Tenay: The next bout has some build-up behind it, as these two men used to be partners! Let's roll the tape, and watch the history unfold...

*A shot of Outcast and X-Dog, as the Powers of Pain, is shown... they wrestle together, and seem to be friends... the next shot shows Blade and the rest of DX Squared joining X-Dog in the ring... when Outcast comes down to join them, he gets taken out by Degeneration-X and left out of it by his "friend"... another shot shows the various run-ins, with X-Dog and Outcast costing each other matches... finally, the agreement on making it an "I Quit" match at the PPV...*

JR: These two just plain don't like each other anymore! You know we're going to get a great fight tonight out of them, because neither wants to quit during the match! It would be a block on their records! Let's go to the ring, and David Penzer!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one submission, with NO time limit... coming down the aisle... standing 6'1" and weighing 220 lbs... he is a former Internet Champion, who has shown himself to be stronger than his size... known for knocking people out with the Burnout... Outcast!

*Outcast walks to the ring amid some boos, sliding underneath the ropes... he waits in the ring for his opponent, very serious... *

Tenay: Outcast had a good run a while back, beating guys like the Rock and others to become the Internet Champion. Then he just dropped the belt and disappeared for a while. Upon his return, he renewed his fight with X-Dog, and now it's come to this. Can Outcast exorcise the demon that's been following him around ever since the reformation of Degeneration-X?

Penzer: HIs opponent... at 6'0", 212 lbs, he's been at the top of almost every division in the GCWA, including two stints as the Heavyweight Champion... he's been the leader of Degeneration-X, when it was strong, and now looks to eliminate a former ally... X-Dog!

*X-Dog gets a few more cheers than Outcast did, but not much more... he walks quickly down the aisle, watching Outcast the whole way... no crotch chops are used...*

JR: X-Dog's had a rough month, depending on how you look at it. Since the last PPV, Degeneration-X has basically disintegrated. Darkstarr has not really returned to the fold since his reappearance, staying with Phoenix. The Rock is still missing, and Blade is an unknown factor. Of course, we know all about Jannetty. This is really X-Dog's chance to prove he can still be a major force in the GCWA, even without his celebrated teammates.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: We really haven't heard much from Darkstarr about whether he's still with DX. I don't think that's what's on X-Dog's mind right now, though. He and Outcast lock up, with X-Dog getting the early headlock. Outcast fights for a second, then uses his elbow, planting it into X-Dog's ribs multiple times. X-Dog's forced to break the hold, allowing Outcast to run to the ropes and come back, hitting a shoulder block that doesn't move either man! X-Dog signals for Outcast to try again, and he does, and again neither gets knocked back! We have the immovable object scenario! Outcast goes to the ropes one last time, trying a tricky clothesline, but X-Dog ducks under it. As Outcast returns, X-Dog catches him, sweeping his legs out from under him and crashing him to the canvas!

JR: That was a nice opening move from the 2-time Heavyweight champ! X-Dog pulls Outcast quickly back up and suplexes him, slamming him down. It looks like X-Dog is fired up about this match! He gets to his feet again, lifting the still stunned Outcast, and throws him into the ropes. As Outcast comes back, a charging X-Dog just tackles him, taking both over the ropes!!! What a start to this one!! Both men just barely managed not to land on their heads, but both are down on the outside. X-Dog, not surprisingly, recovers first, grabbing Outcast and throwing him into the table nearby. The table leans, but doesn't fall. Outcast is another story. X-Dog comes in again, bringing Outcast back up and slamming him on top of the table! That's a sturdy piece of wood, it didn't break! The ref is counting away, as X-Dog slides Outcast off of the table and rolls him 'gently' into the ring. So far, this has been all X-Dog!

Heenan: I'm kind of surprised, JR. Outcast is moving slowly, like he can't believe how pumped up X-Dog is. The man is literally going for more than the win tonight, at least in my humble opinion. X-Dog wants to show everyone that he can still be the main eventer if he wants to be. Outcast is just laying in the ring, moving only his feet, as X-Dog reenters the squared circle by climbing the turnbuckle. He's propped up there, looking down at his opponent, then leaps off with a Guilotine Legdrop! But he put too much on it, and Outcast, showing he wasn't as hurt as first thought, gets out of the way! X-Dog hits hard, hitting his seat on the mat! His tailbone just got a funny-bone-like shot! X-Dog tries to get right back up, hobbling slightly, but Outcast uses the second chance to grab X-Dog and hit a Neckbreaker!

