Samoa Joe
RoH History

(Last Updated: 5/04/06)

RoH: 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006

RoH: 2002

In late '02, Christopher Daniels, along with his stable, the Prophecy, was having major difficulties with his foe, Low Ki, in the independent organization known as Ring of Honor. To help him against Low Ki, Daniels brought in Samoa Joe to rid him of his problem. The two men faced off in a "Fight Without Honor" at Glory By Honor I, with Samoa Joe putting on a great match in his debut. However, Low Ki was too strong, knocking Joe out with a series of kicks and knee shots to get the pinfall. Afterwards, Samoa Joe surprisingly followed the code of honor, shaking Low Ki's hand after the match. Samoa Joe continued to be honorable as the months went on, but he also stayed affiliated to Daniels & the Prophecy, an odd combination. At the All-Star Extravaganza in November '02, Samoa Joe, Daniels, & Donovan Morgan defended the RoH Tag Titles (held by the Prophecy) against Low Ki, Doug Williams, & Homicide. Joe proved to be the deciding factor in the match, blocking Homicide's Cop Killer and forcing him to tap out to the Choke Sleeper. Joe shook hands again after the match, much to the displeasure of Daniels.

A week later, at Scramble Madness, Joe was ordered by Daniels to fight in a "Handicap" Match against the Ring Crew Express. It wasn't much of a match, as Samoa Joe took both men down easily, beating Dunn with the Island Driver for the win within minutes. Later on that night, though, Joe had another match, this time facing off against Homicide. The two had another hard-hitting match, with Joe nearly forcing Homicide to tap out once again. But Homicide escaped via the ropes, then later rolled up a surprised Joe for the victory. Joe missed the next show, Night of the Butcher, due to commitments overseas for Zero One. But he returned for the final event of the year, Final Battle '02, where he first destroyed the Outcast Killaz in another "Handicap" Match. Later on, Samoa Joe was scheduled for a "Four-Way #1 Contenders" Match against American Dragon, Low Ki, and Homicide. The match changed slightly, though, when Steve Corino took out Homicide before the match, taking his place. The match was a 45-minute spectacle, with each wrestler coming close at times to getting the win. At one point, Joe hit an amazing Top-Rope Samoa Cutter on Corino, with Low Ki breaking up the pin. In the end, the time ran out just as Corino was about to tap out, causing the match to be ruled a draw.

RoH: 2003

Things began getting very interesting for Samoa Joe right at the start of '03, as it was announced by Corino that Samoa Joe was leaving the Prophecy and joining his Group! Samoa Joe & Corino were joined by Simply Luscious, even as Daniels brought Corino's sister, Allison Danger, into the Prophecy, taking the feud to another level. At Revenge On The Prophecy, Joe faced another adversary in American Dragon. The two had a stiff match, with several near-falls between the two top contenders. In the end, though, Joe won out, landing the Island Driver on his foe for the victory. A month later, at the 1st Anniversary Show, it was announced that Michael Shane & CW Anderson had joined Joe, Corino, & Luscious in the Group (sometimes referred to as the Crew), now full-fledged heels to the fans.

That night, Joe was at ringside to cheer on Corino, as he took on Homicide. During the match, Joe had words for several of the fans at ringside, egging them on. After the match, which was won by Corino, the fans surprisingly charged the ring, causing a full-scale riot! It took a lot of the RoH locker room to get things back under control, with Joe being a force to be reckoned with to several fans who thought they could take him. Big mistake. After things had settled down, the card continued, with Samoa Joe again facing his rival, American Dragon. It was another competitive match, with Samoa Joe seemingly having the edge again near the end, after another devestating knee to Dragon's face, followed by a Powerbomb. But just as Samoa Joe was in complete control, Dragon surprisingly rolled him up, getting the quick pin to steal the victory. Not surprisingly, Samoa Joe was not pleased with the result.

At Expect The Unexpected, Samoa Joe competed in a "#1 Contenders' Trophy" Match, with the winner getting a title shot at the RoH Champion, Prophecy member Xavier. Samoa Joe went at it with Homicide, BJ Whitmer, and EZ Money, with each wanting that chance to move to the top of RoH. Late in the match, Samoa Joe and EZ Money were going at it, with EZ apparently having the edge. But Joe reversed into the Choke Sleeper, forcing EZ to tap out before anyone could make the save, giving Joe the chance to battle for the gold.

The match-up for the RoH Heavyweight Title was set up a week later at Night of the Champions. Early on in the night, Samoa Joe joined CW Anderson & Simply Luscious in the ring, as they bad-mouthed Homicide & his crew, who were in the crowd. This turned out to be a set-up, as new Group member Jack Victory attacked one of Homicide's allies, Julius Smokes, leading to a surprise 6-Man Match between Samoa Joe, Anderson, & Victory vs. Homicide & Da Hit Squad. It was a violent brawl, completed with Homicide landing the Cop Killer on Luscious at one point. The brutal brawl was soon thrown out by the RoH refs, especially after Anderson landed a Spinebuster on a trash can. Homicide's crew later cleared the ring by brandishing machetes, a weapon that even Joe was cautious about challenging. Later that night, Samoa Joe took on Xavier for the RoH Heavyweight Title, with Anderson & Michael Shane helping to get rid of the Prophecy allies, making it a 1-on-1 match. This worked to Samoa Joe's favor, as he later knocked Xavier senseless with his knee strikes, then locked on the Choke submission hold, taking out Xaviver and winning the RoH Heavyweight Title.

Going into April '03, Samoa Joe & the Group continued their three-way feud with Homicide's Crew and the Prophecy. Samoa Joe also began showing signs of becoming a major face, though. In his first match of the night, a "Non-Title" bout, Samoa Joe forced Hotstuff Hernandez to pass out to the Choke Sleeper. But Samoa Joe wasn't done, getting a chair and sitting in the ring. He said that the RoH fans had come to see a title defense, and that they were going to get it. He then called out three wrestlers, Tom Carter (formerly Reckless Youth), Colt Cabana, and Matt Stryker for a "Four Corners" Match for the RoH Heavyweight Title! Not surprisingly, the three wrestlers triple-teamed Joe at first, before the match settled down into a typical everyone-for-himself match. In the end, Joe got the Choke Sleeper on Cabana, and didn't release it, even after a Frog Splash from Carter hit both men. Cabana had no choice but to tap out, allowing Samoa Joe to retain the title.

Samoa Joe took on the #1 Contender Trophy holder, Doug Williams, at Round Robin Challenge II, in a more technically-styled match. Williams fought hard, but Samoa Joe couldn't be stopped, forcing Williams to pass out to the Choke. After the match, though, Joe got assaulted by the Prophecy, with Michael Shane unable to make the save. Daniels landed the Last Rites on Joe, proclaiming himself a major contender to the RoH Title. The next RoH show was in London, England, joining together wrestlers from RoH and FWA. The show, titled Frontiers of Honor, featured Samoa Joe defending the RoH Heavyweight Title by beating FWA wrestler the Zebra Kid.

At Do or Die at the end of May '03, Samoa Joe put the RoH World Heavyweight Title (renamed the World Title after the title defense in England) on the line against one of his long-time foes, Homicide, who had been named the #1 Contender by beating CM Punk. The two men had a physical brawl, with Homicide getting cut open, while Samoa Joe had to worry about his eyes swelling shut after some stiff kicks. In the end, though, with Homicide partially distracted by an altercation between Julius Smokes and Low Ki on the outside, Samoa Joe got the Choke, then, when Homicide escaped, landed an amazing Super Northern Lights Bomb, finally knocking out Homicide long enough to get the pin for the victory. Samoa Joe gave a memorable speech to the fans after the match, pointing to his swollen eye to symbolize what it meant to be the champion.

Later that night, Samoa Joe had a brawl in the empty arena with Christopher Daniels, with Daniels later saying that he wanted to end the feud between the Prophecy and the Group. A match was set up at The Night of Grudges, with the losers of the match being forced to disband forever. Samoa Joe, CW Anderson, & Michael Shane represented the Group, going against Daniels, Donovan Morgan, & Dan Maff of the Prophecy. It was a wild match, with many near falls. It also had a shocking ending, as, when Joe seemed about ready to put Maff away, Maff caught him with a legsweep, then quickly rolled him up for the pin, defeating the World Champion and causing the Group to have to disband! Joe didn't waste time moping about the loss, though. He later announced that he would give Maff a title shot on the next show, and that he didn't need anyone else to help him take care of the Prophecy.

The match between Samoa Joe and Maff at Wrestlerave '03 took on new heights when Maff's father passed away the night before the event. The emotions were high, as Maff seemed to be putting everything into the bout in honor of his father. The crowd was more behind Maff than Joe, but Joe still fought hard, eventually beating Maff with a Dragon Suplex. After the match, though, Joe showed his respect to Maff, bowing to him, then pointing to the heavens, letting Maff know that his father was proud of him. Samoa Joe next faced Paul London at Death Before Dishonor '03. The emotions were high in this one as well, since it was London's last match before going to WWE. London put on a very competitive match, nearly winning with his London Calling maneuver. But Joe continued to be the dominant RoH Champion, eventually forcing the smaller London to pass out to a bodyscissors version of the Choke Sleeper.

