*As the sun sets in the background, the rock music starts... a guitar is playing fast and loud, setting the tone... a shadow comes in front of the sun and walks towards the camera... it is shown to be the Accelerator, who smiles and yells "Let the wwwwwaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr begin!"... immediately the screen switches to various wrestlers landing their moves... Austin hits the Stone Cold Stunner... Heavy P squashes an opponent with the Belly Flop... Dynamic Dynamite drops a guy with the Dynamic Pain... suddenly, the symbols of the stables appear on the screen, with most of the stable's wrestlers shown in the corners of the screen... the Union, Degeneration-X, and the Horsemen each flash by... the final shot is of the Wolfpac symbol, with Animal Thug appearing above it wearing the World Heavyweight Title and howling... after all this the screen cracks and erupts with fire... across the screen, you can see GCWA: Warriors of the Ring... the screen goes off as the camera pans over the crowd at the Key Arena here in Seattle, Washington... the fans are screaming for the camera, raising their many signs... the shot focuses on the broadcast location, where Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Mike Tenay, and Jim Ross are sitting...

Tenay: Hello, and welcome to the Warriors of the Ring!! The excitement here is intense, as 26 of the best wrestlers in the GCWA will enter the ring for a chance to become the Rumble Champion! Really, anyone has the chance of coming out the winner in this one, JR!

JR: Every wrestler is going into this event thinking of the glory of becoming the GCWA Rumble champ for the next few months. I'm sure it consists of a payraise for these guys, making this a major event! Really, though, some of the younger wrestlers are aching for the chance to make themselves known to the veterans of the GCWA. Already some of the more well-known stars have had to excuse themselves from this event. Phoenix, the former World Champ, is not in it. Darkstarr, DMX, Hawaiian Heat, all were unable to enter the Rumble. But that doesn't mean the talent level's down, since Animal Thug, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Heavy P, and many others are prepared for a great fight!

Heenan: I'm so excited about this, JR, Mike. I've seen many of these events, and some have been the most extraordinary events in wrestling history. I personally am going to have to go with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as my pick. The man has won these events before. He got a better pick than half of the wrestlers in this one. Besides, the guy's changed his attitude. It'll help him tonight.

Tenay: Although Austin's not a bad pick, I'm leaning towards the Big Show, Paul Wight. He got the best drawing for the Rumble, he's the largest guy around, and he too has won something like this before. He's going to be hard to get out.

JR: Let's round out the discussion with my picks. I was leaning towards Heavy P, the IC champ, but he has a tough match before the Rumble with Dynamic Dynamite. So I'm going to take the long shot. I think the World Champ, Animal Thug, might be able to buck the odds of being one of the first in the ring, and come out as the winner. It just depends on how many team up against him.

Tenay: We've made our picks, but we won't get to see our guesses for a while yet. First off, we have 3 top Pay-Per-View matches to see! First up, we have a grudge match between two of the future of the Cruiserweights, in my opinion. Billy Kidman and Gambit have recently become enemies, making this match a good way to base on who will continue to climb the ladder towards the Cruiserweight champion, DMX. Let's go to the ring!

David Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our first bout of the evening... *cheers* this match is scheduled for one fall... coming down the aisle... standing 5'9" tall, and weighing in at 174 lbs... the cruiserweight known for his shooting star press... Billy Kidman!

*Boos and cheers intermingle as Kidman comes to the ring... he looks around at the audience for a second before going to his corner... *

JR: This kid's shown some flashes of his old self recently, but still hasn't been able to shake the image of a rookie in the GCWA's eyes. Still, with a PPV win, anything's possible, right, guys?

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'2", 210 lbs... he's the newest member of Degeneration-X... "The Scorpion" Gambit!

*The DX theme starts as Gambit walks out... fans clap as the DX member makes his way down to the ring...*

Heenan: Here's one of the up-and-comers in the GCWA. Gambit looks to make a big impact tonight against both Kidman and the rest of the wrestlers in the Rumble. He's even learning the art of alliances. This kid might just be going places in the future.

