Tenay: Our next bout has a lot of history behind it. It started out as problems between two BOO members. Now it's enlarged to two stables and more. Roll the tape!

*We start off with an argument shown between Titan 3 and Chloe Barnes, his manager at the time... Barnes is then pictured showing bruises on her face... Napalm and Titan 3's comments on the attack are aired, with Titan 3 saying he had nothing to do with the bruises... Napalm and Chloe are shown breaking with the BOO and siding with the Wolfpac... the various attacks on Chloe, from the destroyed locker room, to the final disappearance, flash by.... Titan 3 and Napalm's scaffold match is flipped through, with Shorty and others watching from below... Joshua Curtis also leaves the BOO because of the apparent abduction of Chloe, after finding an earring in the back of the limo... the tape ends...*

JR: With all that, and with Miss Barnes still MIA, we go into this match with both titles up for grabs! Penzer, you ready down there? Alright then, take it!

Penzer: The following match is for one fall and is for the Internet and European Championships!! The rules are simple, if the Wolfpac gets the pin or submission then Napalm chooses the new Internet Champion... if the Bastards get the pin or submission then Titan 3 chooses the new European Champion... introducing first... the team made up of Shorty, Chris Jericho, and the GCWA European Champion, Napalm... they each seek an ultimate revenge against the B.O.O.... they are the Wolfpac!!

*The Wolfpac music starts up, and all three of the members enter.... the crowd is cheering crazily, seeing Napalm with his belt held high, Shorty slapping hands on his way to the ring, and Chris Jericho in his old wrestling outfit... they enter the ring... *

Heenan: I'll tell you what, looking at these guys makes me want to puke. A bunch of good guys with good hearts and blah, blah, blah. I hate these guys.

Penzer: Their opponents...

Heenan: Now these guys I can respect.

JR: Brain, will you just shut up?

Penzer: Representing one of the GCWA's strongest factions ever... originally Joshua Curtis was to be apart of these group, but he left unexpectedly to join the Wolfpac, making this a Handicap match... introducing Lan Ragus and the Internet Champion Titan 3.... the Bastards of Oblivion!!

*The two enter, Titan 3 wearing his belt, and they march directly to the ring.... the boos are as loud as always for Titan 3... *

Tenay: Like them or not, JR, you've got to admit that the Bastards have been on a roll recently. They hold a lot of power in the GCWA, and if Shag-Nasty gets his way, they're going to hold a lot more.

JR: I will admit, Mike, and I'll also say this: if Shag-Nasty does get his win tonight, God help the GCWA.

Heenan: What do you mean? That'd be great. At least it'd be entertaining around here. Shag-Nasty's a great guy, trust me.

JR: Stop sucking up, Bobby. What if Ace wins?

Heenan: Well, he's a great guy too.

*The bell rings*

JR: *sigh* This one is handicapped folks, putting the B.O.O. into some incredible odds. Getting a tag-team pin is hard enough, but now the teams are uneven. No matter what, the Wolfpac will always have one man free. Ragus and Napalm look to start this one off, Napalm yelling something to Titan 3, who just ignores him. Ragus throws a quick jab, missing Napalm who pulls him into an arm-bar takedown. That's not the way you want this match to start. Titan 3 is already in the ring, stomping Napalm in the back, but Titan's dropped by a charging Jericho clothesline. Shorty slides in and pulls Lan Ragus to his feet, setting up a double-team with Napalm, a double-Russian leg sweep! Jericho kicks Titan 3 back towards the B.O.O. corner, as Shorty returns to his. Napalm pulls Ragus up to his feet again.

Tenay: Ragus has not done much in there yet, JR, but we've got a long way to go I think. Napalm sends him into the ropes, grabbing him and Powerslamming him to the mat! He covers.... 1..... 2...... Ragus gets an arm up. I will give Lan some credit, he knows how to fight, remember he tried to gain that Hard-Core strap earlier this month from Animal Thug. Napalm brings him back to his feet, drags him over to the Wolfpac corner, and tags in Shorty. Shorty hops over the rope, locks Ragus up, and drills him with a DDT. Then, he pulls him to his feet, sends him into the corner, follows him, and leaps, but Ragus is out of the way. Shorty took that hit in the chest hard. Short leans against the buckles, and Ragus crawls over to Titan 3, making the tag.

