Height: 6'5"

Weight: 260 lbs

Real Name: Dustin Runnels

DOB: 4/11/1966

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Other Names: Dusty Rhodes, Jr (WCW), "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes(WCW), Goldust(WWF), "Vaderdust" (WWF), "Hunterdust" (WWF), "Chynadust" (WWF), "Flashdust" (WWF), "The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust" (WWF), "Sabledust" (WWF), "Dust Lovedust" (WWF), "Marilyn Mansondust" (WWF), "Dustydust" (WWF), Seven (WCW), "The Lone Star" (TCW), Gold Dustin(AJPW), "Black Reign" Dustin Rhodes (TNA)

Wrestler Since: 1988

Finishing Maneuvers: Curtain Call, Shattered Dreams, Bulldog

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #113(2010), #180(2009), #127(2008), #222(2004), #35(2003), #64(2002), #70(1999), #72(1998), #41(1997), #11(1996), #62(1995), #19(1994), #12(1993), #36(1992), #131(1991)

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History: Dustin Runnels is yet another example of the "Like Father, Like Son" wrestling theory. His father is "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, a true icon of wrestling from the '70s & early '80s. Dustin was trained by his father, growing up learning the tricks of the trade. In September 1988, Dustin made his first appearance, wrestling under his father's moniker, Rhodes. He wrestled out of Florida for a time, then headed into the NWA, joining with Kendall Windham as the Texas Broncos. The team didn't last long, however, and Dustin quickly went back to Florida for more seasoning, joining his father for a short time before finding a new partner in Mike Graham. In May '89, the two defeated Southern Force (Bobby Jaggers & Black Bart) for the Florida Tag-Team Titles. Only a few weeks later, though, Black Bart came back with Tony Anthony to take back the belts.

Later that month, Rhodes defeated Al Perez for the Florida Heavyweight Championship. He defended it for a month before losing to his former partner, Kendall Windham, then moved on, wrestling some in the CWA. He then found himself in the USWA in Memphis. In October '89, he competed in the USWA Southern Title Tournament, where he beat Kevin Dillinger, Chris Champion, and Mike Davis to get to the finals. However, he fell to the Dirty White Boy, keeping him from getting the belt. Rhodes continued to wrestle in the USWA for some time, but never managed to get any gold.

In September '90, Dustin appeared in the WWF, watching his father, Dusty, wrestle a match. But during the fight, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and his paid bodyguard, Virgil, attacked Dustin, trying to take him out. Dusty came to his son's aid, starting a bitter feud between the two teams. They battled on and off for the next few months, leading up to a match at Royal Rumble '91. Unfortunately, Dustin & Dusty couldn't come up with it, as DiBiase managed to pin Dusty and win out. Soon after, both Rhodes left the WWF behind, with Dustin soon after appearing in his father's former stomping grounds, World Championship Wrestling.

Rhodes first started off teaming with Ricky Morton. Once again, the duo did not stay unified, as Morton betrayed Rhodes to join up with the York Foundation, causing a short feud between them. Rhodes continued to build himself into a credible athlete in WCW over the next few months, feuding on and off with Morton. In the WCW United States Heavyweight Title Tournament in August '91, he and Morton fought to a Double Disqualification in the first round, taking them both out. However, in the same month, Rhodes teamed with Big Josh & the Z-Man, winning the WCW World 6-Man Tag-Team Titles from the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin, & Badstreet). They held them for 2 months before dropping them to Rhodes' foes in the York Foundation, Morton, Terrance Taylor, & Thomas Rich.

Rhodes then begam teaming up with Barry Windham, forming a strong duo. They began a major feud with the Dangerous Alliance stable, focusing on the Enforcers (Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko), the WCW Tag-Team Champions. At Halloween Havoc '91, while Rhodes was fighting to a Draw with the TV Champ, Steve Austin, Anderson & Zbysko attacked, slamming Windham's hand in a car door, badly injuring it. Rhodes soon sought revenge, aligning himself with another Dangerous Alliance foe, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. At Clash of the Champions XVII, Rhodes & Steamboat did it, defeating the Enforcers for the Tag-Team belts. The duo, with Windham, would continue to feud with the Dangerous Alliance, and lost the belts back to Anderson & Bobby Eaton in January '92.

Rhodes, Windham, & Steamboat joined Nikita Koloff & Sting to defeat the Dangerous Alliance squad (Anderson, Eaton, Zbysko, Austin, & "Ravishing" Rick Rude) in a Wargames match at Wrestlewar in May '92. Rhodes then rejoined Windham in the tag-team division, while Steamboat went back to his singles endeavors. In the July '92 Restored NWA World Tag-Team Title Tournament, the duo took out their old adversaries Anderson & Eaton in the first round, then took out another Dangerous Alliance duo in Austin & Rude. They then beat Hiro Hase & Shinya Hashimoto to make it to the finals, but then finally fell to Terry Gordy & Steve Williams, having the belts slip away from them. However, Rhodes & Windham continued to pursue the gold, and finally go the unified NWA & WCW World Tag-Team Titles from Gordy & Williams in September '92.

