Tenay: We're back, and the war continues! Jesse James has gotten Warrior onto the turnbuckle, but Warrior's got a deathlock on the top rope. Billy Kidman has a good edge over Blade, while Heavy P has Tully Blanchard on the ropes. Bobby and Animal Thug have gotten together in the corner. Animal Thug's got over 24 minutes in the ring now. Bobby and the Thug step over as a team and hit Blanchard and Heavy P with two massive punches. Bobby drives the tired Blanchard back into the ropes with repeated punches, while Thug and Heavy P start to go at it.

Heenan: I don't know about that strategy, Mike. Animal Thug's pretty tired. Should he be attacking someone like Heavy P? I would have rested myself. But, that's me. We're getting pretty close to the next man entering the Rumble. Who's it going to be again? *shuffling papers*

*the buzzer sounds, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin walks out... the crowd automatically jeers him...*

JR: The Rattlesnake is in the house! That'll make 3 of the Horsemen in the ring right now, if Austin hurries. Warrior's in pretty bad shape, thanks to Jesse James. It looks like Kidman's got a sleeperhold variation on Blade, who's going out. Heavy P's got the upper hand on Animal Thug now, dropping him with a Faceplant maneuver. Heavy P's still favoring that ankle, but so far he's avoided injury. But "Stone Cold"'s hit the ring! He immediately spins Jesse James around, and nails him with the Stone Cold Stunner!! What quick work! He grabs Warrior and helps him back into the ring. Most of the stables have been working well together tonight.

Tenay: Warrior reaches down and pulls up the almost-unconscious DX member, and lands Armageddon! That's the second time we've seen that move tonight! James is out! Warrior lifts him up slowly, then drops him over the top rope to the floor. Jesse James has been eliminated! Warrior and Austin then head quickly over to where Bobby's trying to throw out Blanchard. The Horsemen swarm over Bobby, punching him repeatedly! Meanwhile, Heavy P is in the corner, trying to eliminate the World Champ, while Blade is laying on the ropes. He freed himself from the sleeperhold that Kidman had on him with a Jawbreaker. A lot of the wrestlers in the ring right now are obviously worn out. This has been brutal!

JR: You're telling me, Mike! How guys like Animal Thug and Warrior are still in there, I'll never know. Austin's now taken the fight to Heavy P, hitting him in the back as he was trying to eliminate Animal Thug. Austin drops Heavy P with a sharp shot to the throat, then grabs Heavy P's ankle and twists! It didn't take long for the Rattlesnake to capitalize on that injury! Bobby's in bad trouble now, as both Blanchard and Warrior are lifting him up. He's hanging on for dear life, but there's no one to help him out. Animal Thug's still down on the mat! It's too late! Warrior and Blanchard throw Bobby over! Bobby is eliminated!

Heenan: The Horsemen are on a rampage! Now Blanchard and Warrior are going after the cruiserweights. Blanchard and Kidman start fighting in one corner, while Warrior again sets his sights on Blade. We're nearing the time once again, as Animal Thug's slowly trying to get up on one side of the ring. Heavy P is limping worse now, as he tries to fight back against Steve Austin. There's not much left of Blade, but he's about to have a friend.

*As the count expires, X-Dog runs out and heads for the ring...*

JR: The other half of the former tag champs is on his way to the ring! X-Dog leaps up onto the apron, then springs off of the ropes, jetting over them and clotheslining Warrior! He repeatedly punches Warrior, using speed and power to his advantage! Blade's trying to use the ropes to get up. Blanchard's got Kidman on the ropes, lifting him up. But Kidman lashes out with his boots, kicking Blanchard and saving himself. Austin's also trying to eliminate someone, but Heavy P is fighting back. X-Dog's showing that he's the freshest, though. Warrior's been in the ring for over 20 minutes now. He's having trouble dealing with the fresh DX member.

Tenay: Meanwhile, Kidman leaps off the ropes and catches Blanchard with a Bulldog, stunning him. Kidman, for a Cruiserweight, has been looking strong in there so far. Oh, in the corner, Steve Austin has been surprised by a shocking double-team: Heavy P and Animal Thug are both kicking him down! Austin's in a lot of trouble, and Blanchard and Warrior are in no shape to help! Blade is back up, and is joining in on the bludgeoning of Warrior. The two tag-team partners lift Warrior up and position him, then hit a double dropkick that sends Warrior over the ropes! Warrior has been eliminated!! He lasted a long time, but the double-team was too much.

