Samoa Joe
TNA History

(Last Updated: 1/27/2007)

TNA: 2005 / 2006 / 2007

TNA: 2005

It was in June 2005 when it was announced by Total Nonstop Action that the Samoan Submission Machine, who had dominated Ring of Honor for the last few years, would be making his debut at Slammiversary '05. In Samoa Joe's first match for TNA, he took on Sonjay Dutt, another young X Division star for the company. It wasn't even a contest, as Joe greatly impressed the Impact Zone fans by dominating Dutt. Although Dutt did manage to get in a 450 Splash, Joe came back to land the Muscle Buster, followed by the Choke, to win the match. It was an amazing debut, promising bigger things to come from the Samoan Submission Machine. Joe continued his destructive ways for the next few weeks on the Internet-editions of TNA Impact, choking out Delirious, Chris Sabin, and Shark Boy at different times.

Sabin later came back for revenge, attacking Joe during a tag-team match. Joe and Sabin fought to the back, leaving Joe's tag-team partner, Christopher Daniels, alone against Petey Williams & Eric Young of Team Canada. Daniels was given the Canadian Destroyer and pinned, technically giving Joe his first loss in TNA. This set Joe up to face Sabin at No Surrender '05. It didn't take long for the match to get exciting, as Joe had to contend with the speed and abilities of the former TNA X Division Champion, Sabin. However, Joe grounded Sabin with several submission holds, and later beat him with the Muscle Buster/Choke combination, knocking him completely out for the win to continue his TNA pay-per-view winning streak.

The next big event in Samoa Joe's TNA career occurred in July '05, when Joe entered into the TNA Super X Tournament. Joe started off by revisiting his first match in TNA, beating Sonjay Dutt in the opening round. After the match, TNA interviewer Shane Douglas tried to get some words from Joe, but he simply walked away, refusing to speak. A few weeks later, Joe won again, beating Alex Shelley to move on to the finals of the tournament at the next TNA PPV. His opponent was soon decided, as AJ Styles defeated Petey Williams in the other semi-finals match. This meant that Joe would finally face the man considered the heart and soul of the X Division for the first time (at least in TNA).

At Sacrifice '05, Joe and Styles went at it in one of the more anticipated matches on the card. Not only was the match for the Super X Cup, it also would determine the next man to face Christopher Daniels for the TNA X Division Title, something that both wrestlers were interested in going after. The two X Division stars had a great match, pumping up the TNA crowd, but it was marred at the end when Daniels opted to interfere, causing both Styles and Joe to attack him! However, Joe also used the distraction to his advantage, catching Styles with the Muscle Buster, then forcing him out with the Choke Clutch, winning the match, the cup, and the title shot.

Samoa Joe and Daniels soon had a hot feud going in TNA, with Daniels obviously worried about his X Division Championship. On one Impact, Joe was attacked by Daniels after winning a match over Jerelle Clark. Daniels hit Joe several times with the X Division Title, but AJ Styles then ran out, apparently for the save. However, Styles attacked both men, showing that he still had some unfinished business with Joe. This led to a Three-Way Feud developing between the wrestlers going into September, leading up to Unbreakable '05. Samoa Joe got his first crack at the X Division Title in the "Three-Way" Match with Daniels and Styles, and really shined, with the three wrestlers putting on what many considered to be the Match of the Year. It was so exciting that the crowd started chanting "This is Awesome" throughout the bout. In the end, Samoa Joe wasn't even part of the decision, as he was knocked to the outside. Daniels then set up Styles for the Angel's Wings, but Styles reversed into a pin, winning away the X Division Title from Daniels. Although Joe technically "lost", since he wasn't pinned and didn't submit, TNA still considered him 'undefeated'.

Going into October '05, Samoa Joe continued his strong run in TNA, making his official "Spike TV Impact" debut by defeating Elix Skipper, despite Skipper's manager, Simon Diamond, helping Skipper at ringside. It was later announced that Samoa Joe would be facing NJPW sensation Jushin "Thunder" Liger at Bound For Glory '05, an announcement that excited wrestling fans all over the world. Joe's momentum for the match started right at the beginning, as he came out with his family's Polynesian Dance Troop, earning some respect from the crowd. The two great wrestlers then went at it, with both coming close to the victory throughout the match. At one point, Samoa Joe barely survived the Liger Bomb, kicking out at the last second. Later on, Samoa Joe gave Liger a taste of his own moves, hitting the Muscle Buster followed by the Choke to make Liger pass out, getting Samoa Joe a big international victory.

Later on that night, due to Kevin Nash being unable to compete in the main event due to health concerns, Samoa Joe joined 9 other wrestlers in a "#1 Contenders Gauntlet" Match, with the goal being to throw your opponent over the ropes. Joe got a bad draw, though, coming in at #1, where he had to immediately face Ron "The Truth" Killings. The two men fought hard for a few minutes, until #3, Sabu, came out, using a chair on both men! Joe hung around as the rest of the wrestlers entered, going toe-to-toe with most of the top talent in TNA. In fact, Joe lasted to the final four, going at it with AJ Styles, Rhino, and Abyss. Joe managed to get a Choke on Styles, holding him up, but this was the wrong tactic in this form of match, as Abyss ran up and eliminated both men. Abyss was soon Gored and tossed by Rhino, who won the title shot (and went on to become the NWA Heavyweight Champion). Once again, since Samoa Joe neither submitted nor was pinned, he continued to be called "undefeated."

Going into November '05, Samoa Joe stayed hot in TNA. On an edition of TNA Impact, Joe teamed with Christopher Daniels & Alex Shelley against AJ Styles, Austin Aries, & Sonjay Dutt. Joe was dominant in the match, but had some problems teaming with Daniels, with the two having some miscues that allowed Styles to later catch Shelley in the Styles Clash for the victory. Despite the issues between the two men, it was announced that Joe would be joining Daniels, along with Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong, to fight in an "Elimination" Match against Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Matt Bentley, & Austin Aries at the next PPV. Joe faced Aries on the Impact before the PPV, with Daniels talking at the announce booth about how he was the leader of the group, and that Joe would have to follow his orders. Joe won the match with the Muscle Buster/Choke, continuing his dominance.

