Tenay: We're back, here in Seattle, Washington, and it's about time for the biggest match in GCWA history! Let's go to the ring!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... it is now time... to Rumble! Are you ready? *cheers* Then let's get it on!! *the crowd erupts* The rules for the next match are as follows... there are 26 wrestlers involved in the Rumble... every 2 minutes, a new wrestler will enter the ring... the only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope and out to the floor... the wrestler remaining at the end of the Rumble will be crowned the current Rumble champion! It will be friend against friend, foe against foe! Anything can and will happen! Let the war begin!

*As the crowd cheers, the Ruff Ryder anthem sounds out, and Shorty comes to the ring... he looks nervous, but ready for the fight...

Heenan: Shorty's got himself a chance to prove his worth here tonight! After DMX was forced to withdraw from the Rumble, Shorty asked to be able to show himself a "Giant Killer". The Accelerator granted his request, so now Shorty's the #1 entrant to the Rumble.

*The crowd cheers as a howl rings out, and the Wolfpac 2000 theme starts up... Animal Thug walks out, bouncing to the music... he is not wearing the Heavyweight Title... Thug comes to the ring and looks in at Shorty as the bell rings...*

Tenay: And here we go!! The Rumble has begun! Shorty and Animal Thug are circling each other, each trying to judge the other. I think this is the first time Shorty's been in the ring alone with the World Champ. Shorty darts in and tries to grab one of Animal Thug's legs, but the Thug blocks it and lifts Shorty up, Powerbombing him!! What a start by Animal Thug! The Thug slams multiple axehandles onto Shorty, then picks him up and whips him into the ropes. But Shorty slides through Animal Thug's legs, then hits a dropkick on Thug's back! But the Thug doesn't go down! Shorty hits another, but again Thug shrugs it off! Shorty goes for a third, but Thug just steps out of the way. Shorty's slightly overmatched in there, guys!

Heenan: Well, he'll have help soon. At least, I'd have everyone gang up on the Champ. Thug grabs Shorty and pulls him up, whipping him into the corner. Shorty bounces out of the corner, though, with an elbow shot, then goes for a DDT, finally getting Animal Thug to the mat! Shorty's showing some speed in there, that's for sure! I see the 10-second count has started, even as Shorty brings Animal Thug back to his feet. He tries a Headscissor takedown, but the Thug turns it into a body slam, crashing Shorty into the canvas! The count just finished, so here comes the next competitor!

*Dynamic Dynamite takes his time, slowly walking to the ring...*

JR: Dynamite can't possibly be rested yet, but he's got to be on a high, having won the IC Title. Animal Thug, meanwhile, again slams Shorty down, then picks him up and tries to get him over the top rope! But Dynamite starts jogging down, and dives into the ring. He nails Animal Thug in the back, and just starts pounding away on him! Dynamite's showing a lot of energy for a man who just wrestled a brutal match! He grabs Shorty and helps him up. He points, then the two start double-teaming Animal Thug! This is an alliance you wouldn't expect to see anywhere but in a Rumble! Dynamite lifts Animal Thug with a Suplex, dropping him down. Shorty then comes off the ropes with a legdrop. They're really taking it to the champ!

Tenay: The two wrestlers lift Animal Thug up and whip him into the ropes. Oh, but the Thug comes off the ropes and clotheslines both to the mat! Animal Thug is fired up in there! He lifts Shorty up with a Gorilla Press, then throws him into Dynamite! The Thug then lifts Dynamite up and starts landing blow after blow, rocking the new IC Champ. He throws Dynamite over the ropes, but Dynamite manages to land on the apron and crawl back in. Animal Thug turns back, though, and kicks him a couple of times, trying to push him back out. But Shorty rises back up and comes off the ropes with a pretty large axehandle for a short guy, stunning Animal Thug. He then lands his third dropkick on Thug. Dynamite's down, slowly trying to get up. He must be on empty already in this one.

