Tenay: We've had a shocking night. Napalm and Dynamic Dynamite have each pulled their little tricks. New stables seem to be popping up everywhere. And now we have someone claiming she's the GCWA Women's Champion! What else can happen? I guess we'll find out in a few seconds! The next match means that either man can gain a new title, and it'll be for whoever they want it to be! The Hardcore and Intercontinental Titles are on the line, with the odds in favor of the Hardcore Champion! But let's see how this started out!

*The picture opens up with Shannon Shag-Nasty raising the Intercontinental Title... we see a clip of him saying that if Tower defeated him, he'd have to give Michael Breaker a title shot at Oblivion... we switch to Shag-Nasty walking away from the ladder match, basically giving Tower the title... after Tower grabs the belt, Breaker and the rest of the BOO attack him... other clips and comments are shown, including Breaker's team getting the victory, and the Hardcore Title, from the Wolfpac... we return to the broadcast booth... *

JR: This match has a lot on the line, for both the BOO and Tower, not to mention Tower's mysterious ally. Well, Penzer's entering the ring again, so let's go to... huh? Not again! What is it with these Hardcore matches? Half of them don't start in the ring!! Is our camera there? Then roll it, boys!

*The GCWA-Tron suddenly turns on, giving the fans a shot backstage, in the parking area, where Michael Breaker and Tower are already brawling amongst the parked cars...*

Tenay: Well the action has started, both men punching each other left and right. There's no official back there yet, he was standing in the ring, but he's quickly on his way to the back. These two are really slapping knuckles. Breaker takes a slight advantage, leaning into Tower against one of our ambulances. You can tell we're always prepared. Breaker knees Tower in the stomach and again, and one more time. Tower hunches over, and Breaker DDTs him to the ground. That hurts outside the ring. Ok, the ref is finally there.

Heenan: This match is sick already, two men, backstage, beating the hell out of each other, I love it. Breaker stands, looking around the area, and he grabs a trashcan. He walks over to Tower, tries to bash him with it, but Tower rolls out of the way and quickly to his feet. Breaker tries to adjust, but Tower comes in quickly, pulling the trashcan away, and drilling Breaker in the head with it. Breaker stumbles backwards, tripping over something on the ground. Tower sees that it's a broom! He picks it up, and snaps it in half on the side of Breaker's face. Breaker stands motionless, and then falls to the concrete floor!

JR: Tower covers him... 1...... 2.... but Breaker gets a shoulder up. Tower complains about a slow count, but the ref just shrugs, holding up two fingers. Tower pulls Breaker to his feet, dragging him away from the parking-lot and through a doorway, into a hallway. He tosses Breaker into one wall, holds him, tosses him into the other, holds him, and tosses him back into the other wall. Breaker has blood running out of his nose now, and his eyes are looking quite glassy. They continue down the hall, passing several dressing-rooms along the way. Tower kicks open a door revealing a stairwell? Where's this match going?

Tenay: I'm not sure JR, it looks like these two are headed into the bowels of the Georgia Dome. Tower pauses on the stairs, sets up for a Suplex, but Breaker reverses it, sending Tower and himself down hard!! Tower took the worst of it though, rolling back down the stairs. He's not moving much in there JR. Breaker gets to his feet, and stands, waiting above Tower on those stairs. Tower finally moves, staggering to his feet, and Breaker leaps down at him, hitting a flying clothesline!! This match is insane, and folks remember, its title for title! Breaker brings Tower back to his feet, pulling him up the stairs with him. He opens another door, revealing another long hallway, and returns a favor by smashing Tower into the wall.

Heenan: I'm not sure what to say.

JR: You're never sure what to say, Brain, that's why we love you. Breaker positions Tower for a piledriver, but this time it's Tower reversing out of nowhere, sending Breaker over his back. Tower spins and stomps on Breaker's chest, spitting down at him as he does. These are two of the GCWA's biggest men, and I'm not sure if the Georgia Dome can hold them. Tower pulls Breaker up by his hair, walks down the hall a little, and, hey, I know where they are! They're just outside of the arena on the second level. Maybe they heard me, because Tower has brought Breaker into the arena above the entrance way! The fans up there are going crazy.

Tenay: Tower smiles as a few fans slap him on the back, and scoops Breaker up, slamming in the middle of the aisle. He pins, next to a few fans enjoying the fight.... 1.... 2...... and Breaker has kicked out again. This match is nuts. A fan with a camera is taking pictures, Tower snags the camera as both men get to their feet. He swings at Breaker with that camera loading his fist, but Michael blocks, punches Tower in the face, and takes the camera. He turns on Tower and drills him with it, spilling film everywhere. Tower stumbles fast down the aisle and ohhhhh, he almost fell over the side, Brain!