At Genesis '05, the two teams went at it, with questions in the air about how well Joe would work with Daniels. The first elimination hurt Joe's team, as Aries took out Strong with a 450 Splash. However, Daniels was quick to capitalize on Aries' fatigue, attacking and catching Aries in a reverse pin to send him packing. Shelley struck next, forcing Dutt to submit to a Crossface variation, making it 3-2 in Joe's team's favor. Things evened out again, though, when Bentley eliminated Shelley with his Superkick. Joe soon took over the match, beating down Bentley (despite Bentley catching him with another Superkick at one point) enough to hit him with the Muscle Buster/Choke combination, causing Bentley to tap out. This left Joe & Daniels against Sabin, who fought hard against the double-team. He went for Cradle Shocks on both Joe and Daniels, with each man making the save for the other. At the end, Joe was preparing Sabin for the Muscle Buster, but Bentley pulled him out of the ring. While Joe was busy, Daniels came in and landed the Angel's Wings, pinning Sabin to get the win for his team. Afterwards, though, Joe seemed ticked off that Daniels 'stole' the pin, attacking his partner and destroying Daniels with several moves, including a Muscle Buster onto a chair! Samoa Joe left, finally satisfied, as the bloody Daniels was helped by officials.

Styles, as the X Division Champion, later talked down to Samoa Joe in his interviews, saying that Joe had broken the X Division Code of Honor (similar to RoH's). On the next Impact, an unrepentant Joe brought a blood-stained towel, with Daniels' blood on it, to ringside for his match against Jerelle Clark. Joe promptly killed Clark, using the Muscle Buster and the Choke (referred to as the Kokina Clutch) to get the win. Afterwards, Styles appeared on the screen, again attacking Joe's character. He also challenged Joe to a match at the next PPV, with Styles' X Division Title on the line. A week later, Joe, holding the blood-stained title, watched from the ramp as Styles, despite being distracted by Joe's presence, won out over Chris Sabin. The feud between the two men continued to grow as the weeks went by, with Joe intent on adding another victim to his list, brutally beating Styles in the back at one point, refusing to respect the Code.

A week later, at Turning Point '05, Joe, as the heel (despite the cheering of the fans), took on Styles for the TNA X Division Title. The two had a furious match, with both pulling out all the stops. Near the end, Joe went for the Muscle Buster, but Styles reversed out of it, catching Joe instead with the Styles Clash! Joe kicked out, however, and later changed a roll-up into the Kokina Clutch Choke, making Styles pass out to give Samoa Joe the TNA X Division Championship! After the match, Joe continued the punishment, beating down Styles and preparing to give him a Muscle Buster on the chair, just like Daniels. But Daniels then reappeared, making the save.

On the next TNA Impact, in an ironic turn of events, Joe faced Jay Lethal, with the two fighting it out without their RoH feud being mentioned. Joe got the victory in a short period of time, taking out his former ally with the Kokina Clutch Choke. Joe finished out the year renewing his feud with Daniels in TNA, with the TNA announcers wondering if Daniels was coming back too soon from the concussion that Joe had given him. The two signed to face at the next TNA Pay-Per-View, with Joe more than willing to put the X Division Title on the line against him. To show Daniels what he had to deal with, Joe defended the X Division Championship against Roderick Strong on the final TNA Impact of the year. Although Strong got in some offense, including one of his vaunted Backbreakers, Joe came back to dominate, taking out Strong with the Muscle Buster/Kokina Clutch combination.

TNA: 2006

Samoa Joe's feud with Daniels continued into the new year, with Joe actually deigning, for the first time, to give an interview to Shane Douglas, talking about how Daniels' career might end at the PPV. When Douglas tried to get Joe's opinion on the return of Sting, though, Joe just walked away. A week later, Joe took on Cassidy Riley in a "Non-Title" Match on Impact. Although Joe was distracted (and kicked) at one point by AJ Styles, who was chasing Shannon Moore, Joe still got the win, forcing Riley to submit to the Kokina Clutch Choke. Afterwards, Joe went for the Muscle Buster on a chair, but Daniels (who had been at the announce table) made the save, eventually sending Joe from the ring.

Samoa Joe and Daniels then met at Final Resolution '06, with Joe intent on doing even more damage to the Fallen Angel. Daniels came to fight, though, despite his concussion, landing several moves, including the Best Moonsault Ever. But Joe soon got the upper hand, smashing Daniels' head into the guardrail, then nailing him with shot after shot, as AJ Styles, who had come to ringside, looked on with great concern. Joe even landed another Muscle Buster on a chair, with Daniels completely out, but Joe didn't seem interested in pinning him. He wanted to end Daniels' career! Styles couldn't take anymore, as he grabbed a towel and threw it into the ring. The referee, possibly because he too was concerned about Daniels' health, accepted the towel throw as genuine and ended the match, giving Joe the victory to retain the X Division Title. Daniels had to be helped from the ring after the match, while Joe had more bloodstains added to his towel.

Joe and Daniels continued to feud over the next few weeks, with Styles being added to the mix, due to Daniels not being happy that Styles had 'cost' him his title match. Meanwhile, Joe had to deal with a "Non-Title" challenge from Matt Bentley the next week, and despite Traci trying to interfere, Joe got the victory, taking out Bentley and leaving another X Division competitor lying on the mat. However, Joe then disappeared from matches for the next few weeks, due to a severe staff infection that forced him out of the ring for a time, since he didn't want to spread it to any other wrestlers. Joe later posted commentary on the infection, saying that he had gotten it after a show in Detroit. Joe also made sure to mention to indy promoters to be sure and wash their canvases, since he had probably gotten the infection from another wrestler.