Tenay: Back to basics from Outcast, and X-Dog is on the mat, holding his jaw! Outcast wearily catches his breath, then moves to X-Dog's side and grabs his legs. Outcast kicks out a few times, hitting the thigh and sending a little more pain to X-Dog's keester, then steps through the legs, turning X-Dog over! It's time for the first submission hold! Outcast isn't wasting time! Unlike X-Dog, he realizes that a win is a win! Yes, he's got the Sharpshooter locked on! Supposedly Bret Hart taught him that one, and it's working! X-Dog is now in extreme pain, as he tries to drag himself with his fingernails to the ropes! This could be a quick ending! The ref closes in, asking X-Dog repeatedly if he wants to give up, but X-Dog doesn't want to let it happen. He's shaking his head, heading for the ropes, but Outcast is only letting him get an inch at a time.

Heenan: Once you're locked in a submission hold, you only have a certain amount of time to escape. X-Dog's a master of reversals. But can he escape this? Outcast seems to have it locked on pretty good! But X-Dog's finding renewed effort! His legs must feel like they're dislocating, but X-Dog's still heading for the ropes. He's reaching, he's stretching out, as Outcast tries to hold him..... and X-Dog touches, then grabs the rope with one hand! Whew! That took a long while, and the damage has got to be done, but X-Dog's still in this one! Outcast reluctantly breaks his hold, letting X-Dog's legs slump to the ground. Meanwhile, outside the ring, we have visitors!! The Dudley Boys are approaching the ring! Wait, following them, though, is Marty Jannetty and Crusade!! What are they doing here? They stop the Dudley Boys, and the two teams start talking. Jannetty's got his Cruiserweight Title on, which he'll have to defend later tonight.

JR: I'm not that concerned about them, Bobby. I'm more concerned with what's happening in the ring, as Outcast, who's been beating on X-Dog for a few minutes, is stepping through into a Figure Four! He just got in cinched in, and once again, X-Dog's in trouble!! The ref again starts asking him, but a red-faced X-Dog keeps saying no, he's not giving up! His shoulders hit the mat, but of course, in an I Quit match, that doesn't make a difference. Outcast has a smile on his face now. But wait, X-Dog's suddenly rocking back and forth! Outcast's smile disappears as, with a flurry of movement, X-Dog turns the Figure Four against its originator!!! Suddenly Outcast is the one in pain, as the ref switches positions! Outcast is shaking his head, and reaching out to the rope, which is a lot closer for him than it was for X-Dog. He manages to grab it, causing the break.

Tenay: The four men on the outside are now just watching the match, as X-Dog tries to stand, but then falls back down. You can tell his legs are bothering him now. Outcast staggers upwards, getting up first, as X-Dog rolls to the ropes to haul himself towards his feet. Outcast sees him standing and advances from behind. He sneaks his hands between X-Dog's arms, locking on a Full Nelson! Another submission hold!! But wait a second, X-Dog breaks free of it before Outcast can lock his fingers! He spins, and before Outcast can react, we have an X-Factor!!!!! Outcast just got flattened, out of nowhere!!! X-Dog leans on his arms, shaking his head clear. He crawls a foot across to Outcast, grabs his arms, and twists him into what he calls the X-Stone!!! Outcast is struggling feebly, but you can tell he's barely conscious! The ref is watching! This could be the end of it!! If Outcast can't break free, it's over!!