Heenan: So left in the ring, we have Animal Thug, Tully Blanchard, Steve Austin, Heavy P, the DX Army, and Kidman. There'll be another wrestler in just a second. Blade and X-Dog are still working as a team, attacking Blanchard now. Kidman leaves that area and just watches, conserving his energy. In the other corner, the truce between Animal Thug and Heavy P is over. They're back to punching each other, as Austin tries to recover out of the corner. The count's about down! Here comes another wrestler!

*Big Daddy breaks through the curtain and heads for the ring... *

Tenay: We've got another DX member! That'll make 3 of them in the ring. Steve Austin is back on his feet. He shakes off the cobwebs and looks over at Animal Thug and Heavy P, who are still going at it in the corner. Austin then charges into the DX Army, hitting X-Dog in the back, then sending Blade over the top rope! But Blade lands on the apron, then steps back through. Blanchard grabs Blade on the arm and twists it behind him. Big Daddy's in the ring, now. He steps over and immediately attacks the Horsemen members! Animal Thug's got the edge now in the corner, lifting Heavy P up and halfway over the ropes. Heavy P's kicking and fighting, trying to survive.

JR: Billy Kidman is up on the turnbuckle, a dangerous position in these types of matches. He leaps, though, and nails Big Daddy from behind! Kidman's decided to keep attacking Degeneration-X, I guess. He gets a dropkick to land on Big Daddy, stunning him. Austin, meanwhile, has X-Dog in the air. He slams him down hard, then stumbles back. Even Austin's starting to feel the fatigue of such a long match. Big Daddy has a hold of Kidman, sending him into the only empty corner in the ring, while Blade tries to recover against Blanchard. Animal Thug's back down, breathing hard. I missed whatever hit him, although I'll assume it was Heavy P.

Tenay: Probably so, JR. Heavy P's pulling himself up, supporting himself on the ropes. It looks like he's bleeding from a small cut on his forehead. He grabs Animal Thug and tries to lift him up, but his ankle is not strong enough. Meanwhile, Big Daddy's strangling little Billy Kidman in the corner. Austin's got a nerve hold on X-Dog, which has him in a lot of pain. Blanchard and Blade are still locked up, but Blade's launching a comeback with multiple punches! Wait, the buzzer just sounded! I'm losing track of the time here!

*Mankind appears, swinging a 2x4... he walks quickly to the ring... *

JR: I think Foley has the wrong idea about this match. The ref is explaining things, and takes away the piece of wood. Now Mankind's ready to enter the ring. He slides in and gets smashed immediately by Big Daddy, who left Kidman in the corner to fight the fresh man. Steve Austin has X-Dog on the way out! X-Dog's fighting, trying to stay in, but Austin's got him hoisted up there. Blade leaves Blanchard, though, and aids his partner, ramming Austin and nearly knocking X-Dog out anyway. X-Dog comes back into the ring as Austin drops Blade with another Stunner!! Blade's deadweight in the middle of the ring! But X-Dog's back, striking with renewed fury on the Rattlesnake!

Heenan: Mankind, meanwhile, somehow managed to get the Mandible Claw on Big Daddy!! Big Daddy's trying to fight him off, but that's a powerful move! No, Big Daddy's tumbling over the top rope, taking Mankind with him! Mick Foley barely manages to land on the apron, then rolls back in. But Big Daddy, shockingly, has been quickly eliminated! Mankind next goes after Animal Thug, kicking him multiple times, then going for another Mandible Claw! There's not much Animal Thug can do! He's completely exhausted! Blanchard, Blade, and Heavy P are still down, not fighting anyone. X-Dog has Austin hurting from a couple of well-aimed punches, while Mankind is taking down the Thug!

JR: And it's time for the next wrestler! People are getting tired, this is a great time to enter! Especially when you have teammates in the ring!

*As the timer runs out, Gambit appears and runs for the ring... *

Tenay: We have another DX member! Gambit runs for the ring, as Kidman gets up from the ropes and prepares to meet him. The two renew their brawl from earlier, with Gambit driving hard lefts and rights into Kidman's ribs! Animal Thug might be unconscious, it's hard to tell. Mankind has left him alone, instead attacking Heavy P, who was trying to get up. Heavy P lands a few shots of his own, but he's getting tired. He's been wrestling a long time tonight. Blade's moving slowly, still in bad shape after that Stone Cold Stunner he received. It's surprising he hasn't been tossed out yet. Blanchard's on his feet, pummeling X-Dog along with Austin. Gambit's got Kidman on the ropes. He lifts him onto the turnbuckle, then climbs up next to him. What's he doing? Oh, there's the Stinger!! Kidman can't have much left after that! But that left Gambit open, as Blanchard turns and drops him with a lariat!