Joe returned to the ring a few weeks later in TNA, facing off against Jay Lethal and Chasyn Rance in a "Triple Threat" Match, to prepare for his battle against Daniels and Styles at the next PPV. Lethal & Rance got in a few shots while working together, but when Rance turned on Lethal, Joe capitalized, taking out both men and Choking out Rance. At Against All Odds '06, Joe, Daniels, and Styles went at it for the X Division Title, in a rematch of their 2005 Match of the Year candidate. The three men didn't disappoint, flying all around the ring with various maneuvers and attacks. Although Joe took a lot of hits, including the Best Moonsault Ever, he still came through, catching Styles with the Muscle Buster for the victory, as a frustrated Daniels looked on, saying that it wasn't over, since he was still alive.

On the next Impact, Samoa Joe was congratulated by Larry Zbyszko for his winning streak, including his wins over Styles and Daniels. However, Zbyszko had a surprise for Joe, letting him know that he would have to compete one more time against his two foes, in an "Ultimate X" Match! Joe was not happy about the decision, letting "The Living Legend" know that he could make him just the "Legend", threatening him. Later that night, when Daniels tried to use Joe's Choke hold during a match with Austin Aries, Joe ran down and attacked him, causing the DQ. Styles made the save with a chair, smashing it into Joe, but Styles also told Daniels that he wasn't doing it for him. He was doing it for himself. The feud continued the next week, with Joe showing his opponents some more of his abilities by Choking out Shark Boy.

Joe then returned to TNA to prepare for his X Division Title match, with serious concerns about him being able to climb the ropes to get the belt. It was tested at one point, when, after a tag match between Samoa Joe & Shannon Moore and Styles & Daniels (with Joe getting the win), Styles threw the X Division belt up onto the ropes, telling Joe to go get it.

At TNA Destination X '06, Samoa Joe got his chance to show what he could do in an "Ultimate X" Match. Joe started off with a defensive game, working just to keep Styles and Daniels from making the climb across the ropes. He also put his body on the line, getting a huge no hands spinning plancha over the ropes onto both men on the outside! This allowed Joe to make his first attempt across the ropes, but for once, Joe's bulk was working against him, as he wasn't able to make it all the way across. Joe had a few more opportunities against his opponents, using a chair to great effect, but he soon found himself in major trouble when both Styles & Daniels grabbed him and delivered a double Muscle Buster on him! It was later announced that either the dive to the floor or the Muscle Buster caused Joe to get something in his eye, causing his vision to blur. This caused the match, which was supposed to go longer, to wrap up quicker than expected, with Joe destroying Styles with a chair shot, only to be taken out by Daniels, who then quickly climbed the ropes to get the win, taking away Joe's X Division Title. For the third time, Samoa Joe had lost in TNA without submitting or getting pinned, still managing to proclaim himself as "undefeated".

An irate Samoa Joe burst into Larry Zbyszko's office the next Impact, wanting his rematch with Daniels for the X Division Title. Zbyszko had other plans, though, telling Samoa Joe that he had to get out of the X Division, and that Zbyszko would let him know who his opponent was the next week. After Zbyszko walked away, Samoa Joe lost it, shoving down the interviewer, then destroying Zbyszko's office, including kicking in the door. An unhappy Joe came out at the beginning of the next Impact, demanding to know his next opponent from Mike Tenay. A video was soon played, showing that Joe's next opponent would be the returning hardcore legend, Sabu! Joe looked on in frustration as the video ran, apparently not happy about the announcement. Joe did get some satisfaction the next week, though, as he won a "#1 Contenders" Match over Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, and Alex Shelley, getting what he wanted: an X Division Title rematch against Daniels on the first Thursday night Impact.

The match started even before Impact went on the air, with Daniels strong in the beginning, landing a Split-Legged Moonsault to the outside. But Samoa Joe came back, bloodying Daniels with a shot into the ringpost. Samoa Joe dominated the majority of the match from then on, using his strength to shut down any rallies from the Fallen Angel. Near the end, though, Daniels got some momentum, and nearly pinned Samoa Joe after a Blue Thunder Driver. Daniels also landed the Best Moonsault Ever for a close 2 count. But Samoa Joe was later able to catch Daniels on the top rope with a low blow, which he followed with his Top-Rope Island Driver (never before seen in TNA), getting the victory and becoming the X Division Champion once again! As Samoa Joe celebrated, though, Sabu's music played, with a video playing on the big screen, reminding Joe of his next opponent.

At Lockdown '06 Samoa Joe defended the X Division Title against Sabu in a "Steel Cage" Match. Samoa Joe seemed to have a major advantage going in, as Sabu had actually broken his arm at another show earlier in the week. But Sabu still fought hard, using a chair as a major weapon against the Samoan Submission Machine. Samoa Joe gave it right back, though, and in the end, he delivered the Muscle Busta to Sabu, getting the victory to stay the champion. Samoa Joe continued wrestling the next Impact, as he faced and once again defeated his long-time RoH foe, Jay Lethal, with the Muscle Buster. An interesting incident happened after the match, as Joe came face-to-face with Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner, who were coming out to have a face-off with Sting. Joe didn't back down, even going nose-to-nose with Steiner, before finally walking away.

