*The pay-per-view ordering screen fades, as it’s now time to begin the action! Anticipation is building, with the biggest pay-per-view in GCWA history now set to go to air! The image comes into focus for a second, showing what looks like a tiny dot of water, sitting in the center of a large, white space.*

Voice: Do you know what it feels like to lose blood?

*The black and white shot suddenly changes, showing that the dot we thought was water was actually a droplet of blood.*

Voice: It is an eerie feeling indeed, to feel the blood pulsing out of your body and not being replaced. You begin to feel weaker… emptier… drained.

*Shots begin to show of various wrestlers, cut and bloodied in different ways. Derek Mobley. Marcus Ka’Derrion. Lurrr. Draco. The Big Bifford. We see him as they are, coated in their own blood, but continuing to battle nonetheless.*

Voice: You feel as if you cannot go on, and yet, for true warriors, something drives them. We see them continue to move, to fight, to persevere, not willing to stop until they are completely empty. Blood does not stop them.

*Bloody wrestlers are shown pulling off their maneuvers, including a shot from last month’s pay-per-view, as Draco took out Shane Donovan to remain the World Champion.*

Voice: Tonight, their wills shall be put to the test. It is guaranteed that blood… will be spilled.

*We see a shot of Bucky Johnson and Xtreme in different positions, with a stack of light tubes sitting in front of them.*

Voice: Lives will be risked…

*A shot shows Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan head to head, with Jaiden Rishel and Robert Santana standing behind them. The Ultimate X is shown above them. The image shifts to a shot of Lurrr and Mario Maurako, seemingly surrounded by steel…*

Voice: Men may very well fall from the skies…

*A shot is shown of Warrick Hill and Marcus Ka’Derrion standing near a ladder, with Marcus cockily hoisting up his briefcase. The ladder topples over, to show the scaffold set up behind it, where Draco and the Big Bifford stand facing off.*

Voice: Anything can happen. Anything WILL happen. Welcome to the grandfather show of the GCWA… welcome to Blood… On The Battlefield!!

*The camera zooms out, showing all the different wrestlers going at it in one fluid motion. A red substance, presumably blood, flows down the camera lens, blocking everything from view. Appearing out of the blood, we see the logo for tonight’s show, dripping but still readable.*

*The blood then vanishes, taking us to the live, screaming crowd in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta!! The place looks completely sold out, with people stacked in as far as the eye can see. Signs are shown, from “Acehole!!” to “TLS 3, Cortez 0!!”, and from “Xtreme Mutilation!” to “If Bifford Wins, No Buffet Is Safe!!” We zoom around the frantic crowd, before heading over to ringside to join Edward Jones and Anthony Logan.*

Jones: Hello everyone, and welcome to one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year!! It’s Blood On The Battlefield IV!!

Logan: Yes!! It’s a homecoming for the GCWA, as Blood On The Battlefield II took place in this very building!!

Jones: Damn straight, back in March ’00, we headlined a card with the Iceman nearly taking the World Title from Titan 3! But times have greatly changed, as we are set for a whole new set of wrestlers to go at it!!

Logan: Yeah, and nothing’s bigger than our main event, as the World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, will be putting his six-month reign on the line against the 2010 Warrior of the Ring, the Big Bifford!! It should be a tremendous match… assuming that Ace keeps his nose out of it!

Jones: I’m sure he will, Anthony. After all, this is a pay-per-view!

Logan: Uh huh…

Jones: We’ve also got two other title defenses tonight, as The Lost Soul will put the Intercontinental Title on the line against Chris Cortez, and Crazy Chris will be trying to hang onto his Unified X Division Title in an Ultimate X Match!!

Logan: Both of those should be incredible, as is the rest of the card. Personally, I think the one I’m looking forward to the most is Lurrr’s last match, as he goes against the veteran Mario Maurako!

Jones: Yep, those two wrestlers could have a great match anywhere, but tonight, they’re going at it in a “Last Man Standing Hell In A Cell” Match!!

Logan: I’m betting we’re going to need stretchers for that one, as both men are likely to do whatever it takes to win!

Jones: And just in case that’s not enough for you… we’ve got a Ladder match between Warrick Hill and Marcus Ka’Derrion, with a contract to face Ka’Derrion on the line! We’ve got Bucky Johnson and Xtreme taking their month-long feud to the next level, as they battle in a “200 Light Tube Death” Match!! And then, of course, we’ve got our Newcomers’ Battle Royal, where five men will go at it to try and decide who has the best chance of being the next great star in the GCWA!!

Logan: Holy crap, do we have a stacked card tonight!! I hope you people are ready for a hell of a lot of action!!!

Jones: Yeah, and I see no reason to wait, so let’s go to our first contest!!

Minos: Our first match of the evening will be a “Scaffold” Match for the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World!

*The fans cheer, although they seem a little thrown off by the announcement. They aren’t the only ones.*

Logan: What? We’re starting with the World Title match tonight??

Jones: Apparently so, Anthony. Wow, that’s a rare decision, but there must be a reason for it.

Logan: Of course there’s a reason, Jonesy! Ace must be wanting to embarrass Draco and the Big Bifford by making them be the ‘curtain jerkers’!

Jones: Oh, this again?? Why do you always insist on bringing the President into this?

Logan: He BRINGS HIMSELF INTO IT, Edds! Ace has made it painfully clear that he’s wants Draco to lose the World Title, and he’s got a grudge against Bifford for not taking care of that!

Jones: Whatever, Anthony. I’m sure there’s actually a sound, financial reason for having this match first…

Minos: Introducing first, the challeng… what?

*For a second, the tall announcer leans over, listening through the ear mic that all personnel at ringside have. Minos’ eyes open a fraction, showing that he’s been told something that he wasn’t expecting.*

Minos: *ahem* Introducing first… the champion… a man who needs no introduction to the GCWA faithful… standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Draco!

*”Indestructible” by Disturbed starts, bringing the fans to their feet. They’re cheering wildly as Draco steps out of the back, the World Title positioned on his right shoulder. He is shaking his head with a smile on his face, knowing that it’s been a long time since a World Champion was the first wrestler out of the back.*

Logan: What do you have to say to that, Jonesy? Ace is trying to humiliate Draco by making him come out first!

Jones: How do you know this is under the President’s orders? That could have been anyone that Minos was listening to!

Logan: Uh huh. Denial’s not just a river in Egypt, friend. You need to take a good, hard look at where your loyalties lie.

Jones: Look, let’s just talk about the competitors, ok? First off, we’ve got Draco, who had a rough week just by trying to protect a young girl from harm.

Logan: Draco’s always willing to jump into situations and play the hero, no matter the harm to himself. It’s a good quality for a wrestler, even if it hasn’t really helped his ailing social life.

Jones: So did Draco have any time to train for facing someone the size of the Big Bifford, on that rather small-looking scaffold up there?

Logan: Draco and Bifford have fought before, Jonesy. The only difference now is which one avoids a hard fall to the ground!

Minos: His opponent is competing in his first-ever GCWA World Title opportunity here tonight, despite over a year of being one of the most popular wrestlers in the company… standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions… The Big Bifford!!

*The fans are just as excited to see Bifford, rooting for him as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio starts up. Bifford walks out alone, having apparently told Martin Ka’Berryon and Arachne to stay in the back. Draco’s already climbing up the scaffold, not wasting any time waiting for the big man.*

Jones: Bifford got to go on a journey this week, competing in a hot air balloon race!

Logan: I could make the obligatory joke about a balloon being able to lift Bifford, but I figure the audience already has the thought in their heads, so why bother?

Jones: Indeed. Tonight is Bifford’s chance to earn his second World Championship, and you know he’s anxious to make that dream come true.

Logan: There’s nothing like being the World Champion, Jonesy. No other belts come close. When you hold that belt, you’ve earned something that so few have ever been able to do. Bifford’s been there before, which just makes the itch more powerful to be there again.

Jones: But can Bifford possibly win in a “Scaffold” Match? You’d have to give the edge to the champ….

Logan: Wait a second… oh, damn, Bifford, look out!!!!

*As Bifford approaches the ring area, where the scaffolding has been set up, he stops, almost like he heard Logan’s yell. He spins, facing a charge of a group of GCWA Security Guards!! Bifford immediately swings, knocking one of the men down with a good shot above the eye, then attacks the others, wading in. But one of the guards gets behind him, managing to hammer Bifford in the head with a nightstick!! The other security guards pile on, as the #1 Contender disappears from sight!!*,

Logan: Damnit!! Care to explain THIS one away, Jones??

Jones: … Well, clearly, GCWA Security chose now to get their revenge on Bifford for his unprovoked attack on them last week!

Logan: And you think Ace had nothing to do with this??

Jones: …

*Draco, standing on top of the scaffolding, appears to be considering his options as he looks out towards the fighting. He makes his decision, heading back to the ladder and starting to climb back down. However, suddenly, the ladder gives way!! Draco has no choice but to hang on as the ladder plunges to the side, sending him plunging painfully to earth!!*

Jones: Geez!!

Logan: What on earth… was that ladder rigged to fall?? I could have sworn I saw something let loose on it as Draco started down!!

Jones: It… it could have just been… poorly installed or something…

Logan: Damnit, now BOTH of our competitors are down!!

*Draco’s lying in a heap on the ground, cradling his arm, which led the way down. He starts to get up, but now Reid M. Shin is there, hitting him repeatedly in the back with a nightstick!! A few other security join in, even as the others continue to work over Bifford. The fans are booing heavily, deeply disliking what’s going on.*

Logan: This is awful!! Neither of these guys are going to be able to compete now!!

Jones: Who do you call to get rid of Security? I mean, isn’t it kind of Security’s job to, y’know, keep this from happening? Can we, I don’t know, call MORE security??

*Suddenly, from the stage, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm begins to play, and the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator steps out on the stage!! The crowd boos even heavier, but Ace isn’t listening to them. He’s already got a mic in hand.*

The Accelerator: Reed! REED!! Control your men, goddamnit!!

*The Head of Security immediately reacts, grabbing at his guys and pushing them back. They start moving up the aisleway towards the angry-looking president, leaving the two men laying.*

Jones: You see?? Ace is mad about this! He had nothing to do with it!

Logan: You’re kidding, right, Jonesy? He’s just trying to have plausible deniability, but this reeks of an Accelerator-led attack!

*A few medics scurry past the Accelerator, rushing down to check on the two injured competitors. One goes to Bifford, while the other approaches Draco. Meanwhile, Ace is speaking to Shin.*

The Accelerator: You know, you almost screwed me here, Reed. I mean, I don’t want to give these fans any reason to demand a refund! I promised a World Title match, damnit! And here you are, trying to ruin it!

*Shin is nodding his head, trying to look abashed, although there’s still the tiniest hint of a smile on his face. Some of the other security guards aren’t even trying to hide it.*

The Accelerator: Well, look, what happened, it’s in the past, alright? Take your men and head backstage. We’ll forget about this little incident.

Logan: Forget about it?? I guarantee that Bifford and Draco won’t forget it!

Jones: What, now you’re mad that the President is a forgiving person? C’mon, Anthony, you’ve got to find a way not to be biased!

*As security leaves, the Accelerator watches patiently from the stage as the two wrestlers struggle to get up. The Big Bifford is holding his side, possibly having some bruised or cracked ribs. Draco doesn’t look much better, as his arm is hanging loosely to his side, and he’s got a bloody, split lip.*

The Accelerator: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m truly sorry about what just happened. I know you came here for a World Title match, and you’re going to get it. After all, both men are standing, right? So they can compete, later tonight!

*The crowd starts up an “Acehole” chant, but the President seems to pretend that it’s a chant for him.*

The Accelerator: Now, clearly, we’ve got some, uh, ‘technical difficulties’ when it comes to the scaffold match. So I think we’ll have ourselves a little change. Later tonight, Draco, you’ll defend your World Heavyweight Title against the Big Bifford, but it won’t be from up there. No, I think the best course of action would be… Falls Count Anywhere!

*This actually gets some cheers, although the fans are still mostly pissed at Ace.*

Logan: He’s changing the match stipulations now??

Jones: Well, I mean, a scaffold match IS kind of old-fashioned… and a Falls Count Anywhere Match will allow both competitors to lean on their strengths!

Logan: Yeah, as well as making sure that they get even more injured!! I think Ace is out to get at least one of these guys in the hospital, and he might have already reached it, considering how Draco’s favoring his arm!

*Draco is agonizingly stepping forward, using the apron for balance. He’s glaring daggers at the Accelerator, obviously furious at what happened. The Big Bifford, for his part, is still dazed, having not expected the attack.*

The Accelerator: Of course… if Bifford can’t compete later tonight, then I suppose I’ll have to find another, more worthy opponent for Draco… and if Draco can’t compete, well, I guess that means the World Title is vacated, huh? You boyos let me know, ok? Peace!

*The Accelerator drops his mic and walks away, disappearing into the back. The medic tries to get to Draco’s arm, but he shoves him away, not trusting the man. Bifford is already getting a wrap put around his stomach by the other medic, having to almost orbit him as he gets the gauze on.*

Jones: Wow! So we really have no idea what kind of match we’re getting at the end of the night!! Will Draco and Bifford both be able to compete, or will someone else be fighting for the World Title?

Logan: It pisses me off, but so far, Ace’s plan seems to be working perfectly! He’s done a lot of damage to both men. Could Ace be the final winner tonight??

*Draco stumbles, but catches himself, as he continues on his way around the ring, leaving the frustrated medic bedhind. For a moment, he locks eyes with the Big Bifford, who is fuming himself over what just happened. Draco then turns and walks away, refusing to give in to his injuries. As Draco leaves the area, we go backstage, to the parking lot area. We see a few GCWA employees walking around and we spot Warrick Hill, taking a smoke break outside. The noise of a car approaching is heard as we turn our focus to the entrance of the parking garage. A long, black limo pulls up with ‘GCWA’ on the side. It pulls up near Warrick, Warrick eyes it as he finishes off his cigarette. The driver steps out of the limo and walks to the back…Warrick looks intently at the limo, waiting to see who is going to emerge. The driver opens the back door and we see a man emerge…Warrick quickly recognizes him.*

Warrick Hill: Oh fuck….YES!!!!

*Warrick walks towards the man, as we can’t see him. We then hear the door to the arena open and we see Derek Mobley emerge, looking for Warrick.*

Derek Mobley: Warrick, man, it’s time to start getting ready for your match…you’ve been out here long enough…Whoa!! You actually showed!!

*Derek spots the man who arrived in the limo and walks towards him.*

Derek Mobley: What made you decide to show up?

Voice: Well, a few fans found out that I was thinking about returning and they went in together and bought me a plane ticket to the show. And, seeing as I’ve always been about the fans, I decided to take them up on their generous offer and check this place out.

Warrick Hill: I see you’re riding in style these days.

Voice: Yea, well, I had to contact Ace to let him know I’d need backstage clearance…so, he decided to have this limo pick me up…while I’m not a limo type guy, who’s going to turn down a free ride in style?

Warrick Hill: Right on…well, it’s great to see you.

Derek Mobley: Absolutely, I can’t believe you’re actually here…this is going to be so awesome…go any plans for tonight?

Voice: We’ll see…

*Derek and Warrick shake his hand again as we still can’t identify who it is. We cut back to the announce table.*

Jones: Wait, damnit, cameraman, get around and get a better shot!

Logan: Yeah, we want to know who Derek and Warrick were talking to!!

Jones: *sigh* No go, apparently the windows to the limo have already closed…

Logan: The anticipation is killing me!! This is the guy we’ve been seeing for weeks, with both the Accelerator and Derek Mobley paying him personal visits to try and entice him to come here!! Who can it be??

Jones: Well, at least he’s here at the building… hopefully, shortly, we’ll get to know exactly who it is!

Logan: God, I hope so! So, any word on Draco or the Big Bifford?

Jones: Not yet. We’ll have to see if either is still able to compete later on tonight. Until then, we’ve got plenty of other matches to keep us busy!

Minos: The next match will be the Newcomers’ Battle Royal! Introducing first, he is a former IWA World Heavyweight Champion, standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, here is “The Future” Tommy Gunn!

*As “Fly From The Inside” by Shinedown plays, Tommy Gunn comes out of the back. The fans are slow to react, as they really don’t know any of the guys involved in this one. Gunn comes down the aisle, gets up on the apron, and then springs himself over the ropes and into the ring.*

Jones: Gunn is supposed to have experience through other federations, plus is an accomplished amateur wrestler, so he could be considered one to watch in this match.

Logan: Yeah, but look at the size of him! I mean, a battle royal is usually a place where the biggest man survives. This doesn’t sound like Gunn’s kind of match! I mean, the other guys will throw him around like a feather in the breeze!

Jones: Actually, Anthony, most of the wrestlers in this match are not what you would consider ‘heavyweights’.

Logan: Seriously?

Jones: Yeah, most of them are around 6 feet tall, and are quick on their feet.

Logan: Hell, that sounds great to me! A cruiserweight battle royal is even better!

Minos: Next up, he grew up New York tough and is a former serious body builder, standing 6’1” and weighing 240 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Drake Hudson!

*Hudson comes out to “99 Problems” by Jay Z, apparently not giving a damn about what the fans think of him. He’s here to make a statement on his first-ever GCWA match. He rolls into the ring and gets up, with Gunn watching him carefully.*

Jones: Hudson is a guy who used to be on a one-way trip down a dead-end road. But he’s gotten himself clean and out of legal difficulties, and now he is putting his energy towards a different kind of high.

Logan: Yeah, well, being clean and working out doesn’t mean you’re ready to be a GCWA competitor. Tonight, he’s got a chance to show the world what he’s made of.

Jones: He’s got a 1-in-5 chance of achieving his first goal.

Minos: Coming to the ring, he is a former BWA Heavyweight Champion as well as a former NCW Heavyweight Champion, now bringing his veteran skills to the GCWA, standing 6’0” and weighing 225 lbs, from New Orleans, Louisiana, here is Kid Dynamo!

*”The Pot” by Tool leads out Kid Dynamo, who looks extremely confident as he makes his way down the aisle. The fans are torn about him, with some NCW fans cheering from their own section. Dynamo reaches the ring and pulls himself in, taking his time in case one of the other two decides to charge him.*

Jones: Kid Dynamo is technically the ‘newest’ man in this match, having joined the GCWA just in time to get booked with the others.

Logan: Yeah, it was definitely a surprise for the other wrestlers, who have now had to cope with a fifth body in the fray. It’ll be interesting to see how that ends up changing things tonight.

Jones: The big thing about Kid Dynamo is that he’s not a spring chicken. He’s been wrestling for some time, and has held many championships. Can he continue that success in the GCWA?

Logan: I’m more curious if that girl of his will ever let him back in the shower. Dude got blocked!

Minos: The fourth participant in tonight’s Newcomers’ Battle Royal comes to us from overseas, seeking to ply his trade in the United States. Standing 5’9” and weighing 180 lbs, from Moscow, Russia, here is Ruslan Koslov!

*The patriotic fans quickly boo Koslov, sticking to the tried-and-true stereotype of a Russian wrestler being a bad guy. It’s been trained into their veins. As “2wars” by Slot Russian Rock leads him out, Koslov doesn’t let the fans get to him. He seems to treat them with respect, earning a few of them back along his way down the aisle.*

Logan: Koslov is a definite threat in this match. I heard him talking earlier in the week. He’s bringing a strong strategy into this one.

Jones: True, divide and conquer is a good strategy. But the main strategy of any person in a battle royal is simply to toss your opponents out, right?

Logan: If you want to believe it’s that simple, Jonesy, there’s nothing I can do to change your mind.

Minos: Finally, our fifth participant, he has held titles in Holland, and now is seeking gold in the GCWA, standing 6’7” and weighing 220 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Mr. Itt!

