*The picture opens with a pumping heart shown.... it continues to shoot blood throughout the body, as if nothing is wrong.... the GCWA main rock theme starts up, and the heart starts pumping slightly faster, more with the rhythm of the tune... flashes pass by, showing wrestlers hitting moves... Andy Gilbreth flies up with the Kaiser Krunch... Shorty and Trasher at each other's throats... X-Dog snapping an opponent down with the X-Factor.... Richter crushing down a jobber with the 8.0, followed by Nightmare hitting the Fame-Asser on two adversaries... with each 'clip', the heart pumps faster and faster... finally, as two ripped shots of Animal Thug and Titan 3, the heart explodes, sending the camera backwards... it zooms out to show the Accelerator standing there, intact and in a business suit... he looks into the camera... in a dark voice, he says "Feel the RUSH???"... a huge explosion takes place, and GCWA: Adrenaline Rush is shown in bright letters, flowing throughout the banner... the screen clears, and we're shown the cheering, crazy fans who managed to get tickets to the last big Global Championship Wrestling Association event in 1999, here in Madison Square Garden in New York City.... we see signs everywhere... "nAc = Doomed".... "What Tops An Ace?"... "BOO!!"... "The Cartel: Nothing Else Matters".... after a pan of these signs and more, we go down to the broadcast booth, where Mike Tenay, Jim Ross, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are seated... *

Tenay: Hello out there in PPV land! You've just ordered one of the greatest shows you're ever going to see, and I guarantee that we're worth every single penny! Welcome to the Adrenaline Rush! Tonight, you're going to see the best of the GCWA go at it, with every title on the line! Brain, take us through the line-up, if you would!

Heenan: Whatever you say, Professor. Just listen to this card, people. We've got two men in an I Quit Match, Brain Dead and Phenomena. Shorty and Trasher are fighting in an I Respect You bout, which could get ugly, if you know of the problems these two have had. We've got a Handicap match involving the Internet Title. The Tag-Team belts are on the line between two championship-calibur teams. X-Dog goes for the circuit of titles against Dynamic Dynamite, the Intercontinental Champion, in a Ladder match! That one's going to be great, JR!

JR: That's one of the big ones, Bobby. But don't forget the final three matches! Two ex-partners are going to be fighting it out in a steel cage for the Cruiserweight Title! We've got three people, one of them the President of this company, fighting for the Hardcore Title in a true first: A Boiler Room Brawl Race To The Ring Match! Who knows what's going to happen in those two matches. Then, in our main event, the two-time GCWA World Heavyweight Champion and current European Champion, Animal Thug, tries for a third World Title reign by dethroning the man who's held it since that Invitation Elimination match, Titan 3! Boy, I'm out of breath already, and that's just by reading this card!! How on earth are we going to be able to handle this much activity, Mike??

Tenay: It isn't going to be easy, JR, but it is going to be wild! And you've leaving out one, the apparently unsanctioned Street Fight between Shannon Shag-Nasty, who is not under contract with the GCWA, and Napalm, the former European Champion! What's that, nine matches of sheer testosterone? I tell you, Madison Square Garden is the perfect place to have this! The last time we were here, it was for In Your Neighborhood: Crescendo! That night, we gave the fans all they could handle and more, including the true birth of the Bastards of Oblivion, the Iron Man war between X-Dog and the Accelerator, and Darkstarr and Blade's violent brawl for the World Heavyweight Title! This time, we're going to surpass it, ending the year with the greatest fighting you've ever seen!

JR: Well, lets go down to David Penzer and kick off the last Pay Per View event of the decade!

Heenan: Donít you meant the millennium JR?

JR: Bobby, the millennium doesnít start until 2001.

Heenan: Whatever you say. So lets start off the new millennium with a battle between two relative youngsters.

Tenay: Ok, Brain. Phenomena is not really a youngster, but rather an up and comer in the GCWA. And now that he has joined the Cartel, who knows where this kid can go. He has been impressive thus far and now looks to continue this against the somewhat insane Brain Dead.

Heenan: And thatís why I like him, Mike, heís just plain nuts. Guys like that are willing to do anything, and that always makes for good hardcore matches.

JR: Which is what we have now, Penzer, kick this one off.