Samoa Joe faced the next holder of the #1 Contender's Trophy, BJ Whitmer, at Wrath of the Racket. It didn't seem to matter to Joe who the opponent was, though, as he once again came out with the gold, forcing Whitmer out in the Choke. A week later, Samoa Joe fielded a special "Challenge" Match against CM Punk at Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies, with the RoH Title not on the line. Joe was nursing an elbow injury at the time, which Punk quickly focused on, trying to use a rare weakness against the champion. But Punk was also hurting, with a knee injury, which Joe later used to his advantage, forcing Punk to tap out after a long match with a half-crab submission hold. After the match, as Joe was celebrating his victory, the new #1 Contender Trophy holder, Christopher Daniels, ran in, attacking the champ. He gave Joe the Angels Wings, then grabbed Joe's belt, announcing that he would be the one to end Joe's long reign.

With a match against Daniels, the ECWA Champion, on the horizon, Joe first had to get past a "Four Corners Non-Title" Match against NWA World Champion AJ Styles, Jay Briscoe, and Chris Sabin at Beating The Odds. If Joe won, none of the other three would get an RoH Title shot, but if Joe lost, whoever won earned a shot. The match was incredible, with a lot of high-flying action from the four competitors. In the end, after both Joe and Styles took each other out with Enizguiri kicks, Briscoe landed the Jay Driller on Sabin for the victory, earning a shot against Joe. First on Joe's list, though, was Daniels, with the two set to go to war at the next RoH Show, Glory By Honor II.

Daniels seemed to think that it was his destiny to win away Joe's RoH Championship, since he was the one to bring Joe into RoH. Joe responded by saying that he'll choke out destiny as well, since destiny is a bitch. The two wrestlers went at it in an aggressive match, with Daniels having his valet, Allison Danger, helping out at ringside. This didn't bother Joe, who attacked Danger early in the match, taking her out. Late in the match, Daniels caught Joe with the Angels Wings, getting so close a 2 count that the bell was accidentally rung. Daniels then went for the Last Rites, but Joe reversed into the Choke Sleeper. It looked to be over, but Daniels somehow made the ropes, causing Joe to lose it, beating on Daniels before landing the Island Driver for the victory, staying the RoH Heavyweight Champion.

In October '03, Joe began preparing for Jay Briscoe, who had earned the title shot against him at Beating the Odds. The match was set for Tradition Continues, but Joe found a way to get in some practice for Jay early in the card, after Prince Nana complained about never getting a title shot against Joe. This brought Joe out, starting a "Non-Title" Match that lasted a little over a minute, before "King Joe" Choked out the Prince. Joe promised to do the same to Briscoe later that night, bringing out Jay and causing a brawl, which was broken up by Jay's brother, Mark. Joe and Jay wrestled for the RoH Title later that night, in another competitive match. Joe once again found a way to dominate, scoring the Island Driver on Jay late in the bout, only to have Jay kick out. A ticked-off Joe then landed several knees to Jay, followed by a huge clothesline that knocked Jay out, allowing Joe to retain the title. Following the match, Joe had a confrontation with Mark Briscoe, ending with Joe Choking Mark out, leaving both brothers laying in the ring.

Joe talked about the declaration of war between him and the Briscoes at Empire State Showdown, before his scheduled "Non-Title No Holds Barred" Match with his old foe, Homicide. The match was brutal, especially with Joe having to deal with Homicide's ally, Julius Smokes, at ringside. Chairs, tables, the guardrail, and other weapons soon came into play, as both men looked for the win. In the end, Homicide managed to get some rope, wrapping it around Joe's neck, and for once, Samoa Joe was choked out, passing out in the 'hold' to end the match. A week later, at Main Event Spectacles, Samoa Joe came out with Jim Cornette, who had declared his support for Joe, to beat down Dan Maff. Afterwards, however, Cornette brought out the Briscoes, then attacked Joe with a racket shot, turning on him! Later that night, Joe wrestled in a "Non-Title Four Corners" Match against Christopher Daniels, Steve Corino, and CM Punk. It was an explosive affair, with each wrestler having issues with all other men in the match. Near the end, Joe was double-teamed, suffering a superkick from Corino, followed by the Angels Wings from Daniels. With Joe down and out outside the ring, Corino & Punk then double-teamed Daniels, surprisingly getting the double pin on him to take the victory. The night still ended on a good note, though, for Joe, as he found Jim Cornette in the back at the end of the night and beat him down, getting some revenge.

At The Conclusion at the end of November '03, Joe teamed with AJ Styles against the RoH Tag-Team Champions, the Briscoe Brothers. There was some tension between Joe and Styles in the match, since the two were scheduled to face for the RoH Heavyweight Title the next night. This helped cause the finish to the match, as Styles accidentally clotheslined Joe, allowing Mark Briscoe to get the Shooting Star Press on Joe for the victory, Joe's third loss in a row. Afterwards, Joe and Styles shoved each other, with Styles predicting he'd take away Joe's title. At War of the Wire the next night, Joe seemed to be a little unsure, wondering if he'd lost something, due to his losing streak. Joe still was determined to retain the title, though, telling Styles that he had nothing left to lose. The two had a great match, with Joe surviving the Styles Clash, while Styles kicked out of the Island Driver. But Joe soon brought out another move from his repetoire, giving Styles the Muscle Buster, then forcing him to pass out to the Choke Sleeper, staying the champion.

As the year wound to a close, Samoa Joe prepared for one more challenger to his RoH Heavyweight Title reign: the #1 Contender Trophy holder, Mark Briscoe. The match was set for Final Battle '03, with Samoa Joe coming out early in the night with a new segment, entitled Samoa Joe's Ring. It seemed like it would be a talk show, as his first guest was Oman Tortuga. But it turned into a torture fest, as Samoa Joe 'demonstrated' several Chokes on Tortuga, saying that this was what Mark had to look forward to. The match later on was barely a contest, as Joe seemed to dominate his challenger repeatedly, while even taking out Jay Briscoe too at one point. The match finished with Joe forcing Mark to tap out to the Choke Sleeper, Joe's 12th successful RoH Title defense during the year.

RoH: 2004

At the beginning of the year, Samoa Joe continued his feud with the Briscoes, teaming with American Dragon to go after their RoH Tag Titles at Battle Lines Are Drawn. Before the match, there was another edition of Samoa Joe's Ring, with both Samoa Joe and American Dragon torturing some rookies to show off some wrestling submission holds. Later on, during the match, Joe & Dragon both seemed strong, using several different types of submission holds on the brothers. But, late in the match, when Joe lost his focus, instead repeatedly kicking Mark Briscoe on the outside, Jay Briscoe took advantage, getting the Jay Drilla on Dragon for the victory, keeping Joe from gaining the RoH Tag Titles.

Joe took another crack at the Briscoes' Tag Titles at Last Stand, this time teaming with ECW legend Jerry Lynn. It was, as the PPV stated, Joe's last shot at the titles, with Jim Cornette returning to once again manage the Briscoes. Cornette proved to be instrumental, distracting Joe near the end of the match (with Joe bloodying Cornette's nose), so that Jay could knock him out from behind with the racket, winning the match. Joe was definitely upset, since many believed that he had kicked out, but the ref had counted to 3 anyway. Joe thus solved his problem by giving the ref the Island Driver, then watching as Lynn gave him a Cradle Piledriver, laying out the man in stripes. Afterwards, in the back, Joe complained about the ref, then demanded a "Steel Cage" Match with Jay Briscoe. He also talked about his upcoming match with the Prophecy, but the interview ended with the Prophecy suddenly attacking Joe, laying him out!

In February '04, Joe came to the 2nd Anniversary Show intent on getting his hands on the Prophecy. He got his wish, as a "Four Corners" Match was scheduled between Joe, Dan Maff (Prophecy), BJ Whitmer (Prophecy), and the returning Low Ki. If Joe was pinned, he'd lose the RoH Title. If anyone else was pinned, they'd become the #1 Contender. It was another fast-paced match, with Maff and Whitmer having their own problems with each other, keeping the match from becoming a complete beat-down from the Prophecy. Joe took a lot of hits during the match, as everyone wanted to pin him to win the title. But Joe managed to survive, later forcing Whitmer to tap out to the Choke Sleeper, even as Maff and Low Ki fought on the outside. Joe continued his run at the top of RoH, leaving many to wonder if anyone could take the gold from him.

Samoa Joe finally got his revenge match against Jay Briscoe at At Our Best, facing off against his rival in a "Steel Cage" Match. Joe had his Samoa Joe Ring show at the start of the show, talking about how worthless the RoH Pure Title was. Joe believed that the only reason the belt had been started was because no one could beat him for the RoH Heavyweight Title. Joe then showed off some "pure" wrestling, using several submission holds to make some wrestling students tap out. Later on, Joe took on Jay in the Cage, with Joe concerned that all Jay had to do was run away to win the RoH Title. Jay also had his brother, Mark, on the outside, trying his best to help out by working on getting the cage door open. Late in the match, Joe badly bloodied Jay, but then later fell to the Jay Drilla, leaving the match in doubt. Meanwhile, Mark tried to climb into the cage to help out, but he was stopped by the RoH Pure Champ, AJ Styles, who took out Mark with the Styles Clash. Joe then got an incredible Muscle Buster off the top on Jay for the pin, winning yet another title defense. Joe shook Jay's hand after the match, showing respect and ending the feud between he and the Briscoes.

