Johnny Grunge

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 263 lbs

Real Name: Michael Lynn Durham

DOB: 7/10/1966

DOD: 2/16/2006

Hometown: Compton, CA (born in Sulpher, Louisiana)

Other Names: Johnny Rotten

Wrestler Since: 1987

Finishing Maneuver: Table-Bomb

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #228(1999), #221(1998), #157(1997), #123(1996), #94(1995), #209(1994)

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History: (Last Updated: 3/09/2006)

The Beginning
ECW: 1993-1994 / 1995 / 1996
WCW: 1996 / 1997 / 1998
ECW: 1999
WWF: 1999
NWA: 1999
WCW: 1999
NWA: 1999
XPW: 1999-2000
Independents: 2000-2006

The Beginning

Mike Durham may not be remembered as a technical all-star in the world of professional wrestling. He was not a high-flyer, although his Flying Legdrop was definitely impressive from a man of his size. But Hardcore? There's no doubt that, with partner Rocco Rock (Ted Petty), Durham helped create the hardcore craze, especially dealing with tables, in the Big 3 of pro wrestling.

Durham grew up in Sulpher, Louisiana, growing an interest in wrestling as he graduated from high school in 1983. He worked as a construction worker in New Jersey, while preparing for a career as an amateur wrestler. However, the pros soon came calling, with Durham joining up in 1987 to grow his craft. He wrestled some under the name of Johnny Rotten, and even appeared on the first WWF Raw taping, wrestling against another wrestler by the name of Cheetah. This wrestler, Ted Petty, would soon team with Durham, forming the group known as The Public Enemy. Durham changed his name to Johnny Grunge, while Petty became Rocco Rock. The two teamed up first in the UWF, becoming a better tag-team as months went by. They then were approached by Eastern Championship Wrestling, who would help them build their future status as hardcore legends.

ECW: 1993-1994

The Public Enemy soon began making an impact in ECW, first appearing at Ultraclash '93, where they defeated Jason Knight & Ian Rotten. The Public Enemy then entered into a feud with Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond, meeting them at several shows, before they met in a "South Philly Hood" Match at November To Remember '93. It was a brutal match, with The Public Enemy beginning to prove that they could thrive in a hardcore environment, winning the match. The two teams continued to feud for the rest of the year, trying to gain ground in the competitive ECW Tag-Team division.

In February '94, The Public Enemy competed at The Night The Line Was Crossed, taking on the Bruise Brothers (later known as the Harris Brothers) in a "No Rules" Match. The two teams brawled all around the ECW Arena, with The Public Enemy getting the win with the use of a 2x4, knocking the Bruise Brothers out long enough to get the pin. Going into March '94, The Public Enemy continued to feud with the Bruise Brothers, losing a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match to them during an arena show. It would seem like a tough loss to take, but The Public Enemy had other things on its mind. Only a day later, the team defeated Kevin Sullivan & the Tazmaniac, with Rock pinning Sullivan, to win away the ECW Tag-Team Titles! The Public Enemy would team with Shane Douglas & Mr. Hughes against Sullivan, the Tazmaniac, Road Warrior Hawk, & ECW Champion Terry Funk in a "War Games" Match at Ultimate Jeopardy '94. Douglas got the win by pinning Funk, which, due to prematch stipulations, won Douglas the ECW Championship.

The Public Enemy continued to team with Douglas & Hughes over the next few months, battling against teams like the Bruise Brothers, who wanted the ECW Tag Titles. At When Worlds Collide, The Public Enemy, Douglas, & Hughes fought in a "Handicap Elimination" Match against the Bruise Brothers & JT Smith. Things looked good for The Public Enemy when Douglas, Hughes, & the Bruise Brothers were all counted out. But Smith proved to be too strong despite the numbers, first pinning Rock, then taking out Grunge, winning the match. The Public Enemy next went into a protracted feud with Terry & Dory Funk Jr, fighting to a No-Contest between the teams at Hostile City Showdown '94. The two teams met again in the main event of Heat Wave '94. It was a bloody match, thanks to the ropes being replaced with barbed wire. In the end, The Public Enemy retained their titles, with both men pinning Terry Funk for the victory.