Penzer: Tonightís first bout is will be wrestled under hardcore rules and will be an "I Quit" match... the winner has to make his opponent submit, through any means necessary... *cheers* introducing first, weighing in at 223 pounds and standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, he is the man known as, BRAIN DEAD!

*Brain Dead makes his way down the ramp, with a very neutral response from the crowd. He gets in the ring and hops around on the first rope, trying to get some crowd support, but with little effect. He then hops off and shrugs the crowd off. *

Penzer: And his opponent... standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing at 242 pounds... he hails as the newest member of The Cartel, and is currently enjoying a 3-match win streak... he is, PHENOMENA!

*Phenomena comes out to a huge heat pop. The crowd is booing him tremendously. At first he looks shocked, but then waves at the crowd like he doesnít care. He climbs in the ring and points at Brain Dead and then drags a thumb across his throat. Brain Dead just laughs back.*

Tenay: I think Phenomena was surprised by the crowdís reaction to him. He was becoming somewhat of a fan favorite amongst the new comers here, but thatís what you get for aligning yourself with The Cartel, right, guys?

Heenan: Who cares what the fans think? That was the best move that he could have made for his career. Now he's got a shot at instant success, with the powerful guys in the Cartel watching out for him! Good job, Phen. Uh oh, here they go.

*Bell Rings*

JR: And here we go. Brain Dead rushes right in, but Phenomena sidesteps and drop toe holds him right down across the bottom rope. And this one starts off fast and painful.

Heenan: Just the way I like them. Phenomena pulls Brain Dead up and suplexes him to the mat. Brain Dead is right up though, and sliding out of the ring, holding the back off his head. Phenomena wastes no time, sliding out of the ring and walking towards his opponent in pursuit.

Tenay: Brain Dead is huddled up in the corner, maybe Phenomena hurt him already? Phenomena stalks in, and is met with a bat to the gut! Brain Dead was playing opossum the whole time. He winds up and nails Phenomena in the stomach again, doubling the bigger man over. Brain Dead raises the bat over his head, looking to put this one away, but P henomena gets in a low blow and Brain Dead drops the bat. That looked like it hurt too, guys.

JR: The low blow is always effective, Mike. Right, Brain? Both men are down right now, and this one just started. If it goes much longer someone may end up dead. That makes for some great entertainment. The risk, I mean. Phenomena is getting up slowly, but Brain Dead is back up now. He pulls a broom from under the ring, and takes another savage cut at Phenomena, but Phenomena moves and Brain Dead snaps the broom on the ring post.

Tenay: Phenomena lays in with some savage right hands, and then starts to drag Brain Dead up the ramp. Looks like we may be going to the back, boys. Get the camera crews back there ready. Wait, at the top of the ramp, Brain Dead elbows Phenomena and then, did he just give him a stunner on the ramp?

JR: I think so, but I donít think it was nearly as effective as Ole Stone Coldís used to be.

Heenan: C'mon, JR. STUNNER!!! STUNNER!!!!

JR: Don't make me hurt you this early, Weasal.

Tenay: Guys, could we? Anyone know where Zbysko is? Anyway, the stunner did the job, Phenomena is down. Brain Dead drags him up, and puts on a bear hug? This guy is nuts, that canít be doing a damn thing to Phenomena. And I was right. Phenomena just hit Brain Dead with a nasty head butt, and Brain Dead lets go of the hug. Phenomena takes the stunned man down with a double leg take down, and here it is, the elevated crab that Phenomena was talking about. The ref is asking Brain Dead if he quits, but he wonít do it. Phenomena applies more pressure, but Brain Dead is just laughing.

JR: I donít know how he is resisting this, but Brain Dead is doing just that. He refuses to quit. Phenomena doesnít look like he is going to let this go anytime soon. This is almost too painful to watch. Wait, whatís going on behind them? Is that Bobby? It is, Bobby of the Wolf Pac has come out here, but why would he want to help Brain Dead?

Heenans: Think about it JR. Phenomena beat Bobby not so long ago, and Phenomenaís boss is wrestling Animal Thug for the title later tonight. He is not out to here to help Brain Dead; he is out here to mess with Phenomena. This is a direct attack on the Cartel. Not too smart if you ask me, but The ĎPac seems to be at odds with The Cartel, so it makes sense.