Heenan: This match is viscous. Wolfpac, B.O.O., who could ask for anything more?

JR: Alright, Bobby, thanks for adding in. Titan 3 charges the corner, drilling Shorty with a powerful clothesline. Shorty tries to fall out of the corner, but that's not going to happen, as Titan 3 grabs him and sits him on the top buckle. Titan climbs up to meet him, but Napalm has walked over and he pushes Titan to the ground. Ragus takes that chance to run across the outside of the ring and pull Jericho off the apron. The two are exchanging punch for punch!

Heenan: I think Ragus is doing this for Croz. He only wanted in this match to get his hands on Jericho!

Tenay: Meanwhile, Shorty is on his feet and he leaps, landing a powerful leg drop on Titan's throat. Napalm sees the struggle outside the ring and comes over to help. Shorty goes for the pin..... 1.... 2.... but Titan 3 kicks out. Napalm and Jericho grab Ragus and send him into the steel steps together. Jericho walks over and scoops the lighter Ragus up, holding him, then he rams his back into the post. Ragus has got to be hurting. Shorty brings Titan over to his corner just as Napalm returns to the apron. They tag. Shorty holds Titan's arm into the air, allowing Napalm to get a few free shots into those ribs. Outside, Jericho is stomping on Ragus's back.

JR: That's what Jericho does, folks, he works his opponent's back out until he can get a chance to lock on the Lion Tamer or the Walls of Jericho, whatever he's calling it these days. Inside the ring, Titan 3 is dragged into the middle of the ring, where Napalm sets him up for a Powerbomb... and he nails it!! Titan 3 is out! Ragus is being beaten to a pulp outside the ring! Napalm pins..... 1...... 2...... we almost had a new Internet Champion folks, but T3 threw his shoulder up just at the last moment!

Heenan: Are you guys hearing this? We've got something happening backstage.

JR: We can't cut away now, Shorty has been tagged back in. He climbs the turnbuckle, allowing Napalm to launch him through the air, but, oh, Napalm must of underestimated his own strength, he just threw Shorty over Titan 3. Titan 3 quickly rolls on top of Shorty.... 1.... 2.... Napalm stomps on Titan's back. Ragus is finally getting to his feet as Jericho slides into the ring. The three members of the Pac team are all on their feet. Napalm and Shorty apply a double-suplex, and Jericho adds in a leg-drop to Titan's throat. Look out, Ragus is headed for a chair!! Napalm and Jericho leave the ring for the apron, neither seeing Ragus.

Tenay: Bobby is right, we've got to go backstage, JR.

*The cameras cut backstage, where Joshua Curtis is seen leading a bewildered Chloe towards the ring!! He's talking to her and she's nodding... they pass the ringMasters on their way to the entrance... Curtis is holding her hand and comforting her, as she smiles...*

JR: My God its Chloe Barnes!! Chloe Barnes! The crowd is on their feet in the Georgia Dome! The Dark Angel has come through on his promise to find her! And they're headed this way!!

Tenay: Here they come down the entranceway. Shorty has seen her and is over the top rope rushing towards her, Napalm is not far behind. Meanwhile, Titan 3 has just gotten to his feet, Jericho now in the ring. Jericho kicks him in the stomach, then brings him down with a Bulldog. The ref has no idea what to do! Chloe leaps into Napalm's arms, both of them smiling. Ragus is in the ring just as Jericho locks the Lion Tamer onto Titan 3! He brings up the chair, and drills Chris hard in the back. History has just repeated itself. Shorty sees it and charges the ring, he is the legal man after all. Jericho rolls out of the ring, as Ragus spins and receives a Spear from Shorty! The two are exchanging punches as Titan 3 slowly gets back to his feet. Chloe just told Napalm to get back to the ring, and he nods.

