*The picture shows the poster shot that's been seen from both persons involved in the match... Jannetty and Blade, holding the World Tag-Team Titles as the Punk Rawk Show back in September... the two are shown using their move, the Blockbuster off the shoulders maneuver that kept them as the champs... Jannetty is pictured in particular, smiling, not knowing the future... the next clip lives in wrestling infamy: Blade, in his own blood, after a savage attack, later proven to be from Shannon Shag-Nasty... Jannetty is pictured for his actions throughout October... while Blade's in the hospital, Jannetty begins fighting with everyone, especially Shag-Nasty... he goes after X-Dog, Shorty, and Nightmare, all DX members... Blade makes his return at October Oblivion, stating how Shag-Nasty attacked him... Blade stays with DX... Jannetty is increasing violent, costing him his Cruiserweight Title at one point... the shocking turn by the Rocker at the Bastards' Ball, taking down X-Dog with a trick contract to regain the Cruiserweight Title for a third time, with a saddened Blade looking on from the back... Blade's drinking problems are pictured, as well as the return of the Rock, who pulls him back together... the two confront each other on various occasions, with Jannetty always seeming to want to run the other direction... the striking of the big blow in the Stable Trophy match is shown, followed by interview segments from both men, making the match a Cage Cruiserweight Title match, with the stipulation that there has to be a winner, or the Rocker retires... fade back to the live feed...*

Heenan: H'ok. That was a long video. I mean, I know these guys have a big history against each other and all, but c'mon, guys, you could have edited some of that out, right?

JR: It was a detailed history, Heenan. Live with it. This has the possibility of being the greatest match of the night. There's so much electricity in the air, but there's also a lot of emotion flowing. You can see some of the signs in the audience. Some of these fans really want to see the reunification of the Punk Rawk Show, while others are just anxious to see a slobberknocker between the two, remembering their battle for the European Title in June '99, a lifetime ago. The cage has been lowered, and is now in place. It's time for the first of three matches that everyone's been dying to see! Let's go to David Penzer.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled as a Steel Cage match... there are three ways to win... pin your opponent, cause him to submit, or escape, either through the doorway or over the top of the cage... you must touch the ground outside the cage to be considered the winner... also on the line is the GCWA Cruiserweight Title! First, the challenger... he stands 5'10" and weighs 210 lbs... in his GCWA career, he has held the Internet, Tag-Team, and World Heavyweight Titles... he seeks his first time as the Cruiserweight Champion tonight... previously representing Degeneration-X, he has now declared himself out of that stable... with his ally, the Rock... he is Blade!

*"The Kids Aren't All Right" by Offspring blasts through the speakers, and Blade, now wearing his old wrestling garb, bereft of any DX symbols, comes out, followed by the Rock... the Rock continues to talk to Blade on the way down the ramp towards the caged ring... Blade seems entirely too serious, barely acknowledging what the Rock is telling him... they get to the cage door, and the Rock smacks Blade on the back, causing him to glare back at him... the Rock grins and says "You're ready", as the camera picks it up... Blade steps in...*

JR: Blade has to have a lot going through him right now. Not only has he come here to fight the man he used to think of as his closest confidante, he's also apparently made it official that he's breaking with Degeneration-X! We'd heard a lot of rumors, and everyone knew that Blade was coming out to different music, but who wanted to believe that Blade, the heart of Degeneration-X, would leave them? It makes you wonder where Blade's headed next in the near future. Right now, though, we'll just puzzle over what Blade's going to do to stop the Rocker and get himself the Cruiserweight Title!

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'1" and weighing 224 lbs... he's been both a European and Tag-Team Champion, but takes pride in the fact that he is the only man to have held the Cruiserweight Title three times in the GCWA... he's been a hero, and a heel, to millions of fans around the world... now representing the new Age cliq... the current Cruiserweight Champion of the World.... "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty!!!