* “Through The Trees” by Low Shoulder plays, with the fans taking notice of the tallest wrestler in the match. Mr. Itt comes through the curtain, shoving it aside. He doesn’t look towards the crowd on his way to the ring, keeping his eyes forward on the four hungry eyes concentrating on him.*

Logan: Now here’s a tall guy! I think we’ve got a favorite!

Jones: He’s tall, but he’s not any heavier than the other competitors. In a way, you’d almost expect that he’s more at risk with that higher frame.

Logan: True, he could use some meat, but he should be able to throw someone over the ropes easier from that height. Besides, he has a cool name compared to the others, so that has to make him the all-star!

Jones: Uh huh…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mr. Itt is in the ring now, towering over the other competitors. He smirks at them and steps forward, only to get charged by Hudson! Mr. Itt punches the man coming in, knocking Hudson on his back, but now Tommy Gunn is there, diving hard into his knee and sending him spinning around, limping. Ruslan Koslov charges as well, aiming a shoulder into Mr. Itt’s other leg, sending him toppling to the mat!! Kid Dynamo’s already on the run, dropping a leg across the back of Mr. Itt’s head, keeping him on the canvas! The four men then gather around Mr. Itt and stomp away, working together on the big man!! After a few more seconds of stomping, the four men back off, with Mr. Itt trying to struggle back to his feet. He looks dazed, but also angry, as he tries a wild swing towards Gunn, who backs off. This leaves Mr. Itt off-balance, allowing Koslov & Kid Dynamo to come flying in with a double dropkick, sending Mr. Itt up and over the ropes!! He lands on the outside, with the refs quickly waving their hands to signal that he’s gone.*

Minos: Mr. Itt has just been eliminated!

Jones: Oh, wow, already??

Logan: Apparently the rest of the wrestlers decided that they couldn’t let the big man stay in the match! It’s amazing, the teams that can form in a bout like this!

Jones: Yep, but teamwork is definitely over now!

*As soon as Mr. Itt went over, Hudson attacked, nailing Koslov with several shots before pulling him over to the ropes. Gunn, meanwhile, went after Kid Dynamo, only to have his punch blocked and returned to him. Dynamo backs Gunn into the corner, kicking away at him, while Koslov and Hudson go at it on the other side. Hudson has a hold of Koslov’s leg and is attempting to dump him over, although Koslov has a tight grip on the top rope and isn’t budging. Hudson, annoyed, lands a few rights to Koslov’s side and then takes him to the corner. He goes to slam Koslov’s head into the turnbuckle, but Koslov blocks it, then delivers a few head shots of his own, stunning the man. Koslov then uses the corner to spring off of, getting a springboard tornado DDT!! Hudson is down, with Koslov immediately continuing after him to keep him from recovering.*

Logan: There’s a lot of fire in this young Russian! I see a lot of potential in him!

Jones: Thankfully, he’s using tonight’s event as a way to show off his skills. All of these guys for fighting to prove themselves to the GCWA faithful.

Logan: The fans can be unforgiving, but if you work hard enough, you’ll eventually earn their respect. Just look at Lurrr! I never thought they’d be cheering for him!

*On the other side, Kid Dynamo has Gunn up on the ropes, with both feet in the air. They’re struggling, with Gunn trying to hang on by arching his back. Dynamo, seemingly realizing that his current approach isn’t working, drops Gunn back down and moves in. He pops Gunn in the face with a few elbow shots, before then locking him up and taking him over with a double knee gutbuster!! Gunn is gasping, his stomach on fire after the shot. Kid Dynamo’s not done there, though, stepping around Gunn and getting his arms and legs locked, before dropping back with the All You Can Do Is Scream submission!!! Gunn lives up to the name of the move, yelling frantically as it feels like his arms are going to be pulled out of their sockets. But there’s nothing he can do to escape, with Kid Dynamo wearing him out!!*

Logan: Man, usually a submission hold is the last thing you want to use in a submission match, but Kid Dynamo has that locked on perfectly!

Jones: Plus he’s positioned them so that he can see what Hudson and Koslov are doing, meaning that he can let go and protect himself at a moment’s notice!

Logan: Man, I wouldn’t take Gunn’s place right now for all the gold in Ft. Knox!

*As Kid Dynamo continues to torture Gunn, Koslov can be seen, glancing over with perhaps a touch of concern. Either that, or he was considering whether an attack on Dynamo would be successful. It’s a moot question, though, as Hudson suddenly comes back on Koslov, catching him off-guard with a throat thrust, followed by a jawbreaker! Koslov’s down, as Hudson painfully pulls himself up. Seeing Dynamo with the hold still on, Hudson heads that way, hoping to catch Dynamo off-guard. But Dynamo sees him coming and releases just in time to catch the charging Hudson with a spinning Japanese arm drag!! Hudson flips over and lands, upside down, in the corner, a harsh landing, to be sure! He slowly pulls himself up, with Dynamo stepping in to grab him. Hudson pushes him off, though, and grabs his head, apparently trying for the Hardcore Drop!! It lasts all of two seconds before Dynamo shoves Hudson forward, into the ropes, and then charges, clotheslining Hudson out!!*

Minos: Drake Hudson has been eliminated!

Jones: So Hudson’s gone, leaving the final three!

Logan: So far, Kid Dynamo and Ruslan Koslov are looking like the future stars in the GCWA. Can Tommy Gunn do anything to set his name up there with them?

*Dynamo takes a second to brag, dusting himself off towards Hudson, as if it was a disgrace for him to even be touching the wrestler. Dynamo then turns… and Gunn leaps towards him, landing a dropkick that sends Dynamo over the ropes!!! For a second, it looks to be over, but Dynamo is able to grab the ropes and twist himself back around, sliding back under the ropes from the apron and staying alive in the match! Gunn kicks at the man a few times, trying to stay on top of him. Unfortunately for Gunn, he’s completely forgotten about Ruslan Koslov, who is now fully recovered. Koslov grabs the unsuspecting Gunn from behind and brings him over, taking him down with the Blindsided By Sin!!! Gunn is out, with Koslov back on his feet. The fans cheer the maneuver, even as Koslov drags Gunn back to his feet and turns, sending the wrestler toppling over the ropes and to the outside!! Koslov then turns, sizing up Kid Dynamo, who is already pulling himself back to his feet.*

Minos: Tommy Gunn has been eliminated! Two wrestlers remaining!

Jones: I guess that answers your question, Anthony! Tonight was not Gunn’s night to shine!

Logan: So now it’s Koslov vs. Kid Dynamo, with one of these men starting his GCWA career with a pay-per-view victory!

Jones: Who’s it gonna be?

*Dynamo looks pleased to see Gunn on the outside, as he turns to face Koslov. He says something to him, smirking, with Koslov responding… in Russian. Dynamo, puzzled, is thrown off for just long enough, as Koslov then steps forward and kicks him in the gut, before then getting a spinning impaler!! Dynamo’s down, with Koslov already back on his feet and going to the ropes, before returning with a leaping senton splash! The fans are loving the energy of Koslov, as he pulls Dynamo back to his feet and takes him to the ropes, hoping that he’s weakened him enough to get Dynamo out of the match. But Dynamo locks his arms into the ropes and fights, kicking with his feet and managing to catch Koslov in the chest, knocking him back. Dynamo then steps in and lifts Koslov into the air, getting a michinoku driver!! Koslov is out of it, while Dynamo sits back, breathing for a second, before working his way back to his feet. He drags Koslov up again and takes him to the ropes at a jog, tossing Koslov over!!*

Jones: And it’s over! We’ve got our winner…

Logan: It’s not over until the feet hit the floor, Jonesy, and the refs haven’t signaled anything yet!

Jones: Huh?

*Kid Dynamo raises his hands in celebration, but then looks around, seemingly confused as to why the refs aren’t coming into the ring. Behind him, though, Koslov has skinned the cat, managing to pull himself back up onto the apron!! As Dynamo turns back, Koslov uses the ropes, spring-boarding himself into the air and coming back into the ring!! But Dynamo’s reflexes are uncanny, as he leaps into the air, meeting the flying Koslov with a dropkick to the stomach!!! Koslov collapses to the mat, coughing away, as Dynamo gets back to his feet, looking incredulous that the man is still in the contest. He reaches down and pulls Koslov up, locking him into place and delivering an STO sweep! Koslov’s down again, with Dynamo talking to him for a second, possibly telling him to just give it up. He pulls Koslov up again and drags him to the ropes, dumping him over again… and Koslov lands on the apron and scurries back into the ring, still alive!!*

Logan: What’s it going to take to get Koslov out of there? He’s hanging on like a bulldog with a piece of mailman!

Jones: You can tell that he really wants to start off his GCWA career with a victory, but Kid Dynamo is a very tough one to overcome!

Logan: Yeah, but in a match like this, anything can still happen!

*Kid Dynamo can’t believe it, as he comes back over to where Koslov is trying to recover. Dynamo yanks him to his feet once again and lifts the smaller man onto his shoulders, apparently bound and determined to toss him out this time. As Dynamo shifts his weight, though, Koslov grabs his arm and hangs on, dragging BOTH men over the top rope!!! The wrestlers both grasp at the ropes and land with their backs to the apron, with neither having their feet touch (although it’s only a matter of inches). They pull themselves up, with Dynamo trying to kick Koslov free of his tenacious grip. Koslov kicks as well, catching Dynamo on the side of the foot and nearly causing him to fall! Dynamo, suddenly sensing the danger he’s in, quickly twists himself through the ropes, with Koslov sliding through as well. Angrily, Dynamo grabs the Russian by the head and goes for a punch, but Koslov steps in on him and locks him up, twisting him over with a facebuster!! Both wrestlers are down, as the fight continues!*

Jones: Koslov’s trying to make a comeback!

Logan: He’s taken a lot of abuse already, but the kid’s at least got some fight to him, better than the other newcomers in this match! But does he have enough left to toss Kid Dynamo out?

*Koslov is back on his feet, barely, as he hangs onto the ropes. Kid Dynamo, meanwhile, is struggling to rise, rubbing his sore jaw from where he hit. He turns, and Koslov is there, kicking him in the gut… then taking him over with a Canadian destroyer!!! The fans are cheering, loving that maneuver, although it took a lot of Koslov’s remaining strength. He crawls over, as if to make a cover, but then remembers that a cover won’t work. He slowly works his way up again and grabs Kid Dynamo, pulling him up inch by inch, and then takes him over to the ropes, trying to dump him out!! Dynamo is dazed, but hangs on, upside-down, as he tries to prevent his sudden departure from the match. Koslov shoves harder, trying to get more leverage as he leans over, pushing… but suddenly, Dynamo gets his legs up and around Koslov’s head!! All of the sudden, the struggles reverse, as now Dynamo is yanking down on Koslov, with the Russian being unable to stop from being pulled over!! With one final yank, Koslov plummets to the floor, while Dynamo slides himself back into the ring, still having not touched the ground!*

Minos: Here is your winner of the Newcomers’ Battle Royal… Kid Dynamo!

Logan: And just like that, it’s over, as Kid Dynamo was able to reverse things on Ruslan Koslov!

Jones: For a second there, I thought Koslov was going to be able to turn things around, but Dynamo was just too strong! Really, when you look at it, Dynamo truly dominated this match, which I bet has brought just a little fear into the hearts of the current champions!

Logan: Yeah, the guy’s got a ton of potential here in the GCWA. But don’t count out Koslov, he actually made a fight of it. We could definitely see great things from him in the future. For the other three, well, let’s hope they can prove themselves a little better the next time they enter the squared circle!

*Koslov is back up on the outside, looking like he’s more angry with himself than Dynamo for not being able to hang on. In the ring, Kid Dynamo gets his arm raised, with a smile that says he knew that this was the only possible outcome. He doesn’t even give Koslov a second glance, as he celebrates his victory. The camera feed switches away from the matches of the highly anticipated Pay-Per-View to the backstage area. A make shift medical center has been set up to take care of the injuries suffered to wrestlers at Blood on the Battlefield. With a name like that you can be sure they will need it.*

*In one of the stations there is a lot of attention going on. It seems a few of the EMTs are having trouble with their patient. It was the man who took a plunge off the scaffolding, the GCWA World Champion, Draco. He is refusing medical treatment as he keeps trying to stand up. It looks like he is ready to fight right now.*

Draco: Get the hell off of me! Where is that fucking bastard president!?

*The EMTs are having a hard time holding Draco down to bandage his wounds. Even in his injured state the adrenaline is making it hard for him to fight back. With three EMTs he is forced to stay on the table. Now the EMTs are able to start cleaning up the blood and bandaging the wounds. It seems Draco suffered a head injury in his descent to the floor.*

Draco: Hurry up…I got business.

*It seemed Draco was ready for another match already.*

*We cut away from Draco and head to another area, where we see Marcus Ka’Derrion walking down the hall. The fans can be heard, booing heavily, even as an attendant runs up to him.*

Attendant: Excuse me, sir? I hate to bother you, but we’re really needing that briefcase for your match later.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Of course you do. It’s right here.

*Ka’Derrion lifts up the briefcase that he’s holding in his hand. The attendant takes it from him. He starts to open it up, but Ka’Derrion quickly stops him.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Hey now, thief, what’s the big idea?

Attendant: Oh, I.. I’m sorry, sir.. I was just told to make sure that the contract is actually in here, and that you weren’t, er, that is…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Let me guess. They think I would hang an empty briefcase and make this whole thing a joke? Well, you tell them that the signed contract is indeed in there. If Warrick wins, he can give it to his buddy Derek. If I win, I’ll see to it the contract is shredded, preferably right in front of Derek’s face! You got it?

Attendant: Er, yes, yes sir…

*The attendant runs off with the briefcase, as Marcus watches him go. A second later, Marcus chuckles to himself, before turning and walking away. He leaves the area with a lot of confidence, sure that no matter what happens tonight, he’ll be a winner. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: So Marcus guarantees that the contract is in there, meaning that the Ladder Match will definitely be an intense one!

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy… that smile of his… it worries me…

Jones: You’re always seeing stuff where it isn’t, Anthony.

Logan: I’m just saying… anyway, so Draco was bloodied, but he’s still alright to wrestle tonight, apparently.

Jones: Yeah, the medics were struggling to get him bandaged up, especially his arm. I wonder if Draco was trying to hide an injury?

Logan: If it meant he could be kept from wrestling, I’m sure he would, Jonesy. I guess we’ll find out later what his intentions are. For now, let’s keep wrestling!

*The ring has gotten several new additions. Hanging from the top rope are several different sizes of light tubes. There are also two shelves on either side, with stacks of light tubes laying on them, and a few towers of light tubes strapped together in opposite corners. Outside the ring, two tables are set up, each with their own collection of light tubes. They appear to be almost everywhere.*

Jones: This could easily turn out to be our most dangerous match of the night. People may think, light tubes? What harm can they do? Well, they can do a hell of a lot of harm, cutting with their sharp glass edges!

Logan: Trust me, this is not a match you would ever want to participate in. There is going to be blood. Lots of blood.

Jones: Honestly, I know I trust the President in all he does, but this was a pretty barbaric match he allowed.

Logan: Yeah, well, he didn’t hire Xtreme for his good looks. He hired him to be hardcore, and Xtreme’s certainly bringing it tonight! But will he bring it for Johnson, or himself?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “200 Light Tubes Death” Match!! Making his way out to the ring first, he is a hardcore specialist who is planning to educate the masses on his field of study, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*Xtreme comes out to “Give It All” by Rise Against, laughing as he walks towards the ring, pushing his usual weapons cart. This time, though, the weapons cart is full of more light tubes, bundled together. The crowd is booing him heavily as he enters the ring, checking over the weapons already inside.*

Jones: Xtreme, quite frankly, is insane. Why would a man want to shed so much blood, risking his own health as well as the health of his opponents?

Logan: The dude’s got issues, there’s no doubt. Did you see him beat up all those guys in the bar? He’s a major loose cannon.

Jones: I just remember what he did to Bucky’s brother, electrocuting him like that. And now, he’s got free reign to do whatever he wants here… in the ring… right next to us…

Logan: Just now realized how close we’re gonna be to this brutality, huh, Jonesy?

Jones: Excuse me, I just remembered I have a hair cut appointment…

Logan: Sit down, man! We’ve got a job to do!

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*The fans unite as one to cheer for Johnson as he comes out to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem. He looks much more intense tonight, glaring at Xtreme during his walk down the aisle. He’s psyched himself up for this contest.*

Jones: According to sources, Bucky’s been dealing with some rough nightmares this week. You have to wonder if that’s going to affect his performance here tonight.

Logan: Nightmares or not, Johnson’s here for one reason: to get revenge on Xtreme for what he did to Chucky. Really, it’s amazing how quickly these guys have become bitter enemies.

Jones: Yep, they might hate each other more than any other guys fighting here tonight. But tonight’s the pay-off. Who’s walking out of here with the victory?

Logan: Or, hell, are either of them going to walk out, or do we have a double stretcher special??

*The Bell Rings.*

*Xtreme has already pulled one of the light tubes off the top rope, turning and coming towards Johnson. Bucky, though, has armed himself as well, and meets Xtreme’s swing with one of his own! The two light tubes explode upon contact, proving that they, indeed, are real, as well as proving that they make terrible lightsabers. Johnson reacts first, stepping in and grabbing the off-balance Xtreme and dropping him to the mat with a facebuster DDT! Johnson then stays on top, punching away on his hated rival, as Xtreme tries to protect himself. The fans are already loving it, showing that they’re fully aligned with Bucky in this contest. Johnson pulls Xtreme up again and decides to whip him towards one of the light towers, but Xtreme immediately reversing it, sending Johnson that way instead! Fortunately for Johnson, though, he was able to stop in time, grabbing the ropes in the corner. He spins around and runs back at Xtreme, who had turned to grab another light tube. Before Xtreme can use his weapon, Johnson spears him, slamming him to the ground!*

Jones: Bucky is fired up tonight! You can just sense that he’s pushing to get himself up to the next level!

Logan: So far, he’s kept the hardcore element mostly out of this one, which is a pretty good strategy. Keeping the weapons out of Xtreme’s hands could give Johnson a sizable edge.

Jones: True, but there are weapons hanging from everywhere. I don’t think he’ll be able to keep that strategy going for too much longer, not if he wants to win.

Logan: Oh, the light tubes will be used, Jonesy. Remember, the only way to win is to toss your opponent into a collection of light tubes, either in those shelves or on the tables outside. Only then can you get a pin or submission!

*Johnson drags Xtreme up, even as referee Mitchell, looking extremely nervous at having drawn this contest, backs away to a ‘safer’ location. Bucky gets behind Xtreme, hitting him with a series of forearms to the back, making the larger wrestler stumble away from him. Johnson then slips in from behind and applies a sleeper hold, locking it in tight around Xtreme’s throat! Referee Mitchell doesn’t budge, knowing that a submission hold wouldn’t count yet, but Johnson’s just looking to wear Xtreme down. The hardcore wrestler fights against the hold, reaching out to the ropes as if to try and force a break. But he actually had another destination in mind, as he manages to get his hands on a light tube! Xtreme swings the tube over his shoulder, smashing it into Johnson’s face!!! Bucky staggers back, releasing the hold, as Xtreme turns, still holding half of a light tube. He smashes that against Johnson’s head as well, leaving only a small piece in his hand, which is soon broken as well!! Johnson collapses, with blood now appearing from multiple cuts on his forehead!!*

Logan: Blood has been split! The pay-per-view will now live up to its name!

Jones: Xtreme’s now in heaven, as he’s got a blood-soaked opponent to hit with anything he can get his hands on!

Logan: This is where the kids should be leaving the room, if they haven’t already!