The next big defense for The Public Enemy occurred at Hardcore Heaven '94, when they took on Axl & Ian Rotten (Bad Breed) in a "Basebrawl" Match. The rules basically were that, if you could keep your opponent down for a 10 count, you could use baseball bats. Although Bad Breed got the bats first, bloodying Grunge & Rock, the two fought back, with Rock hitting the Drive By for the victory, retaining the titles. Later that night, The Public Enemy came back out to help Cactus Jack in his match against Terry Funk, even though Cactus didn't want their help. They still caused the pin, though, knocking Cactus onto Funk for the win. Afterwards, though, both Cactus & Funk attacked The Public Enemy, knocking them out in the ring. In an infamous moment, Cactus then called for a chair from the crowd. Everyone threw their chairs into the ring, completely burying The Public Enemy, even as Cactus & Funk looked on in shock.

At the NWA World Title Tournament card in August '94, The Public Enemy lost the ECW Tag Titles to Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck, finally ending their run as the champs. Later that night, Shane Douglas won the NWA World Title, but then threw it down, instead announcing that Eastern Championship Wrestling had now become Extreme! It was a new revolution of hardcore wrestling, with The Public Enemy being a major part of the emergence of the organization. After a few months of feuding, The Public Enemy managed to regain the ECW Tag-Team Titles at November To Remember '94, with Grunge getting the pinfall on Whipwreck. The two would reign as Tag Champs for the rest of the year, fending off a tough challenge at Holiday Hell '94 from Sabu & Taz in a "No Disqualification" Match.


The two teams continued to feud over the ECW Tag Titles for the next few months, leading to The Public Enemy facing Sabu & Taz in February '95 at Double Tables, with their match being the namesake for the show. For a team to win, they had to put both their opponents through tables. During the brawl, Grunge went up on the turnbuckle for a splash, only to be caught by Taz, who put BOTH of them through a table with a Superplex! Later on, Rock got the Drive By on Sabu through a table, but the ref missed it, being distracted by Paul E. Dangerously. While Grunge took out his frustration on Paul E, Rock got caught by a legdrop from Sabu through a table, losing the match and the ECW Tag Titles. The bad night got worse, afterwards, as Chris Benoit then came to the ring and attacked both teams, including putting Sabu through a table that Rock was laying on, taking both out.

A week later, at Return of the Funker, the Public Enemy came out, with Rock still feeling the effects of the smash through the table. When they talked about being robbed, though, Benoit & his partner, Dean Malenko, came out and attacked, beating down both men! Shortly thereafter, Sabu & Taz took on Benoit & Malenko, with Benoit's team winning away the ECW Tag-Team Titles. The three teams continued to go at it over the next month, meeting at Three Way Dance for the ECW Tag straps. In a surprise move before the match, though, Sabu was announced by Benoit to be "hiding" in Japan, causing Taz to partner, instead, with "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner. The match then took place later in the night, with The Public Enemy looking to regain their belts. The first team eliminated were Taz & Steiner, as Taz took Benoit's Flying Headbutt for the pin. The battle continued between the other two teams, with Rock getting Superplexed through a table. But when Benoit and Malenko couldn't decide who would get the pin, Grunge was able to come back for the save. Rock later got the Drive By on Malenko for the victory, becoming 3-time ECW Tag Champions. Before The Public Enemy could finish celebrating, though, they were attacked by the Pitbulls, who wanted to stake their claim as the new #1 contenders.

The Public Enemy and the Pitbulls faced off at Hostile City Showdown '95, in another ECW brawl. It ended surprisingly, though, as a Pitbull was rolled up by Rock, allowing The Public Enemy to keep the titles. This, of course, did not end the feud, as the Pitbulls thought that The Public Enemy had gotten away with a fluke win. The two teams met again at Enter Sandman, this time in a "Double Dog Collar" Match. Prematch stipulations said that, if The Public Enemy got the win, they could get 5 minutes with the Pitbulls' ally, Stevie Richards. It was a wild one filled with tables, chairs, and other weapons, with Richards trying hard to help the Pitbulls win. The ending was also wild, as both teams had a pin on the other at the end. The match, however, was awarded to The Public Enemy, allowing them to beat on Richards after the match. It didn't last, as Beulah McGillicutty & Raven came down to help out their ally, while Tommy Dreamer & Luna Vachon made the save for the tag champs.