*Jannetty appears in the entryway with the belt strapped tight around his waist... some fans start chanting for the Punk Rawk Show, since that's the music playing... Blade is just looking on, with a very shocked look on his face, as Jannetty steps into the light and comes down the ramp... Jannetty has on his Fatal III gear along with the Cruiserweight Title, and his hair is pulled back the way he used to do it... he looks completely different from what anyone expected...*

Heenan: Looks like Jannetty is finally wising up. Psychological warfare, you've gotta love it.

JR: I don't know, Brain. That does make sense, and it does seem to have taken Blade off-guard, but the way Jannetty's been recently, personality-wise, I'm not sure if this is, as you say, an attempt to throw Blade off his game, or if it's simply Jannetty's way of coping with this bout! Wasn't he in the Fatal III when he faced Blade the first time, or do I have my dates wrong?

Tenay: It was around that time, JR, because Blade joined the Fatal III, taking Heavy P's place, not that long afterwards. Jannetty is having a flashback to happier times, maybe. Who knows with this guy? When you think back a couple of months ago, it just doesn't seem like the same man stepping into the cage right now. I'd say that he doesn't even look adequately prepared for this fight, because he's looking more at the cage than he is at Blade. I think the Punker now has a serious advantage, just from Jannetty's disorientation. The question is, will he capitalize on it?

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: Well, whatever happens, we're sure to get a good fight out of it! They just shut the door, as Jannetty steps in through the ropes to come face-to-face with his former tag-team partner. The look in both men's eyes is unmistakable. They're both wondering how it came to this, I bet. These two, always wearing their emotions so openly. Let's get the fight going!

Tenay: Chill out, Heenan! The emotion is the best part of this one! Jannetty backs up slightly from Blade's stern look, then lets out a small smile. He comes forward, and the two men lock up. It is begun! After a brief power struggle, Jannetty gets the upper hand with a headlock. Blade tries to push him towards the ropes, but Jannetty blocks it. As you can see, the construction of this cage is so that it fits snugly around the ringposts, while still not giving any space between the apron and the outside. So while these guys still have ropes and turnbuckles to work with, the cage is still a large presence, ready for someone to smash into it!

Heenan: Thanks a lot, Mike. Like they can't see that! Sheesh. In the ring, Blade has broken free of the Rocker with a few elbow shots, and gets behind him, bringing him down with a German Suplex! But Blade's not done! He picks Jannetty back up and gives him a second suplex, then does it one more time, continuing to smash Jannetty down! That's a good a way as any to get your point across! Blade unlocks with Jannetty and stands, then takes a few steps back. He comes forward, trying for a leg drop, but Jannetty rolls out of the way! Blade hits the ground, then rebounds, obviously aching from the hit. He gets to his feet, only to be hit square in the face by a Jannetty dropkick! The Rocker stands, a little shaken by the combination of moves he took. He steps over, grasping Blade by the back of the neck and pulling him up, sending the man crashing into the face of the cage!

JR: So much for that bond of friendship between the two. Jannetty's said repeatedly that, Blade or no, he was going to fight hard to keep his Cruiserweight Title! He gets Blade off the cage, nearly clipping the referee, who doesn't look happy to be here. I wonder if he saw the ladder fall on top of the other guy earlier? Well, Jannetty twists behind Blade, putting on an Abdominal Stretch, straining those back muscles in an effort to weaken the Punker enough to escape the cage! The ref closes in and asks, but I doubt even Jannetty has any thoughts about Blade submitting. That just doesn't happen. Jannetty increases the pressure, much to Blade's discomfort, as the Rock shakes the cage wall from the outside, trying to give his man some support. Suddenly, Jannetty drops the hold and turns, yelling something to the Rock which doesn't seem to placate him. The Rocker goes back to the attack, pulling Blade up and suplexing him down. He then heads for the cage wall!