Earlier on the show, Homicide had issued a challenge towards Samoa Joe. Joe answered it at the end of the night by beating up Homicide's ally, Julius Smokes, then accepting the challenge. The two met at Reborn: Stage One, with anticipation building after their last, bloody No Holds Barred Match. This time, of course, the RoH Title would be on the line. Joe was obviously the face in this one, as Homicide cursed the fans during the match, even threatening to go into them during the bout. The fight was long and hard, with Joe trying everything to keep Homicide down. Near the end, though, Homicide nearly beat Joe with a roll-up, with the ref saying that Joe just barely kicked out. Homicide, furious, knocked the ref out, then got ko'ed by Joe. But as Joe went to capitalize, the lights went out in the building! As darkness settled over the arena, a fireball suddenly erupted from Homicide's mouth, straight into Joe's face! Homicide was called for the DQ, since he broke the Code of Honor. The rest of the RoH locker room came out to protect Joe from Homicide as Joe was treated for his burns, but feuds quickly came to the surface, as a wild RoH brawl broke out to end the night.

Samoa Joe was scheduled to take on Matt Stryker the next night at Reborn: Stage Two for the RoH Title, but it was unknown whether he'd be able to compete. He didn't show on the Samoa Joe Ring show early on, with "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson taking his place. Homicide also came out, attacking a few of the students. American Dragon and Homicide fought later on that night, with Homicide using a low blow followed by a lariat to beat Dragon. At the end of the night, Joe showed up with a bandaged face, set to defend the title against Stryker. The two fought it out, with Stryker quickly focusing on Joe's injuries. But Joe's rage out-weighed his pain, as he later defeated Stryker with the Choke Sleeper. Joe then went to the back and called out Homicide, who met him in a closed room, without cameras. When the cameraman finally came back to open the door, both Joe and Homicide were laid out, apparently from brawling with each other.

Samoa Joe still wanted another piece of Homicide, but first he had to deal with one of Homicide's new allies in the Rottweilers, Ricky Reyes. It was revealed that Reyes had been the one to turn off the lights when Joe got burned, making him a target to the RoH Champion. Before the match, Homicide came to the ring, but was told by RoH management that he couldn't stay. He lost it, eventually brawling with Joe in the aisle, until the RoH locker room could drag him away. Joe then finally got the match started with Reyes, going back-and-forth for a time until Joe landed the Island Driver, getting the win. Later on, after Homicide defeated Spanky, he called out Joe, who wasted no time answering. However, it was a set-up, as Homicide & the Rottweillers triple-teamed Joe, beating him down. Homicide even threatened the officials at ringside, saying that he'd kill them if they tried to make the save.

Samoa Joe got the rematch signed with Homicide for Generation Next in late May '04, with the feud very hot between them. It quickly became a hardcore-style match, with tables, chairs, and even forks being used as weapons. Julius Smokes, at ringside, wanted to get involved, but was being watched very closely by the ref, who would DQ Homicide at the first opporunity. In the meantime, Homicide used the fork on Joe to cut him open, as the announcers called it the first time Joe had been opened up in RoH. Near the end, Joe landed a series of shots to Homicide's head, doing some damage. This allowed Joe to get the victory when he got a Brainbuster on Homicide, knocking him out. Once again, despite everything against him, Joe had retained the RoH Heavyweight Championship.

In the middle of June '04, Joe came to the World Title Classic prepared for what he called his 20th defense of the RoH Heavyweight Title. He talked about all the contenders that had faced and fallen to him, then spoke about #20, CM Punk. Later on in the night, Joe was awarded a new RoH Heavyweight Title, celebrating his accomplishments. Joe and Punk then met in the main event in a truly incredible match, lasting 60 minutes. Both wrestlers had some near-falls, but neither could find a way to put the other away. At the end, Punk got a DDT on Joe, but Joe kicked out at 2 as the time ran out, ending the match as a Draw. Unfortunately for Joe, as exhausted as he was, he was a prime target for Homicide, who came out, attacked him, then stole the new RoH Title, saying that their feud wasn't over!

A few weeks later, at Survival of the Fittest, Samoa Joe faced off in a "Non-Title Qualifying" Match against Matt Stryker. Although it was a competitive match, Joe was too strong, winning out in the end with the Island Driver. After the match, Punk came out, giving some props to Joe, but also wanting another title shot. They were both distracted, though, when Homicide appeared in the crowd with the new title. Joe went after him, causing a brawl between the hated enemies. Later in the night, Joe went into the "Survival of the Fittest" Match against the other winners of the Qualifying Matches, Homicide, Austin Aries, Colt Cabana, Mark Briscoe, and Bryan Danielson. Joe was really interested in only one person in the match, trying to get to Homicide, who tagged out to avoid Joe at one point. Joe's distraction later cost him, as he got surprised by a Cabana Sunset Flip and was shockingly the first man eliminated! Danielson later won the match.

In July '04, Joe again concentrated on Homicide's group, teaming with the Briscoes to face Homicide & the Havana Pitbulls at Reborn: Completion. Samoa Joe was interviewed early in the card, where he mentioned that the Samoa Joe Ring was over, since no more students were willing to be tortured. Joe also had a minor confrontation with Hydro from Special K, with Joe telling the young man that he had to lose the silly name to be taken seriously. During the tag match, Joe made sure to nail Julius Smokes with the Ole kick, taking him out of the equation. The six men continued to go to war in the match, with Joe always wanting a piece of Homicide. The match ended in a shocking way, though, as Homicide again tried to throw a fireball at Joe, but hit Mark Briscoe instead, burning him! The ref quickly called for the DQ, even as the Rottweillers attacked Joe, beating him down, with Jay Briscoe, preoccupied with his brother at first, and CM Punk trying to make the save. Meanwhile, Low Ki shockingly made his return to RoH, running out as if to help Joe. Instead, though, he turned on him, telling Joe that no one can disrespect the title except for him! Low Ki then joined the Rottweillers, giving them an even stronger advantage against the RoH Champion.

A week later, the two-night event Death Before Dishonor II took place, with Samoa Joe set to defend the title twice in two days. On the first night, Samoa Joe took on Homicide, with the Rottweillers willing to do anything to help Homicide win. However, they acted too early, with the ref catching Low Ki tripping Joe, causing him to eject the Rottweillers from ringside! Joe and Homicide then went on to have another brutal match, with Joe landing, in succession, the Muscle Buster, the Island Driver, and then the Choke Sleeper to get the win, with Homicide passed out. A crazed Joe refused to release the hold, causing the Rottweillers to come back and attack him. Homicide again claimed that the feud wasn't over, even as Low Ki spit on the RoH Title, defiling him. A day later, despite the beating, Joe had to defend against the man who had pinned him at Survival of the Fittest, Colt Cabana. Although Cabana tried to duplicate the quick roll-up victory, Joe was ready this time, eventually beating Cabana with the Muscle Buster, retaining the title. After the match, the Rottweillers again attacked, this time with the Briscoes making the save.

At Testing The Limit in August '04, Samoa Joe watched from the back as the Briscoes defeated Low Ki & Homicide in a tag match. When the Rottweillers tried to beat down the Briscoes afterwards, Joe ran out for the save, causing a long-running brawl between the groups. Later that night, Joe took on Trent Acid with the RoH Title on the line. It wasn't much of a match, as Acid's ankle became injured within the first minute, causing Joe to capitalize with the Island Driver for the victory. Joe got another shot at Homicide at Scramble Cage Melee, as he, Homicide, and CM Punk fought in an "Icon of RoH Triple Threat" Match. The RoH Title was not on the line. The match quickly got violent between Joe and Homicide, with Joe using Homicide's fork against him, cutting him open. Late in the match, though, Joe got caught by Punk with the Pepsi Plunge, knocking him out. Homicide then ran over and knocked Punk down, then quickly pinned Joe, getting the victory over the champion.

That same night, John Walters, by virtue of winning the RoH Pure Title, was given the option to choose Samoa Joe's next opponent for the RoH Heavyweight Title. Walters chose Doug Williams, the former Pure Champion, giving Joe another tough test. Meanwhile, at the time, Samoa Joe was surprisingly becoming a mentor to Jay Lethal (formerly Hydro), talking him through how to win certain matches. At Glory By Honor III, Joe watched with pride as Lethal retained his RoH career, beating Matt Stryker. Later on, Samoa Joe took on Williams, in another competitive match that saw Joe defeat Williams with the Muscle Buster followed by a lariat. A week later, Samoa Joe appeared for one night only in IWA Mid-South, competing in the Ted Petty Invitational Tournament. Samoa Joe was strong as usual, beating Roderick Strong, Nigel McGuinness, and Rainman to reach the finals against AJ Styles and "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson. Styles won out, taking the tournament trophy.

Samoa Joe got back to business in RoH after the tournament, but had a flashback of sorts, as his next challenger was announced to be Danielson! The two faced off at the Midnight Express Reunion, in a great match that lasted nearly 40 minutes. Joe was in trouble at times, with Danielson focusing on his knee, doing some damage. But Joe proved to be too strong in the end, getting the Choke Sleeper to force Danielson out, retaining for the 26th time in his 19th month as champion. After the match, CM Punk came out to challenge Joe to another match, even as a weakened Danielson asked for another as well, saying he had come closer. Generation Next then came out and attacked Punk, before Austin Aries called out Joe as well. Joe and Danielson made the save for Punk, but then the Rottweillers came out (complete with Julius Smokes still carrying the stolen RoH Title) causing an even bigger brawl. In the end, Danielson stood with Low Ki in the ring, announcing that they would be teaming together against Joe & Jushin Liger during the November Weekend of Thunder.