On the Impact before the next PPV, Sting, who had been taunting Jarrett & Steiner with a "Deal or No Deal" choice about his tag-team partner the previous few weeks, gave Jarrett one last chance to choose his partner. Jarrett, thinking he had Sting, 'called his bluff', choosing the tunnel. Sting, acting dejected, then started reading information about his new partner off of a card, everything from his participating in the opening of the '84 Olympics to his being the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! Joe walked out to the cheers of the crowd, as Jarrett & Steiner looked on in shock. At Sacrifice '06, Jarrett & Steiner tried to get some bad blood flowing, as they told Sting that he couldn't trust Samoa Joe. However, Joe was interested only in doing the job, not in making friends. Early on in the match, after Sting did well against both opponents, he tagged in Joe, who went nose-to-nose with Steiner. Steiner tried to intimidate him with a flex, but Joe just slapped him, then took control. Jarrett kneed Joe later on from the outside, though, allowing Jarrett's team to take control. But Joe came back, taking out Jarrett with the St. Joe, then tagging Sting back in. Sting got the Scorpion Deathlock on Steiner at one point, but Jarrett broke it up, leading to a double-team. Sting, though, eventually managed to tag Joe back in, who cleaned house, eventually landing the Muscle Buster on Jarrett for the win!

After the match, Joe reluctantly shook hands with Sting, then walked away. Sting, meanwhile, was nailed by a chair shot from an enraged Steiner! As Steiner & Jarrett continued the punishment on Sting, Samoa Joe turned around, watched for a second, then continued to walk away, his job complete. Instead, several TNA wrestlers, such as Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Rhino, & the James Gang, made the save. On the next Impact, Samoa Joe was set to wrestle against Chase Stevens. On the way down, Joe had a confrontation with Steiner, who was badgering the announce team for a shot at Sting. The two came face-to-face again, with Steiner eventually walking off, while Joe went to the ring to take care of business. Although Stevens got in a few shots, Joe dominated, Choking Stevens out. After the match, Joe seemed interested in doing a little more damage, but Stevens' tag-team partner, Andy Douglas, made his return, shielding Stevens. Joe smirked and walked away, satisfied with the win.

On the first Impact of June '06, Samoa Joe gave an interview, explaining his reasons why he didn't help Sting. Joe said that he did what he promised, working bell-to-bell with the Stinger, but that Sting had stolen the spotlight, so he felt he didn't owe Sting anything. Joe also mentioned Steiner, telling him that he was too old to want anything to do with Samoa Joe. A week later, Samoa Joe had a scheduled X Division match that was broken up by Steiner, who was upset after having lost, via DQ, to Sting earlier, losing his chance to get into the KOTM Match. Samoa Joe got in Steiner's face twice, getting pie-faced away both times. Samoa Joe then calmly removed his towel and attacked Steiner, causing a wild brawl that had to be broken up by security! Later in the show, Christy Hemme brought a letter to the announce desk from the new Authority in TNA, stating that Samoa Joe would be facing Steiner at the next PPV.

The two big-time wrestlers met up at Slammiversary '06 with each determined to take out the other. Things quickly broke down, as Steiner paint-brushed Joe after a takedown, followed by Joe spitting on Steiner! The two brawled back-and-forth for a while, letting out their ferocity on their opponent. As the match went on, things grew worse, with Steiner nailing Joe repeatedly with chair shots at one point. Joe barely managed to get back into the ring, avoiding the countout. Steiner still stayed strong, though, later using a low blow to enable him to get the Steiner Recliner on Samoa Joe. But Joe managed to fight it off, lifting Steiner up and delivering a huge Powerslam to get the pin, taking out Steiner and continuing his streak of never having been pinned or being forced to submit.

A few days later on Impact, Samoa Joe put his X Division Title on the line in a Three-Way Match against Sonjay Dutt and Senshi. During the competitive match, Steiner came out and attacked Joe, nailing him with a huge chair shot! With Joe pretty much out of the match, Senshi took advantage, hitting the Warrior's Way on Dutt for the victory, taking away Joe's X Division Title. The next week, new TNA Commissioner Jim Cornette had a 'meeting' in the middle of the ring, with the rest of the roster in attendance. Cornette announced a special #1 Contender's Match at the next PPV, with the winner to get a shot at Jeff Jarrett. The participants would be Christian Cage, Sting, Steiner, and Samoa Joe! The area around the ring soon turned into a brawl, with Samoa Joe coming out behind Steiner at one point to apply the Choke submission!

Going into July '06, Samoa Joe stayed in the main-event feud. After a tag-team match between Steiner & Jarrett and Cage & Sting, the heels beat down the faces, with Samoa Joe making the save by attacking Steiner again. Joe, Steiner, Cage, and Sting met up at Victory Road '06 to decide the #1 Contender, with Joe looking for his first crack at the NWA World Heavyweight Title. But Joe faced staunch resistance, taking a Flying Elbow through a table by Steiner at one point. In the end, Cage took out Steiner with a Frog Splash, but Sting made the pin, winning the title shot. On the next Impact, a self-proclaimed depressed Joe came out after Rhino had squashed another wrestler (who had accepted a challenge from Rhino). Joe wanted to face Rhino the next week, but when Rhino said he didn't want to wait, the two men went at it, with security becoming involved.

The two men main-evented the next Impact, with Rhino's rival, Monty Brown, watching from ringside. When Brown interfered in the match, pulling Rhino out of the ring, Samoa Joe took flight, getting a suicide dive onto both men! The three athletes fought up the ramp, with Joe getting his Choke on Brown. Unfortunately, the Choke was applied in front of a leaning table, as Rhino Gored both men through it! It was later announced by Jim Cornette that the three men would fight again at the next PPV, Hard Justice '06. The match was soon named a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match, which meant that anything could be used as a weapon. It didn't take long for this to occur, as trash cans, chairs, pans, kendo sticks, and other weapons came into play as the three men fought through the arena. Late in the match, the three men fought up onto the stage way, where Rhino went for a Gore on Brown but missed, flying off the stage and through several tables! With Rhino down, Samoa Joe took advantage, taking Brown off the ramp through another table and getting the pin for the win, surviving another match.