JR: Finishing moves hurt, but in these kind of Rumbles, you don't want to be on the mat. It's dangerous down there! As Blanchard lifts Gambit to his feet, Austin gets X-Dog in a Chokelift, taking some more energy from him. Blade rolls over and grabs Austin's leg, distracting him enough for X-Dog to turn it into a Faceplant, introducing Austin's nose to the 'soft' canvas! Heavy P and Mankind are still locked up, with Heavy P making sure to avoid the Mandible Claw. Kidman's rocked, but he's rolling. He grabs the ropes, but still can't pull himself up after being "stung".

Heenan: I have no idea what Animal Thug is running on. He got put in the Mandible Claw, yet he's still trying to get back up! He's been in there for over half an hour! The champ's tank is surely empty, but that's not going to stop him from trying! We've got another man coming, so keep watching!

*"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn" comes to the ring...*

JR: Yet another DX member! Boy, there's a lot of them! Gunn is walking to the ring, as the fights continue. Animal Thug has somehow regained his feet. He grabs Mankind from behind and drops, forcing Mankind to hit the back of his head on the mat! Heavy P quickly takes advantage, climbing to the second turnbuckle and leaping, landing on top of Mankind! Anyone for Foley pancakes? X-Dog and Blade are trying to double-team Austin again. They whip him into the ropes, then go for a clothesline. But Austin ducks, then rebounds with a leaping Double Lariat, taking down both DX members! He grabs Blade and lifts him over the ropes. Oh, but Billy Gunn has arrived! He strikes Austin in the back, then grabs Blade and pulls him down.

Heenan: I've got to say, DX seems to be working very well together in there. Blanchard has got Gambit in a Torture Rack, but as he turns around, Billy Gunn nails him with a hard right, dropping both Blanchard and Gambit. Heavy P, meanwhile, lifts Mankind up into a Piledriver, snapping his neck on the ground. He grabs Animal Thug and lifts him up, then says something to him. I have no idea what the two guys are talking about, especially at this point in time.

Tenay: I would say they're talking about DX, Bobby, 'cause the Thug just whipped Heavy P into the crowd! He just knocked down both Blade and X-Dog with one shot! Numbers tell the tale, guys! Thug and Heavy P realize that if DX keeps getting more guys, they won't be able to be taken out!

*The buzzer sounds, and "the Ghetto Thugsta" Chad Muska walks out*

JR: The Ghetto Thugsta is on his way down! He's the 20th wrestler in this thing. In the ring, Animal Thug lifts up Blade and drops him across the top rope, neckfirst! That'll ruin your weekend! Heavy P and Billy Gunn are exchanging shots. Gambit, meanwhile, has picked up the weakened Kidman. He lifts him up, trying to get him over the ropes. Wait, Blanchard steps up behind the two, and grabs both guys! He eliminates both of them!! Gambit and Kidman are gone! They're still fighting on the outside, but whatever they think, their night is over!

Heenan: That gives us, what, 9 guys in the ring, with 6 more on the way? We're down to our last 15, folks! Steve Austin is back up, thanks to a helping hand from Blanchard. I must admit, I'm shocked Blanchard's still in there. He's had a match already tonight, then somehow has survived this long. Blade has also been impressive. Mankind's back on his feet. He walks over to Heavy P and taps him on the shoulder. As Heavy P turns, Mankind strikes him in the throat, then DDT's him! Heavy P's not looking too good now. OH, Animal Thug's got Blade up, and there's the Accelerating Thug!!! Blade is toast! Thug lifts him up, almost painfully, and tosses him out. Blade has been eliminated!!

Tenay: Hey, what happened to Chad Muska? He was heading for the ring, but did he ever get there? I can't find him in the squared circle! Wait, he's still in the aisle! Who's he talking to? Is that Jay Buhner he's talking to? It looks like Buhner and a few of the Seattle Mariners came out to see the show! I guess Muska decided to REALLY take his time in getting to the ring. But a new guy's about to appear!