Joe had other concerns, though, as he had other challengers to his title. At RoH Gold, Samoa Joe faced off against Rottweiller member Rocky Romero. Homicide was at ringside, with Joe's stolen RoH Title, but he quickly lost his cool and interfered, causing him to get ejected from ringside. Joe then had it out with Romero, finally winning in the end by making Romero tap out to the STF. A day later, Joe had even bigger concerns, as it was Joe vs. Punk II. The match was also taking place in Punk's hometown, giving him a psychological edge. Once again, the two men tore the house down, doing everything they could to beat their opponent. And once again, the match couldn't contain them, as they went the full 60 minutes, with Joe getting the Muscle Buster at the end, but not having enough time to make the pin. Afterwards, with the crowd wanting "5 More Minutes", Punk demanded another shot, this time without a time limit. But Joe told Punk that he'd had his chances, and that the object was to beat Samoa Joe, not survive him. Since Punk had failed, he didn't get another shot.

Samoa Joe had a nice honor less than a week later, as he returned to IWA Mid-South to compete in the IWA Mid-South Revolution Strong Style Tournament. In thrilling fashion, Joe defeated Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, and B-Boy to win the tournament, adding another award to his amazing record. Back in RoH, Joe teamed with his prodigy, Jay Lethal, against Nigel McGuinness & John Walters at Weekend of Thunder: Night One. It was a competitive match, with McGuinness & Walters mainly trying to tear down Lethal, the less experienced of the two. It eventually worked, as, while Walters kept Joe busy, McGuinness forced Lethal to tap out, costing Joe's team the match. A day later, at Weekend of Thunder: Night Two, Joe had another tag-team partner, joining with NJPW's own Jushin "Thunder" Liger against Bryan Danielson & Low Ki. It was an exciting match, with four great experts inside the squared circle going at it. In the end, though, Joe & Liger benefited from some miscommunication, as Danielson accidentally hit Low Ki. As Liger tossed Low Ki from the ring, Joe took out Danielson with a lariat, then watched as Danielson fell prey to a Liger Bomb, getting pinned. After the match, an upset Low Ki had the Rottweillers attack Danielson, with Joe & Liger making the save.

It was later announced that Joe would be facing CM Punk one more time for the RoH Title at the beginning of December '04. Joe consented, saying that Punk only had this one last opportunity. Joe vs. Punk III went down at the All-Star Extravaganza II, with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat sitting at ringside to watch the event (he compared Joe & Punk's feud to his with Ric Flair). The match didn't disappoint, as Joe and Punk went at it full-tilt, with Punk's wrestling students and Joe's ally, Jay Lethal, watching them fight. It was a back-and-forth match, with several near falls. But in the end, after 30 minutes, Joe managed to catch Punk in the Choke, knocking him out for the victory. After the match, Joe called out Steamboat's recent rival, Mick Foley, wanting to see the former WWF star in a match against him.

On the last card of the year, Final Battle '04, Samoa Joe faced yet another challenger to his RoH Title reign, Austin Aries. It was another very competitive match, with it starting quickly after Aries rejected the handshake. Joe nearly got the win at several points in the match, hitting his Island Driver at one point for a 2 count. But Aries always managed to fight back, and at the end, this proved to be enough, as Aries got a Brainbuster followed by his 450 Splash, shockingly finally ending Joe's reign after over 21 months as the RoH Champion! After the match, a shocked Joe went and got the RoH Title, then reentered the ring. He got on the mic and told Aries to carry the belt, then shook Aries' hand before giving him the championship, as the crowd chanted "Thank you, Joe!" It was an incredibly emotional moment in the history of Ring of Honor, as Joe finally released his hold on the gold.

RoH: 2005

With the loss of the title, Samoa Joe came into the new year looking for a new purpose. He reiterated his challenge to Foley, then concentrated on working his way back up, taking on Nigel McGuinness at It All Begins. Although McGuinness did some nice moves, trying to injure Joe's arm, Samoa Joe wasn't going to lose again, eventually stunning McGuinness with repeated knee shots, then forcing him to pass out to the Choke. Later on that night, Foley came out to the ring, with Joe soon behind. Foley had a surprise for Joe, though, offering him a Cactus Jack t-shirt, then announcing that he had a place for Joe in the WWE's Royal Rumble! However, Foley also talked about Vince changing him to "Wild Animal Joe" and giving him the Stinkface as a finisher, which didn't go over well with Samoa Joe, who wanted to fight Foley right then. Foley said, though, that, as the star, he would choose when to fight. He then surprised Joe, hitting him with the mic! The two then briefly fought, with Foley, using his advantage of surprise, Double-Arm DDT'ing Joe on a chair before leaving, talking on the cell phone about bringing in a "real" superstar from WWE.

In February '05, RoH held a series of shows to celebrate their 3rd Anniversary. On Night One, Joe talked about becoming the first RoH "Triple Crown" Champion, being set to pursue both the RoH Tag and RoH Pure Titles. His protoge, Jay Lethal, was going after the Pure Title that night, and Joe warned him that, if Lethal won, Joe would be coming after him. It didn't matter, as Lethal lost to John Walters (after being forced to wrestle Jimmy Rave beforehand), who kept the Pure Title. Later on, Foley came out, announcing that his "special" WWF wrestler, Test, was injured, so he couldn't go (Test had actually been injured for months, plus had been released from WWE in November '04). Foley also said that he was too beaten up to fully take out Joe, so he brought in an unknown by the name of Vordell Walker. Walker gave Joe a pretty tough test, owing to his MMA background, but Joe was stronger, Choking him out for the victory.

The night wasn't over for Samoa Joe, though, as Foley brought out another test for him, with the man he had passed his "Hardcore" torch to, Ebessan "Cactus Jack"! Joe had to wrestle again, against the much smaller wrestler, and also had to deal with Foley when he became involved. But Joe won out again, giving Ebessan the Muscle Buster for the victory. Afterwards, though, Foley again attacked Joe, landing the Double Arm DDT. But Joe came back, taking down Foley, then whaling on Ebessan with a steel chair. Austin Aries, though, surprisingly ran in to make the save, helping out Foley. On Night Two, a week later, Samoa Joe teamed with Bryan Danielson against Aries & Jack Evans (Generation Next). While Aries seemed to be hesitant about facing Joe, Evans took most of Joe's abuse, eventually being forced to tap out to Joe's rage.

Twenty-four hours later, on Night Three, Joe got his rematch against the RoH Heavyweight Champion, Aries. During the night, Foley also made an appearance, at least on tape, talking about how he & Ebessan (who was recovering from Joe's attack) would be back. Later on, in the main event, Joe and Aries went at it, with Joe being dominant in the beginning. Aries kept fighting back, though, with both men getting some close calls. Near the end, Joe caught Aries in the Choke, apparently about to regain his gold. But Aries managed a reversal that pinned Joe to the mat, causing him to lose his main chance to get the belt back. Afterwards, Joe reluctantly followed the Code of Honor, shaking Aries' hand, before joining the rest of the locker room in celebrating three years of Ring of Honor.

Going into March '05, Samoa Joe teamed up with Bryan Danielson and Vordell Walker for the '05 Trios Tournament. Before their match at the show, though, Samoa Joe had to deal with Lethal getting attacked in the back (he was kicked in the eye, but recovered to win the Pure Title later on). In their first tournament match, Joe, Danielson, & Walker defeated Spanky, James Gibson, & Nigel McGuinness, with Joe getting the win by Choking out Spanky. In the Semi-Finals, Joe, Danielson, & Walker took on Joe's long-time foes, the Rottweillers (Homicide & the Havana Pitbulls). Both Joe and Danielson wanted a piece of Homicide, leading to a major brawl breaking out late in the match. Joe landed a great suicide dive to the outside to take out Homicide, but this allowed the Pitbulls to nail Walker with the Cuban Missile Crisis to get the win, taking Joe's team out of the tournament. As an insult added to injury, the Rottweillers went on to win the tournament, while Joe had to watch from the back.

A week later, at Back To Basics, Samoa Joe was scheduled to team with Lethal against CM Punk & Steve Corino, with the winner getting a Tag-Team Title shot. However, when Corino didn't arrive, Punk asked for another partner, and was joined by Spanky. The two teams went at it in a competitive bout, with Joe doing a lot of the damage for his team. The surprising ending, though, was with the involvement of WWE's Stevie Richards, who gave Punk a Stevie Kick! Lethal then took out Punk to get the pin, earning a title shot for him & Joe. They took their shot at the Best of the American Super Juniors card against BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs, fighting for the vacated titles (due to Dan Maff being forced to retire after a car accident). Joe was again the dominant one for his team, trying to keep the bizzare pair of Whitmer & Jacobs under control. But Lethal got caught by Whitmer's Wrist Clutch Exploder and was pinned, denying Joe the chance to finally hold the RoH Tag Titles.

Only a few weeks later, Joe found himself headed in a different direction. At Stalemate, Joe competed in a "Double Stakes Four Corner Survival" Match against Alex Shelley, Nigel McGuinness, and Colt Cabana. The winner of the first fall would get an RoH Pure Title shot, while the winner of the second fall would get an RoH Heavyweight Title shot. It was a very competitive match, but with an added excitement, since the wrestlers weren't sure they wanted the first fall. Near the end of that part, Joe caught Cabana in the Choke Sleeper, with Shelley deliberately keeping McGuinness from making the save. Joe forced Cabana to tap, earning the Pure Title shot, but also taking himself and Cabana out of the match. Shelley went on to win the RoH Heavyweight Title shot by beating McGuinness. With the win in the first fall, Joe had to deal with some issues, most notably that the wrestler he mentored, Jay Lethal, was the RoH Pure Champion.

