WWE Monday Night Raw
November 14th, 2005

This is one of those reviews that you never want to have to write. I watched yesterday's show with my heart in my throat, and, like many other loyal wrestling fans, broke down a couple of times when listening to Eddie Guerrero's friends speak of him. To have to then do a review of said show is almost like reliving the feelings of anguish and regret. Then again, they say it can be very therapudic to write out your feelings like this. If so, then this should help me a lot on the road to recovery. Just don't expect many negative comments, because this wasn't a regular show. This was a tribute to a great man, and critiquing isn't in me right now.

Let's get to it.

- The show started with the usual opening. If you look close, Eddie Guerrero is still in "The Power Is Back" montage, where hopefully he will stay. I don't know why that's important to me. It just is.

- We open with all of the Raw and Smackdown superstars on the stage, with a massive "Eddie" chant roaring through the building. Vince McMahon takes center stage to talk about the passing of Eddie Guerrero, and how much Eddie would have loved to steal the show. I thought it was a great touch to have Eddie's low-rider there. Guys were crying throughout the wrestlers, including the Big Show, Triple H, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle. I myself was tearing some too. They rang the bell 10 times, to send Eddie on his way.

- A special tribute video then played for Guerrero, showing a dispersal of some of his greatest moments along with what looked like video clips from home movies. It was very moving. After the clip ended, Vince McMahon gave us one more "Viva La Raza", as the wrestlers filed backstage.

- John Cena did a segment, talking about how Eddie had been like a father figure to him. He talked about Eddie's greatness, which he said would be expressed by everyone talking tonight.

- The first "Eddie Remembered" clip shows Eddie spraying the Big Show with sewage. Definitely a unique moment in his career.

- Match #1: The Big Show & Kane, as Raw Tag Champs, defeated M-N-M, the Smackdown Tag Champs. The Big Show was still obviously distraught, but still put on a good show, even putting in an Eddie Shimmy at one point. M-N-M actually isolated for a while, working over Kane, but the monsters came back. When Melina tried to distract the Big Show, he planted a big kiss on her, later leading to Joey Styles speculating about the size of the Big Show's tongue. When Joey Mercury went to hit TBS with a title, he was stopped by the referee, leaving him open to a Kane Top-Rope Clothesline. The two monsters then gave Johnny Nitro the Double Chokeslam for the win.

- Lillian Garcia talked in a segment about speaking Spanish with Guerrero on many occassions. She broke down at the end, giving one more Spanish message to her friend.

- An "Eddie Remembered" video showed Eddie selling off Kurt Angle's stuff on wwe.com. I couldn't help but laugh when he said he'd have his cousin Chewy put hydralics on the wheelchair.

- Match #2: Kurt Angle forced Shelton Benjamin to tap out to the Ankle Lock. Considering the emotional state of both men, this was a fantastic match that actually got my mind off of things for a few minutes. Benjamin hit some tremendous moves, including a release German Suplex from the top rope that Angle barely turned far enough on. But Angle was too crafty, as he locked in the Ankle Lock Grapevine for the win. After the match, a saddened Angle raised his EG armband to the crowd.

- Shawn Michaels talked about having never wrestled Guerrero. Instead, the two discussed faith, both being born-again Christians. Michaels talked about wrestling Guerrero someday in the biggest arena of them all: not Wrestlemania, but Heaven.

- An "Eddie Remembered" video talked about Los Guerreros and their motto: Lie, Cheat, & Steal.

- Chavo Guerrero talked about his uncle, whom he called his brother, since their ages were so close together. Chavo was visibly distraught, as would be expected, breaking down midway through. But he managed to finish, thanking Eddie for being there for him.

- Match #3: Rey Mysterio defeated Shawn Michaels. Normally, we'd be talking about this as one of Mysterio's biggest wins ever. In this instance, though, it was simply a great match that Eddie Guerrero would have loved. Both men hit some big-time moves in this one, making it another excellent contest. Mysterio also threw in an Eddie Shimmy, which got the cheers from the crowd. In the end, Mysterio was too fast, pinning Michaels. Afterwards, Mysterio helped Michaels up, and the two hugged, with HBK seeming to comfort Mysterio, who had lost one of his best friends.