Tenay: Jannetty's decided to try and get out of the cage, retaining the belt! He's climbing up the wall now, using all the handholds he can find, as Blade slowly gets to his feet, with a palm rubbing his back. He turns and sees Jannetty most of the way up the cage, and runs over, doing the only thing he can: dropkicking the cage!! The wall shakes dangerously, but it holds. Jannetty can't say the same, falling backwards and crashing down! He's hurt, I think. He's rolling, holding onto the back of his neck, while Blade gets back to his feet. The Punker moves in, wrapping Jannetty up and DDT'ing him. He then tries a cover.... 1..... 2...... Jannetty kicks out. Blade doesn't seem too surprised. He gets up, grasping the champion's hair to bring him up as well. He gives Jannetty a whip, and the Rocker smashes into the cage wall, rebounding backwards into a Blade Reverse Neckbreaker!!

Heenan: That one probably gave Jannetty a stinger throughout his body, numbing him. He's down, as Blade looks to the cage wall. The Rock is pointing upwards frantically, seeing the opportunity, and Blade's going to take it. He goes up one of the turnbuckles, then starts to balance himself upwards. He gets partway before the Rocker leaps onto the same turnbuckle, grabbing one of the Punker's legs! Blade tries to kick free, nearly throwing the Rocker off. But Jannetty gets Blade offbalance enough so that he can climb up and get a "piggyback" grip before falling backwards, taking Blade with him off of the 'buckle!!! Both men crash to the mat, with the referee diving out of the way! I think both are injured now, from a fall like that! They're both down, with neither moving too quickly now. The ref starts his count.

JR: Blade hit the hardest, landing on the back of his neck, leading to the obvious question: how fully healed is he? This has to be the toughest match he's been involved in since the Invitation Elimination match, where he took some serious shots. Some have speculated that we can go back even further, that he never healed completely from the attack by Shag-Nasty. Right now, all that matters is that he's still down! The ref gets to 7 just as the Rocker pulls himself up, with a hand on the back of his head. He bounced it pretty painfully on the canvas from that fall. But now Jannetty looks more determined than ever. He falls onto Blade for a cover.... 1....... 2...... Blade kicks out!! I thought Jannetty might have had him, and you can tell that Jannetty was thinking the same thing! He hits the mat and gets up, but instead of heading towards the worried ref, he runs, with a slight limp, to the 'buckle, climbing up it, and continuing up, all the way to the top of the cage!! He's going to get out first!!!

Tenay: The Rock is shaking the cage, but it doesn't seem to be bothering Jannetty. It's more to get Blade's attention than anything. The Rocker turns, balancing on the edge of the top of the cage, way up there in the air! He could climb down, but instead he's looking down at Blade, with an almost spooked look on his face! It isn't terror, but it's definitely not a good look for him! He's watching as Blade starts to pull himself up, and raises his hands! Oh, man, is he going to try the Ultimate Rocker Dropper??? This could kill either man if it lands wrong!! He can't! Jannetty does seem to be hesitating, though. Blade's up, dazed and looking around, as Jannetty struggles inside himself. Oh, and he leaps!!!! He's way up there, coming down, as Blade gets out of the way!! Jannetty missed!!!! He missed!!!!

Heenan: What a hit!!!! I haven't seen anything like it since the Superfly Jimmy Snuka was going airborne in his prime!!!! I don't know, though, it looked to me that Jannetty was way off-target, even before Blade moved! His mind just couldn't handle the stress of performing such a devestating move on the Punker, and because of it, the man is down and out!!! He's barely moving, as Blade climbs to his feet, looking down at his opponent with a dazed look. He glances around, hearing the cheers of the fans. Jannetty's still trying to pull himself up, but that knee of his has to be aching on him after that landing, and he falls back down. Stay down, Jannetty, it isn't worth it!

JR: Who knows what kind of damage that hit did! Oh, and look, the Rock has opened the cage door, and he's been joined by Neo!! The two men wave Blade on, and he staggers towards the door, still stinging from that plunge off the top of the cage. He slides through, grabbed partially by the Rock to make sure that he doesn't fall down the stairs. But he's out! He hits the ground, and the bell rings, giving us a new World Cruiserweight Champion!!! The Blade has done it, dethroning the Rocker!!! Jannetty's still trying to get up, even though the referee is telling him that it's over. But Jannetty grabs the man, nearly knocking him to the canvas, using the ref to leverage himself to his feet! He's looking outside the cage with a broken expression, knowing that he failed. But wait, Blade's coming back into the cage!