The two faced off at Manhattan Mayhem, with Samoa Joe fully focused on earning another title. Lethal, meanwhile, wanted a win over his mentor, to show how far he had come. While Joe was a major favorite to win, he had to get used to a different set of rules, since the Pure Title was defended in a unique way. Joe was soon in trouble, as he used closed-fists and chops, causing one of his ring-breaks to be taken away (in a Pure Title match, you can only use the ropes three times to escape a submission hold). Soon, after several submission holds by Lethal, Joe was out of ring breaks, putting him at a disadvantage. Late in the match, Joe was caught in a Lethal sleeper, and even though he was on the apron, holding the ropes, the hold didn't have to be broken. So Joe got out of it in a less-traditional way, throwing himself and Lethal through a table! The match continued for a short while, with Joe catching Lethal with his Chimera Combo to get the pin, taking down his pupil to become the RoH Pure Champion!

After the match, Joe celebrated, with Lethal watching. The celebration ended, though, when the Rottweillers hit the ring, attacking both men. This led to Joe & Lethal re-teaming at the end of the night to take on Homicide & Low Ki in the main event. It was a brutal match between the hated rivals, and it ended in a brutal way, as Lethal was caught simultanously by Homicide's Cop Killa and Low Ki's Top Rope Double Stomp! Lethal was easily pinned, and later had to be stretchered out of the building with a neck brace, while Samoa Joe watched and fumed, suffering from injuries of his own. A week later, at Final Showdown, Joe fought in a "Four Corner Survival" Match against Jack Evans, Delirious, and Ebetaro (formerly Ebessan). Although the Pure Title wasn't on the line, Samoa Joe, who thought that everyone in the ring was beneath him, said he'd give the belt to anyone who could pin his shoulders to the mat. This, of course, made Joe a target, which he seemed to like, attacking every man. Late in the match, Joe grabbed Ebetaro and Choked him out, but Evans had made the blind tag, and quickly capitalized on it, hitting his 630 Senton on Delirious to get the win. Joe didn't get pinned, so he didn't lose his title. However, he still wasn't happy about the loss. He talked later in the night about making the RoH Pure Title just as big as the Heavyweight belt, while also turning down Alex Shelley, who wanted Joe to team with him at the next RoH show.

Joe next defended the RoH Pure Title at New Frontiers, taking on former (and future) WWE wrestler James Gibson (known in WWE as Jamie Noble). They had a competitive match, with Joe losing two of his rope breaks. But Gibson lost all three, giving him nowhere to go when Joe applied the Choke, forcing Gibson to tap out. The fans applauded both men after the match for a great contest. Joe put his belt on the line again a week later, sticking to his promise of making the Pure Title a major belt, by taking on Nigel McGuinness at The Future Is Now. Joe was intense in the match, bloodying McGuinness' nose with a dropkick early on. But McGuinness came back, eventually forcing Joe to use all of his rope breaks. In the end, Joe caught McGuinness with the Muscle Buster, knocking him out long enough for the pin victory. Once again, Joe was victorious, causing many to speculate about another 2-year reign.

It was in June '05 that Samoa Joe began to be announced as coming to Total Nonstop Action, as a force to be reckoned with. This was the beginning of Samoa Joe being involved in a major way in both RoH and TNA, as he wanted to continue wrestling for both promotions (see the TNA history of Samoa Joe). At Death Before Dishonor III, Samoa Joe defended the RoH Pure Title against Colt Cabana, due mainly to the fact that Cabana had been feuding with Nigel McGuinness at the time. Since McGuinness couldn't beat Joe at the last show, Cabana challenged him, wanting to one-up his rival. Cabana used different tactics against Joe, actually costing him a rope break through the opening handshake by grabbing a wristlock and forcing Joe into the ropes. This frustrated Joe, who got a warning after shoving the referee. Cabana kept trying to use his humorous style, but Joe didn't take it well, losing another rope break by punching Cabana after a trip. Joe soon came back, focusing on Cabana's arm, and eventually made him tap out to a Cross Armbreaker, retaining the title.

In July '05, Joe competed at Sign of Dishonor, fighting in a "Four Corner Survival" Match against Austin Aries, James Gibson, and Homicide. Late in the match, Homicide hit Joe from behind with a Lariat, knocking him down. Gibson then took Homicide out of the ring, even as Aries climbed the turnbuckle and came off with a 450 Splash on Joe for the pin, Aries' third straight victory on Joe. Joe put his RoH Pure Title on the line against Aries a day later at Escape From New York. Before the match, both Joe and Aries expressed their concerns to Colt Cabana about how CM Punk was treating the RoH Heavyweight strap. However, when they entered the ring, both got down to business, with Joe trying to end his losing streak to Aries. It was a very competitive match, as evidenced by the fact that neither man had rope breaks left as the match neared the end. It seemed like Aries might have the final edge, going up on the turnbuckle for a possible 450 Splash. But Joe caught him up there and delivered the Muscle Buster, before making the pin. It looked like Aries got his foot on the ropes, but since he didn't have any rope breaks left, the ref ignored it, counting to 3 to give Joe the win and the successful title defense.

A week later, Joe again put the RoH Pure Title on the line, this time taking on Jimmy Rave of the Embassy at Fate Of An Angel. Joe not only had to deal with Rave, he also had to concern himself with Prince Nana, the leader of the Embassy, who was on the outside, trying to help his man win. Despite this, Joe came through, beating Rave with the Muscle Buster for another successful title defense. The RoH wrestling continued one more time a week later, with Joe teaming with Jay Lethal & James Gibson at The Homecoming, taking on the Rotweillers (Homicide, Low Ki, & Ricky Reyes). It was another battle between Joe and Homicide, but unfortunately for Joe, it didn't end the way he wanted it to, as Homicide used a chain-wrapped arm to knock Gibson out for the victory.

Headed into August '05, Samoa Joe continued to have his hands full. At Redemption, Joe was involved in a "Four Corner Survival" Match for the RoH World Title, taking on the current champ, CM Punk, as well as James Gibson and Christopher Daniels. While everyone was interested in the gold, Joe, Gibson, & Daniels all had a common goal as well: getting the belt off of CM Punk before he went to start training with WWE. While Punk seemed scared of Joe, he also had a plan, trying to run the match out to the Draw mark. Meanwhile, problems between Joe and Daniels began to surface in the match, with Joe eventually forcing Daniels out with the STF, eliminating him. Shortly thereafter, though, Daniels came back into the ring and apparently tried to hit Punk, but nailed Joe instead, allowing Punk to get the roll up to eliminate Joe! A bloody Gibson soon returned, however, managing to defeat Punk with a Super Tiger Driver for the victory and the title.

Joe teamed with Jay Lethal again a day later at Punk: The Final Chapter, once again continuing their feud against the Rottweillers (Low Ki & Homicide). The match quickly grew violent, especially after Homicide attacked the referee, causing the DQ. The two teams kept fighting after the bell, though, with Joe brawling with Homicide (even using a fan's shoe on him), while Lethal fell to the Ki Krusher in the ring. Joe next went back to feuding with Christopher Daniels, continuing their feud both in RoH and in TNA. At Night of the Grudges II, Joe put the Pure Title on the line against Daniels, ensuring another great match. Both men used up their rope breaks, making this match even more competitive at the end. But Joe again came out on top, Choking out Daniels even while he was in the ropes to stay the champion. Another RoH card took place the next weekend, at Dragon Gate Invasion, where he again defended the Pure Title, this time against Nigel McGuinness. McGuinness soon showed he was willing to cheat, as he used a steel chair on Joe. Strangely, rather than being DQ'ed, he simply had a rope break taken away, giving him the advantage. Both men were out of rope breaks near the end of the match, when McGuinness took down Joe and made the pin. Joe was able to grab the ropes, but this didn't stop the count, as Joe finally lost the RoH Pure Title, even if it was in an underhanded way.

A few weeks later, in September '05, Joe competed at Glory By Honor IV. After losing a title in RoH (not to mention losing a title shot in TNA), Joe wasn't in a good mood, and he took it out on Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer, and Ricky Reyes in a "Four Corner Survival" Match. There was no doubt who the crowd was behind, as Joe was heavily favored. He didn't let the fans down, as he later hit Reyes with the Muscle Buster, then Choked out Whitmer for the victory, dominating the match. A week after that, Samoa Joe competed in the '05 Survival of the Fittest tournament, beating Milano Collection AT in a great match with the Muscle Buster to move onto the finals. There he took on the other winners, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jay Lethal, Colt Cabana, and Christopher Daniels. Joe & Lethal worked together at first, getting in some great moves, including a double Suicide Dive to the outside. But, early in the match, while Joe was Choking out Strong, Daniels came off the turnbuckle with the Best Moonsault Ever, taking out Joe. Strong threw Daniels out and made the pin, eliminating Joe from the match (Strong later got the win).

