Shane Helms

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 210 lbs

Real Name: Gregory Shane Helms

DOB: 7/12/1974

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Other Names: "The Suicide Bomb", "The Show", "The Serial Thriller", "IBM: Insane Bump Machine", Kid Vicious, Gauge, "The Nice Package", "Sugar" (WCW), Shane Helms (WCW), "Hollywood" Gregory Helms(WWF), Hurricane Helms(WWF), The Hurricane(WWE)

Wrestler Since: 1990

Finishing Maneuver: Eye of the Hurricane/Nightmare on Helm's Street, Shining Wizard, Vertebreaker

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #355(2010), #193(2009), #44(2008), #44(2007), #153(2006), #75(2005), #58(2004), #21(2003), #26(2002), #31(2001), #144(2000), #234(1999)

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History: (Last Edited: 5/22/06)

The Beginning / Independents / OMEGA / SCW / NWA Worldwide
WCW: 1999 / 2000 / 2001
WWF: The Alliance-2001 / WWF-2001 / 2002
WWE Smackdown: 2002
WWE Raw: 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006
WWE Smackdown: 2006

The Beginning

Gregory Shane Helms has controlled many roles. He's played the goofy role, hanging out in 3 Count and dressing up as the Hurricane. He's played the serious role, leading to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. With so much experience behind him as a 15-year veteran of the sport, it's easy to forget that Helms, only in his 30's, still has a great deal left to show us.

Helms, as stated on his official website, got the wrestling bug after seeing an independent show in North Carolina, where, at the age of 13, he was allowed to enter the ring after the event and run the ropes. He soon began working on the ring crew for a local promotion, gaining knowledge of how the wrestling business operated. He also trained at a wrestling school, fitting it in among his regular classes as he attended Junior High and High School. Helms began his wrestling career a few years later in '91, at the ripe old age of 16.


It didn't take Helms long to make an impact, as he soon defeated "Playboy" T.C. Cruise in only his second match to win the SWA Lightweight Championship. The reign didn't last long, but it started Helms on the path of gold early in his career. Helms began a run through various North Carolina organizations, usually coming out with the Lightweight Titles. In August '92, under the name Kid Vicious, Helms pinned the Gemini Kid for the Carolina Championship Wrestling Alliance Lightweight title. He later vacated the belt due to injuries, then returned later on to get the belt for a second time. Helms earned at least seven Lightweight Titles in the first few years of his career, which helped him earn the PWA Wrestler of the Year Award in 1992.

Helms contined to wrestle on the independent scene, under various monikers, including Kid Vicious and Gauge. He also became known as "The Show" Shane Helms, which is when he began to team with "Big Daddy" Mike Maverick. They were first known as Assault & Battery, then changed it to the Serial Thrillaz, becoming one of the most dangerous tag-teams on the independent scene. They became known for the Thrilla Dance, something they did after their matches, which earned them recognition.


After winning the NDW Tag-Team Titles for a time, the duo moved on to the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA). This is where they really became well-known, wrestling with the Hardy Boyz, Shannon Moore, and other future stars. The Serial Thrillaz feuded with Maximum Carnage, the Hardy Boyz, Venom/Surge, and other tag-teams, earning the OMEGA Tag straps twice in their time there in '97-'98. The Serial Thrillaz later went to SCW, where they won the SCW Tag-Team titles from Club Security in February '99. Helms also later added the SCW Heavyweight to his collection, beating Otto Schwanz. But Helms had other things to do, and left SCW a few months later, vacating the Heavyweight belt and giving his tag strap to Maverick, who changed his name to Bo Dupp and gave the other belt to Schwanz, who became Jack Dupp. This was the end of the Serial Thrillaz.

NWA Worldwide

Helms also spent some time in NWA Worldwide, where he joined Shannon Moore, Christian York, & Joey Matthews as the Bad Street Boys, the precursor to 3 Count. Although the group was highly respected, Helms didn't manage to bring in any gold with the stable. Still, his ties with Moore began the formation of another great tag-team. All four members of the Bad Street Boys later tried out for World Championship Wrestling, with Helms & Moore signing contracts in May '99. Neither wrestler debuted for some time, however, as Helms became a key trainer for the "Ready to Rumble" movie (as well as a stunt double for David Arquette), which featured many WCW stars.

WCW: 1999

In November '99, Helms came out with Evan Karagias (already an established WCW cruiserweight) and Shannon Moore to form 3 Count, the boy band of WCW. They immediately claimed to have a musical hit, coming out before their matches and lip-synching to "Can't Get You Out Of My Heart" while dancing on green circles. Usually, they were interrupted by their opposition. They started out with a great feud with the Jung Dragons (Jaime-sun, Yun Yang, & Kaz Hayashi), flying all over the ring in 6-man tag-team action. The guys also participated in the WCW Cruiserweight Title Tournament, where Helms and Moore were forced to face off in the first round. After a high-flying bout, Moore won out in the end, leaving Helms on the outside of the tourney.

WCW: 2000

3 Count soon focused their attention on Norman Smiley, who showed his dislike for their music. Their first PPV match was at Superbrawl X, where Smiley, due to his injured ribs, was unmercifully beaten in a handicap match. 3 Count eventually took the win after a series of splashes, followed by a submission hold, making Smiley give up. The 3 Count team then declared that they were hardcore, leading to numerous fights with the Hardcore Champion, "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs. At the end of February '00, they managed an upset, taking out the champion and getting the Hardcore Title for themselves. Sharing it as a team, they went into Uncensored '00 to battle Knobbs once again, this time in a Gauntlet match. Helms was the first out, and he was the first one to go, as Knobbs worked through all three members of the team, getting his Hardcore strap back.

In April '00, Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo took control of WCW, forming two groups, the New Blood (younger wrestlers) and the Millionaire's Club (experienced wrestlers). Unfortunately, 3 Count did not figure into the plans, partially because of Shane's broken nose, acquired in a match against the Jung Dragons. It later required surgery, and had Helms wearing a mask to protect it for a few weeks, whenever he wrestled. In late summer '00, the boy band finally returned to television, singing a new song, "Dance With 3 Count". This earned them the favor of Tank Abbott, who loved listening to them sing, and would attack anyone who tried to stop them. Abbott soon became 3 Count's manager/security guard/back-up dancer, sometimes bringing out a green "square" for himself to dance on.

