GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*As the credits roll for “Jurassic Park III”, the wrestling fans begin to check in, coming onto the channel. We see darkness for a second, and then a picture begins to form, the same shot from the GCWA pay-per-view, Blood on the Battlefield IV. We see a black dot on the middle of the white canvas.*

Voice: Do you know what it feels like to lose blood?

*The shot turns to a color picture, letting us see that the dot is actually a spot of blood on the canvas. This time, though, it’s soon joined by more dots. At first, they appear slowly, but soon, it’s almost like a rain shower, pouring down on the canvas, as we slowly zoom outwards.*

Voice: The GCWA family certainly does. For this past Sunday, blood was shed… a great deal of blood was shed…

*We start to see clips from some of the matches (mostly black and white, to get it past censors). We see Chris Cortez with a bloody wound on his face, violently hammering at The Lost Soul with a bell, making him bleed as well. We see Bucky Johnson and Xtreme laying in the debris of a light-tube-covered table, both having definitely been severely cut open. Finally, we see The Big Bifford’s bloody face, followed by a shot of a beat-up Draco.*

Voice: Risks were taken. Lives were put on the line.

*A shot of Marcus Ka’Derrion taking his incredible-but-dangerous leap towards the briefcase off the ladder is shown. We see Robert Santana, Dangerous Dan, and Jaiden Rishel all make the attempt to cross the Ultimate X towards the gold, only to have disastrous falls. Finally, Crazy Chris’ insane leap across to the belt is pictured, showing his willingness to put everything at stake for the gold.*

Voice: In the end, though, it appeared that the worst blood-letting was not in the ring… but in the heart, in the face of betrayal…

*Clips run showing Draco almost having The Big Bifford defeated, only to get attacked by Arachne. We see shots of Draco getting beat down by GCWA Security, with The Big Bifford seemingly coming to the rescue… only to shake the Accelerator’s hand instead. Bifford’s final move, The Biff End, is pictured, followed by one last shot: that of Bifford holding up the World Championship, with the Accelerator proudly standing next to him. We fade out.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing The Big Bifford, standing next to the Accelerator. Bifford has a dark smile on his face as he slaps the World Title sitting on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are pumped up, knowing that this will be a major show in the history of the GCWA. Signs range from “Why, Bifford, Why?” to “Get Cortez A Championship Kilt!” We head down to ringside to join up with Edward Jones and… well, just Edward Jones.*

Edward Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Friday Night Inferno!! We are now one week removed from Blood On The Battlefield IV, one of our biggest pay-per-views ever! It featured two title changes, as well as some of the most shocking moments in the company’s history. I’m Edward Jones, and unfortunately, for now, I appear to be alone out here tonight. My usual broadcast partner, Anthony “Lightning” Logan, has declined to show up tonight, which, I’m sure, will elicit a fine. I hope he knows what he’s doing.

*Jones looks to his left at the empty seat, shaking his head.*

Jones: Well, hopefully, I’ll have myself a special guest announcer soon, but so far, it’s just me out here, so I’ll try to do my best to keep things moving. At Blood on the Battlefield IV, a 6-month reign ended, as Draco was finally beaten for the World Title by The Big Bifford in a “Falls Count Anywhere” Match. Critics have pointed out Bifford getting help from Arachne, GCWA Security, and even the Accelerator, as the two now seem to have a strong partnership. Personally, I don’t see the problem, as the President should be on good terms with all his talent… but that’s just me.

*Fans can be heard booing behind Jones, possibly due to what he’s saying, but Jones, a complete professional, is ignoring them.*

Jones: The pay-per-view was also a good one for Chris Cortez, as he won the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title from The Lost Soul in a “First Blood” Match! Cortez was bleeding early on, actually, but he managed to keep it hidden from the referee, which helped him get to his first championship in the GCWA. Crazy Chris, on the other hand, surprisingly managed to retain the GCWA Unified X Division Title, surviving the Ultimate X Match and getting a victory over his own brother! It was an unbelievable card, with every match truly raising up the excitement levels, so if you have a chance to see the replay, get it! With that said, we might as well get started…

*Suddenly, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm hits the speakers. The fans are on their feet, booing mightily, as the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, steps out of the back and walks towards the ring. His suit appears to be custom-made, and probably has a pretty high value to it.*

Jones: Hey, the President’s here! We’re starting the show out with one of the greats in the business, the Accelerator! I wonder what he’s got to say?

*The Accelerator steps through the ropes, with a large smile on his face that he seems to be struggling to contain. He strides to the middle of the ring, while bringing up his mic.*

The Accelerator: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the NEW GCWA!!

*The crowd continues to boo, with an “Acehole” chant quickly gaining steam. Ace lets it go on for a while, chuckling to himself, before finally speaking again.*

The Accelerator: Y’know, I was starting to wonder if I’d ever see this day. For months now, the GCWA has been struggling against tyranny. It was basically taken hostage, if you will.

Jones: Taken hostage? What is the President talking about?

*The fans don’t seem to be too receptive of the Accelerator’s words, but it’s not keeping him from continuing.*

The Accelerator: I fully admit that I am partially to blame for these troubles. I didn’t act early, when I should have, and the company suffered because of it. For that, I apologize.

*The boos lessen somewhat, mainly due to the fans being a little bit confused by the Accelerator’s words.*

Jones: Oh, no, don’t blame yourself, Mr. President!

*After shaking his head for a minute, the Accelerator continues, still fighting to keep the smirk off of his face.*

The Accelerator: You fans deserved better. But I did not act soon enough, causing millions of kids around the United States to be forced to look up… to a psychotic, drunk malcontent of a World Champion.

*The boos come back in full force, as the crowd immediately realizes who Ace is talking about. They’re booing Ace, but the President reacts like they’re booing the man he’s talking about.*

The Accelerator: I know, I know, you guys are right. Draco was a disgrace. He lost his girlfriend, he refused to go to rehab, and he was not the person that the GCWA wanted as its top face. It was only a matter of time before he brought this organization down. Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to do to stop him.

*Ace lowers his head, sighing, but the fans aren’t buying it.*

The Accelerator: But, low and behold, a hero arose, like the legends of old. A man with an iron will who refused to bow down to Draco’s tyranny. He stood up for all the little people, fighting for them to give them a role model that they can truly support! And now, after an epic clash, he’s now the greatest star in the GCWA! It was an amazing battle, one which saw this man put his very life on the line in order to rise to the challenge! Let’s take a look back at his heroic acts!

*The Accelerator turns to the big screen, a large smile on his face, as clips begin to run. We see a shot of the former World Champion, Draco, as he walks down the aisle, the camera catching him wincing from the pain in his right arm. The music’s darker, as if to make him seem more sinister. The music switches to triumphant trumpets, as the Big Bifford appears and walks down the aisle, his ribs clearly taped up. The fight begins, and we see various shots from it, all of them being Bifford with the upper hand (although it does cover Draco’s usage of a bottle to bloody Bifford). We suddenly skip to the end, where we see the Big Bifford pulling Draco up and delivering the Biff End on the stage, laying him out and getting the 1-2-3 (conveniently not showing what else happened before that). Bifford’s shown celebrating the World Title win with the Accelerator, as we go back to live TV.*

Jones: Wow… ok, I hate to say this, but that was definitely an edited account of what really happened at Blood On The Battlefield IV. If Anthony was here right now, I’m betting he’d be having a fit.

*The Accelerator is nodding, looking pretty pleased with the video, as the crowd boos louder than before. A “We Want Draco” chant starts up, causing Ace to laugh.*

The Accelerator: History was made last night, definitely, and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come. Thankfully, my hands have also been untied. You see, there’s a rule in place that says that a World Champion cannot be fired without major cause, and Draco, unfortunately, never gave that to me. But… now that he’s not a champion… well, this one’s easy… Draco? You’re FIRED!!!

*The crowd unleashes hate onto the President, who is letting loose with a sinister laugh. The camera focuses on one kid in the front row, who is rubbing tears from his eyes as his dad tries to comfort him.*

Jones: Draco, fired from the GCWA?? That’s huge!

The Accelerator: With that taken care of, it’s time for all of you to worship a REAL role model! He’s been a hero to children everywhere for years and years, and now he’s stepping into place as one of the greatest wrestlers in GCWA history… introducing the one, the only, the new GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… The Big Bifford!!!

*”Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence begins playing and the lights in the arena go out. The main screen shows a close up of The Big Bifford’s blue eyes. A cold breeze goes through the entire arena. As the music begins to pick up tempo, the eyes turn slowly darker and darker. As the chorus begins, the eyes blink and the screen goes black. A single spotlight shines on the ramp where The Big Bifford emerges from behind the curtain and walks out with the World Heavyweight title over his left shoulder and one Tag Team title belt over his right shoulder. His normal ring gear is replaced with a black suit, a black tie and some dark black sunglasses to complete the look. He walks to the ring as the fans in the arena boo the big man. Walking slowly up the stairs, Bifford looks into the ring at Ace and steps through the ropes. He walks up to Ace who hands him the microphone and they exchange a smile and handshake. Bifford holds up the microphone as the music is dampened until it stops.*

The Big Bifford: Everywhere I’ve gone this week I’ve been asked the same stupid question by the same stupid people: Why Bifford? Why? Well, the truth is that I don’t owe you stupid people anything.

*The crowd boos Bifford loudly. *

The Big Bifford: I owe you all no explanations, I owe you people nothing. I’ve given you people everything and I’ve received nothing back. I never wanted to be your hero and I never want any of you to cheer me again. I hate every single one of you. Even if you still like me, I don’t care. I hate you.

*Several people begin throwing garbage towards the ring. Bifford shakes his head. *

The Big Bifford: You’re all disgraceful. You don’t deserve to know why, but I’ll tell you.

*Much of the crowd quiets, wanting to hear Bifford’s explanation. *

The Big Bifford: I’ve worked for a lot of men in my life… Some of them were good men, some of them were evil men, but only one of them was the greatest ever. President Ace is a god among men. He’s the only one who ever saw me as THE main event. He’s the only one who’s trusted me with being the figurehead and centerpiece of a promotion. Dean, that stupid loser, only ever saw me as a mid-card freak show. This man saw that I could fill arenas, draw pay-per-view buy rates and truly be the pinnacle of professional wrestling. President Ace, I owe you everything.

*The crowd begins booing again. *

The Big Bifford: Almost ten years ago… December 2001… President Ace, running another federation, came to me with a problem. He said that Silverfreak, that stupid goddamn coward, the World Champion, had let him down and let his fans down and quit. He had gone into hiding and wouldn’t defend the World Title. President Ace told me that he needed a new World Champion. But he also told me that the fans needed a new hero. He told me to take a look at the main-event scene of the company. It consisted of Handyman, Playboy G and I. The crowd hated all three of us. He asked me to be a hero to the fans. He told me he knew I could become World Champion. And so I did two things I’d never done in my career before, I became a fan-favorite and I became World Champion. And I hated you people cheering me because you people are the epitome of everything that I hate. You’re a bunch of stupid, inbred hicks and just looking at your disgusting faces makes me sick. None of you will ever have the kind of money that I have. None of you will ever have half as good of a lifestyle as me. I’m a freaking billionaire. I divorced one of the most rich and powerful women in America and now I’m freaking rich as hell. I could buy any single one of you and make you my freaking slave. But I won’t, because I hate you. And I hated being cheered by you. I felt so dirty at the end of the day I wanted to set my skin on fire.