*Xtreme moves off to the side, grabbing another light tube. He brings it back and quickly swings, smashing it across Johnson’s head, dropping him to the ground. Xtreme then suddenly turns and leaves the ring, rolling to the outside. Referee Mitchell inches forward, checking on Johnson, but since neither the shelves nor the tables have come into play yet, there’s nothing he can do. Outside, Xtreme picks up a tied-together grouping of light tubes from his cart and comes back in, waving it menacingly towards Johnson. Bucky’s struggling to get up, a bloody mess now, as Xtreme positions himself behind the man. He comes forward, swinging the bundle as hard as he can, and it shatters across Johnson’s back!!! Johnson topples forward, now with a dozen new cuts to worry about, with Xtreme, grinning wildly, holding up the half of the bundle that’s still intact. He turns it over, and, shockingly, items start to pour out of it by the hundreds, covering the floor near the center of the ring.*

Jones: What? What are those?

Logan: Oh, hell, those are thumbtacks!! Xtreme had thumbtacks inserted into those light tubes somehow!!

Jones: Damn!! As if this couldn’t get any more violent!!

*Xtreme shuffles the thumbtacks back and forth with his foot, seemingly entranced by them for a moment. Meanwhile, Johnson is working his way back to his feet, wiping blood out of his eyes. His t-shirt is now shredded in the back, giving another visual cue to how violent this match is becoming. Xtreme, seeing him, laughs and walks over, putting his hands on either side of Bucky’s head. He then talks to him for a moment, possibly bringing up the offer of joining him again. Johnson’s answer is to spit blood into Xtreme’s face. Xtreme wipes it off with his arm, and then pulls Johnson up, dragging him over to the thumbtacks. He grabs Bucky by the head, apparently thinking about a bulldog onto the tacks! But Bucky reverses it, pulling free and whipping Xtreme in the other direction. Xtreme hits the ropes… as well as the three light tubes hanging there!! With a yell, Xtreme falls forward to the mat, glass shards all around!!*

Logan: Great improvisation by Bucky there! Those light tubes are dangerous whether you’re wielding them or not!!

Jones: Xtreme just got a taste of his own medicine! But Johnson’s already pretty cut up, and is losing blood every second he’s out here. Can he make a comeback?

*Xtreme struggles to get up, as Johnson pulls himself to his feet, leaning on his knees. His fatigue is clearly being sped up by the blood loss. Xtreme, seeing this, charges forward with a mad yell. But Johnson drops his shoulder, flipping Xtreme overhead… and sending him back-first into the thumbtacks!!! Xtreme, yelling, rolls back and forth, becoming a human pin cushion!! Johnson moves off to the side, grabbing a light tube from the side, while Xtreme gets himself out of the thumbtacks and rises up. He stumbles towards Bucky, who has a grim smile on his face. Johnson swirls the light tube around, and then swings, breaking it across Xtreme’s face!! The hardcore wrestler falls to his knees, dazed, with his own blood starting to flow. Johnson, still holding his own piece, immediately decides to make it worse, getting behind Xtreme. He jabs the broken end of the light tube downwards, digging it into Xtreme’s scalp!!! Xtreme is groaning, getting his arms up to try and pull Johnson away, but Bucky isn’t budging!!*

Jones: Jesus!! Johnson’s going wild, ripping into Xtreme!!

Logan: I think we’ve finally seen how far this man can be pushed, Jonesy! Bucky’s letting out his inner rage, and Xtreme’s face will never be the same!!

Jones: I knew this was going to be brutal… but I… I didn’t know…

Logan: And we still can’t have a pin or submission attempt yet, because neither man has gone into the required areas!

*Having done his damage, Johnson slowly pulls Xtreme up, hitting him with a few more right hands to the forehead. Xtreme’s bleeding heavily now, even worse than Bucky, as it runs down his face to form a crimson mask. Johnson holds Xtreme by the head, telling him that he’s going to pay for what he did to Chucky. He then pulls Xtreme over to the ropes, attempting to lift Xtreme up and over towards the light tube-covered table below!! Xtreme is fighting, hanging onto the ropes, refusing to get tossed. He reaches back with his free hand and rakes at Johnson’s eyes, causing him to have to let go, stumbling away. Xtreme rights himself and turns, coming at Johnson and punching away at him, doing some damage. He then grabs Johnson by the arm and whips him towards the other side, where more light tubes are hanging!! At the last second, Bucky stops himself, barely avoiding the crash. He spins around… and a charging Xtreme hits him, sending both men over the ropes (shattering the light tubes there) and into the outside table with a Cactus clothesline!!!*

Crowd: Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!!

Logan: Both men just got obliterated!! Seriously, we’re going to need multiple ambulances once this match is finally over!!

Jones: So does that count? I mean, both men went through the table… so are pins and submissions legal for both??

Logan: I think so, Jonesy! Finally, we have a chance at ending this before someone dies!!

*Referee Mitchell has carefully slid outside the ring and gets to the debris field where the two landed. They’re still both laying in the destroyed table, but Xtreme is currently laying on top. Mitchell quickly makes his decision, dropping to the side and making the count… 1… 2… Bucky kicks out!! The fans cheer, realizing that this one is still ongoing. After a few seconds, Xtreme hauls himself up, a sadistic smile on his face made all the worse by the blood covering it. He stumbles over to his cart and reaches inside, pulling out another special bundle of light tubes. This one seems to be moving internally, swishing back and forth. He pulls something out of his pocket, which is soon shown to be a lighter, as he lights up the end of the light tube. It’s burning a piece of cloth on the end. Xtreme turns, grinning evilly as he sees Johnson pulling himself painfully out of the table pieces. He waits as Johnson staggers away, then comes after him, swinging from behind. At the last second, hearing the fans, Johnson dives/falls to the right, causing Xtreme to smash the light tubes into the turnbuckle post instead… causing the flammable fluid inside to explode once it comes in contact with the open flame!!! The blast lights up the area, causing fans around the ringside area to dive for cover!!!*

Jones: Oh my god, the arena is going to be set on fire!!! We’ve gotta get out of here!!

Logan: Hold your horses, Jonesy, the attendants are already there with fire extinguishers!

Jones: Yeah, but… I mean, what kind of a weapon is that?? Xtreme could have just killed Bucky, or at least seriously burned him!!!

Logan: That’s why his name is Xtreme! He pushes the boundaries! True, maybe he’s pushing a little bit too far, but that’s who he is!

*Xtreme has moved off, following Johnson back into the ring, as the attendants finish putting out the fire he started. Inside, Johnson had gotten a light tube and had tried to hit Xtreme with it, only to have Xtreme knock it aside and grab Bucky, dropping him with a leaping DDT! Johnson rolls in pain, which doesn’t help, since glass and thumbtacks seem to cover the entire floor of the ring. Xtreme stumbles for a moment, soaked in blood, but he recovers, pulling Johnson back up and lifting him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. He points towards the other side, apparently planning to give Johnson the Xtreme Measures through the shelf!! But as Xtreme moves, Johnson fights back, managing to squirm free! Xtreme, surprised, tries to turn around, but Bucky’s rushing him now, hitting his running headbutt!!! Xtreme flies backwards, crashing hard into the shelving full of light tubes, then drops forward, with the shelving landing on top of him, hiding him from sight!!!*

Logan: Oh, man!!! Could there possibly be any fight in Xtreme after that??

Jones: The guy’s buried!! Are the medics ready to get down to ringside, because they’re needed!!

*Johnson’s taken a few moments to get back up, holding his head. He stumbles over to the shelf and pulls it off, exposing Xtreme, who is remarkably still conscious. He starts to struggle his way up, but Johnson has light tubes in both hands. He comes back and swings, colliding them together around Xtreme’s head!!! Xtreme topples over, out of it, as Johnson stumbles over to the shelving, reaching in and pulling out a few half-broken light tubes. He takes them over and drops several onto Xtreme, then drags himself over to the now-empty corner. As Bucky climbs, the fans are cheering wildly, thinking that they know what’s coming next. Sure enough, Johnson gets to the top, turns, and lets out a heavy yell… before leaping into the air and coming down the Bucking Bronco onto Xtreme!!!! The final light tubes shatter between the two men, with neither one moving after the high-risk maneuver lands!! The fans are going wild as referee Mitchell steps in, trying to avoid being cut himself as he drops beside them. Johnson’s still laying on top, so Mitchell starts his count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!!

Jones: Johnson did it! He got revenge for his brother, and he won another major pay-per-view match!!

Logan: Yeah, but he’s in no better shape than Xtreme is!! Thank goodness the stretchers are already on their way!!

Jones: Both of these men are badly cut up, and the ring is an absolute disaster area!! It’s going to take even our hard-working GCWA employees a while to clean this up!!

Logan: All I care about right now is getting some medical care for these wrestlers, stat!

*Medics are in the ring now, working on both Johnson and Xtreme. Johnson has a line of severe cuts across his midsection after the Bucking Bronco, but he’s still got a smile on his face after having gotten the win. Meanwhile, Xtreme seems to be trying to refuse treatment, rolling achingly away from the medic trying to help him. He leaves the ring, pulling pieces of glass out of his side… and laughing. He can barely stand, though, so the medic and his guys are following, trying to force him into a stretcher. Johnson is sitting up now, watching this as he’s getting bandaged up before moving. He’s staring at Xtreme, who stares back at him and gives him a bloody smile.*

*We cut backstage where Warrick Hill is spotted inside a locker room. He is taping his wrists, dressed, ready for his upcoming match. We hear a door open and shut…Derek Mobley enters our picture.*

Derek Mobley: So, how ya feeling?

Warrick Hill: Not too bad, actually…hangover has all but subsided, I’m all mellow and crap…ready to go out there and lay waste to Marcus Ka’Derrion.

Derek Mobley: Good, you remember what’s at stake…how’s the equilibrium, it’s a long way down from the top of one of those GCWA sanctioned ladders…

Warrick Hill: Everything’s cool, man…don’t worry about a thing…like I told you earlier this week, I’ve got this. Marcus doesn’t stand a chance tonight and, after I win, you can sign that contract, get your rematch and then we will celebrate good times….C’MON!!!

*Mobley smiles, nodding along, Warrick spots a piece of paper in Derek’s hand.*

Warrick Hill: What’s that?

Derek Mobley: What’s what?

Warrick Hill: That.

Derek Mobley: This?

Warrick Hill: Yes!

Derek Mobley: Something that you should probably read…but, maybe for later.

Warrick Hill: Screw that, man…you never tell substance abuser he CAN’T have something…what’s wrong with you? Give me that damn thing!

*Derek hands the sheet of paper over to Warrick. Warrick starts to read it as Derek sort of narrates the message it contains.*

Derek Mobley: Nothing big, but with Ace hiring a female wrestler, I guess he felt he should remind us all about the GCWA sexual harassment policy…this just sort of outlines what’s okay and what’s not.

Warrick Hill: Dude…no pump handle slams?? Are you kidding me?

Derek Mobley: You don’t even have that in your skill set, Warrick!

Warrick Hill: So, what if I was maybe thinking about adding it?

Derek Mobley: Well, if that were the case…use it against someone like Bucky Johnson.

Warrick Hill: Ewww, fuck no….

Derek Mobley: See, this is why Ace sends this shit out…and especially makes sure we get a copy…

Warrick Hill: No Bronco Busters, no Huricanaranas, no forced sexual intercourse…what the hell…I guess we’re supposed to just let this chick walk all over us and win every match?? This is ridonkulous!

Derek Mobley: I’m pretty sure you made that part about forced sexual intercourse up…I would think something like that is automatically implied.

Warrick Hill: Yea, well, whatever…I still think these are some bullshit rules…gotta be all politically correct…next thing you know, she’s going to be talking on live television…don’t you miss the days when women were seen yet not heard? They were so much more beautiful back then…

Derek Mobley: Annnnnnddddd I believe we’re done for the night…while we still have a few fans remaining.

Warrick Hill: Pussy.

*We cut back to ringside.*

Jones: We here in the GCWA would like to remind our viewers that the views and remarks of our wrestlers do not specifically speak for our company. All letters and complaints should be sent to the Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill website.

Logan: Yeah, I’m betting they’re getting a few letters… but damnit, those guys can be hilarious!

Jones: Indeed. Well, it’s about time to see what Warrick can do, as he tries to win the contract here tonight for his partner, Derek!

Minos: The next match is a Ladder Match!! Hanging above the ring will be a brief case, inside the brief case will be a contract for a future rematch between Derek Mobley and Marcus Ka’Derrion. If Warrick wins, the contract will be signed by Derek Mobley. If Marcus wins, the contract will be ripped apart and the rematch will not take place. Introducing first…standing 6 feet and 1 inches tall…weighing in at 210 lbs…he hails from Miami, Florida….he is a Former Two-Time GCWA World Heavyweight Champion… ‘His Legacy’…MARCUS KA’DERRION!!!

*‘No More Sorrow’ by Linkin Park begins to play as the fans boo when they see Marcus emerge from behind the curtain and make his way to the ring. Marcus enters the ring and looks up at the briefcase hanging above. As he does, Minos continues the introductions.*

Minos: And, his opponent, from Tallahasse, Florida, standing 6’1 and weighing in at 220 lbs…WARRICK HILL!!!

*‘Sweet Emotion’ by Aerosmith begins to play as the fans stand and wait for Warrick Hill to emerge…Warrick slowly appears from behind the curtain, the fans go crazy. Warrick has a cigarette hanging from his mouth and hoists a ladder over his shoulder. He walks towards the ring with the ladder over his shoulder. Warrick slides the ladder into the ring and enters behind it. Warrick lifts the ladder up and drags it into the corner with him…Marcus has a few words with the referee.*

Jones: It doesn’t look as though Marcus is too happy with Warrick bringing that ladder into the ring.

Logan: Well, this IS a ladder match…Warrick just came prepared.

Jones: Go figure, Warrick is the one showing up prepared.

Logan: There’s a lot riding on this match for Derek Mobley…so, I’m sure that had a little to do with it.

Jones: Evidently.

*The ref calls for the bell, it rings…Warrick walks up to Marcus for a hand shake…Marcus refuses to shake Warrick’s hand. Warrick grows frustrated…he finally reaches back and back hands Marcus in the face!! Ka’Derrion’s head jerks to the side from the impact…he takes in a few deep, angry breaths…Ka’Derrion reaches back and slugs Warrick in the face! Warrick falls to the mat and looks to be out cold. Marcus stands there, over Warrick and looks at his fist and then back at the ref…the ref just shrugs.*

Jones: What the…

Logan: Marcus stole Arachne’s Punch of Doom!!

Jones: Is Warrick out…that quickly?

Logan: Sucks for Derek if he is…

*Marcus walks over to the ladder Warrick brought…he sets it up in the middle of the ring. The fans yell at Warrick to get up…we spot Warrick puffing on the cigarette that remains in his mouth, blowing smoke out of his mouth.*

Jones: Wait a minute…how can he be unconscious yet still able to smoke on a cigarette??

Logan: He’s going all on instinct now, Jones

Jones: Is smoking even prohibited in here?

*Marcus has the ladder set up, the fans continue to yell at Warrick to get up…but he continues to lay there and smoke his cigarette with his eyes shut. Marcus starts to ascend the ladder, the crowd yells louder and louder…we see Mobley emerge from the back, he walks with great purpose towards the ring.*

Jones: Is Warrick sabotaging Derek?

Logan: I don’t know, but Derek can’t sit back there and watch this from the monitor.

Jones: What’s he going to do? Not like he can interfere in this match…can he?

Logan: Are ladder matches No DQ?

Jones: Shouldn’t you know that?

Logan: We probably both should…

*Marcus gets a little over half way…suddenly, the ladder begins to shake…it starts to buckle and immediately falls apart!!! Marcus falls to the mat and hits hard!!! He rolls around in pain…as he does, we see Warrick kip up!! He flashes a smile, the crowd cheers wildly…Warrick takes in one, large puff and then flicks the lit cigarette into the crowd…we hear most of the crowd cheer wildly…aside from one person who is screaming in pain from being burnt by the lit cig.*

Jones: It was a Faulty Ladder!! Warrick tricked Marcus!

Logan: And, it looks as though he may have brought a lawsuit onto the GCWA!

Jones: The Highs and Lows of Warrick Hill.

Logan: Literally.

*Warrick walks over to Marcus and stomps on him a few times, until Marcus lies pretty much motionless on the mat. Warrick looks over at Derek…Derek shakes his head at Warrick. Warrick yells something at Derek and points at his head…we see Derek, smiling, mouth the words ‘whatever’ and turn around…he walks back to the back, leaving Warrick alone again. Warrick kicks around the debris from the broken ladder. He finds a middle sized rung lying on the mat…he picks it up and lightly taps it on his head a few times. He rubs his head with a slight frown, showing that it is hard and rather sharp. Warrick then turns to Marcus…Marcus is on all fours and has his hands on the middle and top rope, working on getting back to his feet. Warrick reaches back and drills Marcus in the back of the head with the rung!!! Marcus falls back onto the mat and lies there, the fans cheer loudly.*

Jones: Ouch!! That had to hurt!

Logan: Brutal shot delivered by Warrick…I have to give it to him…you’re facing a legend like Marcus and, what do you do? You turn the tables with a trick that NOBODY saw coming to gain the upper hand…

Jones: Yes, I just wish he’d work on becoming a better role model for our young fans.

Logan: Well, smoking doesn’t kill people…people kill people.

Jones: I believe that’s what they say about guns, Anthony.

Logan: Oh, so you’re all down on Warrick for bringing a cigarette into the ring but you’re all for him entering the ring with a pistol and attempting homicide?

Jones: Did I say anything even REMOTELY close to that?

Logan: You didn’t have to, Jones.

*The referee works to clear the remaining ladder debris from the ring. Warrick pulls Marcus back to his feet, he whips him across the ring, Marcus bounces off the ropes and Warrick drills him in the forehead with the ladder rung!!! Marcus falls to the mat, holding his head in pain. Marcus tosses the rung outside of the ring and into the crowd as they cheer for him.*

Jones: Brutal shot delivered by Warrick!

Logan: And, a lucky souvenir for one of our loyal GCWA fans!

Jones: All the more reason to attend a GCWA live event, you never know what might land in your lap.

Logan: Solid plug, Jones.

Jones: Why thank you, Tony.

Logan: Anthony.

Jones: Okay, just thought I’d give Tony a try…

*Warrick pulls Marcus to his feet once again, we see a gash in Ka’Derrion’s forehead. Blood is running out of it and down his face. Warrick shoves Marcus into the nearest corner. Once in the corner, Warrick measures Marcus up and delivers a swiping elbow across the head of Marcus!!! Marcus starts to stagger forward from the impact, into Warrick…Warrick catches him and plants him into the mat with an Implant DDT!! Marcus is laid out as we see a splattering of blood on the mat from impact. Warrick gets to his feet and plays to the crowd.*

Jones: Certainly a more vicious Warrick than what we’ve seen in the past.

Logan: He appears to be all business tonight, Jones…it’s one thing when you’re depending on yourself…it’s another when other’s are depending on you. Sometimes it brings out the very best…

Jones: Very true.

*Warrick goes to the outside and looks underneath the ring. He pulls a ladder out as the crowd cheers with approval. Warrick slides the ladder inside the ring and follows suit. Marcus is still lying, face down on the mat. Warrick gets to his feet in the ring and goes to set up the ladder. As he does, we notice Marcus moving. He crawls into the nearby corner and sits up, with his back resting against the bottom turnbuckle. Warrick has the ladder set up, under the brief case. He looks over and sees Marcus sitting up. Warrick then rushes in to deliver a crushing kick to the head of Marcus. However, Marcus uses the bottom rope to pull himself out of the way and outside of the ring. Warrick winds up slamming his leg awkwardly into the middle turnbuckle, causing his knee to buckle. Warrick falls to the mat, grabbing his knee.*

Jones: What a great, veteran move by Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

Logan: He desperately needed something like that to happen…Warrick was in total control and about to seal Ka’Derrion’s fate.

Jones: Yea and that did NOT look good for Warrick’s knee.

Logan: May have blown it out…if that’s the case, Marcus just became the favorite to win this match.