Heenan: I'm losing my mind! Chloe is back, Jericho is out, and the Dark Angel is looking after Chloe! What's next? Napalm is in the ring now, but Titan 3 catches him in the ribs with a quick jab. Titan locks on a suplex, brings Napalm up, then drops him forward onto his face. That had to hurt. Shorty gets to his feet, pulling Ragus up, and tosses him out of the ring. Titan charges him, backing him up into the corner, but Shorty evades him and, THERE, he nails the Short Sensation!! Titan 3 is not moving in there. Napalm staggers to his feet, as Shorty makes the sure cover! 1....... 2........ My God!! Napalm just dropped a knee onto Shorty's head, breaking up the pin. He pulls Shorty to his feet, takes him over to the corner, and drops him quickly with the Agent Orange!! Shorty is out!!! Curtis is trying to get to the ring, but Chloe tripped him!! Napalm drags Titan 3 over and on top of Shorty. 1..... 2..... 3!! This match is over. Lan Ragus walks over to Chloe, they hug?, then Ragus begins stomping on Curtis's head. Chloe's laughing!! This is sick!! I love it!

Tenay: On the outside, Curtis had stood up again and was climbing the apron, but Ragus came up from behind with that chair! What a hit! Now Curtis is down as well! Napalm and Titan 3 aren't done with Shorty yet. Titan 3 sets him up for a Powerbomb, and Napalm helps him out by adding a neck-breaker. They fall, and Shorty is hurt. Titan 3 is asking for a microphone as Ragus rolls Curtis into the ring. Napalm scoops Curtis up and slams him down on his knee with a Back-Breaker. Ragus climbs in the ring, followed by Chloe, and Ragus locks on his submission move, the Execution, onto Curtis! We have utter chaos here!

Titan 3: Ladies and Gentlemen, since I get to choose the new European Champion let me tell you its an honor to give the belt over to... Napalm!! Once a Bastard, always a Bastard!!

JR: The entire group is hugging, all of them. Here's comes the Wolfpac though, but the Bastards, Chloe included, are out of there!! I cannot believe what I've just seen, Brain.

Brain: It was sick, definitely sick, but I liked it!! The Bastards really just worked this beautifully!!! Curtis and Shorty were worried about Chloe, who was a complete set-up! Napalm never left the BOO, it seems! Let's see the replay. Where's Jericho?

*There are too many moves to list here... suffice to say, the match is reviewed, including the betrayal of Napalm and Chloe Barnes... Heenan has fun talking about it, while Shorty, Jericho, and Curtis are helped from the ring by Animal Thug and his 'Pac...*

Tenay: Let's just move on, shall we? We're looking forward to this next bout, let me tell you. The Ringmasters have been strong tag-team champions, mainly because they haven't defended them since they won the belts. Now their first defense is against one of the top teams ever in the GCWA. It should be a sloberknocker!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the next match is scheduled for one fall... it will be for the GCWA tag-team titles! *cheers* First, I would like for you at this time to help me introduce to you, two men who are both former Heavyweight Champions here in the GCWA and now they are attempting to reclaim the Tag Team Championships... tonight's challengers..... Darkstarr.... Phoenix.... together known as Hellfire!!!

*The lights dim and an immense display of pyrotechnics explode across the arena... Hellfire's music begins to play as Darkstarr and Phoenix enter... Darkstarr is slapping hands with the fans along the rampway, while Phoenix only walks to the ring and enters...*

JR: In my honest opinion folks, the Tag Team championship has not been the same since these two men lost those belts. They are perhaps the greatest force to wrestle in the GCWA.

Heenan: Give me a break! These guys are good, but the greatest force?

Tenay: As far as tag teams goes, I'll have to agree with JR.

Heenan: You always do!

Penzer: And their opponents, two of the most bizarre men ever to step foot into the GCWA... they earned the right to the titles by first winning a battle royal then by defeating Dynamic Dynamite and Shannon Shag-Nasty... they are *Ahem* Scary Ass Clown and Boogyman.... the RingMasters!!!

*Bizarre circus music begins to play, as clowns, midgets, and all other kinds of circus freaks run down the ramp tossing confetti all around... balloons fall from the ceiling onto the audience, as an insane laughter fills the arena... Darkstarr looks annoyed, while Phoenix ignores it... the Referee is signaling for the entire circus to leave.... *

Heenan: I don't know what kind of minds the ringMasters have, but they've got to be sick, and anyone with a sick mind is my kind of guy!

Tenay: These guys have been tough, Brain. The beat Shag-Nasty and Dynamite, albeit Shag-Nasty seemed preoccupied, and have beaten everyone else that's come their way. But where are they?

