JR: Ladies and gentleman, its time for some more great action. Already we've seen some big events, a few surprises, and the show is still young. We've still got a Heavyweight Title to defend later, and a Hard-Core match with a President, God bless him, who is just not 100%.

Heenan: 100% Who cares, I pulled off victories in the ring at 35% in my day, but of course, Ace isn't even half the wrestler I was. Of course, I wish our President the best of luck.

Tenay: Hold on, Brain. Weren't you a Shag-Nasty supporter four weeks ago?

Heenan: I do not seem to recollect.

JR: Oh brother. folks, let's get to the ring for some more action.

Penzer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the GCWA Tag Team Championship of the World... introducing first, the challengers... one of the original tag teams of the GCWA.... and a team made up of two of the most skilled professionals to ever enter the world of wrestling... The Bone Busters!!

*The Bone Busters' music begins, but neither man enters. The fans seem quite upset.*

Heenan: Just as I thought.

Tenay: What's that?

Heenan: I haven't seen either one of these guys in a week. They just might be scared to enter the ring against the masters of the ring. They've changed so much from when I was their manager. It's almost sickening.

JR: Any word from the back Tenay?

Tenay: Not really, JR. The word on the Bone Busters is, well, no word.

*The music plays again, and again no one enters. Finally, Arn Anderson, dressed in his street clothes, enters the arena. The crowd boos the man, but he doesn't even notice. He enters the ring, shaking his head, and readies himself.*

JR: It looks like Anderson is the only member of the Bone Busters to even show up! Now what's this all about? He looks like he's going to attempt it alone, folks!

Penzer: And, their, er, his opponents.... the only tag team to have never been tainted by a loss on their record in the history of the GCWA... they are two men with unknown, unspoken of pasts.... representing Titan 3's Cartel... The ringMasters!!!

*The lights turn into a dazzling display of color as circus music fills the arena. The ringMasters, dressed in matching orange, black, purple, red, and blue three piece business suits walk to the ring surrounded by midgets, other clowns, and circus freaks. Boogyman is holding a briefcase. They enter the ring, the briefcase remaining outside, and the ref orders their valets to leave. The freaks and company exit backstage, as both of the ringMasters charge Anderson.*

Tenay: Here we go, in a very handicapped bout, no matter how you look at it! Both of the ringMasters come in charging and drop Anderson to the mat with a double shoulder tackle. Quickly, Anderson rolls away from their stomping feet, getting him to the outside of the ring. He walks around the ringside area as the ref demands Boogyman go to his corner. Boogyman complies and Anderson re-enters the ring, locking up with the Clown. Anderson takes an advantage, whipping Scary Ass into the ropes, but missing a clothesline on his return! SA comes back, leaping into the air, and bring Anderson's face down hard on a High-Knee-Lift. Anderson bounces away, falling back on the nearby ropes, and SA drops him with a kick to the face. Quickly, Boogy is tagged in, and the two double team Anderson with stomps to the chest.

Heenan: This a total beating, Tenay, nothing more! Anderson doesn't have a snowball's chance in h-e-double hockey stick at this one. Wait, it's a PPV. He doesn't have a chance in hell, damnit, Tenay! It takes a wrestler with endurance and heart to win a match like this, someone more like me, but as for Anderson, he just won't cut it in there.

JR: I'm not exactly sure how to respond to that Brain, but I will say this, as Scary Ass and Boogyman bring Anderson to his feet and send him into the ropes, he has got to be in a lot of pain. The two grab him, bring him into the air, and then send him right back down with a double-slam. Scary Ass finally exits the ring, as Boogy man brings Anderson to his feet again. Boogyman takes Anderson over to the corner, just as Blanchard shows up out of nowhere behind Scary Ass!! The Clown doesn't see him, but Blanchard takes him from behind and pulls him down from the Apron to the floor!! Boogyman sees it and moves toward him, but Blanchard is out of way. Anderson comes up from behind, locks his arms around the big man, and performs a perfect Belly-to-Back Suplex. But wait! Anderson is letting go of Boogy and rollingaway, clutching at his back. He could of just slipped a disc!

