Tenay: All that's left tonight is to see who of the three can get out with the gold that they've all held around their waist at one time or another! Who's going to be the Heavyweight Champion after tonight? Penzer, start it up!

Penzer: Alrighty, Mike... the last match of the evening is scheduled for TWO falls! The winner will be the last man in the ring, and he will get the GCWA Heavyweight Title! *cheers* Walking towards the ring... he stands 6'5" and weighs 265 lbs... he's been both the Hardcore and Heavyweight champions, and now tries to join X-Dog, Phoenix, and Austin as 2-time champions of the World... Nightmare!

*Nightmare makes his usual appearance, with a crotch chop or two thrown in... he seems very intent as he heads for the ring, however...*

JR: Nightmare's seeking to regain the title that he lost to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin just a week or two ago, in a fluke that surprised everyone except for Austin. This is Nightmare's chance to redeem himself to the fans who cheer for him, and become another 2-time champion.

Penzer: His opponent... he is 6'11", 288 lbs... in his career with the GCWA, he has held the Tag-Team, European, Hardcore, and Heavyweight Titles... he was the hand-picked successor by the Accelerator to take over the Wolfpac... the innovator of Da Killa and the Accelerating Thug.... Animal Thug!

*Animal Thug walks out of the back without his wolf... he walks past the crowd, not bothering to slap the hands thrown in front of him... he just has eyes for Nightmare, and the HW gold...*

Tenay: Animal Thug is simply determined to get the gold he once held back over the summer, before he suddenly vacated it and took off. Can he regain the much-desired belt against two of the best in the business? This is truly going to be a monumentous fight.

Penzer: The third man truly needs no introduction to wrestling fans, but hey, you're going to get one anyway... standing 6'4" and weighing 265 lbs... he's been the tag-team and Intercontinental champion, and is now in the midst of his second reign holding the greatest belt in the profession... the man who shocked Nightmare, and seeks to shock us all once again.... the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!

*Austin appears with the belt around his waist, and the audience goes nuts... he salutes some of them with his fists, then heads for the ring, where his competition is waiting...*

JR: Now here's a real man. He's one of only a few greats who were here when the GCWA first came into being. He first made his appearance in the HWF by defeating the Accelerator in a mixed up tag-team title match. Since then, he's done virtually everything that can be done here. Now, though, it's up to him to show Animal Thug and Nightmare that the true champion continues to fight.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: The battle begins! Immediately Austin and Animal Thug turn and attack Nightmare! This plan was worked out beforehand, as both opponents want a crack at each other without Nightmare in the mix! Nightmare takes hits from both sides, then gets a Double Suplex into the air! Wait, Nightmare blocks it with his foot, then, WOW, he snapped both men down instead, reversing the double-team! Maybe Nightmare truly is ready for this bout! That was impressive! Nightmare gets up and grabs Austin, hitting a Scoop Slam on him. Nightmare then turns and greets Animal Thug. The two start going at it toe-to-toe, swinging with all they've got. This is the big one, and with Shag-Nasty now in charge, who knows when we'll get a match like this again?

JR: I don't even want to talk about it. Let's just stick to this match. Austin's back on his feet, coming over and nailing Nightmare in the back of the head with both fists. Nightmare staggers forward, right into the grasp of Animal Thug, who lifts him in a two-handed Chokeslam, hammering the former champion down!! Immediately after hitting that move, though, Animal Thug is tackled by the current Champ, the Rattlesnake!! Austin gets Animal Thug down and sits on his chest pounding away on him, gaining an advantage! This match is just going to be back and forth all the way, you can just sense it. Austin stands up, pulling Animal Thug with him, and whips the big man into the corner. Austin then turns and grabs Nightmare, whipping him the same direction, but Nightmare reverses! Austin flies in instead, and Animal Thug manages to get a boot up that nearly takes Austin's head off!

Heenan: That was a shot he wasn't expecting! Animal Thug charges out of the corner, running right over Austin, and locks up with Nightmare. The two struggle for a second, then Animal Thug pulls the on-and-off DX member offbalance. The Thug snaps Nightmare over with a suplex, then makes the first cover.... 1..... Austin's quickly there with an elbow drop to break it up. Honestly, I don't agree with that. This is a Double Elimination match. Two guys have to be eliminated. Austin could let Animal Thug tire himself out on Nightmare, then eliminate the Wolfpac leader. But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong, I've heard it's happened before.

Tenay: Uh-huh. Well, Austin's got the Thug on his feet, and is scoring with multiple uppercuts. Austin then takes a step away and spins in with a Discus Clothesline. Animal Thug's staggered, so Austin uses a second Discus throw, and this time the Thug drops to the ground! Austin starts to go for the cover, but Nightmare's back up, spinning Austin around and dropping him with a Jawbreaker! Austin falls to his knees, dizzy. Nightmare stands again and kicks out, knocking Austin all the way down, then heads for Animal Thug, who's already trying to stand. We're getting into this match now, and all of them are starting to show a little fatigue as they fight. Nightmare locks up with the large Thug and uses a slap on the back to put him down with a DDT. Nightmare then tries a cover.... 1...... 2..... the Thug kicks out. Nightmare gets up and kicks Animal Thug on the mat before heading towards the recuperating Austin.