*the bell rings... *

Tenay: Gambit and Kidman don't waste any time, immediately locking up. Gambit gets a quick headlock, but Kidman lifts him into a backdrop. As Gambit tries to get back up, Kidman goes off the ropes and rebounds, leaping over Gambit with a Sunset Flip! 1... Gambit quickly kicks out, but that was a surprising move from Kidman! He tried to finish this one really quickly, guys.

JR: Kidman's probably thinking about the Rumble later on, Mike. A quick win would keep him fresh. Both men quickly get to their feet, with Kidman kicking Gambit in the gut. Gambit bends down, but then bounces back up with a stunning roundhouse right! Kidman steps back, but Gambit follows up the punch with a standing Dropkick which sends Kidman to the mat! This one's looking like a real fight, Heenan. Gambit continues the assault, hitting another Dropkick as Kidman regains his feet. Kidman sprawls backwards and falls out of the ring. He's shaking his head outside, as if surprised at the shots from Gambit. Oh, but he's not watching the ring! Here comes Gambit, over the top rope with a Suicide Splash! Both men are down outside the ring, as the ref starts the count. No, Gambit's back up, grabbing Kidman by the hair and slinging him into the guardrail! Kidman falls forward, but Gambit just grabs him and uses the momentum to throw him back into the ring!

Heenan: Gambit's showing some movements so far in this match, and it's apparent Kidman wasn't prepared for the fight! Kidman starts to get up, rolling onto his knees, as Gambit climbs the ropes! He's waiting on the turnbuckle as Kidman regains his feet, then hits a Missle Dropkick! Kidman's down! Gambit goes for the pin... 1... 2... Kidman kicks out. I almost thought Gambit could get that one. Gambit's a little too emotional, though. He's celebrating with the fans a little too early. Finally Gambit steps over and 'helps' Kidman back to his feet. He pushes Kidman back into the corner, then tries to lift him up, but Kidman blocks it and throws an elbow, stunning Gambit. As Gambit staggers back, Kidman pulls himself up to the second turnbuckle and leaps, hitting a version of the Blockbuster!! Gambit's holding his head on the mat, in obvious pain. Kidman slowly gets back up, trying to clear out some of those cobwebs.

Tenay: He's got a chance, now, to really take it to Gambit. He reaches down and returns the earlier favor, brining Gambit up. He then lifts him higher, before dropping him with an Inverted Atomic Drop! Even the fans groan a little bit at that one. Kidman then runs forward and drops Gambit with a lariat. Kidman's fired up, JR! He kicks Gambit on the mat, then goes for the pin.... 1.... 2.... Gambit kicks out! This is turning into a surprisingly competitive match!

Heenan: Kidman looks a little surprised at the kickout, but he's too much of a pro to lose time talking with the ref. He whips Gambit into the ropes, then tries another clothesline, but misses as the Scorpion ducks. Gambit rebounds off the ropes with a Flying Forearm into Kidman's skull! We've got two tired wrestlers laying on the mat! Gambit slowly grabs the ropes and gets up, while Kidman tries desperately to get his breath back. The momentum and the moves have been back and forth in this one. Gambit grabs Kidman by the hair and lifts him up, looking him in the face. The two stare at each other for a second, then Gambit drops, rolling Kidman up in a cradle pinning move! 1... 2... Kidman barely gets out!

JR: Gambit leaps back up and runs in, smashing Kidman back to the mat before he can fully stand up. He then looks at the fans and does a single crotch chop, which gets the crowd on its feet! That's the first chop I've seen from this young man! He goes and again tosses Kidman into the corner. He could be going for the Stinger! Both men are in the corner now. Gambit signals to the crowd, then goes for the Stinger. But Kidman blocks it and sends Gambit down hard to the mat! Wait, Kidman's up, and leaps! It's the Seven-Year Itch! Kidman's on top of Gambit! The ref dives over... 1.... 2.... 3!!!! Kidman pulls out the win!

Heenan: Wow! I really though Gambit had this one, but Kidman's experience at the very end saved him. Both of these guys look exhausted. Luckily, they still have a couple of matches to rest before the Rumble. Let's take a look at the replay.