Tenay: Well, whatever the reason, Bobby just nailed Phenomena from behind and then dropped him with a hangmanís neckbreaker! Phenomena felt that one! Now Bobby's leaving. That was bizarre. But it got Brain Dead out of the elevated crab. But neither man is moving very fast again. How long have they been at the top of the ramp now?

Heenan: Who really cares? They are beating the hell out of each other, and I think its great.

JR: You would.

Heenan: Damn straight. Looks like Phenomena is up. He goes to drag Brain Dead up and now its Brain Deadís turn for the low blow. He just put his foot right in Phenomenaís...

JR: Ok, Brain, watch it.

Heenan: What do you mean, JR? This is a Pay-Per-View! They paid the money, so I can say whatever I damn please!

Tenay: *shaking head* PLEASE, someone go find Zbysko. I'll stay with the match, folks, don't worry. Brain Dead is standing over Phenomena. He raises his hand and then grabs the back of Phenomenaís head. Is it Brain Stopper time? No, because it looks like Titan Three has decided to show up too! The Cartel has answered back, cause the big man himself is out here now. He clubs Brain Dead down from behind with a monster lariat and then helps Phenomena up.

JR: Phenomena is heading down to the ring and Titan Three is leading Brain Dead down by the back of his head. Phenomena reaches under the ring and pulls out a table and slides it into the ring.

Heenan: Here we go!

JR: Shut up Brain. Phenomena sets up the table and Titan slides Brain Dead into the ring, and then climbs in himself. What are they going to do? Titan has Brain Dead up, and the two just put Brain Dead through that table with a 3-D, in other words the Dudley Death Drop!!! That has to be it. Titan slides out of the ring, and the ref asks Brain Dead if he wants to quit. Brain Dead is saying no! Well, he has guts thatís for sure.

Tenay: Yeah, but I'm really wondering if this guy should even bother, with the punishment in store for him with the World Heavyweight Champion fighting against him. Phenomena is frustrated now. He motion to Titan Three, who nods. What are they doing now? Titan drags a table out from under the ring and sets it up outside the ring, near a turnbuckle. This doesnít look good. But what is he doing now. Another table? And he is setting it up on top of the other one. He smiles at Phenomena and presents him with the two tables. Phenomena pulls Brain Dead up and sets him up on the top turnbuckle.

JR: What the hell is he thinking. Phenomena climbs up there too, and puts Brain Deadís head between his legs. No, he canít be going for the Sub Zero. Donít do it, youíll kill him!

Heenan: I donít think he cares, cause he is gonna do it. Wait the ref just rang the bell. Brain Dead just said he quit, I think he is still saying it. Phenomena looks at Titan Three, who just laughs and then points at the tables. Phenomena nods and lifts Brain Dead in the air. We're about to get a message delivered to the enemies of the Cartel, I bet!

JR: But the match is already over!! This isn't right! But Phenomena just doesn't care. He turns and drops Brain Dead off his shoulders with the Sub Zero, sending him downwards with a gravity-propelled Powerbomb!! Brain Dead flies through the air and crashes through both tables!! Oh god, someone get some EMTs out here now!! Phenomena hops out of the ring and points over at Brain Dead and says something. I think he just told him he should have quit earlier.

Heenan: That is exactly what he said, and I think he is right. I donít think Bobby did Brain Dead any favors at the top of the ramp. Phenomena hi-fives Titan Three and the two walk toward the ramp, laughing.

*The tape rolls, and once again the fans are treated to replays of the PPV events... as the Brain talks, we see the best moments of the match... the Stunner on the ramp... the elevated Boston Crab, with Bobby's interference... and finally, the combined efforts of Titan 3 and Phenomena leading up to the Sub Zero through the tables...*

JR: That was simply brutal to watch, guys. Phenomena just proved that he deserves to be in the Cartel. He didn't think about the guy he had in the air. He just wanted to send that man on a long way trip to the hospital, with many, many bumps along the way.

Heenan: I see they're still separating Brain Dead from the tables. He looks pretty bad. So, what do you guys want to talk about?

JR: ........

Heenan: What?

Tenay: *mumbles something, probably about Zbysko again* Anyway, folks, they're getting Brain Dead onto the stretcher, but wait, he's trying to sit up! Wait, is that a smile on the man's face?? Even after all the punishment he just took, he's smiling?? Something is just not right with that man. Just in case, they're carting him off anyway. Maybe they should drop him off at a mental facility along the way, I don't know. But I do know that we've only just begun tonight, folks!

