*The PPV screen disappears, and for a few seconds, quiet reigns in your tv room... the screen flickers, then you hear the steady building of a low note, increasing in volume, as planets start to fly by... a rock theme begins through the low note... we see Earth straight ahead, and fly down across it, going into North America, then the US, then finally streaking towards the Georgia Dome in Atlanta... the Dome explodes as you get close, and through the flames, you see shots of various wrestlers... Napalm and Titan 3 going at it on the scaffold... Phoenix and Darkstarr landing their finishers, followed by the Ringmasters lifting their tag belts... Michael Breaker and Tower side-by-side on a split screen, each with their gold... Shannon Shag-Nasty and the Accelerator both smiling their own ways... finally, in three quick snapshots, Nightmare, Animal Thug, and the Heavyweight Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, flash by... the screen then erupts in flames again, with October Oblivion appearing... the picture fades out into a shot of the Georgia Dome, where fans are screaming their heads off, wanting to see some serious wrestling... signs range from "BOO for President" to "Stone Cold may have said so, but Nightmare's coming through!"... we see the Professor Mike Tenay, Jim Ross, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan at the broadcast location...*

Tenay: Hello, and welcome to the biggest event in wrestling in October! You've seen No Mercy, the very definition of sports entertainment. You've seen Halloween Havoc, with utter confusion on wrestlers there. But now you've paid for the best, October Oblivion!! Tonight we're not going to disappoint! We've got the best talent in the world fighting for nearly every belt we can muster! We've got an I Quit match between X-Dog and Outcast! We've got three newcomers going at it in a cage for a shot at a title! Napalm and Titan 3, with their respective allies, face off title-for-title, as do Breaker and Tower! Two matches, four belts on the line! The Cruiserweight and Tag-Team belts are being defended! The mega "Presidential" Match between Ace and Shag will be in the double-main event, right before three former Heavyweight Champions square off in the ring! It's a night like no other, JR!

JR: It's Halloween, Mike!! Anything can happen tonight! We literally could have five new champions, and one new President, after tonight! The intensity in the back is higher than I can ever recall it being! Many of the wrestlers realize what's at stake tonight! Careers will be made, legends will enter the history books, and lives could change after the 31st of October, 1999, leaves us behind! On that note... what in the hell are you wearing, Bobby?

*The camera swings to Bobby Heenan, who has on a uniform of sorts, with metals dangling from the pockets...*

Heenan: I thought we were supposed to dress up! It's Halloween, after all! Don't you recognize me, Ross? *puts on hat* I am Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most intelligent warriors in history!

JR: Takes a nut to portray a nut, I always say.

Heenan: Hey!

Tenay: Calm down, Nap, er, Bobby. We've got a long way to go, so you two don't start right off the bat, ok? Right now, before we get started, we wish to show something that happened earlier today, just a few minutes before the beginning of the show. Let's take a look.

*The shot changes to a hallway, where the Wolfpac locker room is shown... the camera goes into the room, past the open door, where Lan Ragus is shown being held by Joshua Curtis! Napalm is sitting in front of him, balancing his arms on his knees, and demanding to know where Chloe is... Ragus just stares at him, so Napalm punches him in the stomach multiple times, bending him over... Ragus is coughing, obviously hurting, as Curtis and Napalm wait... Ragus looks back up and says "She's in the building. Find her yourself, you *bleep*!"... Napalm kicks him again, and the two leave... Ragus lays on the floor, with both arms over his stomach... we fade back to the broadcast location...*

Heenan: As you can see from the tape, the Wolfpac boys have finally wised up! They figured out that the best way to find Chloe Barnes is to beat the living daylights out of the most probable abductors! It looked like Napalm really did a number on Ragus, guys. The Bastards Team is already at a disadvantage since Curtis went over to the Wolfpac side. Now Ragus might be in bad shape for the match later on tonight! Titan 3 might really have his work cut out for him.

Tenay: Indeed, Bobby. Well, it's about time to start things off! We've got a return match as our opening bout, as two men who met once this month in a great fight meet up again! This should jumpstart tonight's activities! Waiting, as he has been throughout 7 other pay-per-views, Mr. David Penzer!