*The buzzer sounds, and "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash appears...*

JR: Now here's a definite threat to win this thing! Nash has won Rumbles before. In the ring, Blanchard and Austin are both pounding on Animal Thug, who's in deep trouble. X-Dog's getting slammed repeatedly by Heavy P, while Mankind is choking down Billy Gunn. Wait, Kevin Nash has Chad Muska on the outside! He slams him into the guardrail, even as Buhner leans out of the way. Nash is dragging Muska to the ring! Mankind's still nailing down Heavy P, although he hasn't tried another Claw yet. X-Dog's on the mat, not moving. Billy Gunn is trying to take out Blanchard, while Austin is moving towards X-Dog.

Tenay: This one's been going on for so long, and some of these guys have been in there for a long time! Nash has got Muska in the ring. He's just choking the rookie down! Muska's trying to fight back, but Nash is just absorbing the hits. Austin is trying to eliminate X-Dog, while Mankind pulls Heavy P to his feet. He then lifts one of Heavy P's legs onto the ropes. I don't think Mankind can do it alone, though. Blanchard's hanging on by his fingernails, as Billy Gunn continues to try and get rid of him.

Heenan: Out of all of these guys, you have to think Nash could take out some heavy hitters right now. Muska is down and out, but Nash continues to drive him into the mat. Animal Thug's just laying in the corner, spent. For some reason, though, no one's attacking him. They're all busy with their own fights. There goes that timer. Next out, the Rock!

*The buzzer sounds, and the fans look at the entryway... they continue to watch, but no one appears...*

Tenay: What? Where's the Rock? He was scheduled to be the next one out! Has anyone seen him today? Well, I guess he couldn't make the Rumble. I haven't heard anything from him for a while, at any rate. Meanwhile, Kevin Nash has Animal Thug up. He's punching the champ, and yelling something to the crowd. Austin's got Billy Gunn by the throat, as Blanchard pulls himself painfully back into the ring. But X-Dog runs in and clotheslines Blanchard, sending him back out again! Blanchard is eliminated!! Austin saw him go out, though. He smashes X-Dog in the back of the head, dropping him to the ground. X-Dog might be out of it!

JR: Austin turns his attention back to Gunn, as Nash continues to punch Animal Thug. Heavy P and Mankind are both down on one side of the ring. Neither one is moving much. Muska's pulling himself back up, shaking his head. He rises up and takes a couple of unsteady steps, then charges in and hits Nash square in the vertebrae!! Nash clutches his back and turns, only to be caught by multiple European Uppercuts! Muska's on the rampage! Animal Thug's just resting in the corner now, biding his time, or just unable to move. Whichever sounds better, right guys?

Tenay: Right. Mankind's still down, but Heavy P's rolling, trying to reach the ropes. Austin's got Billy Gunn sagging on the ropes. He runs forward with a smash, and Gunn topples! Billy Gunn has been eliminated!!! X-Dog's on his own now, at least for a few minutes. We're running low on competitors now, at least in the ring. Austin, X-Dog, Animal Thug, Heavy P, Mankind, Kevin Nash, and Chad Muska are the ones in the ring. As Austin lifts X-Dog up, let's see who number 23 is.

*As the count runs out, Ken Shamrock appears in the opening... he screams, then goes for the ring...*

Heenan: Now the Most Dangerous Man enters the equation. Muska's still in control over Nash, with repeated shots. Heavy P's back on his feet, waiting. Austin's got X-Dog in the corner, choking him down, as Shamrock enters the ring. Here comes Heavy P!! This is the first time they've seen each other since Shamrock injured his ankle! What a fight! Heavy P's getting his 5th wind, and Shamrock's meeting him blow for blow!! Animal Thug's getting back to his feet, watching the two fight. Austin lifts X-Dog back to his feet and lifts him over the ropes. X-Dog lands on the apron and drops down, clotheslining Austin across the ropes! X-Dog then slides back in. Mankind's climbing up the ropes in the corner. But the show is in the center of the ring, as Heavy P and Shamrock are beating each other silly!!