Jones: Overwhelmingly so.

*Marcus, on the outside, clings to the ring apron as he makes it to his feet. His face is a crimsoned mess. Marcus composes himself and looks back inside the ring. He sees Warrick working to get back to his feet…Warrick is using the ropes as support. Marcus takes in a deep breath and then slides back into the ring. Warrick’s back is to Marcus…Marcus rushes from behind and clips Warrick’s hurt knee!! Warrick hits the mat hard and grabs his knee in pain. Marcus drags Warrick into the center of the ring, shoving the ladder aside, and starts to punch at the injured knee. The crowd boos as Warrick appears helpless in defending his knee.*

Jones: Marcus is relentless in attacking Warrick’s injured knee!

Logan: It’s the most rudimentary concept when you’re in competition, Jones. You find a weak point and go after it…that’s what Marcus is doing.

Jones: Yea, hard to beat a man if you can’t step up…

Logan: Especially if, in order to beat that man, you have to climb a freakin ladder.

Jones: Double true!

*Marcus pulls Warrick to his feet, with a hold on Warrick’s leg. Warrick bounces around on one leg, trying to maintain balance…Marcus delivers a few stiff shots to Warrick’s knee. Marcus then clutches the leg with the hurt knee and delivers a Dragon Screw Legwhip!!! Warrick falls to the ground, clutching his knee. Marcus gets to his feet and spots the ladder, it’s leaning against the ropes. Marcus drags the ladder back into the center of the ring, with Warrick having rolled himself into a corner, trying to recuperate. Marcus has the ladder set up and prepares himself to ascend to the top.*

Jones: Here we go, our first venture up the ladder!

Logan: And, it could quite possibly be our last.

Jones: Yes, Warrick is in serious jeopardy of losing this match.

*Marcus begins to climb the ladder with the fans booing loudly. He gets midway up the ladder, we spot Warrick in the corner, with a determined look on his face. He reaches up and pulls himself to his feet by using the top rope. Warrick hops, one his good leg, towards the ladder. Marcus is near the top when he looks down and spots Warrick standing at the base of the ladder. Warrick grabs the ladder with both hands and gives it a violent shove. Marcus maintains his balance as the ladder slides away from the center and closer to the ring ropes. Warrick shoves it again and the ladder tips over causing Marcus to go flying over the top rope and onto the outside!!! Marcus lands with a loud ‘thud’ on his side and back…he arches his back in pain as the crowd cheers wildly for the fall. Warrick falls back into a sitting position in the ring, holding his knee.*

Jones: What a fall!! There was no table, nothing out there to break it!

Logan: No kidding…Warrick has an opportunity here to seize the briefcase, however, how do you climb a ladder with one good knee?

Jones: I don’t know…hopefully there isn’t too much damage done and Warrick can, umm, ‘walk it off’.

Logan: You’re reminding me of my old High School coach “Broken toe? Walk it off!” “Concussion? Walk if off!!” “Suicidal thoughts due to your girlfriend sleeping with your best friend in your parent’s bed? Walk it off!!!”

Jones: Whoa!

Logan: Yea, he was a good one.

*With Marcus still on the outside, Warrick gets to his feet and limps around, trying to get some feeling and mobility back into his knee. Marcus, meanwhile, has made it to his feet and is breathing in deeply, with his hand wrapped around, clutching his back. Warrick sees Marcus on his feet and he walks over to the ladder. Marcus is not paying attention to Warrick. Warrick folds the ladder up, lifts it over his head and throws it, like a spear, at Marcus. Marcus notices, just in time, and slides out of the way. The ladder smacks onto the ground. Marcus rushes the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. Warrick goes to stomp on Marcus, but decides against it due to his knee. Marcus gets to his feet and throws a punch at Warrick, Warrick responds, the two begin to slug it out in the ring with the fans cheering.*

Jones: Here we go!!

Logan: No matter what happens, it always seems as though every wrestling match turns into a slugfest.

Jones: Yea, I don’t think Marcus took too kindly with Warrick trying to spear him with the ladder.

Logan: It was a highly innovative concept…I’ve never seen anyone speared with a ladder before.

Jones: Me neither.

*Warrick starts to slightly gain the upper hand…Marcus realizes he is and delivers a quick kick into Warrick’s knee. Warrick bends over and staggers back, against the ropes. Marcus takes a few steps back and charges in with a clothesline attempt. He nails Warrick, however, Warrick wraps his arms around Marcus!! Both men go over the top rope and crash on the outside. Marcus grabs his back while Warrick grabs his knee. The fans cheer!*

Jones: And they spill onto the outside!

Logan: Consecutive falls outside the ring seem to have messed up Marcus Ka’Derrion’s back.

Jones: Apparently so, what’s tougher to climb a ladder with…a bad back or a bad knee?

Logan: Bad knee…it’s hard to balance yourself on a ladder with two legs, let alone one.

Jones: Yes, but the back is the central nervous system in the fact that the spine controls everything…if that gets out of whack…you’re in serious trouble.

Logan: Screw you, science was never my strongest subject.

Jones: And why not?

Logan: Because it’s gay!

Jones: You’re gay!

*Marcus reaches his feet first…Warrick is a close second. Marcus grabs Warrick and goes to punch him, Warrick blocks it and delivers a vicious forearm uppercut. Marcus staggers back against the guardrail. Warrick, shakes his knee and then charges at Marcus, Marcus retaliates by lifting Warrick up and dropping his neck over the guardrail with a flapjack!! Warrick falls to the ground holding his throat in pain.*

Jones: It looked, for a moment, as though Warrick’s leg was loosening up…just in time for him to walk into another savvy move by Marcus Ka’Derrion.

Logan: There’s a reason Marcus Ka’Derrion dominated GCWA last year…he knows what he’s doing.

Jones: Yes and he’s put himself in a great position to win this match.

Logan: Yup.

*Marcus gets to his feet and walks towards the ladder Warrick threw at him earlier. He picks it up and carries it towards the ring. Marcus throws it into the ring, over the top rope. Warrick, meanwhile, has returned to his feet. Marcus starts to climb back in the ring, is on the ring apron, when Warrick walks up behind him and delivers a stiff forearm shot to the middle of Ka’Derrion’s back. Ka’Derrion clutches his back in pain and turns around, facing Warrick. Warrick reaches up and grabs Marcus, with Ka’Derrion’s legs around the head of Warrick. Warrick turns around and delivers a sit down powerbomb to Marcus on the outside!!! Warrick grabs his knee in pain as Marcus lies motionless, the crowd cheers loudly.*

Jones: Was that a planned sit-down powerbomb or did his knee just give?

Logan: I’m thinking his knee gave out…either way, it was an effective move.

Jones: Yes, but you have to wonder how much damage has been done…

Logan: Well, nobody said it would be easy…if he wants to win this, he’s going to have to gut it out.

*Warrick gets to his feet and limps towards Marcus. He drags Marcus near the ring and grabs Marcus by the back of the head. He jerks Ka’Derrion’s head back, causing Marcus to look up at Warrick from his knees. Warrick focuses in on the cut Marcus suffered earlier, it’s started to dry up and ceased bleeding. Warrick attacks it with his hands, pulling and punching at it. Marcus begins to squirm as we see it reopened with blood beginning to flow from it once again, covering the face of Marcus*

Jones: Warrick, savagely, going after the cut on Marcus Ka’Derrion’s forehead!

Logan: Seizing an opportunity

Jones: Another example of going after a weakness?

Logan: You got it.

*Warrick finishes attacking the cut and the damage has been done, blood is streaming down Ka’Derrion’s face. Warrick releases Marcus, who is on all fours. We see Marcus reach underneath the ring…Warrick, not paying attention, grabs Marcus and tosses him back into the ring. Marcus rolls into the ring and Warrick slides in behind him, Warrick hobbles to his feet and limps towards Marcus, he bends down to pick Marcus up, but Marcus surprises Warrick and nails him with a ladder rung!! Warrick staggers back…Marcus gets to his feet, drills Warrick in the midsection with the rung, Warrick doubles over, Marcus then nails Warrick with an uppercut swing with the rung! Warrick falls to the mat and appears to be unconscious. Marcus tosses the rung out of the ring, the crowd boos loudly.*

Jones: Once again, Marcus Ka’Derrion catches Warrick by surprise!

Logan: Yes and with a piece of the faulty ladder that Warrick brought into the ring.

Jones: Marcus may get the last laugh after all!

Logan: Well, he’s got about as good an opportunity now as he’s had all match…so we’ll see…

*Marcus walks towards the ladder, as it is folded up and leaning against the ropes from when Marcus tossed it in earlier. He sets the ladder up and goes to position it underneath the brief case. The crowd gets to their feet in anticipation. Warrick is slowly making it back to his feet as well. Marcus gets the ladder positioned and begins to climb the ladder. The crowd yells for Warrick to do something…Warrick makes it to his feet and sees Marcus nearing the top of the ladder.*

Jones: He’s almost there!!

Logan: Marcus is just a rung or two away from snatching that briefcase!

Jones: But, Warrick is back to his feet…

Logan: Yea, but he’s a half cripple…what’s he going to do?

Jones: I don’t know!!!!!

*Warrick hobbles as fast as he can to the ladder. Marcus is at the top and his fingertips graze the bottom of the briefcase. Blood fills the eyes of Marcus, impairing his vision. He stops reaching for the briefcase and uses both hands to wife the wet, fresh blood from his face and eyes. As he does, Warrick grabs the opposite side of the ladder and starts to push it back. Marcus tries to balance himself as Warrick has pushes the ladder a few feet away from the briefcase.*

Jones: Marcus is going for a ride!

Logan: Man, had it not been for all that blood in his face, Marcus may have already won the match.

Jones: Yea, looks like he’s too far from the brief case now…

Logan: Yea, unless he’s Gumby or something.

*Marcus looks at the briefcase, which is a few feet away…Warrick works on pushing the ladder some more. Marcus, showing tremendous balance, makes it to the top of the ladder and positions himself where he’s sitting at the top. Warrick looks up, with a confused look at Marcus and stops pushing the ladder. Marcus stands up, staring at the brief case…the crowd comes to their feet, collectively holding their breath as to what Marcus is going to try. Warrick takes a few steps back from the ladder, unsure if Marcus is going to jump on him or not.*

Jones: What is Marcus thinking about??

Logan: I don’t know…is he going for a plancha on Warrick?

Jones: You don’t think he’s going to try and jump at the brief case, do you?

Logan: It wouldn’t be an impossible jump…

Jones: This is insane! Someone talk him out of it!

*Marcus stands up and launches himself through the air, at the briefcase…in an almost slow motion moment, we watch Marcus fly through the air and latch onto the metal briefcase with his hands. His legs continue forward from the tremendous momentum he worked up...as they do, they pull Ka’Derrion’s upper body along with them, he tightens his grip on the top of the brief case, so he can hang on. Unfortunately, he loses his grip on the top of the metal briefcase and the momentum takes him a few feet further before he plummets all the way to the ground!! Marcus lands on his upper back, shoulders and neck with a sickening thud!!! Half the crowd screams out with insane cheers and ‘Holy Sh*t’ chants while the other half remains silent, concerned over Ka’Derrion’s safety. Warrick, meanwhile, stands a few feet away staring at Ka’Derrion’s lifeless body, in shock.*

Jones: Oh My!!!!

Logan: What the…what just happened??

Jones: Marcus tried a leap of faith, if you will, and lost his grip!!

Logan: Get some paramedics down there, immediately!!

Jones: Seriously, this does NOT look good!!

*The crowd notices Warrick standing there, looking at Marcus…they begin to yell at him to get the briefcase. We hear the crowd rise as we see Derek Mobley rush out from the back and make his way to the ringside area. He hops on the apron and screams at Warrick. Warrick turns around and sees Derek. Derek points at the ladder and up at the briefcase…Warrick, snapping out of it, walks over to the ladder and positions it underneath the briefcase. He starts to climb, but, as he does, we see his knee buckling and allowing very little support. Derek climbs into the ring, noticing Warrick having trouble making it to the top.*

Jones: Derek Mobley had to wake Warrick up!

Logan: I’m still in shock over that fall Marcus took…

Jones: I think most of us are…but, look, Derek’s going to try and help Warrick up the ladder.

Logan: He must have messed that knee up pretty good…

*Derek stands under the ladder, Warrick is half way up the ladder, using mostly all arms and his one good leg. Warrick reaches the top and Derek holds onto the base of the ladder, to keep it from falling. Warrick unhooks the briefcase from the top as the crowd goes wild!! The bell rings and Warrick hobbles down the ladder…when he gets near the bottom, Derek grabs onto him and helps him down.*

Minos: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner and, as a result, earning a re-match between Derek Mobley and Marcus Ka’Derrion…..Warrick Hill!!!!!

*Derek helps Warrick leave the ringside area…as he does, we notice a bunch of GCWA medics rush into the ring to take a look at Marcus, who hasn’t moved an inch since hitting the mat. Derek, with Warrick’s arm draped over his shoulder, helps Warrick all the way to the back. We zoom in on the briefcase and see bloody prints of Ka’Derrion’s fingers and hands where he grabbed onto the brief case and couldn’t hold on.*

Jones: Warrick does it! He wins the Re-Match for Derek Mobley!!

Logan: Look at that briefcase! Marcus had a firm grip on it, however, the blood from his hands caused him to lose his grip and fall to the mat…

Jones: Almost a surreal sight…hopefully Marcus is okay…but this looks pretty serious.

*The medics are already in the ring, a different set this time, as multiple medics were acquisitioned for this pay-per-view after the matches were created. The GCWA knew some bad injuries were going to happen, and they were prepared. Ka’Derrion is hurting, but he’s at least moving slightly, which is a good sign. As the medics signal for a stretcher, we cut away from the action.*

*The feed moves from the ring to the President’s office. Accelerator is watching, in slow motion, the events of the Scaffolding Match from earlier. He is watching Draco plummet through the air. A fiendish look on his face as Draco’s body lands with a thud. Accelerator would rewind the tape, start watching it in slow motion again, and smile even more at his master plan.

A knock came on his door. It wasn’t the Raven, but nevermore seemed right. After the knock, another knock, well a pound, is heard. The door flies open and standing there is the man who Accelerator was just watching fall. His eyes go wide as his World Champion is standing there looking more like a demon than a wrestler.*

The Accelerator: Hello there.

*Draco hobbled into the office. It seemed the injuries to his body was not limited to just the bandages and the blood. His left leg was favored, and he’s still keeping his arm to his side, as if protecting it. Accelerator wasn’t going to back down. Especially from a man as injured as Draco.*

The Accelerator: Enjoy the match earlier?

*There was no response from the World Champion. Instead he just kept marching towards Accelerator. The President reached towards the phone, presumably to call security. Draco was a step ahead of him. The phone was knocked out of his hands. Draco was now standing in front of the desk. Accelerator was not one to be intimidated by a wounded man.*

Draco: After this match with Bifford…win or lose…I am going to come after you.

*Draco leaned forward. His hands gripping the desk harder. His knuckles turning white. His eyes turning red. There was a fire lit under this man. He was going to go through Hell to get what he needed…and planning on bringing Accelerator down to the fire pits as well.*

Draco: Every day will become a new version of Hell for you.

*Accelerator had no words. Draco turned around and hobbled out of the office. Accelerator was left to wonder if his plan was going to be a success or a failure that would be coming back to hurt him. Literally. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Yep, in case you weren’t 100 percent sure before… Draco’s pissed.

Jones: Man, why does he keep threatening the President like that? Eventually, Ace is just going to up and fire his ass!

Logan: So, you’re telling me, if someone sent you plunging off a scaffolding to major injuries, bragged about it, and then put you in another match, you wouldn’t want a piece of the guy?

Jones: Well, first, I’d never put myself in a position to fall off a scaffold. I’m too smart for that.

Logan: You mean, too much of a wuss.

Jones: And second, I wouldn’t blame the President for what was clearly a malfunction of the scaffolding equipment!

Logan: Y’know, Jonesy, I know now what to get you for your birthday.

Jones: Oh, really? What’s that?

Logan: A pair of eyeglasses.

Jones: Hah hah, very funny.

Minos: The next match has been scheduled as a “First Blood” Match for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title! Introducing first, the #1 contender, a man who was the Newcomer of the Month for March ’10 and is seeking his first GCWA championship, standing 6’4” and weighing 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland, here is “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*The crowd is already booing as “Contagious” by Trapt plays, bringing out Chris Cortez. He has a cocky grin on his face as he moves down the aisle, giving the signal that the belt will soon be around his waist.*

Jones: For a time, we were afraid that Cortez had been kidnapped this week. Luckily, it turned out to be just a Hollywood hoax.

Logan: Yeah, the jerk actually had me worried about him, and it was all an act! I hate it when wrestlers do that to me!

Jones: We also learned that Cortez is definitely a competitive poker player, although he didn’t do as well as he might have liked this past week.

Logan: Gambling can be a bitch sometimes. Fortunately for him, Cortez is getting a nice payday tonight, win or lose. Hopefully, he can pay off any debts he’s accrued, because we don’t need any loan sharks showing up wanting to break his toes or anything.

Minos: His opponent is a long-time veteran of the GCWA who has held many of the championships both here and in other companies… he was also the Wrestler of the Month for March ’10… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*As the “Friday the 13th” theme plays, the crowd turns as one to look at the entryway. They cheer loudly with one of the largest ovations of the night as The Lost Soul comes out, Intercontinental Title belt wrapped around his waist. He, as usual, is pretty stoic, barely nodding to his faithful fans on his way down the aisle. He’s looking towards the ring.*

Logan: I still don’t get it, Jonesy.

Jones: What, about TLS going to Scotland and ending up being kidnapped, only to help bring down an illegal organization?

Logan: No, that I see all the time from TLS. What I don’t get is, how could they see him as a woman? How desperate for women are they over there?

Jones: … Yeah, I’ve got no answer for that, either.

Logan: I mean, if I saw a woman who looked like TLS, well, I’d run the other way and not look back! I’d be afraid she’d turn me to stone or something!

Jones: Wow, being a little harsh on TLS, aren’t you?

Logan: Hey, nothing against TLS, he’s a great competitor. But I don’t think there are many people out there that would call him ‘beautiful’, or even ‘pretty’.

Jones: And those that would… well, we don’t need to know.

Logan: Exactly!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Well this should certainly be an interesting competition… The Lost Soul has certainly become one of the best wrestlers in the GCWA and Chris Cortez is certainly our newest great prospect.. This is very exciting.

Logan: I’m really excited, Jonesy. It’s the Wrestler of the Month vs. the Newcomer of the Month! Who wins out?

*The bell rings and the two men meet in the center of the ring. They lock up and immediately Cortez shoves The Lost Soul backwards and TLS falls onto his back. He quickly gets himself to his feet and brushes himself off, seeming a bit annoyed with Cortez’s actions.*

Jones: Well, we do have to remember that there’s quite a weight difference here. Cortez outweighs The Lost Soul by almost a hundred pounds.. He’s got that extra power.

Logan: But The Lost Soul has all sorts of extra brain-power.. He’s a smart one.

*TLS charges into the middle again and locks up with Cortez. Again Cortez shoves TLS who goes down hard onto his back. The Lost Soul stays down for a moment, looking up. He pulls himself up after a moment to see Cortez smirking at him. With that TLS runs and dives, nailing Cortez in the knee with his shoulder. Cortez goes down to one knee and TLS pulls himself quickly back to his feet. He grabs the Scot in a front face lock and pulls him up, trying for a suplex. Unable to lift an uncooperative Cortez, TLS falls backwards and delivers a DDT to Cortez. He rolls through and tries for a cover to get 1.. but after the first count, Cortez kicks out.*

Jones: This is a first blood match.. Why is TLS going for a pin?

Logan: Just force of habit I guess.

Jones: Why is the referee counting? Doesn’t he know the rules?