Joe continued his winning ways on the next Impact, taking out Ron "The Truth" Killings in a tough match. However, for the next few weeks afterwards, Joe was strangely missing from TNA, although he was still going strong in Ring of Honor and other independent events. Around the same time, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett, was 'feuding' with Commissioner Jim Cornette. Cornette set up a special lie detector test at the beginning of September '06 to test Jarrett on his knowledge of the treachery that occurred when he won the title (due to actions taken by Earl Hebner and Larry Zbyszko). When Jarrett failed part of the test, Cornette set up a match for the next PPV, with fans at ringside with the ability to whip Jarrett with Leather Straps! He also announced Jarrett's opponent: Samoa Joe!

The next week, when Zbyszko tried to get Cornette to cancel the match, Joe intervened, tossing Zbyszko to the fans (who whipped him). A week later, though, Jarrett got the upper hand during a brawl, blooding Joe with a guitar shot and choking him out. Joe later appeared on camera, swearing revenge against the champion. The two met in a "Non-Title" Match at No Surrender '06, with the chosen fans at ringside ready to take out their frustration on Jarrett's hide with leather straps. Jarrett tried to protect himself, wearing numerous shirts to keep the straps from injuring him. At one point, the fans got to tee off on Jarrett, but then chose not to hit Samoa Joe (possibly fearing for their own lives). Later on, the fans actually entered the ring, giving it to Jarrett with the straps. Late in the match, Jarrett managed to get the Stroke onto a guitar, but Joe surprisingly kicked out at 2, then came back, taking out Jarrett with the Muscle Buster and pinning the NWA World Heavyweight Champion! To emphasize that point, Joe left with Jarrett's title, keeping it for himself!

On the next Impact, Joe defeated Raven with the Choke, then took out both Brother Runt and Abyss (who were coming after the title). Joe then challenged Jarrett to come get the belt back himself. Later on that night, Jarrett complained to Commissioner Cornette, even going so far as to attack visiting 'legends' Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell. Samoa Joe made the save, again going at it with Jarrett. For the next few weeks, Samoa Joe continued to hold the title, going at it with wrestlers like Abyss and Christian Cage, but always managing to regain it before Jarrett could get his hands on it.

On the October 19th Impact, a reluctant Jim Cornette made the announcement that, if Samoa Joe did not return the NWA World Title that night, Joe would be taken off the TNA roster! Joe came out and read over the paperwork, then destroyed it, with the fans chanting for him to "keep the title". Right afterwards, though, Kurt Angle made his first appearance in TNA, going nose-to-nose with Joe! Angle struck first, getting a headbutt on Joe and delivering his Angle Slam! But as Angle celebrated by hoisting up the title, a bloody Joe rose behind him, nailing Angle with an Enziguiri and continuing the brawl! As the two men fought, Jarrett appeared, sneaking into the ring and finally taking the title back. Neither Joe nor Angle seemed to care, as they continued to go at it, with security having to intervene.

At Bound For Glory '06, Joe and Angle had another confrontation outside the arena, with security quickly separating the two men. Cornette, though, was more concerned about the World Title Match, and thus announced that if Joe interfered with Angle's duties, Joe would be out of TNA. This announcement didn't quite stop things, though, as, after Angle came out to talk to Cornette, Joe again rushed the ring, with the two going at it. Once again, security became involved, and soon Joe was thrown out of the building, allowing Angle to concentrate on the main event match. Samoa Joe (surprisingly) didn't return, as Angle helped keep the match going, leading to Sting winning the NWA World Title from Jarrett.

With the Guest Referee/Enforcer duties out of the way, Joe and Angle began to concentrate fully on each other. For a few weeks, Joe and Angle continued to meet up in brawls, with security/wrestlers/et cetera having their hands full at keeping them separated. After Angle's first match in TNA (beating Abyss), Angle was attacked by Joe, and after a series of moves, Joe got the upper hand by KO'ing Angle with a chair shot! While Abyss fought with Sting, Joe put Angle in his Choke Submission hold, tightening his grip on the bloody Olympic Hero. The two wrestlers met up at Genesis '06 a few days later, in an absolute dream match to the fans in attendance. It was an incredible battle between the two all-star wrestlers, with several near-falls and false finishes. In the end, though, Angle managed to dodge a charge from Joe, who hit the ringpost. Angle then got the Grapevine Ankle Lock, ripping at it until Joe tapped out, ending Samoa Joe's undefeated streak in TNA! After the match, Joe congratulated Angle, while also wanting a rematch. But when Joe put out his hand, Angle simply walked away.

A few days later on Impact, Joe again talked about the PPV match, wanting to know Angle's answer to his challenge for a rematch. Angle then came down and accepted the challenge, under one condition: he wanted both men to watch each other's backs, to make sure that there were no excuses for when Angle beat Joe again. A week later, Angle was set to team up with Petey Williams to take on LAX in a NWA World Tag-Team Titles Match. However, LAX struck first, taking out Williams in the back to make it a "Handicap" Match. Although Angle held his own, he was still out-numbered, taking on Hernandez & Homicide (along with Konnan outside the ring). But Angle soon was joined by none other than Samoa Joe, who went to Angle's corner and got the hot tag! Joe & Angle soon made both members of LAX tap out, apparently winning the titles! But Jim Cornette quickly made an appearance, regretfully announcing that, since Joe was not the official participant, the belts would not change hands.