Tenay: What's that in his hand? Neo came down with a bag full of stuff, but I'm not sure what it is. It looks like some sort of fabric. Blade walks up to Jannetty and holds out the shirt, yes it's a shirt. He lifts it towards the Rocker, almost like a peace offering. Both men have unreadable expressions on their face, along with the pain from their match. Jannetty just stares at Blade, wondering what to do, it seems. Then he takes the shirt from the man and looks at it, with a pondering thought going across his face. The Rock and Neo come in, now wearing the shirts that Neo brought down. I think they say, ummm, the Night's Watch, although I could be mistaken. Blade takes another shirt from Neo and pulls it on, then again stares at Jannetty, who still holds the shirt in his hands. He's looking around wonderingly at the now-cheering fans who want him to put it on! Jannetty looks back at the group in front of him, then yanks on the t-shirt, to the explosion of the crowd!!!

JR: So have Jannetty and Blade been reunified by this bout?? The ref brings in the Cruiserweight Title, handing it to Blade. Jannetty looks at it, the lifeline that he's held tightly to for the past few months, then steps forward achingly, grabbing Blade's arm and raising it in the air! Blade points towards Jannetty to the cheers of the crowd, even as the cage starts rising back up around them. The two give each other a small embrace, patting each other's back, then Jannetty turns and shakes the Rock's hand. Neo comes in, giving Jannetty a shoulder to lean on, while the Rock stays close to Blade, and the apparently brand-new stable is leaving the ring as a unit, a lot tighter than Degeneration-X is right now! What a huge moment in sports, right in front of us! Let's run the replay, I want to see some of these moves again!

*The fight between the two shows the mutiple German Suplexes, the first fall by Jannetty from the cage, the "piggyback" plunge, the missed Ultimate Rocker Dropper, and the final shot, Jannetty putting on the shirt and coming back together with the Punker... *

Tenay: I've got to admit, I don't know that we can top that match! We've had so many great ones this card that I don't know what we can do to power up anymore! But the next three guys are going to try! It's time for the Hardcore brawl that everyone's been waiting for! Roll it, boys!

*The tape begins with a shot from the EEWF, featuring a fight between Nightmare and the Accelerator... the picture continues into the GCWA, as Nightmare appeared at the Warriors of the Ring... the battles between Nightmare and the Accelerator escalated, as Ace turned "heel", creating the Corporate Wolfpac just to get at Nightmare... various battles throughout the months are focused upon, including Ace laughing when Nightmare lost the World Title in an upset to Steve Austin, and Ace's 'accidental' interference that got Shannon Shag-Nasty the World Title at one point... the two's battle at the Bastards' Ball goes unsettled due to Ace's elimination... events of December are then shown, with the Accelerator helping Richter stay the Hardcore Champion by dropping Nightmare with the Ace High... Nightmare's attack on Accelerator at the next card started the war, with Ace still coming out to referee for Richter's defenses... the fight between Nightmare and Richter, with the security guards not intervening, rolls next, followed by the last card, where Nightmare's brutal attack on the Accelerator showed his growing instability, leaving the Accelerator injured for the upcoming title match... Richter and Nightmare each give some comments, with the wanted attacks on Nightmare from the New Age Outlaws pictured in brilliant agony.... we fade back to ringside, where Penzer is waiting...*

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the next match is scheduled for what is being refered to as a Boiler Room Brawl Race to the Ring Match!! *loud cheers* The fight will start in the basement area of Madison Square Gardens and work its way up to here in the ring.... the first man to get to the ring and get his hands on this, the Hardcore Title *places it in the center of the ring* will be declared the winner, and the new Hardcore Champion! All of our competitors are entering the Boiler Room as we speak.... the three competitors are as follows: the 5-time World Heavyweight Champion, and the President, the Accelerator! The 2-time GCWA World Champion, known to have held other top belts elsewhere, he is Nightmare! And finally, the current Hardcore Champion of the GCWA, working for the Cartel, he is Richter! Let's go there now, live!