Heenan: We're running down the clock again. Meanwhile, Dynamite regains his footing and reaches over, grabbing Animal Thug and throwing a couple of knees into him. Shorty comes over to help, but Dynamite grabs him and slams his head into Animal Thug's! So much for the teamwork! Dynamite then grabs Shorty and lifts him onto his shoulder, and heads for the ropes! Shorty grabs hold, clinging like only he can, but Dynamite's got him up there!

*The countdown expires, and Scott Hall runs to the ring...*

Tenay: Hall's coming at full speed to help out his partner in the Ruff Ryders! He rolls in and immediately starts attacking Dynamite, making him drop Shorty back into the ring. Shorty hangs on the ropes, catching his breath, while Hall starts chopping Dynamite across the chest. He drives the man into the corner, continuously chopping and slapping him. Shorty goes over and grabs a recovering Animal Thug, using numerous knee lifts to weaken the big man. So far, no one's been eliminated, although there have been a couple of close calls. Hall's still pounding a worn out Dynamite in the corner. Shorty comes over, and the two grab Dynamite and lift him up! Dynamite's struggling, but does he have enough left? It's a long while before another Union member appears!

JR: Hall and Shorty obviously have the advantage here early on. They're still fighting Dynamite, trying to lift him out. But Dynamite pokes Hall in the eyes, getting free. He then nails Shorty with his left hand, putting the Cruiserweight down. I'm not sure where Dynamite's getting the energy from. He pops Hall with an uppercut, but then Animal Thug nails him from behind! The Thug is back up! He grabs Hall and throws him across the ring into a recovering Shorty! Hall very nearly knocked Shorty out of this one! Thug's still got his main attention on Dynamite, though, dropping elbows on his back.

Heenan: There's not much fight left in Dynamite. Animal Thug lifts him and hits a spinning Powerslam, which might just finish the Union member off. Wait, now Hall's back up, grabbing Animal Thug and propelling him into the corner! Hall's whaling away on Animal Thug with multiple punches! No, Animal Thug reverses it! Now Hall's in the corner taking hits! What a fight, and we still have 20 men to go! There's that countdown again! Who's next, guys? I can't find my list?

*The count expires, and Warrior walks out to an explosion of boos...*

Tenay: It's the newest member of the Horsemen, Warrior! He's not in a rush to get into the action, usually a smart policy. In the ring, Shorty has Dynamite down and out with repeated kicks. Hall and Animal Thug are still going at it in the corner. Shorty lifts Dynamite up, but that's a lot of weight to lift over those ropes! Warrior finally slides into the ring, and immediately goes after Shorty, who said he'd team with Gambit against Warrior and Kidman! Warrior is just pummeling Shorty! That young man has been through a lot already in this one! Warrior grabs Shorty by his mask and propells him across the ring, where he slams into the ringpost! Warrior then steps over to the other fight, where Animal Thug was getting the better of Hall, and lifts Thug behind him with a Back-Body Drop! That took Thug completely by surprise! Warrior then starts choking Animal Thug down! Remember, there is no diqualification in this one!

JR: Meanwhile, Hall grabs hold of Dynamic Dynamite and lifts him onto the turnbuckle! Dynamite is a sitting duck! Hall then whips Shorty into the corner, who leaps and kicks Dynamite right in the face! Dynamite falls, and he's out!! Dynamic Dynamite is eliminated! Hall and Shorty get back up and talk strategy for a second, then both come in and start kicking Animal Thug! They're temporarily teaming up with Warrior to take out the World Champ! Animal Thug's down and out! He's being triple-teamed, and there's not much he can do about it! Warrior lifts Animal Thug up and throws him into the ropes. He comes off and ducks under Warrior's clothesline, but it was just a set-up, as Hall helps send Shorty up with a vicious splash! Thug's in real trouble now! Wait, though, he's about to have help! There goes the count!