Rhodes & Windham kept the belts for another two months, but friction began to eat away at them. At Clash of the Champions XXI, the champs faced Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat & Shane Douglas. During the match, Rhodes accidentally injured Steamboat, then refused to take the cheap win on his friend. Windham, though, decided that he would, tagging himself in and trying to make the pin, before getting dragged off by Rhodes. The two came to blows, which allowed Steamboat to recover. Steamboat & Douglas won soon after, getting the pin on Windham. Rhodes & Windham broke apart after that, feuding against each other instead for many months afterwards. Also in November '92, Rhodes competed in the King of Cable tournament, defeating the Barbarian before falling to Big Van Vader.

In December '93, the WCW United States Heavyweight Title was vacated, and another tournament was held for it. Rhodes went on to defeat Vinnie Vegas (Kevin Nash), Tony Atlas, and Rhodes' friend Steamboat in the finals to gain the gold, his first WCW singles championship. He would hold the belt for the next four months, feuding with Windham most of the way, before battling a recovered "Ravishing" Rick Rude, who had held the title before Rhodes. In a match in May '93, the belts were held up, leading to numerous matches with Rude. Finally, in August '93, they met for a conclusive battle, with Rhodes coming out on top, regaining the US Title. Rhodes' second reign would last until the end of '93, when he was beaten by Steve Austin at Starrcade.

In 1994, Dustin began feuding with Col. Robert Parker's Studs, which included Bunkhouse Buck & Terry Funk. Dustin had many bloody brawls with Buck, including a Bunkhouse Brawl at Spring Stampede '94 that Rhodes los, and a vicious Bullrope match at Slamboree '94 which he won. Dustin soon joined up with an old adversary in "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson to face Buck & Funk, but during their tag match at Bash at the Beach '94, Arn betrayed him, DDT'ing Rhodes after a tag, then letting Buck & Funk destroy him for the victory. With the odds stacked against him, Dustin called home, bringing his father, Dusty, out of retirement to be his partner. This led to many battles between the Rhodes and the Studs, leading up to a War Games match at Fall Brawl '94, with the Rhodes & the Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) battling against Anderson, Funk, Buck, & Col. Parker himself. Dustin's team won out when Dusty made Parker submit.

Dustin's feud with Arn Anderson climaxed at Halloween Havoc, where Dustin got the victory over the older wrestler. Rhodes then moved into a bloody feud with the Blacktop Bully (Barry Darsow) leading into 1995. At Superbrawl V, the Bully came out on top, beating Rhodes. They signed for a rematch at Uncensored, setting it up as a "King of the Road" match, fighting it out in the back of an 18-Wheeler. During the battle (which was pre-taped for the PPV), both men bled heavily, leading to the 'match' being heavily edited by WCW. The Bully got the win, but due to the excessive violence, both wrestlers soon were dropped by WCW.

Rhodes appeared in the World Wrestling Federation in September '95, wearing gold face-paint and a wild ensemble, calling himself "Goldust". He called his matches "Shattered Dreams" productions, coming out with a flair before every match, while also apparently having homosexual tendencies. He quickly began climbing the ladder in the WWF, wrestling and defeating guys like "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty and Bam-Bam Bigelow. He then entered a feud with Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), who at the time was the Intercontinental Champion. Goldust seemed infatuated with Ramon, which threw Ramon's "machizmo" off. At the Royal Rumble '96, Goldust & Ramon battled for the IC Title. Goldust was also joined by his valet, "The Director" Marlena (who in actuality was his wife, Terri Runnels). Thanks to interference from the 1-2-3 Kid (X-Pac), Goldust got the victory, winning his first WWF gold.

Goldust went on to feud with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper for a while, leading up to a non-title "Backlot Brawl" at Wrestlemania XII, which Piper won. Goldust then went on to battle Savio Vega. In a match between the two on April Fool's Day, 1996, the Intercontinental Title was held up. Later that night, they had a rematch, with Goldust winning out to reclaim his gold. Goldust, with the IC belt for the second time, went on to King of the Ring '96. But in a brutal brawl, both himself and the Ultimate Warrior were counted out in the first round. In May '96, he entered into a short feud with the Undertaker, battling in numerous Casket matches and, surprisingly, coming out on top. Later on, in June '96, Goldust was finally defeated by Ahmed Johnson at the King of the Ring pay-per-view, losing the IC Title.