Going into December '06, Samoa Joe and Angle joined Christian Cage, Rhino, and Sting in an "All-Star War" Match on the Impact before the PPV. Rhino was taken out of the match early, as he brawled with AJ Styles out of the arena. The rest of the fighters went at it, with Angle seemingly protecting Joe near the end. But Angle then turned on Joe, giving him the Angle Slam and getting the pinfall on him, winning the match! This just led more fuel to the fire as the two men prepared to meet in their rematch. At Turning Point '06, a confident Angle told interviewer Jeremy Borash that this would be the final meeting between the two men, as it would prove who the better man was. The two wrestlers then met in another epic match, with several near falls. Towards the end, the referee was knocked down, keeping him from making the call when Angle tapped out to the Choke Submission. This allowed Angle to come back with a low blow on Joe. However, when Angle tried to use a chair, it backfired dramatically, bouncing off the ropes and into Angle's face! With Angle stunned, Joe reapplied the Choke, and, with the referee watching this time, Angle submitted, giving Joe the victory over the Olympic Hero!

On the next Impact, Angle came to the ring and demanded a rematch against Samoa Joe. However, Joe appeared on the big screen and repeated Angle's words from the night before, stating that there wasn't going to be a rematch! Angle snapped afterwards, taking out announcer Don West with the Ankle Lock! Angle's wave of destruction continued throughout the night, with attacks on Eric Young, referee Slick Johnson, and finally So Cal Val. Jim Cornette finally ended the attacks by announcing that, while he couldn't go against Samoa Joe's contract regarding rematches, he could put Samoa Joe against Angle in a tag match the next week. For the match, Joe teamed with AJ Styles, while Angle was paired with Rhino (interestingly, Rhino was a face at the time, while Styles was a heel). After another exciting match, Angle's team got the win, with Angle trying to break Samoa Joe's ankle after the match.

Despite the injury to Samoa Joe's leg (which was legitimate), Joe continued to say that he was going after the NWA World Title, rather than facing Angle again. Joe came out later in the evening to accept the award for Mr. TNA 2007, using crutches to make his way out. As Joe accepted the award, Angle appeared in the entryway, dragging out Samoa Joe's girlfriend! Angle put the girlfriend in the Ankle Lock, refusing to let go until Samoa Joe finally accepted the rematch. Afterwards, Angle released the hold and told the girl that it wasn't personal, but changed his mind and made it personal by breaking the girl's ankle! Angle then walked off, as Samoa Joe hobbled to his girlfriend's aid.

TNA: 2007

The feud between the two technicial brawlers continued into the new year, as Samoa Joe attacked Angle before his match with Christian Cage on the first Impact of '07. After a long brawl throughout the arena, things were finally broken up, with Jim Cornette announcing that the match at the next PPV would be a 30-minute Iron Man Match! A week later, with Cornette promising Angle that Samoa Joe wouldn't attack him during his match, Angle took on Maverick Matt Bentley, easily beating him despite the rest of Serotonin interfering. Later on, Angle was the special guard for a Non-Title match between Tomko and the NWA World Champion, Abyss, as Angle kept Christian Cage locked in a cage. Samoa Joe came down, though (since his promise not to interfere only pertained to Angle's match) and started another brawl with Angle, even as Cage escaped to double-team Abyss (with Sting again making the save).

The 30-Minute Iron Man Match at Final Resolution '07 took on extra meaning when it was announced that the winner would become #1 Contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Joe and Angle went at it immediately, each looking for a submission or a pinfall to take the lead. Both competitors soon proved their worth, though, as 10 minutes went by without a single win by either man. Finally, 13 minutes in, Angle was caught by Joe's Choke Submission, forcing him to tap out to save his strength. A few minutes later, Angle got things tied up again, getting Joe to submit to the Ankle Lock. Angle continued to work on Joe's leg for the next few minutes, dodging a Joe maneuver to get the Grapevine Ankle Lock, getting Joe to tap for the second time. But Joe came back later on with his MuscleBuster, knocking Angle out to tie things at 2-2 with only 8 minutes left. A few minutes later, Angle was able to reverse a German suplex into a Victory Roll, keeping Joe down long enough to again take the lead, 3-2. Angle then spent the rest of the time trying to stay away from Joe's biggest maneuvers. With less than a minute left, though, Joe pulled out one of Angle's tricks, the Grapevine Ankle Lock! Angle held on, though, only tapping after the bell rang to cause Joe to lose the rubber match between the two, as well as his first crack at the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

On the next Impact, the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage, got into it with Angle, mentioning that he had hired a special trainer who knew how to wrestle like Angle, hated Angle, and was going to prepare Cage to beat Angle! Cage also said he'd give a hint to who the person was later in the broadcast. Later on, after Angle's match with AJ Styles, Cage & Tomko attacked him, with none other than Samoa Joe making the save, sending the two heels to the outside. However, Cage then announced that the hint had been given, leading to speculation that Joe was Cage's trainer! Joe and Angle again butted heads, with security quickly coming to the ring to prevent another brawl.

Samoa Joe explained himself a week later, stating that he wanted Angle to win the NWA World Title, so that Samoa Joe could face him for the belt. Joe also named himself the 'unofficial' enforcer for the PPV match between Angle and Cage. Angle then came out to challenge Joe, still thinking that Joe was the trainer that Cage had mentioned. When Cage reappeared with Tomko at his side, saying that a second hint had been shown, Joe and Angle went at it again, leading to another call for security. Joe later played enforcer that night for the match between Cage and Christopher Daniels, trying to keep Tomko from interfering. But Joe's own entry into the ring (to stop an apparent Tomko assault) allowed Cage to get a low blow and the Unprettier for the win. Cage gave Joe a Thumbs Up after the match, leading to Angle coming out again to go nose-to-nose with Joe.