*The fans erupt with boos. *

The Big Bifford: But I did it for Ace… I became your hero because he asked and because I respected him so much. I was his fan when he was ICWF Champion. I would do anything for him. And so I became your “hero” and I reigned as Champion for three months – the longest title reign in OCW history. I was freaking amazing. But you people dragged me down and I lost the title. I thought I’d never wrestle again, but last year after a very long hiatus Ace asked me to come back and I did. I’d do anything for him. He again asked me to be a hero to you inbred losers and I agreed. But thankfully he no longer asks that of me. Thankfully last month he came to me and he said he only had one thing he wanted me to do, and that was take the title away from that loser Draco. I told him no problem and we laid out our plan. Draco thought he was outsmarting me every step of the way, but he wasn’t. He was just falling for my plan and being brought to exactly where I wanted him. And last Sunday, when I hit him with the Biff End and pinned him, I completed my master plan. Now I’m a double champion and now I’m ready to shine. I’m the pinnacle of this industry. Nothing can stop me now.

*The fans again begin throwing garbage at the ring. *

The Big Bifford: Wow, are you people ever classy… No wonder you cheer people like Draco and Dangerous Dan… It’s because you have no taste. If you had taste, you’d bow down and worship the ground that President Ace and I stand on. This man is a living legend and the greatest President in wrestling history. He saw me for what I truly could be… He understood me. Thank you so much Ace.

*A fan jumps the guard rail and charges at the ring, but two security guards tackle him and drag him towards the back. *

The Big Bifford: If you inbred losers don’t watch out, you’ll end up like him. Hey guys in the back, show us the Vice President’s office… thanks for getting that all set up, by the way, Ace.

*Bifford points to the big screen where the image of Vice President Ludwig’s office is displayed. Behind the desk sits the proud seal, but in front of the desk lays the body of Martin Ka’Berryon. Beaten down with blood streaming down his face, Martin rolls around on the ground in his grape-cluster costume. *

The Big Bifford: We had some of the secret police—err, I mean GCWA security take care of the trash. Martin Ka’Berryon, you disloyal son of a bitch, you’re not my manager anymore. You always liked Marcus Ka’Derrion better than me. I won’t allow dissention in my ranks. You’re gone.

*Martin rolls around, in obvious pain. The screen goes black. *

The Big Bifford: Ace, I vow my life to you. I will never work for another man. Just say the word and whatever you wish will become my command.

*Ace smiles and quietly thanks Bifford as he grabs the microphone away from the big man. Bifford holds the World title and his Tag Team title above his head as the crowd boos loudly. As Bifford lowers the belts, he starts to leave the ring, only to have the Accelerator reach out and stop him from heading out. Bifford looks back, a confused look in his eyes as the President speaks again.*

The Accelerator: Before you go, Bifford, I wanted you to hear this. Y’see, that Draco, he was an undeserving champion for many reasons, most especially because he wasn’t a defending champion. Well, that all changes now that Bifford is the man with the gold!

*Bifford looks quizzically at Ace, wondering what he’s up to.*

The Accelerator: Since I knew Bifford would have no problems competing tonight, I’ve decided that he’s going to have a match… and the World Title is going to be on the line!!

*The crowd pops for that, loving the fact that Bifford’s defending tonight. Bifford himself doesn’t look too thrilled, as he starts to talk with Ace. But Ace shakes his head and steps away from him, continuing his announcement.*

The Accelerator: That’s right, in our main event tonight, it’ll be The Big Bifford defending his World Heavyweight Championship… against this man!!

*The fans all turn towards the entryway, as “I’m A Star” by Jeremiah begins to play. Stepping out onto the stage with a huge smile on his face is Aaron Styles!!*

Jones: Aaron Styles… is getting a World Title shot?

*In the ring, the Big Bifford has turned to Ace and is arguing with him again, apparently trying to keep up the appearance that he doesn’t want to fight this man. The Accelerator is smiling, loving the fact that he’s going to have a World Title match on Inferno. We slowly fade to a break.*

*We’re back at the ringside area, where Edward Jones is still sitting by himself.*

Jones: Welcome back, folks! Well, I guess we’re going to continue with the show, so we’ve got some…

*”Red Velvet” by Outkast starts to play, grabbing the attention of the audience. Spotlights shine on the entryway, as Adrian Rockwell walks out! His arm is in a sling, and he’s wearing a gray suit instead of his usual referee gear. As the fans start to boo, realizing who it is, Rockwell makes his way down to the ringside area.*

Jones: Oh my gosh! Adrian Rockwell! What brings you out this way?

*Only using one arm, Rockwell fumbles with the headset, finally managing to get it in place.*

Rockwell: Hello, Edward! Hell of a *bleeping* night, isn’t it?

Jones: Er, yes, yes it is, Mr. Rockwell.

Rockwell: Mr. Rockwell? It’s Adrian, Edward, just Adrian.

Jones: Ok… Adrian… so I suppose you being out here means that you’re my co-announcer tonight?

Rockwell: You’d be correct, son. I haven’t been able to referee recently, thanks to that fool Draco, so Ace told me he had a better use for me. I’m going to enjoy it here!

Jones: Wait, you’re permanently here?? What about Anthony Logan?

Rockwell: From what I hear, Ace suspended him for missing a show. Dummy should have at least called in sick or something.

Jones: Wow… well, Mr. Ro, er, Adrian, it’s good to have you here…

Rockwell: Thanks. You hear about Draco getting fired?

Jones: Er, yes, it happened just a few minutes ago…

Rockwell: Isn’t that just too damn bad for the boy? Sucka should have gotten in line.

Jones: … so, Adrian… I guess we should get started…

Rockwell: Let’s do it. What do we have first?

Jones: First off, we had several dark matches earlier in the night, that only the live crowd got to see. Here’s what went down in that first contest.

*The clips begin with a shot of Drake Hudson making his way down to the ring, followed by Xtreme pushing his cart of weapons down the aisle. Xtreme was up to his usual tricks, wanting to use a kendo stick to start things off, but referee Mitchell stopped him, saying that this was a normal match. However, Hudson then agreed to a change, saying that he was willing to go hardcore. Big mistake, as Xtreme soon used that to his advantage, beating on Hudson and throwing him out of the ring. Xtreme then got a chair and delivered a solo con-chair-to to Hudson on the outside floor. With Hudson out cold, Xtreme picked the wounded man up and delivered the Xtreme Measures into the ring post, causing more injury. Xtreme then made the pin, getting his first victory in the GCWA. Hudson was left badly hurting, and was carted out by medics after the contest.*

Jones: Xtreme came out victorious, showing that he is still a dangerous competitor when it comes to hardcore matches.

Rockwell: What a *bleeping* idiot Hudson was. Xtreme wanted to break him, and Hudson say “Sure, let him do it.” Moron.

Jones: Yes, Hudson’s career in the GCWA is certainly not going the way he would like…

Rockwell: Hell, after the beating he just took, I don’t think we’re going to see his ass in the GCWA again. Go home and cry to mommy, fool!

Jones: Unfortunately, our second match didn’t have much competition, either, although we definitely saw a dominant debut by Lorenzo Demarco.

Rockwell: Dominant and damaging, which I’m a big fan of, by the way.

*We first see the entrance of Kirsten Reid, making her debut as the sole woman currently on the GCWA wrestling roster. She’s followed by Lorenzo Demarco, who clearly has a size advantage on Reid. Demarco doesn’t pull any punches, attacking Reid as soon as the bell rings. Reid tries to fight back, getting in a few shots, but this just makes Demarco angry. Soon, he’s devastating Reid with neckbreakers and piledrivers, doing his best to put her out of action. With Reid in bad shape, Demarco doesn’t back down, punching and kicking her whenever possible. It finally ends with Demarco locking Reid into a full nelson, getting her to tap out from the pain.

After getting his hand raised in victory, Demarco goes to leave the ring. As he’s half way out, he turns to look at Kirsten who is trying to push herself up on his feet. A look appears on Lorenzo’s face as he re-enters the ring and begins to measure her up. Right when she’s back on her feet but still hunched over, he charges at her and nails her with the Paid in Full knocking her back down and out!! The crowd boos this action as the match is clearly over and there’s no need for further damage. Lorenzo Demarco is shown with a half smirk as the referee gets in his face asking him “what’s wrong with you”. Lorenzo Demarco feigns punching the referee which causes him to back off and cover up as Lorenzo instead chooses to leave the ring and head to the back.*

Jones: Demarco certainly has a violent streak, as he had no reason to attack Kirsten Reid after the match like that.

Rockwell: What’d he do that’s so wrong? If that was a guy, you wouldn’t be that upset. I’m tired of all this PC bull*bleep* that says you can’t treat a woman like you would a man.

Jones: Ok, just to be clear, if Demarco had smashed a guy in the head with his knee after the match was over, I’d be saying the same thing. There was no reason for it.

Rockwell: But would you be as upset as you are now?

Jones: …

Rockwell: Thought so.

Jones: Let’s… let’s just get to our final dark match…These two fought in the Newcomers’ Battle Royal at Blood on the Battlefield, with both coming up short in the end to Kid Dynamo. Tonight, they were given a second chance against each other.

*The clip begins with the entrances of both men, with Ruslan Koslov getting his usual unbalanced cheers/boos from the crowd. The two men at least put on a competitive contest at first, with Koslov trying to use his speed and agility to cut down the larger Mr. Itt, while Mr. Itt worked on grounding Koslov with submissions and suplexes. Near the end of the contest, Mr. Itt was in control, landing his top-rope clothesline and leaving Koslov hurting. But with Mr. Itt went for the Press Down, Koslov fought free and shoved Mr. Itt backwards to the ropes. Koslov then ran at Mr. Itt and got a running splash that sent both men over the ropes. As the referee counted away, Koslov and Mr. Itt continued fighting, with Koslov attempting a hurricanrana, only to have Mr. Itt toss him away to the mats. Mr. Itt then decided to go after him, continuing the fight on the outside, as the referee counted out both men. The fight continued for a few minutes until security showed up to break up the two newcomers.*

Rockwell: There wasn’t a winner? Weak…

Jones: Both Koslov and Mr. Itt appeared to be ready to make a fight for it. The problem is, both seemed to be a little lacking on being able to finish off their opponent. I’m sure these two will meet again in the future, maybe deciding on a clear winner then.

Rockwell: Yep, the count is the most important thing. Gotta pay attention to the count.

Jones: With those matches out of the way, we’ve still got four great contests for you here tonight!

Rockwell: Five contests, Edward. Don’t forget that The Big Bifford is defending his newly-won World Title tonight against a major competitor!