*The replay shows the suicide dive, the Blockbuster, and finally the Seven Year Itch, as Heenan tries to describe the action...

Tenay: A very impressive opening match. We've still got two more brawls to go before the Rumble, and each has titles on the line. Let's get to it! This next match has been a long time in the making, and should help determine who the best tag-team in the world is, at least for this night. The tag-team division has grown some recently, but these two teams are definitely at the top of the list. Take it, Penzer!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... weighing a combined 517 lbs... two of the main members of the Horsemen... "Double A" Arn Anderson... Tully Blanchard... the Bone Busters!

*The whole arena fills with boos as the two Horsemen walk out, flashing the four fingers... Anderson's carrying his tire iron, while Blanchard's wiping his hands on a towel... the two come to the ring... *

Tenay: These two have really had an impact on the GCWA since they first appeared last month. They personally arranged the shocking change of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and helped to create havoc around the federation. But they've been struggling as of late, with the still unexplained departure of "Amish" Larry Destiny. With only 3 members, the circle seems incomplete. Still, don't expect that to make this an easy match for the DX Army.

Penzer: Their opponents... weighing a combined 422 lbs... they are thought of as one of the surprise tag-teams of the year, as two cruiserweights who have retained the titles... the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World... Blade... X-Dog... the DX Army!

*Cheers go up as the two DX members walk out and start doing crotch chops... green smoke drifts out behind them... the two have the tag-team titles around their waists... they walk down the aisle... *

JR: Blade's arrival in the GCWA is thought of as the cataclysm for Degeneration-X. He really fired them up, and earned them two titles, the tag-team belts along with X-Dog, and the Internet Title from Vice. X-Dog's thrived next to his partner, and you have to consider both of these guys potential cruiserweight title threats as well. They've got a big job ahead of them tonight, though. Let's get it on!

*The bell rings, as all 4 wrestlers start exchanging shots...*

Tenay: We've got a brawl to start things off! Anderson and Blade are throwing punches, while Blanchard sends X-Dog into the ropes, but misses his clothesline. As X-Dog comes back, he tries to leap over Blanchard, but the big man catches him and whips him back down with a Sidewalk Slam! The ref's working on getting Blade and Anderson out of the ring, so I guess Blanchard and X-Dog are the legal men. Blanchard lifts X-Dog up and hits a Gutbuster, sending X-Dog rolling in pain. Blanchard then drags the DX member over to his corner, quickly tagging in Anderson.

Heenan: They're showing that teamwork that made them tag champs in both the WWF and WCW, guys. The Bone Busters really are a great team. I should know. I managed them.

JR: Which means you aren't very objective, right, Weasal? *shakes head* Anderson's got X-Dog in the corner, and he's just pounding away. The audience is refusing to count along, though. These Horsemen may be the most hated group in the GCWA. Anderson gets off of X-Dog and locks him up, then lifts him for a suplex. He holds him up there for a few seconds, letting the blood run to his brain, before dropping him to the canvas! Anderson goes for a pin, but only gets a 1 count. Anderson gets up and runs off the ropes, hitting a rolling knee drop! Anderson may be a little older than most, but he hit that shot with perfection! X-Dog's hurting in there now. Anderson tags Blanchard back in, who lifts X-Dog into a Bearhug. He's trying to squeeze everything out of this young man!

Tenay: X-Dog's struggling, but you can tell he's in a lot of pain. He's trying desperately to get one of his arms free. Blanchard's really enjoying himself now, walking around the ring still carrying X-Dog. Oh, wait, he got too close to the ropes, and X-Dog managed to get a foot out and hook it! The ref orders Blanchard to release the hold, which he does. He then starts lifting his hands and celebrating! I think he's got the wrong idea!

Heenan: Turn around, Blanchard, it's not over yet!