Heenan: Which is probably why the Dudley Boys just entered the ring! They shove the ref aside and start stomping on X-Dog, breaking the hold!! The ref signals for the bell, even as Crusade and Jannetty climb in. The Dudley Boys continue to attack X-Dog, as Crusade helps the hurting Outcast to his feet. Jannetty walks towards the ref, who quickly dives through the ropes and gets away, although I'm not sure Jannetty was going for the attack. You'll notice that he and Crusade are not joining in with the Dudley Boys, they're just helping Outcast away from the ring! X-Dog's trying to fight back, but it's 2-on-1, and he's already been through a war!! The other three are just leaving the ring, with Jannetty giving Outcast a shoulder to lean on. While they're walking back, though, a blur passes by them and goes into the room. It's Nightmare!!! The former Heavyweight champion is in the ring!!! The Dudley Boys see him, look at each other, and leave, even as Nightmare heads towards X-Dog, who's still down!

JR: Nightmare may have just saved X-Dog's career here! The Dudley Boys were really doing a number on him! They're leaving as well, even as the three guys have already headed out. I'm still not sure what Crusade and the Rocker were doing out here. They didn't join in on the attack, but they didn't try to stop it either. Are they a team with the Dudley Boys, or just Outcast? Usually Pay-Per-Views help answer questions, but there's always an exception to the rule! As Nightmare helps X-Dog out of the ring, let's watch a quick replay.

*X-Dog's early attack, Outcast's Sharpshooter and Figure Four, and the final X-Factor and X-Stone, play across the screen...*

Tenay: Well, Nightmare's taking X-Dog to the back, even as our equipment guys get up on the ring apron and start working on the turnbuckles for the next match. Surprise attacks or no, the night must go on! There's a lot to be said about this next bout. I'm sure the Brain wouldn't mind speaking about it, right, Heenan?

Heenan: I've been looking forward to this next one, Mike. Both of these boys have been dealing in the realm of fire, and so they decided to settle their differences tonight, in an Inferno match! Roll tape!

*We're shown stills of Trasher and Dynamic Dynamite, in various poses... we switch to the match the two had, in Trasher's fight against the BOO, when Dynamite used a piece of flash paper to throw a fireball into Trasher's face, burning him... the tape shifts to a shot of Dynamite watching from a seat in the arena, where Trasher, in the garage, sets fire to Dynamite's BOO car, burning it up before Dynamite can race over there... finally, Trasher's appearance during the fight between Arson and Dynamite rolls by.... the clip ends...*

JR: These two do seem to like fire involved in their matches. Let's see if they can handle the heat, though.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the next bout is scheduled under Inferno match rules! *cheers* Simply put, the first man put in the fire is declared the winner... light the fires please, gentlemen! *flames shoot up from each corner, as the crowd cheers some more...* Thank you... first up, coming to the ring... he stands 6'7" and weighs 275 lbs... he's a former Intercontinental Champion, and according to him, the FU Champ... he represents his stable, the nAc... with his manager, OG Thug... he is Dynamic Dynamite!!

*Dynamite and OG Thug head for the ring amidst boos from every corner of the arena... Dynamite's forehead injury, from the sledgehammer shot he took from Chris Jericho, seems to be fading... he enters the ring, staying away from the flames...*

JR: Dynamite's had an up-and-down month. He joined the BOO and won the tag-team titles with Shag-Nasty, but then got nailed and lost both items in a matter of days. Now he's trying to build his own stable, but really, who's in it with him, except for OG Thug? Dynamite's got his work cut out for him against Trasher.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'2" and weighing 229 lbs... he's looking to score some revenge against the former BOO member... representing the Thug-Nation Wolfpac.... Trasher!

*Trasher walks out of the back wearing a Wolfpac t-shirt... he heads down the aisle, seeming to ignore the howls of the crowd... Trasher's head still bears a few scratches from the shots Titan 3 and Leon Bender gave him last week... *

Tenay: Trasher is a man still searching for his place in the GCWA. He's one of those you just want to come through in the clutch for the title race. The man has spirit, as his battles with the BOO have shown. But is it enough to get past Dynamite?