Abbott & 3 Count soon began a running feud with the trio's old adversaries, the Jung Dragons. Their repeated encounters led to a Ladder match at New Blood Rising, with a recording contract & a gold record hanging from the ceiling. There were many hair-raising spots throughout the match, many of them using the metal ladder to add to the impact. At one point, Helms send the ladder bouncing off the top rope right into the Jung Dragons. Helms also got sandwiched in the ladder and took a leg drop, putting him out of action. The match was later won after interference by Abbott cleared the way for Karagias to climb the ladder and get the contract, winning the match and apparently getting 3 Count a record deal. After the match, Abbott took the contract & the gold record and left. Later on, Abbott announced that he should be the lead singer, with 3 Count as his back-up band. This proved to be too much for 3 Count, who told Abbott that they were through. A minor feud with Tank soon erupted, which basically went nowhere, as Tank soon after left WCW.

3 Count next feuded with the MIA (Misfits In Action), signing a match against them at Fall Brawl '00. It was Helms, Moore, & Karagias vs. Corporal Cajun (Lash Leroux), Lieutenant Loco (Chavo Guerrero Jr), and AWOL (the Wall). 3 Count did well against Cajun and Loco, but had a lot of trouble with the massive AWOL, the only heavyweight in the match. Nearing the end, AWOL was going to chokeslam Helms through a table, until Moore & Karagias tried to make the save. Although AWOL got rid of them, Helms recovered enough to hit a superkick, sending AWOL into the table instead. This was about the only bright spot for Helms, as his team later lost the match due to Corporal Cajun getting his snow-plow finisher.

The core of 3 Count began crumbling after that. Karagias became more egotistical, taking over the center circle during 3 Count matches. In November '00, it all came to a head, when 3 Count was once again wrestling the Jung Dragons. After Karagias took the pinfall away from Helms & Moore, the duo turned on him, taking out their former leader. Three major tag-teams soon formed: Helms & Moore, still calling themselves 3 Count; Yang & Kaz Hayashi of the Jung Dragons; and Karagias & Jaime Knoble, who had been unmasked and kicked out of the Jung Dragons by Leia Meow, their manager. The three tag-team's wars with each other soon culminated in a Triangle Tag-Team match signed for Mayhem '00. The match was incredible, with spots coming from all angles, including a splash by Meow into all of the wrestlers. In the end, 3 Count emerged victorious, taking out Yang with their double-team neckbreaker.

The three groups continued to feud into the next month, when it was announced that there was going to be a Cruiserweight Contendership Ladder match at Starrcade '00. It involved all three tag-teams, which led to more insane action from all 6 wrestlers throughout the match, as they tried to reach the Cruiserweight Title contract hanging above the ring. Early on in the match, while the other two teams fought towards where the ladder was located, Helms & Moore broke off, getting a hidden ladder and sneaking into the ring with it. But they were seen by the Jung Dragons, who knocked them down. There were a lot of massive spots from all wrestlers, including the ladders being set up like scaffolding at one point. On top of the ladders, Shane & Shannon tossed Knoble & Yang off, then worked as a team, with both men grabbing the contract. They announced that they were going to have the Cruiserweight Title shot together. However, the people in charge disallowed it, saying that Helms & Moore had to have a match to decide who would get the shot. The two partners had a high-flying match, which ended up with Helms getting the victory. After the match, both men were attacked by the Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero Jr, but 3 Count fought him off.

WCW: 2001

Having earned the title shot, Helms feuded with Guerrero into 2001, leading up to WCW Sin. At the pay-per-view, Helms got his title shot, and had a nice match-up with Guerrero in the opening bout of the night. They went back and forth, with many reversals, but in the end, Helms found the short end of the stick, as Guerrero got his Tornado DDT to get the victory and retain the title. Helms then took a (very) short sabbatical with Moore, as the two went to NWA Wildside in Georgia and defeated Suicidal Tendencies (John Phoenix & Adam Jacobs) for the NWA Wildside Tag-Team Titles. Unfortunately, a day later, 3 Count lost to the Boogaloo Crew (Scotty Wrenn & J.C. Dazz) in a Triangle Tag match, with Suicidal Tendencies being the other competitors. Helms & Moore then came back into WCW, wrestling as if they had never left, but staying mainly in the cruiserweight division.

At Superbrawl: Revenge, "Sugar" Shane Helms was originally scheduled to be standing on the sidelines. But when Billy Kidman was taken out by Animal early on in the night, Helms was inserted in Kidman's place in the Cruiserweight Contenders Elimination match, which also featured Moore, Yang, Hayashi, Knoble, & Karagias. Of course, 3 Count worked together in the early goings of the match. After some hair-rising spots from most of the competitors, Helms finally scored the first elimination, taking out Karagias with the Vertebreaker. Next to go was Yang, being tombstoned by Knoble. Knoble then concentrated on 3 Count, but after knocking down Helms, he was eliminated by a "Bottoms Up" by Moore. This left 3 Count against Hayashi, putting the Jung Dragon at a distinct advantage. But after double-teaming the man, Moore suddenly turned on Helms, attacking him and breaking down the match into a Three-Way contest. After Moore & Hayashi battled for a time, Helms suddenly came back, knocking out Moore with the Vertebreaker and eliminating him. Then it was only a matter of time before Helms got the Nightmare on Helms Street, taking out Hayashi and once again becoming the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title.

The fighting between Helms & Moore later proved to be 3 Count's downfall, as Moore suddenly rejoined Karagias, double-teaming Helms and taking him down. Helms then feuded briefly with the new formation of 3 Count, before concentrating on Guerrero Jr, whom he was getting a second chance against. At WCW Greed, the two had it out in another great match between the two. During the match, both the Tornado DDT and the Nightmare on Helm's Street showed up. But what won out after the long match-up was Helms reversing Guerrero into the Vertebreaker, hitting his finisher and gaining the WCW World Cruisrweight Title for the very first time. He retained the belt all the way to the closure of the Turner-ran WCW in March '01, defeating Chavo Guerrero Jr in another exciting match during the season finale.

