Shane Helms' Signature Moves

Eye Of The Hurricane / Nightmare On Helms Street- While Helms could be a high-flyer, either as Shane Helms or The Hurricane, he had several technical maneuvers that could knock his opponents cold. One that he used both in WWE and WCW was The Eye of the Hurricane. Helms would grab his opponent's head from behind, locking them up. Helms then would spin and drop, planting an elbow onto the opponent as they go down. It's a violent maneuver, one that could easily win a match.

Shining Wizard - The shining wizard wasn't Helms' finisher for long, but he still got a lot of talk regarding it. With the opponent usually on his knees, trying to recover from an earlier strike, Helms would prepare himself and charge. He would jump into the air and lash out with a stiff kick to the head, usually knocking his opponent unconscious.

The Vertebreaker - It's one of the few moves in wrestling history to be banned from the WWE, which is too bad, as it was one of Helms' best maneuvers. From behind, Helms would lean over and pick up his foe, basically turning them upside-down on his back. Helms then would position hismelf and drop to a sitting position, smashing the wrestler spine-first into the canvas!