*Right as the count expires, Bobby races out and heads straight for the ring...*

Heenan: Bobby's coming to help his brother! He slides under the ropes and nails Hall with his forearm, then starts exchanging shots with Warrior! This at the very least will give Animal Thug a breather. Shorty helps Hall up, and the two ignore Bobby and Warrior, continuing the attack on Animal Thug. So much for the breather. Meanwhile, Bobby drives Warrior back into the corner with his strength, but Warrior kicks out low, putting Bobby on the mat in some severe pain! He then lifts Bobby up and tries to toss him out, but Bobby stops him with a shot to the nose.

Tenay: Animal Thug's fighting his way through the two Ruff Ryders again, sending Hall back, then grabbing Shorty and smashing him across Thug's knees! Hall charges in, but Thug grabs him and uses his momentum to send Hall over the top rope! Scott Hall has been eliminated! Animal Thug then puts the heel of his boot onto Shorty's esophagus, choking him out! Shorty's all alone in there again! But Thug releases Shorty when Warrior tries to lift Bobby out again, going to his brother's aid. Warrior's being double-teamed by the Wolfpac members now, trying to fight back but being overwhelmed! Animal Thug and Bobby are two big black guys, that's for sure!

JR: Nice way of putting it, Mike. *shakes head* Shorty's still down, and Thug and Bobby use a double hip toss to put Warrior down. The timer is running out, so we should have a new wrestler any second now. Bobby continues attacking Warrior, while Thug grabs Shorty, continuing the fight they've been having since this thing began. With the next guy, Shorty and Thug will surpass the 10-minute mark.

*Blade comes out, looking at the ring with a furious expression... he charges down the aisle as the fans erupt...*

Heenan: Oh, we know who Blade's going to go for. He dives into the ring, shoves Bobby out of the way, and starts lashing out at Warrior! He's got his shot at the man who tried to break his neck earlier! Warrior and Blade are going at it with a flurry of punches so powerful that Bobby, Animal Thug, and Shorty are just looking on!! This could be the start of a huge feud between these two! They're both taking the shots and delivering their own. What a brawl! Bobby looks like he doesn't know who to attack! Meanwhile, Animal Thug lifts Shorty up and tosses him into the corner, getting back to business. He uses his weight to slam Shorty into the post, driving him in. Bobby walks over to help out Thug. Blade and Warrior have slowed down slightly, with Warrior getting Blade into another corner.

Tenay: Shorty's clinging to the ropes like his life depended on it, but both Animal Thug and Bobby are letting him have it. He can't last much longer. Oh, but Warrior whipped Blade into the crowd, forcing him to collide with Bobby! Warrior then runs in and clotheslines both Wolfpac brothers, then goes back to the attack on Blade, throwing his head into the corner. Shorty's just lying on the apron, possibly spent. Bobby's getting up slowly, and Animal Thug's breathing hard. Most wrestlers come into these Rumbles confident, but it takes a lot of stamina to survive these things! Warrior's got Blade in the air, no, Blade turns it into a Hurricanrana, putting the Horsemen down! Now Blade's got the advantage, and he's using it, grinding Warrior's face into the mat! Bobby gets onto his feet and checks on his brother, then looks up. But he's unavailable to dodge the kick in the face from Shorty! Oh, here we go again!

*The timer counts down, then the buzzer sounds... "the Rocker" Marty Jannetty runs out of the entrance, heading for the ring as the fans cheer...*

JR: The odds are now definitely in favor of the Wolfpac! They now have 3 members in the ring. Jannetty enters the ring and comes over to help Bobby, who's down from Shorty's attack. Shorty goes for Jannetty, but the Rocker meets him with punches, then turns him and hits the Rocker Dropper!!! Shorty's out cold! Jannetty then helps Bobby up. The two grab Shorty and lift him, almost rolling him over the top rope and down to the floor! Shorty has been eliminated! He lasted in there for a good time against larger athletes, but it was just too early a draw!