The Public Enemy were set to face their next opponents, Axl & Ian Rotten, at Barbed Wire, Hoodies, & Chokeslams. However, the match was axed by referee Bill Alphonso, who reminded Axl & Ian that they had lost a "Losers Never Tag Together Again" Match the year before, and, thus, The Public Enemy won via forfeit. As The Public Enemy celebrated their rare non-violent victory, however, they were then attacked by newcomers the Gangstas, who beat both men down before they were arrested by Philly police (since they weren't officially part of ECW at the time). At the end of June '95, The Public Enemy took on Stevie Richards & Raven at an Arena Show. In a surprising development, they lost, losing the ECW Tag Titles to the Nest members. The Public Enemy continued to focus on the Gangstas after the loss, facing them at Hardcore Heaven '95. Thanks to a croquet mallet, The Public Enemy got the victory, then invited the fans to come into the ring to celebrate. This turned out to be a mistake, as the ring collapsed from the weight of the fans, causing another infamous moment in ECW history.

The two teams met again at Heat Wave '95 in a "Steel Cage" Match. That didn't limit the weapons, which were laid out inside the cage, including The Public Enemy's favorite weapons, the tables. Late in the match, Rock got a huge move, hitting a Moonsault on New Jack through two tables. But, with both men down, Grunge took a face of mace from Mustapha and got rolled up, costing The Public Enemy the match. The two teams met again and again at various Arena shows over the next month, with each team getting their share of wins. It all lead up to Wrestlepalooza '95, where the two teams met in a "Stretcher" Match. The losers would be the ones carted to the back on a stretcher. After another brutal battle between the two long-term foes, the Gangstas got the victory, as The Public Enemy disappeared into the back.

Going into September '95, the two teams were set to face off again, but real life intervened, as Mustapha was arrested and went to jail. A new match was then set up at Gangsta's Paradise, pitting The Public Enemy & Mikey Whipwreck against New Jack, Too Cold Scorpio, & the ECW Champion, the Sandman, in a "Steel Cage" bout. It, typically, was a violent match, with a bloody Grunge going outside the cage and into the crowd with New Jack. Multiple table stacks were destroyed, with Rock getting thrown through a 3-table stack at one point. Late in the match, with Scorpio & New Jack down, the faces triple-teamed the Sandman, with The Public Enemy helping Whipwreck get the victory with a Top-Rope Splash on the champion. A short time later, The Public Enemy competed in a "Three Way Dance" against the ECW Tag Champs, Richards & Raven, and the Gangstas at an Arena show. In a great moment, The Public Enemy survived, regaining the belts for the fourth time!

Throughout October '95, The Public Enemy defended the belts against various foes. However, near the end of the month, when Grunge was busy in a "Loser Wears A Dress" Match against Richards (Grunge won, embarrassing Richards), Rock had a match against the ECW TV Champ, Scorpio. The Tag belts were also put on the line, and Scorpio got the win, taking away the belts. At November To Remember '95, The Public Enemy got their chance to get the titles back again, going against Scorpio & the Sandman. Added pressure came when it was announced that the person who got the winning pinfall would get an ECW World Title shot later on (Whipwreck had won the belt from the Sandman a short time before). The four men had a minor 'dance-off' before the match, with Scorpio apparently getting the win. With the humorous part of the bout over with, the four men set to destroy each other, with weapons quickly becoming used. Late in the match, Rock went for the Drive By, but accidentally hit Grunge instead, allowing the Sandman to take out Rock and get the win, keeping the tag belts and getting the title shot (although he was taken out by "Superstar" Steve Austin later on, who stole the shot).

The Public Enemy next wrestled at December to Dismember '95, where they took on the Heavenly Bodies (Tom Pritchard & Jimmy Del Ray). The Public Enemy got the win, but the feud continued, leading to a match later that night pitting The Public Enemy, Tommy Dreamer, & the Pitbulls going against the Heavenly Bodies, The Eliminators, Stevie Richards, & Raven in an "Ultimate Jeopardy Steel Cage" Match. It was typically violent, with Dreamer getting the win for his team by pinning Richards. At the end of the year, The Public Enemy made one more appearance, facing off against the returning Gangstas at Holiday Hell '95. Late in the match, Rock got the Drive By on Mustapha, but the ref was unable to make the count, keeping the match going. Rock then got KO'ed by a chair shot, getting pinned to give The Public Enemy a loss at the end of the year.