Logan: Again, Jones, force of habit. These people pin and count in nearly every other match. It’s bizarre that in this match they can’t.

*Pulling himself to his feet, The Lost Soul quickly grabs one of Cortez’s legs and pulls it up, he nails a kick to the back of his knee (the same knee he slammed his shoulder into earlier), then runs and bounces off the ropes, coming back and nailing an elbow drop to the chest of Cortez. Cortez grunts and rolls to his side, while TLS again pulls himself to his feet and bounces off the ropes, coming back and attempting a second elbow drop. Cortez pulls himself out of the way, however, and TLS’s elbow connects with the mat. Cortez gets to his knees and crawls over to TLS, nailing several punches to The Lost Soul. TLS pulls himself to his knees and begins exchanging punches with Cortez. Both men, while still exchanging punches, get to their feet. *

Jones: This seems like a very even-contest. These two men are perfect matches for each other.

Logan: That sounds a little odd Jonesy..

Jones: You know what I meant.

*The two men exchange several more punches and then TLS grabs Cortez and Irish Whips him towards the ropes, however Cortez is quick to counter and reverses it, whipping TLS towards the ropes. TLS hits the ropes and runs back into Cortez who throws him over his head with a belly-to-belly suplex. TLS hits the canvas with a huge amount of force (due to the height of the throw) and has the air knocked out of him. Cortez walks over above him and nails a hard stomp to TLS’s midsection. The Lost Soul grabs his abdomen, screaming out, but Cortez nails a kick to his arms causing TLS to move them. As soon as they are moved, Cortez nails another hard kick to the midsection of TLS. TLS groans in pain and rolls onto his stomach. Cortez uses this advantage to remove one of the turnbuckle pads, exposing the steel behind it. The referee, checking on TLS, doesn’t see the shady action. Cortez immediately goes and grabs TLS, pulling him to his feet. He Irish whips him into the corner (where the turnbuckle was removed). The Lost Soul hits the corner with his back and screams out, obviously noticing that the pain from hitting the corner is much more excessive than normal. Cortez runs into the corner and nails a splash, again causing TLS’s back to nail the exposed steel. Cortez runs across the ring and then comes back in with a second hard splash on TLS, who is barely able to remain standing.*

Jones: This is brutal! That steel is exposed! Turnbuckles are put on corners for a reason: safety!

Logan: There’re no DQs in here though, so even if the referee had seen it, he couldn’t do anything other than try to put that buckle back on

*Cortez laughs, seeing TLS barely able to stand, and runs across the ring, he runs in again to deliver the third splash, but TLS drops out of the way at the last moment and Cortez slams into the corner. Hitting the exposed steel with the side of his chest, Cortez cries out in pain. As he was trying to nail TLS with all of his might, he nails himself into the corner so hard that the side of his chest begins to bleed. The referee, checking on TLS who has fallen in the middle of the ring, does not see it. Cortez notices it immediately and rolls to the outside, obviously in a lot of pain. He rolls under the ring.*

Jones: Cortez is bleeding! This match is over!

Logan: No, Jonesy, the referee never saw it.

Jones: But he will! You can’t just hide blood.

*Cortez rolls out from under the ring wearing a black t-shirt. He slides into the ring and the referee goes up to him and begins trying to question him on his wardrobe change, but Cortez shrugs it off and immediately drops down and begins punching The Lost Soul in the face on the mat. The Lost Soul struggles, trying to get out from under Cortez, realizing that any blow could cause him to bleed. However, the weight of Cortez is too much and TLS is unable to get out from under him. The referee pulls Cortez off, wanting to question him more about his wardrobe, but Cortez pushes the referee to the side and goes to another corner and removes a second turnbuckle pad.*

Jones: We already have one exposed corner! Do we need two?!

*Cortez, immediately after finishing that turnbuckle runs to the middle and stomps on The Lost Soul’s left hand. TLS screams out in pain. Cortez then turns his attention and goes to remove a third turnbuckle pad. The referee walks up to Chris and begins trying to talk him into stopping the madness, but Cortez pulls off the turnbuckle pad, leaving 3/4 of the corners with exposed steel. He then turns his attention and walks to the fourth turnbuckle.*

Jones: Somebody needs to stop this! It’s insane! We’re going to have no ‘safe corners’ if he succeeds in removing this one!

*However as soon as Cortez reaches the fourth corner, he’s nailed with a shot from behind from TLS. The Lost Soul grabs Cortez by the head and slams him headfirst into the safe, covered turnbuckle pad. Cortez steps back, and The Lost Soul drops him backwards with a reverse DDT. Cortez lays on the mat, prone, while TLS stands up and removes the fourth turnbuckle pad.*

Jones: Now BOTH MEN are removing turnbuckle pads! They’re both INSANE!

Logan: I thought TLS was just showing that he could remove them too.

*TLS pulls Cortez to his feet and Irish whips him towards the turnbuckle furthest from them. Cortez wakes up though and immediately reverses it, attempting to whip TLS into the corner closest to them, but TLS reverses yet again and whips Cortez across the ring. Cortez runs towards the corner but stops himself just before hitting the exposed steel. TLS runs up behind Cortez and grabs him by the back of the head. Leaping into the air, TLS jumps over the top rope and delivers a ‘facebuster’ onto the exposed steel. Cortez’s face hits the steel and he falls backwards into the ring. Meanwhile, TLS loses his balance and falls to the outside of the ring.*

Jones: Both men are down, but I think Cortez took more damage from that move.

Logan: I don’t know Jones, TLS just fell from the apron to the outside of the ring.

*TLS is the first to begin moving again, sliding back into the ring and heading towards Cortez. He grabs Cortez and begins to lift him, but Cortez nails a hard low-blow to TLS. The Lost Soul grabs himself low and falls over. The referee begins shouting a Cortez, but he ignores the referee and pushes TLS over onto the mat.*

Jones: The Lost Soul kind-of fell over like a sack of potatoes there.

Logan: Yeah, well, he just got hit really low and really hard.

*Cortez grabs the legs of TLS and begins setting him up to lock on his sharpshooter the Roots of Envy. However, TLS kicks him low and Cortez is stopped in his tracks. Cortez hops back a few steps, taken aback from the low blow. TLS gets back to his feet and Irish whips him into a corner. Cortez hits the exposed steel and cries out in pain. The Lost Soul stalks him, following him to the corner, and grabs him around the neck. The Lost Soul signals to the crowd and then starts trying to pull Cortez up to the top.*

Jones: I don’t think The Lost Soul could possibly execute the Soul Buster on someone as big as Cortez.. I’m not sure why he’s trying this.

*Cortez does appear to be too heavy and The Lost Soul abandons that plan and instead turns Cortez around and starts slamming his head into the exposed steel. After three hard shots, Cortez counters by nailing an elbow into TLS’s chest. TLS takes a step back and Cortez has enough time to turn around and nail The Lost Soul right in the face with a hard big boot. TLS goes down. Cortez signals to the crowd that it’s over and rolls out of the ring. He grabs a steel chair and slides back into the ring. The Lost Soul slowly gets to his feet, with Cortez behind him holding the chair. TLS turns around and Cortez swings the chair at his head, however TLS’s lighter weight gives him a speed advantage and he ducks under the chair. Cortez, angry to not hear the sound of steel-on-head, swings again. TLS again is able to duck under the chair and this time TLS jumps up and nails a dropkick into the chair which then connects with Cortez’s head.*

Jones: Cortez got hit!

Logan: Is that blood? CORTEZ IS BLEEDING!

*The referee grabs the chair that went flying through the air after the shot and The Lost Soul sees blood all down Chris Cortez’s face. The Lost Soul throws his arms up in victory, but that allows Cortez to grab him and throw him into the referee, whose back is turned as he removes the chair from the ring. The referee gets knocked out of the ring, never seeing Cortez’s bloody face.*

Jones: The Lost Soul has won this match twice! Cortez’s face is bloody and his side under that shirt is bloody! Yet the referee has yet to see it.

*The Lost Soul regains his composure after knocking the referee for a loop and gets back to his feet. He turns to see Cortez and the two meet in the center of the ring and begin exchanging right hands. TLS tries to Irish whip Cortez into a corner, but Cortez reverses and sends TLS running into an exposed turnbuckle. TLS connects with the steel and then turns around to walk into a running lariat from Cortez. Cortez slides out of the ring again (careful to be nowhere near the downed referee) and grabs the ring bell. He slides into the ring and watches as TLS pulls himself back to his feet. Cortez runs at TLS and swings the bell, but The Lost Soul ducks under the bell and Cortez loses his grip on the bell. The Lost Soul catches the bell and swings it at Cortez, but Cortez catches the bell and the two men begin a tug of war over the ring bell.*


Jones: I’ve never seen that before…

*Cortez’s extra weight and power give him the advantage here and he pulls the bell out of TLS’s hands. He swings again and TLS ducks, Cortez’s momentum carries the bell further though. The bell hits the ropes and flies back at Cortez, nailing him right between the eyes. Cortez falls backwards and lies there, prone on the mat. TLS sees this and quickly climbs to the top rope.*

Jones: Here comes the Souled Out! This one is just about over!

Logan: Cortez has been bleeding for 5 minutes! We just need another referee in here!

*TLS jumps and does his somersault leg drop, The Souled Out, but when he touches down he hits nothing but the mat as Cortez rolls out of the way. TLS cries out in pain as Cortez grabs the bell and dives at TLS, nailing him in the head hard. TLS’s head connects with the mat as Cortez nails him with the bell again and again. After the sixth hit, TLS’s forehead opens up and blood pours down his face. Cortez nails him twice more for good measure, spreading The Lost Soul’s blood all over. Cortez gets off of TLS and walks to the edge of the ring where the referee is. The referee is still lying face down on the concrete.*

Jones: Nobody can win until we get a referee out here.

*Cortez jumps out of the ring and grabs the referee. He shoves him into the ring and then remains outside of the ring. The referee stirs, looks up and sees TLS. TLS sits up, blood pouring down his face, and the referee signals for the bell. The bell doesn’t ring, of course, since it’s in the ring.*

Minos: Here is your winner.. and NEW GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion: “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*Outside the ring, Cortez crawls over to the bell keepers table and grabs the Intercontinental title. He wraps the title belt around his head and then stands up, lifting his arms in the air.*

Jones: Our new Intercontinental Champion is wearing a t-shirt because he’s bleeding from the chest and has the title belt WRAPPED AROUND HIS HEAD because he’s bleeding everywhere. He lost that match TWICE and then finally won.

Logan: Maybe it was a “Best 2 out of 3 Falls First Blood Match.”

Jones: Even then, he was bloodied twice before TLS was bloodied once.

*TLS swears and yells at the referee in the ring, who shrugs and says he saw nothing. Cortez is already heading up the aisle, knowing that he has to get out fast and get his cuts taken care of. He’s clearly proud of himself, though, having a championship in his grasp.*

*We go backstage where we see a doctor looking at Warrick Hill’s knee in the House of Pain locker room. Derek is there as well, with his brief case sitting on the bench a few feet away.*

Derek Mobley: So, how bad is it?

Doctor: He tweaked it pretty good, however, it isn’t anything too serious, should be back to normal in a few weeks.

Derek Mobley: Good to hear.

*Warrick sits and spots Derek’s brief case sitting on the bench.*

Warrick Hill: Dude, I’m fine…it’s just a sprain or something, go cash in that match that I won for you. I didn’t go through all that shit so the briefcase can be some kind of giant, blood stained paper weight.

*Derek nods, walks over to the briefcase, opens it up and removes the papers from inside. He’s about to leave, but comes up with an idea…he stops short at the doctors and pulls a pen out from one of their coat pockets.*

Derek Mobley: Thanks a lot, doc…I’ll have this back to you in no time!

*Derek exits the locker room and begins signing and initialing the bottom of the pages as he hastily makes his way towards President Accelerator’s office. He finally reaches the office, opens the door and walks in. Ace is sitting at his desk, caught somewhat off guard by Derek’s immediate entry. Derek finishes signing the last page and slams the contract on Ace’s desk. Ace looks at the stack of papers and then back at Derek.*

Derek Mobley: Well? Don’t just sit there…say something…that’s my match, my rematch with Marcus Ka’Derrion. It’s in writing, iron clad…make it happen!

*Ace nods and slowly grabs the papers, he shuffles them into a neat stack and thumbs through them with a half smile on his face. Derek stands, impatiently, waiting for Ace to say something.*

Derek Mobley: What’s the deal? Did you just toss a bag of pop rocks in your mouth or something? Speak!

Accelerator: You really were in a hurry to sign this contract ,weren’t you?

Derek Mobley: No Sh*t, man…I’ve been begging for this rematch for over a month now.

*Ace stands up from behind his desk with the contract in hand. He looks at Derek and holds the contract out, in front of Derek’s face, the first page on top.*

Accelerator: You signed yourself up for a match, alright. And, it will take place at Ultimate Survival. However, I’m sorry to tell you that it won’t be against Marcus Ka’Derrion…

Derek Mobley: What the hell are you talking about?

*Derek has a look of shock on his face and refuses to look at the front page of the contract Ace is holding out in front of him. Ace shakes his head and drops the contract back on his desk.*

Accelerator: Marcus was originally going to grant the rematch you were so desperately seeking…however, after all the hell you and Warrick put him through…all the ‘pranks’ you guys decided to play on him…well, he decided to play one of his own. That contract does not have Ka’Derrion’s name on it, nor does it have his signature. You, my friend, just signed yourself into an Ultimate Survival match against someone else.

Derek Mobley: You’ve got to be joking.

Accelerator: Nope, I leave the joking up to people like you. I’ve got an errand to run…you can see yourself out and, well, if you’re curious to find out who your opponent is, just feel free to take a better look at the contract you signed.

*Accelerator leaves his office. Derek stands there for a moment…he looks down at the contract, and finally decides to take a look. He leans over and twists the contract around where it’s not facing him upside down. He scrolls down and reads, underlined and bold, “Ultimate Survival II. Team Mobley vs Team….Maurako”. Mobley takes a few steps back and shakes his head. He turns around, slams the wall near the door to Ace’s office and yells out a curse word. He then exits Ace’s office as we cut back to the announce table.*

Logan: Oh, man!!! The contract wasn’t to face Marcus!! It was to face Maurako!!

Jones: Yeah, well, to be fair, those two DO sound a lot alike!

Logan: So that means that Mobley’s in charge of a team at Ultimate Survival… but he has to go against Mario Maurako’s team!

Jones: Yep, and meanwhile, Ka’Derrion can go rest up and recover, and not have to worry about granting Mobley’s determined push for a rematch!

Logan: Denied!!

Jones: Incredible! We’re not even through Blood on the Battlefield IV yet, and we’re already learning about matches for Ultimate Survival!

Logan: Well, right now, we’ve got a bigger “Ultimate” to worry about… Ultimate X!

*During the previous run, the ring crew has been working feverously to get the set-up done for the Ultimate X match. The cables are now hanging across the ring, with the Unified X Division Title attached at the mid-point. It looks to be a long way up to even the most casual observer.*

Minos: The next match is going to be an “Ultimate X” Match for the GCWA Unified X Division Championship!!

*The crowd pops loudly, showing that many of the fans in attendance came mainly for this contest. They’re expecting great things.*

Jones: Here we go, a first in the GCWA, as the Unified X Division Title gets defended in a match named for it!

Logan: Hell yes! The strategy for this one is simply: choose your spots, and try to make the climb across the ropes when you think you can make it. But with four men involved in this match, it’s going to be nearly impossible to do it without being seen! How far are these guys willing to go to get that gold?

Minos: Coming to the ring first, he first became known for his blood line, but now is building a reputation as a star wrestler… he is currently undefeated in the GCWA… standing 6’0” and weighing in at 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*The crowd doesn’t react too favorably for Rishel as he comes out to “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria, but Rishel takes it in, anyway, enjoying the reaction. He looks like he could take on the entire world as he makes his way towards the ring.*

Jones: Rishel’s getting his first opportunity at championship gold here tonight, and he means to make the most of it!

Logan: It’s definitely a chance to show the world that he’s ready to step out from his father’s shadow. But a young wrestler in a match like this is definitely going to struggle. I mean, Ultimate X is almost as high up as you can take it!

Jones: True, but Rishel’s got just as good a chance as the other three men in walking out of here as the new Unified X Division Champion.

Minos: Coming out next, he is a former GCWA X Division and Television Champion, looking to rise back to the heights he once held… standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play, getting the fans to jump to their feet, cheering. Santana steps out of the back, taking in a few deep breaths while standing on the entry ramp. He does a quick bow to the fans and moves on, already eyeing the gold hanging from the Ultimate X ropes.*

Logan: Santana’s war with the Ripper seemed to hit new heights this week, as he was almost killed by corrupt FBI officers!

Jones: Well, do we know for sure that those officers were actually FBI? They could have just been goons wearing suits.

Logan: Who knows, really. Thankfully, Santana and his wife are both safe, for now.

Jones: I think Santana, in a way, is considered a dark horse in this one. Hear me out… he’s held gold before, certainly, but he’s been in a pretty bad slump in 2010. He’s also lost matches this month to both Jaiden Rishel and Dangerous Dan. In a way, I think that’s got some people overlooking him.

Logan: Well, hopefully he’s fired up tonight, because it may take a Sensei to be able to scale those ropes!

Minos: Our third participant has been a major contender in the GCWA since it reopened, and has held both the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles and the GCWA Television Title… standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*Dangerous Dan comes out of the back to “Hero” by Skillet, taking a moment to wait on the edge of the ramp. Surprisingly, boos are coming his way from some of the fans, one of the first times that has ever happened for this young man. Dan looks a little bit hurt by this, but he shakes it off and continues on his way down, heading towards the ring.*

Logan: The fans have turned on Dan a little since he was shockingly announced to be part of this match, going against his own brother.

Jones: From what I hear, it’s really been a split decision among the fans, although I think more are supporting Crazy Chris. I mean, Dan DID go behind Chris’ back to get involved in this one.

Logan: Yeah, but that was because Chris set up this match without even thinking about adding his brother to it. Dangerous Dan was feeling left out, and he decided to get himself back into the game.

Jones: I wonder if he regrets that decision now. His brother’s angry with him and the fans are upset with him, costing him some credibility.

Logan: Yep, but trust me, he gets his hands on that title? It’s all worth it.

Minos: Finally, he has become one of the top break-out stars of 2010, currently having won 5 matches in a row… standing 6’0” and weighing in at 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Unified X Division Champion… Crazy Chris!

*A strong wave of cheers grows as “Mental Health” by Zebrahead plays, leading out the masked champion. While he doesn’t have the belt with him (since it’s already above the ring), Crazy Chris looks every ounce the champion, standing confidently on the stage. He walks down the ramp towards the ring, locking eyes with his brother Dan, who is leaning over the ropes, watching him.*

Jones: It’s amazing to think that Crazy Chris actually REQUESTED this match! This could easily end the great run he’s been having lately.

Logan: True, the odds are stacked against him, as he has to reach that title before any of the other three men make the climb. But Crazy Chris lives up to his nickname. He always wants to take risks.

Jones: Well, he’s going to have to take plenty of risks tonight if he wants to stay the champion… risks that might involve his own flesh and blood!

Logan: Can the Danger Boiz ever reunite, after what happens tonight??

*The Bell Rings.*

*For a long moment, Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan stare at each other, conflicting emotions running across both brothers’ faces. You can feel the electricity in the air. Jaiden Rishel feels it too, as he starts to climb up on the other side, hoping that the distraction will work in his favor. But Santana is there, too, and immediately comes over, grabbing Rishel by the back of his trunks and yanking him down to the canvas! Rishel does a roll and gets back to his feet, angrily facing Santana. All the color drains from his face, though, as he realizes that now Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris are standing on either side of him, their eyes now locked on a target, with Santana walking in as well. Nodding as if realizing where he’s at, Rishel suddenly turns and swings, hitting Dan in the chest and knocking him back. Rishel then spins towards Chris, but Chris snaps off a side kick, doubling Rishel over. A second later, Santana is there with a leaping axe kick, knocking Rishel to the ground!*

Jones: It’s going to be a long road for Rishel, as he’s basically the outsider in this contest!