WWF - WCW/ECW Alliance: 2001

Over the next few months, Helms competed in smaller organizations, keeping his skills high. In April '01, he teamed up with Lenny Lane in Texas Championship Wrestling to beat the Overboyz (Joey Corman & Samir) to win the TCW Tag-Team Titles for a time. In the later weeks of June '01, WCW wrestlers began invading WWF programming. This eventually led to Vince McMahon allowing WCW matches to take place during the WWF's television time. A match was signed for the first Smackdown of July '01 between Billy Kidman and the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, "Hollywood" Gregory Helms (taking on his real first name). Although Helms gave it everything he had, including scoring with the Nightmare on Helms' Street, Kidman was still able to reverse the Vertebreaker into a killer maneuver, locking Helms' head with his knees and dropping to the canvas. Kidman then made the pin to take away the Cruiserweight Title on the wrestler's first match on WWF programming. Despite losing the belt, Helms continued to be part of the Invasion force, joining the other WCW wrestlers, and later the ECW faction, in their "Invasion" of the WWF.

Gregory Helms wrestled as a low-card cruiserweight for a while in the WCW/ECW Alliance, but began to make waves after talking with the Alliance leader, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Austin pointed out Helms' tattoo, which was the symbol of the Green Lantern, a popular DC comic book character. Helms soon began acting differently, calling himself "Hurricane" Helms. He called the Green Lantern the second-greatest super-hero ever, behind Austin. On the final Raw of August '01, Helms came out to face the European Champion, Matt Hardy, wearing a green super-hero outfit. He had now become the Hurricane. During the match, Hardy's girl, Lita, was attacked by WWE turncoat, Ivory, who had a tire iron. When Hardy tried to protect Lita, he also got hit with the tire iron, which allowed Hurricane Helms to take Hardy down and become the European Champion.

As the unlikely European Champ, Hurricane Helms began to make a name for himself in the Alliance. With his new 'super' attitude, the Hurricane teamed up with Ivory and straight-man "Citizen" Lance Storm, as he fought for the American Way in his own fashion. Hurricane Helms would also occassionally appear as his 'alter-ego', reporter Gregory Helms, pretending not to be the character that everyone knew him to be. The Hurricane soon became known for his catch-phrase, "What's Up With Dat?"

The Hurricane & Citizen Storm had their first PPV match together at Unforgiven '01, where they fought in a "Four Corner Elimination" Match with Spike Dudley & the Big Show, the Hardy Boyz, and the WWF Tag Champs, the Dudley Boyz. Although the Hurricane had one of the more thrilling moves of the match, attaching his cape and flying off the turnbuckle with a cross-body onto Spike Dudley, they couldn't survive the WWF majority, with Storm falling to a Chokeslam from the Big Show. The Dudley Boyz went on to retain the titles. The Hurricane & Storm continued to feud with Spike Dudley & the Big Show in the next few weeks, as the Hurricane became obsessed with Molly Holly, saying that she would fall under his Hurri-Powers. At the end of September '01 on Smackdown, after Ivory defeated Molly in a match, the Hurricane came out and took Molly away in the Hurri-Cycle. On the next Raw, the Hurricane defeated Spike in a European Title Match (with some help from Mike Awesome), then revealed his new sidekick: Mighty Molly!

At No Mercy '01, the Hurricane & Storm faced off against the WCW Tag-Team Champions, the Hardy Boyz. Despite having both Ivory & Mighty Molly at ringside to aid them, though, the Alliance members couldn't hold up against the champs (who had Lita on their side), with the Hurricane falling to a Twist of Fate, followed by the Swanton Bomb. Things got worse for the Hurricane on the next Raw, when he was beaten by Bradshaw of the APA, who took away the European Title with his Clothesline From Hell. The Hurricane's luck wasn't any better at Rebellion '01, as he was beaten by WWF member Scotty Too Hotty.

The Hurricane tried to regain his European Title over the next month, but had no luck getting past the powerful Bradshaw, despite his much-vaunted Hurri-Powers (as well as Mighty Molly). Meanwhile, things were coming to a head in the Invasion, as the Alliance arranged a final end-all battle at the '01 Survivor Series with the WWF. Since wrestlers on either side of the battle would lose their jobs after the night, an Immunity Battle Royal was arranged, with wrestlers from both organizations competing to make sure that, no matter what, they could not be fired. The Hurricane made sure to participate in the match, but was unable to keep from being tossed over the top rope. Fellow Alliance member Test won the Battle Royal, which enabled him to keep his job when the WWF won the final "Elimination" Match, ending the Alliance.

WWF: 2001

Hurricane Helms was gone from WWF television for the next few weeks, due to the loss of the Alliance. Gradually, however, Alliance members began to get re-hired by Vince McMahon, allowing them to join the WWF as official members. The Hurricane earned his contract and reappeared at the end of 2001, challenging once again for the European Title, which was now around the waist of another former Alliance member, Christian. Christian had insulted the local football team, the Miami Hurricanes, before the match, but that led to the Hurricane himself coming out to try for the European Title. However, despite Helms' best efforts, Christian won out with the Unprettier, staying the champion. At least, however, the Hurricane was back in the WWF, going into the new year.

WWF: 2002

Unfortunately for the Hurricane, he had become more of a comedy act than an all-star for the WWF by this time, as he was considered crazy due to his beliefs in his powers. At the '02 Royal Rumble, the Hurricane got a late draw, coming out at #23. As he came out, the two men in the ring, Steve Austin & Triple H, clotheslined each other, giving the Hurricane the advantage. As he was known to do, however, the Hurricane tried to do too much, believing that he could get a double-chokeslam on both superstars. Instead, the two men beat down the Hurricane and sent him out of the ring, eliminating him. For the next few months, the Hurricane & Mighty Molly continued to try to succeed, without much to show for it.

At Wrestlemania X-8 in March '02, the Hurricane and Mighty Molly were not even scheduled on the card. Early on in the event, Maven, the Hardcore Champ, and Goldust were having a match. Spike Dudley came down during the match and pinned Maven, which, due to the 24/7 Rule, made him champ. As Spike tried to leave the arena with the belt, however, the Hurricane suddenly appeared, swinging on a rope and smashing into the new champ! The Hurricane then called over a ref and made the pin, becoming the WWF Hardcore Champion! The Hurricane then tried to hide from the competition, ending up in the Godfather's ladies' dressing room. The Godfather, finding him there like a peeping tom, quickly chased him out. The Hurricane then looked for somewhere else to go, with Mighty Molly coming up and telling him to watch out from the other side. When the Hurricane turned to look, though, Mighty Molly hit him with a frying pan, then pinned him to take the Hardcore Title away! Molly would later lose the belt that night to Christian, who would lose it back to Maven to complete the circle.