To begin the year, The Public Enemy were set to take on the Gangstas once again, facing off at House Party '96. It was announced before the event, though, that The Public Enemy would be leaving ECW after that match, heading on towards World Championship Wrestling. Grunge thanked the fans before the match, with the fans chanting "You'll Be Back". The Public Enemy and the Gangstas then went at it, in their final chance to go out with a victory after their long-running feud. Late in the match, Rock took out Mustapha with a Moonsault through a table, even as New Jack was sent to the outside into the railing. Grunge then Mustapha an inverted DDT, allowing Rock to get the Drive By for the victory. Rock then got on the mic, talking about his time in ECW, with the night ending with a Public Enemy music video, sending the long-standing ECW stand-outs out on a good note.

WCW: 1996

The Public Enemy debuted in WCW in the middle of January '96, defeating the American Males. The Public Enemy brought their tables with them to ECW, routinely bringing them out to the ring with them. The first major show for the guys occurred at Clash of the Champions XXIII, where the Public Enemy fought to a Double Disqualification with another hardcore team, the Nasty Boys. The two teams met again at Superbrawl VI, this time in a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match, to avoid the Double DQ. Chairs, garbage cans, and tables soon got used by both teams, in order to incapacitate the other team. Late in the match, Brian Knobbs was placed on a table, with Rock trying a daring Drive By off the nearby souvenir stand. Knobbs moved, though, and Rock hit hard, getting pinned and losing the match.

The Public Enemy continued to wrestle in WCW for the next few months, trying to gain some momenum to climb up the ladder in the Tag-Team Division. At Slamboree '96, Grunge & Rock were entered into the "BattleBowl" series, where two people would be teamed together to face against another team. Surprisingly, The Public Enemy beat the odds and stayed together, defeating Chris Benoit & Kevin Sullivan in the first match when Rock put Benoit through a table. Later on, The Public Enemy were set to face Randy Savage & Ric Flair, but Savage and Flair brawled before the match (due in part to Miss Elizabeth throwing Savage's money into the crowd), causing their forfeit. The Public Enemy were then allowed to move on to the Winner's Battle Royal, where their teamwork looked to help them against the other winners. But Rock was the first one eliminated, tossed out by the Barbarian, ending any hopes of teamwork. Grunge soon followed, getting taken out by the eventual winner, Diamond Dallas Page.

The Public Enemy returned to their feud with the Nasty Boys after Slamboree, brawling with them on several occassions. This led to a "Double Dog Collar" Match at Bash At The Beach '96, although the wrestlers immediately started fighting at the beginning, using the chains as weapons rather than limitations. The brawl went up and down the ramp, eventually involving several tables. At one point, Rocco splashed Sags through a table, but still couldn't get the pin. In the end, Rock took a few hard shots on a table, including a major elbow drop from Sags, then got clotheslined by the chain to lose the match. Once again, The Public Enemy couldn't win the big match against their rivals.

For a time, The Public Enemy faded a little bit into the background, not even appearing during the live part of Hogg Wild. They did, however, have an impact outside of the company, winning the CWA Tag-Team Titles briefly in July '96. In WCW, meanwhile, The Public Enemy found a way to turn things around, as they surprisingly upset Harlem Heat in September '96 to become the WCW World Tag-Team Champions! Unfortunately for Grunge & Rock, it was a short reign, as Harlem Heat won the belts back at the beginning of October '96, taking away the gold. The Public Enemy then dropped from the top contenders' spot, wrestling instead occassionally on Nitro. Both wrestlers appeared in the World War III '96 Three-Ring Battle Royal, but both were soon eliminated, continuing their inability to move upwards in WCW.


The Public Enemy started their way back up the contendership ladder going into the new year, getting into a "Four-Way" feud with the Steiner Brothers, Harlem Heat, and the Faces of Fear. The four top tag-teams signed to face off at Superbrawl VII, but one team was taken out before the match by the new World order, as they ran the Steiner Brothers off the road, injuring them. This worked out for The Public Enemy, as they waited until Meng had taken out Booker T with a huge kick, then attacked, eventually pinning the Barbarian after a double-team to get the huge win. A few weeks later, The Public Enemy took on Harlem Heat again, this time in a "#1 Contenders" Match at Uncensored '97. The rules of the night (in that there weren't any) seemed to work in TPE's favor. During the match, Grunge took out Stevie Ray with a splash through a table, apparently giving The Public Enemy the edge. But surprising interference came from Jeff Jarrett & Steve "Mongo" McMichael, who attacked Rock, allowing Booker T to get the victory via the Harlem Hangover.