JR: Austin's definitely a marked man right now. He's the current champ. If he were to simply leave and be counted out, the belt would no longer be on the line. You have to beat the man to be the man. Nightmare's really in control now, hitting a reverse Atomic Drop that sends Austin, weak-kneed, stumbling into the ropes. This sends Austin towards Nightmare, who grabs his arm, locks him up, and lifts him with a great Pumphandle Slam!!!! Austin's really hurting now! Nightmare makes the cover..... 1....... 2...... Animal Thug lashes out, knocking Nightmare off of the champ! Another big save where one might not have been reccomended. But every wrestler wants to make the pin, right? Animal Thug hauls Nightmare up and lifts him up, hitting a Shoulder Breaker that leaves Nightmare on the canvas. The Thug takes a few deep breaths, then steps towards Austin. The World Champ is still trying to get up after that Pumphandle Slam.

Heenan: I don't blame him, that one must have stung! Austin may just be outnumbered too severely in there to survive with his belt intact. Animal Thug pulls Austin up and whips him across the ring, right into where Nightmare was standing! The two collide, in an obvious aim by the Thug! Nightmare drops back down, while Austin tries to stay up, stumbling backwards. Animal Thug walks up to him and hits a forearm in the back, then turns him to put on the Accelerating Thug!! He locks Austin up, wait, Austin spins clear, grabs the neck, and there it is!!! Stunner, Stunner!!! Wait a second though, Animal Thug pulls Austin back up and drops him with a modified Da Killa!!!! How'd he survive the Stunner?? Wait, he makes the cover...... 1....... 2......... 3!!!!!!! "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has been eliminated!! We're going to have a new World Champion for sure!!!

JR: I think I saw what happened, guys. When Austin dropped for the Stunner, Animal Thug reacted quickly enough to get his arms on Austin's shoulders, blocking the inevitable dropping of the throat. This put the pressure from the drop on Austin instead, leaving him suseptible to a reverse version of Da Killa. We're down to two men! One of these two in the ring will be called a two-time champion by the end of the night! Both are back on their feet, even as Austin leaves the ring, a disappointed yet never broken man. Nightmare and Animal Thug study each other for a second, both tired and hurting, but both also wanting that strap back around their waists. They move towards each other, and lock up, shoving back and forth. Nightmare manages to sneak a knee in, stunning the Thug, then manages to use a Gutwrench Suplex on the larger man, throwing him down!

Tenay: I don't think these guys have much left. This one needs to end soon, before neither has the energy to continue. Nightmare gets back to his feet, after lifting all that weight. He walks over to Animal Thug and hauls him up, whipping him into the ropes. As the Thug comes back, Nightmare drops down, catching Animal Thug by the legs and actually lifting him for a Sidewalk Slam!! Now there was an impressive move!! Animal Thug doesn't seem to know what to do against someone of such will and strength! Nightmare covers the man..... 1....... 2...... Animal Thug kicks out. Nightmare slaps the mat in frustration, then stands with the Thug in tow again. But this time, Animal Thug wraps him around the waist and hits a Belly-to-Back to even things up again!

Heenan: Another momentum change? C'mon, someone get the pin, I'm ready to head to the hotel!! It's been a great match, one of the best I've seen in a while, but one of these guys must fall! Animal Thug claws his way to his feet, lifting Nightmare up and lifting him with great authority, hitting a piledriver!!! That could do it! Animal Thug lays across him..... 1...... 2....... NO!!! Nightmare won't say die!! Now the Thug is getting frustrated. He brings Nightmare up again and grabs him on the side, dropping him to the mat with a slam! Another pinfall leads to another 2 count, as Nightmare just won't quit! The guy's got a lot of determination. Even I have to admire that. But then, so does Animal Thug. We could be here all night, guys.

JR: What's the matter, Bobby, missing your trick-or-treating? If these guys want to fight all night, it's fine with me!! Animal Thug is slowly dragging Nightmare up one more time. He may be ready to finish this one, no wait, Nightmare fires a punch into the Thug's midsection, then another, then a third, breaking free of the Wolfpac leader. Nightmare continues to fire fists in, staggering Animal Thug, and giving him an opening to slam a foot deep into the man's gut! Animal Thug leans over, and Nightmare takes full advantage with a Fame-Asser!!!! Nightmare makes the quick pin, landing on top of the Thug and grabbing the legs.... 1....... 2........ 3!!!!!!!! Wow!!! I guess that Fame-Asser had some juice on it, because Nightmare got the pinfall!! Animal Thug kicked out too late!!

Tenay: So Nightmare regains the title he just lost!!! What a victory for this man!! Animal Thug and Austin both fought hard, but the luck of the draw went to Nightmare this time, as he pushed himself slightly harder, just enough to get the victory and the GCWA World Heavyweight Title for the second time! It's been an extraordinary night of wrestling action, ladies and gentlemen, and we realize you're ready to take off. We'll see you next week, depending on what Shag-Nasty wants to do with us! See you then!!

*Nightmare is handed the title, and raises it over his head, as a hurting Animal Thug pulls himself up the ropes... he looks back with an angry look, then turns and leaves the ring... as Nightmare celebrates, putting the belt back around his waist, the last thing seen is a shot of Shag-Nasty watching him.... we fade to black...*