 (January 19) = Daivari fell to Too Cold Scorpio.
- IWC Accept No Limitations 4 (February 16, '08) = Daivari & Dennis Gregory lost to Raven & the Sandman.
- TNA Victory Road '08 (July 13) = Daivari (representing Team International) lost the "World X-Cup Finals Ultimate X" Match to Volodor Jr, who won the World X-Cup for Team Mexico. The other participants were Frankie Kazarian (Team TNA) and Naruki Doi (Team Japan).
- TNA No Surrender '08 (September 14) = Sheik Abdul Bashir won the TNA X-Division Title, winning a "Three Way" Match over Consequences Creed and Petey Williams.
- TNA Bound For Glory '08 (October 12) = Bashir retained the TNA X-Division Title, beating Consequences Creed.
- TNA Turning Point '08 (November 9) = Bashir, as the TNA X Division Champion, lost a "Non-Title" Match to Rhino.
- TNA Turkey Bowl Tournament '08 (November 24) = Bashir won a "Three-Way Qualifying" Match over Matt Morgan and Jimmy Rave, but then lost in the "Three-Way Finals" to Rhino. Alex Shelley was the other participant.
- TNA Final Resolution '08 (#2) (December 7, '08) = Bashir lost the TNA X Division Title to Eric Young. However, the belt was then held up, due to the controversial actions of referee Shane Sewell.
- TNA X Division Title Tournament (December 8, 2008 - January 11, 2009) = Bashir lost in the first round to Eric Young. Alex Shelley won the tournament.
- TNA Genesis '09 (January 11) = Daivari fell to Shane Sewell.
- TNA Lockdown '09 (April 19) = Sheik Abdul Bashir lost an "Xscape" Match to the TNA X Division Champion, Suicide. Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal, and Kiyoshi were the other participants.
- TNA Sacrifice '09 (May 24) = Bashir & the Motor City Machine Guns fell to Eric Young & Lethal Consequences.
- TNA Final Resolution '09 (December 20) = Bashir won a briefcase in the "Feast or Fired" Match, along with Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, and Rob Terry. Bashir's case was found to have the "Fired" contract, ending the Sheik's career in TNA.
- RoH From The Ashes (March 26, '10) = Shawn Daivari lost a "Six-Man Mayhem" Match to Colt Cabana. Rasche Brown, Johnny Goodtime, Joey Ryan, and The Human Tornado were the other participants.
- RoH Phoenix Rising (March 27, '10) = Daivari took down The Human Tornado.
- RoH Pick Your Poison (April 23, '10) = Daivari & Erick Stevens fell to Rasche Brown & Necro Butcher.
- RoH Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies 2 (April 24, '10) = Daivari & Erick Stevens won, via DQ, over The House of Truth.
- RoH Buffalo Stampede II (June 18, '10) = Daivari was beaten by Colt Cabana.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor VIII (June 19, '10) = Daivari competed in the "Second Annual Toronto Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Roderick Strong. Colt Cabana, Steve Corino, Tyson Dux, and Eddie Edwards were the other participants.
- RoH Fade To Black (September 10, '10) = Daivari & Necro Butcher lost a "First Blood Tag-Team" Match to Steve Corino & Kevin Steen.
- RoH Glory By Honor IX (September 11, '10) = Daivari lost to the RoH World Television Champion, Eddie Edwards.

Title Summary:
- MAPW Heavyweight Champion (??/??/??)
- MIAW Lightweight Champion (??/??/??)
- AXW Cruiserweight Champion (??/??/??)
- NEO-PRO Cruiserweight Champion (10/12/2002 - 6/13/2003)
- TNA X-Division Champion (9/14/2008 - 11/10/2008)
- TNA X-Division Champion(2) (11/2008 - 12/07/2008)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 1 3rd RU)
- 2008 Comeback of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up