3PW Show Information

The Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling organization, otherwise known as 3PW, began as an alternative after the closure of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Founded by Jasmin St. Claire and the Blue Meanie, 3PW attempted to fill the hole caused by the departure of ECW, and for a time, it seemed to be successful. Unfortunately, financial issues and in-house problems caused 3PW to follow ECW's path after only 3 years. Still, since so many name wrestlers made their way through the organization during that time, I thought it was apt to have the history posted on the Rollercoaster.

Both the Online World of Wrestling and Pro Wrestling History websites were helpful in constructing this history.


3PW Heavyweight Title
3PW Tag-Team Title

3PW Inaugural Show
February 15th, 2002

- Chris Hamrick defeated Matt Vandal

- Bilvis Wesley defeated Towel Boy

- Rapid Fire Maldonado defeated Dylan Knight

- Little Guido defeated Mike Austin

- Super Hentai defeated Shirley Doe

- The Blue Meanie defeated Orion

- Steve Corino won a "Three Way Dance" Match over Crowbar and the Sandman

- Ric Blade, Joey Matthews, & Christian York defeated Colt Cabana, Paul E Normous, & CM Punk

3PW Three Men & A Bodybag
May 18th, 2002

- Christian York & Joey Matthews defeated Rapid Fire Maldonado & Dylan Knight

- Robert Pigeon defeated Tank Toland

- Chris Hero defeated Colt Cabana

- Gary Wolfe won a "Dog Collar" Match over Rockin' Rebel

- The Blue Meanie defeated Billy Wiles

- Jasmin St. Claire won an "Evening Gown" Match over Candi

- The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) defeated Christian York & Joey Matthews

- The Sandman fought to a No-Contest in a "Triple Threat Bodybag" Match with Sabu. New Jack was the other participant.

3PW A War Renewed
June 29th, 2002

- Christian York defeated Chris Chetti

- Josh Daniels defeated Rob Eckos

- Dylan Knight & Candi defeated Jasin St. Claire & the Blue Meanie

- Shawn Donovan fought to a No-Contest with Pierce St. John

- The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) fought to a No-Contest with Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten

- Joey Matthews defeated Murder One

- Gary Wolfe defeated Devon Storm

- New Jack defeated Rockin' Rebel

- Sabu defeated the Sandman

3PW Babes, Belts, & Blood
August 24th, 2002

3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament, First Round:

- Gary Wolfe defeated Joey Matthews

- Christian York defeated the Blue Meanie

- Rocco Rock defeated Chris Chetti

- Danny Doring defeated Devon Storm

3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament, Semi-Finals:

- Gary Wolfe defeated Danny Doring

- Christian York defeated Rocco Rock

3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament, Finals:

- Gary Wolfe won the first-ever 3PW Heavyweight Title, defeating Christian York

Other Matches:

- Jasmin St. Claire won a "Wet T-Shirt Contest" over Angel, Brianna, Dream, and the Blue Meanie

- Kevin Sullivan won a "Three Way Dance" over Bam Bam Bigelow and Dusty Rhodes

3PW This One's For You
September 21st, 2002

- Hack Myers defeated Ace Steele

- Colt Cabana defeated CM Punk

- Josh Daniels defeated White Lotus

- The Blue Meanie defeated Chris Chetti

- Christian York & Joey Matthews defeated Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill

- Gary Wolfe retained the 3PW Heavyweight Title, defeating Dead Man Walking

- Angel won a "Philadelphia Street Fight" Match over Rockin' Rebel

- Kevin Sullivan fought to a No-Contest with Abdullah the Butcher

- Missy Hyatt, Jasmin St. Claire, and Donna fought to a No-Contest in a "Three Way Dance"

- Syxx-Pac defeated Sabu

3PW A Night For The Flyboy
October 19th, 2002

- Joey Matthews defeated Josh Daniels

- Rob Eckos defeated White Lotus

- Jason Knight defeated Del Tsunami

- Amish Roadkill defeated Christian York

- Syxx-Pac, as the NWA-TNA X-Division Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ron Killings

- Jasmin St. Claire & the Blue Meanie defeated Missy Hyatt & Rockin' Rebel

- Jerry Lawler defeated Curt Hennig

- Sabu won the 3PW Heavyweight Title, winning a "Tables" Match over Gary Wolfe

* This show was dedicated to Rocco Rock, who had passed away from a heart attack at the age of 49 on September 21st, 2002

3PW Return of the Dream
November 23rd, 2002

- Devon Storm defeated Matt Striker

- The Blue Meanie defeated White Lotus

- Joey Matthews won a "Three Way Dance" over Josh Daniels and Rob Eckos

- Gary Wolfe defeated Jason Knight

- Ron Killings defeated Kid Kash

- Rockin' Rebel defeated Amish Roadkill

- Dusty Rhodes won a "Texas Bullrope" Match over Kevin Sullivan

- Sabu retained the 3PW Heavyweight Title, defeating Syxx-Pac

3PW Year-End Mayhem
December 28th, 2002

- Josh Daniels defeated Matt Striker

- Jason Knight defeated the Blue Meanie

- Rob Eckos defeated Damian Adams

- Kid Kash defeated Syxx-Pac

- Amish Roadkill defeated Rockin' Rebel

- Joey Matthews defeated Nosawa

- Abdullah the Butcher defeated Bam Bam Bigelow

- Gary Wolfe won the 3PW Heavyweight Title, defeating Sabu