Jones: … Aaron Styles?

Rockwell: It’s the fight of the year, and it’s free! Tell people to call their friends and let them know that it’s going down tonight!

Jones: … I think I miss Anthony…

Rockwell: What was that?

Jones: Nothing, nothing. Let’s get to our first live match of the night.

Minos: The next match is a non-title bout scheduled for one fall. First, making his way towards the squared circle, he made his debut at Blood On The Battlefield IV and is hoping to make a career in the GCWA, standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, here is “The Future” Tommy Gunn!

*The fans give a small cheer as “Fly From The Inside” by Shinedown plays, bringing out Tommy Gunn. He nods, happy to be competing today as he heads down to the ring. He’s bouncing on his heels, full of energy.*

Rockwell: So who’s this? Another loser for the scrap heap?

Jones: Gunn’s only had one match, Adrian. It’s a little early to be calling him a loser.

Rockwell: Did he win at Blood on the Battlefield?

Jones: Well, no, but…

Rockwell: Then he’s a loser. My point stands.

Minos: His opponent has held numerous titles in the GCWA, and is in the midst of breaking new records as a champion, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, representing the Danger Boiz, here is the GCWA Unified X Division Champion… Crazy Chris!

*”Mental Health” by Zebrahead hits, bringing the people to their feet. They’re cheering heavily as Crazy Chris steps out of the back, the Unified X Division Title strapped tightly around his waist. He walks down the aisle, smiling towards some fans wearing a similar style mask to his own. Chris then reaches the ring and hands off his belt to the referee, keeping an eye on the overly-anxious Gunn.*

Jones: Crazy Chris may be the hottest wrestler in the GCWA right now. I mean, he’s only lost once in 2010, and look at who he’s beaten: Harvey Danger, Robert Santana, Bucky Johnson, Lurrr, Draco, Dangerous Dan… that’s basically a who’s who list of former champions, including two World Champions. He was also successful at BOTB by winning Ultimate X!

Rockwell: He’s had a lucky streak, yeah, but it doesn’t compare to The Big Bifford’s.

Jones: “Lucky streak”? Over so many top names?

Rockwell: Bifford beat Draco, too, you know…

Jones: Yes, I know, but we’re talking about Crazy Chris here.

Rockwell: I’d rather talk about Bifford.

Jones: I’m sure you would.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Gunn’s raring to go out of the corner, wanting to get going, as Crazy Chris readjusts his mask and steps forward. Gunn immediately charges him, taking a wild swing at a clothesline, but Chris matrixes under it! Gunn runs to the corner and spins, annoyed as he sees Chris straightening back up again. With another roar, Gunn charges again, with Chris once again easily seeming to side-step him. Gunn angrily turns again, yelling at Chris to stand still and ‘fight him’. Gunn then comes back in with a right hand, but Chris dodges to the side, and then dodges Gunn’s two other attempts as well. Gunn, frustrated, steps back and rubs his head, even as the Unified X Division Champion calmly takes him in, watching for his next move.*

Jones: So far, we haven’t had an offensive move land in this one!

Rockwell: Hah! Crazy Chris is playing with the chump! Maybe I underestimated this guy after all…

Jones: Crazy Chris did say this week that he was surprised he was being put against a rookie. Maybe this is his way to show how much farther apart he is from the young guys now.

*Gunn confers briefly with Head Referee Bell, who’s in charge of this one. Bell shrugs, telling Gunn that he’s the one who needs to get it done, and that he can’t expect Crazy Chris to just stand there and get hit. Gunn walks back towards Crazy Chris, studying him more intently now. Chris smiles at him, and then raises one hand, beckoning him on. Gunn, taking the move as an insult, comes in again, trying to be more focused. However, Gunn’s first punch is quickly blocked, with Chris unleashing his own series of punches and kicks, driving Gunn back!! The fans erupt as Chris leaps into the air and gets a spinning side kick, knocking Gunn to the ground! Gunn rolls, getting himself out of range and leaving the ring, as he rubs his sore jaw. He slaps the edge of the apron, now even more frustrated. Unfortunately, his emotions are clouding his vision, as he doesn’t see Crazy Chris rocketing towards him!! Chris flies over the top rope with a flip, crashing down on top of Gunn and bringing the people to their feet!!*

Jones: Crazy Chris breaks out his aerial acrobatics!

Rockwell: It’s foolish to take risks like that when you don’t have to. What, is he just doing it for the fans?

Jones: Partially, but Crazy Chris also lives for the adrenaline rush of taking to the air.

Rockwell: You’d never see The Big Bifford doing something like that.

Jones: I wouldn’t WANT to see The Big Bifford trying that!

Rockwell: Good point.

*On the outside, Crazy Chris is already on his feet, pulling up the hurting Gunn. He whips Gunn hard into the edge of the apron, causing him to fall forwards to the mat. With Head Referee Bell continuing his count, Chris reacts, grabbing Gunn by the head and yanking him up. He rolls Gunn under the ropes and follows, keeping the match going. Gunn tries to stagger back to his feet, dazed, but Chris is already there, picking Gunn up and delivering a hurricanrana!! The throw tosses Gunn to the center of the ring, leaving him down for a minute, as Crazy Chris heads towards the turnbuckle. The crowd knows what’s coming, cheering, as Crazy Chris quickly makes the climb to the top. As Gunn gets back to his feet, trying to stand without unbalancing, Crazy Chris takes flight, coming in at Gunn and landing the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! Gunn is down and out, with the champion dropping down on top of him for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Crazy Chris!!

Jones: Crazy Chris wins again! I believe that takes his winning streak to 7!

Rockwell: I’ll agree that he made mince meat out of this kid, but next time, give him a real challenge, huh?

Jones: For Tommy Gunn, ‘the future’ isn’t looking so bright. Two matches, two losses.

*Chris is already back on his feet, looking like he made the point he was going for. Tommy Gunn is still down, with Chris stepping over him on his way to reclaim the Unified X Division Title. He climbs up on the turnbuckle and shows off the belt, to the excited joy of the crowd. Chris then turns and leaves, pleased at getting himself another victory. We cut to the back, leaving the ringside area behind. We’re inside the President’s office, where the Accelerator can be seen, cracking open a bottle of champagne. He takes a long drink from the glass, obviously savoring it. All more the shame when the door swings open.*

The Accelerator: Damn lock. Ok, so what do you want? Oh, let me guess, you want to complain about how you got screwed, right?

*The camera swings over, showing that the man standing in the room is the former Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!*

The Accelerator: Look, pal, the ref called it the way he saw it. You’re the one who screwed up and couldn’t keep your belt. And I know, you want your rematch, and I’ll consider giving it to you… some time…

*The Lost Soul leans over the desk, causing the Accelerator to pause in mid-gulp of his champagne.*

The Lost Soul: You have crossed the line.

*Ace slowly puts down his glass, giving The Lost Soul a serious look. TLS is returning it, managing to look extremely menacing without moving.*

The Accelerator: Don’t tell me you’re a Draco supporter! C’mon, TLS… he was dragging the GCWA down! I did what I had to do!

The Lost Soul: As will the Lost Soul. There will be a reckoning.

*The Lost Soul turns and leaves, with the Accelerator shaking his head. We slowly fade out.*

*We return from the break in the garage area, which is already seeing activity early on in the show. Lorenzo Demarco is walking in the back toward his car when he hears a voice behind him.*

Cynthia Hall: Mr. Demarco! Mr. Demarco!

*Lorenzo keeps on walking as Cynthia Hall runs up to him with a microphone and shoves it in his face. Lorenzo is annoyed but he chooses to stop as Cynthia asks him her question.*

Cynthia Hall: Why did you attack a defenseless Kirsten Reid after the match was over?

*Lorenzo stares at Cynthia as if it’s the dumbest question in the world?*

Lorenzo Demarco: WHY? Cause the dumb bi . . . Cause the dumb broad tired to get back up? Can you believe that. I smoke her ass and she tries to get back up? Sometimes it’s in your best interest to just stay down and play dead. She tries to show signs of life, as if I hadn’t beaten her ass enough so I had to show the world that she was definitely done for. Did you see me in that ring tonight, I brutalized her as if she was in a SAW flick. However, I don’t take much pride in defeating her, she was just a chick after all. Something like that isn’t going to scare my competition. In fact if anything me beating her . . . Was more than likely expected. So consider my attack on her after the match the “on notice” to G.C.W.A. Everyone is now on notice that before the match, during the match, and even after the match . . You ain’t safe against me. Cause I’m looking to get Paid in Full and I’ll do that by any means necessary.

*Lorenzo pushes the microphone away from his face and walks off again as Cynthia Hall is shown with a look of disgust on her face. We head back to ringside to rejoin the announcers.*

Jones: That wasn’t much of an explanation from Lorenzo Demarco, Adrian.

Rockwell: It worked for me, personally. She had been beaten cleanly, she really should have stayed down.

Jones: I still don’t like it, but we shouldn’t dwell on it. We need to keep moving on, as we still have several matches to get to tonight.

*”Ego” by Element Eighty hits and Mario Maurako walks out onto the stage with a big band-aid across his forehead to cover the scars from the Last Man Standing Hell in a Cell Match from Blood on the Battlefield. Mario walks down the ramp as the hateful GCWA fans Boo loudly. Mario basks in the jeers from the fans as if they fuel him. Mario enters the ring and stands still waiting for the crowd to settle down. *

Minos: Introducing first, he is an all-star in the field of wrestling, standing 6’2” and weighing 260 lbs, from Maurako Island, here is “The Marvelous One” Mario Maurako!

Rockwell: Mario and Lurrr had a hell of a match on Blood on the Battlefield. It took a “Last Call” from Lurrr which sent Mario plummeting from the cell to keep him down for the 10 count.

Jones: Say what you will about Mario Maurako’s attitude but you certainly have to recognize his work ethic, he really brought it against Lurrr.

Rockwell: But now here he is again with a microphone in hand and an upcoming match against Tag Team Champion Arachne.

*The crowd begins to calm down and Mario slowly raises the microphone to his lips and begins to speak his mind. *

Mario Maurako: As all of you morons know I came up just a little big short at Blood on the Battlefield against Lurrr.

*The crowd cheers at the mention of the Legendary GCWA wrestler. *

Mario Maurako: But that just proves my point! Lurrr is an OCW Hall of Famer. And it took every ounce of energy that man had to keep me down for ten seconds. None of these other losers could do it for three. But I didn’t come out here to talk about what I’m about to do. I’m here to talk about Derek Mobley and the Ultimate Survivor Match. Actually I’m not going to say a word about it… instead I want all of you punks to give a warm welcome to the greenbacks behind Mario Maurako in GCWA and the man responsible for Team OCW…. The last OCW Commissioner, COMMISH D-ROCK!

*A metal version of Beethoven’s Fur Elise starts to play and a man dressed in a suit and sporting a Cowboy hat walks out onto the stage. The OCW Commissioner stops there and pulls out a microphone from inside his suit jacket. *

Jones: What in the heck? This is the man responsible for bringing Mario Maurako to GCWA? This is the man who is trying to destroy this company?