In the next few months, Goldust feuded with "Marvelous" Marc Mero, defeating him at Summerslam '96. But after the victory, things began to go south for Dustin, as a losing streak began to form. In August, he lost a Ladder match to the WWF World Champion, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. Goldust was then soundly defeated in a "Final Curtain" match by the Undertaker at Mind Games in September, then couldn't take down Mero, who had gotten the IC Title. Mero beat Goldust at Buried Alive in October with his Shooting Star Press. This set up the Survivor Series match-up, which saw Goldust teaming with Crush, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley against Mero, Rocky "The Rock" Maivia, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, & Barry Windham. Lawler was the first to go, being taken out by Roberts' DDT after mocking him. Goldust quickly evened things for his team, smashing down Windham with the Curtain Call. The match continued to go back and forth, with Mero taking out Helmsley with his Merosault. Mero was then knocked from the ring and counted out. Crush eliminated Roberts, making it two-on-one. But Maivia proved to be too strong, taking care of Crush after some miscommunication between Crush & Goldust. Maivia then hit Goldust with a Shoulderbreaker to win the match.

Goldust next focused on his former ally, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who had gotten the Intercontinental Title off of Mero. Goldust was slowly becoming a face in the WWF, making the fans cheer for him over the hated Triple-H. They faced off at the Royal Rumble '97, with Helmsley's bodyguard, Mr. Hughes, playing a major factor during the fight, saving Helmsley at one point by pulling him out of a pin and to the outside. Helmsley later hit Goldust from behind and hit the Pedigree, getting the victory and retaining his title. Later on that night, during the Rumble, Goldust got a measure of revenge, eliminating HHH from the battle royal. Later on, though, Goldust himself was tossed out by Owen Hart, ending his night.

Throughout the first two months of '97, Goldust had a short feud with Crush, in which Crush's stable usually won out. Goldust then returned to Hunter Hearst Helmsley, meeting up with him at Wrestlemania XIII. Goldust was gaining respect from the fans at the time, with various interviews taking place where he talked about himself without all the glitter of "Goldust". It didn't help Goldust at the PPV, though, as, after he tried to save Marlena from Helmsley's woman, Chyna, Goldust was pedigree'd and defeated. Goldust next competed in the King of the Ring tournament, but was quickly ousted by Jerry "The King" Lawler. He then renewed his feud with Crush, finally defeating him at the KOTR Pay-Per-View.

Goldust next joined up with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, "The Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock, & the Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) to battle against the Hart Foundation (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Flyin' Brian Pillman, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, & "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith. The two teams (US & Canada) fought it out at Canadian Stampede in July '97, which was held in Canada, leading to the US team being booed for most of the match. During the brutal fight, both Owen Hart & Animal were injured and taken to the back. After Austin fought with some of the other Harts at ringside, a returning Owen rolled him up for the victory, giving Goldust another loss. Goldust continued to feud with Pillman in the next few months, fighting at Summerslam '97. Goldust came out on top, forcing Pillman to have to wear a Marlena dress at the next Raw. The feud built up even greater when Pillman beat Goldust at Ground Zero, winning the rights to Marlena for 30 days. Goldust also fell quickly in the IC Title Tournament in September '97, losing to Owen in the first round.

For the next few weeks, Pillman & Marlena were shown together, apparently having sexual relations, much to Goldust's anger. However, the angle was soon destroyed, when Pillman was found dead in his hotel room in October. The problems continued between Marlena & Goldust, though, as Dustin threw away his wedding band a few weeks later, becoming "Forever Unchained". He then joined with Vader, Steve Blackman, & "Marvelous" Marc Mero against Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith, Phil Lafon, & Doug Furnas at the Survivor Series '97 in another battle between the US & Canada. Goldust was wearing black face-paint instead of his normal gold, and had a very different attitude, especially with an apparent 'broken arm'. Blackman was eliminated via countout, but Vader managed to heat things up for his team, taking care of Neidhart & Lafon. Furnas worked his team back into it, though, getting rid of Mero. Vader then took on both Furnas & Smith for a time, before trying to tag Goldust. Goldust refused, however, due to his injury, and walked away instead, being counted out. Vader was later able to take care of Furnas, but was beaten by Smith, who 'survived'.

Goldust later brought Luna Vachon in as his manager, and feuded with Vader, leading up to the 1998 Royal Rumble. Goldust soon began calling himself "The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust", changing around his persona in strange ways. At the Rumble, Goldust & Vader fought it out, with Goldust getting a kiss on Vader at one point. Vader dominated, however, and even with Vachon hanging on his back, managed to Vaderbomb Goldust and take the win. Later that night, during the Rumble, Goldust came in and eliminated Mankind, then hangs around long enough to toss out Vader, before getting thrown over the ropes by Chainz, as the 21st eliminated.

Going into 1998, Goldust briefly teamed up with his former enemy, "Marvelous" Marc Mero. They worked as a tough team, but were beaten by the Headbangers at No Way Out. Squabbling between Vachon & Mero's lady, Sable, led to a break-up of the teams, and they fought at Wrestlemania XIV. Although Mero & Sable had been having problems, they quickly reunited during the fight, and Goldust & Vachon were soundly defeated. Goldust then had a short angle with Cactus Jack (Mick Foley), losing, via DQ, at Mayhem in Manchester, an England PPV in April '98. After the defeat, Goldust vanished from the scene for a time, on injury leave.