JR: X-Dog's back on his feet, as Blanchard spins around. Oh, and a stunning dropkick from X-Dog sends Blanchard into the ropes! He rebounds and X-Dog catches him with his own Snap Suplex! Blanchard is down! Blade is stomping his feet, trying to get the crowd behind X-Dog as he lays on the mat. X-Dog's rolling towards Blade, trying to make the tag, despite being dazed. Blanchard sees him and dives forward, but it's too late! Blade comes in furiously, landing shot after shot on Blanchard's head! He leaps up and locks his legs around Blanchard's throat, then drops, landing a standing Hurricanrana!! Blade then goes for the pin... 1... 2... NO, Blanchard kicks out!

Tenay: Blade's really got the crowd fired up, though. He continuously kicks Blanchard with his martial arts maneuvers. Suddenly, he spins and hits a massive shot to Arn Anderson, knocking him off the apron! Oh, but he paid for that one, as Blanchard caught him with a stunning right hook! Blanchard then whips Blade into the ropes. Oh, the wrong ropes, 'cause he tagged in X-Dog along the way! Blade ducks Blanchard's lariat, then X-Dog springs over the ropes from the apron and Splashes him! The ref comes over... 1.... 2.. NO! Blanchard still somehow kicks out! X-Dog lifts the man up and throws him hard into the corner, then charges in and snapkicks him in the jaw! Blanchard's slumped down in the corner, just where X-Dog wanted him. Here comes the Bronco Buster! X-Dog's riding Blanchard hard!

JR: Hey guys, who's that coming down to ringside? Is that Warrior? What's he doing here? Is this a response to the Horsemen offer of membership? Well, he's just watching right now. None of the wrestlers have seen him.

Tenay: X-Dog tags Blade back in, and the two go for the double-team of Blanchard, sending him airborne with a double-back-body drop! Blanchard's can't have much left! Blade pulls him up and sends him into the ropes again, then hiptosses him to the mat and goes for the pin! 1... 2.... NO, Anderson reappears and makes the save, pounding on the back of Blade! X-Dog immediately runs in and attacks Anderson! We've got a melee! X-Dog and Anderson are just furiously slugging each other! The ref's trying to get them out of the ring. Blade's holding his head and leans down, maybe out of breath? No, wait, he's trying to get the Wetstone on Blanchard! Hold on, Warrior's dived into the ring!! Blade sees him and tries to get up, but Warrior grabs him and... OH, Man! He may have just broken Blade's neck with that move!!! Was that the Armageddon maneuver?? Blade is down and out, as Warrior leaves the ring! The ref didn't see a thing! Blanchard crawls over and makes the pin, as Anderson keeps X-Dog busy in the corner.... 1..... 2.... 3!!!! We have new tag-team champions!!

Heenan: Unbelievable!! Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard are the GCWA tag champs! They said they were going to get them, and they did! I wonder if they still need a manager?

JR: Warrior was a major effect in this match, though. Wait, he's back in the ring. And here comes "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! They're lifting X-Dog up as Austin comes into the ring, and he hits a Stunner!! Both DX members are down!! Anderson's lending Blanchard a hand, as Warrior goes and grabs the tag belts. All four men are in the ring now. Anderson and Blanchard put the tag titles on, then lift the four fingers, as the shocked crowd looks on. Austin lifts his, then Warrior completes it, lifting the four fingers! The IV Horsemen are again as one!! I can't believe it! The newest star in the GCWA is now a Horsemen!

*The replay shows some of the devestating moves in the match, including the double-back drop and the Armageddon shot... it focuses on the four fingers of Anderson... *

JR: One title has changed hands tonight. We still have one more match before the main event: the Rumble! This match-up really came together due to the departure of "Amish" Larry Destiny. Since he forfeited the title, tonight will decide who the rightful IC champ is.

Heenan: I'm still against this match, guys. Heavy P and Dynamic Dynamite would both normally be favorites in the Rumble. But having a match right before the Rumble's going to start? Especially when Dynamite's #3? At least Heavy P will have a few minutes to get his breath back. But really, both of these guys will be going into the Rumble tired after this one, I'm sure.