Rockwell: That’s certainly what it looks like to me.

Commish D-Rock: I can tell by the look on a lot of your faces that you people don’t have the foggiest idea as to who I am, and that’s totally fine. Because I’d rather not be known by lower class pond scum like yourselves.

*The fans begin to boo not only Mario now but also D-Rock. *

Jones: Well it didn’t take him long to warm himself up to the GCWA faithful here tonight.

Commish D-Rock: About a month ago I was sitting at home and I was watching countless OCW stars make this rats nest their new home, and I was disgusted. So having nothing else better to spend my money on I decided that I would go out and BUY the greatest OCW star to ever step in the ring, that’s right, I’m talking about Mario Maurako. It was I who brought Mario Maurako to the GCWA, and it was I who swapped out the contract in Derek Mobley’s match at the PPV.

And I know everyone at home is just hanging on to the edge of their seat waiting to find out why I would do such a thing. Well let me tell you why. I did it because Derek Mobley proved almost a year ago that he was the toughest son of a bitch here in GCWA by winning the Ultimate Survivor Match, and in my quest to destroy GCWA I knew that I would have to start with him.

That is why Mario Maurako is here, that is why the contract was switched at the PPV and most importantly that is why I am here tonight. I’m here to pay Mario Maurako what he is owed for his services, and also give him a blank check that he can use to BUY the best team to compete and win at the PPV.

Jones: Can you believe this? Mario has a multi-millionaire on his side now and can virtually buy anyone he wants to for the PPV.

Rockwell: Derek Mobley and the rest of us here at GCWA better be very careful with how we handle this man.

Mario Maurako: Well thank you Commissioner D-Rock for everything that you did for OCW and for everything that you did for me. Ever since I found out that my team would be taking on Team Mobley at the next PPV I’ve been scurrying around like the mastermind that I am trying to make sure that I had the absolute best team-mates. Ones that would ensure The Marvelous One got everything that he deserves out of this Ultimate Survivor match. That is why at this time I would like to introduce you all to TEAM OCW!

*As soon as Mario finishes speaking the Metal version of Fur Elise starts again and Scoot Time, Special K, and Jedit Omen all walk out onto the stage and stand next to OCW Commissioner D-Rock. The OCW Commissioner looks shocked and not at all pleased by the team he has apparently bought to represent OCW. *

Jones: What? Mario bought a bunch of jobbers from OCW. This doesn’t make sense at all!

Rockwell: Or does it make perfect sense? Did Mario perhaps buy a bunch of jobbers because he doesn’t want any more OCW competition when it comes to the finals?

Jones: You might be onto something Adrian, but I’m not sure.

Mario Maurako: Here they all are Mobley, this is Team OCW and this is the team that is going to wipe the floor with you proving once and for all that you may be good, you may be great, but you’re certainly NOT Marvelous!

*Maurako stands tall, clearly proud of what he’s put together, although the fans don’t seem to agree with him. The booing continues, even as he sends the others out of the ring so that he can prepare himself.*

Minos: Maurako’s opponent is looking for his tenth win in the GCWA here tonight… standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions… Arachne!

*The fans aren’t any happier to see Arachne, booing him as he comes out to “Wana” by the Black Horn. He has his championship with him, but seems to be cautiously watching for anyone wearing a costume before making his way down. Referee Trixie makes sure to get the title belt from him as he enters, placing it at ringside.*

Jones: Arachne had another wild adventure this week, mainly spent in a very strange bar.

Rockwell: Oh, yeah, that’s a great place to hang out. I go by there all the time.

Jones: You… what? You go to a bar that has a guy in a fox costume running it, and has people dressed up like Bill Clinton, sloths, and spatulas?

Rockwell: Yep. You should try their dry ice martini’s, they are unbelievable.

Jones: I honestly find myself at a loss for words…

Rockwell: I need to go back there soon. That fox owes me protection money.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Scoot Time is shown on the outside, trying to shout advice to Maurako, as the match officially begins. Referee Trixie is back in charge, signaling for the two combatants to go at it. Bravely, Arachne approaches Maurako, sizing him up. He then points to the ropes and runs there, before charging back in with a shoulder block… that sends Arachne flying, while Maurako laughs his ass off. Arachne gets back to his feet, dusting himself off. He turns towards Maurako, doing a quick muscle flex, as if to show how strong he really is. Maurako doesn’t look very impressed. Arachne then steps forward and raises a hand, apparently wanting a test of strength! Maurako looks both surprised and suspicious, but he goes ahead and locks up, first one hand, then the other. The test of strength is only underway for a few seconds before Arachne’s fingers have been twisted over, causing him to drop to his knees in agony!! Trixie comes in, wondering if a submission might be coming already, as Maurako simply smiles.*

Rockwell: *Bleeping* Arachne, what’s wrong with you?! You don’t try to match strength with a guy the size of Maurako!

Jones: It’s going down just like it did a few weeks ago, when Arachne tried to survive Derek Mobley’s Thriller. That didn’t work out too well, and I can’t say he’s doing any better here today!

*Arachne struggles to push himself back up, but he’s really making no progress against the powerhouse. His fingers have to be killing him by now, but Arachne is refusing to give up. Apparently this is boring Maurako, as he suddenly releases Arachne, letting the smaller man fall backwards to the floor. Maurako steps over and pulls Arachne to his feet, showing the little man no sympathy as he lifts him into the air with a press over his head, lifting Arachne up and down several times to show off his strength! He then tosses Arachne to the side, sending him crashing hard, upside-down, in the corner!! With Arachne hanging in the tree of woe, Maurako happily steps over and starts stomping on his chest, landing several good stomps before Arachne’s feet release, dropping him hard to the ground. Maurako turns and gestures to the downed foe, as if to say, this is the best the GCWA can offer?*

Jones: Thus far, this one’s been almost all Maurako. Arachne’s needing to find a way to get back into this.

Rockwell: C’mon, Arachne! Defend the GCWA’s good name and kick this turkey’s ass!

*Maurako seems to be enjoying himself, kicking freely into Arachne’s side. Meanwhile, Special K is now up on the apron, clapping heavily for Maurako. He reaches across, apparently trying to get the tag, but Referee Trixie is quickly there to order the man back off the apron. This, though, was apparently all a distraction, as Scoot Time is up on the other side, tossing Maurako a pair of brass knuckles! Maurako, though, wasn’t expecting them, and juggles them for a second, before getting hold. He looks at them, then looks over at Scoot Time with annoyance. He starts to say something, then realizes that Trixie is coming back. He quickly tucks the knuckles into his shorts to avoid getting DQ’ed. Maurako then goes over and picks Arachne up, positioning him, no, Arachne twists free and grabs Maurako’s head, dropping him instead with a stunner!! Maurako bounces away, as Arachne rolls over to his side, regaining his strength.*

Jones: Maurako was distracted too long, and now Arachne’s back in it!

Rockwell: Maurako should have just quickly used those knuckles and been done with it. Trixie never would have seen it, she’s as blind as a bat.

Jones: What makes you say that?

Rockwell: She told me I’m not good enough for her to date. Clearly, her vision is impaired, because she can’t see perfection standing in front of her.

*Maurako struggles back to his feet, rubbing his sore head. Arachne greets him as he turns around, jumping up and latching onto Maurako, before taking him down with a codebreaker!! Maurako’s down again, with Arachne scrambling over to make the cover… 1… 2.. and Maurako tosses Arachne away. The two men come back up, with Arachne staying in control with some stiff shots to move Maurako back into the ropes. Arachne then climbs over Maurako and applies the Tarantula submission hold, locking Maurako in and rocking himself back and forth! Maurako is feeling the burn, even as referee Trixie steps in and starts counting away on the illegal hold. Jedit Omen is beneath them now, bitterly yelling at Arachne, almost distracting him into getting himself DQ’ed. But at the last second, Arachne releases the hold, causing Maurako to fall into the ring. Arachne rebalances himself on the ropes and hops up, flipping over and dropping a leg across Maurako’s throat, before making another cover… 1… 2… but Maurako is out of it again.*

Rockwell: Thataboy, Arachne, keep up the fight! Make Bifford proud!

Jones: Arachne has been known to surprise in the past. When he first started out, no one saw him becoming a World Tag-Team co-Champion.

Rockwell: The wrestling business can be extremely *bleeped* up at times.

*Arachne has headed to the turnbuckle now, trying to climb up as quickly as possible. Underneath, Scoot Time and Jedit Omen are both trying to get his attention, but no dice, as Arachne doesn’t even bother to look at them. He’s used to strange guys trying to distract him. Maurako pulls himself to his feet, not realizing where Arachne is. He turns, as Arachne leaps off towards him… and Maurako catches him in mid-air, before flipping him over him with a fallaway slam!! Both men are down for a second, but Maurako starts to rise first, keeping the ref from making a count. He gets to his feet and stumbles over to the recovering Arachne, pulling him up and setting his arm between the man’s legs. Maurako then puts Arachne into the air and drops him with the Road To Maurako!!! Arachne’s down and out, with Maurako confidently posing himself for a second before going down for the cover… 1… 2… Arachne barely gets his arm up!*

Jones: I thought that was going to be it, but Arachne’s fighting hard in this one!

Rockwell: Arachne can be one inconsistent mother *bleeper*. But tonight, he’s giving it a good fight against Maurako.

Jones: I wonder, is he fighting for the GCWA, Bifford… or himself?

*Maurako’s had enough now, as he brings Arachne up and gets behind him, preparing to lock him into the Marvelosity! But Arachne squirms free, sliding back to the floor. It’s more of a reprieve than an escape, as Maurako, annoyed, leans over to grab Arachne again… and Arachne kicks upwards, catching Maurako below the belt!! Maurako stumbles away, grimacing heavily in pain, possibly because of the brass knuckles that are still in his trunks!! He drops to his knees, gasping, as Trixie, surprised, goes over to check on Maurako, not having seen the kick land. Arachne stumbles upwards to the ropes… and gets grabbed from behind by Scoot Time!! Arachne immediately yanks himself free, though, and spins, spitting the Green Mist into Scoot Time’s face!!! Scoot Time drops, even as Arachne turns back to Maurako, grabbing hold of him… but Maurako gets an uppercut, sending Arachne staggering back. Maurako then runs to the ropes… and trips, courtesy of Jedit Omen!!! Maurako looks back at him, shocked, with Omen just now realizing he tripped the wrong guy! Behind Maurako, Arachne charges in, surprisingly rolling Maurako up!!! 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Arachne!

Jones: You’d have to definitely consider this an upset!!

Rockwell: Maurako’s candy-ass partners let him down severely in this one!

Jones: What an amazing victory for Arachne, as he pulls out a huge victory for his career! Maurako will have to deal with the fact that, thanks to his ‘team’, he’s taken a hard loss!