Logan: Santana and the Danger Boiz have faced off many times in the past. You have to think that some respect has built up between the three men, in some way or fashion. But Rishel’s the odd man out.

Jones: He’s definitely got his work cut out for him!

*Crazy Chris is already bringing Rishel up, taking him over to the corner. Santana starts to follow, but then Dangerous Dan is there, attacking him from behind! Dan lands a couple of good hits to Santana’s back, staggering him. As Santana turns around, Dan gives him an uppercut, driving Santana backwards to the other side. Dan follows, while Chris has climbed up onto the middle turnbuckle to punch away on Rishel, trying to drive the fight out of the wrestler. Dan does the same with Santana, with the brothers turning and looking at each other for a second, before they go into action. Both drop next to their respective opponents and grab hold, whipping them towards each other! Rishel and Santana collide in the middle of the ring, knocking each other down, as the crowd immediately cheers the interaction between the Danger Boiz!*

Logan: Whether they’re still able to work together or not following this contest, Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan still know how to use teamwork to their advantage!

Jones: They can team up for now, Anthony, but remember, only one man can be holding that championship!

*Dangerous Dan comes back in, grabbing at Santana and bringing him up, while Chris goes back to Rishel. Apparently, for now, the brothers are not willing to go at it themselves, instead concentrating on their mutual foes. Chris takes Rishel to the side and lifts him up, taking Rishel down with a side slam. Meanwhile, Dan has Santana strung out on the corner, as he puts the boots to him. Dan backs away for a moment, as if lining up a specific attack, and then charges forward, leaping into the air for some poetry in motion!! But Santana suddenly yanks himself out of the way, and Dan crashes into the turnbuckle instead!! Dan rolls to his side, holding his ribs, as Santana pulls himself up. Dan tries to pull himself back up quickly, but Santana’s there, lifting Dan onto his shoulder, and then spinning him down with an emerald flowsion!!! Dan’s down, as Santana gets back to his feet, for a moment considering the belt hanging above him.*

Logan: You can definitely tell that Santana’s here to make a fight of it!

Jones: It’s great to see that he’s still got that fighting spirit, even after everything that’s happened to him. Could this be the night of his career, earning his biggest victory yet?

*Seeing his brother down, Crazy Chris leaves Rishel behind in order to go towards Santana. But Santana’s waiting for him, blocking Chris’ punch and delivering one of his own. He then gets Chris on the ropes and starts delivering his patented chops, leaving slash marks on the champion’s chest! Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan is pulling himself painfully up, shaking his head for a moment. He sees that Chris and Santana are fighting, and takes a step that direction… only to look up and see the gold hanging above. Dan then turns and starts for the turnbuckle, beginning his climb!! He gets to the top of the ‘buckle, and is turning to climb the structure behind it, when suddenly, Rishel is there, smashing himself into the ropes and sending Dan down the straddle them!! Dan groans, then slumps forward, falling back to the canvas, as Rishel moves in to take advantage.*

Logan: As if there was any doubt, this one’s clearly every man for himself, as Dan was willing to make the climb while Chris was being attacked!

Jones: The lure of gold is a powerful thing, but does it really trump family? I don’t know what will happen if Dan wins the title tonight, taking it from his own brother!

*Rishel is stomping away on Dangerous Dan now, getting some revenge for what happened earlier. Meanwhile, Santana takes Crazy Chris over with a half nelson driver, leaving him on the mat. Santana then turns and moves amazingly fast, suddenly rushing Rishel from behind! Rishel doesn’t know it’s coming until it’s too late, as Santana smashes into him, crushing Rishel in the corner, as well as causing Rishel to fall on top of Dan!! With all three men down, Santana wastes no time, as he starts up another corner, grabbing hold of the structure and getting himself up to the ropes!! The fans are cheering as Santana makes the first real attempt at scaling the ropes, working his way over towards where the gold is waiting for him! Crazy Chris is already back on his feet, though, coming over and grabbing at Santana’s heels from where he hangs. Santana tries to pull himself further up, but it’s too late, as Chris gets a good grip and yanks Santana down into a modified backbreaker!!!*

Jones: Ouch!! Santana just got planted!!

Logan: These Ultimate X matches are risky business, Jonesy! Any mistakes can end your opportunity with one move!

*Crazy Chris is back on his feet now, although he may have gotten a bit of a stinger in his leg after the last maneuver. He turns around, and now Rishel is there, landing several punches on the champ! Rishel then jumps up and lands a hurricanrana, sending Chris flying to the side! With a small smile, Rishel stumbles away, going to the turnbuckle. He climbs up again, trying to reach the ropes above, but now Dangerous Dan is there, stopping him. Dan climbs up next to him, punching away, and now Santana is there as well, climbing up next to the two. Dan and Santana land a couple shots each on Rishel, keeping him from making any progress, as Crazy Chris staggers back over to them, getting underneath. The fans start to roar as they see what’s coming next, even as Crazy Chris lifts with all his strength, at the same time Dan and Santana try to take Rishel off with a suplex. The result is the Tower of Doom, sending all four men crashing to the canvas!!!*

Logan: The Tower of Doom connects, and everyone’s laid out!!

Jones: Yeah, but Rishel got the worst of it, being on top! Will he be able to continue after that?

Logan: He has to, Jonesy, because the fight has to go on until someone reaches the title!

*Crazy Chris is the first man up, already looking towards the championship above. He staggers over to the ropes and starts to climb… but Dangerous Dan is there, pulling him back down! Chris glares at his brother, who shrugs his shoulders, as if saying, I’m just here to compete. Chris responds by landing a punch, staggering Dan!! The fans are going wild as Dan shakes his head for a second, then comes back with his own punch!! Within seconds, the Danger Boiz are brawling, firing punch after punch as they fall to the mat, rolling around back and forth!! Sibling rivalry roars forth, even as Rishel struggles back to his feet, bent over for a second to try and breathe. It turns out to be a mistake, as a recovered Santana comes flying in, grabbing Rishel and driving him down to the canvas with a diamond cutter!! Santana then lays there for a second, looking upwards.*

Logan: Could Santana do it?? This is the time he was predicting, when the Danger Boiz would be too preoccupied with each other to be able to stop him!!

Jones: If he can climb quickly, he might just make it!

*Santana heads to the ropes, climbing up the steel structure behind them. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan has pulled Crazy Chris up in the corner, driving his shoulder into Chris’ gut. Chris bends over painfully, while Dangerous Dan turns for a second to look around. He spies Santana, already making his climb on the ropes, and realizes that he’s got to stop him. After a second, he pulls Chris out of the corner, saying something to him. It’s unclear if Chris heard him, as Dan whips Chris towards the ropes. As Chris returns, Dan lowers his shoulder and catches him, launching Chris into the air!! A surprised Santana has no time to react as Chris spears him, taking both down hard to the canvas!!! The place is roaring, even as Dan nods to his brother, and then heads for the ropes, climbing up! At the same time, Chris drags himself to his feet and goes to the other turnbuckle, starting his climb as well!*

Jones: It’s the race of the Danger Boiz!

Logan: Which one can reach the championship first??

*It seems like Dangerous Dan has the lead on his brother, as he nimbly climbs across the ropes towards the belt. But Crazy Chris puts on a burst of speed, managing to meet Dan near the center! The two kick away at each other for a moment, as they hang from the ropes, each trying to dislodge the other. If one falls, the other has an easy path to victory! However, as their fighting continues, neither brother notices that both Rishel and Santana are back on their feet! Santana goes to one side of the ring, while Rishel goes to the other, stepping onto the apron. The two men then launch themselves simultaneously into the air, landing double springboard dropkicks on the two brothers!! Everyone falls to the mat, with nobody getting up quickly after that!!*

Logan: These guys are giving it their all, but no one’s been able to get their hands on the Unified X Division Title yet!

Jones: All four are taking a severe beating in this one, but then, you would expect that. The question is, who’s got enough left in the tank to still be standing at the end?

*Santana is the first one on his feet, just barely, as he’s having trouble straightening up. He sees Rishel recovering and stumbles over to him, grabbing Rishel as if to take him over with a rock bottom. But Rishel fights free of the hold with a couple of elbows, then steps in and turns Santana around before delivering the Hero’s Welcome!!! Santana is down and out, as Rishel hauls himself to his feet and moves towards the turnbuckle, almost tripping along the way due to fatigue. He starts up the ropes, trying to find it within him to make the climb towards the title! The crowd is booing, not wanting to see Rishel make it over all the other fan favorites. Rishel starts across the ropes, his arms trembling from the exertion. Before he can get far, though, Crazy Chris is underneath him, pulling at his legs. Rishel tries to kick him off, but now Dan’s there as well, grabbing at the other side. The brothers’ grips are too much for Rishel, who gets pulled off and dropped to the canvas with a double powerbomb!!! He lays, out, on the canvas, as Chris turns towards Dan… and gets picked up and dropped with the Danger Zone!!!!*

Logan: Man!!! Dan just took out his own brother with his finisher!!

Jones: I think he did it mainly on instinct, but still, the damage is done!!

Logan: Still, the gold’s right above you, Dan! Make your move now!!

*The crowd is upset now, angry at Dan putting his brother down like that. Dan doesn’t look happy about it himself, as he stares at his downed brother. After a few seconds, though, Dan shakes his head and walks over to the turnbuckle, pulling himself up to the ropes above! He tries to move fast, as he sees that the other competitors are already attempting to rise. He gets halfway across, then further, within reach of the title. He stretches out… and now Santana is back, grabbing Dan’s legs!! Dan struggles to hang on, using all his strength to lift himself up, but now Santana is actually scaling him!! Santana pulls himself around Dan’s waist, and then higher, with Dan having no choice but to simply hang on!!*

Logan: With that unorthodox move, Santana’s just as close to the championship as Dan is!!

Jones: These two first faced each other almost a year ago, and now they find themselves both within reach of destiny!! Only a few more inches to go!

*Much to Dan’s relief, Santana scales the rest of the way, grabbing hold of the ropes. But Dan’s relief is short-lived, as Santana starts to kick away at Dan’s midsection, trying to pull him loose. Dan fights back, kicking away as well, trying to drive Santana away from him. Santana appears to lose his grip from one arm for a second, dangling, as Dan tries to use that moment to reach for the gold. But it turns out that the slip was actually planned, as Santana swings himself back towards Dan and kicks high, nailing Dan in the head!!! Dan, stunned from the violent strike, releases his grip and plunges downwards, landing on his upper back!!! Santana rights himself and slowly reaches forward, trying to get his hands on the gold, as the crowd goes wild!*

Jones: Santana’s got it! Nothing can stop him now!!

Logan: Don’t be so sure of that, Jonesy! Rishel’s back!

*Although he barely appears able to stand, Rishel manages to get up high enough to get a grip on Santana’s sweatpants, hanging on and keeping Santana from making it the last inch he needs. Santana kicks downwards, trying to knock Rishel off of him. Meanwhile, Dan is crawling towards the corner, hoping for one last chance to make his move. He pulls himself up into the corner and starts across, hoping that Rishel doesn’t see him! As the three men struggle, though, Crazy Chris has pulled himself painfully onto the other side’s turnbuckle, and then has kept climbing, bringing himself to the top of the steel structure!! The place goes wild, seeing Chris at such a high altitude. With Dan and Santana both reaching desperately towards the gold, Chris sucks in a deep breath of air and leaps, incredibly flying all the way to where the ropes meet!!! Chris reaches out as soon as he hits, yanking the Unified X Division Title away from both startled hands, before falling forward to the floor below!!! The bell starts to ring, signaling that the match is, indeed, over!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Unified X Division Champion… Crazy Chris!!

Jones: I don’t believe it!! Crazy Chris actually did it, retaining the title!!

Logan: Even after his brother landed the Danger Zone on him, Chris was able to make a comeback, taking the biggest risk he could in order to keep his championship!

Jones: Chris and Dan have trained together for so long, I bet he knew how to keep the Danger Zone from completely taking him out of this one. What a stunning conclusion to this match!

Logan: Dan and Santana came pretty close, but in the end, the champ showed why he’s sitting where he is!

*All wrestlers are back on terra firma now, with Crazy Chris still laying on the mat, hurting after the fall he just took. The Unified X Division Title is tucked tightly in his hands. Rishel’s fallen to the nearby ropes, exhausted, while Santana has gone to sit in one of the corners. Dangerous Dan is back on his feet, though he’s not moving very quickly. He stumbles over to his brother, a wave of mixed emotions running across his face. Dan leans over Chris, but then a pair of medics show up to check on the champ, pushing Dan back and keeping him from whatever he was thinking of doing. Dan barely responds to the medics, still staring at his brother, as Chris is helped up.*

Jones: A tense situation here…I mean, you would think it’s a no-brainer, let the Dan help his brother out, however…

Logan: However, they just went through a brutal match against one another and there’s no telling what’s going through Dan’s head right now. Smart move by the people in charge…

*Dan begins to argue with the medics, showing some anger…suddenly “Hey Ladies” by The Beastie Boys begins to play. Dan looks towards the stage…the fans all stand and look…a portion of the crowd starts to cheer, knowing who’s theme this is…the remaining portion of the crowd watches, not wanting to get excited yet.*

Jones: What the…

Logan: If this is who I think it is…

Jones: No way…no way this is who Ace and Derek Mobley had recruited…no way.

Logan: If it is…wow…

*The curtain begins to move…it suddenly is thrown open and former ICWF and OCW World Champion, El Linchador emerges from behind it!! The arena explodes with cheers!!! The camera shakes from the thunderous pop El Linchador receives as he makes his way to the ring. Linchy walks past Chris, as he’s being helped to the back and Dan, who’s got an eye on Linchy while he follows Chris and the medics to the back. Linchy gets into the ring and asks for a mic, he’s quickly handed one. The crowd’s cheers have turned into “Linchy! Linchy! Linchy!” chants…Linchy smiles and nods to the crowd…he holds the mic up and waits for them to quiet down…they slowly start to quiet down.*

Jones: El Linchador in GCWA!! I can’t believe this!!

Logan: There are few ‘greats’ out there that have yet to grace the GCWA…and, well, tonight you can cross one of those names off that list.

Jones: Indeed!

*The crowd finally quiets down enough so Linchy can speak.*

El Linchador: Before I get started…I just wanted to give a shout out to Chris, Dan, Rishel and Santana for that tremendous Ultimate X match. Crazy Chris, hope the injuries you suffered heal quickly because first, I’m that nice of a guy. And, second, I’ve got my eye on that Unified X title…

*The Crowd cheers wildly with more Linchy chants breaking out. Linchy smiles and acknowledges the cheers…they slowly die down again and Linchy continues speaking.*

El Linchador: So, the secret is no longer…El Linchador has returned to Professional Wrestling and is going to compete in the GCWA!! I have to say, both President Accelerator, as well as, Derek Mobley were very convincing in trying to get me to return. However, what won me over was the support shown by my fans!

*The crowd cheers again, drowning Linchy out. A few chants of “Welcome Back” break out as Linchy smiles and continues speaking when they quiet down.*

El Linchador: When you lay out as long as I have, you begin to wonder if everyone’s forgotten about you. You begin to wonder if the fans would even care if you returned to the squared circle. Well, when I received this plane ticket from a group of fans who, somehow found out I was the man Ace and Derek had been recruiting…not sure who leaked that…nevertheless, once I received this ticket, my questions were laid to rest.

*The fans cheer some more as Linchy breaks speaking for a moment…then continues.*

El Linchador: By the looks of things, I couldn’t have picked a better place to return. There are a ton of familiar faces here…some good, some bad and, well, some that I don’t quite understand. For instance, Bifford has a shot to win the GCWA World Title tonight…yikes.

*The crowd laughs at Linchy’s joke.*

El Linchador: No hard feeling, Biff…just thought I’d tell a little joke. The action tonight has been tremendous, these wrestlers are laying it out on the line for all of you fans in attendance, so I don’t want to keep you guys from the next, great match, any longer. El Linchador has returned to the GCWA, I’m gunning for that Unified X Title and I simply cannot wait to get started…OLE!!!

*The crowd chants ‘Ole! Ole! Ole!’ as “Hey Ladies” by The Beastie Boys plays one more time. Linchy poses for the crowd, high fives some hands and makes his way to the back.*

Jones: El Linchador is in the GCWA!! I never thought I’d see the day!!

Logan: Blood On The Battlefield continues to impress, Jonesy, as we have one of the biggest returns in wrestling history!! Crazy Chris may have won a great battle tonight, but he’s got more competition coming his way very soon!!

*As El Linchador departs, we leave the scene behind, heading to the back. In the backstage area, The Big Bifford sits on a chair with his ribs wrapped in tape (a whole lot of tape), groaning in pain. Around him, Arachne and Martin Ka’Berryon (dressed in their appropriate attire) circle him, pacing. Arachne throws his arms into the air.*

Arachne: I can’t believe Ace would do this! I’ve always hated that Ace! He’s such an idiot!

The Big Bifford: Yeah… Ace is bad.

Martin Ka’Berryon: I can’t believe YOU, Arachne! First you kill my father and then you try to kill me this week!? Is there no end to your terribleness?

Arachne: Sure what I did was bad, but what Ace did was worse!

Martin Ka’Berryon: Having someone beaten up a bit is worse than murdering someone’s father and then trying to murder that person?

The Big Bifford: I think we’re all overlooking the real villain here.. Dangerous Dan.

*As Martin and Arachne both stop pacing and look at Bifford as though he’s nuts.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Really? Is this really what you’re going to talk about? You have injured ribs, Arachne is a wild murderer, Ace is trying to screw both you and Draco out of the title, and you’re back on the subject of Dangerous Dan?

The Big Bifford: None of this would have happened had it not been for Dangerous Dan. Draco beat Dangerous Dan, and to a lesser extent Harvey Danger, to win the Intercontinental Title. That’s what began his rise to “greatness.” Had he not beaten Dangerous Dan that night – and by that I mean had Dangerous Dan been capable enough to actually get a win – Draco wouldn’t be champion today and Ace wouldn’t be upset with either of us. This all goes back to Dangerous Dan. I should have gotten rid of him a year ago.

*As Martin and Arachne just shake their heads. *

Arachne: Can’t you show some more anger towards Ace and less towards Dan? Or more anger towards Draco and less towards Dan?

The Big Bifford: Oh, I hate Draco, don’t get me wrong.. And yeah, I dislike Ace or something.. But Dangerous Dan is really the cause of all of GCWA’s ills.

Martin Ka’Berryon: You’re insane.

*As the door to the locker room swings open and Smokey the Bear runs in, holding a steel chair and swings it at Bifford. Arachne grabs the bear and applies his chokehold from behind. The bear falls to the ground, unconscious, with Arachne still attached to his back. *

The Big Bifford: Do you see why I’m insane!? I’m surrounded by nothing but weirdness! And I don’t go looking for it! This bear found me and tries to attack me every time I get a title match! Why? Because I don’t like trees and I hate his anti-forest-fire agenda.

Martin Ka’Berryon: So why don’t you get some “normal” friends then?

The Big Bifford: Maybe I will!

*As Arachne releases the hold and stands up. *

Arachne: I’m normal, right?

*As The camera pans out a bit and shows that a large white unicorn is standing beside Arachne. *

The Big Bifford: Do I need to answer that?

*As Arachne jumps on top of his unicorn and rides it out of room. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: You don’t think I’m normal?

The Big Bifford: Just go and leave me with my thoughts… I did some bad things this week, Martin. And I’m willing to do some bad things tonight. I just need to sit and contemplate whether or not to go through with it all.