Over the summer, Dustin Runnels returned, no longer wearing the facepaint. He preached the good life, eventually getting involved with his wife, Terri, who was at that time allied with Val Venis. They feuded for a few months, building up steam for Runnels, who began to show his earlier traits once again. In September '98, Goldust reappeared on the scene, becoming a much stronger force in wrestling once again. At Judgement Day '98, he defeated Venis, basically ending the feud. Goldust next entered the WWF World Title Tournament at the Survivor Series, but found himself soundly beaten by "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock in the first round. Goldust then entered a feud with Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart, briefly teaming up with Steve Blackman on occasion to fight them. Goldust showed interest in Jarrett's valet, Debra McMichael, confusing his homosexual image. At Rock Bottom at the end of '98, Goldust & Jarrett fought in a "Striptease" match. If Goldust won, Debra would be forced to strip. If Jarrett won, Goldust himself would strip. Of course, few were pulling for Jarrett in this one.

During the match, Goldust took control, landing his Shattered Dreams kick. Before he could get the pin, though, Goldust was hit by Debra with Jarrett's guitar, stunning him long enough for Jarrett to recover and get his Stroke finisher. Jarrett pinned Goldust, apparently getting the win and forcing Goldust to have to strip. However, Commissioner Shawn Michaels came out and sent Jarrett to the back, then reversed the decision, saying that Debra's assault with the guitar caused a DQ win for Goldust. Michaels obviously wanted to see Debra strip. After Debra got down to a bra and panties, though, the Blue Blazer (Jarrett in disguise) came out and covered her up, taking her to the back. Still, Goldust got the victory.

Goldust continued his strange ways at the beginning of '99, stealing Al Snow's 'friend' Head (a mannequin head). This started a feud between the two that didn't lead to a PPV. Meanwhile, Goldust also competed in the Royal Rumble, but was launched out of the ring by Kane. After a few more skirmishes with Snow, Goldust then moved over to the Blue Meanie, Snow's friend, who returned Head to Snow. The two wrestlers fought at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, with the Meanie calling himself "Bluedust". Goldust got the victory. After the match-up, the Blue Meanie began following Goldust around, forming a team between the two 'colored' wrestlers. They began fighting against Ken Shamrock, after Goldust became 'involved' with Shamrock's sister, Ryan. Goldust & Ryan then became a partial couple.

At Wrestlemania XV, Goldust, Shamrock, Venis, & "Roaddogg" Jesse James met in a Fatal Fourway for the Intercontinental Title, which was around James' waist. During the battle, both Shamrock & Venis fought to the outside, with their personal feelings for each other getting them both counted out. Ryan Shamrock then turned on Goldust, helping James to roll him up for the victory, retaining the IC Title. The next night on Raw, Goldust got revenge, taking out James to become the Intercontinental Champion for the third time. A few weeks later, he was beaten by the Godfather, again losing the strap, and was unable to reclaim it at Backlash '99 in their rematch. This was Goldust's last major push in the WWF. He would team with the Blue Meanie for a time afterwards, fighting in a dark match at the May PPV, but nagging back problems and other issues finally led to Goldust leaving the WWF over the summer.

In September '99, weird promos began filling the WCW television screens, of a dark wrestler coming to the federation. It continued for a few months, building up the action, until November '99, when "Seven" floated to the ring, wearing black with white facepaint on. But after landing, "Seven" tore apart the character, bashing the WWF for their creation of the "Goldust" gimmick, and once again became known as Dustin Rhodes. He then started a feud with Jeff Jarrett, attacking him sometimes from the crowd. They finally signed to face in a "Bunkhouse Brawl" at Starrcade '99. During the match, Rhodes, for some reason, duct-taped the referee to the ropes. This brought out Curt Hennig, who joined Jarrett in double-teaming Rhodes. Rhodes later fought back, though, and got the Shattered Dreams kick on Jarrett, before the pin was broken up by Hennig. They fought back to the stage, where Jarrett knocked out Rhodes with a guitar shot off of a ladder to get the victory.

Dustin then began challenging Vince Russo, who was one of the WCW Powers That Be at the time. He began allying himself with Terry Funk into 2000 against the Powers, still battling with Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair, among others. But a few weeks later, Dustin suddenly turned on Funk, attacking him. This set up a Bullrope Match at Uncensored, one of Dustin's former favorite bouts. During the battle, a man in a chicken-suit surprisingly attacked Dustin, giving Funk the advantage. Who the chicken-suit was is still unknown. Dustin eventually fought his way back, and got a piledriver on the cowbell for the victory. However, with the win, Dustin then disappeared from WCW television, due to both injuries and the fact that he needed to lose some weight from his "Goldust" days.