(Last Updated: 1/27/2007)

TNA Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (49 - 33, 1 NC)
- TNA Slammiversary (June 19, '05) = Samoa Joe forced Sonjay Dutt to submit.
- TNA No Surrender (July 17, '05) = Samoa Joe took down Chris Sabin.
- TNA Super X Tournament '05 (July/August) = Samoa Joe defeated Sonjay Dutt and Alex Shelley to reach the finals of the tournament.
- TNA Sacrifice (August 14, '05) = Samoa Joe won the 2005 Super X Cup, beating AJ Styles in the finals.
- TNA Unbreakable (September 11, '05) = Samoa Joe lost a "Triple Threat" Match to AJ Styles, who won the TNA X Division Title. Christopher Daniels was the other participant.
- TNA Bound For Glory (October 23, '05) = Samoa Joe defeated Jushin Thunder Liger. Later on, Samoa Joe competed in the "#1 Contenders Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Rhino.
- TNA Genesis (November 13, '05) = Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Alex Shelley, & Roderick Strong fought in an "Elimination X" Match against Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Austin Aries, & Matt Bentley. Samoa Joe & Daniels 'survived'.
- TNA Turning Point '05 (December 11) = Samoa Joe won the X Division Title, defeating AJ Styles.
- TNA Final Resolution '06 (January 15) = Samoa Joe stayed the X Division Champion, winning, via towel thrown in (by AJ Styles), over Christopher Daniels.
- TNA Against All Odds '06 (February 12) = Samoa Joe kept the X Division Title, winning a "Triple Threat" Match over Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles.
- TNA Destination X '06 (March 12) = Samoa Joe lost the TNA X Division Title in an "Ultimate X" Match to Christopher Daniels. AJ Styles was the other participant.
- TNA Lockdown '06 (April 23) = Samoa Joe retained the TNA X Division Title, winning a "Steel Cage" Match over Sabu.
- TNA Sacrifice '06 (May 14) = Samoa Joe & Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner.
- TNA Slammiversary '06 (June 18) = Samoa Joe, as the X Division Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over Scott Steiner.
- TNA Victory Road '06 (July 16) = Samoa Joe lost a "Four-Way #1 Contenders" Match to Sting. Christian Cage and Scott Steiner were the other participants.
- TNA Hard Justice '06 (August 13) = Samoa Joe won a "Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat" Match over Monty Brown and Rhino.
- TNA No Surrender '06 (September 24) = Samoa Joe won a "Non-Title Fan's Revenge" Match over the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett.
- TNA Bound For Glory '06 (October 22) = Samoa Joe won the "Monster's Ball" Match over Abyss, Raven, and Runt.
- TNA Genesis '06 (November 19) = Samoa Joe was forced to submit to Kurt Angle.
- TNA Turning Point '06 (December 10) = Samoa Joe forced Kurt Angle to submit.
- TNA Final Resolution '07 (January 14) = Samoa Joe lost a "30-Minute Iron Man #1 Contenders" Match to Kurt Angle.
- TNA Destination X '07 (March 11) = Samoa Joe lost to the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage.
- TNA Lockdown '07 (April 15) = Team Angle (Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, & Sting) won a "Lethal Lockdown" Match over Team Cage (Christian Cage, Scott Steiner, AJ Styles, Tyson Tomko, & Abyss). Since Sting got the pinfall, he became #1 Contender to Cage's NWA World Title.
- TNA Sacrifice '07 (May 13) = Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles.
- TNA Slammiversary '07 (June 17) = Samoa Joe lost a "King of the Mountain" Match to Kurt Angle, who won the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Christian Cage, Chris Harris, and AJ Styles were the other participants.
- TNA Victory Road '07 (July 15) = Samoa Joe, as the TNA X Divison Champion, & TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle won the "Match of Champions" over the TNA World Tag-Team Champions, Team 3-D. Due to Samoa Joe getting the pin, he earned the TNA World Tag-Team Titles.
- TNA Hard Justice '07 (August 12) = Samoa Joe lost the TNA World Tag-Team Titles and the TNA X Division Title, losing a "Winner Takes All" Match to the TNA World Heavyweight & IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle.
- TNA No Surrender '07 (September 9) = Samoa Joe lost, via DQ, to Christian Cage.
- TNA Bound For Glory '07 (October 14) = Samoa Joe won a "There Must Be A Winner" Match over Christian Cage. Matt Morgan was the special referee.
- TNA Genesis '07 (November 11) = Samoa Joe defeated Robert Roode.
- TNA Turkey Bowl Tournament '07 (November) = Samoa Joe won a "Three-Way Qualifying" Match over Johnny Devine and Kip James, then won the final "Three-Way" Match over Chris Sabin and AJ Styles to win the tournament.
- TNA Turning Point '07 (December 2) = Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, & Eric Young took down the Angle Alliance (Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, & Tomko).
- TNA Final Resolution '08 (January 6) = Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash lost to the TNA World Tag-Team Champs, AJ Styles & Tomko.
- TNA Destination X '08 (March 9) = Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, & Kevin Nash defeated the Angle Alliance (Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, & Tomko).
- TNA Lockdown '08 (April 13) = Samoa Joe won the TNA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Steel Cage" Match over Kurt Angle.
- TNA Sacrifice '08 (May 11) = Samoa Joe retained the TNA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Three Way" Match over Frankie Kazarian (replacing an injured Kurt Angle) and Scott Steiner.
- TNA Slammiversary '08 (June 8) = Samoa Joe stayed the TNA World Champion, winning a "King of the Mountain" Match over Booker T, Christian Cage, Rhino, and Robert Roode.
- TNA Victory Road '08 (July 13) = Samoa Joe, as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, fought to a No-Contest with Booker T.