Tenay: That's very likely, a man in Anderson's condition shouldn't be lifting men Boogyman's size. Anderson is in some real trouble now, trying to get a hand over to Tully, but he's way on the other side of the ring. Boogyman is up, tagging in Scary Ass, who kneels down to Anderson's level and punches him square in the back! The ref is warning something, but neither man seems to be paying him any attention. Boogyman kicks Anderson in the back for good measure as Tully enters the ring and charges. Scary Ass is off the ropes coming towards Anderson, and Boogyman catches the rushing Tully in midair! Boogyman comes down with a spinning Powerslam on Tully, while SA crashes atop Anderson's back with the Po-go Stick! Both men are out, and SA is going for the pin..... where's the ref? Did you see where he went Brain?

Heenan: I certainly did, Tenay! He's on the outside of the ring being beaten with chairs by the J.Y. Kidd and Lan Ragus! Buzzing the Rage has come out of nowhere to make this fight a little more interesting. They charge the ring, both men sliding in with the chairs, and come up on Boogyman and Scary Ass!! Neither Master sees them and they both take solid shots to the head, both chairs falling to the mat. Neither one of them fall, but they tumble backwards towards the corners. Ragus is up one buckle, Kidd the other, and both men leap, Ragus hitting the Rage on Boogyman, and J.Y. nailing Scary Ass with the Buzz!! That was incredible! Buzzing is out of the ring, and out towards the exit ramp. The ref, staggering in the ring, is counting because every man is knocked out!

JR: My God! Does this mean that the BOO could be returning to the GCWA? I know Shag-Nasty's problem, but those two actually might still be able to get their contracts back!! The ref's count continues.... 4,5,6,7, and Blanchard is moving! He drapes an arm over both ringMasters! We could have an unbelievable upset in the making!!! The ref drops to the mat.... 1..... 2.... and both of the ringMasters kick out! How is there energy left in any man in that ring? They all begin to rise, Anderson falling to his knees and holding his back. Every man is wobbly, but Blanchard walks right into Boogyman, who grabs him, pulls him into the air, and begins to drop him in a big man style Low-Down, and SA adds on a Neckbreaker!! Boogy covers.... 1.... 2.... 3!!! Anderson tried to break it up, but something is seriously wrong with his back and he can't move. No matter though, the ringMasters have pulled off another win and are still the champions!

Tenay: Buzzing the Rage nearly cost the ringMasters their first loss in the GCWA with their attack, but somehow they still managed to pull it out! More than ever, they deserve to be the champions. How many pay-per-views have they successfully defended those belts now? I think this is their third. You're looking right now at one of the most dominant tag-teams in the record books, people!

*The replay starts up... we see some of the brutal hits on Anderson before Blanchard finally showed up... the Pogo Stick to the injured back... Buzzing the Rage's entrance... and finally, the finishing maneuver that knocked out Blanchard... fade back to reality...*

*As we come back, you can hear Tenay talking furiously with someone over a different frequency, apparently someone in the back... they're getting Arn Anderson onto a stretcher, with a hurting Blanchard watching closely... *

JR: I don't know what's going on with the Professor, but as they get the Enforcer out of here, all I can say is that I wish the man the best. He's been a tough fighter for many, many years, and ignored the warnings about getting back into the ring, going as far as winning the tag-team titles at one point. So we wish him the very best. Mike seems to be through with his personal call. What's up, Tenay?

Tenay: Ok, folks, we've had reports that the battle outside has begun. Of course you all know what I'm talking about, right? Well, for those who don't, Shannon Shag-Nasty, earlier tonight, was banned from entering the building by the Accelerator. Ace still is holding fast to the fact that, since Shag-Nasty was eliminated before him in the Invitation Elimination match due to Titan 3's actions, Shag-Nasty's contract was voided. Shag-Nasty has been disputing this, but so far, apparently, Ace has not relented, saying that Shag-Nasty could fight whoever he wanted, as long as it wasn't in the arena. From what we understand, Napalm's out there as well, and we're getting a camera into place now.