Tenay: If they do, Bobby, then all they lose is the Rumble. That Intercontinental Title is just as big an honor. Let's go to the action!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall... on the line, the GCWA Intercontinental Title! *cheers* First, the challenger... coming to the ring... standing 6'7" and weighing in at 275 pounds... he's the self-proclaimed FU-champ, an unofficial title... he's also a member of the Union... Dynamic Dynamite!

*The crowd seems undecided about Dynamite, but the boos seem to outweigh the cheers...*

JR: The fans probably still haven't forgiven Dynamite after he joined the Union, which helped to injure Heavy P not long ago. Now Dynamite becomes the first Union member to have to deal with Heavy P's wrath. This should be a very good match.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'3", and 328 lbs... he's been the leader of great stables, and has won numerous titles in his career... currently the GCWA Intercontinental Champion... Heavy P!

*The big man walks out to a mixture of cheers from the audience... he's got the IC title on his shoulder, and a big grin on his face... he makes his way down... *

Tenay: Heavy P sure looks confident coming into this one. But there's still questions about his ankle, which was severely injured only a few weeks ago by Ken Shamrock. This will be his first match since then, facing a very good competitor. Many have wondered why Heavy P selected such a tough wrestler to begin with. Of course, the answer is obvious: the Union.

*The bell rings...*

JR: The two wrestlers face each other, looking into each other's eyes, seeing into each other's souls. You can feel the energy between the two. The two lock up in the middle of the ring, each trying to get the advantage. Dynamite starts things off with an arm twist, bending Heavy P's arm behind him. But Heavy P rolls forward and reverses the hold, getting behind Dynamite. Dynamite tries an elbow swing, but Heavy P ducks it and wrenches harder on the arm. Dynamite then drops and rolls backwards, spinning on the mat to get free of the hold. Both men regain their footing and again look at each other for a few seconds.

Tenay: This could be a very rough fight, guys. The two lock up again, but this time Heavy P lands a Scoop Slam on Dynamite! Dynamite immediately gets back up to his feet, only to get hit by, of all things, a Dropkick from Heavy P! There was a lot of weight behind that kick! Heavy P gets back up and yells something to the crowd, then lifts Dynamite back up and suplexes him. Heavy P's not showing much ring rust early on in this one. Heavy P goes for the pin, but only gets a one count before Dynamite gets a shoulder up. The former Soldier of Style gets both to their feet and whips Dynamite into the ropes. But Dynamite throws a shoulder forward, smashing into Heavy P... who only goes back a step, then slaps his chest and points at Dynamite! He's daring him to do it again! Dynamite obliges, coming off the ropes and ramming Heavy P again, and again Heavy P barely moves! We've got the unyielding force hitting the immovable object!

Heenan: Heavy P's yelling for Dynamite to try once more, so Dynamite goes off the ropes, and ducks a clothesline attempt by the champ. He comes back and leaps into a splash, landing on top of Heavy P! 1... Heavy P kicks out. But Dynamite's not getting off, instead driving punches into Heavy P's head. He then gets up and steps over to Heavy P's legs, dropping his knee across them repeatedly! Dynamite knows that the ankle is still healing, so he's got his point of attack all figured out! Heavy P's groaning in pain, trying to get to his feet, but Dynamite clips his legs out from under him. Dynamite then smiles before stepping between Heavy P's legs and dropping, locking him up in a Figure Four!! Heavy P's in a lot of pain now! He's close to the ropes, but they're still out of reach by just an inch or two! What a great choice of maneuvers by Dynamite!

JR: If he can weaken that ankle enough, Heavy P will have a lot of trouble hitting the Belly Press. I can't see the big man giving up, but it's got to be on his mind now! Dynamite continues the pressure, as the ref checks on Heavy P. Dynamite's laughing now, increasing the pressure by sitting up. Heavy P's in tremendous pain, but he suddenly lifts himself up and nails Dynamite with a shot to the chin. He punches him again, and again, and finally Dynamite releases the hold. Heavy P grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, but you can tell his wheel is injured. He limps over to Dynamite and grabs him on the way up, hitting a massive DDT! Heavy P then pulls himself back up, still favoring that ankle. He comes off the ropes, building up a little steam, then drops an elbow across Dynamite's throat and goes for the pin.... 1... Dynamite kicks out right at 2.