*The bell rings...*

JR: Well, let's see which of these guys has what it takes, while the other finds whether he likes original or extra crispy! The two wrestlers start circling each other, trying to find an opening. They lock up, in a test of strength, neither giving an inch to his opponent. They're staring at each other with great intensity, straining against the other's power. Neither can get an advantage, though, and the two break apart. They start circling each other again. Hey, wait a second, the fires are dying down! They just went out! Trasher stops and looks, confused, as OG Thug steps away from the controls! Why'd he do that? Wait, now OG Thug's coming into the ring! And he's got that staff of his ready to swing! Trasher starts backing up, as the ref orders both to leave the ring. This lasts about two seconds, as the ref thinks better of it, ducking under a Dynamite grab and leaving the ring under his own power.

Tenay: Is double-teaming allowed in an Inferno match? Trasher is warily watching both men, trying to get around them, as they close in. But wait, help is on the way! Or is it? Arson runs down the aisle, diving through the ropes! He stands near Dynamite and shouts something at him, I couldn't make it out. Dynamite grimaces and starts moving towards him, even as OG Thug watches Trasher, brandishing the staff. Arson and Dynamite are just jawing back and forth at each other now. But now we've got even more company!!! Buff Brian and Union Jack are at ringside, and are climbing into the ring!!! What on earth are they doing here? I thought Union Jack couldn't make it here tonight?? Dynamite's backing up now. The odds seem to be against him! But it seems like while Arson's standing near Trasher, Union Jack and Buff Brian have moved respectively towards Dynamite's side. Are we going to have a brawl here?

Heenan: I don't know what to think! Arson comes forward, and he and Dynamite are nose-to-nose, yelling at each other! I can't wait, the fireworks are about to explode! Dynamite shoves Arson back and points at his street clothes, yelling about them. Arson responds by ripping off his shirt! Hey, wait, that's a New Age Cliq under that shirt!!! Arson has on a nAc shirt! And so does Union Jack and Buff Brian!!! Is this finally the nAc?? Trasher's watching each man now, realizing they're all against him!! Or are they?? Now Trasher's taking off the Wolfpac shirt and throwing it aside, revealing one more nAc t-shirt!!!! Oh, man, this match is a farce!!! The nAc have apparently formed, making their first real appearance tonight! It seems Trasher is deserting the Wolfpac for Dynamite's cliq! Dynamite and OG Thug are laughing, as the group celebrates their union! The fans have caught on, they're starting to boo. I think they wanted the match! Ok, now, Dynamite's got the mic.

Dynamic Dynamite: GCWA, the New Age Cliq is on the way to becoming the number 1 stable here in this miserable fed. Shannon Shag-boy, Titan 3, and the rest of the B.O.O. are going to learn that they should not have turned their backs on me when they did; because now their lives are going to be a living hell. Then there is the little Wolfpac that is headed up by Shorty, and Animal Thug. Boys you see Trasher was smart enough to leave the bunch of you when I showed him the light, and now he stands here with us as a united bunch. I am not even going to mention DX; because well they are not even really around anymore. You see Buff and Arson are both on the way to becoming the GCWA tag champs;Union Jack to become the IC Champ, Trasher wants the Euro title, and of course I want the World Title. And we are going to stop at no means to get what we want when we want it. So ladies and gentlemen a new force is to be dealt with, and the whole GCWA is going to be turned upside down as we are going to do anything and everything to get a win! Now hit the music!

*The newly formed New Age Cliq start to leave the ring to Godsmack's "Voodoo" as you see Buff's ladies start to come to the ringside area... the fans are jeering every wrestler, including Union Jack... Buff meets up with the women and then they all start to head to the backstage area...*

Tenay: It's pretty obvious there's not going to be a match here. We have a new stable, the nAc. They've got some real powerhouses in there too, with Dynamite, Trasher, Union Jack, Buff, and Arson. This union could mean a lot of trouble for the BOO and the Wolfpac. We'll just have to see how it goes down the line. With that out of the way, we have the next bout in our line-up, with the Cruiserweight Title on the line! This one's got a lot behind it, especially with Ryan Reed not involved. Let's go to the ring, and David Penzer!

*As the people get up and remove the Inferno devices, Penzer steps through the ropes, preparing himself...*

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next bout is scheduled for one fall... it will be fought for the Cruiserweight Championship! *cheers* First, the challenger.... standing 6'1" and weighing 190 lbs... this is his first shot at the Cruiserweight Title, leaving him hoping he can bring the belt back to the Bastards of Oblivion... the master of the Buzz... J.Y. Kidd!