Tenay: Heavy P is NOT one I'd want to get on my bad side! He and Shamrock are going nuts! Heavy P grabs Shamrock by the head and throws him into the ropes, oh, and Shamrock goes out!! Shamrock is eliminated already!! But wait, Heavy P leaps over the ropes and eliminates HIMSELF!! He's going after Shamrock with a fury I've never seen the like of before!! Shamrock returns the favor with his own anger, but Heavy P is incensed! The two are going to fight all the way back down the aisle! No, I was wrong! They just went into the crowd!!! What a brawl! Meanwhile, in the ring, X-Dog has joined Muska in attacking Nash. They're kicking him repeatedly. Austin's regaining his feet on one side, while Mankind has started attacking Animal Thug on the other. He's trying to lift Animal Thug out of the ring!

*The buzzer sounds again, and "Double A" Arn Anderson walks calmly to the ring... *

Heenan: We're getting down to the nitty-gritty now, with Anderon being the 24th man in the Rumble. Steve Austin's just waiting for his Horsemen ally to come to the ring. Kevin Nash has knocked down X-Dog, and has Chad Muska in the air! He benchpresses Muska once, then sends him over the ropes! Muska is gone! Nash then lifts up an empty X-Dog and Scoop Slams him. Anderson enters the ring and talks with Austin for a second. The two then suddenly run forward and clothesline Nash hard to the mat!! Mankind's walking along the ropes, holding his head, as Animal Thug pulls himself down from the turnbuckle. Mankind was unable to eliminate the champ, who's nearing an hour in the ring. It's absolutely amazing that the Thug is still hanging in there. Anderson continues to punch Nash, while Austin lifts X-Dog to his feet.

Tenay: Animal Thug may not have much left, but he's using what he has! He comes out of the corner and catches Austin with a shot, before he can toss out X-Dog. He then tries to lift Austin with a suplex, but Austin blocks it, then tries one of his own. Neither is succesful. Wait, Mankind enters the picture! He grabs both wrestlers, and slams them together! As Austin staggers backwards, Mankind charges at Animal Thug and drives him almost over the ropes! But Animal Thug's using the last of his strength to hang on! What intestinal fortitude! Mankind's again trying to eliminate the champ, but he can't do it. Austin comes over and starts to help Foley, but then clobbers Mankind on the back of the neck! Meanwhile, Anderson's taking some punches from Nash, who's back on his feet. We've got the second to last guy coming out!

*X-Killah comes through the ropes and delivers a Crotch Chop, then runs to the ring...*

JR: The final DX member is in the Rumble! He enters the ring at a fast rate of speed, smashing into Steve Austin and knocking him down! He then goes after Animal Thug will numerous punches! X-Dog's again trying to get up, while Nash has Anderson in trouble. No, Nash has Anderson in the Jackknife!! Anderson might be out! Nash is laughing again. He leans down and pulls Anderson to his feet, then tries to throw him out. Anderson uses his experience, however, to lock onto the bottom rope with his foot. X-Killah's got Mankind backed up against the ropes. He's firing almost everything he has at the Hardcore Champ, drilling him repeatedly!

Tenay: Animal Thug's down on one knee, sucking in air. Austin's using the ropes so steady his head. His eyes are shut, as he tries to regroup. X-Killah's attempting to lift Mankind over the ropes, as Nash is trying to loosen Anderson's grip. Animal Thug somehow rises back to his feet, eyes blinking rapidly. But he's still got something left! The Thug steps over and punches Nash in the Kidney. As Big Sexy collapses in pain, Thug catches him and flips him, with a Powerslam!! That took a lot out of both men! Austin gets up and heads over to where Anderson's rolling back into the ring. X-Killah has Mankind hanging by his 'claw', kicking and shoving him. Finally, Mankind lets go, and falls hard to the outside! X-Killah eliminated Mankind!

Heenan: X-Killah's feeling pretty good now, but we still have a major favorite on the way here in just a few seconds. X-Killah goes over to Animal Thug, who holds out his hand and points, as the buzzer goes off.

*"The Big Show" Paul Wight steps through the curtains and shows the sign for the Chokeslam... he then stomps down to the ring, where the wrestlers are watching...*

JR: Animal Thug's saying something to X-Killah and Nash. As Paul Wight enters the ring, Thug, X-Killah, X-Dog, and Nash all charge forward!! They're attacking Wight en masse!! Austin and Anderson watch for a second, look at each other, then join in!! Wight's swinging away, trying to dislodge his attackers, but they're all swinging freely on him! It's a 6-on-1, depending on how many you count Wight as! Animal Thug bends down and lifts one of Wight's legs, as Austin drops with a Jawbreaker on Wight! Now Nash lifts with Thug. The rest are getting Wight up! He's flailing, trying to hang on, but it's too much! Wight topples out of the ring and lands hard on the floor outside!! Paul Wight was gang-tackled and eliminated!!!