JR: So Shag-Nasty and Napalm are going to fight an unsanctioned match? Does that mean that it won't go on their records if one wins or loses? Is there a referee out there to count? What's going on?

Heenan: More importantly, will either man get paid to fight? If there's no pay, then what's the point?

Tenay: Why are you asking me? I don't have the details. Maybe the Committee can change Ace's mind, but for right now, from what I've heard, this match is, at best, unofficial. Oh, alright, we have live feed from the fight outside, which started at least 5 minutes ago in one of the alleyways near the Gardens. Napalm is angry with Shag-Nasty for costing him the European Title, so now these two are going at it. Bring on the feed, gentlemen.

*The picture shifts to a darkened shot... you can see two shapes moving around, each throwing each other in different directions... they both smash into a large garbage receptacle... more light enters the picture, presumably from someone behind the cameraman... the fight continues... both Shannon Shag-Nasty and Napalm are covered in filth, probably from the alley... Napalm slugs Shag-Nasty, sending him staggering back... but he recovers quickly, grabbing the lid and slamming it down on Napalm's fingers! Napalm pulls his hand out in pain, and Shag-Nasty tackles him again...*

Heenan: Alright!!! We've had Hardcore I Quit, a Respect match, a Shattered Dreams match, and now we've got a wild, out of control street fight!! This is great! Where are they?

Tenay: I'm not sure, Bobby. I don't recognize the alley.

JR: Well, wherever they are, you can tell that they've been fighting for a while. Damn, where were our cameramen, why weren't they prepared? Oh well. Shag-Nasty sends a few more wild fists down on Napalm, then pulls him to his feet. He drags Napalm past the cameraman, tossing him hard into a fence, shaking it nearly out of its ground supports! Napalm leans against it, hurting, as Shag-Nasty comes in. He has a partial smile on his face, but the bloody lower lip kind of takes away the joy, I bet. Shag-Nasty is pulling Napalm down the street now, and, yes, there's the arena, they're not that far from here after all! Oh, wait, Napalm, with a burst of strength, gets Shag-Nasty off the road, back bodydropping him onto the asphalt!!

Heenan: We have a new form of roadkill! Napalm slowly gets up, bleeding from various places on his body. You can tell that these two have spared no expense in beating the living daylights out of the other one! Napalm grabs Shag-Nasty's legs and starts pulling him towards the arena!! Man, the damage he must be doing, even with Shag-Nasty's wardrobe!! Shag's face is completely contorted in agony, and somewhere, there's an Ace laughing, I bet. These are two former Bastards fighting each other, once the strongest group ever brought to the GCWA! Now they're just brutalizing each other! I like, I like!

Tenay: It has been confirmed that there is no referee anywhere near this one. I don't know how it's going to end, but we're going to stick with it, folks! Napalm has dragged Shag-Nasty a good amount of the way, finally tiring of pulling the 'dead weight'. He stops and walks over to Shag-Nasty, hauling him up and whipping him towards the stairs! Shag-Nasty tries to scale them with his momentum, but he's too tired, and comes crashing onto them! Napalm's got his own little smile blooming now. He staggers up the stairs, pulling Shag-Nasty along with him. They're headed inside the building! But wait, Shag-Nasty is banned! Where do they think they're going?

JR: I'm not that sure it's Shag-Nasty's choice, Mike. Napalm sends Shag-Nasty crashing against the doors, no, someone opened it, and Shag-Nasty comes spilling through them! Napalm looks a bit surprised himself. He walks forward and enters as well. We can still hear the scuffle inside, as the cameraman enters... hey, that's Vincent D'Amor!!! What's he doing here, he doesn't have a match!!

Heenan: I know what he's doing here. He's choking the life out of Shag-Nasty, that's what he's doing!!! He was just laying in wait for the two to show up, considering that he's accused Shag of being with his wife! It all comes down to jealousy in one form or another, guys. But wait, Napalm's got the ticket box from one of the entryways! How'd he get that thing off of its moorings?? Oh, and he lets Vincent have it from behind!!! What's up with that??