*Kidd gets hit with wave after wave of boos when he walks past the curtain to the arena... he heads for the ring with a concentrated smile on his face, and rolls in... *

Heenan: The Kidd's a real upcoming talent in the GCWA, and some have even picked him as the favorite to win the title tonight. But unlike other BOO members, Kidd isn't as cocky. He knows he needs a strong showing tonight to be able to defeat the Rocker, and he's willing to earn it.

JR: So you say, Bobby. I myself am expecting the BOO to make an appearance. But we'll just have to see what the Kidd does first, won't we?

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'1" and weighing 224 lbs... he's a former European, Tag-Team, and now 2-time Cruiserweight Champion... his new goal is to break DMX's Cruiserweight record for defenses... with his allies Crusade and Outcast... he is "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty!

*Jannetty and the crew come out and head for the ring, with more than a fair amount of boos... some still cheer the trio, however... Jannetty enters the ring, while Crusade drops the Cruiserweight belt off at the table... Jannetty and Kidd come face-to-face in the ring... *

Tenay: Jannetty's been on a tear. That's all you can say about him. After losing the tag belts in a controversial handicap match, he's beaten numerous top opponents. He could have been the Internet champion, but refused it so he could get the Cruiserweight belt instead. Now that he's got it, he's not planning on letting it go anytime soon.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Two of the top cruiserweights in the division are going at it tonight! You have to wonder about Outcast and Crusade, though. Will they stay uninvolved? Will any BOO members show up to make a difference? Who knows. Right now, both wrestlers have locked up, with Jannetty sending Kidd into the ropes. Kidd returns as Jannetty runs for the opposite ropes and comes back with a running clothesline, but Kidd ducks under it. The two hit and rebound, and this time Kidd tries the clothesline. But the champ dodges, and the two hit the ropes again and return. OH, and both try a Splash, smashing into each other in midair!! Both collapse to the ground in one hit, and this one's off with a bang!

Heenan: Looking at these two, you have to agree that they're almost evenly matched. The Kidd may have more speed and youth, but the Rocker has the edge in experience and technical wrestling skills. This one really could go either way, it's that balanced. That's why I didn't bet on this match, the odds weren't great either way. Anyhow, both get to their feet, a little slower than earlier. Kidd recovers first, grabbing Jannetty by the arm and bringing him down with a Reversed Leg Sweep, sending the champ facefirst into the mat! Kidd doesn't bother with a pin, though, instead hauling Jannetty back up by his hair and shooting him into the corner. The Kidd follows, and kicks Jannetty a few times before climbing up the turnbuckle and coming off with a short Hurricanrana! Jannetty's down! J.Y. Kidd makes the cover.... 1..... 2.. Jannetty kicks free.

Tenay: As fanatical about that title as Jannetty is, you're going to need to knock the guy cold to get the victory here tonight. Kidd brings Jannetty back up and starts to send him back into the ropes, but Jannetty reverses it. As Kidd returns, Jannetty reaches down, lifting the man up and spinning him back down with a Powerslam! The Kidd just lost his momentum there! Jannetty lays on him for a cover, but only gets a 1 count. This one still has a long way to go. The Rocker pulls the Kidd to his feet and lifts him into a Fireman's Carry. As the Kidd struggles, trying to get free, Jannetty takes a few steps towards the corner. He bench-presses Kidd over his head for a split-second, then drops him across the turnbuckle, meeting facial features with hard steel!!!

JR: Oh, man!! That's not good! Everyone remembers that the Kidd had to wear a protective mask for a few weeks not long ago, due to that hit he took from Trasher and the crutch! A shot like that could renew the injury, making it worse! The Kidd is leaning on the turnbuckle, basically holding his face in, while Jannetty is actually laughing behind him! Man, what has happened to this guy? He used to be a serious fan favorite, and now he just doesn't care! He steps behind the Kidd, wrapping him up, and Back Body Drops him, NO, the Kidd lands on his feet! Jannetty gets back up, but it's too late, as Kidd jumps and dropkicks him in the face, returning the earlier favor! Jannetty gets knocked back into the corner, hurting, as Kidd lays on the mat, recuperating! This has been a painful match to watch, guys!

