Tenay: Well, there's only one match left tonight, folks, in the Adrenaline Rush that has certainly lived up to its name! We've seen people thrown through burning tables and shattered glass. Guys have fought up and down the arena, and sometimes way, way outside of the arena, trying to take out their opponents. Two titles tonight have changed hands, and the formation of a new stable has got everyone talking about where that leaves DX and the nAc. But we've got one more coming up the ramp, and it's for it all, the Heavyweight Championship as well as the European Championship! Start it up!

*The tape rolls, showing Animal Thug and Titan 3 matching up in the Invitation Elimination match... the Thug was eliminated by Blade, who was subsequently thrown out by Titan 3, becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion... Titan 3 is seen hanging around with Aminal Mug, an impersonator of Animal Thug used by Shag-Nasty a while back... Animal Thug, during Titan 3's defense against Shorty, is pictured taking Aminal Mug apart with a couple of slams... the Cartel later attacks the Wolfpac members while Animal Thug fights against Napalm, then the European champion... the distraction of Shag-Nasty is enough to give Animal Thug the edge and become the 2-time Euro champ, and making the main event tonight what it has become...*

Tenay: We've seen the tape, and we know that both wrestlers can't wait to come out here and brawl for it all! So why stop them? We have one of the biggest main events in our history, and it's sure to be a sloberknocker, so get on the mid, Penzer!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... it is now time for the main event of the evening... this bout is scheduled for one fall... it will be for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship! Are you ready? *cheers* Then let's get it on!!! First, the challenger... standing 6'11" and weighing 288 lbs.... he's a two-time World Champion, and has held many other belts in his career with the GCWA... currently, he holds the European Title for the second time, and is placing it on the line against Titan 3's title... he is the leader of the Wolfpac, and long-time wrestler with this organization.... Animal Thug!!!

*Animal Thug pumps out to the howl of the wolf on the 'Tron... he's got his pet with him, as his own personal video runs over the screen, showing the wolf jumping through the mirror... the Thug comes to the ring, handing off the European Title to the men in charge of such things, as well as the wolf's leash... Animal Thug enters the squared circle...*

JR: Animal Thug's pulled himself back to contender status recently, and it's been amazing what he's done in the past couple of months! He held the Hardcore Title for a while, while battling the BOO, then got a huge win by defeating Shannon Shag-Nasty and bringing back honor to the World Title. He may have lost at the Invitation Elimination match, but he didn't go away, coming back a couple of weeks later to defeat Napalm for the European Title, as well as getting #1 Contenders Status for tonight's bout! The Thug is on a roll, at least in my mind, and I believe that he has a really good shot at becoming the first 3-time Heavyweight Champion!

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'6" and weighing 290 lbs.... he's a former two-time Internet champion, and currently holds the greatest belt in the GCWA, having won the Invitation Elimination battle... he is the leader of the Cartel, having personally brought together some of the top names in our sport... the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion... Titan 3!!

*Titan 3 walks out with a few obvious cuts and scrapes on him from his utter war earlier with Vincent D'Amor... but he's still walking proud, with the World Title around his waist... he comes to the ring without Aminal Mug, or any other Cartel members... Animal Thug is just waiting for his chance in the ring, as Titan 3 stops and takes off the title...*

JR: Here's the man who has impressed everyone of late. Where did he come from? Titan 3 went from a man who was making his way through the Internet Title division, when he suddenly managed to get into the IE match against so many other former World Champions. No one picked him to win the belt, so he proved everyone wrong, including Shag-Nasty. Since then, he's become the most powerful force in the GCWA, with the possible exception of the Accelerator. Does he deserve the belt he has on? Hell yeah.

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: Alright, the final fight of the evening! C'mon, guys, end it on a high note for us! Beat the living s*** out of each other!!

JR: Heenan!! Watch it!

Heenan: Sorry, sorry, whatever you say, JR. Sheesh, it's a PPV, and we can't curse? Whose stupid idea was that?

Tenay: The man who pays the bills, Brain.

Heenan: Oh. Good idea, chief.

JR: *shakes head* And here we go! Titan 3 and Animal Thug lock up, trying to get the advantage to start things off. Titan 3's got a small height disadvantage, but it didn't seem to bother him much at the Bastards' Ball, so we'll just see what happens. For now, the Thug gets Titan 3 back in the corner, where the ref calls for the break. Animal Thug steps back, but then kicks out right into the champ's midsection! Looks like the Thug's willing to go all out to win this one! He comes in, smashing his forearm into Titan 3's face, then lifting him onto the corner, just to give him the leverage to bodyslam him all the way across the ring! The fans are cheering loudly, and the fight's just begun!

Tenay: I tell you what, Animal Thug wants this one! He can taste it, that third elusive World Title reign would be sweet on his record, I'm sure. He moves in where Titan 3's working his way to his feet. The Thug grabs him and sends him into the ropes. But Titan 3's ready for it, baseball-sliding through the Thug's legs before he can grab him on the rebound. Animal Thug twists around, but Titan 3 just catches him in midspin, hitting a beautiful neckbreaker! He tries a quick cover, but barely gets a one count, so he immediately brings Animal Thug back up. He throws the Wolfpac leader into the corner and moves in, chopping away and making the audience feel the Thug's pain! The sound in itself is very painful to listen to!