In October '05, Joe prepared himself for some battles with overseas sensations. First, at Joe Vs. Kobashi, Joe, as the name states, went at it with NOAH superstar Kenta Kobashi. The two put on a Match of the Year candidate, beating each other's chests raw with an amazing number of chops. At one point, Joe got the Muscle Buster, but Kobashi kicked out, keeping the match going. In the end, Kobashi got the win with his Burning Lariat, taking down Joe. The two faced off again a day later at Unforgettable, this time with Joe teaming with Low Ki (despite their mutal problems) to take on Kobashi and his partner, Homicide. It made for an interesting dynamic, with two Rottweillers going at each other, while Joe and Kobashi just wanted to continue their epic battle. It was another exciting match, featuring mostly everything you could want in a tag bout. In the end, Kobashi's Burning Lariat scored again, taking out Low Ki for the victory (Joe would later face Jushin Liger in TNA, continuing his international streak).

A few weeks later, at Enter The Dragon, Samoa Joe teamed with Lethal against the Embassy's Alex Shelley & Jimmy Rave. Although Lethal took a major beating in the match, Joe was still there, ready to be tagged, and destroyed the Embassy members late in the bout, getting the victory. Another RoH card, Buffalo Stampede, was held later in the weekend, with Joe getting his first opportunity to regain the RoH Pure Title against Nigel McGuinness. Nigel used some interesting tactics early on, comparing Joe to the cartoon character Shrek. This just set Joe off, as he attacked McGuinness before the bell. Joe's rage cost him, though, as he lost all of his rope breaks quickly. Joe didn't stop, though, continuing to get in as many shots as possible on the champion. But, as before, McGuinness wasn't above cheating, even as the Pure Champion, and he used the ropes to get the pinfall, retaining the title.

Joe next appeared for RoH in November '05 at Showdown In Motown, where he was set to compete in a "Four Corner Survival" Match against Daniels, Colt Cabana, and Homicide. However, Cabana and Homicide took each other out before the match, leading to Jim Cornette putting Jimmy Jacobs and Adam Pearce in the match instead. It was a tough fight, with Daniels & Pearce working together a lot against Joe and Jacobs. In the end, Joe surprisingly got caught by Pearce, who went for a piledriver, only to have Daniels knock him away, then land the Angel's Wings on Joe instead for the victory. A night later, Joe went for some revenge against Daniels at Vendetta. Daniels had some help on the outside, bringing Allison Danger with him, but Joe wasn't impressed, beating on Daniels at the outset. The two went back-and-forth, trying to get the advantage. At one point, Daniels went for a Figure Four, only to have Joe sit up and slap the taste out of his mouth! Later on, Daniels got a close 2-count after the Best Moonsault Ever, but Joe fought back, landing the Muscle Buster to get the pin.

Major changes occurred in the final month of the year for Samoa Joe. The biggest change went down at Steel Cage Warfare, where Joe was offered a special "challenge" match from his friend, Jay Lethal. It started out as a friendly contest, but Lethal soon showed that he was still angry at Joe for taking away the RoH Pure Title a while ago, as he surprisingly attacked Joe's leg with a chair, slamming it into his knee repeatedly! This handicapped Joe, who later couldn't handle the Muscle Buster, allowing Lethal to get a Dragon Suplex for the victory. Joe did a promo later on in the night, asking Lethal why he had turned on him. Joe faced Lethal again, as well as Daniels and BJ Whitmer, in a "Four Corner Survival" Match at Final Battle '05. Before the match, Lethal talked about why he turned on Joe, mainly due to his finding out that Joe made a lot more money than Lethal did. The four men went at it later on in the night, with Joe mainly interested in getting his hands on Lethal. But, in the end, when Joe was on the outside, Lethal landed his Flying Headbutt on Daniels for the win, keeping Joe from getting his revenge, at least in RoH.

RoH: 2006

Joe's first RoH event occurred in the middle of January '06, at Hell Freezes Over. While Joe was booked to face BJ Whitmer, he also made himself known after Jay Lethal had lost to Daniels, going after his former partner. Joe also fought with Daniels, with Whitmer surprisingly coming down to take out the Fallen Angel! Whitmer then told Joe that he had 'saved' him so that Joe would be 100 percent for their match later on, giving him no room for excuses. Joe didn't need any excuses, though, in the match against Whitmer, as he managed to knock Whitmer out with a sharp kick, ending the match! Joe talked about coming after Daniels again later on, saying that they would finish things between them. It was set up for Samoa Joe to take on Daniels in two more matches, at Dissention and the '06 Trios Tournament to conclude their RoH feud. However, Joe soon had to pull out of both shows, due to a severe staff infection that forced him out of the ring for a time, since he didn't want to spread it to any other wrestlers. Joe later posted commentary on the infection, saying that he had gotten it after a show in Detroit. Joe also made sure to mention to indy promoters to be sure and wash their canvases, since he had probably gotten the infection from another wrestler.

Joe returned to RoH in late February '05, at the 4th Anniversary Show. He took on his former partner, Jay Lethal, with Lethal actually controlling the first part of the match. But Joe, as always, came back, eventually putting Lethal away with the Muscle Buster. Joe taunted Lethal after the match, saying that he had thought Lethal had what it took, but that now he was beaten. In the meantime, a war started to brew between Ring of Honor and Combat Zone Wrestling, as wrestlers from CZW (such as Chris Hero and Necro Butcher) began to appear at RoH events. Joe was also interested, though, in continuing to go after Daniels. At Arena Warfare in March '06, Joe was set to compete against Daniels and Colt Cabana in a "Triple Threat Elimination" Match. Surprisingly, Joe didn't come out at first, as Cabana faced and defeated Daniels with a roll-up. Joe then came out and challenged Cabana, ultimately hitting 2 Muscle Bustas in a row to get the win. After the match, Joe (after dealing with an unruly fan) joined BJ Whitmer in calling out the CZW wrestlers. This led to a wild brawl between the two organizations, including Wifebeater(CZW) using a weedwhacker as a weapon. With Joe outside, Whitmer was caught in the ring and had, among other things, staples shot into his face, as CZW held the upper hand.

A few weeks later, at the New York City Show on March 25th, '06, Joe reluctantly teamed with the RoH Heavyweight Champion, "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson, to take on Japanese stars Naomichi Marufuji & KENTA. Problems soon showed between Joe and Danielson, with the tags having a little more force. In the end, this proved to be a major factor, as KENTA was able to put Danielson "to sleep" for the win. Joe still had his pride afterwards, though, telling KENTA that he couldn't beat either Joe or Danielson in a singles match. KENTA quickly replied (in English, mind you) that he couldn't understand what Joe was saying, and that he didn't speak English.

The next weekend was the Wrestlemania Triple-Shot, with three shows taking place over three nights. At Wrestlemania Weekend, Night 1, Joe had his grudge match with hated rival, Christopher Daniels. It was a brutal match, with Joe able to kick out of the Angel's Wings. But when Daniels hit 3 straight BME's, even Joe couldn't kick out, losing the match. Afterwards, CZW's Hero & Butcher tried to come to the ring to get Joe, but Whitmer chased them away with chair shots. Joe then proclaimed that he was leading the war against CZW. After the show, though, CZW jumped Whitmer in the parking lot, injuring him. A day later, at Wrestlemania Weekend, Night 2, Joe started early, joining with Adam Pearce in destroying two masked wrestlers (RoH students). Later on, Joe competed in a "Triple Threat" Match against Daniels and Jimmy Jacobs. Joe and Daniels started things off, but Jacobs soon got their attention with a double-dropkick, making it a true Three-Way. Joe also had to keep an eye on Jacobs' ally, Lacey, on the outside, yelling at her at one point. At the end, Joe's superior submission maneuvers won out, as he forced Jacobs to tap out to the rear naked choke.

On the final day of the weekend run, Wrestlemania Weekend, Night 3, Joe faced off against Daniels, AJ Styles, and Jimmy Yang in a "Four Corner Survival" Match. It was an exciting match, with four of the best X Division-style wrestlers in the world today going at it. In the end, though, Joe got another victory, catching his TNA rival, Styles, with the Muscle Buster for the win. Afterwards, Joe officially challenged Bryan Danielson for "his" RoH Heavyweight Title, with Danielson coming out to taunt Joe, saying that "Joe didn't make RoH; RoH made Joe". When Danielson left, CZW's Chris Hero & Necro Butcher surprisingly appeared, jumping into the ring to attack Joe, with Pearce coming in to make the save. However, with Pearce busy with CZW, Danielson returned and attacked Joe. Claudio Castagnoli (RoH) also came down, but accidentally hit Pearce, giving CZW the edge. Whitmer also tried to make the save, only to take chair shots on his injured legs, with the rest of the RoH locker room finally clearing the ring of CZW.

A few weeks later, RoH held its 100th Show, and Samoa Joe made sure to be in attendance. Interestingly enough, CZW fans were as well, as the arena was split into two sections of fans. Samoa Joe led Team RoH, along with Pearce & Whitmer, against Team CZW, consisting of Hero, Necro Butcher, & Super Dragon. It was a very stiff match, complete with a lot of blood spilt. The end shockingly came, though, when Claudio Castagnoli came down and turned on RoH, finally joining his 'allies' in CZW by helping them defeat Team RoH. Hero got the win by pinning Pearce. The RoH fans in the arena were in shock, as the small contingent of CZW fans celebrated the win.

Only a short time later, RoH held a Weekend of Champions at the end of April '06. At Weekend of Champions, Night 1, Samoa Joe teamed up with Matt Sydal to take on the RoH Tag-Team Champions, Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong). It was a good match, with Joe working hard to try and get some gold again in RoH. But it didn't work out, as Aries hit his 450 Splash for the win, retaining the titles. Afterwards, though, Joe wasn't done, as he angrily called out the CZW Army. CZW's wrestlers, including Necro Butcher, Castagnoli, Super Dragon, and Nate Webb, responded, going after Joe, with Pearce, Whitmer, Ace Steel, & Colt Cabana coming out for RoH. A brawl erupted between the two groups, with CZW once again walking away the winners after Castagnoli gave Cabana his own version of the Muscle Buster to get the pin.