After various 'one-day reappearances' over the next six months, Rhodes finally made his big return in the year 2001, when Ric Flair brought him out as a potential member of the Magnificent Seven. However, Rhodes quickly turned him down, attacking Flair instead. Flair was saved by Road Warrior Animal, his bodyguard at the time, which led to a double-team beatdown. Rhodes then began feuding with Rick Steiner, another member of the M.S. who also held the US Title, Rhodes' old prize. At Superbrawl: Revenge, Rhodes got his shot, facing Steiner in a title match. They battled back and forth, with Rhodes getting tied up with the referee at one point, giving Steiner enough time to remove a turnbuckle pad. Steiner then dropped Rhodes on the steel, knocking him out long enough for the pinfall victory, retaining his title.

Rhodes continued his battles against Flair, which soon became a double-team on the wrestler once again, this time by Flair & Jeff Jarrett. However, Dustin was given aid in a surprising source: his father, Dusty. The two Rhodes cleaned house, joining up once again, with Dusty coming back to active status in WCW. The duo dueled with Flair & Jarrett for the next few weeks, including a biting satire by Jarrett, who dressed up as "The American Dweem". In response, Dusty told Dustin that he was going to make Flair kiss his ass. At Spring Stampede '01, the two teams met up, with the Rhodes coming out on top in the end. After the match, Dusty sat on Jarrett, making him "kiss his ass" instead of Flair, who escaped. At the next Nitro, Dustin & Dusty were shown talking again, with Dusty saying that he was going to make sure Flair kissed his ass that night. Later on, with Flair & Jarrett in the ring, Dustin & Dusty brought out the Rhodes' 'ass' - a donkey named Silver Bullet. Eventually, after a short brawl, both Flair & Jarrett were made to kiss the mule. Rhodes' run in WCW ended with the promotion, as he did not appear during the Season Finale (when Vince McMahon bought the company).