*The picture suddenly changes to a shot in the back of the DX locker room... Neo is shown in there, talking with X-Dog and Shorty, both of whom are shaking their heads about something.... Blade, the Rock, and Nightmare are nowhere to be seen... Neo seems to be pleading about DX's current shape, and X-Dog asks "What do you want me to do about it?" Neo just looks at him, then turns and leaves... Shorty and X-Dog talk for a second, then Shorty heads out the door too, turning towards the arena entrance...*

Heenan: Disheartening to see those boys fight, huh? Heh heh heh.

Tenay: Well, there's no doubt that there are problems in Degeneration-X, one of the longest running organizations in the GCWA. X-Dog and Shorty have their own 'cliq', both interested mainly in getting belts for themselves. Blade has the Rock, and they seem to have broken off from DX for the moment. Nightmare's, well, apparently going insane, while Neo, the newest member, just doesn't know what to do. But it's up to them to work it out, I guess. What kind of fed would this be without the Degenerates?

Heenan: A man can dream, Professor.

JR: *shakes head* The next two guys about to come up here definitely have a history. Some of our wrestlers tonight have been fighting on and off for weeks. These two have been attacking each other for months, with it all coming down to loyalty. Let's have a look.

*The screen opens up with the howl of the Wolfpac sounding out... both Shorty and Trasher are shown standing with the stable, fighting for it with all their heart... the Wolfpac 3-Way European Title fight between Napalm, Shorty, and Trasher shows the first start of tension between the two... we switch to the banner of October Oblivion, where Trasher and Dynamite, rather than fighting their Inferno match, team up with others to form the new Age cliq... Shorty spoke out against the 'treachary' during November, and ended the month, after battling through the European Contenders tournament, by attacking Trasher during his European Title rematch against Napalm, draping a Wolfpac shirt over him and costing him the match... however, at the Bastards' Ball, Shorty leaves the Wolfpac himself, joining with X-Dog and Degeneration-X... for the next couple of weeks, whenever the nAc and DX came to blows, Shorty and Trasher were attacking each other, keeping the anger alive despite their departure from the 'Pac... some of their comments about winning the "respect" of their opponent are shown, then we go back to the ring, where David Penzer awaits...*

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... it will be fought under "I Respect You" Rules! *cheers* The stipulations for this match are as follows: there is no Countout... there is No DQ... there must be a winner... at the end of the match, the loser has to announce his respect for the winner.... let me introduce first, standing 6'2" and weighing 229 lbs... formerly a member of the Wolfpac, he now stands with the new Age Cliq... the Eliminator of the GCWA.... Trasher!

*Trasher gets a poor crowd reception, but he still walks to the ring with confidence... he's dragging a trash can behind him... the contents of the trash can are unknown...*

Tenay: Trasher's had a rough career in the GCWA. Let's be honest, he's one of the ones everyone expected to get some gold around his waist, yet every single time, something's happened to prevent it. Maybe that's why he joined with Dynamic Dynamite, so that he would become more of a star. And he did win the Stable Trophy for the nAc for a short time, one of his greatest victories. But now he's facing a very tough, very short test. Can Trasher get another huge pay-per-view victory, his second of the month?

Penzer: His opponent... standing 5'3" and weighing 120 lbs... he's a 2-time Cruiserweight Champion and a 1-time European Champ... representing Degeneration-X, he's looking to get back into the title game by defeating his former ally... the faster flyer this side of an F-14... Shorty!

*Shorty comes out to the variation of the DX theme, rapping along with it... he has in his hand a cannister of some sort... as he brings it to the ring, he sets it at ringside and rolls in, ready for the fight...*

JR: Shorty's a veteran of the GCWA, that's for sure. He's always been on the fringe, sometimes entering in to hold gold for a while. He has great talent, but sometimes I wonder about his commitment. Back when he entered the place with the Ruff Ryders, back before he removed his mask to show himself to be Rey Mysterio's brother, everyone predicted that he would soon own the Cruiserweight division. Although on a couple of occasions he has held the belt, I doubt anyone would place him above some of the greats in that division. Shorty's really a contradiction in terms, and Trasher's about to learn exactly what that can mean.

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: So here we are, the match that no one's been talking about.

JR: Oh, c'mon, Brain. These two have quite a history, and they have been fighting repeatedly, haven't they?