*Arachne has been handed his championship belt by Trixie, and looks pretty pleased with himself, as he raises the title into the air. The fans aren’t exactly on his side, but they’re not on Maurako’s, either, so the cheers are somewhat muted, but there. Arachne gladly starts to head to the ropes to leave… and doesn’t make it, as a furious Maurako grabs him from behind and locks him into the Marvelosity!!!!! Arachne’s feet are kicking like crazy as he’s kept in the submission hold, with Maurako swinging him back and forth, almost as if trying to break the man into several pieces!! The crowd’s booing heavily now, as security starts to come down, only with Maurako’s team intercepting them.*

Jones: Maurako’s getting revenge on the man who rolled him up!

Rockwell: Damn, that’s not cool!! That’s Bifford’s tag-team partner!!

*After a few more seconds in the hold, with the bell ringing violently, Maurako finally releases Arachne, leaving him to collapse onto the mat. Maurako still looks pretty ticked off as he leaves the ring, shoving GCWA Security out of the way. His team is quickly retreating, as if knowing they could take a beating as well. They depart, as we leave the ringside area. We go back in the Accelerator’s office, where he is trying to relax and enjoy his evening. He seems to be doing one of his favorite habits: choosing which of the newcomers to fire. As he’s considering, a knock is heard at the door.*

The Accelerator: Well, at least this one has some manners. Come in!

*The door opens, and Crazy Chris appears, walking into the room with his title on his shoulder. The fans cheer, seeing the man who won earlier tonight.*

The Accelerator: Well, well, Mr. Crazy himself. Congrats on your win, it was, uh, hard-earned and all that.

Crazy Chris: Thanks, Ace…

The Accelerator: I’m thinking of booking you next week in another match. I’m seeing Crazy Chris vs. Drake Hudson! That’ll put some butts in the seats!

*Ace laughs, while Crazy Chris starts to shake his head.*

Crazy Chris: That’s what I’m here to talk about, Ace. You’ve given me my opportunity, and I appreciate it… but should I really be fighting these rookies? I’m not a curtain-jerk kind of guy.

The Accelerator: Yeah, well, them’s the breaks, kid. I’m the one who makes the decisions, and if I want to see you fighting nobodies, then that’s what’s going to happen. Understand?

Crazy Chris: Did you really fire Draco?

The Accelerator: “Did I really fire Draco”? Of COURSE I fired Draco!! He was a loser who deserved to go down!! What, now you’re going to cry to me about what happened??

Crazy Chris: I just thought I’d see if you would reconsider. Draco’s meant a lot to us younger wrestlers. He’s been an inspiration…

The Accelerator: So, what, are you going to start drinking and making a nuisance of yourself now? You disappoint me, Chris.

Crazy Chris: I think you’re making a mistake, Ace.

The Accelerator: Y’know, Chris… you’re right… Drake Hudson is too good for you. Next week, I’ll pick a fat fan out of the audience for you to fight, or maybe I’ll just have you fight an old-timer with tooth decay. Whatever the hell I want to do, I’ll do! Now get the hell out of my office!

*For a moment, Crazy Chris seems to be seriously contemplating leaping over the desk and giving Ace what he deserves. But Chris knows better than that. He controls his anger, turns and leaves, with the Accelerator angrily going back to work. We fade out.*

*We cut backstage into the House of Pain’s locker room. Warrick Hill is seated on the bench, leaning up against the wall. He knee has a brace on it and he has it propped on top of an ice chest. There are also a few good looking female nurses sitting around him, helping him out due to his injured condition. Derek is in the middle of the room, dressed out, doing some kind of breathing exercise. Warrick snaps his fingers and one of the girls lifts his leg up…the other pulls a beer out of the ice chest. She shuts the ice chest, the other places his leg back, gently, on top of the ice chest. Warrick cracks the beer open and speaks.*

Warrick Hill: This is the life, I should get semi-seriously injured more often. By the way, mind telling me what the hell you’re doing?

Derek Mobley: It’s a yoga exercise, I saw it on TV earlier this week, supposed to increase stamina.

Warrick Hill: Well, it looks kinda gay.

Derek Mobley: I can assure you, there is nothing gay about what I’m doing.

*Derek bends over and remains in that position for awhile. Warrick shakes his head, gulps some beer and snickers, along with the two nurses.*

Warrick Hill: Whatever, man.

*There is a sudden knock at the door. Derek stands upright and opens the door. El Linchador is on the other end. Derek smiles and shakes his hand, we hear the crowd in the background cheer loudly as they see Linchy on the big screen.*

Derek Mobley: Linchy! Thanks for coming, buddy, how’s the first week in GCWA been?

El Linchador: Eh, seeing as I haven’t had a match or anything, I’d say it’s been about like any other week…aside from the paycheck.

Derek Mobley: Cool, cool…so, listen, there’s something I wanted to ask you. Ace and Marcus Ka’Derrion screwed me into this Survival match against Mario Maurako’s team. Seeing as I wasn’t really planning on having a Survival match this month, I’m left looking or teammates. Soooo, I was wondering if you’d do me the honor of being on Team Mobley? We don’t have to call it Team Mobley, we could call it Team Cool Guys or Team Awesome…something like that.

*Linchy cracks a smile.*

El Linchador: Doesn’t matter to me what we call it, just as long as we take out Team Maurako. I’m in!

*We hear the crowd go wild when they hear Linchy’s acceptance.*

Derek Mobley: Awesome!! So, that makes two members for our team…just need to find two more.

Warrick Hill: HEY!

*Derek and Linchy turn, facing Warrick, who has his arms up in the air.*

Warrick Hill: What about me, you jerks?

Derek Mobley: Oh, umm

El Linchador: Aren’t you kinda…semi-seriously injured? I could’ve swore I heard you say that earlier…

Derek Mobley: That’s true, Warrick…you did say that…

*Warrick rolls his eyes, chugs his beer and then stands up. He quickly removes the brace and hands it to the nurse on his left. Warrick bends over and places the empty beer can on the ground…he then crushes it with his ‘injured’ leg.*

Warrick Hill: See? I’m good to go!

*The nurses flash looks of disgust. The one on his left slams the knee brace into his chest and they both storm out of the locker room.*

Warrick Hill: Babes wait…babes wait…babes….wait!!!

*It’s too late, they are gone. Warrick shakes his head and grabs another beer…he approaches Derek and Linchy, both of whom are having trouble controlling their laughter.*

Warrick Hill: Yea, yea, laugh it up you A-Holes.

*Warrick cracks his fresh beer open.*

Warrick Hill: So, am I on the team or not?

Derek Mobley: I thought you hated these kinds of matches?

Warrick Hill: Well, normally I do…however, seeing as I won the freakin contract for this match, it’d be a shame if I didn’t participate…right?

*Derek and Linchy nod.*

El Linchador: He does have a point…

Derek Mobley: Alright you’re in!

Warrick Hill: Sweet!

*Warrick reaches into his ice chest and pulls out two more beers, he forcefully hands them to Linchy and Derek.*

Warrick Hill: C’mon, open them up…nobody likes to drink alone…we’re teammates now, don’t leave me hanging!

*We cut back to the announce table*

Jones: So Derek Mobley’s team is already mostly built, consisting of Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, and El Linchador! That’s a powerful team already, Adrian!

Rockwell: I don’t know much about this Linch guy so I’ll reserve comment on him. Mobley and Hill, they’ve always been a tough team. But Maurako’s tough, too, so they’re in for a rough ride either way.

Jones: You have to wonder, has Maurako managed to find anyone for his team yet? He’s an outsider here in the GCWA, constantly talking about how he hates it, so it’s hard to believe that other GCWA guys would join him.

Rockwell: If he wants to be a disloyal prick, that’s his business. You stay loyal to Ace, you’re covered. He ought to learn that and get in line.

Jones: Uh, yeah, ok… time for the next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Coming out to the ring, they are making their debut here tonight, weighing in at a combined 450 lbs, here are Tad O. Minor & Mr. Good… N.U.T.S.!

*The two newcomers enter the arena to “Rollin’” by Limp Bizkit, with a quick posing on the stage. Tad O. Minor moves off first, but stumbles to the right, nearly heading to the edge of the stage, with Mr. Good quickly grabbing him from behind to keep him from falling. They head for the ring, both men carrying the GCWA replica belts they stole at the pay-per-view.*

Jones: These two had a surprising appearance at Blood On The Battlefield IV, when they attacked a store clerk and stole his merchandise, proclaiming themselves the GCWA Handicapped Champions.

Rockwell: Does being retarded count as being handicapped? Because if so, the Johnsons have a chance at those belts.

Jones: They aren’t real, Adrian. They’re fakes.

Rockwell: Yes, but being retarded, Bucky and Chucky might not know that.

Jones: Trust me, they know.

Minos: Their opponents are brothers in the ring and brothers in real life, weighing in at a combined 470 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here are Bucky & Chucky Johnson… The Johnson Era!

*As “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem plays, the two Johnson brothers walk out on the stage together. Bucky is the confident one, walking on ahead, while Chucky takes the time to greet some fans with high fives on the way down.*

Jones: Rumor has it the Johnson Era appeared on another wrestling show this week…

Rockwell: *Bleeping* traitors.

Jones: Well, Adrian, I think it was more a publicity stunt than anything like…

Rockwell: Screw these punks! They want to be on another show other than the GCWA? Ace should can their asses, send them to work in the minor leagues like that Janitor guy.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Chucky Johnson starts things out for his team, while Tad O. Minor steps in for N.U.T.S. They lock up, with Minor twisting Chucky around into a head lock. He laughs, happy, as Mr. Good nods his head in approval to the young wrestler. Chucky, though, lifts Minor into the air, causing the smile to quickly fade! Chucky throws Minor over his shoulder, with Minor trying to spin around to land on his feet. He doesn’t make it, face-planting into the canvas instead. Chucky comes around and grabs the smaller wrestler, lifting him up into a fireman’s carry and then throwing him in the air, before dropping him onto both of Chucky’s raised knees!! Minor rolls away in agony, with Chucky getting back to his feet and looking to Bucky, who is clapping his hands.*

Jones: Right now, we’ve got the two less experienced wrestlers going at it, apparently with their mentors looking on.

Rockwell: This Minor guy looks like a *bleeping* kid!

Jones: I also believe he has a medical condition that throws off his balance, making him a very… unique… wrestler.

Rockwell: Sometimes I wonder what’s happening to this sport that I love.

*Chucky drags Minor over to their corner and quickly tags in his brother, earning some cheers from the crowd. Bucky, although still bandaged up from his wounds at Blood on the Battlefield, still seems extremely pumped up for this one. As Chucky holds Minor in the air, Bucky runs off the ropes and comes back with a leap, getting a guillotine clothesline!! Minor’s down, with Bucky making the quick cover… 1…. 2… and Mr. Good is in, breaking it up! Bucky gets up, annoyed, as Mr. Good heads back to his corner. Bucky gets back to his feet, pulling up the weakened Minor and taking him over to the Johnson Era corner. After landing a few more clubbing blows on Minor, Bucky tags Chucky back in. The two men lock Minor up and lift him into the air, dropping back with a double suplex! Bucky then leaves the ring, allowing his brother to continue the punishment.*

Rockwell: The Johnsons are working well together. You’d think they’d been a tag-team for a long time.