The Public Enemy went for revenge against Jarrett & McMichael over the next few weeks, with the two teams meeting at Spring Stampede '97. During the match, The Public Enemy appeared to be having problems with the Horsemen, with Jarrett getting the Figure Four applied to Grunge. But Rock used a loaded briefcase to knock Jarrett out, allowing TPE to get the victory. The victory didn't get The Public Enemy very far, though, as they were soon swallowed up by the all-encompassing WCW/nWo war that was going on throughout '97. The Public Enemy rarely appeared on PPV, instead joining the rest of the WCW locker room in brawls with nWo for the rest of the year, again appearing in the World War III '97 Three-Ring Battle Royal, and again getting thrown from the ring.


Although The Public Enemy stayed with WCW throughout 1998, they rarely participated in any of the major feuds with the nWo. In fact, The Public Enemy would only appear at one WCW pay-per-view during the year, facing off against Alex Wright & the Disco Inferno at Road Wild '98. It was a typical match for The Public Enemy, as they used tables to their advantage. During the bout, Wright & Disco's somewhat ally, Tokyo Magnum, accidentally hit Wright, causing Wright to leave Disco behind. Magnum ran after him, trying to apologize, causing Disco to be faced with both members of TPE. It was a slaughter, with Disco going through three tables before being pinned. It was a glimmer of glory in the midst of a very low-card year for The Public Enemy, as they continued to work out the last months of their contract.

ECW: 1999

Going into January '99, the Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray & D'Von), who had taken over The Public Enemy's usage of tables in Extreme Championship Wrestling, began calling The Public Enemy out, wanting them to show up at House Party '99. It didn't seem likely, and in fact, the Dudleyz came out on the PPV and told the fans to go home, since they hadn't showed. Later on, Joel Gertner bashed TPE, when their music hit. It turned out to be the Dudleyz, though, dressed up as TPE. As they joked around, though, the music hit again, surprising them, as the REAL Public Enemy came out! The two teams then brawled, with New Jack coming out, apparently to attack TPE (due to their feud from years ago). Instead, though, New Jack joined TPE against the Dudleyz, sending them from the ring. The Public Enemy then got the mics and talked to the fans, briefly returning to the place of their former glory, almost exactly three years after leaving ECW.

WWF: 1999

Soon after, The Public Enemy came to the World Wrestling Federation, interested on getting to the top of another organization. However, controversy soon raged, as rumors had the rest of the WWF locker room not respecting TPE, since they had wrestled so long (and so unsuccessfully) for WCW. The Public Enemy didn't get much of a boost in WWF, usually being used to job out to other, more established teams in the company. At Wrestlemania XV, The Public Enemy participated in a dark match Battle Royal before the show, with the winners to get a "Tag-Team Title" Shot during the actual event. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, as D-Lo Brown & Test, an unlikely tag-team, still came out on top. This was as close as The Public Enemy got to the big time in the WWF, eventually leaving without any success in the company.

NWA: 1999

The Public Enemy later went to the National Wrestling Alliance, competing in one of the longest-running organizations in pro wrestling history. They also added another prestigious title to their list, defeating Knuckles Nelson & Rick Fuller of the Brotherhood in June '99 to win the NWA World Tag-Team Titles! The reign only lasted a couple of days, though, before Nelson, with another Brotherhood partner in Dukes Dalton, regained the gold.

WCW: 1999

In July '99, The Public Enemy had a brief return to WCW, entering into the Junkyard Invitational Match at Bash At The Beach '96 for the Hardcore Trophy. It was a brutal match, consisting of many of the roughest men in WCW at the time. In the end, Fit Finlay was able to avoid being crushed in a car compactor and escaped the junkyard, winning the match. The Public Enemy didn't stay around WCW too much longer, although they did wrestle at Curtis Comes Home, a celebration of the life of Mark Curtis. They defeated Beau James & Roger Anderson on the show, honoring Curtis with their wrestling.