Heenan: This is ridiculous. I'm not one who usually cares about someone's safe being, but one of these guys could get seriously hurt! Breaker hands what's left of the camera back to the poor fan and, wait, who's that coming behind Breaker? It's the Mind Bender, Pearl in hand! Breaker sees him and they both move on Tower. Bender swings Pearl, drilling Tower in the face. Tower leans over the rail, trying to remain balanced, and Breaker, no, oh my God!!! Breaker just helped him over the side. Breaker smiles, as the fans are screaming and booing!! Can anyone see down there? Is Tower still fit to continue?

JR: I'm not sure, Brain. We can't get a camera on him. He's landed below the entrance and, what's Breaker doing? An official has come out to check on Tower, disappearing below our ramp, and Breaker is climbing over the railing! Bender is trying to hold him back, but Breaker leaps!! What is this, suicide? We don't have a camera down there, somebody tell me what's going on! Bender's walking forward, looking over the side with a shocked look, and the fans are suddenly screaming again! Damn it, where's that portable cameraman gone?? Something big is happening!! Bender is frozen, looking down, as, ok, we've got new feed. Who the hell is that???

*A massive man is shown, even larger than Breaker... he has long black hair and is wearing dark clothes, with a symbol on a chain around his neck... he's got a hold of Breaker, and lifts him up, hitting a huge Powerbomb that shakes everything around them, including the ref... Tower, who looks hurt, slowly gets up....*

Tenay: Bender doesn't know what to do, and neither do I!! Whoever that man is, I don't think Breaker is getting up from it! Tower falls on top, making the cover! 1....... 2........ 3!!!!! Tower has retained the Intercontinental Title, AND he's taken the Hardcore Title from Breaker with one move!! The powerhouse who helped him pulls Tower up, not very gently, but then gives him a shoulder, taking him towards the back. Tower's got a smile on his face. An attendant with the belts follow, even as Bender disappears, probably going to the stairs to come down and check on his ally in the BOO. Breaker is a mess! He put up a tremendous fight, but he also apparently leapt right into the hands of Tower's ally! That's got to be the man Tower's been refering to. If what we just saw was any indication, he's going to be a force!

*The replay rolls, showing the suplex on the stairs, the broom shot, the fight on the second level, and then the Powerbomb from Hell... Heenan describes the action as only he can...*

Tenay: So another shocking development! Man, this is getting wild, and we're just now approaching the double main-event!!! Two more bouts are on our card! Let's review the next one, which has the GCWA waiting anxiously for its result!

*The Accelerator is shown sitting in his office, writing on papers... another shot brings Shag-Nasty into the picture, with his rendition of Ace's theme song in the background... Shag talks about wanting to be the Commissioner, and the President for a month... Ace counters with control of the BOO for a month, which Shag agrees to.... the next clip is of Shawn Michaels, who challenged Shag-Nasty to a bout for the PPV match... with help from Austin, Shag got the victory... the tape ends...*

JR: With all that, the future of the GCWA is on the line in the next match! Anything can and will happen when you put these two phenomenal wrestlers together! Let's go to David Penzer!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... it is now time for the first of our two main events of the evening... the next match has various stipulations with it, but is mainly for the Presidency of the GCWA for the month of November!! Are you ready? *YES!* Then let's get it on!! First off, he stands 6'7" and weighs 265 lbs... he's been a tag-team and an Intercontinental Champion, and now seeks to take the highest office in the organization.... he is currently the leader of the BOO, and hopes to keep it that way.... Shannon Shag-Nasty!

*The loudest boos of the night ring out as Shag-Nasty enters the arena and walks towards the ring... following him is a man on crutches, quickly revealed as Devo Croz, otherwise known as Reizrok... the two go to the ring, and Croz gets a seat at ringside, while Shag enters the ring... *

Heenan: Shag has the chance of a lifetime here. He goaded the President into signing off the GCWA as the reward for the winner, even if it was only for one month. Do you realize what that man could do to this place in only a month?

Tenay: I don't even want to think about it, Bobby. I'm laying high odds, though, that the Accelerator comes through. He's going to, I'm sure of it.