Penzer: Our first match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first. standing 6'1" and weighing 200 lbs... representing the Bastards of Oblivion... the man who loves Lucille... Shag-Nasty's little brother... Dead Willie!!

*Willie enters, his hands held high... the crowd boos, of course, but he only seems to suck it up... he enters the ring... *

Heenan: This is probably my favorite member of the B.O.O. He's weird, ] he's a lover of blues, and he's fresh out of prison! The man has a great resume!

Penzer: And his opponent... standing 7 feet tall and weighing 300 lbs... he won the first time these two met by causing Willie to pass out with his Crucifix hold... he is one of the GCWA's more experienced ring technicians... please welcome, Crusade!!

*Crusade enters to a cheering crowd, which is unusual for him... a few people still boo him, but most are hoping he hurts the BOO member... he smiles and walks to the ring confidently... *

Tenay: Crusade is a tough opponent any night, much less at a Pay-Per-View, and here he is. He looks good as of late, JR, and I love that he and Jannetty have seemed to put aside their differences.

JR: Well here we go folks, a good old fashioned rematch. Crusade has beaten Willie before, and I think he can do it again.

*The bell rings... *

JR: Crusade and the Dead one lock up with Crusade quickly taking advantage. He hammers Willie in the back with a forearm, sending the much smaller man down. I love these kinds of matches when size meets speed, but it looks like size may have the better of this one. Crusade pulls Willie back to a standing position, pulls him in, and sends him down with a clothesline. He keeps holding Willie's arm, however, pulling him up, and sending him down with another clothesline. That kind of action can quickly dislocate a shoulder!

Heenan: Willie doesn't look good early on. He tries to crawl away, but Crusade is there, bringing the man to his feet by his ears! Ouch! Crusade quickly scoops Willie up and brings him down with a hard shoulder-breaker. I'm not so sure Willie should of signed this match, I mean, the guys a great cruiserweight, but against the bigger boys, I don't have faith in him. Crusade pulls Willie to his feet again, sending him into the ropes. Crusade leans over for a backdrop, but Willie kicks at his chest. Oh, Crusade was ready, catching Willie's foot. Willie tries to get out of it with an Enziguiri, but Crusade dodges, twisting Willie's leg as he falls to mat. Crusade holds onto the leg and applies a leg submission hold, bending back the knee! That's almost a version of the Figure Four, although the size difference is a little too great!

Tenay: These guys are both submission wrestlers, and both skilled in quite a few holds. Willie is stuck in the center of the ring, trying to reverse the lock, but Crusade is just too heavy for the smaller man. The ref is talking to Willie, but he's shaking his head no. Crusade smiles, leaning back and grabbing the ropes, that only adds more pain! Willie, in pain, falls onto his back... 1.... 2.... Willie sits up, sweat pouring down his face. The ref keeps asking him, but Willie shakes his head still, trying to pull back towards the other ropes. The ref looks up just as Crusade lets go of the ropes, as the ref looks away, Crusade grabs them again! Willie slips back onto his shoulders.... 1.... 2..... and he pops up again. He's got to be in pain!

JR: The way Willie twisted that leg on his way to the mat has got to be adding to the pain here. Crusade looks frustrated as Willie tries to hold off the pain, and he breaks the hold. Willie rolls onto his stomach as Crusade gets to his feet. Willie looks bad in there. Crusade brings the little guy up, sending him to the ropes, and Willie falls, his legs giving out on him. Crusade is laughing. He walks over to Willie, as the ref is checking on the Dead Man.... and Crusade receives a low blow! Crusade hunches over and stumbles backward as Willie slowly gets to his feet. Crusade, shaking off the pain, charges, and Willie leaps over him. Was he faking the leg injury?

Heenan: If he was, smart move, momentum must switch, guys, and sometimes it takes a low-blow to do that. As Crusade starts to turn, Willie leaps, nailing him in the side of the face with a dropkick!! Crusade falls backwards, into the ropes, and gets tangled up!! Crusade is trapped! He's fallen and he can't get up!! I love it! The ref comes over to free him, but Willie pushes him back, then starts kicking Crusade repeatedly, keeping him locked up! Crusade is now at Dead Willie's mercy! We might have a David vs. Goliath here! Crusade's suddenly on the receiving end of a lot of punishment! Dead Willie slides away from Crusade, who's slumping in the ropes. The cruiserweight runs to the other side, then comes back, diving into Crusade with both knees!!! Oh, that's got to rearrange the chest structure!