Tenay: Heavy P slowly brings both wrestlers up, then tries to whip Dynamite in the ropes. Dynamite reverses it, though, sending Heavy P stumbling into the corner. Dynamite then charges in, but Heavy P manages to grab him and flip him over the ropes and out to the floor! Dynamite's down! Heavy P goes through the ropes and to the outside, where Dynamite landed awkwardly. He lifts the FU champ to his feet and slams him into the guardrail. But somehow Dynamite absorbs the shot and comes back with a huge clothesline, leveling Heavy P! The IC Champ is down, while Dynamite's on his knees, getting breath back. Right now, I bet a lot of wrestlers in the back are cheering this match on, since these two are not going to have much left for the Rumble!

Heenan: Oh, you know some of the guys are happy that Heavy P and Dynamic Dynamite will be taken down a few pegs before they even reach the Rumble. Dynamite gets back up, leaning on the apron for support. He grabs Heavy P and drags him over to the guardrail, leaning Heavy P's leg against it! This could be bad. Dynamite uses the guardrail as a stepping stone, dropping back onto Heavy P's exposed ankle and causing him to yell out in pain! Dynamite then quickly grabs Heavy P and rolls him painfully into the ring before the count can run out. He climbs the turnbuckle, points down at Heavy P, and points to himself, nodding. He then leaps, trying for a Flying Elbow Drop. Oh, but Heavy P rolled out of the way! Dynamite hit pretty hard! Both wrestlers are down in the ring! The ref is counting down, as they both try to regain their breath. Heavy P rolls over and gets onto Dynamite's back, then lifts Dynamite's arms onto his knees. It's the Steiner Recliner!!

Tenay: Dynamite's the one in pain now! This is one of Heavy P's finishing maneuvers, one he sometimes does after the Belly Press! All that weight focused on a man's back is excruciating! You can see it on Dynamite's face, as he tries to fight out of it. The ref is watching him closely, as Heavy P continues to stretch his back! Dynamite, though, manages to get his arm wrapped around Heavy P's ankle, and twists, getting him to release the hold. That was quick thinking by Dynamite! This one could have been over! As Heavy P comes back to the attack, Dynamite manages to grab his leg and hit a Dragon Leg Twist! Heavy P's back down in pain! These two are almost spent! What a fight!

JR: Dynamite raises to his feet, shaky but stable enough to grab Heavy P and toss him into the ropes. But Heavy P's leg is so bad, he simply collapses before he can rebound. Dynamite's looking a little more confident now. He steps over and lifts Heavy P slowly up, then lifts him up for a slam. Wait, he can't handle it! He falls backwards with Heavy P on top of him! 1... 2... NO! Dynamite gets a shoulder up. He nearly cost himself the win, though. Heavy P hits a couple of 'heavy' hands on Dynamite then gets to his feet and drops another elbow shot. He then signals to the fans and starts climbing the turnbuckle! Is it time for the Belly Press? Can the ankle hold up? Heavy P's having some trouble standing on the turnbuckle, but he's getting up! This could be it!

Heenan: Yeah, but Dynamite's regaining his feet! Heavy P sees him and leaps, trying to nail him, but Dynamite spins and grabs his head on the way down! He hit the Dynamic Pain! He hit his finisher in midair!! Heavy P's out cold! Dynamite slowly rolls over and puts an arm across him... 1.... 2..... 3!!!!! We have a new Intercontinental Champion!!! A huge upset!!! Dynamite fought his heart and soul out to win this one! Heavy P's injured ankle was definitely a factor in this one, but that's just using good ring sense. Heavy P should have let it heal more before fighting someone like Dynamite.

*A replay of the big moves are shown... Heenan talks about the midair Dynamic Pain for a little bit, showing the move repeatedly... finally, the replay ends...*

Tenay: It's been a huge night so far, with two title changes. But we've still got the main event ahead. 26 wrestlers are coming into the ring. Only one will walk out the winner. Stay tuned, the Rumble is on its way!