WWE Smackdown: 2002

With the 'union' dissolved between the Hurricane and Mighty Molly (who went back to being Molly Holly), the Hurricane continued to work as a singles wrestler. When it was announced, after Wrestlemania, that the brands were going to be splitting up, the Hurricane was drafted to Smackdown, which turned out to be a good place for the young cruiserweight, since the Cruiserweight Title went there as well. In April '02, the Hurricane got involved in the feud between Tajiri, the Cruiserweight Champ, and Billy Kidman, over Torrie Wilson's apparent 'servitude' to Tajiri. A Three-Way Title Match was set up in the middle of May '02 on Smackdown between the three men. Before the match, "Ace Reporter" Gregory Helms tried to interview Funaki about his thoughts on the bout. When Funaki turned away, though, Helms found a letter on the back of Funaki's shirt, wishing the Hurricane luck. The match was furious, with Kidman nearly winning with his Shooting Star Press on Tajiri. But the Hurricane broke it up, got rid of Kidman, then shockingly got his Chokeslam to finally work on Tajiri, getting the pin and the Cruiserweight Title.

For the next few weeks, as the Cruiserweight Champion, ace reporter Gregory Helms continued to find letters towards him regarding the unknown person from his past. One night, he found a letter next to beef jerky. The next week, a picture was shown on the Tron of the Hurricane standing next to the mysterious individual, which distracted the Hurricane enough for him to lose the tag-team match he was involved in. Finally, on the first Smackdown of June '02, a letter led the Hurricane to his locker room, where Nidia (the Tough Enough I winner was waiting). Nidia confessed to being the one leaving the notes, and talked about her past with "Helms". Apparently the two had been an item, but Helms had dumped Nidia due to her cheating ways. Nidia was thus there for some revenge, with her new boyfriend, Jamie Noble (known as Jamie-San in WCW), who attacked Helms from behind.

On the next Smackdown, with the Hurricane's mind on Nidia & Noble, he was unable to defeat Test in the KOTR Qualifying Match. Afterwards, a hurting Hurricane was easy pickings for Nidia & Noble, with Nidia unmasking the super-hero and stealing his cape. Noble would later win a #1 Contenders Match to earn a shot at the Hurricane's Cruiserweight Title. The two faced off at King of the Ring '02, with Nidia wearing the cape she had stolen. The Hurricane came close several times to beating Noble, taking him out with the Eye of the Hurricane at one point, but Noble, with Nidia running interference, was too strong. At the end, Noble got a massive Powerbomb on the Hurricane, then went for the pin. The Hurricane got his foot on the ropes, but before the ref could see it, Nidia shoved the foot off, leading to the 3 count and costing the Hurricane the Cruiserweight Championship.

The Hurricane would continue to feud with Noble & Nidia for the next month, trying to regain his Cruiserweight Title, but was unable to regain the prize, and was soon out of the title picture. The Hurricane then rejoined his old 3 Count mate, Shannon Moore, reforming their tag-team on Smackdown. This team only lasted for a month, though, before the two men started going their separate ways again. The Hurricane then faded a little into the background, at least for the time being.

WWE Raw: 2002

On the September 23rd edition of Raw, the Big Red Machine, Kane, was scheduled to have a match with the WWE Raw Tag-Team Champions, Lance Storm & Christian. Kane's tag-team partner wasn't announced until the match, when the Hurricane surprisingly came out, having been signed away from Smackdown! The Hurricane & Kane formed a surprisingly strong cross-functional tag-team, and won the Raw Tag-Team Titles by both getting Chokeslams on their respective opponents. Afterwards, when asked why Kane had chosen him, the Hurricane talked about how they both wore masks, but Kane clarified it by saying that both men were freaks, and that he liked it that way. The two then went off to celebrate their new gold.

The Hurricane quickly became part of Kane's feud with the Raw World Champion, Triple H. In October, the duo were scheduled to defend the Raw Tag Titles in a "TLC" Match against 3 other teams. Before the match, though, the Hurricane was ambushed by Triple H & Ric Flair, taking him out of the match (Kane still won to keep the titles). A week later, the two masked men put the belts up against Chris Jericho & Christian, losing the gold when the Hurricane was pinned by Jericho (who had his feet on the ropes). Part of the reason they had lost was due to Kane being distracted by Triple H's accusations about the death/murder of Katie Vick (generally considered to be one of the worst wrestling storylines ever). For the next month, the Hurricane supported his partner against Triple H & Flair, while not wrestling much on his own. After the feud between Kane & Triple H finished, however, the Hurricane faded from the storylines, instead just wrestling occassionally on Raw television against various opponents, while occassionally tag-teaming with other characters like Goldust and Jeff Hardy.

WWE Raw: 2003

Going into 2003, the Hurricane & Trish Stratus had a minor feud with Stevie Richards & Victoria, with the faces coming out on top. The Hurricane was left out of the '03 Royal Rumble, however, and, soon afterwards, appeared to be injured during a match with D-Lo Brown. The Hurricane disappeared for the next few weeks, then returned in February '03 in strong style, defeating Chris Nowinski. The next week, the Hurricane competed in the "Wrestlemania #1 Contender Battle Royal", which was won by Booker T.

A few weeks later, the Hurricane was given his biggest match ever, a main-event "No Disqualification" Match against the Rock. The two talked in the back before the match, with the Rock announcing their match as "The Hurricane vs. The Scorpion King". When he talked about super powers, the Hurricane responded by saying "I have Hurri-Powers, Bitch!" Eventually, the two shook hands, but then the Rock laid out the Hurricane with a straight right hand before leaving. In the match, the Hurricane put it all on the line, even landing his Chokeslam for a close pin. Even with all his heart, however, the Hurricane started to fall behind the Rock, who got the Spinebuster on the super-hero and went for the People's Elbow. The Rock was then distracted, however, by the appearance of his foe at the time, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, allowing the Hurricane to quickly roll up the Rock and get the upset victory.

Although the victory was a huge boost for the Hurricane, it also had its penalities. A week after the victory, the Hurricane was winning a match against Rodney Mack when the Rock ran down and attacked, causing the DQ. The Rock landed several chairshots on the super-hero, taking him out. Still, the Hurricane was able to recover, and even got a shot against the World Champion, Triple H, a few weeks later, but was unable to get the win. The Hurricane would join several others faces, such as Booker T, Kevin Nash, and Shawn Michaels, in the battles against Triple H and his Evolution teammates, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, & Batista, over the next few months. But the Hurricane only wrestled in a couple of Sunday Night Heat matches before PPVs, not getting the chance to shine on the main stage of WWE.