Tenay: Remember, Vincent's been wanting to go after Titan 3 too, and Napalm's not about to sit back and give up a chance to nail the man threatening his partner! Vincent's getting up slowly, and I think this just became a partially three-way match-up! Shag-Nasty confirms it, getting enough energy back to trip D'Amor up so that he stumbles right into another shot from that box!! Ticket stubs just scattered everywhere! D'Amor's hurt, but he's not going down! Napalm tries to swing again, but his strength is deserting him, and he's just a little bit too slow, as D'Amor blocks it, then grabs Napalm and, my god, he just dropped Napalm headfirst to the ground!!! Napalm's down and out! He's just had too much going on in the past 10 minutes to stand up to a fresh man! But here comes help, in the form of the World Heavyweight Champion, Titan 3!!!

Heenan: He's everywhere tonight!!

JR: He's been wanting a rematch with D'Amor ever since he was sneak-attacked during Shag-Nasty's return! He and D'Amor are now going all out against each other! These two look to be nearly in the same strength category, because neither one's giving ground!! Meanwhile, Shag-Nasty's back on his feet, just barely. He wipes some more blood from his mouth, then steps over, ignoring the 'brotherly love' before him. He gets Napalm up and walks away with him, throwing him into the wall! Napalm nearly collapses, but Shag-Nasty has a hold of him again, and they're headed down the hallway! Where're the security guards that were supposed to bar the man from the building?? I think, yes, yes, these two fighters are on their way to the ring, fighting every step of the way! Wow, this could be a first! We've had Hardcore matches start in the arena and go outdoors, but never the opposite! There they are, they're on the ramp, and the fans are going nuts!

Tenay: Neither one looks like he wants to go another step, what a brutal brawl this has been! Shag-Nasty's still got a little more, though, thanks to D'Amor's attack! He lifts Napalm up and tosses him down the ramp, rolling along the way. Shag-Nasty steps after him, with that bloody smile back on his face. He's limping from some shot that we missed, but he's in control. We still don't have a referee, though. There's no way to end this one, no rules, no nothing! But Shag-Nasty doesn't care. He brings Napalm up and throws him into a couple of guardrails on the way to the ring, and Napalm just seems to have nothing left after being spiked on the concrete earlier! He's tossed into the ring, followed by Shag-Nasty, as the fans start to actually cheer for him!

Heenan: Why is that? They hated Shag-Nasty before! What, do they really believe that he's changed any in less than a month's time? Please.

JR: For once we agree, but the fans choose their favorites, not us. Shag-Nasty pulls Napalm up again, oh, shot to the stomach, and Shag's going the other direction, gasping for breath as he gets his respiratory system working right again. Napalm gets to his feet, then falls back to one knee. He reaches out, grabbing the ropes and getting up fully, as Shag-Nasty scoots back towards him. Napalm suddenly shows some speed, using the ropes to rebound off of! He comes off, trying a clothesline, but Shag just barely manages to duck under it! As Napalm comes back, Shag-Nasty grabs him by the neck and, there it is!!! The Nasty Snap!!! Napalm's out cold!!!! Shag-Nasty's on the mat himself, though, really badly winded. Out of instinct, he puts his hand on Napalm, but again, there's no referee! But we do have activity coming to the ring, in the form of security!

Tenay: Those are some big security guards, too. They all enter the ring, as Shag-Nasty tries to stand, and, hey!! One of them just clipped Shag-Nasty's legs with his nightstick, knocking him back down! Another one nails Shag-Nasty on the back of the head, stunning him, then the group picks the man up and starts to carry him out of the ring!! Shag-Nasty's been assaulted now, and is being carried towards the back! I guess this one's over, strange as it seems. Napalm's still down in the ring, and Shag's not putting up much of a fight. I think he's smiling again, really. But security, probably under Ace's orders, are going to toss him back out of the building, now that his 'match' has fulfilled the ratings quota.

Heenan: It's all about the Benjamins with Ace now. You'd think Ace has some bills or something to pay. How much money did Shag-Nasty take with him? You don't think the GCWA's in danger of closing due to lack of funds or anything, do you? I mean, I haven't gotten my paycheck for this month yet!