Heenan: Bobby and Jannetty are helping Animal Thug up, while Blade tries a flip on Warrior which gets reversed into a straddling of the ropes! Blade's hurt, and in a bad position! But Warrior saw the three Wolfpac members. He's backing up, preparing for a three-pronged attack. Animal Thug attacks first, surprising his partners, by swinging a double-handed punch. Warrior swings back immediately, but then Bobby and Jannetty join in, and Warrior's again overwhelmed by numbers! Meanwhile, Blade fell the right direction, into the ring. He rolls over to the corner and leans in on it, resting, as the Wolfpac dominates Warrior. Warrior's trying to fight back, sneaking a punch through which stuns Jannetty. But Bobby and Animal Thug continue the attack with kicks and chops, slowly knocking Warrior to the ground. Bobby then uses the ropes and his boot to choke Warrior, while Jannetty turns and goes over to Blade. The two cruiserweights start going at it, with Jannetty the much fresher guy. We've got another man coming in 5...4...3...2....1... now!

*Tully Blanchard comes out, jogging towards the ring...*

Tenay: Another Horsemen is coming to the ring! This should help Warrior out a little, although they're still outnumbered. But Blanchard's never been afraid of a fight! He comes into the ring and is immediately met by Bobby and Animal Thug! He's fresher than the two, but not for long, the way they're attacking him! Blanchard's swinging back with a lot of force though. Jannetty has Blade in the corner, who's obviously still feeling the effects of that shot from Warrior earlier in the night. Blade may have used up his remaining gas attacking Warrior like he did. Jannetty suplexes Blade out of the corner to the mat. Animal Thug and Bobby, meanwhile, take control, and whip Blanchard into the ropes. He comes back and is met by two heels in his forehead, as both brothers lash out with their feet. But as Bobby leans down to lift up Blanchard again, Warrior, a little more rested, comes out of the corner and attacks Animal Thug again. The Heavyweight Champ's showing some fatigue now. His punches are a little slower in the ring.

JR: That's to be expected, Mike. Warrior drives his knee into Thug's gut, then lifts him up with a Shoulder Breaker! Bobby's got his hands full on the other side of the ring, fighting with Tully Blanchard. Jannetty's got Blade in trouble, hitting a Neckbreaker of all things. These six guys are giving it all they've got! Warrior starts using the top turnbuckle to change Animal Thug's facial structure, as the clock ticks down yet again. This will be the 10th man in the Rumble!

*Test walks out and shows off to the crowd, before heading for the ring...*

Heenan: Test is the second Union member in this Rumble. Unfortunately, he's too late in coming for Dynamite. Still, he's got to be ready to fight! Blanchard has Bobby leaning on the ropes. He's trying to lift the Wolfpac member out by himself, although Bobby's fighting back. Jannetty, meanwhile, got caught by an uppercut from Blade, and is now on the receiving end of chops. Warrior's got complete control on Animal Thug now, using his hands to try and snap Thug's ankle. Honestly, folks, we're starting to get a lot of wrestlers in this event, so we may not be able to follow everything that's happening.

JR: We'll do the best we can. Test finally makes it to the ring and comes in, attacking Jannetty and Blade. He slams the two cruiserweights together, ringing their bells, so to speak. He then lifts Blade up and piledrives him! Warrior has come over to aid Blanchard. Both are trying to lift Bobby over the ropes. Bobby's trying to fight them off, but his height's a detriment right now. Animal Thug gets up and staggers over, grabbing Blanchard from behind and hitting a Discus Punch on him. As Blanchard falls back, Warrior again attacks Thug, bending him down and using a Pancake maneuver to put the champ on his face! Jannetty then comes flying out of nowhere, catching Warrior with a shot to the head! The Rocker spins around wildly, then clotheslines Warrior, going down with him to the canvas! Blanchard is back on Bobby, pounding him, and Test and Blade are still fighting on the other side of the ring.

Tenay: Animal Thug has now been in there for nearly 20 minutes. He's been one of the main focuses of the attack. As good as the champ is, how much more can he take? He's down, slowly trying to regain his feet, while Jannetty and Warrior start going at it. Bobby's still in trouble, being choked by Blanchard. Test has almost complete control in the corner, knocking Blade to his knees, then kicking him in the face to put him all the way down. #11 is about to come on down.