JR: Here they come, but Hellfire doesn't see them. Scary Ass and Boogy slid into the ring from behind Hellfire, emerging from the crowd while the circus distracted everyone, and they both send forearms into the backs of their opponents. Phoenix spins around slowly towards S.A., while Boogy wraps Darkstarr up and hits a belly-to-back Suplex! That is a massive weight disadvantage. Phoenix tries to get to Boogyman, but S.A. is in his way. The battle is underway!!

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: That was a beautiful sneak attack. The ringMasters took Hellfire totally by surprise, bringing the circus to the Georgia Dome.

Tenay: Phoenix grabs the Clown and tosses his aside with one hand. Boogyman sees him coming and backs away. The ref is there, forcing Phoenix and Scary Ass to the outside. It looks like Darkstarr and Boogyman are going to start off this championship match. Boogy pulls Darkstarr to his feet, scoops him up, and brings the smaller man's stomach down on his bent knee. That was gross. He doesn't stop there though, picking Darkstarr up again in what looks to be a Suplex, but he brings in down into a Brain-Buster. I thought that move was illegal, JR?

JR: As far as I remember, anything goes in the GCWA. Boogy hops up and tags his partner, who climbs in, bounces off the ropes, and brings an elbow down on Darkstarr's chest. Starr is really looking hurt in there, and this match just started. This has been one hell of a card so far, folks, and it doesn't look to stop yet. We've still got Shag-Nasty and the Accelerator, as well as the Heavyweight three-way, but back to the match. S.A. brings Darkstarr to the center of the ring, pulling him by his hair, lifting him up by the roots of his hair, and slamming him onto his back. That was dirty. The Clown is laughing.

Heenan: Phoenix had better do something fast, or else Hellfire's chances of another title run are going to be over!

Tenay: Scary Ass is off the ropes again, this time dropping a hard knee into Darkstarr's face. Starr tries to roll away, but the Clown has him. He pins.... 1.... but Darkstarr kicks out. That crusierweight has a lot of reserve energy, and it takes more then a knee to the face to keep him down. I can't tell if Scary Ass is really smiling or if its just the make up, but he brings Darkstarr up again. He's pulls him towards the corner, hops onto the second turnbuckle, makes to hit a spinning DDT, but Darkstarr grabs onto him and falls backwards with a nice Backdrop! What a reversal! Both men are down!

JR: That kind of move sure won't make the Clown smile. Both men are slithering over to their corners, Phoenix and Boogyman extending big hands for tags. S.A. gets to his corner first, tagging in his partner, while Darkstarr is mere inches away. Boogy charges, leaping in the air, and sitting right smack on Darkstarr's back!! Phoenix did not get the tag. Boogy is quickly to his feet, while Darkstarr looks, well, squashed. Boogy drags the Crusierweight to the center of the ring, pins.... 1.... 2...... Phoenix charges in, but Boogy was ready. He's up, tackling Phoenix to the ground. Meanwhile, Scary Ass Clown has left the ring and come back with a chair. This doesn't look good!

Heenan: The ref is occupied with Phoenix and Boogyman, who are just exchanging lefts and rights to each other's faces. Darkstarr is to his feet, he spins, and puts a big boot into Scary Ass's chair, knocking it back into his own face!! Darkstarr performs a crotch chop, is he allowed to do that, and then pushes the chair and the Clown out of the ring onto the floor. Phoenix lets go of Boogyman, who backs away towards a waiting Starr, and Starr grabs him in a reverse DDT, dropping the larger man to the mat! He pins.... 1..... 2.... Boogy barely gets a shoulder up.

JR: Starr leaves the big man down and tags Phoenix in. The big man steps over the rope, reaches down, and pulls Boogy to his feet. He sends him into the ropes, and clears him over his head with a Backdrop! What incredible strength! Phoenix brings Boogy up again, sends him into the ropes again, and grabs him, raising him into the air, and Powerslamming him! How does Phoenix have that kind of power?