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (58 - 79, 4 Draws, 1 NC)
- NJPW Budokan Hall (March '90) = Rhodes was defeated by Yoshiaki Yatsu.
- NJPW Budokan Hall (June '90) = Rhodes fell to the Mighty Inoue.
- WWF Royal Rumble '91 = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes were beaten by Ted DiBiase & Virgil.
- WCW Wrestlewar '91 (February) = Rhodes pinned Buddy Landell.
- WCW Superbrawl I ('91) = Rhodes defeated Terrance Taylor.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XV (June '91) = Rhodes won, via DQ, over Terrance Taylor.
- WCW Great American Bash '91 = Rhodes, Steve Armstrong & Tracey Smothers fought in an Elimination match against Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin, & Badstreet. Rhodes was the only 'survivor'.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XVI (September '91) = Rhodes competed in a Battle Royal, which was won by El Gigante.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '91 = Rhodes and the WCW Television Champion Steve Austin fought to a draw.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XVII (November '91) = Rhodes & Ricky Steamboat won over Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko, becoming WCW Tag-Team Champions.
- WCW Starrcade '91 = Rhodes & Richard Morton defeated El Gigante & Larry Zbysko, then competed in a 2-Ring Battle Royal, which was won by Sting.
- WCW/NJPW Supershow II (January 4th, '92) = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes won over Masa Saito & Kim Duk.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XVIII (January 21st, '92) = Rhodes, Barry Windham & Ron Simmons beat Arn Anderson, Larry Zbysko, & Bobby Eaton.
- WCW Superbrawl II ('92) = Rhodes & Barry Windham won over Steve Austin & Larry Zbysko.
- WCW Wrestlewar '92 (May) = Rhodes, Barry Windham, Nikita Koloff, Ricky Steamboat, & Sting won a "Wargames" Match over Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Steve Austin, Rick Rude, & Larry Zbysko.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XIX (June 16th, '92) = Rhodes & Barry Windham defeated Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton.
- WCW Beach Blast '92 (June 20th, '92) = Rhodes, Barry Windham, & Nikita Koloff won, via DQ, over Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, & Steve Austin.
- WCW Great American Bash '92 = Rhodes & Barry Windham defeated Steve Austin & Rick Rude and Hiro Hase & Shinya Hashimoto, but lost in the NWA Tag-Team Title Tournament finals to Terry Gordy & Steve Williams.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XX (September '92) = Rhodes & Barry Windham were beaten by Butch Reed & the Barbarian.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '92 = Rhodes & Barry Windham retained the WCW & NWA Tag-Team Titles, battling to a draw with Steve Austin & Steve Williams.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXI (November '92) = Rhodes & Barry Windham lost the WCW & NWA Tag-Team Titles to Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas.
- WCW Starrcade '92 = Rhodes & Big Van Vader beat Kensuke Sasaki & the Barbarian, then competed in a Battle Royal, which was won by the Great Muta.
- WCW/NJPW Supershow III (January '93) = Rhodes & Scott Norton lost to Masa Saito & Shinya Hashimoto.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXII (January '93) = Rhodes, Sting, & Cactus Jack defeated Barry Windham, Paul Orndorff, & Big Van Vader in a Steel Cage match.
- WCW Superbrawl III ('93) = Rhodes retained the United States Title, by winning, via DQ, over Maxx Payne.
- WCW Slamboree '93 = Rhodes & Kensuke Sasaki were defeated by Rick Rude & Paul Orndorff.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXIII (June '93) = Rhodes, Davey Boy Smith, & Sting lost to Sid Vicious, Rick Rude, & Big Van Vader.
- WCW Beach Blast '93 (July) = Rhodes fought to a draw with Rick Rude in an "Ironman Challenge" for the vacant WCW US Title.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXIV (August '93) = Rhodes & Road Warrior Hawk defeated Rick Rude & the Equalizer.
- WCW Fall Brawl '93 = Rhodes, Sting, Davey Boy Smith & The Shockmaster beat Sid Vicious, Big Van Vader, & Harlem Heat in a "Wargames" match.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '93 = Rhodes retained the WCW US Title by beating Steve Austin.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXV (November 10th, '93) = Rhodes defeated Paul Orndorff, staying the United States Champion.
- WCW Battle Bowl (November 20th, '93) = Rhodes & King Kong defeated Awesome Kong & the Equalizer, then competed in a Battle Royal, which was won by Big Van Vader.
- WCW Starrcade '93 = Rhodes lost the US Title to Steve Austin in a "3 Falls" match.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXVI (January '94) = Rhodes fought to a draw with the TV Champion, Steven Regal.
- WCW Superbrawl IV ('94) = Rhodes, Brian Pillman, & Sting beat Steve Austin, Paul Orndorff, & Rick Rude in a "Thundercage" Match.
- WCW Spring Stampede '94 = Rhodes was defeated in a "Bunkhouse Brawl" by Bunkhouse Bunk.
- WCW Slamboree '94 = Rhodes beat Bunkhouse Buck in a Bullrope Match.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '94 = Rhodes & Arn Anderson were defeated by Bunkhouse Buck & Terry Funk.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXVIII (August '94) = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes won, via DQ, over Bunkhouse Buck & Terry Funk.
- WCW Fall Brawl '94 = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes, with the Nasty Boys, won a Wargames Match over Bunkhouse Buck, Terry Funk, Arn Anderson & Robert Parker.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '94 = Dustin defeated Arn Anderson.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXIX (November '94) = Rhodes was beaten by Vader.
- WCW Superbrawl V ('95) = Rhodes lost to the Blacktop Bully.
- WCW Uncensored '95 = Rhodes was beaten by the Blacktop Bully in a "King of the Road" match.
- WWF In Your House III (September '95) = Goldust beat Bob Holly in a dark match.
- WWF In Your House IV (October '95) = Goldust defeated Marty Jannetty.
- WWF Survivor Series '95 = Goldust won over Bam Bam Bigelow.
- WWF In Your House V (December '95) = Goldust won a Dark Match over Duke Droese.
- WWF Royal Rumble '96 = Goldust defeated Razor Ramon to become the WWF Intercontinental Champion.
- WWF In Your House VI (February '96) = Goldust lost via Countout to the Undertaker. Goldust kept the IC Title.
- WWF Wrestlemania XII ('96) = Goldust fought to a No-Contest with Roddy Piper in a "Hollywood Backlot Brawl".
- WWF "Good Friends, Better Enemies" (April '96) = Goldust lost, via Countout, to the Ultimate Warrior. Goldust retained the IC Title.
- WWF Beware of Dog (May '96) = In a dark match, Goldust stayed the Intercontinental Champion by beating the Undertaker in a "Casket" Match.
- WWF Beware of Dog II (May '96) = Goldust won a "Casket" Match over the Undertaker, retaining the IC Title.
- WWF King of the Ring '96 = Goldust lost the Intercontinental Title to Ahmed Johnson.
- WWF International Incident (July '96) = Goldust lost, via DQ, to the Undertaker.
- WWF Summerslam '96 = Goldust defeated Marc Mero.
- WWF Xperience (August '96) = Goldust was defeated in a "Ladder Match" by the World Champion, Shawn Michaels.
- WWF Mind Games (September '96) = Goldust was beaten in a "Final Curtain" match to the Undertaker.
- WWF Buried Alive (October '96) = Goldust was defeated by the IC Champ, Marc Mero. Later that night, in a Dark Match, Goldust lost to the World Champ, Shawn Michaels.
- WWF Survivor Series '96 = Goldust, Jerry Lawler, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, & Crush fought in an Elimination match with Marc Mero, Rocky Maivia, Jake Roberts, & Barry Windham. Goldust was pinned by the sole 'survivor', Rocky Maivia.
- WWF It's Time (December '96) = Goldust lost a dark match to Steve Austin.