Tenay: Crusade is really in a bad way now! Finally, after a few more free shots, Willie and the ref untangle the big man from the ropes. Crusade drops to the mat, holding his chest. Willie runs off the ropes again and comes back, planting an elbow, then tries his first pin... 1....... 2....... NO! Crusade throws him away! The heavyweight starts to pull himself up, showing some of that remarkable stamina he has! It takes a lot to take Crusade completely out of the picture! Only a few wrestlers have managed it. Willie's hoping to be one of them, though. He's on the turnbuckle, waiting, as Crusade slowly gets to his feet. Crusade turns, and Willie takes flight, hitting a Missle Dropkick!! Crusade's down!! That dropkick had some impact! Either that, or Crusade's feeling the punishment from earlier!

JR: He went down pretty fast. That isn't like him. Willie's celebrating now. He thinks he's got his opponent right where he wants him. He comes in behind Crusade, lifting him up partially, and tries to sweep his legs for Lucille! But he can't get both tree trunks out from under him!! Crusade starts struggling, fighting back with all he's got, as Willie hangs on, pulling backwards for the submission hold to be effective! NO, wait, Crusade just turned Willie and twisted, locking on the Crucifix instead!!! What a reversal!!! Willie's suddenly in trouble! The ref closes in, as Willie continues to fight, trying to break free! He's been in this hold before! The question is, can he survive it this time?? Crusade's got a small smile on his face, as he increases the pressure. Dead Willie's literally getting stretched out! He's going to have another foot after this! Wait, the ref just signaled for the bell! Did Willie give up? No, I think he didn't respond!

Heenan: Crusade pulls out a victory here in the first bout of the PPV! That one on it own was almost worth the price of admission, and we've got so much more to go! Let's go to the tape!

*Crusade's earlier knee-submission hold is reviewed, followed by Willie's Missle Dropkick, and finally the reversal into the Crucifix...*

Tenay: That was a good one to wet the appetite, but how about this next one? Three men are going to be in a cage, with a shot at the Internet Title on the line! Anything goes inside the cage, that's for sure! At the beginning, there were four, but Union Jack mysteriously dropped out of the competition, leaving only three men to vie for the chance to gain their first title. They're positioning the cage as we speak. While we're waiting, let's talk a little bit about the big match later tonight, the 3-way Elimination Heavyweight Title Match. I'm sure we each have our favorites. Let's run them down. JR?

JR: I have an obvious favorite, Mike. My old friend, Steve Austin. Yeah, I know most of the oddsmakers have written him off, but he shocked the world last time, beating Nightmare and getting the strap to come into this match tonight. Austin's got something inside of him that just won't let him quit. I say he pulls out all the stops, and stays the champion.

Heenan: I've got to go with my gut. I'm going to say Nightmare. The man's the dirtiest of the bunch, in my opinion. I've seen tapes of his fights with the Accelerator, some of the greatest brawls in the history of the sport. Nightmare deserves this rematch of sorts against Austin, and you can beat he won't be underestimating him. Besides, he's got many ways to cheat! You've got to love that!

Tenay: Well, for once, we are all in total disagreement. Animal Thug has won the belt before, as all of them have, but the difference is, he never truly lost the title. He was the first to take down Phoenix, and he simply vacated the belt when the Corporation began. The Thug is ready to take the top spot again. It's all a matter of time. Whichever man you think is going to win, you must admit, it's going to be a great match! As is our next one! I see the cage is ready, and so is Penzer, so hit it!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the following contest is scheduled for one fall... there is NO time limit... this bout will decide the #1 Contender for after the PPV for the Internet Title... it will be fought in a Steel Cage... the object is simple: there is no escape from the cage... pin or submission will get the win... let's bring out the competitors... first, standing 6'7" and weighing 279 lbs... he is known for his demonic tendancies, as well as his ally who aided him last Wednesday.... he is Phantom!