*As Martin nods and leaves the room. Bifford turns and sees that sitting behind him is Ludwig the Seal. He pats the seal on the head. *

The Big Bifford: You’re the only really normal one around here…

*As Bifford stands and walks over to the body of Smokey the Bear. He grabs the mask and tears it off to reveal Loser-rr, the Lurrr-look-alike who Earl the Popcorn Salesman killed last year. *

The Big Bifford: I thought you were dead.. Maybe my perception of reality isn’t very good.

*As He shoves the bear mask back over Loser-rr’s head. *

The Big Bifford: But then again, I thought Lurrr was retired and here he is… So I guess anything’s possible.

*As Bifford grabs Smokey by his legs and pulls him into the closet, closes the door to it and locks Smokey in. He then looks at Ludwig, with a very serious expression. *

The Big Bifford: Do you think I should do what I’m thinking of doing, Ludwig?

*As The seal just stares at Bifford. Bifford stares back at the seal. *

The Big Bifford: I thought so. Thanks for the advice. You guard Smokey, make sure he doesn’t escape.

*As Bifford throws a handful of Cocoa Puffs (which seem to have been conjured out of thin air) to Ludwig and leaves the locker room. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: That Bifford… he always seems to get attacked by a “Smokey The Bear” costume-wearing guy before every title opportunity.

Jones: Hey, it’s tradition. You have to stick with tradition!

Logan: Bifford’s ribs certainly looked heavily taped, but I saw no sign that he wasn’t going to compete tonight.

Jones: Yep, he’ll be there, even if Draco can’t make it. That would make Bifford the World Champion, right? Because Draco would have to vacate?

Logan: Somehow, I don’t see that happening, Jonesy. The way both men have looked, I’m pretty sure both are going to be out here to compete.

Jones: Well, they get to rest a little longer, as the construction crew has finished pulling down the Ultimate X set, and it’s now time to lower the cage!

*The construction crew has been hard at work again, this time removing all implements of the Ultimate X match and getting everything set up for the cell, which is just now descending to cover the ring.*

Minos: The next match is going to be a “Last Man Standing Hell In A Cell” Match!!

*A roar goes up from the sold-out crowd in attendance. They know this one’s going to be violent, and they approve!*

Jones: It’s time for a battle of legends!!

Logan: Nobody thought this match would ever become a reality after Lurrr retired, but here we are, ready to have it! And you’ll only see it in the GCWA!

Minos: Introducing first… he just recently signed his GCWA contract, making him an official member of the roster for tonight’s contest… he is a mult-time World Heavyweight Champion in other organizations, as well as numerous other accolades… standing 6’2” and weighing in at 260 lbs, from Maurako Island, here is “The Marvelous One” Mario Maurako!

*The boos are pretty strong as Maurako comes out to “Ego” by Element Eighty. He laughs at the crowd reaction, mockingly showing the ‘thumbs down’ before walking down the aisle. Along the way, he makes a quick move towards the crowd, causing a father to yank his son back out of range. Maurako, though, just did it to intimidate, as he goes towards the cell door.*

Logan: Maurako is a guy who’s done it all in his business. It seems like he’d be a favorite here, but for some reason, he has no respect for the GCWA.

Jones: Yep, it seems like he’s bashed our company with every opportunity, saying that we hold no challenges for him. Hopefully, Lurrr will be able to prove him wrong!

Logan: Word has it Maurako got a sweet deal added in when he signed his contract. I hope Ace didn’t make a mistake bringing this guy in.

Jones: The President knows best, Anthony, you know that.

Logan: *sigh*

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, who has set tonight as his final contest inside the squared circle! Standing 6’5” and weighing in at 235 lbs, here is the GCWA legend… Lurrr!!

*The crowd goes off its hinges, cheering wildly, as “Cocky” by Kid Rock leads the way out for the veteran. Lurrr has that crooked smile on his face that he became infamous for, striking a pose on the entryway even as fireworks and pyro launch behind him. He then starts down the aisle, even as a camera angle shows Maurako watching, unimpressed.*

Jones: Lurrr has really had a tremendous GCWA career, which has to make you think he’s on the short ballot for the Hall of Fame in the future!

Logan: Yeah, much as I hate to admit it, the dude’s gotten it done here in the company. But we really need him to get it done one more time, to put Maurako in his place!

Jones: Well, win or lose, this is most likely Lurrr’s final competition in the wrestling business. It’s going to be one to remember!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As Referee Trixie signals for the two men to go at it, Lurrr and Maurako walk towards each other, once again exchanging words. They seem to both be sensing the passion of the crowd, giving each of them a little more energy to work with. After both men curse each other back and forth, Maurako gets things started with a right hand to Lurrr. The veteran responds with his own shot, soon taking this into a brawl between two all-stars of the sport!!! The crowd is loving it, even as Lurrr takes control with a series of shots, driving Maurako back! He gets Maurako to the ropes, hammering him repeatedly, and then backs off, preparing to clothesline Maurako to the short outside area between the ring and the cell. He runs forward… and Maurako drops his shoulder and heaves, sending Lurrr flying to the outside and crashing into the steel!! Lurrr falls to the ground, stunned, as Maurako turns and heads through the ropes, in pursuit!!*

Jones: One minute into this, and we’re already getting extremely violent!

Logan: Maurako and Lurrr are two guys that won’t pull any punches, Jonesy. You can bet that this is going to be one of the most violent Hell in a Cell Matches the GCWA has ever seen!

*Maurako is out to the floor now, pulling Lurrr to his feet and lifting him onto his shoulder. With a show of great strength, Maurako tosses Lurrr forward, slamming him face-first into the steel like he was throwing a dart!! Lurrr slides to the ground, with Maurako standing over him, enjoying himself. He looks to referee Trixie, who starts her count, but it’s a weak gesture, as Lurrr’s already trying to get back up. Maurako, seeing this, steps back in again, pulling Lurrr up and lifting him onto his shoulder again for a second toss. This time, though, as Maurako steps forward, Lurrr manages to slide off his back and land behind him, shoving Maurako forward into the steel instead! Maurako, dazed, hangs on the steel for a second, as Lurrr turns and climbs onto the apron. As Maurako turns, Lurrr jumps off, delivering a double axehandle that sends Maurako toppling to the ground! Lurrr immediately continues the attack, not waiting for a count, as the crowd firmly gets behind him once again!*

Jones: Lurrr doesn’t look like he’s lost anything since he retired! He’s still wrestling like a pro!

Logan: He was only retired for about a month, Jonesy, and you know a guy like Lurrr kept working out, just in case.

Jones: Maurako might have been hoping for an easy victory in this one, but it’s not heading that direction at this point!

*Lurrr has Maurako back up now, as he whips the powerhouse into the corner of the cell. Maurako hangs there by his fingers, trying to pull himself back together… but now Lurrr has his head and is dragging it along the steel!! Maurako yells in pain as the top layer of flesh is filleted, leaving him bleeding from an open wound in his forehead!! Lurrr continues his merciless drag, pulling Maurako all the way around the cage, for each side of the fans to see!! Maurako’s hurting badly at this point, as Lurrr shoves him against the cage, and then backs away, positioning himself. He runs forward, using the steel steps as leverage in order to jump into the air and fly at Maurako… but Maurako dives/falls to the right, avoiding the strike and causing Lurrr to crash into the cage instead!! Amazingly, the cage is holding up well, as Lurrr topples back off of it to the ground again. Maurako gets back to his feet and moves over, seeing that Lurrr’s trying to get up. He locks the veteran up and positions him, before giving Lurrr the Red Scare into the cage!!! Lurrr’s down, as Maurako rolls away, signaling for the ref to count again.*

Jones: What a move!! Maurako just send Lurrr sweeping into the steel! Will that be enough?

Logan: I doubt it, Jonesy. Lurrr’s feet are already moving. I think it’s going to take something extreme for one of these guys to stay down for a 10 count!

Jones: Wait, a Russian leg sweep into a steel cage isn’t extreme?

Logan: In real life, hell yes. In wrestling? Not so much.

*Maurako watches, wiping blood out of his eyes, as referee Trixie counts on Lurrr. But Lurrr grabs at the edge of the apron and pulls himself up, managing to get up at the count of 6. Maurako, disgusted by the fact that he’s not through yet, grabs Lurrr by the head and tosses him into the ring. Maurako then picks up the heavy steel steps and throws them in as well, before making his way in. He sets the stairs to the side, and then moves towards Lurrr, setting him up for a powerbomb. It looks like he’s planning to land the Minneapolis Mayhem onto the steel steps!! But before Maurako can lift, Lurrr readjusts his weight and lifts, flipping Maurako over him!! Maurako lands next to the steps, luckily not hitting them. He pulls himself back up, but Lurrr flies in towards him, landing a flying forearm that knocks Maurako backwards over the steps, crashing hard on his back!!*

Logan: In a match like this, inspiration and improvisation are the keys to success! You have to use anything and everything in order to keep your opponent down as long as possible!

Jones: Both of these men probably know every trick in the book when it comes to winning something like this. What will each resort to in order to get a huge victory?

*Maurako is working his way back up, trying to stretch his aching neck. He turns, but Lurrr is there, giving him a couple of boots to the midsection to keep him from getting too far away. Lurrr then grabs Maurako by the head and runs forward with him, giving him a clanging bulldog onto the steel steps!!! Maurako tumbles back to the ground, out of it, as Lurrr gets to the ropes and pulls himself up. He waits, as referee Trixie does her count, getting to 5, 6, 7… but now Maurako is getting up, refusing to stay down. Lurrr runs a hand through his hair and waits for Maurako to get fully to his feet before moving in, set to clothesline Maurako to the outside. But Maurako stops that by grabbing Lurrr around the neck and lifting, landing the Simply Marvelous!!!! Both wrestlers are down, breathing heavily, as the match is really starting to take its toll.*

Jones: Man, look at both of these guys. It’s like they’ve been in a plane crash or something!

Logan: This is where we determine who is truly the best, as they have to draw on every reserve they can find in order to continue!

*Referee Trixie has been counting on both wrestlers in the ring, with Maurako already starting to pull himself up. He gets up at the count of 5, hanging on the ropes and watching his opponent. Lurrr stirs and starts to struggle up, the crowd cheering along with him, trying to inspire him. At the count of 8, Lurrr’s back on his feet, which looks to be really annoying Maurako. He comes over, angry, and grabs Lurrr by the head, tossing him over the ropes!! Lurrr grabs the ropes and tries to skin the cat, but Maurako simply slams a knee into the back of his head through the ropes, taking Lurrr down the rest of the way! Maurako steps out after him, landing next to the hurting wrestler. He pulls Lurrr up into his arms and heaves him, sending Lurrr catapulting into the cage with a bodyslam!! Lurrr crumples to the ground, but Maurako’s not done with him yet, lifting Lurrr up and carrying him over to the side, where the cell door is location. Maurako has evil intentions, as he picks Lurrr up again, launching him head-first into the door!! The door gives way, swinging open, sending Lurrr toppling outside the cell!!*

Jones: Oh, hell, they’re leaving the cell!! Hide me, Anthony!!!

Logan: Calm down, Jonesy, they might not even come over here!

Jones: God, why can’t they stay in the cage where they belong??

Logan: It doesn’t always work that way, Jonesy. Now they’re out here for more violence… and I believe Lurrr’s bleeding now too!

*The cameras focus on Lurrr’s face, as he is, indeed, cut open now. He drags himself away, with Maurako following behind him. The big man pulls Lurrr up and drags him around the cell, before picking him up onto his shoulder and slapping him back to the outside mat with a powerslam!! Referee Trixie has followed, with Maurako pointing, wanting another count. She gets to 8 once again, but Lurrr’s still fighting back to his feet, with Maurako cursing her to count faster, and to stop being biased. She denies the accusation, but Maurako’s already back on the attack, hauling Lurrr up and whipping him towards the cell wall. But Lurrr hops up, clinging to the wall like Spider-Man for a second, before launching himself back into the air and coming down on the surprised Lurrr with a tomahawk chop, knocking him down!! Lurrr then grabs Maurako by the legs and positions himself, before dropping back, catapulting Maurako into the steel!!! Maurako collapses to the ground, with Lurrr, nearby, trying to recover himself.*

Jones: Each time one guy gets ahead, the other pulls a move to get back in charge!

Logan: We are witnessing a historic match here, Jonesy, one that’ll never be seen in wrestling again! These two are definitely giving us as much of themselves as they possibly can!

*Trixie started counting on both men, but Lurrr’s already up, grasping at the side of the cage like a lifeline. Maurako takes a little longer, but he rises as well, stopping the count and continuing the match. Seeing this, Lurrr, shaking his head, comes over and grabs Maurako, banging his head into the side of the cage several times in a row. Maurako’s definitely staggered, but still not going down. Annoyed, Lurrr whips Maurako towards the guardrail, no, reversal by Maurako, and Lurrr hits instead!! Lurrr bends the guardrail backwards, but it doesn’t give, holding him upright. Maurako stumbles over to him and pulls him all the way up, turning him around and trying to apply Marvelousity!!! But Lurrr fights back, using his feet to run up the cage and land behind Maurako… and as Maurako turns, Lurrr lashes out, landing the Wake Up Call!!!!! Maurako collapses in a heap, with Lurrr falling to the ground himself out of exhaustion.*

Jones: The Wake Up Call!!! This one’s over!!

Logan: It ain’t over until the pretty, young referee does her thing, Jonesy!

*Lurrr struggles to pull himself up, even as referee Trixie continues her count, getting past 5. Maurako seems to be down for the count, but, amazingly, his feet start to move, as he struggles to get back up. Trixie reaches 6…. 7… 8…. Maurako’s almost there… 9… and Maurako’s up, leaning heavily on the cage!!! Lurrr can’t believe it, and neither can the fans, as they seem shocked that this one is continuing! Lurrr comes over and goes back on the attack, striking Maurako with a few shots across the chest.*

Logan: Amazing! Maurako survived the Wake Up Call!

Jones: Very few men have been able to recover after that shot!! But 10 seconds was long enough for Maurako’s instincts to propel him to his feet!

Logan: He may be the most anti-GCWA guy we’ve ever had here in the company, but hell, you have to admire his strength and intestinal fortitude!

*Lurrr hammers Maurako a few more times, before then going to the side and reaching into the crowd. A happy fan gladly gives up his seat, handing it over to the veteran. Lurrr locks the chair together and turns, coming back and swinging, but Maurako dodges out of the way, and Lurrr hits nothing but cage! Maurako then kicks Lurrr in the stomach and drops Lurrr’s face onto his knee, sending Lurrr backwards from the impact! Lurrr staggers back to one of the corners of the cell, dazed, as Maurako wearily leans over and picks up the chair!! Lurrr sees it, and quickly realizes what a powerhouse like Maurako could do with it. He moves around the cell, working to get out of range. However, seeing Maurako follow him with evil intentions in his eyes, Lurrr decides on another route… and starts to scale the cage!! Maurako tries to hurry and swings, but Lurrr’s already too high up to hit, climbing like his life depended on it! Furious, Maurako tosses the chair at him, but misses, as it bounces off and falls to the side. Maurako then starts climbing himself, trying to gain on his foe!*

Logan: We’re going up top!!!

Jones: Oh, hell no!! Seriously, I’m out of here, Anthony!!

Logan: Get back here!

*Anthony can’t stop Jones, as he darts away from the announce position to get out of range. Meanwhile, Lurrr is now at the top, turning and seeing Maurako coming towards him. With one of Lurrr’s patented smiles, he starts stomping away, trying to cause his opponent to fall! But Maurako hangs on, and then reaches out with his free hand, grabbing Lurrr’s ankle and pulling! Lurrr abandons all attempts at taking Maurako in order to save himself, scrambling away. Maurako then pulls himself up and approaches Lurrr, who meets him with a punch. Maurako returns it, with the two weary warriors going to battle one last time on top of the hell in a cell!! Below, referee Trixie is watching, wondering what will happen next.*

Logan: Well, I think we’re getting near the end, as both of these guys are pretty beat up at this point. I’m all alone here now, but I’ll call it the best I can!

*As the fight continues, Maurako takes control, driving Lurrr back towards the edge of the cell roof!! He tries to knock Lurrr backwards, but Lurrr keeps from falling, just barely. He comes back with a few shots, moving Maurako back towards the center, but one punch was a little bit over-extended, allowing Maurako to twist around it and latch onto Lurrr, applying the Full Nelson!!! It looks to be Marvelosity, as Lurrr groans and strains against the hold, trying not to be destroyed by it! But Maurako has other intentions, turning around and lifting Lurrr into the air, before delivering the Super Mario on top of the cage roof!!! The roof sags, but thankfully doesn’t give way, as Maurako falls to one knee next to the badly hurt Lurrr. Referee Trixie, seeing Lurrr down, counts from below, quickly getting up to 5 and continuing. When she gets to 8, though, Lurrr is moving, and at 9, somehow, Lurrr gets enough to his feet to stop the count!! Maurako is in complete disbelief, his teeth grinding in fury.*

Logan: Man, somehow, Lurrr and Maurako keep coming back when it seems like it’s all over!! But, man, Lurrr looks out on his feet!!

*Absolutely furious, Maurako steps gingerly over to Lurrr, mindful of the weakness of the cell roof around this point. He pulls Lurrr over to a safer standing position, arguing with him about why he doesn’t just give up and go into the darkness. He yells at Lurrr that he should have retired in one piece. Lurrr slumps to the side, out of it, with Maurako sizing up the announce tables down below. The fans are screaming, not wanting for Maurako to do it, but he’s intent on making his point. After a second, he sets Lurrr up for a powerbomb, planning to jettison him to the floor below! The cameras show Logan finally deciding to get out of there, dropping his headset and moving out of the way. Maurako, with one final, evil grunt, lifts Lurrr up into the air, right at the edge… and Lurrr is able to hop loose and land back on the cell roof!! Maurako, stunned, spins around, but Lurrr’s already in mid-motion, cracking Maurako in the face with another Wake Up Call!!!! Maurako drops backwards, leaving the roof and falling all the way to the tables below!!!!*

Crowd: Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!!

*Referee Trixie hurries to the outside of the cell, looking down at the destruction. Mario Maurako isn’t moving, cradled in the debris of the table. Lurrr is still up top, struggling back to his feet, as Trixie begins her count. Anthony Logan and Edward Jones are nearby now, trying to get hold of their headsets, as the count continues. 5… 6… 7… Maurako isn’t moving this time… 8… Maurako’s arm suddenly moves, as if to attempt to get up… 9… he moves as if to try and sit up, but then falls back down, in a great deal of pain… 10!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Lurrr!!!!

Logan: And Lurrr does it, he took out “Marvelous” Mario Maurako!! What a match!! Jonesy, is your headset working yet?

Jones: … n… i….

Logan: Guess not. Medics, you’re needed again, for both of these guys!! What a battle! I was starting to think that nothing could keep Mario Maurako down, but Lurrr found a way, sending him on a dramatic plunge to the ground below! What a way for Lurrr to go out!!

*The medics are checking on Maurako, who surprisingly is still trying to sit up, as if wanting to continue. They’re telling him that the match is over, with Maurako not wanting to hear it. On top of the cell, Lurrr has moved towards the center, smiling weakly. The crowd is now on its feet, letting him know what he’s meant to them.*

Crowd: Thank you, Lurrr! Thank you, Lurrr! Thank you, Lurrr!

*He gives them a triumphant salute, standing tall on top of the cage, as flash bulbs go off throughout the building. Lurrr then heads for the edge to climb down, making his way carefully down the cage. The scene cuts back to one of the GCWA Gift Shop Carts that have sprung up for the pay-per-view. Currently, however, there is no business, and all we see is the sales clerk, rummaging through his boxes of wares.*

Salesman: ...14...15...16! What the heck, man! Two of my GCWA Replica titles are missing! Who the heck could have stolen them?