- WWF Royal Rumble '97 = Goldust was pinned by the IC Champ, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Later that night, Goldust competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Steve Austin.
- WWF The Triple Threat (January '97) = Goldust was pinned by Crush.
- WWF Final Four (February '97) = Goldust, Flash Funk, & Bart Gunn were beaten by Farooq, Crush, & Savio Vega.
- WWF Wrestlemania XIII ('97) = Goldust was defeated by Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- NWA 2nd Annual Eddie Gilbert Memorial Brawl (April '97) = Goldust beat Derrick Domino.
- WWF King of the Ring '97 = Goldust took down Crush.
- WWF Canadian Stampede (July '97) = Goldust, Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, & the Legion of Doom lost to Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, & Brian Pillman.
- WWF Summerslam '97 = Goldust defeated Brian Pillman, in a "Loser Wears A Dress" match.
- WWF Ground Zero (September '97) = Goldust was beaten by Brian Pillman, losing Marlena for 30 days.
- WWF Survivor Series '97 = Goldust, Vader, Marc Mero, & Steve Blackman fought in an Elimination match with Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart, Phil Lafon, & Doug Furnas. Goldust was counted out. Smith was the 'survivor'.
- WWF Royal Rumble '98 = Goldust was beaten by Vader. Later that night, Goldust competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Steve Austin.
- WWF No Way Out of Texas (February '98) = Goldust & Marc Mero lost to the Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher).
- WWF Wrestlemania XIV ('98) = Goldust & Luna were beaten by Marc Mero & Sable.
- WWF Mayhem in Manchester (April '98) = Goldust lost, via DQ, to Cactus Jack.
- WWF Summerslam '98 = In a dark match, Dustin Runnels was defeated by Gangrel.
- WWF Judgement Day '98 (October) = Goldust defeated Val Venis.
- WWF Survivor Series '98 = Goldust was forced to submit to Ken Shamrock.
- WWF Capital Carnage (December '98) = Goldust was pinned by Val Venis.
- WWF Rock Bottom (December '98) = Goldust won, via DQ, over Jeff Jarrett.
- WWF Royal Rumble '99 = Goldust competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Vince McMahon.
- WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre (February '99) = Goldust beat Bluedust.
- WWF Wrestlemania XV ('99) = Goldust competed in a "Four Corners Elimination" match with IC Champ Jesse James, Ken Shamrock, & Val Venis. Goldust was pinned by James, who retained his IC Title.
- WWF Backlash '99 = Goldust was defeated by the IC Champion, the Godfather.
- WWF Over the Edge '99 (May) = Goldust and the Blue Meanie, in a dark match, lost to the Hardy Boyz.
- WCW Starrcade '99 = Rhodes was defeated in a "Bunkhouse Brawl" by Jeff Jarrett.
- WCW Uncensored '00 = Rhodes won a "Bullrope" match over Terry Funk.
- WCW Superbrawl: Revenge ('01) = Rhodes was defeated by the US Champion, Rick Steiner.
- WCW Greed (March '01) = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes beat Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett.
- TCW Jacksonville Show (August 25, '01) = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes won over Scotty Riggs & Steve Corino.
- TCW Deland Show (December 28, '01) = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes beat Steve Corino & "Goldust".
- TCW Live Oak Show (December 29, '01) = Goldust lost a "Three Way" Match to Scotty Riggs. Dusty Rhodes was the other participant.
- TCW Carrolton Show (January 26, '02) = Rhodes won the TCW Title from Scotty Riggs.
- TCW Carrolton Show (February 2, '02) = Dustin, Dusty Rhodes & Ron Studd won a "TLC" Match over Scotty Riggs, Jason Sugarman & "Goldust".
- TCW Carrolton Show (February 8, '02) = Rhodes defeated Steve Corino.
- WWF No Way Out '02 = Goldust lost to Rob Van Dam.
- WWF Insurrextion (May '02) = In a dark match, Goldust fell to Mr. Perfect.
- WWE Vengence '02 (July) = In a dark match, Goldust won over Steven Richards.
- WWE Summerslam '02 = Goldust & Booker T fell to the Tag-Team Champions, Lance Storm & Christian.
- WWE Unforgiven '02 = Goldust, Booker T, Bubba Ray Dudley & Kane defeated Lance Storm, Christian, William Regal & Test.
- WWE No Mercy '02 = Goldust & Booker T fell to the WWE Tag Champs, Chris Jericho & Christian.
- WWE Survivor Series '02 = In a dark match, Goldust & the Hurricane were beaten by Lance Storm & William Regal.
- WWE Armageddon '02 = Goldust & Booker T won a "Tag-Team Elimination" Match for the WWE Raw Tag-Team Titles, beating Christian & Chris Jericho, Lance Storm & William Regal and the Dudley Boyz.
- WWE Royal Rumble '03 = Goldust competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Brock Lesnar.
- WWE Judgment Day '03 = Goldust competed in the "Intercontinental Title Battle Royal", which was won by Christian.
- WWE Insurrextion '03 (June 7) = Goldust took down Rico Constantino.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #79, February 4, '04) = Dustin Rhodes lost to the NWA World Champion, Jeff Jarrett.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #81, February 18, '04) = Rhodes & El Leon defeated Red Shirt Security.
- Zero-One Third Anniversary Show (February 29, '04) = Rhodes & Giant Silva were beaten by Naoya Ogawa & the Predator.
- Zero-One Hustle II (March 7, '04) = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes fell to Satoshi Kojima & Shinjiro Ohtani.
- NWA-TNA Final Resolution (January 16, '05) = Rhodes took down Kid Kash.
- Wrestle Reunion #1 (January 29, '05) = Dustin & Dusty Rhodes & Mike Graham defeated Kevin Sullivan, CM Punk, & Abdullah the Butcher.
- NWA-TNA Against All Odds (February 13, '05) = Rhodes was pinned by Raven.
- NWA-TNA Destination X (March 13, '05) = Rhodes won a "Bullrope" Match over Raven.
- NWA-TNA Lockdown (April 24, '05) = Rhodes won a "3 Falls Prince of Darkness Steel Cage" Match over Bobby Roode.
- WWE Royal Rumble '06 (January 29) = Goldust competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Rey Mysterio.
- WWE Wrestlemania 22 (April 2, '06) = In a dark match, Goldust competed in a "Battle Royal", which was won by Viscera.
- WWE Backlash '06 (April 30) = In a dark match, Goldust defeated Rob Conway.
- AJPW Pro Wrestling Love in Ryogoku Vol. 2 (February 17, '07) = Gold Dustin & Hakushi fell to Yoshihiro Tajiri & the Great Muta.
- WWC 34th Anniversary Show (July 13, '07) = Goldust lost to the WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion, Apolo.
- TNA Hard Justice '07 (August 12) = Dustin "Black Reign" Rhodes lost, via DQ, to Chris Harris.
- TNA No Surrender '07 (September 9) = Black Reign lost a "No Disqualification" Match to Chris Harris.
- TNA Bound For Glory '07 (October 14) = Black Reign lost a "Monster's Ball" Match to Abyss. Raven and Rhino were the other participants.
- TNA Genesis '07 (November 11) = Black Reign lost a "Shop of Horrors" Match to Abyss.
- TNA Turning Point '07 (December 2) = Black Reign & Rellik lost a "Thumbtacks" Match to Abyss & Raven.
- TNA Final Resolution '08 (January 6) = Black Reign fell to Frankie Kazarian.
- TNA Destination X '08 (March 9) = Black Reign & Rellik were beaten by Frankie Kazarian & Eric Young.
- TNA Lockdown '08 (April 13) = Black Reign & Rellik competed in the "Cuffed In The Cage" Match, which was won by Frankie Kazarian & Eric Young. The Latin American Xchange, the Motor City Machine Guns, the Rock 'n' Rave Infection, and Scott Steiner & Petey Williams were the other participants.
- WWE Royal Rumble '09 (January 25) = Goldust competed in the "Royal Rumble" Match, which was won by Randy Orton.
- WWE Wrestlemania XXVI (March 28, '10) = In a dark match, Goldust competed in a "Battle Royal", which was won by Yoshi Tatsu.
- WWE Hell In A Cell '10 (October 3) = In a dark match, Goldust, Kofi Kingston, & R-Truth defeated Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, & Dolph Ziggler.
- WWE Bragging Rights '10 (October 24) = Goldust was beaten by Ted DiBiase.
- WWE Royal Rumble '13 (January 27) = Goldust competed in the Royal Rumble Match, which was won by John Cena.