A day later, at Weekend of Champions, Night 2, Samoa Joe confronted Castagnoli, setting up a match between the two. Late in the match, Joe was setting up Castagnoli for the Muscle Buster, when CZW's Nate Webb ran down and clipped Joe's leg, causing the DQ. Webb & Necro Butcher, along with Castagnoli, then beat down Joe, injuring his knee, before Whitmer ran down to make the save (and subsequently wrestle and defeat Super Dragon).

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RoH Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (92 - 47, 5 Draws, 2 NCs)
- RoH Glory By Honor I (October 5, '02) = Samoa Joe was beaten by Low-Ki.
- RoH All-Star Extravaganza (November 9, '02) = The Prophecy (Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, & Donovan Morgan) retained the RoH Tag Titles, winning over Doug Williams, Homicide, & Low-Ki.
- RoH Scramble Madness (November 16, '02) = Samoa Joe won a "Handicap" Match over the Ring Crew Express. Later on, Samoa Joe lost to Homicide.
- RoH Final Battle '02 (December 28, '02) = Samoa Joe won a "Handicap" Match over the Outcast Killaz. Later on, Samoa Joe wrestled to a Draw in a "Four Corners" Match with Low-Ki, Steve Corino, & American Dragon.
- RoH Revenge on the Prophecy (January 11, '03) = Samoa Joe defeated American Dragon.
- RoH 1st Anniversary Show (February 8, '03) = Samoa Joe was beaten by American Dragon.
- RoH Expect the Unexpected (March 13, '03) = Samoa Joe won a "Four-Way #1 Contender's Trophy" Match over EZ Money, BJ Whitmer, and Homicide.
- RoH Night of the Champions (March 22, '03) = The Group (Samoa Joe, CW Anderson, & Jack Victory) lost, via DQ, to Homicide & Da Hit Squad. Later that night, Samoa Joe won the RoH World Title from Xavier.
- RoH Epic Encounter (April 12, '03) = Samoa Joe, as the RoH World Champ, won a "Non-Title" Match over Hotstuff Hernandez. Later on, Samoa Joe stayed the RoH World Champion, winning a "Four Corners" Match over Matt Stryker, Colt Cabana, and Tom Carter.
- RoH Round Robin Challenge II (April 26, '03) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH Heavyweight Title, taking down Doug Williams.
- RoH/FWA Frontiers of Honor (May 17, '03) = Samoa Joe(RoH) defended the RoH World Title, defeating the Zebra Kid(FWA).
- RoH Do or Die (May 31, '03) = Samoa Joe kept the RoH Heavyweight Championship, beating Homicide.
- RoH Night of the Grudges (June 14, '03) = The Group (Samoa Joe, CW Anderson, & Michael Shane) lost a "Losers Must Disband" Match to the Prophecy (Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan, & Danny Maff).
- RoH WrestleRave '03 (June 28, '03) = Samoa Joe stayed the RoH Heavyweight Champ, winning over Danny Maff.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor (July 19, '03) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH Heavyweight strap, defeating Paul London.
- RoH Wrath of the Racket (August 9, '03) = Samoa Joe kept the RoH Heavyweight Title, taking down BJ Whitmer.
- RoH Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies (August 16, '03) = Samoa Joe, as the RoH Heavyweight Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over CM Punk.
- RoH Beating the Odds (September 6, '03) = Samoa Joe lost a "Four-Way Non-Title" Match to Jay Briscoe. Chris Sabin and AJ Styles were the other participants.
- RoH Glory By Honor II (September 20, '03) = Samoa Joe defended the RoH World Title, defeating Christopher Daniels.
- RoH The Tradition Continues (October 16, '03) = Samoa Joe won a "Non-Title" Match over Prince Nana. Later on, Samoa Joe retained the RoH World Title, winning over Jay Briscoe.
- RoH Empire State Showdown (October 25, '03) = Samoa Joe, as the RoH Heavyweight Champ, lost a "Non-Title No Holds Barred" Match to Homicide.
- RoH Main Event Spectacles (November 1, '03) = Samoa Joe lost a "Non-Title Four Corners" Match to Steve Corino & CM Punk (who got a double pin on the other participant, Christopher Daniels).
- RoH The Conclusion (November 28, '03) = Samoa Joe & AJ Styles lost to the RoH Tag-Team Champs, the Briscoe Brothers.
- RoH War of the Wire (November 29, '03) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH Heavyweight Title, beating AJ Styles.
- RoH Final Battle '03 (December 27) = Samoa Joe stayed the RoH Heavyweight Champ, defeating Mark Briscoe.
- RoH Battle Lines Are Drawn (January 10, '04) = Samoa Joe & American Dragon lost to the RoH Tag-Team Champions, the Briscoe Brothers.
- RoH The Last Stand (January 29, '04) = Samoa Joe & Jerry Lynn lost to the RoH Tag-Team Champs, the Briscoe Brothers.
- RoH 2nd Anniversary Show (February 14, '04) = Samoa Joe stayed the RoH Heavyweight Champion, and vacated the #1 Contender Trophy, winning a "Four-Way" Match over BJ Whitmer, Dan Maff, & Low-Ki.
- RoH At Our Best (March 13, '04) = Samoa Joe kept the RoH Heavyweight Title, winning a "Steel Cage" Match over Jay Briscoe.
- RoH Reborn: Stage 1 (April 23, '04) = Samoa Joe, as the RoH Heavyweight Champ, fought to a No-Contest with Homicide.
- RoH Reborn: Stage 2 (April 24, '04) = Samoa Joe stayed the RoH Heavyweight Champion, beating Matt Stryker.
- RoH Round Robin Challenge III (May 15, '04) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH Heavyweight strap, defeating Ricky Reyes.
- RoH Generation Next (May 22, '04) = Samoa Joe defended the RoH Heavyweight Title, winning over Homicide.
- RoH World Title Classic (June 12, '04) = Samoa Joe, as the RoH Heavyweight Champion, fought to a 60-Minute Draw with CM Punk.
- RoH Survival of the Fittest (June 24, '04) = Samoa Joe won a "Non-Title" Match over Matt Stryker. Later on, Samoa Joe lost a "Survival of the Fittest Six-Man Elimination" Match to Bryan Danielson. Mark Briscoe, Colt Cabana, Austin Aries, and Homicide were the other participants.
- RoH Reborn: Completion (July 17, '04) = Samoa Joe & the Briscoe Brothers won, via DQ, over Ricky Reyes, Rocky Romero, & Homicide.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor II, Part 1 (July 23, '04) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH Heavyweight Title, defeating Homicide.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor II, Part 2 (July 24, '04) = Samoa Joe kept the RoH World Title, beating Colt Cabana.
- RoH Testing The Limit (August 7, '04) = Samoa Joe kept the RoH Heavyweight strap, taking down Trent Acid.
- RoH Scramble Cage Melee (August 28, '04) = Samoa Joe lost a "Non-Title Three-Way" Match to Homicide. CM Punk was the other participant.
- RoH Glory By Honor III (September 11, '04) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH World Title, defeating Doug Williams.
- RoH Midnight Express Reunion (October 2, '04) = Samoa Joe stayed the RoH World Champ, beating Bryan Danielson.
- RoH Gold (October 15, '04) = Samoa Joe kept the RoH World Title, taking down Rocky Romero.
- RoH Joe vs. Punk II (October 16, '04) = Samoa Joe defended the RoH World Title, wrestling to a 60 Minute Draw with CM Punk.
- RoH Weekend of Thunder, Night 1 (November 5, '04) = Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal fell to Nigel McGuiness & John Walters.
- RoH Weekend of Thunder, Night 2 (November 6, '04) = Samoa Joe & Jushin Liger defeated Bryan Danielson & Low-Ki.
- RoH All-Star Extravaganza II (December 4, '04) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH World Title, winning over CM Punk.
- RoH Final Battle '04 (December 26) = Samoa Joe lost the RoH World Title to Austin Aries.
- RoH It All Begins (January 15, '05) = Samoa Joe defeated Nigel McGuiness. Later in the night, Samoa Joe had an unsanctioned brawl with Mick Foley.
- RoH 3rd Anniversary Show, Part 1 (February 19, '05) = Samoa Joe beat Vordell Walker. Later in the night, Samoa Joe took down Ebessan.
- RoH 3rd Anniversary Show, Part 2 (February 25, '05) = Samoa Joe & Bryan Danielson defeated Generation Next (Austin Aries & Jack Evans).
- RoH 3rd Anniversary Show, Part 3 (February 26, '05) = Samoa Joe lost to the RoH World Champ, Austin Aries.
- RoH Trios Tournament (March 5, '05) = Samoa Joe, Vordell Walker, & Bryan Danielson took down James Gibson, Nigel McGuiness, & Spanky, then lost to the eventual winners, Homicide & the Havana Pitbulls.
- RoH Back To Basics (March 12, '05) = Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal won over CM Punk & Spanky.
- RoH Best of American Super Juniors Tournament (April 2, '05) = Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal lost to BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs, who won the vacated RoH Tag Titles.
