Eddie Guerrero... What Else Is There To Say?

For me, a typical wrestling day begins at midnight. I work 4-5 days a week (mostly on weekends) on the graveyard shift here at the hospital, where I monitor all of the computer systems and make sure the network stays up and running. When things are running smoothly, I have hours to dedicate to this wrestling page, which is one reason I'm happy where I am right now.

The flip side of that, however, is that I sleep during the day, then go out and eat dinner and all with my wife, so I usually do not stay hooked into the World Wide Web until I come here, except on special circumstances. When I came into work tonight, I was expecting to work on the results for TNA Genesis to get them posted, and maybe read about a few independent shows. Instead, I got a bad shock, seeing that one of my all-time favorite wrestlers had passed away. I still haven't recovered.

I've been watching Eddie Guerrero for many, many years now. I still have footage that someone gave to me of him wrestling as Black Tiger in New Japan, in a great match he had with Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit). I followed him in WCW, when he had a tremendous feud with Rey Mysterio and later created the Latino World Order, a group that I thought could have taken off right with the nWo if it hadn't been quickly dismantled when Eddie got hurt in that serious car accident. I watched with pride as he went to the WWF with the Radicalz and watched in agony as he hurt his arm, then had so many difficulties with drugs and other substances.

But in recent years, I watched Eddie Guerrero become a hero for millions, even if he was playing an evil thug on television. He cleaned himself up, and came back from the brink, his career that close to being over due to his habits. When Guerrero upset Brock Lesnar and became the WWE Smackdown World Heavyweight Champion, I marked out, estatic that "Latino Heat" had finally reached the top of the ladder. I still remember his reign fondly, with all of his lying, cheating, and stealing. I don't consider it tainted due to the fact that he was cheated by JBL, since JBL himself went on to become a respectable champ.

When Eddie started to turn face again this year, in his mini-feud with Batista, I didn't buy it, but part of me still hoped that it was true. It was great to see Eddie getting cheered by the fans again, even as he seemed to be maneuvering for another shot against Batista. This next Smackdown, it had already been announced that Eddie would be in a "Triple Threat World Title" Match against Batista and Randy Orton, and I was placing my money on Guerrero regaining the belt, due to Batista's injury.

I still can't believe that he is gone.

My head knows it. I've read all the reports, I've heard Vince McMahon & Chavo Guerrero Jr talking at the press conference, and I know they dedicated both Raw and Smackdown to Eddie's memory. It's even shown on MSN.com, as a major news report.

But my heart? My heart is still denying it. It's saying that there's no possible way that such a great wrestler, such a long-time star, could pass away like that. In my heart, Eddie Guerrero had achieved legendary status. It's going to take a lot of time for it to let go.

It's almost ironic to me, that Eddie passed away in a very similar way to his old tag-team partner, Art Barr. Barr died in his hotel room at age 28. Another of Guerrero's parrtners in Los Gringos Locos, Louie Spicolli, also passed away at 28. Guerrero made it ten years longer, passing away at 38. The group now has a reunion party going on up in heaven, and I betcha they're having a blast up there.

I can't claim to have ever known Eddie Guerrero. I've seen him in person numerous times, but he's almost always been in the wrestling ring, putting on a show for myself & the fans in attendance. He did come to my college once, signing autographs, and he was great with all the fans in line, joking around with them. He went over his time there, with officials telling him he needed to go, to make sure he met with everyone waiting for him. That's a true fan favorite, in my opinion.

So here's to you, Eddie. You went out on top, a true icon for those who need someone to show them how to beat the monsters of addiction. You got to hold that World Title in your hands and be that Latino Hero. My prayers go out to your family, in their time of need, and I hope they're able to keep things in perspective now that you've passed on. Because you're not gone, Eddie. You're going to live on. Fans like myself, KRob, and hundreds of millions around the world aren't going to forget you.

But we're definitely going to miss you.

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