Heenan: Yep, they have. But that doesn't mean much to me, JR. With all the big title fights coming up, this match just doesn't excite me, or the fans, like some of the others will. It's up to Shorty and Trasher to prove me wrong.

Tenay: Well, they're not starting out bad, Bobby. Shorty lands a few quick shots to the chin, ducking under Trasher's swings, then lifts the man up, turning with a Belly-to-Back! Shorty's here to fight! Remember, this could technically become a Hardcore match, since there are no rules other than pinning your opponent to get your respect! Shorty punches Trasher a couple more times, then stands and yells to the crowd, doing a crotch chop above the fallen nAc member. OH, and what a mistake that was, because Trasher just used the distraction to shoot in one of his own crotch chops!!! I reiterate, no rules! Shorty drops in pain, his momentum destroyed with one blow, as Trasher gets to his feet. He angrily comes in, lifting Shorty off the ground and turning him. He puts Shorty in the air and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop, adding to the punishment! Shorty falls down, aching, but Trasher's not done. He pulls Shorty up and whips him hard into the turnbuckle, sending him crashing back down to the mat!

JR: Trasher's looking intense in there! He picked a painful place to target, but that's always a weakness, no matter how big the opponent is. Trasher gets Shorty to his feet again and DDTs him, then goes for the cover.... 1...... 2.. Shorty kicks free. That would have been a pretty quick pay-per-view match. But it continues, as Trasher stands and kicks Shorty in the head, then rolls out of the ring, getting his trash can. He tosses it in and rolls in after it. I guess there's nothing in it, but that's still a very dangerous weapon! Shorty's trying to pull himself up, as Trasher comes in and lets him have it, putting a good-sized dent in there! Oh, and it bent the trash can, too!

Heenan: Leave the comedy to the professionals, Ross. Shorty just took a bad hit from that trash can, and he takes another, courtesy of the man who's used to it. Trasher smashes Shorty one more time, then tosses the bent and battered can to the ground before stepping towards Shorty and peeling him off the mat. He brings Shorty over to the trash can and lifts him into the air, into piledriver position!! Shorty's struggling, trying to break out, but there's nowhere to go, as Trasher drops him square on the remains of the garbage can!!! Man, that one had to have damaged something!! Trasher looks to the booing audience with a sadistic smile on his face, then rolls over onto Shorty, trying another cover... 1...... 2....... Shorty kicks out! It was close, but Shorty's not ready yet to call it quits and have to tell Trasher he respects him!

JR: The short one's hurting, though. He might even be an inch shorter after that piledriver, something he really doesn't need. Trasher, annoyed, gets Shorty back up. He steps over the metal can, which'll never be used for what it was built for ever again! He locks Shorty in his legs, preparing for a Powerbomb that'll break Shorty in two! This from a cruiserweight, guys! Anyone can look powerful against Shorty, but if they aren't careful, they'll look pretty stupid too! Trasher lifts Shorty into the air, ready to bomb him into the can, but Shorty reverses it in midair into a modified X-Factor/Face Plunge, and Trasher meets his own weapon of destruction!! Trasher's kicking fiercely and rolling across the ring, with both hands across his face, as Shorty, exhausted, tries to pull himself up. This hasn't been a long match, but it's been a brutal one thus far!

Tenay: Trasher's still the one who gets back to his feet first. His nose has to be killing him, but he can take a little punishment, he's shown us that before. He comes in, grabbing Shorty, but the lithe DX member comes alive, firing shot after shot into Trasher's stomach! Trasher bends down in pain, so Shorty grabs him by his head, then leaps over the ropes, with a new version of an old trick of dropping the man's throat on the ropes!! Trasher falls to the ground, forced back by the rebound of the ropes on his neck, and crashing back down onto the flattened trash can!! I wonder if Shorty planned that?? Trasher's now in a lot of trouble in there, as Shorty pulls over a table! What's he going to do with that? Oh, wait, he's got that container he brought with him! He's squirting the contents all over the table! What do you think this is, Heenan?