Penzer: His opponent.... standing 6'7" and weighing 280 lbs... he's been in many different organizations, and has always risen to the top... for the last year, he has ran the GCWA until it became a major competitor to the Big 3 in the ratings... the four-time Heavyweight Champion, who's looking forward to running the Bastards of Oblivion for one month... the Accelerator!!

*Ace walks out to a warm ovation, which he returns with a howl... the crowd cheers louder as he heads towards the ring, his ever-present GCWA grin on his face... he's wearing his usual wrestling gear...*

JR: The Accelerator has been a top athlete for a long time now. He became a star back in the Fed vs Fed, finally making his mark. Since then, wherever he's gone, he's been a major player in that organization. Some have wondered if he's still cut out for the ring, though. Although he's been wrestling well elsewhere, this IS the GCWA. It's not meant for guys who aren't in perfect shape.

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: Aw, Ace is in shape alright. It just might not be up to Shag-Nasty's right now. We'll soon see, though. Actually, we'll see right now, as both men drop their smiles and start slugging each other!! The fans are screaming as the two men smash themselves senseless with their fists! These two may joke around, but you can tell they don't like each other! Ace gets control, pushing Shag into the corner and hitting him repeatedly. But Shag turns it around on him, and now Ace's back is in the corner. Shag uses his big boot to kick the man hard, then steps in and locks up, hip tossing Ace out of the corner and onto his back. Shag's taking the advantage early, guys.

JR: Yeah, but the key word there is early, Heenan. Shag brings Ace back to his feet and smacks him with a few European Uppercuts. With Ace stunned, Shag grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes, dropping his head. Ace sees the opening, though, and grabs Shag by the head on the run, spinning him around and hitting a half-Bulldog on him!!! I haven't seen something like that before! Ace must really have been training for this one! Shag's down, holding his head, as Ace works his way to his feet. He hauls Shag-Nasty up and brings him over to the turnbuckle, slamming his head into it, with the crowd behind him, chanting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Umm, 11, 12, 13!!! I guess Ace is in the spirit of Halloween! Shag-Nasty takes a couple steps out of the corner, swings wildly, and drops to the ground! Ace drops next to him and makes the cover.... 1...... 2..... Shag kicks out!

Tenay: I didn't think that would end it, but the Accelerator's always been one to go for the win whenever possible! Ace helps Shag up again and suplexes him, knocking him down for a short count, but not enough for the three count. So Ace grabs him again, lifting him up. But Shag goes low, swinging upwards, as the ref is momentarily obscured!! OUCH!! Did you hear that clang??? Shag drops onto his back, holding his now swelling-hand, as Ace just smiles at him!!! The President's wearing a metal cup of some sort!! Damn, Shag may have just broken his wrist with that one! The President must have seen some of the earlier matches. Either that or he is tremendously afraid for his, um, private areas. Ace, still smiling, pulls Shag-Nasty up and starts to lift him for a slam. But wait, Shag blocks it, then turns it into a DDT! The momentum shifts again!

Heenan: Ace just got planted by the Nasty One! A good move from the former IC Champ. Shag immediately capitalizes, standing and grabbing Ace's legs and twisting him into a Boston Crab! That move will take energy out of anyone, as their legs are pushed to new extremes! As a rule, the ref leans and asks Ace the usual questions. But Ace, submit? I don't believe that's ever happened, Mike! Of course, I don't think Shag-Nasty has, either. And this IS the first time these two have faced, maybe Shag can manage the impossible! Ace is struggling, trying to pull himself towards the ropes. Shag's got that move cinched in, taking Ace's limbs from him. Slowly, Ace crawls, and finally grabs the ropes. The ref calls for the break, but Shag just stares at him. The ref starts counting to five, and near the end of the count, Shag, with an annoyed look, finally drops Ace's legs and stands. He kept that punishment on as long as possible!

JR: Ace is still down, so it seems to have worked. Shag-Nasty gives him a helping hand and throws him back into the corner. He moves in and nails Ace with some right hands, weakening him a little more before his next move. He pulls Ace onto the turnbuckle, then locks him up! This could be a major move for this match! Shag-Nasty lifts, then drops with a Superplex!!! He got Ace down!!! That move can take a lot out of anybody, including the guy who puts it on! But Shag manages to move over and cover Ace..... 1....... 2....... Ace kicks out at the last second, and the match continues! I thought that could have been it, and apparently so does Shag. But he takes it well, ignoring the ref and bringing Ace up and lifting him with an Atomic Drop that launches Ace into the ropes and almost out of the ring! Ace falls back in, laying on the mat, as Shag gloats for a few seconds, talking with Croz.