Title Summary:
- FCW/PWF Tag-Team Champion w/ Mike Graham (5/09/1989 - 5/1989)
- FCW/PWF Florida Heavyweight Champion (5/23/1989 - 6/27/1989)
- WCW World 6-Man Tag-Team Champion w/ Big Josh & Z-Man (8/05/1991 - 10/08/1991)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Ricky Steamboat (11/19/1991 - 1/16/1992)
- NWA World Tag-Team Champion w/ Barry Windham (9/21/1992 - 11/18/1992)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Barry Windham (9/21/1992 - 11/18/1992)
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (1/11/1993 - 5/1993)
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion(2) (8/30/1993 - 12/27/1993)
- WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion (1/21/1996 - 4/01/1996)
- WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion(2) (4/01/1996 - 6/23/1996)
- WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion(3) (3/29/1999 - 4/12/1999)
- TCW Heavyweight Champion (1/26/2002 - 3/01/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion (2/26/2002 - 3/11/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(2) (4/06/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(3) (4/07/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(4) (4/12/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(5) (4/13/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(6) (4/14/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(7) (4/19/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(8) (4/20/2002)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(9) (5/01/2002)
- WWE Raw World Tag-Team Champion w/ Booker T (12/15/2002 - 1/06/2003)

PWI Achievement Awards: (1 wins, 4 1st RUs, 1 2nd RUs, 2 3rd RUs)
- 1989 Rookie of the Year, 1st Runner-Up
- 1991 Most Improved Wrestler
- 1992 Tag-Team of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up (Rhodes & Barry Windham)
- 1993 Most Popular Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up
- 1993 Feud of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (Rhodes vs. Rick Rude)
- 1993 Match of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Rhodes vs. Rick Rude)
- 1996 Most Hated Wrestler, 1st Runner-Up
- 2002 Tag-Team of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (Bookdust)