*The picture shifts to an empty shot of the boiler room... you can see someone moving into the picture... he walks slowly into the light, showing himself to be Nightmare... he's already bleeding from a wound to his head, which may or may not have been self-inflicted.... he takes a few more steps in, then you hear a yell, and Nightmare spins... he and Richter come together, rolling across the floor and throwing as many punches, kicks, and other damaging hits that they can...*

Heenan: The brawl is underway! Nightmare and Richter are tearing into each other down there in the basement! Nightmare's able to get up first, pounding away on Richter. But the Hardcore Champ's not going to give up too easily. He uses his legs to push the man off of him, shoving him back into a steam pipe!!! Nightmare reacts in pain from the burn now on the back of his shoulders, but then comes right back to the attack, getting Richter up and throwing him headfirst into some nailed-down equipment, shaking both of them up. Nightmare comes in, grabbing a pipe left on the ground, and brings it down on hard on Richter as he's trying to stand! What a great way to hold a fight, guys!

Tenay: Yeah, but where's the Accelerator? He's the third man in this match, remember, so where's he hanging out? I honestly can't believe that he's too scared to enter the room or something. That's just not like him. So what angle is he playing? Nightmare doesn't seem to care, though, remembering some of the hits that Richter's given to him over the past couple of weeks. He pulls Richter up and Scoop Slams him down onto the concrete, then turns his back on him, walking quickly away from the boiler room! What is this, is he already making a run for the title? Richter pulls himself up slowly, realizes that Nightmare's no longer there, and immediately gets up a running start to head up the stairs after him. Follow them, cameraman, don't just stand there, get up them stairs!

JR: He's trying, Mike, but unfortunately, our cameramen are nowhere close to the level of excellence that the two opponents are. Ok, the cameraman's finally up the stairs, trying to catch his breath. Richter's walking one direction, but from the other, we hear the bellow of Nightmare! He just yelled out the Accelerator's name! We had it pegged wrong, guys! Nightmare wasn't going for the ring, he's looking for the man he really wants to get his hands on! Richter hesitates, starts to head back towards Nightmare, then shakes his head, smiles, and walks the other way, towards the ring! Nightmare suddenly rushes by the camera, angrily charging after Richter, who turns and catches Nightmare offguard, flipping him head over heels to the carpeted ground! Richter doesn't worry about the landing, though, moving in as quickly as he can to drop his knee across Nightmare's throat! He's choking the life out of the man, adding to the abuse both have suffered throughout this one.

Tenay: Nightmare's struggling against it, but there's no rule to help him out this time. Richter stops the choke, though, and pulls Nightmare up, throwing him hard into the wall before grabbing him from behind and lifting, backdropping him into the other wall!!! Ouch! Nightmare falls on his hands and knees, trying to recover, as Richter stomps on him one more time. He starts to walk away, as Nightmare starts to get up again, surely in bad shape but not willing to give up. But wait, coming down the hallway using that cane he's got, it's the Accelerator! Richter stops dead, surprised, and takes up a defensive posture. Ace just smiles and points over at Nightmare with the cane. Richter grins with him and sweeps his arm across, inviting Ace to the attack. Ace moves in, raising the cane above his head as Richter walks away. But Ace turns, bringing the cane down on Richter instead!!!!

Heenan: What a hit!! The can broke cleanly in two, as Richter just falls forward, onto his face!! How did Ace swing that thing so well??? Shouldn't his wrist have prevented it? Wait a second, Nightmare's up and moving towards Ace, who turns and meets his glare with one of his own. Then Ace turns and starts kicking repeatedly into Richter's side, adding to the punishment, as Nightmare is stunned, wondering what's going on! Ace drops an arm shot, pounding that cast around his arm down on Richter, as Nightmare just stands there. Ace turns and waves him off, then smiles at the camera.

Accelerator: The Cartel's going to take over my business workings here, Titan 3? I don't think so!