In June '03, the Hurricane began looking for a partner to help him get the WWE Raw Tag Titles from La Resistance, a French heel team that was against America. At various Raws, the Hurricane teamed with Sgt. Slaughter and Spike Dudley, but was unable to wrest the titles from La Resistance. Finally, the Hurricane found a willing subject, Rosey, whom he started to train as his "Super-Hero In Training", or SHIT. The two worked together over the next few months, building up their talent as a tag-team, although they, too, were unable to defeat La Resistance, who usually resorted to cheating to stay the champs. On the last September '03 Raw, the Hurricane was placed into a match with his former partner, Kane, who had recently been unmasked and gone evil. Although the Hurricane tried to fight his way out of it, Kane destroyed him, putting the Hurricane on the shelf for a while (when Rosey tried to get revenge the next week, Kane beat him as well).

The Super-Heroes returned a few weeks later, again renewing their rivalry with La Resistance, among other teams. As the rest of the year progressed, the Super Heroes appeared regularly on Raw, including a memorable "Chase The Midget" Match between the two men due to the Roulette Wheel spin (Jim Ross actually 'won' the match, catching the midget while the Hurricane & Rosey were chasing him). At the final PPV of 2003, Armageddon '03, a Tag-Team Turmoil Match was held, with the winner to get the vacated Raw Tag-Team Titles. The Hurricane & Rosey got a bad draw, starting the match against La Resistance, but were able to defeat the team with the Hurricane getting the Splash from the Top Rope (with Rosey propelling him). The two then turned to the ramp to await their next opponents. However, Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade, the next in the Turmoil match, instead came out of the crowd, with Jindrak quickly rolling up a surprised Hurricane from behind and holding the tights to get the victory, eliminating the Super-Heroes. Ric Flair & Batista won the belts.

WWE Raw: 2004

The Hurricane continued to team with his Super-Hero-In-Training, Rosey, into the next year, although the team was rarely successful against whomever they faced. At the '04 Royal Rumble, the Hurricane was given a shot at the main event, but as soon as he came into the ring, he challenged the biggest man there, Matt Morgan. This soon led to Morgan tossing the Hurricane over the top rope, eliminating him, with the Hurricane landing awkwardly on the outside. The Hurricane & Rosey would remain a viable tag-team on Raw for the next couple of months, with little action to show for it. On one Raw in March '04, the two faces were placed in a "Handicap" Match against Evolution (Ric Flair, Randy Orton, & Batista). Unfortunately for the Super-Heroes, it was all beat-down on the Hurricane, who eventually was pinned.

In April '04, the Super-Heroes renewed their feud with La Resistance, battling them on several occassions. At the same time, Eugene, a special-needs wrestler, continued to accidentally interfere in La Resistance's matches. It worked for the Super-Heroes' benefit at Backlash '04, as Eugene distracted the French duo by messing around with their flag. While they were distracted, the Hurricane was able to capitalize to get the victory, a major PPV victory for the Super-Heroes. Unfortunately, it didn't help the team much, as they did not appear on another PPV for 6 months. This didn't stop the Super-Heroes from continuing to challenge La Resistance, especially after they won the Raw Tag Titles. The duo faced La Resistance on multiple occasions, including a "Flag" Match in June '04, a Title Match in October '04, and in a Sunday Night Heat match before the '04 Survivor Series, but once again could not get the Tag-Team Titles away from the champs.

WWE Raw: 2005

The feud between the Super-Heroes and La Resistance carried over into 2005, with the Hurricane & Rosey getting a big win on Sunday Night Heat before New Year's Revolution over the team. Unfortunately for the Super-Heroes, La Resistance was no longer the tag champs, so they did not gain the belts. The Hurricane's next big moment occurred near the end of February '05, although it wasn't the best moment Helms could ask for. The Hurricane was scheduled to face Triple H in a "Non-Title" Match. Triple H was feuding at the time with Batista, and he wanted to set an example for his former Evolution mate. So Triple H attacked the Hurricane while he was on his way to the ring, beating him down and Pedigree'ing him on the ramp. The match ended in a No-Contest.

Rosey sought revenge for his partner's defeat the next week on Raw, but Triple H beat him down as well, keeping both Super-Heroes off the air for a time. In April, the two Super-Heroes returned in surprising fashion, attacking Triple H and getting a sizable beat-down on the man. A furious Triple H, who had recently lost the World Championship to Batista, told them they had picked the wrong time to challenge him, and immediately started a Handicap Match against them. Although the Super-Heroes worked well as a team, using their numbers to their advantage, Triple H's fury was too much, as he first strung Rosey up in the ropes, then Pedigree'd the Hurricane for the victory. Triple H then Pedigree'd Rosey as well before leaving.

As bad as things went against Triple H, the Super-Heroes did seem to gain some momentum from the match. They took it with them into the Tag-Team Turmoil Match at Backlash '05, where the Super-Heroes got a tremendous draw, coming in last. Once again, the team had to face off with La Resistance, with the winners becoming the new Raw Tag Champs (since the current champs, William Regal & Tajiri, had lost). The Super-Heroes were fresher, which helped their cause, although La Resistance still almost put Rosey away with their finisher. However, Rosey recovered, with the Hurricane coming in from the outside for their Over-The-Shouler Top-Rope Splash on Sylvain Grenier, eliminating La Resistance and winning the Raw Tag-Team Titles, the Hurricane's second run with the belts.

Early on, the Hurricane & Rosey defended the belts many times, against teams like Simon Dean & Maven and the Heart Throbs, among others. But the Super-Heroes soon faded some from the scene, despite having the gold, and wrestled several times in singles matches. Eventually, after a few months and several losses, the Hurricane & Rosey were faced with a tough challenge in Lance Cade (formerly known as Garrison Cade) & Trevor Murdoch, the new team on Raw. In September '05, the Super-Heroes lost a "Non-Title" Match on Raw to Cade & Murdoch, leading to a Tag-Team Title Match being signed for Unforgiven '05. In the match, the Hurricane was injured due to a move by Murdoch, and was taken by the trainers away from the bout, while Rosey fought a 2-on-1 battle. The Hurricane soon returned, though, getting the hot tag and trying to take it to both Cade & Murdoch. This backfired, as the Hurricane couldn't keep up the effort, and a devestating double-team maneuver from the cowboys took out the Hurricane, leading to the pinfall loss of the belts.