Jones: Well, they ARE brothers. I’m sure they know each other’s moves pretty well by now.

Rockwell: Are Mr. Good and Minor brothers?

Jones: I have no idea, but if they are, I’m not seeing the family resemblance.

Rockwell: That’s because of the mask. Without the mask, I bet we’d see it.

*Chucky has Minor back in the air now, twisting him around and jogging forward with a powerslam! He makes another cover, watching Mr. Good for any movement… 1… 2… but Minor somehow kicks out! Chucky seems surprised, but nods and gets back up, hauling Minor with him. He shoots Minor into the ropes, and then sets himself, jumping up for a dropkick! But Minor trips and falls, inadvertently causing Chucky to miss! Chucky crashes hard, but is still recovering quicker than Minor getting back to his feet. He comes over to Minor and goes to pick him up, no, Minor grabs Chucky as if to try and get up, and instead yanks Chucky into the ropes, throat-first!! Chucky rolls away, in pain, as Minor, realizing that he has an unexpected opportunity, immediately crawls desperately towards his corner. Mr. Good is waiting, excited, as Minor reaches out… and the tag is made! Mr. Good immediately charges in, grabbing Chucky before he can reach his own corner, and takes Chucky over with a gutwrench suplex!*

Jones: The biggest man in the match is in, and now Chucky’s the young wrestler in trouble!

Rockwell: I’ve been waiting to see this big white boy. He’s got a lot of ‘alleged’ title reigns and wins on his resume, but now we get to see some proof!

*Mr. Good is stomping away on Chucky now, working to pound him deep into the mat. A shot of Bucky shows him pacing, looking anxious now. He turns to the crowd and starts to get them riled up, wanting them to chant for his brother. Mr. Good isn’t listening to the crowd, though. He lifts Chucky up and locks him around the throat, getting a swinging armbar slam!! Mr. Good then makes the cover… 1… 2… but Chucky gets his shoulder up in time. Mr. Good stays on top, applying a submission hold that looks similar to a choke. At least, that’s how the referee sees it, as Trixie and Mr. Good begin to argue. Mr. Good is trying hard to convince Trixie that what he’s doing is perfectly legal, but Trixie doesn’t buy it, starting a 5 count. Mr. Good immediately releases the hold, shaking his head, before bringing Chucky back up and taking him over to his corner.*

Jones: Mr. Good’s tactics are certainly interesting. What’s he willing to do to win?

Rockwell: If he’s any good, he’s willing to do anything. It’s all about the win, Edward, don’t forget that.

Jones: Yes, sir.

*After beating some more on Chucky, Mr. Good tags in his partner, Minor, who immediately goes to climb up the turnbuckle. Mr. Good brings Chucky back out and lifts him into the air, slamming him hard on the canvas in front of the turnbuckle. Minor, meanwhile, is struggling to stay on top of the turnbuckle. He fights for balance, with Mr. Good backing off to give him some room. Minor then finally leaps off, flipping over at a crazy angle… and landing next to Chucky, missing him completely. Mr. Good shakes his head, then starts to step back towards Chucky… but now Bucky’s in the ring, smashing Mr. Good from behind and sending him flipping over the ropes to the outside!! Trixie complains, but Bucky’s already grabbed Chucky by the arm and drags him backwards to his corner, before stepping through the ropes. He reaches out, and Chucky, realizing where he is (if not how he got there), makes the tag!*

Rockwell: I’m sensing trouble for N.U.T.S.!

Jones: The fresh man has tagged himself in, and now Bucky’s got Minor all to himself!

*Tad O. Minor pulls himself up, confused by the fact that Bucky’s in there now. He seems to start to ask him how he got in, but Bucky doesn’t let him, grabbing Tad and throwing the guy over with a sidewalk slam!! On the outside, Mr. Good is trying to get back up, but he’s clearly hurting from the landing he took. He looks over the edge of the apron, watching as Bucky’s on the full attack, dropping Minor with a running clothesline that nearly beheads the masked man!! Bucky then rushes to the turnbuckle, climbing up in order to go for the Bucking Bronco!! Mr. Good, seeing this, jumps onto the apron and shakes the rope, trying to cause Bucky to lose his balance. But now Chucky’s back, hitting a running shoulder block that sends Mr. Good off the apron and into the guardrail!! The path is clear, as Bucky takes flight, landing his finisher on the helpless Minor!! Bucky makes the cover, with Chucky standing nearby to make sure Mr. Good can’t come back… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners… Bucky and Chucky Johnson… The Johnson Era!

Jones: The brothers get a big win, moving them up the ladder for a potential tag-team titles shot!

Rockwell: What, you think these two are worthy of facing Bifford & Arachne, after winning a match over these goofs?

Jones: It’s all about the win, Adrian, remember?

*Mr. Good is back in the ring now, checking on Tad, while Bucky & Chucky are celebrating their victory, which is Chucky’s first in the GCWA. They head off down the aisle, chatting animatedly with each other about what this means for their future, as we fade to the back. We see Cynthia Hall racing towards her destination, the cameraman sticking close by her.*

Cynthia Hall: Hang on, I think I just saw him go around this corner… yes, there he is!!

*Cynthia and the cameraman run up to the guy they’re searching for: Aaron Styles! The tall wrestler turns and looks back at them as Cynthia raises the mic up to him.*

Cynthia Halls: Styles, it’s great to see you back, as we haven’t had you in competition since you were badly injured by Marcus Ka’Derrion. Is there a reason you’ve come back tonight?

Aaron Styles: No comment.

Cynthia Hall: C’mon, Aaron! We haven’t heard from you in months, and now you’ve suddenly appeared as the new challenger to the GCWA World Champion! Is this all a gimmick arranged by the Accelerator, or is there something else going on?

Aaron Styles: No comment.

Cynthia Hall: How do you plan on handling someone the size of The Big Bifford? Do you think you have a chance at becoming the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion??

Aaron Styles: No comment.

*Cynthia sighs, beginning to get annoyed with the wrestler, who doesn’t seem to want to say anything to her.*

Cynthia Hall: Look, Aaron, we’re just here to get your side of things. Why now? Why the return?

Aaron Styles: ….

Cynthia Hall: Yes?

Aaron Styles: No comment.

Cynthia Hall: Argh… look, is there ANYTHING you’re willing to comment on?

*After a few seconds, Styles turns to the camera, pulling the mic away from Cynthia. He looks deep into the camera, getting fired up.*

Aaron Styles: Ain’t no rest… for the wicked!!

*Styles drops the mic and walks away, with Cynthia watching him depart. We fade out.*

*As we return from the break, we’re once again finding ourselves in the President’s office. The Accelerator finishes off his paperwork, putting in the final files of the men to be released from the company. The one on top is clearly Draco’s, as it has his picture attached. As per Ace’s usual sense of humor, the picture is the one taken of Draco down in front of Bifford. As Ace stands and stretches, there’s another knock on the door.*

The Accelerator: Oh, for pete’s sake… c’mon in, damnit!

*After a few seconds, the door pushes open, and Jaiden Rishel walks in. He looks to be healing nicely after the war he was involved in at Blood on the Battlefield IV. The Accelerator look at him with interest for a moment, before his eyes darken.*

The Accelerator: Ah, hell, not you too! Why don’t you go sign a “Cry For Draco” petition and stop annoying me!

Jaiden Rishel: Excuse me? Oh, I’m not here like those other losers, Mr. President. In fact, I wanted to thank you.

*This throws Ace off, as he steps back for a second, reconsidering Rishel in a new light.*

Jaiden Rishel: I know you were only looking out for the company’s interests. And Draco just didn’t have what it took to stick around here. You did the right thing.

The Accelerator: Well… I’m sorry, Jaiden. I misjudged you. Thanks.

Jaiden Rishel: You’re welcome. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about things now that Draco is gone. It seems to me that you’re needing… allies… through all this discord.

*The Accelerator slowly smiles, before getting up and patting Rishel on the shoulder.*

The Accelerator: I knew you were your father’s son, Jaiden. I appreciate you coming to me like this. And as it so happens, I currently have a spot open for a team leader for Ultimate Survival. It would require someone that was willing to be ruthless in order to make sure the right people win. After all, the winner of Ultimate Survival gets a World Title shot. We wouldn’t want just anyone getting that, would we?

Jaiden Rishel: No sir.

The Accelerator: Tell you what, Jaiden. Go out and find me a team, I don’t care where from. You put them together, and I’ll give them my blessing in the tournament. You can be part of Team Ace, the only winning team in town.

Jaiden Rishel: Trust me, Mr. President, I know exactly who to call.

*Jaiden walks away, already bringing out his cell phone. The Accelerator sits back in his chair, pleasantly surprised for once. The night is starting to look up for him. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: So Jaiden Rishel is going to head up a team at Ultimate Survival??

Rockwell: Awesome. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving wrestler.

Jones: You mean, a more loyal employee of the President’s.

Rockwell: Exactly, fool. Rishel did the right thing, and he’s getting a reward out of it. What’s wrong with that?

Jones: Nothing… I suppose…

Rockwell: We need to keep moving, I want to get through this low-level contendership match, and get to the World Title contest!

Jones: I don’t know if I’d call it “low-level”…

Rockwell: Know your role and be quiet, Edward.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will decide the #1 Contender for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title! Making his way towards the ring, he is a former GCWA Television Champion and GCWA X Division Champion… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*Santana walks out of the back to “Sandstorm” by Darude, earning some cheers from the crowd. He looks like he’s had better days, but he’s still out here to compete, walking quickly towards the ring. There does seem to be a hitch in his step as he pulls himself up onto the apron and enters the ring.*

Jones: Less than a week ago, Santana was involved in a hard-hitting Ultimate X Match for the Unified X Division Title. You have to think he’s still feeling the effects from that match.

Rockwell: Eh, suck it up, punk. He has his chance to get a belt and he should make the most of it.

Jones: Oh, he’s here to compete, clearly. But being injured and taking on someone like Derek Mobley can’t be easy.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, and is seeking his first singles title match since the summer of 2009, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*Mobley comes out to “Shipping Off To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys, with a good crowd reaction cheering him on. He seems pretty confident as he heads down the ramp and approaches the ring, already sizing up his competition.*

Jones: Mobley was said to be having some pretty crazy dreams this week involving Noah’s Ark.

Rockwell: All I’ve heard is that he dreamed of his partner, Warrick… naked. That’s just not right.

Jones: That was just a small portion of the dream, Adrian…

Rockwell: But it was there, right? Warrick better watch his back, Mobley might decide to tag him in one of these days, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Jones: Uh huh. Well, right now, Derek owes a lot to Warrick for winning the Contract Ladder match at Blood on the Battlefield. Unfortunately, it turned out that the name on the contract was actually Mario Maurako’s. So Derek has still been denied his shot at Marcus Ka’Derrion.