Heenan: Speak for yourself, Mike! Let him have it, we want to see the pain! Titan 3 lands a few more shots, then grabs Animal Thug by the arm and whips him towards the opposing corner. The Thug hits chest first, and lays there for a second, long enough for a charging Titan 3 to get a splash onto his back!! Animal Thug falls backwards, as Titan 3 moves out of the way, walking along the edge of the top rope. He's smiling, happy that things are going his way so far. Animal Thug tries to pull himself up, but Titan 3's right there, double-underhooking the man! He looks to the crowd, then tests his muscles, lifting Animal Thug up for a Underhook Powerbomb!! Oh, but he's having trouble, mainly because his opponent is fighting being slammed down like that! And Titan 3 gets flipped over Animal Thug and out of the ring!!! The Thug takes a second to clear his head, then turns. Titan 3's slowly getting up outside, apparently surviving the plunge he just took. But the Thug won't hear of it, going to the apron and leaping off it, dropping an Axehandle onto him!

JR: Yeah, but Titan 3 got his own fist up, and the Thug took it in the gut on the way down! His punch only glanced off of the champion, not making much of an impact. The ref starts counting out both men, as Titan 3 grabs Animal Thug by the arm and whips him hard into the guardrail. It crumples under the weight and momentum of the Thug, but it doesn't buckle completely, keeping the ringside seat-goers safe. The Thug pulls himself up, but once again Titan 3 is there. He grabs the Thug and propells him headfirst into the apron! The champion then rolls Animal Thug in and follows. He seems pretty confident in there now, as the Thug gets to one knee. Titan 3 runs in from behind, grabbing the Thug's head as he flips over him, snapping him forward in a bad way! That was one of Hennig's favorite moves, but it worked just as well for Titan 3 there! He gets up and falls on top of Animal Thug, grabbing both legs.... 1....... 2........ Animal Thug kicks out!

Tenay: Animal Thug's not willing to give up that easily. This isn't some rookie Titan 3's facing, this is one of the Franchise members of the federation! Titan 3 stands and steps around, trying to cinch on a Boston Crab maneuver. But Animal Thug's legs are too strong, kicking Titan 3 off of him. The Thug stands up, using the ropes, and meets Titan 3's charge with his boot! Titan 3 rushed into that one, showing a little bit of that inexperience he has compared to the Thug. The European Champion lifts Titan 3 off the ground, literally, spinning him around with a Running Powerslam!! He makes the cover.... 1..... 2...... Titan 3 escapes! Animal Thug pushes himself off the ground with his hands, getting to his feet. He gets a lock on Titan 3 and sets him for an apparent piledriver! But Titan 3 breaks free of the hold, instead pulling Animal Thug's legs out from under him! The Thug hits, and Titan 3 dives on top of him, pummeling away!

Heenan: This has been yet another allout fistfight, but I've got to admit, after all the 'special' matches we've seen tonight, I'm happy that the main event is pretty 'normal'. It's just two men fighting it out, and although I like to see guys bleed, I'd much rather see them bleed because of their fists.

JR: Well said, Heenan. I think. Anyway, Titan 3 wearily pulls the Thug up, shaking off the effects of the battle thus far. He starts to set him up for a major finishing maneuver, but before he can, the Thug comes alive one more time, driving both hands upwards from his bent over position in a massive uppercut that doesn't just knock Titan 3 back, it sends him airborne a few feet!!! Some of Titan 3's filling just got loosened, and I bet we're going to see him in the dentist's office soon enough!! The Thug rolls his sore neck, then steps forward, picking up the smaller man and bodyslamming him! He gets Titan 3 up and gets a second slam, then goes for the pinfall.... 1...... 2...... Titan 3 kicks out! The match continues, as angry as Animal Thug looks about it! He gets up, dragging Titan 3 with him, and props him in the corner. Animal Thug takes a few steps back, then charges, smashing his knee directly into the middle of the turnbuckle post!! Titan 3 got out of the way!!

Tenay: Both men are down temporarily. The Thug's feeling a lot of pain from those treetrunk legs of his, but Titan 3 doesn't have a lot of energy left himself. Still, he's the first man up, grabbing the ropes for support. As the Thug crawls upwards, Titan 3 runs from the ropes, hitting a running kick into the Thug's side, planting him back downwards! Titan 3 then looks around before pulling Animal Thug up and setting him for another Powerbomb, except this time, it's going to be the A-Bomb!! But he couldn't get the Thug up last time, and now he's even more tired! Can he do it?

Heenan: He's got the power, Mike, and this is his finisher! He's got him locked, and he's lifting, no, he can't quite do it! Wait, he tries again, and, oh, he's got him up!!! He's got Animal Thug up, and he sends him on the easier path back down to the mat!!!! The A-Bomb explodes in the middle of Madison Square Garden, and that could be the end of this one!! Animal Thug isn't moving! Titan 3 stands again, aching but knowing that the win is in his grasp. He falls on top of the Thug, as the ref is right there...... 1........ 2........ 3!!!!!!! Titan 3 gets the victory!! He's still the World Heavyweight Champion, and now he has the European Title to go along with it!!!

JR: What a match! Hell, what a night!!! I hope you wrestling fans are sated, because there's not that much more we could do to improve on this night! Titan 3 gets the major victory over a vaunted adversary, hanging onto the World Heavyweight Title, the biggest belt in our sport! I guess we'll find out in the coming days who's going to get the European Title! I'm betting we'll hear from Napalm again, myself.

Tenay: We'll see, JR. Remember, there are a lot of good wrestlers without belts in the Cartel, and I'm sure some of them will campaign for the European Title. But that's a problem for Titan 3, and I'm sure it's a problem he's happy to deal with! For now, we're glad that you could join us for a hot night of action! Remember, the replays will be playing all week! Don't miss your chance to see the greatest PPV in our history once again! Good night!!

*The picture shows the replay of the matches throughout the night... Trasher going through the burning table... Blade and Jannetty falling from the cage... the ladder match's fateful conclusion... the pile of glass, as Hellbent and Gilbreth go at it... Napalm and Shag-Nasty in the aisleway... Nightmare getting burned in the Boiler Room... and finally, Titan 3, holding both belts in his arms, as the crowd boos him... *