*Suddenly, a small masked wrestler charges at the cashier, armed with a steel chair...


...and somehow he runs past the stand, and into a vending machine, smashing his head into his own steel chair! The salesman, now a mixture of relief and confusion, walks over to the semi-conscious heap that lies before him.*

Salesman: What...in the Hell?


From just out of camera's view, another steel chair successfully collides with the salesman's head. The man, with no training on how to take a head shot, collapses in a heap. The camera pans over and sees an unknown face standing over him, with a ref...no, wait, that's just some other guy wearing a t-shirt that looks like a referee.*

Guy #1: The following is a Hardcore rules match to determine the first-ever Global Championship Wrestling Association HANDICAPPED CHAMPIONS!!! First, weighing in at morbidly obese, this sales guy!

And, his opponent, the former 32-time Heavyweight Champion, MISTERRRRRR GOOOOOOD! And, his partner, the greatest Luchador in the history of that worthless country to our south, TAAAAD OOOOOOO. MINORRRRRR!

*The chair-wielder (at least the upright one), presumably Mr. Good, now drops down to a pin position on the salesman. The "ref" drops down and pats the 1...2...3!*


*The ref walks off camera, then comes back with two GCWA Replica belts, then hands one to Mr. Good. By now, Tad O. Minor has come to and gotten to his feet.*

Tad O. Minor: Did we win?

Mr. Good: Of COURSE we did! We're the Numero Uno Tag-team Specialists!

*Mr. Good gives Tad the other belt and the three of them walk off as the scene cuts back to the announcer's table.*

Jones: … I have no words…

Logan: Well, I guess people can call that one an ‘extra’ match… Mr. Good and Tad O. Minor are two new signees to the GCWA, and apparently, well, apparently they’ve decided to crown themselves the GCWA Handicapped Champs.

Jones: That’s just…

Logan: Yep, pretty bizarre, I have to admit. At the same time, we could always use more crazy characters around here!

Jones: Uh huh. Well, hopefully security gets over there fast, to make sure that no looting takes place on that guy’s stand while he’s out cold.

Logan: Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that, Jonesy. People aren’t going to leave their seats now, because… IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!!!

*The Hell in a Cell is now high above again, with the ring reset for competition (and a new announce table having been brought out). Standing inside the ring, waiting, is Head Referee Bell. Minos is standing outside the cell, doing his job.*

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! It will be a “Falls Count Anywhere” Match for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!!

*After such an insane card, it’s amazing that the crowd has any energy left to be pumped up for this one. And yet, it seems like they can’t get enough, as they once again cheer wildly for the contest’s announcement.*

Jones: We’ve had a few hours for Draco and The Big Bifford to try and heal themselves up from what happened earlier. Hopefully, both will now be able to come out here and compete!

Logan: Ace’s diabolical plan really shook things up. If Bifford can’t fight tonight, he’ll be replaced by an unknown individual. If Draco can’t make it, we’ll have a vacated World Title! And if both do compete, neither is at 100 percent going into this contest!

Jones: Damn, Anthony, a ‘diabolical plan’? Really?

Logan: I call it the way I see it.

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger… he earned the right to compete tonight by winning the 2010 Warriors of the Ring Tournament… representing Biffarachnephobia, he stands 6’4” and weighs in at a hefty 410 pounds… from Columbus, Ohio, here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… The Big Bifford!

*The crowd claps loudly for Bifford as he comes out to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. Bifford’s ribs are still taped up, and he appears to be walking gingerly. After getting down the aisle about halfway, he suddenly spins around with his fists up, only to see no security guards there. Bifford nods to himself, as if having ‘scared them off’, before continuing on his way.*

Jones: In a way, Bifford could almost look on this as a blessing.

Logan: Huh? Jonesy, is your head on straight? How could getting attacked by GCWA Security work in his favor??

Jones: Well, I mean, scaffold matches aren’t exactly Bifford’s forte. But a match where you can hit a person with anything at hand? His size will make him the favorite in a contest like this.

Logan: I tend to disagree. In a straight-up wrestling match, Bifford’s hard to beat. But Draco will be able to use steel chairs, tables, ladders, basically anything at hand in order to win. And remember, Draco destroyed Shane Donovan in that Bloodbath match last month.

Jones: Good point. Bifford can probably take several chair shots, but Draco’s certainly got the experience there.

Minos: His opponent has become one of the most dominating World Champions in GCWA history… standing 5’11” and weighing in at 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Draco!!

*For a moment, you’d think no theme music was playing, but it’s just because the crowd is so loud. “Indestructible” by Disturbed hits, with Draco slowly walking out onto the stage. His arm has a wrap around it, showing that some damage was done, but he’s doing his best not to show how much pain he’s in. The World Champion carries his title down to ringside, handing it off before entering under the ropes. The Big Bifford is already positioned in his corner, watching.*

Logan: Draco’s been through so much this year, and yet he’s always managed to leave with the gold around his waist. Can he keep up that streak here tonight?

Jones: Has Draco been medically cleared? The way he’s holding his arm like that…

Logan: Even if Draco wasn’t ok to fight tonight, Jonesy, do you really think he’d stay in the back and let Ace just take his title away? Draco’s a fighter, and at the very least, he wants to go out fighting.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: It’s time to decide our World Champion! For real, this time!

Logan: I’m quite frankly surprised that Ace allowed Mark Bell to be the referee for this one. I thought for sure it was going to be Adrian Rockwell, or maybe, for that matter, Ace himself!

Jones: Well, as the Head Referee, I assume Bell has some say in these matters. Besides, the Accelerator doesn’t care who wins, right? So why would he care about the referee?

Logan: You’ve got me there, Jonesy. That could easily explain Bell’s presence… assuming he’s not working in league with Ace as well.

Jones: Paranoia settles in deep, doesn’t it, Anthony?

*The Big Bifford comes forward, after checking his flank once more for any security guards. He walks up to Draco, trying to grab him, but Draco’s quick to jump out of the way, and then kick Bifford in the back! Bifford straightens up in pain and turns around, grabbing at Draco again, but once again the World Champion is too quick for him. Draco lands a series of kicks to Bifford’s back and legs, sending Bifford staggering away. Draco then waits for Bifford to turn around before charging in and hitting a flying dropkick, causing Bifford to fall backwards into the corner! Draco backs up, getting enough room for momentum, and then starts to run forward, only to have Bifford suddenly roll to his side and leave the ring, getting to the outside. Bifford takes a few steps, pulling himself back together, as Draco watches him from inside, still favoring his arm.*

Logan: Draco’s got the opening control in this one!

Jones: Yes, but do you see how he’s trying not to use his injured arm? It was all kicks. I think that arm’s definitely hurt worse than he’s trying to let on.

Logan: True, but Bifford’s hurt as well, which is showing by how he’s even slower than normal. Draco’s got to capitalize on that early if he wants to retain tonight.

*The Big Bifford walks up the aisle for a second, knowing that there’s no threat of him being disqualified or counted out. He tightens the wraps around his side and comes back, shaking his head. As Bifford approaches the ring, though, Draco’s on the move, running off one side of the ropes and coming back with a suicide plancha over the top!!! Shockingly, though, Bifford plants himself and manages to catch Draco in mid-air!!! Before Draco can do anything to escape, Bifford twists and smashes Draco into the ringpost, crushing him before dropping the wrestler to the floor!! Bifford then starts stomping away, not letting Draco get back to his feet, even as Head Referee Bell makes his way outside as well. In this kind of match, Bell has to be ready for a cover, no matter where it happens. Bifford pulls the wounded Draco up and immediately goes for his weakness, grabbing at Draco’s arm and bending it around the ringpost, eliciting a yell from the champion!!*

Jones: Bifford’s strength is truly unbelievable!

Logan: Yeah, he’s a powerhouse, no question. He’s also said he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win tonight, which I suppose explains his assault on Draco’s injury!

Jones: It’s already a tough chore to get someone like Bifford into the Hellacious. But with a bad limb? I think Draco definitely needs a different way to win this one, because I think Bifford’s removing the last possibility of the man’s finisher!

*Draco’s leaning heavily against the ring post now, sweating intensely just due to the pain. Meanwhile, Bifford has gone to the side and has pulled the chair away from the time keeper (meaning the poor man has to stand the rest of the match). Bifford comes back with the chair, swinging it straight towards the post. At the last second, Draco yanks his arm out of the way, barely saving himself from the horrible impact! Bifford drops the chair, shaking his hurting hands, but he immediately goes after Draco again, trying to grab him. Draco answers with a stomp on Bifford’s foot, and then a hard left-handed punch into Bifford’s side, causing the big man to let out a yelp. Bifford stumbles away, even as Draco leans next to the crowd on the railing, trying to get himself back up. A fan reaches over and hands him something, with Draco taking it with no questions asked. He turns towards Bifford and swings… cracking a beer bottle across the big man’s head!!*

Jones: Ouch! C’mon, guys!! This isn’t a “Fans Bring The Weapons” Match!

Logan: Have some sympathy, Jonesy. That guy just sacrificed his last beer in order to help Draco! I mean, it’s not like he can go get another, in the middle of the main event!

Jones: What the hell was he doing with a glass bottle, anyway?? Don’t we serve our beers in plastic cups here?

Logan: Maybe the guy snuck it in or something, who knows?

*Bifford moves away from Draco, holding his head, where you can see a few small cuts are now bleeding. He heads up the aisle, with Draco stopping for a second to pick something up before following. As Bifford gets to the halfway point, Draco catches up to him and swings, smashing a chair into Bifford’s back!! Bifford drops to his knees for a second, but then gets back up, only to receive another shot!! Bifford’s down again, with Draco dropping the chair for a second due to the force of the blows vibrating through his injured arm. He pulls himself back together, though, and grabs the chair with his good arm, laying it on the ground in front of Bifford. Draco then steps up and gets a lock on Bifford’s head, pulling him up just enough to get him off the ground. A second later, Draco drops with a DDT onto the chair!! Bifford is flat on his stomach now, not moving, as Draco slowly works to get him turned over. As soon as Bifford’s back is on the floor, Draco makes the cover, with Head Referee Bell making the count… 1… 2… but Bifford kicks out!*

Jones: Bifford’s still in this one, as we continue to get more violent! Do you have anything negative to say about that count, Anthony?

Logan: Nah, surprisingly, that was a pretty fair count. As long as Bell does the same for Bifford’s pins, I guess this one is finally on the up-and-up!

*Draco is back on his feet now, landing a few extra stomps on Bifford’s back to continue to weaken him. Bifford’s definitely hurting at this point, with blood beginning to coat his face. The World Champion moves off, apparently looking for another weapon. He finds it, pulling off part of the set piece of the stage. He hoists the large piece of metal in his good hand, making sure that he can give it a strong swing. Meanwhile, Bifford is rising back up, leaning on his knees due to the exhaustion of this contest affecting his injuries. Draco, seeing this, comes in at a run, raising up the weapon. But Bifford straightens up quicker than Draco can anticipate, suddenly grabbing the World Champion and spinning him around with a huge spinebuster on the outside mats!!! Draco’s crushed, with Bifford readjusting himself to make the cover… 1… 2… but Draco kicks out in time!*

Jones: What a power move from Bifford! He’s back in control!

Logan: Man, how’d he recover that quickly? Was he playing possum? How badly injured are his ribs?

Jones: Bad enough that the buffet is still in one piece in the back, from what I hear.

Logan: Ahhh, then never mind, he’s definitely hurting. But is Draco hurting worse, and could we have a new World Champion for the first time in 2010?

*Bifford is dragging Draco now along the ground, showing his power once more as he looks for what he wants to do next. He pulls Draco to the side of the stage, where he then picks the World Champion up in a bear hug! He then turns and drives Draco hard into the stage edge, causing Draco to get a yell, before then throwing Draco back to the ground! Bifford stumbles forward and then drops his weight onto Draco, making the cover once more… 1… 2… Draco shoves a shoulder up, continuing to fight! Bifford looks like he’s starting to lose it, not understanding why he can’t keep the World Champion down. He reaches over to his right and grabs one of the television cables, bringing it over and wrapping it around Draco’s throat!! The fans don’t know what to make of this, with many of them now booing the #1 Contender as he chokes the life out of the champ!*

Jones: Bifford DID say he was willing to do anything to win! I think it’s starting to show through!

Logan: Draco may have more at risk today than just the World Heavyweight Title. Bifford’s not pulling any punches!

*After a few more moments of choking away, Bifford turns to Head Referee Bell, asking why he’s not doing his job and asking Draco to submit. Bell shakes his head and moves in, checking on the World Champion, but Draco doesn’t answer. After a few seconds, Bell grabs Draco’s hand and lifts it once… twice… and it stays up! Draco shakes his fist, showing that he’s still got some fight to him, as the fans cheer! Bifford tries to wrap the cable tighter, but Draco’s already got himself partially up… and then drops with a jawbreaker to free himself! Bifford stumbles back, holding his mouth, while Draco pulls the cable from his neck and breathes in some sweet, sweet air. He staggers away, leaning on the edge of the stage, while Bifford recovers. The big man reaches over the railing and grabs another chair, and then comes back, intent on finishing the World Champion. He raises it to swing… and Draco lashes out with the Momentum Shift, kicking the chair back into Bifford’s face!!! The place goes wild as Bifford topples over, with Draco, pulling himself together, coming over for the cover… 1… 2… No!! Bifford kicks out in time!!*

Logan: Wow!! What’s it going to take to keep either of these men down? I mean, a normal person at this point would be on his way to the hospital!

Jones: We’re seeing the best of the best in competition here tonight, Anthony. Bifford and Draco have been competing in the wrestling business for a long time, and both have what it takes to be at the top.

Logan: But only one can win, and at this point, we still don’t have a clue who’s going to manage it!

*With Bifford still down, Draco painfully pulls himself up. His arm looks swollen at this point, as the World Champion is barely even using it. He picks up the chair with his other arm and tosses it down onto Bifford’s stomach, doing a little more damage before walking away. Draco then heads for the stage, climbing up the ramp and getting above the #1 Contender. The fans are energized, knowing something big is about to go down. Draco points down towards the still-grounded Bifford, earning another roar from the audience. He backs off to get some running room, shaking out his injured arm once more to keep the blood flowing. Draco then comes forward, preparing to dive off… and Arachne appears, jumping onto Draco’s back and taking him to the floor of the stage!!! *

Jones: What the…

Logan: Damnit!! Arachne, you’re not part of this match, get the hell out of here!

Jones: It’s Falls Count Anywhere, Anthony, which means No Disqualification!

Logan: Yeah, but damnit, it’s supposed to still be one-on-one!!

*Bifford’s slowly recovering, pulling himself up on the floor, while Arachne drags the wounded World Champion to his feet. Arachne is laughing in his own peculiar way, as he lands a few more punches to his foe. Arachne then turns and yells at Bifford, telling him to get up here, before he turns his attention back to Draco, who swings at him. Arachne knocks it away, though, and then steps in, giving Draco a knee to the gut, bending him over! Arachne starts to go for a double underhook, planning to drop Draco face-first onto the steel… but Draco suddenly straightens up and lifts Arachne into the air, before twisting him around and to the ground with the Inner Rage!!! Arachne hits hard, and then rolls, not realizing how close he is to the edge. He falls off, dropping to the floor below, as Draco struggles back up, planning to go right back after Bifford. Suddenly, though, Draco’s down again, as a nightstick once again enters the picture!! Four security guards are out, now, beating on the World Champion!!!*

Logan: Son of a bitch!!!

Jones: GCWA Security is again involved, but this time, they’re going after the World Champion!!

Logan: But why?? Why now??

*The security guards drag Draco up, with one holding him around the throat with the nightstick. The man in front rears back for a punch, but Draco kicks out with his feet, sending the guard flying! Draco then shifts his weight while coming back down, sending the first guard flying into the other two!! The World Champion grabs the fallen nightstick and starts to fight back with his good arm, clocking anything that moves!!! The fans are loving it, even as the Big Bifford, now back to his feet, looks on in wonder at what’s been happening while he was out. Draco takes down another guard… but then suddenly drops, shaking in agony, as Reed M. Shin stands behind him with a taser!! Standing beside Shin, grinning evilly, is the Accelerator!! With Draco down, Shin joins in on the assault, as the other guards recover and get back into the beat-down!!*

Logan: This is insane!!! Ace is messing up his own main event, again!!

Jones: After all Draco’s done to him, you have to admit that the guy has this coming, Anthony.

Logan: What the hell are you talking about?? Am I the only sane person left around here??

*As Draco falls, the Big Bifford starts moving, angrily chugging up the rampway. He grabs one security guard and throws him aside, and then another, as the crowd cheers in excitement! The Accelerator, seeing this, steps forward towards Bifford, getting his attention. Bifford looks angrier than ever before, as he steps towards the President, who surprisingly doesn’t back down. Ace says something, and then sticks out his hand towards the big man!! Bifford looks at the hand, looks at the President… and then shakes his hand with a big, bloody smile!!! The fans are immediately booing, sending out their hatred, as Bifford and the Accelerator stand together!!!*

Logan: No!!! No, it can’t be!!!!

Jones: Is Bifford… is Bifford on Ace’s side??

Logan: The assault on him earlier by the security guards… the injuries… the turning against Ace… it was all a set-up!!!

*Security moves away, with Draco now a bloody mess. He’s still trying to get up, though, trying to continue the fight. But the Big Bifford is there now, cradling Draco’s head as he pulls him up. With no sympathy for the man’s plight, Bifford lifts Draco into the air, delivering the Biff End on the metal stage!!!! Trash is flying from the crowd, showing how pissed off they are at this development. But it doesn’t seem to be bothering Bifford any, as he gets the pin on the World Champion. Head Referee Bell hesitates, but the Accelerator pushes him from behind, telling him to do his job or risk being fired. With no choice, Bell drops and makes the count… 1….. 2….. 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… and the NEW GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World…. The Big Bifford!!

Logan: I can’t believe it… the reign ends like this??

Jones: We have a new World Champion, the first one in 2010! Amazing!

Logan: This is just… I can’t even comment on this, and I want no part of it. I’m out, Jonesy.

*You can hear the sound of Anthony Logan throwing down his headset and departing, with Jones trying to convince him to stay. Meanwhile, we focus on the stageway, where the Accelerator has walked up beside the Big Bifford and is personally raising his hand. Draco’s still down, out cold, covered in blood from his wounds. The crowd is hating Bifford like never before, cursing him and throwing any pieces of garbage they can find. Bifford, though, is all smiles, as the World Title is brought to him. He holds it over Draco with a satisfied grin, before turning and walking away, taking away Draco’s prize. The Accelerator’s evil grin is the last thing shown, looking down with triumph at the downed wrestler, as the picture slowly fades to black.*

OOC: And there you have it!! Blood on the Battlefield IV is in the books! This was a tremendous show, as I felt that every match delivered, in one way or another. Roleplaying was intense, and trust me when I say that almost every match was a tough decision.

Here's the card for this Friday:

- Xtreme vs. Drake Hudson

- Ruslan Koslov vs. Mr Itt

- Crazy Chris vs. "The Future" Tommy Gunn

- Kirsten Reid vs. Lorenzo Demarco

- Mario Maurako vs. Arachne

- Bucky & Chucky Johnson vs. NUTS (Mr. Good & Tad O. Minor)

- Derek Mobley vs. Robert Santana, IC Title #1 Contenders Match

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, April 25th to Thursday, April 29th, giving you 4 1/2 days to post TWO roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. The Two rp-rule for Inferno's is now in effect, so plan ahead! Due to the shortened rp window, feel free to make deals regarding how many rp's to post. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

BTW, I suspect that at least two-three of the matches listed above will be dark matches. I just thought I'd announce that now, seeing as how I just finished a 76-page pay-per-view, and I won't have quite the energy as usual for next week's card *lol*.

Good luck to all!