NWA: 1999 (again)

After their brief return to WCW, The Public Enemy headed back to various independent organizations, including returning to the National Wrestling Alliance. In October '99, The Public Enemy were set to face Doug Gilbert & Buddy Landell for the NWA United States Tag-Team Titles. However, due to injuries to Landell, Tommy Rich took his place, giving The Public Enemy a surprise foe. It didn't stop them, though, as they won away the NWA US Tag Titles, gaining more gold for their collection. They would hold the belts for the next two months, until they lost to some old ECW foes, the Pitbulls.

XPW: 1999-2000

After leaving the Big 3 organizations behind, The Public Enemy teamed once more in another organization, joining the fledgling organization, Xtreme Pro Wrestling, in late '99. The duo had a long-running feud with another hardcore team, the West Side NGZ, that went all the way to May '00, with The Public Enemy winning the final brawl between the two. The Public Enemy also faced several other former ECW wrestlers during their run with the organization, including battles against Axl Rotten & XPW hardcore star Supreme.


After leaving XPW, The Public Enemy teamed up frequently over the next few years, wrestling for various independent organizations. They changed their names in the X Wrestling Federation, teaming as the South Philly Posse, where they were teamed with Jasmin St. Claire. The duo gained gold twice more, actually holding both the TCW Tag-Team Titles and the MECW Tag-Team Titles at the same time in July '01. However, the team would soon come to a rough end, as Ted Petty, aka Rocco Rock, passed away at the age of 49 on September 21st, 2002, on his way to another wrestling event. It was ruled a heart attack, a common issue in Petty's family.

Grunge continued to wrestle after the loss of his partner, although many said that he never seemed to adjust, having worked with Petty for so many years. Grunge later teamed up with his 'cousin', Jerry Grunge (no actual relation), forming the New Public Enemy, but the team was unable to earn any additional titles for TPE's name. At Hardcore Homecoming in June '05, Grunge came out along with Gary Wolfe (Pitbull #1) and Tammy Sytch, with the three talking about all of the former ECW wrestlers who had passed on, including Rocco Rock. During the memorial, though, Danny Doring & Roadkill came out to attack Grunge & Wolfe, with Sytch running to get help from the massive ECW wrestler, 911, who Chokeslammed both Doring & Roadkill to a big pop. 911 then put Roadkill on a table, with Grunge, in an ode to the past, climbing the turnbuckle and coming off with a top-rope splash, putting Roadkill through the table.

Grunge continued to wrestle sporadically for the next few months, going into 2006. However, it all came to an end on February 16th, 2006, when Michael Durham was rushed to a hospital in Peachtree City, Georgia, after having trouble breathing at a friend's house. He was pronounced dead on arrival, due to sleep apnea complications. Durham was only 39 years old.