- Batista next talked about Eddie, saying that, when he got the call, it just didn't seem real. He talked about how Eddie was always in pain, but he let it go every time he went to the ring. Batista was in a bad way, fighting back tears the whole time.

- The Tribute Video ran again, seemingly with new parts added to it. Or maybe I just was able to see it more clearly this time. It was still just as powerful.

- Match #4: Melina won an "Interpromotional Diva Battle Royal". The other contestants were Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Christy Hemme, Maria, Jillian Hall, and Ashley. I figure the match was put in here to try and distract some of the fans, many of whom were crying the whole night. The final four were Melina, Trish, Maria, & Victoria. In surprising fashion, Maria took advantage of Victoria's back being turned to kick Victoria out of the ring. She then celebrated and, pumped up, went to attack both Trish & Melina. That didn't work, as she was quickly thrown out. Trish and Melina then went at it, with Trish surprisingly getting tossed. Melina celebrated afterwards by signaling the Women's Title around her waist, even though she's on Smackdown, while the belt's on Raw.

- A visibly-shaking Rey Mysterio talked about feeling like Eddie's brother after so many years together. He said his goodbyes to Eddie, then bowed his head in grief and took off his mask with the camera still rolling. You couldn't see his face, though.

- An "Eddie" video showed Guerrero with Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania XX. Truly one of Guerrero's greatest moments, as he held the big belt alongside his long-time friend.

- Match #5: Eugene defeated Simon Dean. Strickly a comedy match to help the fans heal. Dean tried to use Eugene's weaknesses against him, offering him a 'chocolate protein bar' early on. Eugene didn't like it, plus it left him open to a roll-up by Dean that nearly got the 3 count. Dean then did some push-ups, which Eugene mimicked. Dean later makes the ultimate mistake of hammering Eugene's head into the turnbuckle, causing him to get fired up a la Hogan. Eugene then got in a series of strikes before winning with the Rock Bottom. After the match, Eugene got on Dean's rolling machine (which he had been looking at throughout the match) and drove off, seemingly out of control, even as Dean watched in agony from the ring.

- Chris Benoit gave an emotional speech about Eddie, his best friend. Benoit let out all his feelings about the man he had known for 15 years, breaking down badly near the end, sobbing. This was the one where my heart, slowly recovering, started to break again.

- An "Eddie" clip showed Eddie winning the Smackdown World Title from Brock Lesnar at No Way Out. Still a great moment in WWE history.

- Triple H went on next to talk about Eddie, and, as many have commented on, seemed a little dry at first. Of course, he was going on after Benoit's emotional speech, so it couldn't help but seem like less. It was still obvious, from earlier in the evening, that Triple H, too, was hurting from the sudden loss. He talked about Eddie overcoming his demons, and how much he talked about his family.

- Match #6: Ric Flair stayed the IC Champ (although I'm not sure it was on the line), making William Regal tap out to the Figure Four. The announcers made sure to mention that both men in the ring would love to win via Eddie's Lying/Cheating/Stealing methods. It was a good technical contest, but I was kind of burned out emotionally by this point, so I just didn't enjoy it as much as I normally would.

- Stephanie McMahon talked about meeting Eddie when he was thinking of coming over from WCW, and how humble he was. She repeated a lot of statements already heard during the night, and was obviously hurting as much as anyone. She mentioned that Eddie had told her on Friday that he was going to be a World Champion again. This caused her to break down. She made sure to say how much Eddie loved his family, and how he'll always be a champion.

- The final "Eddie" clip showed Eddie 'accidentally' winning the IC Title by pinning Chyna in the "Triple Threat" Match. Eddie's facial expressions are still priceless in this one.

- Match #7: John Cena won, via DQ, over Randy Orton, when Bob Orton charged the ring. Cena had things well in hand near the end, setting up Randy for the FU, when Randy's dad interfered. The two Ortons tried to beat down Cena, but he fought back, taking out Bob, then dodging the RKO and getting the FU on Randy. The night ended with Cena placing his "Eddie Guerrero" t-shirt on the mat, and laying the WWE Title on top of it.

Summary: Really, there's nothing to summarize here. A great man has been lost. I've already given my statement on that (which you can read here), and I don't have anything else to say, other than be looking for the Eddie Guerrero bio to undergo extensive renovations soon. We'll miss you, Eddie.

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