Goldust's Signature Moves

Shattered Dreams - One of Goldust's main moves during the Attitude Era was, quite frankly, one of the most illegal maneuvers ever brought to the wrestling ring. First, Goldust would place his opponent into the corner, with the legs wrapped through the ropes (illegal move #1). With the opponent helpless, Goldust would back up, position himself, then charge forward, giving his opponent a heavy low blow! Fans might cheer louder when the move was landed on hated foes, but all men still winced when it hit.

Curtain Call - Goldust's main finisher was named after the final step in a theatre production: the curtain call. With the wrestler stunned, Goldust would catch them from behind, keeping them off-balance by getting a reverse headlock. Goldust would then grab the trunks and lift, getting the wrestler vertical before falling forward and slamming him back down for the pin.