Heenan: And it's not even Hardcore! Who'd have thought these two cruiserweights could put up such a good fight! I was planning to take a break during this one, but you can't leave when two men are beating the crap out of each other!! Jannetty's the first one back on his feet. He's rubbing his head, wishing for some aspirin, as the Kidd slowly rises upward. Jannetty sees him and comes forward with a kneelift, snapping the Kidd back to the canvas, then goes for another cover.... 1........ 2....... Kidd kicks free. The Rocker looks upset. He stands and complains to the ref, with Outcast and Crusade joining in from the outside. But complaining never helps! Jannetty, of all GCWA wrestlers, should know this! That's why he's not the Brain, right, guys?

JR: True, Heenan. He's not the Brain. But then, only one person can be adequately called that. I still prefer Weasal, though. As Jannetty turns back to the attack, the Kidd is still down, apparently nearly out. Jannetty leans down towards him... and gets rolled up into a small package! 1...... 2...... Jannetty escapes at the last second!! Kidd nearly had the title in his grasp! Jannetty gets up and angrily kicks out at the Kidd. But the BOO member wraps around the leg, and pulls it out from under the champion! Jannetty falls hard to his back, while Kidd gets up partially and starts lashing out at the leg he's still holding, taking it out of commission with his boots!! Jannetty's in a lot of pain now! I guess if Jannetty can go after Kidd's face, the Kidd can attack the old knee injury!

Tenay: All's fair in love and wrestling, right, JR? The Kidd's got Jannetty up now, and he quickly Scoop Slams him back down, then heads for the turnbuckle. He's going up all the way, even as Jannetty works his way to his feet. This could be the end of it! The Kidd leaps off the turnbuckle at Jannetty's exposed back, but wait, Jannetty dives to his right, and the Kidd misses, slamming into the turf and rolling in agony at the bad landing!!! I don't see how Jannetty knew that was coming, but he managed to avoid it, and Kidd paid the price!!! He's really hurting in there now, guys! Jannetty's using the ropes to get back up. He moves towards the Kidd, who's still down. Jannetty's just smiling now.

Heenan: I think I know what happened, Mike. Crusade, who was in the right place at the wrong time for Kidd, yelled out something just before Kidd took flight. He warned his partner, and Jannetty, with years of honing his reflexes, was just able to dodge out of the way! Jannetty's pulling the injured Kidd up now. He positions him, and snaps him downward with the Rocker Dropper!!! That'll end it! J.Y. Kidd is now out of the world for a little while! But Jannetty's not going for the pin! He instead pulls Kidd back up, laughs, and delivers a second Rocker Dropper!!! There was no cause for that! That's just pure cruelty! ..... I love it!

JR: Shut up, Bobby! Alright, now Jannetty's going for the cover..... 1...... 2....... 3!!!!!! Kidd just had nothing left after missing that ariel move, and Jannetty was able to capitalize on it with multiple Rocker Droppers, which'll knock anyone out! Marty Jannetty is still the Cruiserweight Champion, having defended against another opponent. He's still got a long way to go to DMX's record, but beating the Kidd is a start! As Jannetty, Outcast, and Crusade celebrate the victory, Heenan, take us through the replay.

*Heenan, with only a few flubs, goes through the replay, pointing out the double-Splash at the beginning, Kidd's Hurricanrana, Jannetty's dodging of the Buzz maneuver, and finally, the Rocker Droppers... *

Tenay: We're moving closer and closer to the double main event, but we still have a lot more to go! Breaker vs. Tower! Wolfpac vs. the BOO! The Tag-Team Title bout! A lot's still coming, so don't change the channel, because after all, you paid for this! We'll be back shortly!

*A shot backstage shows Joshua Curtis walking through it, searching the arena for Chloe Barnes, even as Napalm and Shorty prepare for their match... you see him tense, as if he can hear something the camera's not picking up.... Curtis breaks into a sprint, quickly leaving the cameraman behind... *

The third installment...