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (42 - 24, 7 NCs, 2 DDQ)
- ECW Ultraclash (September 18, '93) = Public Enemy (Grunge & Rocco Rock) beat Jason Knight & Ian Rotten.
- ECW Bloodfest, Pt 1 (October 1, '93) = Public Enemy defeated Gino Caruso & Silver Jet.
- ECW Bloodfest, Pt 2 (October 2, '93) = Public Enemy fell to Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond. Later that night, Public Enemy lost, via forfeit, to Jimmy Snuka & Don Muraco. At the end of the night, Public Enemy won a "Triple Threat Steel Cage" Match over Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond and Ian & Axl Rotten.
- ECW Terror At Tabor (November 12, '93) = Public Enemy took down Ian & Axl Rotten. Later on, Grunge was beaten by Tommy Dreamer.
- ECW November to Remember '93 (November 13) = Public Enemy won a "South Phily Hood" Match over Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond.
- ECW Arena (January 8, '94) = Public Enemy beat Don E. Allen & Duane Gill. Later on, Public Enemy defeated Keith Shearer & Chad Austin.
- ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed (February 5, '94) = Public Enemy won a "No Rules" Match over the Bruise Brothers.
- ECW Arena (March 5, '94) = Public Enemy lost a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match to the Bruise Brothers.
- ECW Arena (March 6, '94) = Public Enemy won the ECW Tag-Team Titles, beating Kevin Sullivan & the Tazmaniac. Later that night, Public Enemy & Shane Douglas fell to Kevin Sullivan, Terry Funk & Crash the Terminator.
- ECW Ultimate Jeopardy '94 (March 26) = Public Enemy, Shane Douglas & Mr. Hughes won a "Wargames" Match over Kevin Sullivan, Terry Funk, Road Warrior Hawk & the Tazmaniac.
- ECW Arena (April 16, '94) = Public Enemy retained the tag belts, winning a "Lumberjack" Match over the Bruise Brothers.
- ECW Arena (May 13, '94) = Public Enemy, Shane Douglas & Mr. Hughes beat Tommy Dreamer, J.T. Smith & the Bruise Brothers. Later that night, Grunge lost, via DQ, to the ECW TV Champ, Mikey Whipwreck.
- ECW When Worlds Collide (May 14, '94) = Public Enemy, Shane Douglas & Mr. Hughes lost a "Handicap Elimination" Match to J.T. Smith & the Bruise Brothers.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '94 (June 24) = Public Enemy kept the Tag-Team Titles, fighting to a No-Contest with Terry & Dory Funk Jr.
- ECW Arena (July 15, '94) = Public Enemy stayed the Tag Champs, beating Damian Stone & Steve Richards.
- ECW Heat Wave '94 (July 16) = Public Enemy won a "No Rope Barbed Wire" Match over Terry & Dory Funk Jr to retain the ECW Tag Titles.
- ECW Hardcore Heaven '94 (August 13) = Public Enemy stayed the Tag-Team Champions, winning a "Basebrawl" Match over Ian & Axl Rotten.
- ECW World Title Tournament (August 27, '94) = Public Enemy dropped the Tag straps to Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck.
- ECW Arena (October 1, '94) = Public Enemy fell to the ECW Tag Champs, Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck.
- ECW November To Remember '94 (November 5) = Public Enemy regained the ECW Tag Titles, beating Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck.
- ECW Arena (November 18, '94) = Public Enemy retained the Tag-Team Titles, fighting to a No-Contest with Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan.
- ECW Holiday Hell '94 (December 17) = Public Enemy kept the Tag Titles, defeating Sabu & Taz.
- ECW Arena (January 7, '95) = Public Enemy, Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko lost a "Handicap" Match to 911, Sabu & Taz.
- ECW Double Tables (February 4, '95) = Public Enemy dropped the ECW Tag Titles in a "Double Tables" Match to Sabu & Taz.
- ECW Arena (March 18, '95) = Public Enemy defeated the Pitbulls.
- ECW Three Way Dance (April 8, '95) = Public Enemy won the ECW Tag-Team Titles, taking down Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko and Rick Steiner & Taz.
- ECW Hostile City Showdown '95 (April 15) = Public Enemy retained the ECW Tag straps, winning over the Pitbulls.
- ECW Enter the Sandman (May 13, '95) = Public Enemy won a "Double Dog Collar" Match over the Pitbulls to keep the ECW Tag straps.
- ECW Barbed Wire, Hooties & Chokeslams (June 17, '95) = Public Enemy won, via forfeit, over Ian & Axl Rotten.
- ECW Hardcore Heaven '95 (July 1) = Public Enemy defeated the Gangstas.
- ECW Heat Wave '95 (July 15) = Public Enemy lost a "Steel Cage" Match to the Gangstas.
- ECW Wrestlepalooza '95 (August 5) = Public Enemy lost a "Stretcher" Match to the Gangstas.
- ECW Arena (August 26, '95) = Public Enemy & Mikey Whipwreck were taken down by the Gangstas & the Sandman.
- ECW Gangstas Paradise (September 16, '95) = Public Enemy & Mikey Whipwreck won a "Steel Cage" Match over New Jack, Too Cold Scorpio & the Sandman.