Tenay: They aren't taking long to celebrate, though. Austin immediately nails X-Dog, lifting him up and dropping him down across his knee! Anderson and Nash go back at it, as X-Killah and Animal Thug exchange shots. One of these 6 is going to win the Rumble! No more entries, no more last-minute changes, this one will be decided within a matter of minutes! Austin has X-Dog up and hanging on the ropes! He then drops from the ropes, bouncing X-Dog up and down, until he flips over and out of the ring! That's it for X-Dog! He lasted a long time, but couldn't make it the whole way!

JR: Meanwhile, Animal Thug is down in the corner. X-Killah turns and charges in, catching Austin with a few shots. Nash has Anderson in a chokehold, but the tag-team champ drops out of it, then lands a low blow! As Nash staggers, Austin reaches up, grabs him, and hits the Gourde Buster!! Nash is down! Animal Thug's woozy, trying to grab the ropes and missing. X-Killah, meanwhile, tries to lift Austin up, but gets raked across the face. As he stumbles back, Austin spins and catches him with an Uppercut, then drives him to the mat with a Discus Clothesline! How much longer can these guys fight?

Heenan: Anderson has Nash up on the ropes. He's trying to lift him over, even as Nash tries to use his legs feebly to stay in. Animal Thug's back on his feet. He's definitely almost out of it. He's got to be running on instinct by now. Austin has an arm bar on X-Killah, causing one of the newer guys in the Rumble to cry out in pain. Nash is almost out, as Anderson lifts him. Wait, Animal Thug stumbles behind him and grabs, shoving Nash all the way out and hanging Anderson most of the way as well! Anderson's kicking furiously, trying to hang on! Nash is eliminated! JR: Oh, boy, Animal Thug's in for it now! He's got two Horsemen to consider! Austin steps over and drives a couple of shots into Animal Thug's back, as Anderson swings towards the front. The two Horsemen continue to nail Animal Thug, driving him down to the mat. They're smiling now, flashing the four fingers, as Animal Thug pulls himself to his knees. OH, Animal Thug just landed a double low blow!!! The four fingers are down for sure now!! Anderson crouches, in obvious pain, and Austin falls to the right. Animal Thug then regains his feet and lifts Anderson high into the air with a Suplex! No, wait, it's the Accelerating Thug!!! Anderson's out cold!! Animal Thug gets back up and grabs Anderson, lifting him and tossing him out of the ring! We're down to a 1-on-1 situation!! Animal Thug vs. Steve Austin!!

Tenay: Animal Thug's leaning on the ropes. He's been in there for almost an hour. Of course, Austin has around 30 minutes himself, so neither wrestler is fresh. Animal Thug turns back, and Austin's waiting for him. He nails Animal Thug repeatedly with his fist, then tries for a Suplex. No, Animal Thug blocks it, then Uppercuts Austin back! Animal Thug smiles and steps forward, but Austin catches him with a couple of head shots, then spins and hits the Stone Cold Stunner!!! Wow!! Animal Thug's out of it for sure now! Austin lifts him up and gets him over his head, then tosses Animal Thug to the floor!!! "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is the Rumble Champion!!!!

Heenan: There was nothing Animal Thug could do. He was spent. Taking out Anderson took the last of his strength, so Austin was able to eliminate him. So "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is the winner of the Rumble! Animal Thug is just laying outside the ring, not moving. We might need a medic down at ringside, guys. Animal Thug may have spent more than he had to give to fight so long and so hard. Wait, someone's come out of the crowd, and is checking on Animal Thug! Who is that? He looks familiar, but I can't place him.

JR: He's definitely got Steve Austin looking surprised! Wait, we've got a better camera angle.... my god, is that Night-Mare? The former World Champ from the EEWF? What's he doing here? Well, other than tending to Animal Thug, I mean? This is a huge development, ladies and gentlemen, but I'm afraid we're out of time. Tune in for next Wednesday, when we talk about what happened tonight! No Pain, No Gain, No Fame!

*The show ends with Austin slowly lifting the four fingers, while Night-Mare helps Animal Thug up... the PPV Ordering screen comes on... *