Heenan: It isn't obvious to you? Shorty's well-known match specialty is a Burning Table match! He won the European Title by beating Shane Douglas in one, and very nearly beat Napalm for the belt a few weeks ago. Now he's about to light it up again, and since there's no DQ, it's legal! He lights a match and throws it, and yes, we have a barnburner, ladies and gentlemen! Someone in the back get prepared, because we're going to need fire extinguishers in just a few minutes!! Shorty rolls back into the ring to the cheers of the crowd, as Trasher gets back to his feet, surely aching in many places. Shorty moves in, but Trasher thumbs the man in the eye, stopping him from getting any closer. Before Shorty can get his vision back, he's on the ground from a vicious Trasher lariat! This one isn't over yet, Trasher's still in the mood to fight!

JR: But how much more is the question, Bobby. We've got a burning table on the outside and a 'trashed' can on the inside. So it's time for a new weapon, as Trasher leaves the ring and gets himself a chair! Luckily, Penzer didn't need it anyway. Trasher's back in the ring, as Shorty's getting up. But Trasher puts him back down with a hard shot to the back, dropping him to his knees! Trasher walks over and puts the chair in the corner, propping it up. He comes back, grabbing Shorty and whipping him towards it, no, Shorty reverses, but Trasher reverses the other direction! It's still a small victory for Shorty, though. He hits the corner, but the chair's still on the other side! Trasher, seeming to realize this, comes in, putting his boots to Shorty while holding onto the ropes to increase the effect. He gets Shorty by the arm and tries again, but Shorty's braced himself, not wanting to go. Trasher yanks hard, slamming his elbow into Shorty's breadbasket to knock the air from him. Shorty finally lets go, heading towards the other corner, but he reverses it again! Trasher can't stop himself this time, and he smashes into the propped-up chair at full speed!!! He stumbles forward with a hand on his back, and Shorty comes running, Spearing him!!!!

Tenay: Wow!!! Usually Shorty's spear, while painful, doesn't look quite that bad! But he just tore up Trasher with that hit, snapping him backwards to the ground in under a second!! The fans are loving it, as Shorty pulls himself up. He grabs Trasher and drags him upwards, then shoots him off the ropes. As Trasher hits the other side, Shorty comes in with a Flying Clothesline, putting the man down again! Shorty looks like he's about ready to end this one! He gets Trasher up one last time, as the fans, knowing what's coming, are cheering. He pulls Trasher to the corner and puts him up onto it, landing a few punches just in case. He then climbs up next to him, ready for a plunge! Trasher's standing on the turnbuckle, as Shorty comes off with him, spinning in a version of the Short Sensation and crashing through the burning table!!!!!

Heenan: That does it. Call the fire department, Trasher's going to need them!

JR: The ref rolls out of the ring and quickly runs around to the still-smoldering table. Shorty's moving partially, but Trasher's out cold from that hit he just suffered! The ref makes the count.... 1..... 2...... 3!!!!!! Shorty gets himself a PPV victory!!! What a fight! Are you impressed yet, Brain?

Heenan: I'll grant Shorty this. When he needs to, he's more than willing to give the fans the hair-raising action that they've come to expect from the GCWA. What a finishing move! What was that, the Towering Inferno maneuver or something? I've never seen anything like it!

Tenay: Whatever it was, it got Shorty the victory. Oh, and he's got the mic! He's sticking it in Trasher's face, but I don't know if Trasher will be able to respond after the hit he just took! Shorty smacks him across the face, trying to bring him around. He leans down, the mic at his mouth.

Shorty: Say it! Live up to your contract! Do you respect me? Do you?

Trasher: ........ y... yeah...

Heenan: He said it! He doesn't have to mean it, of course. I doubt he does, really. But since he had to, he faced it like a man and got it out, and Shorty's taking him at his word, standing and doing another couple of crotch chops! Shorty then starts heading for the back, ignoring his minor burns, while guys come down to check on Trasher's wounds. Run the tape, guys, I want to see that move again!

*Heenan again butchers the replay segment, but it doesn't seem to bother him much... the piledriver onto the trash can, the smash into the chair followed by the spear, and the final Short Sensation onto the burning table flash by in slow motion... *

Tenay: That's two down, both with brutal results! The next one is sure to be no exception, boys. Right now, the guys are out laying down some glass in a spot in the ring. The winner of this match, due to Gilbreth's stipulations, has to throw his opponent into the glass, making this a Shattered Dreams match!! This is really a very dangerous match, and I can't believe that it was sanctioned by the Committee.

Heenan: It's not like Ace and them had much choice though. The champion set his stips, and Hellbent and Black Blood agreed to it. Now it's up to them to come up with the victory here tonight, either way, by cutting up the man, or men, in front of them. Penzer?