*The count expires, and the fans look on... for a few seconds, no one appears... finally, Heavy P limps out, his ankle taped up... he heads for the ring...*

Heenan: I was wondering if he'd be able to return. Heavy P, always a "heavy" favorite, is on his way down. I don't think I'd allow him to, though, if I were his manager. In this kind of match, his ankle is fair game. But that's his choice. In the ring, Animal Thug's back on his feet. He steps over and hits Blanchard in the back of the head, then spins with him and drops him with a DDT. Bobby staggers against the ropes. He's been in there a while himself. Animal Thug and Bobby then lift Blanchard up and try to toss him over the ropes. Heavy P reaches the ring and enters, going over to where Test is trying to get rid of Blade. Heavy P spins Test around, wraps him up, and lands a Belly-to-Back Suplex! Obviously Heavy P's still out for Union blood.

Tenay: Warrior's got control on Jannetty now, leaning into him against the ropes. Thug gets his eyes raked by Blanchard, forcing him to fall backwards. Bobby then gives up trying to throw Blanchard out, instead opting to pound on his cranium. Warrior's lifting Jannetty up, no, Jannetty kicks out and knocks Warrior down... just as Animal Thug charges in! Thug drives into Jannetty, knocking him over the top rope! Marty Jannetty just got eliminated by Animal Thug! Was it an accident, or was it just business, like Thug said? I don't think Thug realizes who went out. He drops across Warrior and repeatedly bounces his head off the mat. Jannetty's up, and tries to come back in, but the refs stop him. He's out.

JR: He doesn't look happy. But, that's life sometimes. It's not always happy. Heavy P's got Test in trouble in one of the corners, pounding on him. Bobby's again trying to lift Blanchard out. Blade stands up and runs in, getting beside Bobby and lifting. Blanchard's in trouble now! Animal Thug's still got the upper hand on Warrior. They're the two guys who have been in the longest now.

*The count expires again, and "the Roaddog" Jesse James comes out*

Heenan: That will make 2 DX members, 2 Wolfpac members, 2 Horsemen, 1 Union man, and Heavy P. This is becoming a stable fight! James comes in and lends his aid to Bobby and Blade. That's going to be too much for Blanchard! He's up, and out! No, wait, Blanchard landed on the apron! He rolls back under the ropes, barely saving himself. Meanwhile, Bobby and James start throwing punches, while Blade goes over to attack Animal Thug. Heavy P, meanwhile, lifts Test up with great power, then throws him over the top rope! That's it for Test! He's outta this one!

Tenay: Heavy P now has to find a new target. He approaches Blanchard, who's trying to regain his footing. Heavy P grabs Blanchard from behind and hits an Atomic Drop that almost sends Blanchard over again! He flips back into the ring and gets met by a huge punch from the former IC champ. Animal Thug's fighting off Blade, using his size to take control. Warrior's still trying to get up, obviously hurting. Jesse James, meanwhile, starts using his 'dance' moves to keep Bobby down. The Wolfpac members are all looking worn out. There aren't too many fresh faces in there. We're almost halfway through, as the count continues!

*As the buzzer sounds, Billy Kidman steps out... he throws off the towel he had around his neck and heads for the ring...*

Heenan: Number 13's on his way down. By now, Kidman has probably shaken off most of the first match against Gambit. Who will he attack? Warrior's back on his feet in the ring, as he steps over to where Blade and Animal Thug are going at it. Warrior clobbers Animal Thug from behind, but then ignores him and grabs Blade, lifting him into the air by the throat! Blade's kicking away, but Warrior's got him propped up there. Heavy P has Blanchard in a Bear Hug, crushing the life out of him, while Bobby's down in the corner. Jesse James comes to his DX ally's aid, hitting Warrior in the stomach. He then kicks him repeatedly before getting underneath him and trying to lift him up and over!

Tenay: This has been a war, that's for sure! Kidman enters the ring and goes over to Blade, attacking the cruiserweight. We're halfway through the Rumble, ladies and gentlemen. 8 men are in the ring, with another 13 on the way. We're about to start the third hour, so stay tuned!