Rockwell: Gay *bleeper* should read contracts before signing them.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Santana and Mobley meet in the center of the ring, each knowing what’s on the line tonight. Mobley’s already taken notice of the limp in Santana’s step, and seems to be questioning him on whether or not he should compete tonight. Santana, though, shakes his head and says he’s ready to go. Referee Mitchell shrugs, knowing there’s nothing he can do. Mobley is in the same boat, as he steps forward and locks up with the Sensei. Mobley easily powers Santana back into the corner, with Referee Mitchell calling for the break. Mobley does so cleanly, stepping back, with Santana taking a moment before pulling himself out of the corner. He stretches his leg for a second before coming back to the competition.*

Jones: Santana’s leg really does seem to be bothering him. Maybe one of his falls from Ultimate X tweaked something, or maybe it’s something worse.

Rockwell: I’m sure, to the kid, it doesn’t matter. He’s got to fight through it to not be a loser, and to not blow his title chance.

*The two men lock up again, this time with Mobley twisting behind Santana with an arm bar. But Santana quickly reverses it, grabbing Mobley’s arm instead. Mobley hops for a few seconds, but then throws an elbow behind him, catching Santana in the side of the head and knocking him back. Freed, Mobley turns and grabs hold of Santana, wrapping around his stomach and delivering a belly-to-belly release suplex! Mobley gets back on his feet quickly and heads in for the attack, jumping on Santana before he can rise and latching onto him with a rear chin lock, trying to wear the younger wrestler down. Santana’s already fighting to scoot himself backwards, though, towards the ropes. With a few more jittery shoves, Santana manages to get one foot on the ropes, causing Referee Mitchell to call for the break. Mobley does so without any fuss, knowing that he’s fully in charge.*

Jones: Mobley’s been looking pretty strong in recent months, which has a lot of people thinking that he should be back in the main event, instead of fighting for a shot at the IC Title.

Rockwell: Yeah, a lot of losers on the internet are saying that. But Mobley hasn’t done anything worthy enough to fight Bifford yet. Hell, he didn’t even wrestle at Blood on the Battlefield! So he should be damn happy he’s getting this shot!

Jones: Excuse me for saying this, Rockwell, but you’re sounding a tad bitter…

Rockwell: Yeah, well… Mobley’s still wrestling, and here I am sitting here talking to you with a banged-up arm… so yeah, I’m bitter…

*Mobley has Santana up now, as he sets him for a potential piledriver. But Santana suddenly straightens up, tossing Mobley overhead! Mobley lands hard, struggling to get up, as Santana steps into him and lashes out with some of his hard chops across the chest. He lays into the former World Champion, scorching his chest red from the blows. Referee Mitchell signals a quick warning, since Mobley is leaning on the ropes, so Santana moves in instead, grabbing Mobley by the arm and Irish whipping him to the other side. As Mobley returns, Santana leaps and scores a high spinning kick!!! Mobley’s down… but so is Santana, grabbing at his leg in massive agony!! Referee Mitchell, surprised, steps back and watches, not sure what to do, as both wrestlers are down now.*

Jones: Oh, man, I think Santana is really hurt now!!

Rockwell: That’s what he gets for still trying to use his legs, the fool!

*Santana is struggling to get up, crawling over to the ropes, but he’s clearly in a ton of pain. Mobley, for his part, has sat up, checking to make sure his jaw is still attached to his face. He gets up, seeing Santana pulling himself up as well. Mobley moves in, but Santana is already turning towards him, catching him with a few good shots. Santana then leans in and locks Mobley up, as if to try a suplex. It fails, with Santana almost falling down due to the torturous pain shooting up his leg. Mobley, sensing a weakness, immediately breaks free and gives Santana two knees to the gut, stunning him. He then hauls Santana up into place and lifts him in the air, dropping him with the Thriller!!!! It’s all over, as Mobley makes the cover, leaving the legs along out of sympathy (or simply out of the fact that he doesn’t think he needs them). The ref is right there… 1… 2… 3!!!!* Minos: Here is your winner, and the new #1 Contender for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title… Derek Mobley!!

Jones: Mobley gets the relatively easy win, earning his first singles title shot in 2010!

Rockwell: The punk lucked out and got a lame duck. Anyone could have beaten Santana the way he was! Let’s see Mobley breeze through Chris Cortez that way!

Jones: I suppose we’ll see what happens there, as that match is scheduled for before Ultimate Survival!

Rockwell: Cool. I hope I’m still sitting here to see Mobley get his ass handed to him.

*After the match, Mobley seems more concerned with checking on Santana, who’s clearly still in pain. Santana, though, surprisingly pushes Mobley, nearly causing himself to fall down again. He staggers to the ropes and hangs on, as Mobley, raising his hands in mock ‘surrender’, turns and walks away, leaving the ring. Santana struggles to stay up, obviously completely frustrated with his body failing him. We leave the ringside area and head to the back, where we see The Big Bifford doing some stretching before his ‘big’ match. The live crowd can be heard booing, but Bifford still comes through loud and clear.*

The Big Bifford: You think I can beat Aaron Styles, don’t you, Vice President Ludwig?

*The seal, sitting at the custom-made ‘desk’ at the side of the room, predictably doesn’t say a word. Bifford, though, nods as if hearing what he wants to hear.*

The Big Bifford: Ok, I will be back later. Remember to sign that new law about buffet sizes and get it to Ace. We need to fix problems in the GCWA, starting tonight!

*Bifford turns and leaves, carrying the World Title with him. Ludwig the Seal watches him go, still not reacting much. He turns and starts munching on whatever’s inside an open ‘drawer’, as we go to our final break.*

*We return in the backstage area, where Crazy Chris is seen, starting to leave his locker room. He’s got a bag with him, tossed over his shoulder, so it’s clear he’s leaving the arena. The Unified X Division Title is surely safely tucked within. Chris heads down the hall, nodding to a few people who say hello to him. He goes out of the building to the garage, only to stop before he gets to his car. It turns out, someone is sitting on the hood, waiting for him.*

Crazy Chris: And what do you want?

Dangerous Dan: Look, bro… we need to talk…

*The two Danger Boiz consider each other, in almost a stand-off position. They stare at one another, wondering if the gulf between them is too big to overcome now. As the silence continues, we slowly head back to ringside.*

Jones: A lot of people have been afraid that Dangerous Dan’s decision to join in the Ultimate X Match might tear the Danger Boiz apart. Will they be able to work things out, or is the 2009 Tag-Team of the Year done?

Rockwell: If they are, they are. Crazy Chris is doing just fine on his own, without his loser brother dragging him down.

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s had a rough run, but he can easily make a come-back. The point here, though, is that it’s family, and you hate to see family being unable to coexist.

Rockwell: I personally hate my sister. No respect for her. None.

Jones: Why am I not surprised?

Rockwell: …

Jones: Er, uh, ok, it’s time for our main event, right?

Rockwell: … You’re lucky I’m into this match…

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title! Introducing first, the challenger… making his return for one night to the GCWA… standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!!

*Styles comes out to “New Divide” by Linkin Park, looking happy to be getting such a major opportunity here tonight. The fans give him a small cheer, just because of who he’s fighting, but they don’t seem to be expecting much. Styles heads down the aisle towards the ring, climbing up and stepping over the ropes.*

Jones: I still can’t believe that Aaron Styles is here tonight, and getting a World Title shot!

Rockwell: You know what they say, Edward: No rest for the wicked! Hah hah!

Jones: I suppose so… but does Styles stand any chance against a behemoth like The Big Bifford?

Rockwell: It’s not like Styles is a small fry himself. This isn’t going to be a cakewalk.

Jones: Whatever you say…

Minos: His opponent made history last Sunday, and has held numerous championship in the GCWA, including two currently at the same time… standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, and the current GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… The Big Bifford!!

*”Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence begins playing and the lights in the arena go out. The main screen shows a close up of The Big Bifford’s blue eyes. A cold breeze goes through the entire arena. As the music begins to pick up tempo, the eyes turn slowly darker and darker. As the chorus begins, the eyes blink and the screen goes black. A single spotlight shines on the ramp where The Big Bifford emerges from behind the curtain and walks out with the World Heavyweight title over his left shoulder and one Tag Team title belt over his right shoulder. He is dressed for battle, in his usual wrestling gear.*

Rockwell: The Big Bifford suffered several injuries last Sunday, so I don’t know if he’s going to be 100 percent for this match.

Jones: But… he’s fighting Styles…

Rockwell: Yeah? So?

Jones: And, plus, weren’t some of his injuries supposedly inflicted by GCWA Security… who were working for Bifford?

Rockwell: Edward, you’re a supporter of the President, right?

Jones: Of course!

Rockwell: Then shut up.

Jones: Yes sir.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as the bell is heard, Styles races forward, trying to attack Bifford quickly. But Bifford easily sidesteps the rookie and starts popping him with straight right hands, stunning him. Bifford then shoves Styles into the corner and starts working him over with lefts and rights, keeping the man from doing anything offensive. With Styles sagging in the corner, Bifford takes a step out, turns around, and then drives all his weight back, crushing his foe!! Bifford does this two more times, continuing the punishment, as all the fight is being knocked out of the young Styles!!*

Jones: Styles chose the wrong approach, and when you’re facing someone like The Big Bifford, that first chance might be the only one you get.

Rockwell: Dumb rookie. He should have known not to even show up for this.

*With Styles in trouble, The Big Bifford drags him out of the corner. He then grabs Styles around the waist and lifts him in the air, slamming Styles down with a belly-to-back suplex!! Head Referee Bell slides in for the count… 1… but Bifford lifts Styles up, deciding that he hasn’t done near enough to have a pinfall yet. Bell is shaking his head, even as Bifford brings Styles back to his feet. Styles tries to stagger away, dazed, but Bifford just grabs him from behind and locks him into a reverse bear hug!! Bifford crushes Styles between his grip, enjoying the fact that Styles is yelling out in pain, even as Head Referee Bell swings around to check on him, seeing if Styles is going to tap out or not. To his credit, Styles is refusing to give up, despite the fact that he can’t manage to get himself free from the World Champion’s grip.*

Rockwell: Tap out, you loser! Accept that you don’t deserve to be in the same ring as Bifford!

Jones: It’s certainly looking like this match is going exactly as I’m sure many expected it to.

Rockwell: The fool thought he could fight for the World Title. Bifford ought to break his spine and end his career, here and now. Maybe at least then this’ll be the high point.

*Suddenly, Bifford releases his grip, allowing Styles to topple forward to the mat. Styles is on his hands and knees, shaking as he tries to draw on some energy to get up. But before he can move, Styles has company, with Bifford standing over him and dropping his weight directly onto Styles’ spine!!! Styles flattens out, groaning, as Head Referee Bell watches in alarmed silence. Bifford gets back up and drags Styles over to the corner, and then points to it, as if saying that he’s going for the big splash!! Some fans give a cheer, while others are booing, not forgetting what Bifford did last Sunday. He starts to go up… and then steps back down, shaking his finger at the crowd and laughing. He doesn’t do stuff to make them cheer anymore. The crowd turns ugly, screaming at him, as the World Champion goes back to Styles and drags him back towards the center of the ring.*

Rockwell: Hah!! The idiots thought he would actually do it!