- ECW Arena (October 7, '95) = Public Enemy regained the ECW Tag Titles, winning a "Three Way Dance" over the Gangstas and Steven Richards & Raven.
- ECW Arena (October 28, '95) = Grunge won a "Loser Wears a Dress" Match over Stevie Richards. Later in the night, Rocco Rock lost to TV Champ Too Cold Scorpio, with the tag-team belts on the line.
- ECW November To Remember '95 (November 18) = Public Enemy fell to the ECW Tag Champs, Too Cold Scorpio & the Sandman.
- ECW December To Dismember (December 9, '95) = Public Enemy won over the Heavenly Bodies. Later that night, Public Enemy, Tommy Dreamer & the Pitbulls won an "Ultimate Jeopardy Steel Cage" Match over The Heavenly Bodies, the Eliminators and Stevie Richards & Raven.
- ECW Holiday Hell '95 (December 29) = Public Enemy was beaten by the Gangstas.
- ECW House Party '96 (January 5) = Public Enemy won over the Gangstas.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXII (January 23, '96) = Public Enemy fought to a Double Disqualification with the Nasty Boys.
- WCW Superbrawl VI (February 11, '96) = Public Enemy lost a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match to the Nasty Boys.
- WCW Slamboree '96 (May 19) = Public Enemy defeated Kevin Sullivan & Chris Benoit. Later, Public Enemy won, via forfeit, over Randy Savage & Ric Flair. Public Enemy then entered a Winners Battle Royal, which was won by Diamond Dallas Page.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '96 (July 7) = Public Enemy lost a "Double Dog Collar" Match to the Nasty Boys.
- WCW Hogg Wild '96 (August 10) = In a dark match, Public Enemy defeated Dick Slater & Mike Enos.
- WCW World War III '96 (November 24) = Grunge competed in the WWIII Three-Ring Battle Royal, which was won by the Giant.
- WCW Superbrawl VII (February 23, '97) = Public Enemy won a "Triangle" Match over Meng & the Barbarian and Harlem Heat.
- WCW Uncensored '97 (March 16) = Public Enemy fell to Harlem Heat.
- WCW Spring Stampede '97 (April 6) = Public Enemy defeated Steve McMichael & Jeff Jarrett.
- WCW Slamboree '97 (May 18) = In a dark match, Public Enemy took down Harlem Heat.
- WCW World War III '97 (November 23) = Public Enemy competed in the WWIII Three-Ring Battle Royal, which was won by Scott Hall.
- WCW Road Wild '98 (August 8) = Public Enemy defeated Alex Wright & the Disco Inferno.
- ECW House Party '99 (January 16) = Public Enemy fought to a No-Contest with the Dudley Boyz.
- WWF Wrestlemania XV ('99) = In a dark match, Public Enemy competed in a Tag-Team Battle Royal, which was won by D-Lo Brown & Test.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '99 (July 18) = Grunge competed in a "Junkyard Battle Royal", which was won by Fit Finlay.
- Curtis Comes Home (July 30, '99) = Public Enemy won over Beau James & Roger Anderson.
- XPW Hollywood Show (December 18, '99) = Public Enemy fought to a No-Contest with the West Side NGZ.
- XPW Reseda Show (December 21, '99) = Public Enemy fought to a No-Contest with the West Side NGZ.
- XPW Ventura Show (April 28, '00) = Public Enemy beat Axl Rotten & Supreme.
- XPW Los Angeles Show (April 29, '00) = Public Enemy won a "Three-Way" Match over Kid Kaos & Steve Rizzono and the West Side NGZ.
- XPW Los Angeles Show (May 26, '00) = Public Enemy fought to a Double Disqualification with the West Side NGZ.
- XPW Ventura Show (May 28, '00) = Public Enemy defeated the West Side NGZ.
- IWF Crawfordsville Show (December 1, '01) = Public Enemy won a "TLC" Match over the High Rollers.
- 3PW Three Men & A Bodybag (May 18, '02) = The Public Enemy took down Christian York & Joey Matthews.
- 3PW A War Renewed (June 29, '02) = The Public Enemy fought to a "No Contest" with Ian & Axl Rotten.
- 3PW Splintered (June 19, '04) = Grunge fought to a No-Contest with Rockin' Rebel.

Title Summary:
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Rocco Rock (3/06/94 - 8/27/94)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Rocco Rock (11/05/94 - 2/04/95)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Rocco Rock (4/08/95 - 6/30/95)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion(4) w/ Rocco Rock (10/07/95 - 10/28/95)
- CWA Tag-Team Champion w/ Rocco Rock (7/96)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Rocco Rock (9/23/96 - 10/01/96)
- NWA World Tag-Team Champion w/ Rocco Rock (6/17/99 - 6/19/99)
- NWA United States Tag-Team Champion w/ Rocco Rock (10/30/99 - 12/11/99)
- TCW Tag-Team Champion w/ Rocco Rock (7/07/01 - 9/15/01)
- MECW Tag-Team Champion w/ Rocco Rock (7/14/01 - 01)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 1 2nd RU, 0 3rd RUs)
- 1994 Tag-Team of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Public Enemy)