JR: Calm down, Bobby. I'm sure Ace has some backers, this is the greatest organization on the planet. Of course... I have been saving for a month or so, just in case. Well, we're about ready for our next official match. It should be a good one! Let's go to the videotape!

*We start out with a shot of each of the titles... a circle of light surrounds the Intercontinental Title, marking it as the only belt that X-Dog hasn't held... we're shown his efforts to get the Cruiserweight Title at the Bastards' Ball, and Jannetty's treachary to keep him away from the IC Belt, in Dynamic Dynamite's hands... the two men are shown fighting throughout the month... X-Dog faces the challenges that he had to to earn his shot with Dynamite... the match is set up, and the circuit is set... the picture fades out...*

Tenay: That's what we've got coming up! X-Dog tries to be the first man to go the 'circuit' in the GCWA! Can he do it? We'll soon know for sure!

Penzer: Our next bout is scheduled for one fall and is for the GCWA Intercontinental Championship!! Welcome first to the ring.... representing the Green and Black of De-Generation X and one half of X-rated.... X-Dog!!

*"Are you Ready?" The green lights and pyros of DX fill the arena with the music. X-Dog enters, wild and crazy, with a bottle of water in hand. He takes a big swig, swallowing a bit then spitting the rest all around him. He tosses the bottle and enters the ring, walking to the center. The crowd is going absolutely crazy.*

JR: Here he is folks, the man I think will be our next Intercontinental Champion.

*X-Dog crotch chops in the ring, the giant green X pyros exploding behind him, as he is about to do the last one, the nAc music fills the arena and an even larger pyro explosion erupts at the entrance ramp. X-Dog, furious, backs away and watches as OG Thug and Dynamic Dynamite enter, OG holding a ladder over his shoulder.*

Penzer: And his opponent.... representing the nAc.... he is being escorted to the ring by OG Thug... a former tag-team champion and currently your 2-time Intercontinental Champion... Dynamic Dynamite!

*The crowd is booing madly as Dynamite enters the ring. OG sets the ladder down outside of the ring as the IC strap lowers into the ring from the rafters on a pole.*

Tenay: Here we go folks, the rules are simple. The first man to bring the ladder into the ring, set it up, climb it, and bring the Intercontinental belt back down will be the champion. The other guy, well, he loses. X-Dog starts this one off, charging in and spearing Dynamic to the mat. He punches away at him, but the ref gets on him and pulls him off. X-Dog looks upset, screaming at the ref as OG whispers something in Double D's ear. Dynamic stands, sneaks up and pushes the ref away, giving him a clear unguarded shot at X-Dog, dropping his with a clothesline. Now he's on top of X-Dog, slugging him mercilessly in the face. The ref pulls him off, and now Dynamite is screaming at the ref. X-Dog gets back up, and the two lock. X-Dog takes an advantage, sends DD into the ropes, and drops him with a clothesline on the return!

Heenan: Don't think Dynamite is out though! He pops back up almost instantly, catching X-Dog in a drop toehold. He stands again, bounce off the ropes, and X-Dog is up hopping over him, Dynamite returns, trying a charge, and X-Dog leaps for an X-Factor! Oh, but Dynamite sees it and grabs X-Dog's legs. X-Dog, held in the air, flips and brings Dynamite to the mat! X-Dog rolls over, pins.... 1.... but Dynamite kicks out quickly. It's going to take a lot more then that to stop Dynamite tonight! Both men are to their feet again, Dynamite kicking X-Dog in the stomach, he leaps and Sunset Flips over X-Dog.... 1.... and X-Dog is out quickly. Both men up again, they size each other up, and lock in the center of the ring. Neither man is really taking an advantage here, though. They back off and X-Dog is offering Dynamite a quick little game of Mercy! Dynamite accepts and the two lock hands! X is taking an advantage, but Double D kicks him in the stomach, and drops him with a DDT. Dynamite's never been about Mercy.