Tenay: Wow, was this all a set-up by the Accelerator? He pulls off that hard cast he was wearing on his wrist, then waves once at the camera! Either he wasn't hurt at all by Nightmare's move, or he's recovered from it. Either way, he's really choking down Richter in the back with the cast he had on! Richter's still trying to get up, even as Nightmare moves past them and delivers a few shots of the edge of his wrestling boots to the side of his head. I don't think Nightmare has a clue about what's going on. You can tell he still wants to go after Ace. But his determination to get the Hardcore Title again must be overriding that, because he's staggering down the hallway towards the ramp entrance! The Accelerator continues to choke away on Richter, adding to the punishment, but here comes the Cartel!! Phenomena nails Ace from behind, knocking him to the ground, even as Reverend Lowdown and Jericho move in, helping Richter to his feet. They tell him what's happened, and pull him towards the ring entrance along the way, even as Phenomena leaves Ace lying on his side, holding his head!

JR: Nightmare's halfway to the ring now, but trouble is coming, and he'd better hurry! Jericho, Lowdown, and Richter come out of the back, heading for Nightmare. Phenomena's walking right behind them, ready to add to the pain. Nightmare hears the boos and turns, seeing the men heading towards him. He braces himself for the fight, even as Richter pushes off of both men helping him and charges with an inarticulate bellow of rage, crashing into Nightmare with a great tackle!! That looked almost like that tv commercial Richter did not long ago, playing football!!! Richter and Nightmare are back where they started, furiously throwing punches at each other, while the other Cartel members just watch the fight! Nightmare gets on top of the weakened man, going for another choke, but Jericho steps in, kicking the man in the back to disrupt him. Lowdown moves in as well, and the group hauls Nightmare to his feet. But wait, coming down the ramp, it's the Night's Watch!!! The Night's Watch is back out, charging down the aisle!! Phenomena gets tackled from behind by Blade, while the Rock and Neo grab the two religious Cartel members, fighting with them and making them drop Nightmare! Richter's back on his feet, though, and comes in, grabbing Nightmare and setting him up for the 8.0!!

Heenan: The Madison Square Garden is about to experience an earthquake of epic proportions!!

Tenay: Wait, Nightmare got enough energy left to flip Richter overtop of him, breaking up the finishing maneuver! Richter jumps right back up, but he gets hooked up, and there's the Fame-Asser!!!!! Richter's down!!! Nightmare falls backwards, barely missing hitting his head on the apron, as the Cartel members are still contained by the Night's Watch troops! I'm not sure where Jannetty is, maybe he's getting some therapy on that knee. But Nightmare's got a chance here! Richter's already moving, trying to crawl towards his opponent despite the hit he just took. But Nightmare manages to get to his feet, and grabs the apron for support. He rolls in, and continues rolling until he gets to the Hardcore Title, grabbing it and winning the match!!! The bell sounds just as Richter gets to his feet, stumbling and hurting, as Nightmare celebrates, holding the Hardcore Title high in the air!!

JR: Nightmare just made history, Mike! He's the first man ever to return and reclaim the Hardcore Title! No one else has held it twice! Richter can't believe it, slumping back to the ground. The Accelerator, as expected, proved the difference in this one. It was just completely the opposite from what everyone was expecting!! The Cartel members break off the fighting to check on Richter, as the Night's Watch, their job done, head back up the ramp, with the Rock helping Blade, who got stunned by a shot from Phenomena, apparently. Nightmare doesn't even look after them. He's too happy to be holding the belt that may have cost him some sanity in the last few weeks. Let's go to the video tape...

*The fight in the boiler room is first pictured, with some of the more violent burns and breaks shown... Nightmare's pictured in the hallway, getting thrown into both walls with only a few seconds inbetween... the massive cane shot is enlarged, painfully for Richter... Nightmare's brawl with the Cartel members is next, followed by the 8.0 being blocked, then turned into the Fame-Asser after a flip.... Nightmare gets the Hardcore title, marking his second reign... *

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