The Hurricane appeared on the next Raw to try to get some revenge, facing off in a singles match against Murdoch. But the Hurricane's bad left arm kept him from being fully effective, and Murdoch was able, once again, to pin the Hurricane to the mat. The Super Heroes then faded into the background, wrestling mainly on Heat for the next month, against teams like the Heart Throbs and Cade & Murdoch, with little success. It seemed that the team was truly going nowhere, which lead to a shocking change in the Hurricane's persona.

On the October 17th, '05 edition of Raw, the Hurricane confronted Vince McMahon about the firing of announcer Jim Ross, asking "What's up with dat?" However, it proved to be a bad idea provoking the boss, as Mr. McMahon ordered Kurt Angle to attack the Hurricane, leading to a brawl between the two all the way to the ring, where Angle put the Hurricane in the Ankle Lock, trying to break his ankle into pieces! Referees and other officials finally made Angle go, leaving the Hurricane in the ring. During the break (on WWE Unlimited, which is shown on the Internet), Rosey came out to check on his partner. However, the Hurricane angrily shoved Rosey away, then surprisingly tore off his mask, revealing the man underneath! The Hurricane then stormed away, leaving his former partner behind.

On the next Raw, Rosey & the Hurricane were scheduled to face Cade & Murdoch in a Tag-Team Match. However, the Hurricane didn't show up, leaving Rosey to have to fight alone against the Tag-Team Champions. During the match, Gregory Helms, out of costume, walked out of the back and watched from the ramp as Rosey was punished by Cade & Murdoch, eventually getting pinned to lose the match. Helms later said that he was finally only looking out for himself, tired of being the laughing-stock. Helms and Rosey met in a match on Raw going into November '05, with Helms getting the win over his former partner with his Shining Wizard kick, showing that he didn't need Rosey anymore to be successful. For the next month, Helms still wrestled mainly on Heat, but he was gaining victories as well, building up his steam to return to Raw.

WWE Raw: 2006

In January '06, Helms confronted the man he considered the main reason the Hurricane was ridiculed: Jerry "The King" Lawler. He blamed Lawler for holding him back, as well as making several jokes about him over the years. Lawler responded by saying that, as the Hurricane, at least Helms was half-way entertaining. As Helms, he wasn't impressed. Helms then slapped Lawler, who fought back, sending Helms from the ring. A match was then set up between the two at New Year's Revolutions '06. Lawler, due to his size, dominated the early going, even mocking Helms with a Hurricane pose. But Helms came back, raking Lawler's eyes to take control. Helms controlled the pace for a while, even going to the outside and getting a mic from the announce table to talk for a minute! But Lawler's experience brought him back into it, as he caught Helms on the top rope, crotching him. He then flipped Helms back into the ring, then climbed up and hit a 2nd-Rope Fist Drop for the victory, an embarrasing loss for Gregory Helms.

Helms returned to Heat for the next few weeks, facing off against younger talent for a few more victories, while trying to figure out how to regain his momentum. Helms did get another Raw Match, as he, Rob Conway, and Lance Cade were put in a "2nd Chance Qualifying" Match for the Rumble. However, to win entry into the Rumble, they had to toss out the 500-lb Big Show. This proved to be an impossible task, as the Big Show soon dominated all three wrestlers. He threw them around like rag dolls before tossing Helms, Conway, and Cade over the ropes, making sure that they wouldn't be in the Rumble match with him.

WWE Smackdown: 2006

At the '06 Royal Rumble, Helms wasn't expected to compete. But Helms found a way to get into the action, as there was an open challenge for the WWE Cruiserweight Title for all former champions. Helms signed up, becoming the only Raw star in the match, going against Kid Kash (the current champ), Jamie Noble, Paul London, Funaki, and Nunzio. Not surprisingly, Helms was quickly ganged up on by the Smackdown stars, who didn't want to see anyone but one of their own gain the title. There were many exciting moments in the match, including London hitting a Shooting Star Press onto everyone outside the ring. Later on, Helms nailed London with a Super Neckbreaker off the top rope, but Kid Kash broke up the pin. The action then got more chaotic, but at the end, Helms surprisingly caught Funaki with the Shining Wizard, getting the quick pin and becoming the WWE Cruiserweight Champion for a third time!

Due to winning the title, Helms was required to come to Smackdown, where most of the cruiserweights were located. On the next Smackdown, Helms bragged about the win, saying that he WAS the Cruiserweight Division. He was interrupted, though, by Nunzio, who wanted the first title shot against him the next week. Helms agreed, saying that he had no fear of Nunzio. The two competed on the next Smackdown in a good match, with Nunzio having the support of the Smackdown locker room. But Helms proved to be too strong, catching Nunzio with the Shining Wizard for the victory. He then looked at the ramp, where Kid Kash, the former champion, was watching him. Helms was supposed to defend against Kash a week later, but Kash was unable to be there due to personal reasons, causing Helms instead to fight against Scotty Too Hotty. Helms bragged to the locker room before hand, telling them to watch and learn. It was another competitive match, but Helms again came out on top, retaining the title. However, after the match, most of the cruiserweights in the locker room came out and attacked Helms, taking him out so that Scotty could do the WORM on him!

After the match, while Helms was getting his ribs checked by the trainers, GM Teddy Long came in and let Helms know that he would be defending the Cruiserweight Title at the next PPV... against every man that he had just been attacked by! Helms was noticably upset by this, but there was nothing he could do, as he was still considered the outsider on the Smackdown roster. The match took place at No Way Out '06, with Helms defending against Scotty Too Hotty, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Nunzio, and Kid Kash. It was an all-out brawl, as every wrestler wanted the title. Helms used common sense in the beginning, though, sneaking to the outside and letting the rest of the wrestlers fight it out. He only came in when he had to break up a pin, finally getting involved in the match. However, this got him noticed, as all the cruiserweights attacked him, beating him down. Late in the match, Kid Kash caught Psicosis with his Dead Level, then went for the pin, only to have Super Crazy take them both out with a Moonsault! This left the way clear for Helms, who dived in and pinned Psicosis while everyone was recovering to win the match, surprisingly retaining the Cruiserweight Title!