Jones: Well, I think Bifford can get the pin now, I mean, Styles is hurt…

Rockwell: He’ll get the pin when he WANTS to get the pin!

*Styles is slowly brought to his feet by The Big Bifford, who truly seems to be in a state of euphoria. He gives Styles a few light taps to the face, trying to wake him up, but Styles just falls back over to the mat, aching from the abuse his back has taken. Bifford shakes his head, and then reaches down and pulls Styles up once more. This time, though, he sets him in place and lifts him into the air for the Biff End!! Showing his strength, Bifford holds the large man in the air for a few moments before finally dropping him, sending him plunging into the canvas!!! Styles is not moving, with just a small twitch of the foot now and then. Bifford finally turns to Head Referee Bell and waves him over, telling him to do his job. Bifford then puts one foot onto Styles’ chest, with Bell having no choice but to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… and STILL GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… The Big Bifford!

Jones: Well, that was short, but I don’t think I’d call it sweet…

Rockwell: The Big Bifford just proved, once again, why he’s the greatest World Champion in the history of the GCWA!

Jones: So you say, but still, this match wasn’t exactly… wait, what? Oh, hey, the President’s coming out!!

*As “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm plays again, the fans are booing heavily, disappointed in the ‘main event’ of the evening. The Accelerator walks out onto the ramp with a huge smile on his face, looking over towards The Big Bifford. Bifford, for his part, has the World Title back in his grasp and is trying to act like he’s winded.*

The Accelerator: Let’s hear it for our World Champion, and his first successful title defense!!

*If the Accelerator is expecting a cheer, he’s got to be disappointed. Nonetheless, he continues on.*

The Accelerator: C’mon, guys, give him a round of applause! I order you too! This is my company!!

*The fans begin a chant, but it’s not the one Ace wants to hear. The “Acehole” chant rolls throughout the arena.*

The Accelerator: Fine, be that way. I’m still going to praise you, Bifford, on a great and meaningful title defense. Styles came and gave it his all, but Bifford, you were just a tiny bit better… on this night.

*Bifford nods, running a hand along the World Title belt and admiring it. Styles is still down, and may not wake up for a while.*

The Accelerator: But I have to say, Styles, you impressed me. Styles? Are you listening? Oh well, someone will play this back for you later. Since you did soooo well, Styles… I think I’m going to give you another shot. And this time, you’ll have a pay-per-view to showcase your abilities! That’s right, guys, at Ultimate Survival, it’s going to be the World Heavyweight Champion, the Big Bifford, vs. Aaron Styles, in a rematch!!

*The fans absolutely hate this idea. Bifford tries to look scared for a moment, but he can’t stop from laughing, ruining the effect.*

Jones: I know the Accelerator always has our best interests at heart… but a Styles/Bifford match main eventing a pay-per-view?

Rockwell: Hell yes! It will be epic!

The Accelerator: With that announcement, I suppose we might as well end the…

*Cocky by Kid Rock begins to blare and the crowd erupts as The Accelerator’s shocking face says it all. Lurrr comes out and is dressed in a full pinstripe suit, hair slicked back, looking very professional.*

Adrian Rockwell: What the *bleep* is this guy doing here for?

Jones: The legend, Lurrr, has shockingly appeared here on Inferno!! I thought the last time we were going to see him was at Blood on the Battlefield!

*The Accelerator looks at Lurrr as he stands toe to toe with his former employer wondering why he has shown back up here in the GCWA.*

The Accelerator: Look I have no clue what the hell you are doing here but I have already told you that you are still retired and there is no way I am giving you another match after what you did to Maruko last Sunday night. So tuck your tail between your legs, go back in the back, and relive your moments here in the GCWA because you aren’t going to get any more of those moments!!!

*The crowd boos in response to the President’s words for Lurrr. Lurrr begins to laugh and take a moment to let the crowd appreciate him for last Sunday’s match at Blood on the Battlefield. The crowd chants, One more match, One more match.*

Lurrr: As much fun as it would be to get back in the ring and stomp another mud hole in Triple M, the boss is right I am still retired. But hell I couldn’t have asked for a better way to go out, standing on top of the cell with my hand being raised looking out at all the fans knowing that I had accomplished everything I ever wanted to accomplish here in the GCWA. Of course seeing Triple M laid out in a rubble of what used to be an announcing table about 20 feet below me was also a good way to go out. Hell my match at Blood on the Battlefield not only inspired the fans but it also inspired some others as well, some unusual people to say the least. You see boss I was sitting home enjoying my victory taking in some baseball with a cigar and my phone rang. Hell when I picked it up I thought I would have died before I received a call from this group.

*The Accelerator now looks to be annoyed.*

The Accelerator: Will you please get to a point or get off my damn stage!!!

Lurrr: You see boss it was the Board of Directors…. And they seemed very concerned with one power hungry man who had been running the show. So concerned that they decided it was time to even the playing field. So to equalize the power-mad man they asked me to come on in a non-wrestling capacity and become the GCWA Commissioner.

*The crowd goes nuts as the arena is louder than it has been all night.*

Rockwell: Oh, HELL no!!!

Jones: Holy crap, Lurrr is now the Commissioner of the GCWA??

*The Accelerator has gone ballistic, beyond himself not knowing what to think.*

The Accelerator: This is MY Company!! You can’t do this, and the Board of Directors can’t do this!!! I own this company and there is nobody who can force me to give you a Commissioner title!!!

*Lurrr quickly interrupts the boss.*

Lurrr: Ahhhh boss…. You see I know something that a lot of others don’t. You see when you decided to re-open this company and sign big shots like myself you didn’t have enough capital to get it going. So as most of you smart businessmen or businesswoman out there know, a group of shareholders would have to be brought in to support the GCWA efficiently enough to make it what it is today. And here is the cherry on top boss, they have majority stock which makes them the majority owner and not you!!!

*The crowd begins to cheer knowing that Lurrr has put a nail in the boss’s argument.*

Lurrr: Along with my job title as Commissioner, the Board of Directors also thought it would be fitting to give me other powers as well. One of those powers is called match-making and not the kind the boss is used to when he is looking for a significant other on the internet.

*The crowd begins to let out some laughter at the boss’s expense.*

Lurrr: So next week we are going to have ourselves a little match… Hmmmm…. What can I do that will make this a memorable announcement since you told me I wouldn’t have anymore? Let’s see, it will be a #1 Contenders match for the GCWA World Title…

*The crowd cheers knowing the current champion will have better competition in the future rather than Aaron Styles.*

Lurrr: And I am sorry to say that Aaron Styles will not be a part of this match… I know you guys are upset about missing an opportunity to see the most gifted wrestler today in Styles… But this match will happen next week and it will be Crazy Chris vs. The Lost Soul!!!! The winner next week get’s that fat-ass sitting in the ring at Ultimate Survival!!!

*The crowd erupts with the announcement, while The Accelerator is livid. The Big Bifford seems to be not exactly pleased as well.*

Jones: Lurrr just set up the Big Bifford with major competition!!! Crazy Chris has been on an amazing run as the Unified X Division Champion, and The Lost Soul is one of the greatest veterans we have, and just finished a run as the Intercontinental Champion!

Rockwell: *Bleeping* Lurrr, where does he get off disrespecting the boss!!

*Lurrr turns as if to leave, but then steps back in, as if remembering something.*

Lurrr: Oh and there is one more thing boss, even though I don’t have the right to fire or hire… so I will not be able to give Draco his job back.

The Accelerator: Thank god for that!!! Draco deserves to be on the unemployment line!!

*The fans are booing, not liking the fact that Draco can’t come back. Ace finally has a smile back on his face, but it fades as he hears Lurrr’s final words.*

Lurrr: I do have the opportunity to give some guys a free guest pass whenever they want….

*Lurrr turns around and walks towards the back. The Accelerator watches him go, wondering about that final statement.*

Rockwell: What the hell does that mean?

Jones: Ummm, Mr. President, it might be time to get out of…

*”Indeestructible” by Disturbed hits the speakers, as the crowd leaps to their feet, cheering as one. All the color drains out of the Accelerator’s face as he turns and faces the curtain, hoping and praying that this is all just a joke. But a second later, the curtain parts… and Draco walks out!!!*

Rockwell: NO!!! It CAN’T be!!!

Jones: The former World Champion!!! He’s here!!!

*The Big Bifford watches from ringside, way too far from the action to do anything, as the Accelerator raises his hands and starts to back away, trying to talk his way out of it. Draco’s not hearing it, though, as he suddenly charges, tackling Ace to the ground with a spear!!! He pummels on the Accelerator for a minute, as the place goes absolutely wild!!!*

Jones: Oh, no!!! Security!!!

*The Big Bifford makes as if to leave the ring to go help, but then seems to reconsider, seeing how wild Draco is. The former World Champion pulls the Accelerator up and shoves him to the edge of the stage, with Ace, now bleeding, trying to plead for mercy. It doesn’t help, as the Momentum Shift sends the President flying off the stage to the hard ground below!!!*

Jones: The President is down!!!

Rockwell: Where the *bleep* is security?? Did Lurrr call them off or something???

*The Accelerator is down and not moving, as Draco looks towards the ring, staring bullets at the Big Bifford. Bifford has the World Title in his hands now, cradling it as if to protect it from the man. But Draco has no intention of going to ringside. He stands over the edge of the stage, looking down at the fallen President. He makes a gun signal with his hand, pointing it at Ace and pulling the trigger. *

Jones: Jesus! Draco got the revenge on the Accelerator that he’s been wanting for a while!

Rockwell: The sucker’s still fired, he isn’t coming back here!

Jones: No, but what a last impression he’s leaving!!

*Draco walks toward the center of the stage, his head lowered for a few seconds. He then turns and gives the fans one more salute, earning wild cheers from them, before turning and heading back through the curtain. The fans are roaring, as the camera moves around to get a close-up of the unconscious Accelerator’s face. We fade out on that shot.*

OOC: The string continues! This one turned out to be a little harder, mainly due to the fact that most of the "heavy-duty" segment writers were actually writing the bits for the beginning and end of the show, leaving me with a lot of filler to create *l*. Also, most of the matches were pretty one-sided, limiting my creative potential. Hopefully, it turned out ok, as we begin our path to Ultimate Survival!

Here's the card for next week, utilizing the Scheduling Thread on the OOC Board:

- Robert Santana vs. Mr. Itt vs. Xtreme, Triple Threat Match

- Ruslan Koslov vs. Jaiden Rishel

- Drake Hudson, Kirsten Reid & Tommy Gunn vs. El Linchador & the House of Pain

- Lorenzo Demarco vs. Chucky Johnson

- The Lost Soul vs. Crazy Chris, GCWA World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match

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