*Phantom receives many boos as he stumbles out of the back... he walks slowly to the ring... his outfit is torn, and there's a cut on his right arm that is bleeding... Phantom still looks strong, though, as he enters the ring... *

Tenay: Hmmm. Phantom looks like he's already been in a match! I wonder what that's all about. Wait, what? Oh, we've got camera footage from the back. Let's take a look.

*Security is shown holding back Hellbent, not an easy task... the entire group is trying to force him out of the back... Hellbent has a splash of blood across one hand, and is trying to shove his way through the security to get back at Phantom, presumably...*

Tenay: I guess Hellbent wanted some revenge! Luckily for us, the security caught the fight before it truly got out of hand! Unfortunately for Phantom, he still took some hits before the bell.

Penzer: Next, he stands 7'2" and weighs 350 lbs, easily making him one of the largest men in the GCWA at this time... he's slowly becoming the most despised men in the federation, for his racial comments and his attitude towards most men... Adolf von Ayrian!

*The boos echo for a long time as Ayrian walks out in a Nazi-walk, kicking his heels together... he heads for the ring, where Phantom waits inside the cage...*

JR: I don't care about his wrestling ability, and I don't care about how big and strong he is. I just don't like him. Anyone who insults every race just because they exist is someone who really needs to get beat up.

Heenan: So are you going to do it, JR?

JR: .....

Penzer: The last opponent in this 3-way Contenders fight stands 6'5" and weighs 242 lbs... he's a quick wrestler for his size, who disposed of Buff Brian just last week.... the master of Sub-Zero... Phenomena!

*Finally the crowd has something to cheer for... they let loose when Phenomena makes his appearance and heads for the encaged square circle... he enters, watching both opponents carefully...*

Tenay: Phenomena proved himself a good athlete last week. Now he needs to prove himself a better athlete than these two, if he wants a shot at the Internet Title. Of course, who knows who will be holding that belt by the end of the night. But then, that's a separate issue. Right now, it's time for a big fight!

*The bell rings...*

JR: So here we are, with them inside a cage. Ayrian tries to come in on Phenomena as he enters the cage, but Phantom hits the German in the back, smacking him right into a forearm shot from Phenomena! The two wrestlers are immediately teaming up against the larger man! Not really surprising, since Ayrian kept insulting them both! Phantom and Phenomena are attacking Ayrian with such fierceness that even he is taken aback. They grab his arms, pulling him upright, and double-slingshot him into the cage! That one stung, but that's not all! Phenomena runs forward, splashing Ayrian from behind and sending him back into the cage! The teamwork is working pretty well thus far, but how long will it last?

Heenan: Hopefully not long, JR. This is a Three-Way, guys, start hitting each other! The two goody-boys peel Adolf off the cage and send him into the other side, and you can tell Ayrian's already hurting from the punishment. He slips to his knees, leaning on the cage wall, as Phenomena advances. OH, but Phantom steps back, then kicks Phenomena in the back of the head! Phenomena is down and kicking! Phantom may have gotten attacked by Hellbent before this match, but he's looking like that just fired him up! Phantom lifts Phenomena up again and brings him back down with a Shoulderbreaker, then goes for a cover.... 1...... 2..... Phenomena kicks free! Oh, then Adolf comes back with an elbow drop, that Phantom dodges but Phenomena can't! A direct hit from a lot of weight from Ayrian!

JR: Phantom and Ayrian are both up, with Phantom using his fist on Ayrian's cranium, where the marks are still fresh from the cage. Phantom starts backing the bigger man up, but Ayrian takes advantage of the wound, grabbing it with his hand and squeezing! Phantom, suddenly with an arm on fire, struggles to get free, leaving himself open for a Scoop into a Backbreaker!! Ayrian isn't finished, though, pulling Phantom back up and hitting a second Backbreaker!!! What power from the big man! He drops Phantom to the mat and covers him.... 1..... 2... and Phenomena breaks it up, stomping on Ayrian's head! Ayrian's taking a tremendous beating in the head. Luckily, that's the hardest to hurt on this man.