Just because he won, though, didn't mean that Helms had it any easier, as he was put in a title defense against Psicosis on the next Smackdown. Psicosis quickly showed he was willing to risk it all for the gold, putting Helms on the defensive. But Helms had the determination of doing whatever it took to win, using the referee as a shield long enough to shove Psicosis from the turnbuckle, then using the ropes to make the quick pinfall to retain. Going into March '06, Helms was involved in a WWE tour in Australia. However, disaster struck during one match, pitting himself, Kid Kash, & Jamie Noble against Paul London, Brian Kendrick, & Funaki. It was late in the match when he was leg-dropped by Paul London. A relatively simple move went haywire, as Helms' nose was badly broken, causing him no small amount of pain.

On the next Smackdown, GM Long pointed out Helms' nose, then mentioned that he thought he'd been too hard on Helms by making him defend the Cruiserweight Title every week. Helms agreed, finally thinking that Long was coming around to his point of view. However, Long had another match for Helms, putting him against the United States Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit! This seemed to worry Helms, especially since Benoit's finisher, the Crippler Crossface, focused on the face, including the nose. During the match, Helms gave a fine accounting of himself, getting several good shots, including a version of the Nightmare on Helms Street for a 2 count. But when Benoit got him in the Sharpshooter, Helms fought to the ropes, then opted to slide out, trying to leave. However, the cruiserweights of Smackdown then came out and grabbed him, throwing him back into the ring! Benoit then took advantage, getting a German Suplex, a Flying Headbutt, and then applying the Crossface! Helms, in tremendous pain, tapped out, losing the match in part due to his fellow cruiserweights.

It was announced on the next week that Helms was going to have to have surgery for his broken nose, having a dislocated right septum. Helms soon went on the 'injured reserve' list, missing out on Wrestlemania 22. Helms later announced on his official website that there were complications after the surgery, as a blood vessel within his nose ruptured, causing him to bleed freely for several hours before the issue could be corrected, fortunately without additional emergency surgery. Helms spent the next few weeks recovering, while surprisingly still holding onto the Cruiserweight Title, as WWE opted not to strip him of the gold.

Helms made his return to action on the last April '06 Smackdown, teaming with the Smackdown Tag Champs, M-N-M, against Brian Kendrick, Paul London, & Super Crazy. It was a wild match, with Helms' team getting some help from M-N-M's manager, Melina. However, in the end, Helms' ring-rust seemed to be showing, as he was surprisingly rolled up by London and took the pin, losing the match for his team. Helms continued to control the Cruiserweight Title, though, and watched over the next few weeks as a #1 Contender was chosen (one Contendership match was broken up by the Great Khali). Helms sat with the announcers at ringside as Super Crazy won a "Triple Threat #1 Contenders" Match over Kid Kash and Nunzio, and, as Super Crazy signified that the belt was coming to him, Helms simply glared, now knowing his next opponent.