Tenay: He shouldn't be wasting too much time here, JR. Croz points, and Shag immediately goes back to Ace, only losing a few seconds. He gets Ace up and drags him into the middle of the ring. He grabs Ace by the head and bends him for the Nasty Snap, but Ace shoves him away, then dives forward, clotheslining him!!! We've got two bodies lying on the ground! The ref starts the mandatory 10 count. God, it'd be horrible for the match to be a countout! Every PPV buyer would want their money back! Wait, Ace is moving, crawling to the ropes. Shag-Nasty's feet are moving as well, as he tries to get himself upright. Ace is up first, though, moving in and Double-Underhooking Shag and hitting a Pedigree! Now Shag's in a lot of trouble! The tired Accelerator has got a hold of Shag, and he's pulling him towards the turnbuckle! It might be time for the Rollercoaster, one of the most devastating moves around!

Heenan: Yeah, but what's Croz doing?? Croz is up on the apron, hauling himself into the ring. He nails the ref from behind with the crutch, sending him to the ground hurting. Ace heard the crack and turned, even as Croz RUNS AT HIM!!! I thought he was injured???? Croz comes in swinging, but Ace ducks under it, and Shag-Nasty takes a grazing shot across his chest, knocking him firmly into the corner! Croz ignores it, though, swinging and this time hitting Ace in the side! Ace stumbles back, even as Lan Ragus and Titan 3 come out of the back! They're coming to help their leader and Croz out!! Hey, wait, Chris Jericho's back out! He hits both BOO members from behind, knocking them to the ground, with his sledgehammer outstretched in both hands!! Both Ragus and Titan 3 lay on the ground from the surprise attack, as Jericho runs towards the ring, ignoring them! Meanwhile, in the ring, Croz just made a tactical error, as Ace just caught the crutch!! He yanks it away from Croz and grins that evil smile of his, even as Croz backs away! Jericho slides into the ring to help, wait, oh my god, Jericho just hit Ace with a full shot in the back with the sledgehammer!!!!!!

Tenay: Man, the impact!!!! Ace literally screams in the sudden pain to his vertabrae, falling forward onto the crutch, as Jericho laughs! I guess that explains why Devo Croz is not actually injured, seeing as how it was the Lyinheart that "attacked" him!! We have another BOO ruse!!! Ace is down but trying to get up from that shot, even as Jericho and Croz leave the ring, since the ref is trying to get up. On the outside, Titan 3 and Ragus are on their feet again, apparently unhurt from the earlier 'hit' they took. The Wolfpac are coming out of the back, with Animal Thug in the lead, but the BOO step forward and block them, while Shag-Nasty comes in after a rest, grabbing the aching Accelerator and hitting the Nasty Snap!!! My god, ref, don't do it!!!!! 1........ 2.......... 3!!!!!!!!!! It happened!!! I can't believe it!!!! It actually happened!!!!

JR: Shannon Shag-Nasty has won over the Accelerator!!!! He's now the President of the GCWA for one month!!! The GCWA just became the Shagadelic Championship Wrestling Association!! The impossible has happened! Ace is hurt, you can tell. The Wolfpac enter the ring, even as Shag-Nasty leaves the ring to celebrate with his men! I'm just in shock!! What's going to happen now? How can we survive with Shag-Nasty as the President? What's the Accelerator going to do for the next month?? I just, oh hell, take it Heenan.

Heenan: Gladly, JR. Shannon Shag-Nasty now has the biggest victory of his career, thanks to that intelligence of his! He set this up beautifully! The BOO are in control of the GCWA, and the Accelerator truly proved he can't fight everything! Wait, Shag and the group just stopped in their tracks in the aisleway, as the Titon Tron comes on! Hey, that's Blade!!

*Blade is standing in an alley, probably nearby the arena, smoking a cigarette... he blows some smoke at the camera...*

Blade: Congratulations, President Shag-Nasty. You got the victory you wanted. Think of it as your last wish. You see, Shag-Nasty, I know that you're the one. You're the one who laid me out last month. *boos sound everywhere* Now I may not be able to fight you right now, but trust me, soon, there shall be payback from the Punker. You have been warned.

*Blade fades out from the 'Tron, as Shag-Nasty laughs... nothing can stop his joyous mood... in the ring, Animal Thug is checking on the Accelerator, who's still groaning from the sledgehammer hit he took... *

The Final Match...