- TNA Hard Justice '08 (August 10) = Samoa Joe retained the TNA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Six Sides of Steel Weapons" Match over Booker T.
- TNA No Surrender '08 (September 14) = Samoa Joe stayed the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, winning a "Three Ways To Glory" Match over Kurt Angle and Christian Cage.
- TNA Bound For Glory '08 (October 12) = Samoa Joe lost the TNA World Heavyweight Title to Sting.
- TNA Turning Point '08 (November 9) = Samoa Joe fell to Kevin Nash.
- TNA Final Resolution '08 (#2) (December 7, '08) = The Front Line (Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, & Team 3D) were beaten by the Main Event Mafia (Booker T, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, & Sting). Sting's TNA World Title was on the line in the match.
- TNA Destination X '09 (March 15) = Samoa Joe lost, via DQ, to Scott Steiner.
- TNA Lockdown '09 (April 19) = Team Jarrett (Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett, Christopher Daniels, & AJ Styles) won a "Lethal Lockdown" Match over Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Booker T, Kevin Nash, & Scott Steiner).
- TNA Sacrifice '09 (May 24) = Samoa Joe took down Kevin Nash.
- TNA Slammiversary '09 (June 21) = Samoa Joe lost a "King of the Mountain" Match to Kurt Angle, who won the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, and AJ Styles were the other participants.
- TNA Victory Road '09 (July 19) = Samoa Joe defeated Sting.
- TNA Hard Justice '09 (August 16) = Samoa Joe won the TNA X Division Title, beating Homicide.
- TNA No Surrender '09 (September 20) = Samoa Joe retained the TNA X Division Title, taking down Christopher Daniels.
- TNA Bound For Glory '09 (October 18) = Samoa Joe lost a "Submission" Match to Bobby Lashley.
- TNA Turning Point '09 (November 15) = Samoa Joe lost a "Three Way" Match to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles. Christopher Daniels was the other participant.
- TNA Final Resolution '09 (December 20) = Samoa Joe won a briefcase in the "Feast Or Fired" Match, along with Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kevin Nash, and Rob Terry. Samoa Joe earned a TNA World Title shot.
- TNA Against All Odds '10 (February 14) = Samoa Joe lost to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles. Eric Bischoff was the special referee.
- TNA Victory Road '10 (July 11) = Samoa Joe & Rob Terry fell to AJ Styles & Kazarian.
- TNA No Surrender '10 (September 5) = Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett defeated Kevin Nash & Sting.
- TNA Bound For Glory '10 (October 10) = Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett lost a "Handicap" Match to Kevin Nash, Sting, & Pope D'Angelo Dinero. Jarrett walked out on Samoa Joe during the match.
- TNA Turning Point '10 (November 7) = Samoa Joe fell to Jeff Jarrett.
- TNA Final Resolution '10 (December 5) = Samoa Joe lost a "Submission" Match to Jeff Jarrett.
- TNA Against All Odds 11 (February 13) = Samoe Joe defeated Pope D'Angelo Dinero.
- TNA Lockdown 11 (April 17) = Samoa Joe won a "Steel Cage" Match over Pope D'Angelo Dinero.
- TNA Slammiversary IX (June 12, 11) = Samoa Joe was beaten by Crimson.
- TNA Destination X 11 (July 10) = Samoa Joe fell to Kazarian.
- TNA No Surrender 11 (September 11) = Samoa Joe lost to Matt Morgan.
- TNA Bound For Glory 11 (October 16) = Samoa Joe lost a "Three-Way" Match to Crimson. Matt Morgan was the other participant.
- TNA Maximum Impact Tournament 11 (November/December) = Samoa Joe took down Douglas Williams, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels to win the tournament.
- TNA Genesis '12 (January 8, '12) = Samoa Joe & Magnus lost to the TNA World Tag-Team Champions, Matt Morgan & Crimson.
- TNA Against All Odds '12 (February 12, '12) = Samoa Joe & Magnus won the TNA World Tag-Team Titles, beating Matt Morgan & Crimson.
- TNA Victory Road '12 (March 18) = Samoa Joe & Magnus retained the TNA World Tag-Team Titles, defeating Matt Morgan & Crimson.
- TNA Lockdown '12 (April 15) = Samoa Joe & Magnus stayed the TNA World Tag-Team Champions, winning a "Steel Cage" Match over the Motor City Machine Guns.
- TNA Sacrifice '12 (May 13) = Samoa Joe & Magnus lost the TNA World Tag-Team Titles to Christopher Daniels & Kazarian.
- TNA Slammiversary '12 (June 10) = Samoa Joe lost to the TNA X Division Champion, Austin Aries.
- TNA Destination X '12 (July 8) = Samoa Joe took down Kurt Angle.
- TNA Hardcore Justice '12 (August 12) = Samoa Joe lost a "Ladder" Match to AJ Styles. Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels were the other participants.
- TNA No Surrender '12 (September 9) = Samoa Joe lost in the semi-finals of the Bound For Glory Series '12 to the eventual winner, Jeff Hardy.
- TNA Bound For Glory '12 (October 14) = Samoa Joe retained the TNA Television Title, defeating Magnus.
- TNA Turning Point '12 (November 11) = Samoa Joe stayed the TNA Television Champion, winning a "No Disqualification" Match over Magnus.
- TNA Final Resolution '12 (December 9) = Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Wes Brisco, & Garett Bischoff beat Aces & Eights (Brother Devon, DOC, Mike Knox, & CJ O'Doyle).
- TNA Genesis '13 (January 13) = Samoa Joe fell to Mr. Anderson.
- TNA Lockdown '13 (March 10) = Samoa Joe, James Storm, Eric Young, Magnus, & Sting won a "Lethal Lockdown" Match over Aces & Eights (Mr. Anderson, Garett Bischoff, Devon, DOC, & Knox).

TNA Title Summary:
- TNA X Division Champion (12/11/2005 - 3/12/2006)
- TNA X Division Champion(2) (4/10/2006 - 6/19/2006)
- TNA X Division Champion(3) (6/19/2007 - 8/12/2007)
- TNA World Tag-Team Champion (no partner) (7/25/2007 - 8/12/2007)
- TNA World Heavyweight Champion (4/13/2008 - 10/12/2008)
- TNA X Division Champion(4) (8/16/2009 - 10/05/2009)
- TNA World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Magnus (2/12/2012 - 5/13/2012)
- TNA Television Champion (9/27/2012 - 12/06/2012)