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for, well, one fall, I guess you could say... the first person to throw his opponent into the pile of glass is the winner, and gets the GCWA Internet Title! First, the challengers... weighing a combined 635 lbs... they, combined, are willing to face a very powerful force in the Internet Champion, and if they win, they'll decide between themselves who the new champion is... Black Blood and Hellbent!

*The fans cheer some for the two men, simply because of who they're facing... Black Blood has a slightly nervous look on his face, but Hellbent's ready to rumble, smacking his fist repeatedly into his palm... *

JR: Last week, these two were trying to beat the stuffing out of each other for the chance to fight Andy Gilbreth tonight. Gilbreth's assault on both men after they'd fought a long time seems to have unified them, if briefly, against the champion. But will it last? Will these two be able to fight against each other? Or will diversity lead to Gilbreth's laughter?

Penzer: Their opponent... standing 7'2" and weighing 350 lbs... he won the GCWA Internet Title under the nom de plume of Adolf von Ayrian, but now wrestles under his true name... the warrior who comes into the ring to take out anyone who dares challenge himself as well as the Cartel... the Internet Champion, and one of the most hated men in the GCWA... Andy Gilbreth!!

*Gilbreth Nazi-steps his way out of the entranceway and gives the salute, to the rabid boos of the crowd... he then laughs and waves his hands, like he was only fooling... he seems to be in a great mood as he walks towards the ring, with the title strapped tightly around his waist...*

Heenan: The fans may hate him, because of his earlier politics, but you've got to admit that this is a man to fear. I still stand my earlier prediction that von Ayrian's a future World Champion. Look what he's done this month alone? He took out Joshua Curtis at the Bastards' Ball relatively easy. He got victories over Phantom and Neo, and now is trying to win a Handicap match over two very imposing individuals. This is a man who is going to go places, and someday, he'll be wrestling the greats of this organization. I'm betting a lot on that.

JR: I'm sure you are, Brain.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: It looks like Black Blood and Hellbent never decided on who would start this one out. They're arguing to each other, while Gilbreth sits back, a happy smile on his face, seeing their disunity. He walks forward, but immediately both men turn and charge, surprising him with a huge clothesline!!! Wow, he nearly fell back onto the glass there!! That would have been the greatest, quickest upset in our history! Both men are working as a team now, pounding away on the mat as he vainly tries to fight back against the two big men nailing him! Gilbreth may have made a very bad technical mistake here, and it could cost him big time! Hellbent and Black Blood both wrap their arms around the tower of power and actually lift him up, giving him a Double Suplex! How many people have been able to get Gilbreth off his feet like that? He's facing two powerhouses in there, who would rather get that gold he holds so dear!

Heenan: It's a minor setback, Mike. I know that Gilbreth can recover from this. The ref finally stops the 'illegal' doubleteam, getting Black Blood to go to the corner, while Hellbent gets Gilbreth up and knees in dead in the face! Gilbreth takes it hard, stumbling backwards, but he can't get out of range, as Hellbent moves in with a wicked two-handed swing to the back of the head that drops the Internet Champion to his knees! We've got a real fight on our hands, something that I'm sure Gilbreth wasn't expecting from these two! Hellbent drags Gilbreth up and into the corner, pounding his head into the pads as the fans count along. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Gilbreth takes a few steps away from the turnbuckle, then falls flat on his face! Hellbent immediately drops for the pin... then remembers the way the match is supposed to go.

JR: In the heat of battle, you can forget what needs to be done, Heenan. Hellbent stands up and starts to pull Gilbreth towards the pile of glass, but Gilbreth stops him with a shot to the kidneys, then gets Hellbent in the air from behind with a German Suplex! Gilbreth stands, obviously hurting and trying to disguise it. He steps over to Hellbent and starts violently stomping down on him, angry at the attack put on him! Black Blood's just looking on, not bothering to come in. Those two may be acting like they're a unified front, but there's a definite breach still between them. You'd almost think Blood doesn't care much about the match, the way he's just watching the action. Meanwhile, in the ring, Gilbreth stands over Hellbent, locking his hands around the man's throat! The ref is trying to get the big man to break, but that's never been Adolf's forte.