Tenay: I don't know, to me, it's ungodly! Phoenix makes a pin... 1.... 2.... but the Clown pulls Phoenix's legs from outside the ring. Phoenix gets to his feet and leaps over the ropes!! The big man flips, dropping onto Scary Ass!!! I can't believe it!! Darkstarr has climbed the turnbuckle, he waits for Boogy to rise, and he drills him with a Missile Drop Kick. Outside, Phoenix is to his feet. He raises the Clown, and drops him onto the guardrail, throat first! Phoenix is obviously upset. He re-enters the ring as Darkstarr re-exits. Phoenix covers Boogy.... 1.... 2..... but Boogyman, somehow, has kicked out. That big scary goon can't have too much left in him. What's Phoenix doing now?

Heenan: It looks like he's setting up for the Phoenix Storm! He picks the big man up and places him on the turnbuckle, just as Scary Ass Clown gets to his feet. S.A. can see what's about to happen and he slides into the ring. Phoenix was ready for him though, and he wraps one of his hands around S.A.'s throat, lifting the Clown into the air, and bringing him down with a chokeslam. The Clown must be hurt! Phoenix turns back to Boogy, but the Clown just popped back up! What is he a jack-in-the-box? He delivers a low blow to Phoenix, one the ref didn't see. Boogy is still sitting on the turnbuckle. Phoenix stumbles into his corner, and Darkstarr tags in.

JR: S.A. doesn't see Starr, who grabs the Clown by the trunks and tosses him over the top rope! Starr climbs the turnbuckle, grabs Boogy, and hits the Starrdust!! We've got new tag Champions folks!! We've got to have them! S.A. is out on the floor!! Darkstarr covers.... 1.... 2.... and what the hell?!?!?! The lights just went out!!! What in God's name is going on? I can hear some commotion in the ring, but I'm not sure, whoa! That sounded like a chair shot, and another, and another!! I'm not sure what's going on in the ring! Oh, the lights are back!

Tenay: JR Look! Phoenix is out, blood running down on his forehead, and Darkstarr is out too. S.A. is just now getting to his feet, and look who's on the ramp! That's Lan Ragus and J.Y. Kidd, and what the hell are they wearing around their necks?? Some sort of goggles?

Heenan: The ref doesn't know what to do! Boogy crawls over and drops his arm on top of Darkstarr, and the ref has no choice.... 1..... 2...... 3!!!!! Folks, I'm not sure how it happened, but it happened. The ringMasters have defended their titles! What's that music? Hey, it's the B.O.O.'s music! The crowd is going crazy, but Lan Ragus and Kidd have helped the ringMasters to their feet and out of the ring, titles in hand. So have the RingMasters joined the BOO? I mean, they were defeating Shag-Nasty for those titles just a few weeks ago, and now they're with them? Sounds like something that would happen in wrestling, doesn't it? Let's go to the tape!

*The tape rolls, showing the various moves, from the chokeslam to the suicide dives to the Starrdust, then the final shocking ending...*

Tenay: That was really a hellish match, guys. The Ringmasters are still the tag-team champions! Have you noticed a trend building? First Jannetty hangs onto his Cruiserweight belt over J.Y. Kidd, then the Ringmasters retain theirs over Hellfire. Not to mention the BOO switch which kept Napalm and Titan 3 with their titles! Are we going to have any new champions tonight? We'll have to see in the next few matches! We have three left, so... who's music is that??

*"Don't Fear the Reaper" plays as a person walks out of the back.... the camera zooms in, and you see it's the lady who's been appearing sporadically recently... she walks out on the stage, and the people get a full look... she has long red hair, and a feminine yet muscular figure... she still has a bag hanging from her shoulder... she pulls out a mic...*

Lady: It's finally been signed. It took a lot of talking with GCWA people, but I've convinced them that I can prove myself. Let me introduce myself. I am Lady Chaos, the newest wrestler in the Global Championship Wrestling Assocation! Yes, that's what I said, the newest wrestler! I've been watching this place for some time, and all it's done has made me angry that the smarter sex hasn't been represented! So I've done something about it! Right here and now, I'm declaring myself the GCWA Women's Champion!

*Chaos pulls open her bag and pulls out a shiny new title, with jewels encrusted on it... she puts it around her waist...*

Lady Chaos: If any ladies have the guts, I'll be around with the belt. If any guys have the *bleep*, then you know how to get in touch with me. Remember, Chaos is everlasting.

*Chaos leaves as quickly as she appeared... for once, Mike, Jim, and Bobby are speechless... parts of the crowd cheer as she departs... *

The 4th Installment...