- RoH Stalemate (April 16, '05) = Samoa Joe competed in a "Double Stakes Four Corner Survival" Match against Alex Shelley, Colt Cabana, and Nigel McGuiness. Joe won the first fall by forcing Cabana to submit, winning an RoH Pure Title shot. Joe and Cabana were then out of the match, with Shelley winning the second fall (and an RoH Title shot) over McGuinness.
- RoH Manhattan Mayhem (May 7, '05) = Samoa Joe won the RoH Pure Title from Jay Lethal. Later that night, Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal were beaten by Low Ki & Homicide.
- RoH Final Showdown (May 13, '05) = Samoa Joe lost a "Four Corner Survival" Match to Jack Evans. Delirious and Ebessan were the other participants.
- RoH New Frontiers (June 4, '05) = Samoa Joe stayed the RoH Pure Champion, defeating James Gibson.
- RoH The Future Is Now (June 12, '05) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH Pure Title, taking down Nigel McGuiness.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor III (June 18, '05) = Samoa Joe kept the RoH Pure Championship, beating Colt Cabana.
- RoH Sign of Dishonor (July 8, '05) = Samoa Joe lost a "Four Corner Survival" Match to Austin Aries. James Gibson and Homicide were the other participants.
- RoH Escape From New York (July 9, '05) = Samoa Joe stayed the RoH Pure Champ, defeating Austin Aries.
- RoH Fate of an Angel (July 16, '05) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH Pure Title, beating Jimmy Rave.
- RoH The Homecoming (July 23, '05) = Samoa Joe, James Gibson, & Jay Lethal fell to Ricky Reyes, Low Ki, & Homicide.
- RoH Redemption (August 12, '05) = Samoa Joe lost a "Four Corner Elimination" Match to James Gibson, who won the RoH World Title. CM Punk and Christopher Daniels were the other participants.
- RoH Punk: The Final Chapter (August 13, '05) = Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal won, via DQ, over Low Ki & Homicide.
- RoH Night of the Grudges II (August 20, '05) = Samoa Joe retained the RoH Pure Championship, taking down Christopher Daniels.
- RoH Dragon Gate Invasion (August 27, '05) = Samoa Joe lost the RoH Pure Title to Nigel McGuiness.
- RoH Glory By Honor IV (September 17, '05) = Samoa Joe won a "Four Corner Survival" Match over BJ Whitmer, Ricky Reyes, and Adam Pearce.
- RoH Survival of the Fittest '05 (September 24) = Samoa Joe defeated Milano Collection AT, then lost in the final "Elimination" Match of the Survival of the Fittest '05 Tournament to Roderick Strong. Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, and Colt Cabana were the other participants.
- RoH Joe/Kobashi (October 1, '05) = Samoa Joe fell to Kenta Kobashi.
- RoH Unforgettable (October 2, '05) = Samoa Joe & Low Ki were beaten by Kenta Kobashi & Homicide.
- RoH Enter The Dragon (October 14, '05) = Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal defeated the Embassy (Alex Shelley & Jimmy Rave).
- RoH Buffalo Stampede (October 15, '05) = Samoa Joe lost to the RoH Pure Champion, Nigel McGuinness.
- RoH Showdown In Motown (November 4, '05) = Samoa Joe lost a "Four Corners Survival" Match to Christopher Daniels. Jimmy Jacobs and Adam Pearce were the other participants.
- RoH Vendetta (November 5, '05) = Samoa Joe defeated Christopher Daniels.
- RoH Steel Cage Warfare (December 3, '05) = Samoa Joe was beaten by Jay Lethal.
- RoH Final Battle '05 (December 17) = Samoa Joe lost a "Four Corners Survival" Match to Jay Lethal. Christopher Daniels and BJ Whitmer were the other participants.
- RoH Hell Freezes Over (January 14, '06) = Samoa Joe defeated BJ Whitmer.
- RoH 4th Anniversary Show (February 25, '06) = Samoa Joe took down Jay Lethal.
- RoH Arena Warfare (March 11, '06) = Samoa Joe took down Colt Cabana.
- RoH New York City Show (March 25, '06) = Samoa Joe & Bryan Danielson fell to Naomichi Marufuji & KENTA.
- RoH Wrestlemania Weekend, Night One (March 30, '06) = Samoa Joe was beaten by Christopher Daniels.
- RoH Wrestlemania Weekend, Night Two (March 31, '06) = Samoa Joe & Adam Pearce won over 2 RoH Students. Later, Samoa Joe won a "Triple Threat" Match over Christopher Daniels and Jimmy Jacobs.
- RoH Wrestlemania Weekend, Night Three (April 1, '06) = Samoa Joe won a "Four Corner Survival" Match over Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, and Jimmy Yang.
- RoH 100th Show (April 22, '06) = Team RoH (Samoa Joe, Adam Pearce, & BJ Whitmer) lost to Team CZW (Chris Hero, Necro Butcher, & Super Dragon).
- RoH Weekend of Champions, Night One (April 28, '06) = Samoa Joe & Matt Sydal lost to the RoH Tag-Team Champs, Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong). Later on, Samoa Joe was part of RoH's Army, which lost a brawl to CZW's Army.
- RoH Weekend of Champions, Night Two (April 29, '06) = Samoa Joe won, via DQ, over Claudio Castagnoli.
- RoH How We Roll (May 12, '06) = Samoa Joe took down Apocalypse.
- RoH Ring of Homicide (May 13, '06) = Samoa Joe(RoH) fought to a No-Contest with Necro Butcher(CZW).
- RoH In Your Face (June 17, '06) = Samoa Joe lost a "Non-Title Three Way" Match to KENTA. Bryan Danielson was the other participant.
- RoH KENTA, Night 2 (June 23, '06) = Samoa Joe lost a "Four Corner Survival" Match to Delirious. Jimmy Rave and Davey Richards were the other participants.
- RoH KENTA, Night 3 (June 24, '06) = Samoa Joe defeated Delirious.
- RoH Death Before Dishonor IV (July 15, '06) = Team RoH (Samoa Joe, Homicide, Adam Pearce, Ace Steel, & BJ Whitmer) won a "Cage of Death" Match over Team CZW (Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero, Eddie Kingston, Necro Butcher, & Nate Webb).
- RoH Time To Man Up (August 4, '06) = Samoa Joe took down AJ Styles.
- RoH Fight of the Century (August 5, '06) = Samoa Joe fought to a 60-Minute Draw with the RoH Heavyweight Champ, Bryan Danielson.
- RoH Epic Encounter II (August 25, '06) = Samoa Joe & BJ Whitmer lost to the RoH World Tag-Team Champions, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong.
- RoH Gut Check (August 26, '06) = Samoa Joe took down Claudio Castagnoli.
- RoH Glory By Honor V, Night 1 (September 15, '06) = Samoa Joe beat Roderick Strong.
- RoH Glory By Honor V, Night 2 (September 16, '06) = Samoa Joe & Homicide defeated the Briscoes.
- RoH Survival of the Fittest '06 (October 6) = Samoa Joe fought to a Draw with Bryan Danielson. Delirious won the Survival of the Fittest Tournament.
- RoH Motor City Madness (October 7, '06) = Samoa Joe & Homicide fell to the Briscoes.
- RoH Suffocation (October 27, '06) = Samoa Joe & Homicide defeated Steve Corino & Adam Pearce.
- RoH Irresistible Forces (October 28, '06) = Samoa Joe won a "No Disqualification No Time Limit Non-Title" Match over the RoH World Heavyweight Champion, Bryan Danielson.
- RoH Honor Reclaims Boston (November 3, '06) = Samoa Joe, Homicide, & BJ Whitmer fell to Steve Corino & the Briscoes.
- RoH The Bitter End (November 4, '06) = Samoa Joe & Nigel McGuinness won a "Dream Partners" Match over Bryan Danielson & Jimmy Rave.
- RoH Black Friday Fallout (November 24, '06) = Samoa Joe beat Jay Briscoe.
- RoH Dethroned (November 25, '06) = Samoa Joe & Homicide defeated the Briscoes.
- RoH Chicago Spectacular, Night 1 (December 8, '06) = Samoa Joe lost a "Steel Cage" Match to the RoH World Champion, Bryan Danielson.
- RoH Chicago Spectacular, Night 2 (December 9, '06) = Samoa Joe took down Mark Briscoe.
- RoH Dedicated (January 26, '07) = Samoa Joe defeated Nigel McGuinness.
- RoH Battle of the Icons (January 27, '07) = Samoa Joe lost to the RoH World Heavyweight Champion, Homicide.
- RoH Fifth Year Festival: NYC (February 16, '07) = Samoa Joe beat Takeshi Morishima.
- RoH Fifth Year Festival: Philly (February 17, '07) = Samoa Joe took down Jimmy Rave.
- RoH Fifth Year Festival: Dayton (February 23, '07) = Samoa Joe won over Davey Richards.
- RoH Fifth Year Festival: Chicago (February 24, '07) = Samoa Joe & Homicide fell to Takeshi Morishima & Nigel McGuinness.
- RoH Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool (March 3, '07) = Samoa Joe defeated Nigel McGuinness.
- RoH Fifth Year Festival: Finale (March 4, '07) = Samoa Joe, in his final scheduled RoH match, beat Homicide.
- RoH Rising Above '08 (November 22) = Samoa Joe defeated Tyler Black.

RoH Title Summary:
- RoH Heavyweight Champion (3/22/03 - 12/26/04)
- RoH Pure Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (5/07/05 - 8/27/05)