JR: Quickly, DD is to his feet, bringing X-Dog up with him. He tosses X-Dog over the top rope and to the outside. X-Dog hit the ground right on his chest, and that could mean trouble. Dynamite leaps over the top rope, looking to come down with a forearm smash, but X-Dog hits him with a Low Blow! OG is right on top of X-Dog, canceling any advantage he might have had, and dragging him down the rampway. Dynamite, wincing, slowly walks over to the ladder and slides it into the ring. Meanwhile, X-Dog and OG are exchanging punches in the rampway, X-Dog taking a slight advantage. He punches OG solid in the face then kicks him in the gut. He puts him into a Double-Underhook, and then drops with a Pedigree outside the ring. The ref is standing halfway between the two wrestlers watching as Dynamic climbs the ladder in the center of the ring! This could be over without X-Dog even knowing it!

Heenan: Don't think so, JR. X-Dog charges the ring, leaping onto the apron, and climbing the buckles. Dynamic almost has the belt in his grasp, but X-Dog leaps, spinning, and nailing the ladder with a Spinning Heel Kick! The ladder topples over, sending Dynamic to the mat. He does a front roll as he hits the canvas and rolls right into the corner sitting. X-Dog gets to his feet, sees the situation, and charges, readying himself for the Bronco Buster. He hits it! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and the ref pulls him away from the corner. The crowd is in an absolute frenzy, and X-Dog may just have this one settled. He sets the ladder up and climbs. Dynamic is not moving a bit, but OG Thug is. Thug slides in the ring, stands, and X-Dogs performs a Moonsault off the ladder onto the Thug! Both men spill to the outside over the top rope. The ladder is still standing, and now so is Dynamic. The ref stands in the center of the ring, waiting to raise someone's hand!

Tenay: Dynamic is taking full advantage of X-Dog's absence, and he's climbing the ladder again. X-Dog, finally to his feet, sees him and slides into the ring. He climbs the other side of the ladder, moving a bit faster then Dynamite. They grab at each other and the belt, both men standing one step from the top rung. X-Dog reaches again, punching Dynamic square in the nose! Dynamite falls back a bit, but regains his balance. X-Dog is, oh man! X-Dog has climbed to the top rung of the ladder, his hands on the belts. Dynamite reaches up a little higher, and X-Dog, one hand on the belt, kicks him the stomach. The ladder tilts, and X-Dog times the fall perfectly, hitting Double D with a one handed X-Factor on the way down!!!! What a move!!!! Both men crash on the ladder, and both men are out! The Intercontinental belt is on X-Dog's chest, his hand firm on it. He's your new, wait a minute, the ref is underneath the other end of the ladder, motionless! We don't yet have a winner, not until someone sees X-Dog holding that belt. OG Thug has gotten to his feet now, and he sees the situation. You don't think he'll....

JR: You bet the farm I do, Tenay. Thug is in the ring now, grabbing the IC Championship, and putting it on top of Dynamite. The Thug pulls the ref out from under the ladder, slaps him back to life, and points him towards the carnage in the ring! The ref nods, signaling for the bell as he does, and low and behold, folks, Penzer's about to make the announcement!

Penzer: Here is your winner.... and still the GCWA's Intercontinental Champion *boos surround the ring*.... Dynamic Dynamite!!

JR: I can not believe what's gone down here!! What a fight these two had, but to end it like that?? Neither man in the ring is moving, I think we need some help down here, but Lord have mercy, Dynamic Dynamite has won! The circuit is still incomplete, and it's all because of OG Thug!!

*The replay shows all of the harrowing plunges from the ladder, from the moonsault to the final X-Factor drop that took out everyone inside the ring... the final picture is of Dynamic Dynamite being helped up by OG Thug, holding the Intercontinental Title still... fade out...* Tenay: Well, we're two-thirds of the way through tonight's tremendous activities, with three more unbelievable matches still coming down the pike! Keep watching, because these are the matches you won't want to miss!!!!

*We're shown another shot in the back, of Blade walking towards the entryway, with the Rock at his side... suddenly both stop, as Neo appears, confronting them... the three men start to talk, as we fade out...*

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