Tenay: C'mon, JR, leave the comedy to the Weasal. Phenomena helps Ayrian up, then whips him into the cage, no, reversal, Phenomena leaves an imprint in the bars!! He hits so hard, he immediately rebounds to the canvas! That one hurt everyone! Ayrian shakes off the effects and moves in, but then changes his mind as he sees Phantom rising. He grabs the Phantom and snaps him around with a Suplex, nearly hitting his feet on the top of the cage. Phantom's back down, as Ayrian stands and heads over to Phenomena. Being the biggest man can really be an advantage in a match like this! Ayrian grabs Phenomena on his way to his feet, wrapping both massive hands around the man's throat and choking him down!! That's legal, so the ref's allowing it! Phenomena's trying to break free, but Ayrian's really got him in a bind now! Phenomena's struggles are lessening, as he runs out of oxygen. But here comes Phantom, stumbling over. He drops behind Ayrian and scores a blow for the homeland!!!!

Heenan: Ding-dong, heil hitler, whatever you care to say here!! Ayrian is down, having forgotten about choking Phenomena out! That's the kind of move that'll stun anyone! Phantom gets back to his feet and lifts both of Ayrian's legs, dropping repeated fists!! Only in a cage match could we see something like this!! Well, or in a Hardcore match, of course! Phenomena's trying to use the cage to pull himself up. He's not in good shape. You can see the marks on his throat. Meanwhile, Phantom's keeping the huge German grounded, kicking away repeatedly on him. Phantom takes a few steps back, then comes forward, dropping a knee. Ayrian bounces for a couple of seconds, then gets held down by Phantom..... 1....... 2..... Phenomena breaks it up with one well-placed shot.

Tenay: The only way to win a 3-Way is to take out both opponents long enough to get the pin. Ayrian's hurting and still down. Neither of the others are much better. Phantom gets pulled up by Phenomena and sent hard into the cage. As he stumbles back, Phenomena grabs him from behind, Gutwrench Suplexing him over, right on top of the ailing Ayrian!! All three men lay on the mat for a second, as the ref waits. Phenomena gets up slowly, then walks over to the cage, climbing up it. He gets up a few rungs, then leaps off with a Double-Axehandle for Phantom, smacking him in the top of the head. Now Phenomena's going for the pin..... 1...... 2...... NO, Ayrian grabs his feet and pulls him away from the pin! Phenomena kicks out, hitting Ayrian in the face, then gets free. He stands and does a leg drop on the German, then goes back over to Phantom, who's looking worse and worse. You can see the fatigue on his face.

JR: Phenomena's dragging Phantom towards one of the corners of the cage. He slams Phantom's head into it two, no, three times, then positions him, trying to pick him up. Is he going for the Sub-Zero maneuver? It doesn't matter, because here comes Adolf von Ayrian! He stood and nearly fell again, but then used his unbalance to charge the corner, splashing both men with over 350 lbs of force!!! Phenomena collapses out of the corner, shuddering on the mat, while Phantom is stuck inbetween the walls. That's got to hurt! Ayrian's wasting no time. He lifts Phantom up, grabbing the side of the cage, then leaps off, and there's the Kaiser Krunch!!!!! That could do it!!! 1....... 2......... Phenomena dives, but for naught..... 3!!!!!!!!! Adolf von Ayrian gets the victory!!! I think I'll be sick.

Heenan: Oh, give it a rest, Ross. Ayrian got a great victory here tonight!! He's getting the Internet Title shot, against Titan 3, or Napalm, or Shorty, or whoever will be wearing it! Phenomena and Phantom, meanwhile, will just be going home, with a few lovely parting gifts, including bruises, cuts, and a really bad headache!! I thought this was a great match, and a real surprise too, because I didn't expect much out of these rooks! Roll the tape!

*Ayrian's tossing of Phenomena into the cage at full throttle is shown, with a few moves from each wrestler afterwards... finally, the Kaiser Krunch...*

Tenay: We've got more to go, and a lot less time to do it in, so don't go away!

*The next shot shows the same woman from Wednesday entering the arena... she walks down the hallway, carrying a large, oversized bag over one shoulder.... *

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