Tenay: Adolf, Andy, Andrew, whoever it is, he's still a very dangerous man. He finally breaks when the ref starts his count, and the ref steps out of range, just in case. But Gilbreth isn't concerned with the ref. He brings Hellbent up again and gives him a neckbreaker, then looks towards the glass with an evil glare. The fans know what might be coming. You'd think Blood does, too, but he's still not moving to enter the ring! Gilbreth gets Hellbent up to his feet, then goes to lift the 350-lb'er! He's got him up, no, Hellbent's struggling, fighting not to be slammed onto the glass, and Gilbreth slips, falling backwards instead! Hellbent lands on top and lands some good punches on Gilbreth, using almost a windmill approach to hit the Cartel member with more than he can handle! But Hellbent's hurting in there, you can tell. He staggers to his feet and heads towards the corner, as Gilbreth starts to get up behind him. He reaches out... and Black Blood doesn't acknowledge the attempt at a tag!

Heenan: Ok, that I don't understand, I mean, Blood's going for a title here, so why won't he tag in? Before Hellbent can do anymore than shake his hand in anger, though, Gilbreth nails him from behind with the "Soprano" shot, and Hellbent falls to the ground! Gilbreth gets to his feet and moves in, getting Hellbent back up and dragging him towards the glass. But once again, Hellbent puts on the breaks, using a number of elbows to the ribs to get free of the Headlock, despite the pain he must be feeling in 'certain' areas. He turns and stabs a thumb into Gilbreth's eye, blinding him and allowing Hellbent to get a grip on Gilbreth and Scoop Slam him! If he had only aimed him towards the glass, this one could be over! Gilbreth's down again, but as always, he's starting to get up immediately. Can anything hurt this man?

JR: I know you're impressed and all, Heenan, but I'm sure Gilbreth doesn't want you as his manager.

Heenan: Well, you never know, right?

Tenay: Yeah, I think we know, Brain. Back to the action. Gilbreth pulls himself up, as Hellbent slowly backs away. Wait, Hellbent suddenly turns and nails Black Blood with an open-handed shot across the face!! Blood, shocked, nearly falls from the apron. Is that a tag? I guess so, because Hellbent just used the ropes to launch Black Blood into the ring, crashing down onto his back! Gilbreth is just watching again, trying to figure out what's going on, as Hellbent steps through the ropes and, yes, he's walking to the back, throwing his hands behind him! I think he's ridding himself of tagging with Black Blood!! Gilbreth's got that smile back, as Blood gets up to his feet... walking right into a Chokeslam!!! Now there was a Rude Awakening for you!!

JR: Andy got him square with that one! Blood's clutching his neck in extreme pain, as the Internet Champ stands and drops an elbow, then throws in a few kicks for good measure, systematically taking Blood apart! He gets Black Blood back to his feet and puts him into a Fireman's Carry, then walks towards the pile of glass! You can see that Black Blood now realizes the destination! He's kicking, trying to fight his way free. But it's too late! Gilbreth hoists the heavyweight above his head just for a few seconds, then Gorilla Presses him downwards into the glass!!!!! My god, the pain on Black Blood's face is very hard to watch!!!! He rolls out of the ring, falling to the ground face-first, with shards of glass protruding from his back! Gilbreth, meanwhile, takes a few steps backwards. It takes a lot of wind for anyone to lift a 285-lb man, even someone like this man. There goes the bell. We have a winner, and a man who's still the Internet Champion, Andy "Adolf" Gilbreth!!

Tenay: The fight between Hellbent and Gilbreth was pretty impressive, as both gave their all to get the win. But at the end, Hellbent decided not to give Black Blood the time of day, and that proved the man's downfall. He should have been concentrating more on his true opponent than on antagonizing Hellbent, huh, Heenan?

Heenan: Yeah, that's the truth. But I personally think that Hellbent did the right thing. You have to punish ignorance. And look at what just happened? Another idiot eliminated from wrestling for a while, apparently. Well, let's get another stretcher out here. This could be a record night for pain, boys! We have a lot more to come, so don't go away as we take a small "expensive" commercial break!

*The replay starts, with Hellbent and Black Blood's first attack on Gilbreth pictured.... Gilbreth's power moves with Hellbent are followed by Black Blood's 'surprise' entrance into the ring... finally, the Gorilla Press onto the glass shards, ending the Shattered Dreams match... Gilbreth stays the champion...*

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