The two wrestlers faced off at Judgment Day '06, in a very high-paced match. With the fans firmly behind Super Crazy, Helms had his work cut out for him, trying to use his mat-based skills to keep the high-flyer grounded. It wasn't easy, as Super Crazy proved his flying abilities by leaping over the ref to hit a Plancha on Helms on the outside at one point! Late in the match, Helms went for the Shining Wizard kick and missed, with Super Crazy taking back the advantage. But Helms fought on, and after several exchanges of moves, Helms reversed a Hurricanrana into a pin attempt and grabbed the ropes, getting the three count and the cheap win to retain the Cruiserweight Title once again.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (22 - 27)
- WCW Cruiserweight Title Tournament (November '99) = Helms lost in the first round to Shannon Moore.
- WCW Superbrawl X (February 20, '00) = 3 Count (Helms, Shannon Moore, & Evan Karagias) defeated Norman Smiley in a Handicap match.
- WCW Uncensored '00 (March 19) = 3 Count was beaten by Brian Knobbs in a Handicap Match. Knobbs took away the WCW Hardcore Title.
- WCW New Blood Rising (August 13, '00) = 3 Count defeated Jamie Noble, Yun Yang, & Kaz Hayashi in a Ladder Match.
- WCW Fall Brawl '00 (September 17) = 3 Count was defeated by Corporal Cajun, Lieutenant Loco, & AWOL.
- WCW Mayhem '00 (November 26) = 3 Count (Helms & Shannon Moore) beat Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias and Kaz Hayashi & Yun Yang in a Triangle Match.
- WCW Starrcade '00 (December 17) = 3 Count pulled out a victory in a "Triangle Ladder Match" over Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias and Kaz Hayashi & Yun Yang.
- WCW Sin (January 14, '01) = Helms lost to the Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr.
- WCW Superbrawl: Revenge (February 19, '01) = Helms won a Cruiserweight Elimination match over Shannon Moore, Yun Yang, Kaz Hayashi, Jamie Noble, & Evan Karagias.
- WCW Greed (March 18, '01) = Helms defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr to become the WCW Cruiserweight Champion.
- WWF Unforgiven '01 (September 23) = Hurricane Helms & Lance Storm lost an Elimination match to the WWF Tag-Team Champs, the Dudley Boyz. The other participants were the Hardy Boyz and Spike Dudley & the Big Show.
- WWF No Mercy '01 (October 21) = The Hurricane & Lance Storm were beaten by the WCW Tag-Team Champions, the Hardy Boyz.
- WWF Rebellion (November 3, '01) = The Hurricane fell to Scotty Too Hotty.
- WWF Survivor Series '01 (November 18) = The Hurricane competed in an "Immunity Battle Royal", which was won by Test.
- WWF Royal Rumble '02 (January 20) = Hurricane Helms competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWF Wrestlemania X-8 (March 17, '02) = During the night, Helms attacked and pinned Spike Dudley to win the Hardcore Title. Later on, though, Helms was in turn pinned by Molly Holly, losing the belt.
- OVW Super Summer Sizzler Series (July 19, '02) = The Hurricane stayed the Cruiserweight Champion, beating Jamie Noble.
- WWE King of the Ring '02 (June 23) = The Hurricane lost the Cruiserweight Title to Jamie Noble.
- WWE Global Warning (August 10, '02) = The Hurricane was beaten by the Cruiserweight Champ, Jamie Knoble.
- WWE No Mercy '02 (October 20) = In a dark match, the Hurricane pinned Steven Richards.
- WWE Survivor Series '02 (November 17) = In a dark match, the Hurricane & Goldust fell to Lance Storm & William Regal.
- WWE Judgment Day '03 (May 18) = In a dark match, the Hurricane won over Steven Richards.
- WWE Insurrextion '03 (June 7) = In a dark match, the Hurricane defeated Lance Storm.
- WWE Armageddon '03 (December 14) = The Hurricane & Rosey competed in the "Tag-Team Turmoil" Match, which was won by Ric Flair & Batista, who won the Raw Tag-Team Titles.
- WWE Royal Rumble '04 (January 25) = The Hurricane competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Chris Benoit.
- WWE Backlash '04 (April 18) = The Hurricane & Rosey won over La Resistance.
- WWE Survivor Series '04 (November 14, '04) = In a dark match, the Hurricane & Rosey lost a "Non-Title" Match to the WWE Raw Tag Champs, La Resistance.
- WWE New Years Revolution (January 9, '05) = In a dark match, the Hurricane & Rosey defeated La Resistance.
- WWE Royal Rumble '05 (January 30) = The Hurricane competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Batista.
- WWE Wrestlemania 21 (April 3, '05) = In a dark match, the Hurricane competed in a "Smackdown vs. Raw Battle Royal", which was won by Booker T.
- WWE Backlash '05 (May 1) = The Hurricane & Rosey won the WWE Raw Tag-Team Titles in a "Tag-Team Turmoil" Match. The other participants were William Regal & Tajiri, La Resistance, the Heart Throbs, and Simon Dean & Maven.
- WWE Vengeance '05 (June 26) = In a dark match, the Hurricane & Rosey stayed the WWE Raw Tag Champs, beating the Heart Throbs.
- WWE Summerslam '05 (August 21, '05) = In a dark match, the Hurricane lost to Chris Masters.
- WWE Unforgiven '05 (September 18) = The Hurricane & Rosey lost the WWE Raw Tag Titles to Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.
- WWE New Year's Revolution '06 (January 8) = Gregory Helms was beaten by Jerry Lawler.
- WWE Royal Rumble '06 (January 29) = Helms won the Cruiserweight Title, winning a "Cruiserweight Open" Match over Jamie Noble, Paul London, Kid Kash, Funaki, and Nunzio.
- WWE No Way Out '06 (February 19) = Helms retained the Cruiserweight Title, winning a "9-Man Sudden Death" Match. The other participants were Scotty Too Hotty, Kid Kash, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Funaki, Nunzio, Psicosis, and Super Crazy.
- WWE Judgment Day '06 (May 21) = Helms stayed the Cruiserweight Champion, beating Super Crazy.
- WWE Great American Bash '06 (July 23) = Helms won a "Non-Title" Match over Matt Hardy.
- WWE No Mercy '06 (October 8) = Helms, as the Cruiserweight Champ, lost a "Non-Title" Match to Matt Hardy.
- WWE Survivor Series '06 (November 26) = Helms, Mike Knox, Johnny Nitro, & Rated RKO competed in an "Elimination" Match against D-Generation X, CM Punk, & the Hardy Boyz. Helms was eliminated by the Hardy Boyz. Team DX all 'survived'.
- WWE Armageddon '06 (December 17) = Helms retained the WWE Cruiserweight Title, beating Jimmy Wang Yang.
- WWE Royal Rumble '07 (January 28) = Helms competed in the Royal Rumble Match, which was won by the Undertaker.
- WWE No Way Out '07 (February 18) = Helms lost the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, losing a "Cruiserweight Title Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Chavo Guerrero. The other competitors were Daivari, Funaki, Scotty Too Hotty, Shannon Moore, Jamie Noble, and Jimmy Wang Yang.
- WWE Wrestlemania 23 (April 1, '07) = In a dark match, Helms & Chavo Guerrero lost a "Lumberjack" Match to Ric Flair & Carlito.
- MCW Aggrivated Assault (October 9th, '10) = The Hurricane & Nui Tofiga defeated The Hit Squad (Drolix & Kindred).
- ECWA Newark Show (October 16, '10) = Hurricane Helms, Courageous Cruz, Kid America, The Blue Meanie, & Shockwave The Robot won a "10-Man Tag-Team" Match over Nicky Benz, Jason Leigh, Scott Wright, Mr. Ooh La La, & Cujo the Hellhound.
- PWG Kurt Russellreunion 2: The Reunioning (January 29, '11) = Shane Helms fell to Joey Ryan. Later on, Helms competed in the "Legends Wrestle-Royale" Match, which was won by Roddy Piper.

Title Summary:
- SWA Lightweight Champion (1991)
- CCW Lightweight Champion (??/??/??)
- CCWA Lightweight Champion (8/23/1992 - 1992)
- CCWA Lightweight Champion(2) (??/??/??)
- SEWA Lightweight Champion (??/??/??)
- NAPW Lightweight Champion (??/??/??)
- NDW Tag-Team Champion w/ Mike Maverick (??/??/??)
- OMEGA Tag-Team Champion w/ Mike Maverick (12/05/1997 - 1998)
- OMEGA Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Mike Maverick (1/29/1999 - 1999)
- SCW Tag-Team Champion w/ Mike Maverick (2/20/1999 - 1999)
- WWO Lightweight Champion (2/27/1999 - 1999)
- SCW Heavyweight Champion (4/29/1999 - 6/12/1999)
- WCW World Hardcore Champion w/ Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias (2/28/2000 - 3/19/2000)
- NWA Wildside Tag-Team Champion w/ Shannon Mooore (1/19/2001 - 1/20/2001)
- WCW World Cruiserweight Champion (3/18/2001 - 7/03/2001)
- TCW Tag-Team Champion w/ Lenny Lane (4/21/2001 - 2001)
- WWF European Heavyweight Champion (8/27/2001 - 10/22/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion (3/17/2002)
- WWF (formerly WCW) World Cruiserweight Champion(2) (5/14/2002 - 6/23/2002)
- WWE "Raw" World Tag-Team Champion w/ Kane (9/23/2002 - 10/14/2002)
- WWE "Raw" World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Rosey (5/01/2005 - 9/18/2005)
- WWE World Cruiserweight Champion(3) (1/29/2006 - 2/18/2007)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 1 2nd RU, 0 3rd RUs)
- 2001 Most Improved Wrestler, 2nd Runner-Up